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Cover-up… 29 September 2009

Posted by marisacat in 2010 Mid Terms, 2012 Re Election, AFRICOM, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, WAR!.

Amman, Jordan: A veiled woman [Mohammad Abu Ghosh/AP]

yup, looks like a veil to me… heavily veiled.


In other nooz… it probably helps to have a story line, and to stick to it.  It’s not like we have representative, responsive, flexible government… now or anytime in the foreseeable future.  So, we get a story line.  In this case, hen’s scratchings.

Tapper v Gibbs:

TAPPER:  The president today in the Oval Office with the NATO secretary general said that he defined the mission in Afghanistan as dismantling, disrupting, destroying the Al Qaida network and effectively working with the Afghan government to provide the security necessary for that country. What — how would he define “effectively working with the Afghan government to provide the security necessary for that country”?  Can you explain more what he means, Robert?

GIBBS:  Well, look, I think you’ve got — I think, as you’ve seen in places around the world, we’ve — while we can help the security environment in the short term, there has to be a training mission for police and security forces that that country can use to secure their own territory. Because we cannot stay there forever.  Eventually, the functions of security and the functions of policing are going to have to be assumed by the Afghans.  So, obviously, some robust training mission has to happen.

TAPPER:  That’s what you mean by — just, kind of, open-ended concept of they need to be able to arm themselves…


GIBBS:  They have to be able to — they have to be able to secure their own physical territory.

TAPPER:  That’s obviously not the case right now.

GIBBS:  And that’s why — that’s part of — part of what the president talked about in March and part of what is in — obviously in the assessment from General McChrystal.

TAPPER:  One other question is that retired General Gration is quoted in The Washington Post today making comments about U.S. policy toward Sudan that include suggestions that — that his goal is to normalize relations with Sudan.  And there are a lot of other comments that have alarmed troops whose existence is to — to object to the genocide in Darfur. Did you guys have a reaction to that comment…


GIBBS:  Well, just — my reaction is more to the story  The policy is being worked on.  There aren’t new announcements of a new policy.  Obviously, our policy would not include that unless there were a significant change on the ground in Khartoum.

— jpt

Or in the air.  Ground, air, what’s  the difference?  Your border, my border… autonomous nations (or people), sovereign nations… they are ALL our borders.  we’ll tell you where to put them and then what you can do with them….


Out of curiosity I went and looked at the Whitehouse.gov text of the full briefing. For the story line, you know…

Don’t know who the questioner is here…

Q Robert, was Rasmussen speaking for the President when he said today in the Oval Office, “We will stay in Afghanistan as long as it takes”?

MR. GIBBS: Obviously, I’m not going to get into parsing the words of —

Q It’s pretty straightforward.

MR. GIBBS: I understand, I just don’t currently hold the position of his spokesperson.

Q Well, does the President agree with that?

MR. GIBBS: I think the President believes that we have to do — we have to, as I said earlier, disrupt, dismantle and destroy al Qaeda, prevent it from having a safe haven that would allow it to plan the type of activities that we saw happen in September of 2001 in this country.

Q And that is the objective for which the U.S. will stay in Afghanistan, as long as it takes?

MR. GIBBS: That is the objective of our U.S. policy toward Afghanistan.

Other than low grade comedy, there is no point to this. A trained and diapered monkey could, at random, hold up signs that said:

I have not seen the president in a couple of hours, so I cannot answer that.

I had not heard that.

I am not able to comment on that.

And even if I knew, I would not say.

We obviously want to proceed carefully, wars may be entered into wrongly, but we must leave rightly.

Under this president, on day one, we banned torture.

We pledge to the American people to keep them safe, in their beds if they have one.  But no matter, we will hunt down terrorists and kill them, randomly and specifically.  In their beds, if they have one.  Otherwise, at large.

We will.

And the monkey can laugh whenever he wants.  I’d suggest using a little Capuchin monkey, the breed they use to attend the very disabled.  Comb hair and so on…




1. Madman in the Marketplace - 29 September 2009

Maybe we can teach the Afghanis the tactics used in Pittsburgh, hearts and minds etc.

marisacat - 29 September 2009

Give them cookies!

2. marisacat - 29 September 2009

And the years will be loooong.

Man the barricades!!…. open talk of “bloodless coup” at a rightie site (NewsMax). Should keep Dems busy chasing their own tails AND their dog’s tail for a long time.

