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Waiting for rain… 13 October 2009

Posted by marisacat in California / Pacific Coast, San Francisco.


They promised us a massive, wet, warm rainstorm… the hours tick by and it has not arrived.  There was talk all thru the day not just of areas recently burned out in danger of mudslides and landslides, but of parts of San Francisco that were sandbagging.  We don’t usually get that intense of a media build up for a big rainstorm.

I am primed to open all the windows and let the fresh winds blow thru.

As for political doings… that needs a washing as well.  With bleach.




1. marisacat - 13 October 2009

Lambert at Corrente, in the wake of the Harwood hoopla over “an Obama advisor told me…”

If only we had a dynamic and progressive President who was a powerful orator and had mad negotiating skillz! Then things wouldn’t be so c-o-m-m-m-plicated!

And who, well, didn’t act like he was the titular head of a Banana Republic actually run by the banksters.

2. catnip - 13 October 2009

Speaking of weather: we went from 30C a couple of weeks ago to setting a new record low of -16C the nite before last. Another snow day today. At least we’re getting a chinook this week which should bring the temp up to 16C again by Saturday. Craziness. As they say around here: if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes – it’ll change.

marisacat - 13 October 2009

well the rain came… slow at first, around 3 am…. by the time I was truly up and coherent, around 2 pm, I had to go around and close windows, as the wind gusts were very strong… Picked a few things up off the bathroom floor. On the one hand the trees that are all around (three sides) the house protect somewhat from the winds, but also are a worry… so far no lost limbs…. (fingers crossed)…

At least I have my lights on… people who lost power won’t be getting it back anytime today – an unpleasant night ahead, tho it is somewhat balmy at least… I did just peek and see if the mail came (Netflix!) but it had not, so running late.

marisacat - 13 October 2009

they are just saying Doppler radar shows a huge “surge” (can we find another word?) of rain just off the coast and heading in.

The bad news is for the burned out areas… apparently the ground is so dry and hard that the rain, which will be 7 – 9 inches in the hills and low rise coastal areas (Santa Cruz, S Barbara, areas NE of LA, all with big burn areas) … anyway the rain is just going to hit the ground and roll downhill… no absorption by the ground at all.

Our seasons, drought, fire and flood.

3. BooHooHooMan - 13 October 2009

Ya wanna good laugh?
Arianna’s Huffing Glue
has this lede plastered atop her site…
Again with the Landing on the Moon TypeFace:

“Not Since Theodore Roosevelt Proposed Universal Health Care During The 1912 Presidential Campaign Has Any Such Bill Come This Far”

What a fuckin joke.
Meanwhile…Politico’s lede ?
“Dem leaders brush off the left.”

LOL Not even a capital L for “Left”.
Nonetheless, <—literally, …. by naming Markos and Arianna as standard bearers, they prop up each Patsy and the whole rotted notion of an "opposition" Party…
I dropped a comment in on the matter…

marisacat - 13 October 2009

I thought the Politico story was pretty funny….

Piss off the left. yeah right.


And, you know, he’ll always have Sully:

13 Oct 2009 09:18 am

Focus On Pelosi And Reid

The WaPo is right about this: the president is not responsible for not legislating something; and everything the gay rights movement wants is a legislative act right now. So aim the pressure at the appropriate people. Why does Nancy Pelosi believe the US should still be firing soldiers solely because they’re gay? Has anyone put her on the spot about that lately?

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marisacat - 13 October 2009

Looks like Obster will always have Michael Moore. Too. Great bedfellows. The US mil and MIC (he’ll cave fully, even if it’s hidden, bought and paid for… imo they barely bother to ask him “pretzel, may we?”) and corporate welfare queens, G-Saxe, Sully and MM… stickin’ with the Obster.

[W]e’re the majority now — the majority by a significant margin! We call the shots — and we need to tell this wimpy Congress to get busy and do what we say — or else.

All I ask of those who voted for Obama is to not pile on him too quickly….. don’t abandon the best hope we’ve had in our lifetime for change…..

Let us celebrate what people elsewhere are celebrating — that America now has a sane and smart man in the White House…

The simple fact that he was elected was reason enough for him to be the recipient of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. . . . . .

As long as everyone gets their own pillow….

4. catnip - 13 October 2009

Oh – so it wasn’t an ‘aspirational’ award:

Nobel jury defends Obama decision

OSLO – Members of the Norwegian committee that gave Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize are strongly defending their choice against a storm of criticism that the award was premature and a potential liability for the U.S. president.

Asked to comment on the uproar following Friday’s announcement, four members of the five-seat panel told The Associated Press that they had expected the decision to generate both surprise and criticism.

Three of them rejected the notion that Obama hadn’t accomplished anything to deserve the award, while the fourth declined to answer that question. A fifth member didn’t answer calls seeking comment.

“We simply disagree that he has done nothing,” committee chairman Thorbjoern Jagland told the AP on Tuesday. “He got the prize for what he has done.”

Jagland singled out Obama’s efforts to heal the divide between the West and the Muslim world and scale down a Bush-era proposal for an anti-missile shield in Europe.

