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I so don’t want one… 1 November 2009

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements, la vie en rose, Moscow, WAR!.

The Dartz Prombron Monaco Red Diamond Edition armoured car sells for one million euros. It has gold plated bulletproof windows, pure tungsten exhausts, speed gauges encrusted with diamonds – and seats made from whale penis leather

hmm It occurred to me though that Maria and Arnold might want one so I thought I’d google up a fast article on the item… made by a Russian firm, Russo-Baltique..  (proceed to fret, we are being outdone in the gargantuan division – I say, thanks be to someone’s god!)

If four-wheel-drives weren’t politically incorrect enough, a Russian car maker is offering one with whale penis leather trim. By RICHARD BLACKBURN.

A Russian armoured-car builder is boasting that its latest vehicle has seats covered with “whale-penis leather”.

The €1 million ($1.6 million) Dartz Prombron Monaco Red Diamond Edition armoured car has been developed by the same company, RussoBaltique, that built armoured vehicles for Tsar Nicholas, Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky.

On its official website, the company says the whale-penis leather is the same as that used by Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis on the yacht Christina O.

Onassis is rumoured to have had some of the barstools on the yacht, the world’s most expensive at the time, covered in the controversial leather.  . . . . .

…it all seems so long ago, but we should be relieved there is continuum! Lest the firmament tear!

For those wondering just how may whales may need to be harvested to outfit the special edition, the answer is not many. The penis of the Blue Whale, for example, can grow up to 2.4 metres.

Maybe they should just ship a whole one, along with the … car.  Tank.  Whatever it is.


1. marisacat - 2 November 2009


Hail Karzai! Hail Obama! Hail Leaders!

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:

Reports: Chief electoral officer on Afghanistan’s election commission says Saturday runoff canceled.

For more on this and other breaking news go to ABCNews.com: http://abcnews.go.com?nwltr=bn

Speaking of Hail the Guy on the Stage… I read recently that our fervent “I pledge allegiance…” hand-over-the-heart salute is from an old Roman salute.

Carry on!

marisacat - 2 November 2009

Karzai declared the Elected Leader – by poll officials.

BBC http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/8337832.stm

catnip - 2 November 2009

Corruption? What corruption?


2. marisacat - 2 November 2009

Pauvre Diane… via Politico. To be frank, for people who had been around the block, etc., like the Diane Ravitches of this world… I don’t believe they were any more interested in change than Obama was or is.

It was a Plan.

Diane Ravitch Historian of education, NYU and Brookings :

What has surprised me most about President Barack Obama is his embrace of the George W. Bush-GOP education agenda.

When he talked about “hope and change” during the campaign, I truly believed that he intended to set a new course. He has not. He has thrilled former Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings with his program, which differs in no important respect from the Bush policies, other than having lots more money. The central elements of the Obama education agenda are choice and accountability, which are the cornerstones of GOP education policy. Thus far, we have seen no indication that Obama plans to overhaul Bush’s much-hated No Child Left Behind program. [there ws talk on teacher blogs that thsi was the deal for the Kennedy endorsement. I think it was understood all along, neither Ob nor any Democrats were going to do anything about NCLB, which after all Teddy helped George get thru congress]

Instead the President is using billions in stimulus dollars to push states to remove their caps on charter schools, i.e., privately managed schools that receive public funding. Bush could have only dreamed of pushing this policy through, though Congress would never have permitted it. Similarly Obama has put merit pay high on his agenda, which Republicans have long sought. . . . . .

I read his damned speeches, esp to teachers. He sent very clear messages where he was headed. And the Mrs is a graduate of a charter school in Chicago. And, they, the so “surprised”, could have looked at Chicago for chrissakes (and I am sure they did, it is not a secret what Daley, Vallas and Arne Duncan have done…).

No, the Ravitches are not “surprised”. Nor do they care.

catnip - 2 November 2009

New disorder: Obama Surprise Syndrome

3. marisacat - 2 November 2009


More of the same, Laura Rozen at Politico:

[“I] fear her trip to Israel may be the final nail” in the coffin for the Obama administration’s efforts to pursue Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, one Washington Middle East hand said on condition of anonymity Sunday.

Clinton “went beyond Obama’s talking points in New York City,” he said. “She took sides on settlements” and appeared to “‘praise’ Israel and Bibi.”

While saying he is a friend and admirer of the Obama foreign policy team, the source said, “I think [they are] in over their head and there is no strong, capable person navigating this ship. It all seems unprofessional, a policy drifting in different directions. Thus projecting weakness to a savvy and cynical region that studies and looks for signs of strength and weakness. Very dangerous and full of implications for Iran and Af-Pak policy.” . . . . .

Knock knock… is anybody engaged at the Big White Plantation House? Hello? Dialing for Dollars?