Frankly I think elements, different groups at different times, in the mil talk about this from time to time.

Chalmers Johnson has referred to it in the past, in an interview with Lamb on C-Span.

3. marisacat - 29 September 2009

Too funny. IOZ entered a Wapo challenge. The Next Great American Pundit…or some such.

4. marisacat - 29 September 2009

hahahah. The thread is a hoot too…….. !! And one person translates Madison very very well.

Translation, Founding Father, later quarter of the 18th c… to today’s lingua franca:

“If we’re stuck with a situation where we have to say everybody gets an equal vote, as seems to be happening, with the result being a dangerous populism, then one way to decrease popular influence and add the power of property owners to a legislative body is to make the districts bigger and the terms longer. This produces a better class of legislators, more stable and predictable owing to their likely interest in maintaining property rights above all else. If, by some fluke, some unjustifiably populist legislators are still brought in, don’t worry, they’ll be in the minority as long as we follow this advice. Oh and by the way, ‘justice’ is for ‘just us’. So there. Nyeah!”

You know, there is always the vague liberal lament around… what would the [sainted] FF think, if they were to come back today. And usually some reference to Jefferson and some idealised dream of an endlessly agrarian ”United States”… (or whatever we pretend we are).

Myself… I’ve thought they’d have no real problem with the US today… and probably would point out some improvements in doing things ”better”. In a manner of speaking.

And Ob would suck right up to the worst (so to speak!, remember they are all but saints!) of the slave owners. NTIM.

5. marisacat - 29 September 2009

oh god.. jsut catching the 11 o’clock news. We cannot, cannot! be back on steroids… (Taht PA hack… Specter?… holding hearings…)

AND I read that Feingold is going to hold hearings on the New Russian Czar business in DC…

Geesh. Good luck guys. Call if you get lost. Call 911.

6. BooHooHooMan - 30 September 2009

WaPo Pundit Contest

I dunno. Been thinking …hmm.
Enter a Marathon Dance of Hold Your Hand on A NEW TRUCK Contest?

LOL. And Thanks to catnip for thinking of me…

I mean I DO have a certain style…like when I responded to Jeff Stein at CQ on the Harman kerfluffle. ( Disclosure: I must say in retrospect that it really was a “kerfluffle” , that whole AIPAC misunderstanding, now that I’m thinking of entering the Contest)

I dunno change a word here or there…and I’m IN baby.

BooHooHooMan April 20, 2009 2:01 AM

And we wonder why the Arabs think our Government is in the bag for Israel? Harmon should be arrested, and charged with espionage. Of course, that won’t happen as the Criminal Division of the DOJ is in the Bag for Israel too. And Obama is owned by Schumer, Rahm Emanuel and the Jews on Wall Street.. It’s the blunt, but oh- so-un- PC truth. Why do people keep electing these shills for Israel? An Apartheid State. Why do we spurn the UN when Israel says jump? And Why do we keep sending them money? Aren’t we Broke ENOUGH?

The U.S. going to end up isolated from the rest of the world who will move on without us, while we’re still stuck in Ancient History with these people, fixated on the Middle East and sworn to an Energy Policy that hasn’t developed much more than “Burn S**t.” since the beginning of Time. Israel is going to do nothing but milk us to death for Welfare and Military Protection. It’s well past time we part company, wishing them well over God’s Chosen PeopleLand..

BooHooHooMan - 30 September 2009

A little too much God Flag and Country in there,
but they DO have editors…LOL.

BooHooHooMan - 30 September 2009

LOL like how I meant to say “…OR Hold Your Hand on a Truck…”
So close, too! “Of” instead of “or”…The R and the F key…so close!

marisacat - 30 September 2009


The U.S. going to end up isolated from the rest of the world who will move on without us, while we’re still stuck in Ancient History with these people, fixated on the Middle East and sworn to an Energy Policy that hasn’t developed much more than “Burn S**t.”

Pfaff over at Truth Dig has a quick post on the recent German re-elevation of Merkel – and her right of center coalition… BUT along the way notes that as Europe may move right (all things being relative!) they also increasingly want nothing to do with our wars.

Even as Ob bleats for joiners.

The future is bright! FDIC will probably have to go to the Treasury for a loan, as bank defaults are gonna go on for years.