“All these things have contributed to — I wouldn’t say a safer world — but a world with less tension,” Jagland said by phone from the French city of Strasbourg, where he was attending meetings in his other role as secretary-general of the Council of Europe.

He said most world leaders were positive about the award and that most of the criticism was coming from the media and from Obama’s political rivals.

“I take note of it. My response is only the judgment of the committee, which was unanimous,” he said, adding that the award to Obama followed the guidelines set forth by Alfred Nobel, the Swedish industrialist and inventor of dynamite, who established the Nobel Prizes in his 1895 will.

“Alfred Nobel wrote that the prize should go to the person who has contributed most to the development of peace in the previous year,” Jagland said. “Who has done more for that than Barack Obama?”

Does he want a list?

Maybe they should have given him the Lesser Tension Nobel Prize instead.

marisacat - 13 October 2009

I read a partial list fo others who were officially nominated. Geesh, at a glance, without poking around, any one of them was more worthy. They were INDIVIDUALS and not heads of the most armed country on earth, with garrisons around the world and multiple primary wars going… and god knows how many secondary/proxy wars rolling out.

catnip - 13 October 2009

War is (the new) peace.

5. Madman in the Marketplace - 13 October 2009
6. Madman in the Marketplace - 13 October 2009
Madman in the Marketplace - 13 October 2009


marisacat - 13 October 2009

de-oopsed … 😉

Madman in the Marketplace - 13 October 2009


7. marisacat - 13 October 2009

hmmm CBS is reporting that McChrystal really wants 80K and says ti will not be enuf. Apparently in the redacted pages of teh leaked report.

Here is my idea, send 100K but tell them, it’s one way. Hell send a quarter mil. HOWEVER!: They are MOVING to Afghanistan. Full bore occupation. Forever. Let’s be honest. AND they can take the wif/spouse and kiddies as we will be building barrack style mini towns (actually just bigger than what we are embarking on…).

Just like the bases outside German towns.

See how many show up.

Madman in the Marketplace - 13 October 2009

war forever and ever, Ramen.

marisacat - 13 October 2009

it really is… that and combined with that old half armless war horse, Inouye, backing McChrystal.. I feel a sort of contained worn out rage.

So fucking sick of war.

Then CBS also treated me to the lugubrious death of a soldier who “brought home the pain” to fucking Obrama. That refrigerator of a human. Xiahos think his name was. Mama in near tears but fucking police man father, in his uniform no less!, all puffed with pride. Loved that he son servied and esp proud he was a Marine. The kid switched regiments in order to stay in and be sent to Afghanistan, after serving in Iraq

I am so sick of it all.

Madman in the Marketplace - 13 October 2009

this nation has a death wish, for the world.

8. Madman in the Marketplace - 13 October 2009
marisacat - 13 October 2009

well, can’t. One of the functions of arms. So the new mother is bereft… as is the baby.

But you know, Sean Penn said America had the “courage to elect an elegant man”. (at the Academy Awards, no less)

Madman in the Marketplace - 13 October 2009

Maybe Sean can adopt them, put them up in a green house and set up play dates with Brangelina’s brood.

marisacat - 13 October 2009

make sure the green house only uses Obama approved light bulbs.

What a joke it all is.

BTW… Mama Michelle will be an Action Figure Doll next month… 12.99

9. marisacat - 13 October 2009


From Harper’s Index:

British entrepreneurs launched Internet Eyes,
a program that allows registered users to monitor live
feeds from some of the United Kingdom’s 4.2 million
surveillance cameras in order to search for a crime in
progress, with cash prizes for viewers who spot the most


They also mention that in her first outing, Sonia Sotomayor asked 36 questions in ONE HOUR. Clarence has been mute in oral argument for three years.

I hope I am wrong about her, because I love her “in your face” style. If there is anything to her at all, she might be a good foil for Scalia.

10. catnip - 13 October 2009

Can BooBoo vent (i.e. act like the fucking so-called progressive doormat he is)?

Ummm sure…but so can everybody else. Deal with it.

BooHooHooMan - 13 October 2009

BooBoo must have gotten a little coin floating around the Delaware Valley area before this NJ election. New Pom Poms, lipstick, matching bag and shoes to go with the Full Party Line.. He’s what? 30? Has that guy actually ever worked?

Welp™…That poster “proximity” pretty much laid Boober right out with a nice dose of reality on Obama. Poor Martin. Martin better save some of those campaign crumbs he’s getting to regurge the TPMs. And be extra nice to that lady friend who was carrying his jackshit ass.

marisacat - 13 October 2009

hmm I went and took a look. So tired of the sovietischer lumplings.. like Daddy Boo. I don’t read his drippings and haven’t for years, so I don’t know where his “cabin girl” is on this scrabble.. With him probably. (Is she still paying his way?)

And, where the hell do you get off taking it personally? Aren’t you the ones accusing them of being whores to the insurance industry and Wall Street and the military-industrial complex? Do you think they are going to find that criticism generous and well-intended?

BooHooHooMan - 13 October 2009

What a feat. And so shrill.. He goes from sissy bitching about people taking their politics personally to whining on the other hand that poor fragile Obama and his handlers might take the criticism…personally
Gotta love Mongo, tho.. So many laughs.