4. marisacat - 2 November 2009

Call Uncle Pookie… I guess.

Via Mike Allen Playbook at Politico http://www.politico.com/playbook/ :

FLASH — REPUBLICAN OPENS LEAD IN NEW JERSEY GUV RACE — Public Policy Polling of Raleigh says Republican Chris Christie took a 47-41-point lead over the Democratic incumbent, Jon Corzine, in PPP’s final survey before Tuesday’s election:

“Christie’s six point lead is an increase from four points a week ago and a single point three weeks ago. He’s buoyed by a 52-29 lead with independents … If Christie does indeed end up as the winner it will be an indication that you can only be so unpopular as an elected official and still hope to get reelected.” Corzine fave/unfave: 34/57. Christie: 43/42. Poll was 994 likely NJ voters on Sat. and Sun. Margin: +/-3.1 percent. COMPLETE RESULTS

BooHooHooMan - 2 November 2009

Who’s your Daddy? LOL.
NEPITW *, if so.

*(Not Enough Popcorn In The World)

marisacat - 2 November 2009

If Corzine loses I cannot wait for the Chicago Chiclets (Jarrett Rahm Axelrod) excuses…

BooHooHooMan - 2 November 2009

Well, I hope they choose the right tone and and texture of whale penis leather to go with the political armored car they’re gonna need. LOL.

Because, like the old saying…You never get a seventh chance to make a fifth impression. LOL.

Anyways gotta duck out… hit the computer store before it closes….

5. catnip - 2 November 2009

Marketing: Homeless chic for the preschool set

Meet Gwen Thompson, the newest American Girl doll by Mattel. She’s homeless. Her back story contains a deadbeat dad, a strained single mom, and a life literally rooted on the streets. Gwen sleeps in a car, according to the book accompanying the doll. Yet 4-year-olds will be begging their parents to add the blond-haired, brown-eyed doll to their collection. The American Girl website tags her as soft and huggable, in an embroidered lace dress and pink headband – adornments that might be denied to young girls living out of shelters. The toymaker claims that the doll promotes awareness of a real-life social issue. But at $95 apiece? Parents should think twice about spoiling their children with this overpriced doll. A better lesson might be a donation to a charity that helps homeless families with actual children, unlike the make-believe Gwen.

Madman in the Marketplace - 2 November 2009

this culture is so beyond fucked.

ms_xeno - 2 November 2009

The blog needs a new tag:

“I Can’t Believe It’s NOT An Onion Article!!”


Madman in the Marketplace - 2 November 2009

or “I can’t believe people still fall for this bullshit.”

brinn - 3 November 2009

Believe my (Mad)man! How’s you?? I yet live! Yipee! 🙂

marisacat - 3 November 2009

heyhey brinn…

how are you holding up?

…. 😯 ………..

brinn - 3 November 2009

Pretty well, all told! I just keep reminding myself that things could be FAAAR worse, the boys seem to be doing ok (their dad only moved a mile away and they see him 3x/week)…the weather is beautiful! 😉

How’re you? (and thanks for asking!)

marisacat - 3 November 2009

oh close by and seeing him several times a week is good….

Glad you survived the Tejas summer. Now for the winter…………… 😉

brinn - 3 November 2009

Yep, good for them…heh. It is a bit difficult to maintain an appropriate (whatever the hell that might be) level of emotional distance when I see him that often, but so far, we’re being fairly mature about the whole thing..yay us! 😉

The “winter”, herm, yes…not sure if we’ll actually have one of those, but I’ll keep this (75 and sunny) for as long as possible!

brinn - 3 November 2009

Right on, MS X!

brinn - 3 November 2009

Catnip — when I saw this yesterday, I threw up in my mouth a little…I think we need to market the sanctimonious ignoramus doll next…complete with it’s own bag to suffocate itself in.

6. BooHooHooMan - 2 November 2009

Heya– Computer Problems! Anywaaaaays –
Here’s the deal in the CessPOL State….

Dem GOTV out in forfe, visible , but 1/2 assed IMO..

I was out raking leaves yesterday in the side yard, A car drove up the street’ stops at my mailbox stuffs something in and drives off. As it was Sunday, no mail deliv I go out to fish out the propoganda and I see them hit the other houses down the street, No door knock.. Lucky me. Lucky THEM. . Hmm. Tghey did stop to chat a moment with a neighbor doin the leaf thing in front at the end of the block. Talked a few seconds and off they go.. So I go up to my neighbors place to see what’s up. LOL. Two union mahoffs from the local Local. My bud says he asked them how its lookin for Corzine and “the ticket”…(He’s going to ram it to Corzine too LOL) Says the union goons are sweating it…To bust their balls (which was lost on them) he says : ..Mehbeh you should try knocking on people’s doors..That might help… LOL. He says they gave him The overwhelmed chihuahua head tilt and left.