How long can you prop up Magic Mountain?

catnip - 30 September 2009

I think that post will definitely get you the new pundit job. 😉

7. marisacat - 30 September 2009

In case anyone is interested, Jeralyn’s most recent post on Roman P… the thread is extremely interesting.

BooHooHooMan - 30 September 2009

LOL. The Best comment?

Mr. Polanski is willing to accept (none / 0) (#5)

conditions as to release on bail.

by oculus on Tue Sep 29, 2009 at 12:36:02 PM EST

Perfect delivery, too.
My take? The guy plead guilty, then jumped, having had every advantage towards adequate representation. Not to mention a megaphone, camera and crew at his disposal.

And for some crazy reason <—snark, we happen to have laws on the books that say middle aged men are legally prohibited from fucking 13 year olds regardless if Mamma was okay with it. Really an Onerous Sanction imposed by the State. GMAFB, when there's 18 year old kids doing time for statutory rape.

I say bring 'im Home. Have Jack Nicholson as a character witness.
I love Jack. Let Jack decide. Sort the whole thing out.

Jeesus Christ. Poor Roman. Poor Rome.

marisacat - 30 September 2009

I liked oculus in that thread as well………………. but sad to say the case is a lot more complicated. Just my take. I have not heard if the mother is still alive. I’d be interested to know that… last thing I’d do is let a child of mine, sexually experienced (to the extent one can be at 13) or not, alone with old reprobates (and worse, rapists).

Last thing on earth.

What ever the state of play between LA entities and RP… and between US and Suisse Svizzera Schweiz (they are so tri-polar!) … thsi will be used to avoid dealing, fully, with the many many issues the Garrido case raised and continues to raise every day. Jerry Brown sure does not want to touch it, not iwth running for High Raj Governor… etc. Not taking on the whole penal / parole system, no sirreee……………….. SO much more fun to chase Dr Feel Goods… so on and so forth..

marisacat - 30 September 2009

correction… it was Santa Monica jurisdiction originally…

BooHooHooMan - 30 September 2009

I agree with that Not taking on the whole penal / parole system, no sirreee……………….. SO much more fun to chase Dr Feel Goods… so on and so forth..

Frankly I think the Polanski thing has more to do with redefining International rules of Criminal Procedure WRT Swiss Banking as it now purportedly has to do with Polanski’.

Let’s be frank. With Garrido and his backyard hovels, OR Polanski and his storied mileau, there was no concern for EITHER rape victim, when both were so apparently in view. .. Let alone what I see as legitimate State concern for the welfare of those brutalized who come forward with reports of drugging sodomy and rape. Only to be IGNORED. There is also the class and power differential between Garrido and Planski, but much similarity among “the neighbors” – the “community” – to use hardly serviceable terms…much similarity among the proximate yet antisocial “fellow Merkans”, despite two very different economic strata. The alert. “workin for a livin” Campus Security Guard a rare exception of anyone in public employ giving a damn….Otherwise, as far as practical day to day life in the US is concerned, Hardly anything OTHER than voyeuristic “concern” at all, least of all State concern….

The guy’s only been on the lam 30 YEARS.
Now everybody will get Title Credits. The Swiss , The LAPD and DA …Priceless after all the years.

I’d like to know more about the circumstances surrounding the Tate murder, and the nexus between money and the cops and dealing in drugs and girls going wayback. That’s what I’d like to know.

marisacat - 30 September 2009

I’d like to know more about the circumstances surrounding the Tate murder, and the nexus between money and the cops and dealing in drugs and girls going wayback. That’s what I’d like to know.

well what I have gathered over the years… (and think Kantner had a recent piece at C-punch) Charlie and his various enterprises, women, hangers on and so on, were allowed to proliferate and slide thru the cracks. By various entities…

As for Garrido neighborhood.. it was a real mixed bag. One thing that was difficult for neighbors.. cops and enforcement officials of various sorts (including code enforcement from Antioch – encampment reports – as well as fire response TO THE YARD, nto just EMT/Fire response to his mother but to fires in the BACK OF THE YARD) went on for years.

Antioch (where much has happened in recent years, I would point to lab rat issues with crowding and lack of support) loves to say he was in the “unincorporated” area. Yes he was, by a back yard. That was all. That was the distance ffrom Antioch proper.