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 13 October 2009

G.W. Paper Criticizes Sexual Assault Victims’ Lack of “Responsibility”

In a staff editorial, George Washington University newspaper the Hatchet reacted to two recent incidents of on-campus violence by calling for a “shared responsibility for safety.” In the first incident, a stranger approached a graduate student in the bathroom of an academic building and hit him in the head with a hammer. In the second, a stranger approached several sleeping women in a Freshman dorm and sexually assaulted them.

“Both of these incidents exemplify ways that GW can improve security on its campus,” the Hatchet editorial informed students. According to the camps paper, the bathroom hammering reveals how the university needs to “better expedite information in response to major security threats on campus.” The sexual assault, meanwhile, “shows that students have a responsibility to keep themselves safe.”

marisacat - 13 October 2009

GW is clearly seeking to avoid RESPONSIBILITY in other words LAW SUITS for assaults, very serious ones, on campus.

Good luck.

I hope every one of the assaulted has at least one parent an atty.

Madman in the Marketplace - 13 October 2009

If the cops had their way, they’d extend this “logic” to all of us.

BooHooHooMan - 13 October 2009

What a weirdo incubator GW has become…
At least the undergrad climate of late…
Not to mention the young Dem weirdo / weenies who then find a home on DK.
Kinda like an online Weirdo Grad School . But even weirder. LOL…
Melrath, that Delaware Dumbass …
and that Hasbarist loon ,Democratic Lunz.
Real pieces of work…

marisacat - 13 October 2009

well hasn’t GW University gone rather full bore conservative? Or am I confusing it with George Mason?

So hard to keep overpriced sheepskin straight.

BooHooHooMan - 13 October 2009

Mason is full bore CIA and DOD proving grounds now…
But their kids resemble humans.
GW OTOH, seems to have made an undergrad market of semi affluent, socially inept, Conservative sperm droppings who don’t know how to drink, fuck, or play basketball.
Otherwise, they’d have gone to Georgetown.
I’ve done organizing outreach and agitation at both …
GU having a traditional campus but their security moves in quick to chase off any pamphleteering. GW hardly a campus to speak of in Foggy Bottom…but the kids at Georgetown far more receptive than George WEIRDO . LOL. I mean really think Melrath…A whole lot of Bubble Boys…the International students there (pretty much every where) are far more open than the hardly exceptional American Expceptionalists. That said, their residencies, such as these things go.. seem to attract, select and train decent human beings…

marisacat - 13 October 2009

hmm I think Melrath got his undergrad degree in a storm drain.

BooHooHooMan - 13 October 2009

Good Enough for Widener Law!
And Professor Joe “Back Slappy” Biden!
Fuck, Plagarize, Who cares?

marisacat - 13 October 2009

I think that reporter in DE who outed Melrath (and Melrath then posted the whole of it at DkosLandia)… also said he tried several times for the Bar Exam.

Obviously did not eat his Wheaties.

12. Madman in the Marketplace - 13 October 2009
13. catnip - 13 October 2009

Obama 15th Hottest Head of State.

George Washington must be rolling over in his grave.

14. marisacat - 13 October 2009

Historic success in military recruiting, best year since 1973

Carry on!

15. marisacat - 13 October 2009

welllllllllllllllllll 37 minutes into “Obama’s War” and what ever Frontline had left (and it was very little) is gone. It is effectively pro war, it hand wrings, it worries, but my god man, we must go forward. Even as it is not doable.

or some such slither. I think Bacevich got a line in, about how it is now the Long War into the Endless War.

Fait Accompli…. Obama style.

catnip - 14 October 2009

Yes, I wasn’t impressed either. As for as Frontline standards go, it was pretty lame. And it seemed as though the yanks were the only troops working/fighting in Helmand when Canadian/NATO forces have been the ones dying there for years.

marisacat - 14 October 2009

oh I thought it was a toss off effort.

16. catnip - 14 October 2009

So – I was kind of busy yesterday so I assume I missed the big progressive netroots party celebrating the health care bill passed by the finance commitee because crickets seem to be chirping today. What? It wasn’t progressive enough (or something)? Not a major coup for Obamalama? No flowers and candy? I’m shocked!

marisacat - 14 October 2009

I think if I were Olympia S, I would have asked The Peace Prize to not thank me.

It all reminded me of Taylor Branch on TNH the other day… slobbering about his tapes, or, his book from his recollections of his tapes, with Bill C. Said that BC “still thinks that politics is a noble effort”.

Good lord.

17. marisacat - 14 October 2009

Dancing in the streets. Or rather! Dancing just on Wall St.

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:

Dow Jones Industrial Average Tops 10,000 for First Time Since Oct. 3, 2008 [1:25 p.m. ET]

For more on this and other breaking news go to ABCNews.com: http://abcnews.go.com?nwltr=bn

18. marisacat - 14 October 2009



……………… 😯 …………..

19. Busy busy bees… « Marisacat - 14 October 2009

[…] had picked up on the slithery blither of a “rant” yesterday over at Booman Tribune (catnip linked to it).  He linked to this from […]

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