Anywaysx2 ..not going to be on long hope to scoot out and get some computer thingamajecky to fix the whizmo sumpthin or other so I can get back online just in time to find out which asshole we are stuck with here for the next four years…

I’ve been stirring up what I can, Greg Pason , the Socialist candidate is good for another dozen votes or so given my vast reach into the electorate..LOL. I still see Christie for the win over Corzine . Popcorn Futures up BIG if so…..the backflips to rationalize such a loss with a 700 thousand voter reg advantage would be quite the show…

marisacat - 2 November 2009

He says they gave him The overwhelmed chihuahua head tilt and left.

Oh very funny!!

7. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 November 2009

Silber on the gang rape out in CA in the news lately:

In this latest story, the young adults who raped the girl — and the bystanders who watched and did nothing, or even joined in and cheered the rapists on — are not aberrations. To believe that is only another means of denial: we refuse to recognize that these are the inevitable results, indeed the embodiments, of our primary values. We refuse to see it, in the manner typical of those who refuse to acknowledge horrors for which they themselves are responsible. But the people who committed these crimes and those who failed to stop them aren’t unusual or “special cases”: they were doing exactly what many adults, and our government, do all the time, every day of every nightmare year. Children well understand the truth of the old maxim: don’t listen to what people say, watch what they do. These young people watched what the culture around them does, and they acted accordingly.

In the most crucial sense, this is not a culture that deserves to survive. In all those ways that are conducive to fulfillment and joy, those ways that concern the sanctity of life and the possibility of happiness, such a culture is already dead.

For those who genuinely wish to begin to change this, I can only repeat what I said at the conclusion of one of my earlier essays:

But, many people will say, this is monstrous. We must teach these children that such behavior is deeply wrong, and that they must change. To all such people, I reply: Then change yourselves. Change your values, and change the way you think and act. Children will see those changes, and their own behavior will alter accordingly in time.

Change yourselves. Start today. Start right now.

marisacat - 2 November 2009

ugh… I wish there were easy answers… IIRC in the late nineties violent crime was starting to creep up… I had read some projections it might become an issue in upcoming elections, federal elections…

Frankly I thought on going war, bad for women and gays. Rising unemployment, less help for families struggling, high youth unemployment… and so on. But violent crime numbers have been falling. Rape, murder. Some stuff like bank robberies apparently is up.

It was an esp horrible crime. The victim in Richmond is lucky t be alive. And I can’t really gage the reaction of the community. It’s been hard to sort thru the aftermath… Her family thru a minister has appealed for calm.. there is some indication older men (mid twenties I mean) in the community want to find the perpetrators… AND the on-lookers.

Authorites were very quick to say (Jerry Brown is one, that mess of a heap of flesh) that there is no way to charge the onlookers. But there seems to be some dispute over that. To observe and EXHORT a crime is chargeable apparently under the crime laws.

I do think there is a ton of undetected violent crime. And i would lvoe to hear from a 40 year, decent cop who has covered violent crime, if he/she thinks fewer are reporting rape. The Dugard case, the Cleveland rapist and killer. He was accused of rape, and after all this is a convicted rapist who served time for violent rape…. but the cops did not pursue, his accuser had either a warrant or a record of assault. Hard to know the details with …… no details.

But had he been pursued for that accusation…. well there might not be six bodies and two live survivors.

I don’t know….

marisacat - 2 November 2009

Speaking of Cleveland:

Neighbor Says Police Knew About Rapist’s House

Published: November 2, 2009

The police in Cleveland were notified repeatedly about violence in the house of a convicted rapist where the decomposed bodies of six women were found last week, a neighbor said Monday.

The neighbor of the man, who was arrested Saturday night after the bodies were found, said the police had done little, despite the calls.

Fawcett Bess, 57, the owner of Bess Chicken and Pizza, across the street from the house, said that about two weeks ago, he found the man, Anthony Sowell, in the bushes alongside Mr. Sowell’s house naked and standing over a woman who was bloodied, beaten and also naked. Mr. Bess called 911, he said, and an ambulance soon took the woman away. But the police showed up two hours later and never interviewed him, he said. . . . . . .


[T]he claims were supported by police records that indicate Mr. Sowell was accused by one woman of choking and raping her in his house on Sept. 22. It was after this accusation that the police decided to conduct the search in which they found the decaying bodies. Police records indicate it took several weeks to assign an officer to the case and to obtain a search warrant.

Police records also show that on Dec. 8, 2008, another woman filed a report accusing Mr. Sowell of stopping her in front of his house and forcing her to the back door, where he punched, choked and tried to rape her.

“There were several incidents at the house that we were aware of, and we have investigated everything we had heard about,” Lt. Thomas Stacho, a spokesman for the Cleveland Police Department, said. “We are doing everything we can.” . . . .