And from what I have read it is only the last couple of years that the two girls were allowed much contact. Much exposure at all… which of course led to taking them onto the campus at Berkeley.

A woman who was a business client of Garrido, who ran her mouth (quite literally) about how the women cops at Berkeley were “wrong” and she “watched the girls grow up” and never saw antyhing “wrong”, found herself her husband their businesses and several properties the subject of a “probation search”. At least she got off the networks.

Lotta blame the victim around… KGO drove me insane for days, frankly. Then as more and more trickled out, plus whatever they were hearing privately, they were slap happy to drop it. To be blunt, the men were absolute assholes blaming her.

What else is new.

marisacat - 30 September 2009

This blog, kept by an American Francophile, has some tids from that side of the argument… and I think in one of the threads to a Polanski post, someone indicates that Mitterand son (who has said very silly things in the wake of the RP arrest), who is iirc Minister of Culture, goes to SE Asia to fondle the boys.

So much of that around.. governments would be quite empty if they all kindly died one night.

Frankly all the silly fluffy friends of RP (like Debra Winger from Zurich who said, “we await his release and his next master work”) could also drop dead.. imo. I’d be happy if just about all celebs lost their tongues, brains, etc. Clog the drains for a bit, but then it would be over.

My opinion of this mess does not include some embrace of dear Roman. 😆

8. catnip - 30 September 2009

I agree about Reid but not the Green Party. (3+ / 0-)

I’m for the Green Party but will not give any politician more money. This was a Presidency of love and the Senate has killed it. Let’s pray The House gets our PO back in the bill.

In respect to all who have no health insurance, and/or no job, I respectfully say, “Live long and prosper.”

by rainmanjr on Wed Sep 30, 2009 at 12:11:21 AM MDT

Yes…life really is a musical…

Stop in the name of the Presidency of love before you break my heart.

marisacat - 30 September 2009

oh gawd. It is a Diana Ross routine. It really is.

9. marisacat - 30 September 2009

HA! Milbank at Wapo says “Democratic Fratricide Begins”…


(if only)

10. marisacat - 30 September 2009

hmm moving to the SC

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Setting the stage for a dramatic battle over gun rights, the Supreme Court on Wednesday accepted an appeal challenging the ability of state and local governments to enforce strict limits on handguns and other weapons.

The question before the courts will be whether Second Amendment protections apply to local gun ordinances.

The high court returned from its summer recess, meeting in private to consider thousands of pending appeals that have piled up the past three months.

The Second Amendment case from Chicago was the most anticipated of the petitions, and oral arguments will be held sometime early next year. Nine other cases were also accepted for review.

At issue is whether the constitutional “right of the people to keep and bear arms” applies to local gun control ordinances, or only to federal restrictions. The basic question has remained unanswered for decades, and gives the conservative majority on the high court another chance to allow individuals expanded weapon ownership rights.

The appeal was filed by a community activist in Chicago who sought a handgun for protection from gangs.

The justices last year affirmed an individual right to possess handguns, tossing out restrictive laws in Washington.

The larger issue is one that has polarized judges, politicians and the public for decades: Do the Second Amendment’s 27 words bestow gun ownership as an individual right or as a collective one, aimed at the civic responsibilities of state militias and therefore subject, perhaps, to strict government regulation? And, is that regulation limited to federal laws or can it be applied to local communities? . . . . .

There is also a NY state case involving nunchucks that may move to the SC. Sonia sat on the three judge panel that ruled on the lower court on THAT one (upholdng a local ban on nunchucks).

11. marisacat - 30 September 2009

This was entertaining… 😉

[F]acing sullen opposition to the games – highlighted when many school principals revolted against a school board edict to have the schools fly flags supporting the bid – Mayor Daley pledged that the Games would not cost the taxpayers a dime. The reality is that if Chicago gets these games, and even if there is no massive fraud and sweetheart contracts (a truly ridiculous “if” in this city and state!), City taxpayers will pay for them – the 84 per cent opposed to such funding be damned.

First to be tapped will be the hidden sources – the TIFF funds which have siphoned off property tax revenue for years. Originally set up supposedly to help impoverished areas of the City be redeveloped, for years the TIFF districts have deprived the city’s schools, libraries and other social services of money by putting huge amounts of city revenue into slush funds which the mayor and his allies have in turn doled out to large private businesses owned and controlled by mayoral allies – Boeing, United Airlines and Borders Bookstore, to name a few.

The bid committee’s vaunted insurance policy to protect taxpayers? Read the fine print. Crain’s notes that while it provides very good protection against unlikely Olympic disasters – cancellation of the games, tornados, terrorism – it’s piss poor in protecting against the most likely Olympic disaster, construction cost overruns. The reason is simple. You can pay a reasonable premium to insure against something that’s improbable, but to insure against something that’s almost certain, you’d have to pay a premium that equaled the cost of the pay-out, plus a profit margin for the insurer. . . . . . . . . . . .

12. marisacat - 30 September 2009

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:

Ken Lewis to Step Down as CEO of Bank of America [5:20 EST PM]

For more on this and other breaking news go to ABCNews.com: http://abcnews.go.com?nwltr=bn

BooHooHooMan - 30 September 2009

BoA Ken Lewis to Step Down

Hopefully off the roof, 60, maybe 70 stories up…
And fuck WaPo’s “Pundit” job…I’d like the BoA slot instead…
I could run a bank, you knooo.

You need money? Sure! There’s the Vault – Help yourself!

Fuck it, I could do that.

Let’s see here. You want to set up a Designer Line Of Humane Plexiglas Mouse Caddies? That doubles as an I Phone?
Suuure! How much ya need?!!

marisacat - 30 September 2009


Panoramic view Mouse houses!

13. BooHooHooMan - 30 September 2009

From NJ, The “Heez Ya Slogan” State.

Took a drive over over to Philly. the hour and a half drive on secondary roads took almost three…More traffic cones and “work” zones scattershot with loafers, toadies and Shovel Propper Upppers than pavement. It’s the Universally Accepted Pavlovian Stimulus by which one knows that Election time draws near…

A lot of fluff going on …berm Patching up re striping center lines, Sign Erecters Erecting the various Work Signs touting what work is SUPPOSED to be going on , I mean “On it’s Way!..All make a show? High Profit Payout to the Cholly Pothole Contractors and the Union Mahoffs to throw them some coin.

Cue suspenseful music

Not surprisingly, Quinipiac has Corzine closing Christies lead to within 4.
Almost the entire move according to their internals is has Corzine tightening down Registered Dems.
Their latest has Christie 43% / Corzine 39%. / Dagget 16%.
Dagett the Tom Kean “Indy”.
LOL He’s really a Republican. They ALL ARE!

But the internals (in any good pol) are always the crux of the matter:

Independent voters shift from 46 – 30 percent for Christie, with 16 percent for Daggett September 1, to 45 – 32 percent for Christie, with 16 percent for Daggett today.

New Jersey voters disapprove 58 – 36 percent of the job Gov. Corzine is doing, little changed from deep disapproval scores in July, August and September. Independent voters disapprove 63 – 31 percent, continuing the double-digit disapproval by this key voting bloc.

Dagett’s gains have remained unchanged but , IMO, has peaked . …With little room to gain among the D and likely to see drop off as partisans head “home” Election day or plain ole Stay home. Literally.

Corzine leads 71 – 10 percent among Democratic likely voters, with 11 percent for Daggett. Christie leads 83 – 6 percent among Republicans, with 9 percent for Daggett.

No doubt, the money being spread around has had a consolidating effect for Corzine on the D side… And it’s visible. Miles and Miles of cones, LOL, not that any significant actual work was ever an indicator that money is changing hands… but the various roadhouse bars along the way had full parking lots in the afternoon . Nonetheless Corzine is still stuck. The 9% of R support for him will drop in the booth, and, despite the registration advantage, I don’t see the mobilization on the D side matching the R in intensity. Or compensating for their own Dem flake rate to Dagget and Christie.

I think that Dagett’s poll position is overwhelmingly an anti Corzine vote. But that traditionally Soft D supporters are more likely to stick with him more than either the anti lunatic fringe GOP or– LOL – the not lunatic fringe enough GOP that are in his camp now. ..Thus hurting Corzine more,. Daggett should still take 10-12 percent of the vote, largely on ROC Indies and Fuck Em/ I’m Still Broke Dems. Christie will skim most of the other 5 reflecting the Anybody But Corzine structural dynamic that underlies all of this: That 9% of GOP who say Daggett now , simply isn’t going to hold come Election Day…Meanwhile Corzine still hasn’t broken 40 in a “major” Poll. Consequently, IMO, the race remains structurally the same:
60% of the Electorate in the State think Corzine’s The Suck.
With Corzine still in the reeds looking for 25 percent of the D’s who could rightly care less.

Sorry. 😳 Not that you guys asked OR that I have any expertise….or any of it matters. Meanwhile, the usual:
More traffic cones in Jersey and beers for the boys.

marisacat - 30 September 2009

largely on ROC Indies and Fuck Em/ I’m Still Broke Dems.

thinking back over the years… and the cross overs… to Nixon, Reagan, … back to Wallace too. The Democrats have to be worried. (Not just about Corzine, I mean) Somehow at the end of his show this am I fell into Rush… who had on a long long lament, breakdown, from a white woman. A Republican conservative….. but i heard a lot of threads that can cross over. He heard it too, he kept her on over 20 minutes.

GOOD LUCK.. may they all claw each other to death…

14. BooHooHooMan - 30 September 2009

Well. Harold Pinter he is NOT.
The Times of London…their pitch notwithstanding…

Gore Vidal: ‘We’ll have a dictatorship soon in the US’
The grand old man of letters Gore Vidal claims America is ‘rotting away’ — and don’t expect Barack Obama to save it


Last year he famously switched allegiance from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama during the Democratic nomination process for president. Now, he reveals, he regrets his change of heart. How’s Obama doing? “Dreadfully. I was hopeful. He was the most intelligent person we’ve had in that position for a long time. But he’s inexperienced. He has a total inability to understand military matters. He’s acting as if Afghanistan is the magic talisman: solve that and you solve terrorism.” America should leave Afghanistan, he says. “We’ve failed in every other aspect of our effort of conquering the Middle East or whatever you want to call it.” The “War on Terror” was “made up”, Vidal says. “The whole thing was PR, just like ‘weapons of mass destruction’. It has wrecked the airline business, which my father founded in the 1930s. He’d be cutting his wrists. Now when you fly you’re both scared to death and bored to death, a most disagreeable combination.”

His voice strengthens. “One thing I have hated all my life are LIARS [he says that with bristling anger] and I live in a nation of them. It was not always the case. I don’t demand honour, that can be lies too. I don’t say there was a golden age, but there was an age of general intelligence. We had a watchdog, the media.” The media is too supine? “Would that it was. They’re busy preparing us for an Iranian war.” He retains some optimism about Obama “because he doesn’t lie. We know the fool from Arizona [as he calls John McCain] is a liar. We never got the real story of how McCain crashed his plane [in 1967 near Hanoi, North Vietnam] and was held captive.”

Le Cage.

marisacat - 30 September 2009

For a few months it seems Vidal is finally old. Really old.


A few months ago I caught some bucolic effervescent commentary about freedoms in UK.. how much better than here. They have health care… and a better social safety net… but let’s get real, they hold our long imperial train… And somewhere in 2008 he effused about the Obama candidacy and the great advancement of the Negroes. It was pretty much that dated.

catnip - 30 September 2009

I don’t say there was a golden age, but there was an age of general intelligence.

When was that, exactly?

marisacat - 30 September 2009

well the farthest I would go is there was a time when school room education 1 – 12 was, for many but obviously not all, a lot simpler and direct. The last 50 years has been disastrous to public education (and the lousy levels of private as well, “lifting all boats” can work in reverse as well).

A lot of the destruction, imo, is tied to integration. Forced to integrate, public schools became a undesired expense. Out sourcing, privatisation… loss of academics and “extras” that are very necessary, starting with organised PE… and so on.

15. BooHooHooMan - 30 September 2009

Oh no you don’t.
Pass that buck! .. the bucket o’ bucks, not to mention the Popcorn…

And them Hot Patader Fries, , your re-fried ‘taders,
your baked taders, your Stir Fried Hots, Your Cajun Hot Patadies…

Public option fate in Obama’s hands
By CARRIE BUDOFF BROWN | 9/30/09 2:54 PM
Obama will soon have to referee the whole debate.

So let’s see what the BubbaGump Health Care Company comes out with now..

So yeh. This year’s “Nailed It Cold” Award goes to Mcat.
That When handed a SuperMajority, the Donks would all run from it.

16. BooHooHooMan - 30 September 2009

Oh.Mi.God! …Get this man a pair of chaps.

Brief DK4 update
by kos
Digg this! Share this on Twitter – Brief DK4 updateTweet this submit to reddit
Wed Sep 30, 2009 at 01:48:47 PM PDT

When we started heavy development of the new version of Daily Kos, re-engineered from the top to bottom, my public statements suggested a Q4 launch (basically, in the fall). However, years of working with developers and technology have taught me that complex projects like this one often fall behind schedule, so sometime mid-year I started saying “February 2010” just to play it safe.

Well, I’ve just gotten an update from the development team, and it looks like Q4 2009 is still in the cards. Would I guarantee it? Nope, but I’m certainly hopeful, verging on “giddy with anticipation”.

The redesign is complete. I think it looks gorgeous, and marks a significant departure from the current look. It’s downright retro. It may take you guys a while to get used to it, but hopefully not too long. I gave some of the Rescue Rangers a brief preview of it at Netroots Nation, and they didn’t seem to hate it. That was encouraging. We also have all the HTML and CSS for the front-end, and it’s amazing markup. Sure, that’s the sort of thing only web geeks will appreciate, but for the rest of you, it should mean solid compatibility across (modern) browsers and great rendering speeds.

So now it’s all down to the back-end dvelopers, and they’re cranking through the project. I gave some hints of what’s up ahead in this interview a few months ago:

“Giddy with anticipation”..”on the back end”.
What a twit. He just SOooo wants to BE Ariana.

17. catnip - 30 September 2009

This pic seems like a relevant reaction to a few of the latest top news stories to me.

18. marisacat - 30 September 2009

whoops…. as I recall she also called the Michael Vick ”business”, his ”southern culture”.

catnip - 30 September 2009

Well, if it wasn’t “rape rape”, maybe she meant it was “rape rape rape”…?

marisacat - 30 September 2009

she might take a leaf from the noisy French who spoke up over the past few days. They have firmly retreated.

Hell, by now blow the whole thing open. Pull in Nicholson AND Angelica Huston.. the poor girl, her mother. The maid the gardener.

catnip - 30 September 2009

I had to laugh when I saw that Woody Allen was speaking up on Polanski’s behalf. Yeah. Now there’s a good reference!

19. catnip - 30 September 2009

Who the hell is Alan Grayson?

From tonite’s dkos wreck list:

Why I Won’t Be Contributing To Alan Grayson
by Max Udargo
102 comments (102 new)

Whose Side Are You On? [UPDATE – Over $70,000]
by Alan Grayson
859 comments (859 new)

Video: Alan Grayson Destroys the GOP on CNN Situation Room
by indepenocrat
513 comments (513 new)

Rep. Alan Grayson apologizes (just not to the Republicans)
by Darcy Burner
448 comments (448 new)

That looks like a sordid tale…whatever it’s about…

catnip - 30 September 2009

I think this is supposed to make him more likable? Or credible? Or hip? Or something?

Read his wikipedia entry. (2+ / 0-)

Whatever one’s level of cynicism, Grayson is no knuckle-dragger himself.

Grayson was graduated from Bronx High School of Science, Harvard College (Phi Beta Kappa), Harvard Law School (with honors) and holds a Master of Public Policy from Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

He was a law clerk at the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals (1984–1985), working with such judges as Abner Mikva, former U.S. Solicitor General Robert Bork, and two who later joined the U.S. Supreme Court: Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia.

Grayson tapped blogger Matt Stoller as Senior Policy Advisor in 2009.

Grayson is a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, consisting of 80 liberal House members in addition to independent Vermont Senator Bernard Sanders and Democratic New Mexico Senator Tom Udall.

His kids’ names are Skye, Star, Sage, Storm, and Stone. That alone makes me like him.

Slap it. Shoot it. Kaboot it.

by adios on <a href="Read his wikipedia entry. (2+ / 0-)

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Whatever one's level of cynicism, Grayson is no knuckle-dragger himself.

Grayson was graduated from Bronx High School of Science, Harvard College (Phi Beta Kappa), Harvard Law School (with honors) and holds a Master of Public Policy from Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government.

He was a law clerk at the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals (1984–1985), working with such judges as Abner Mikva, former U.S. Solicitor General Robert Bork, and two who later joined the U.S. Supreme Court: Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia.

Grayson tapped blogger Matt Stoller as Senior Policy Advisor in 2009.

Grayson is a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, consisting of 80 liberal House members in addition to independent Vermont Senator Bernard Sanders and Democratic New Mexico Senator Tom Udall.

His kids' names are Skye, Star, Sage, Storm, and Stone. That alone makes me like him.

Slap it. Shoot it. Kaboot it.

by adios on Wed Sep 30, 2009 at 10:38:09 PM MDT”>Wed Sep 30, 2009 at 10:38:09 PM MDT

5 bucks says that “adios” was making fun of Sarah Palin’s kids’ names last year.

And Stoller as a “senior policy advisor”? WTF?

catnip - 30 September 2009

Ooops. He called Repubs “foot-dragging, knuckle-dragging neanderthals”.


marisacat - 30 September 2009

I’ve never heard of him, frankly.

I think Darcy Burner is their (Dkos) perennial candidate for Kings Co up near Seattle (iirc… Portland?)

catnip - 30 September 2009

Well it seems the freshman congressman is milking his new found fame for all it’$$$ worth at the Democratic ATM of the Intertubes.

I predict he’s going to crash and burn at some point in the future (my spidey senses tell me) and it won’t be pretty.

marisacat - 30 September 2009

btw, Abner Mikva is close to the Obamas.

20. marisacat - 30 September 2009

Amy had Wendell Potter on… speaking of how Gore says Ob does nto lie but is so fucking inexperienced (wqho are these people who think Miss Hillary would be better!?). Talk about missing the point. He is BOTH. (what a mess we are in!)

[A]MY GOODMAN: Robert Reich, former secretary under Clinton, wrote, “The White House made a Faustian bargain with Big Pharma and Big Insurance, essentially scuttling both of these profit-squeezing mechanisms in return for [these] industries’ agreement not to oppose healthcare legislation with platoons of lobbyists and millions of dollars [of] TV ads, and Pharma’s willingness to cut drug prices by some $80 billion over the next ten years.” He says, “The White House promised these industries they’d come out way ahead—getting tens of millions of new customers who’d be buying private health insurance policies and thereby paying [for] an almost endless supply of new drugs. Healthcare reform would be, in short, a bonanza.”

Is that why, for example, your companies, Wendell Potter, and the other insurance companies have not launched the kind of massive campaign that they did against the ’93 and ’94 Clinton healthcare reform?

WENDELL POTTER: That’s right. And they have worked very closely with the White House. Some of the executives I know have been to the White House multiple times from the insurance industry. So they’ve been cutting their own deals, undoubtedly, or making their own assurances to the White House.

But the thing that the White House must not be taking into consideration is that while they will say things publicly, that they’re working as good faith partners for the—with the President and with Congress, behind the scenes they’re doing all that they can to cut the heart out of legislation, including the public option, and to preserve what would benefit them. That’s the way they operate. That’s what’s going on here. . . . . . . .

21. marisacat - 30 September 2009


Ain’t nobody gonna be happy… no way no how.

22. marisacat - 1 October 2009

fwiw Hissy fits. Explained.

Politico has the story on Grayson… I had nto connected the name to the Dem who pulled the ‘Republicans want you to die’ stuff…

[W]hen Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) shouted out “You lie!” during President Barack Obama’s address to a joint session of Congress last month, the resulting back and forth got him a week in the cable news spotlight and enduring fame as a powerful Republican fundraiser.

But when The Huffington Post posted video Tuesday of Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) calling Obama an “enemy of humanity” for his abortion-rights views, his fame — or infamy — was fleeting. As Franks’s office tried to explain away his comments — he meant to say “enemy of unborn humanity” — Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) was busy upstaging him, taking to the House floor to say that the GOP’s health plan was for sick people to “die quickly.”

By Wednesday morning, Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) — who cried “Poison!” when Democrats moved to censure Wilson — had drafted a resolution condemning Grayson.

And by Wednesday afternoon, Grayson — who voted in favor of censuring Wilson — was back on the House floor pouring gasoline on the fire. . . . . . .

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0909/27780.html#ixzz0SfdKGKjy

23. marisacat - 1 October 2009

neue thred…


………. 😯 …………..

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