Don’t strain honey….

8. marisacat - 2 November 2009

Some reform huh?

Democrats Say House Bill Cuts Premiums for Many

Published: November 2, 2009

WASHINGTON — As the House moved toward climactic votes on legislation to remake the health care system, the Congressional Budget Office said Monday that middle-income families might be required to pay 15 percent to 18 percent of their income on insurance premiums and co-payments under the proposal.

Representative John A. Boehner of Ohio says the Republican proposal to overhaul health insurance will be much less costly. Democrats cited the figures as evidence that the legislation would reduce premiums for many low- and middle-income families who currently lack affordable coverage.. . . .

There are some figures in the article based on incomes for a “family of 4″… all projections and suppositions, at this point, as I see it.

brinn - 3 November 2009

We easily pay this already…hell, 18% is “only” 141/2 K of our gross income. $800 on premiums, deductibles and co-pays for a HEALTHY year for 4 already totals this….so much sound and fury, signifying, as usual, absolutely NOTHING! fuckers.

9. marisacat - 3 November 2009

hmm reading over the news I wonder how many people who have lined up at various clinics and Public Health Depts (which is how SF doled out the first shipments, Pub Health) were also told children need two vaccines. Not one. But two.. and a month apart apparently.

So many stories, so few vaccines.

brinn - 3 November 2009

I got my kids the seasonal, like I do each year, but I refuse to give them a vaccine that they will not let me have — screw that noise. PLUS, I am 99.9% sure that we all had H1N1 at the end of August/beginning of Sept for 3 weeks we had it all: high fever, stomach ailments of various kinds, sore throats, coughing and general feeling like dog shit…nothing like putting your immune system through the ringer early on! 😉

What we’ve got going around here in TX right now is upper respitorysinus goo…

catnip - 3 November 2009

We have a major vaccination clusterfuck going on here in Alberta and Canada.

I got my regular shot from my dr last week on the same day his office was ordering the H1N1 supply but he wasn’t at all confident that he’d even get any.

The province, after offering the vaccination to everyone and their dog last week, ran out and closed the (very few) clinics on the weekend. Now it looks like they’re going to target high-risk people first (which they should have done in the first place – boneheads).

I had a cold followed by bronchitis in September. Since I seem to pick up whatever’s out there, I’ve decided to get the H1N1 shot. But I’m still really leery about it since testing has been so rushed and incomplete. We’re guinea pigs.

marisacat - 3 November 2009

when I wandered in Google News last night for updates on Status Of Schweine Flue… HALF the links were to Calgary Vancouver print media. Same stories, with slight differences.

And all that talk that the US does not make the vaccine here… and now a slew of stories on the labs and “secret” farms (for the security of the many many egg hatcheries, and I do understand) in upstate NY or whereever in the NE where this has all been hatching and “growing”.

They need to pick a story line. Just one, please. And stick to it.

catnip - 3 November 2009

HALF the links were to Calgary Vancouver print media. Same stories, with slight differences.

I’m not surprised. We’d be truly fucked if there was an actual pandemic going on with these morans in charge.

If only the same number who waited in line for 6-8 hours last week for their shots would show the same dedication to get out and vote these bastards out.

10. catnip - 3 November 2009

Kosovo unveils [Bubba] Clinton statue

“I never expected … anywhere someone will make such a big statue of me,” Clinton said after his 3-metre (10 foot) statue was unveiled.

No doubt.

marisacat - 3 November 2009

but does it have a whale penis?

catnip - 3 November 2009

My eyes…they burn…

brinn - 3 November 2009

Laughing right thefuck OUT LOUD!!

Thanks ladies, I need that!!

Madman in the Marketplace - 3 November 2009

where did they hide the giant cigar?

11. lucid - 3 November 2009

That is absolutely horrifying… And I’m even a carnivore.

12. catnip - 3 November 2009

Italy in uproar over court ruling against crucifix

STRASBOURG/ROME (Reuters) – The European Court of Human Rights ruled on Tuesday that Italian schools should remove crucifixes from classrooms, sparking uproar in Italy, where such icons are embedded in the national psyche.

“This is an abhorrent ruling,” said Rocco Buttiglione, a former culture minister who helped write papal encyclicals.

“It must be rejected with firmness. Italy has its culture, its traditions and its history. Those who come among us must understand and accept this culture and this history,” he said.

The court ruling, which Italy said it would appeal, said crucifixes on school walls, a common sight that is part of every Italian’s life, could disturb children who were not Christians.

Italy has been in the throes of national debate on how to deal with a growing population of immigrants, mostly Muslims, and the court sentence is likely to become another battle cry for the centre-right government’s policy to restrict newcomers.

The Vatican spokesman said he would not comment until he knew more about the ruling but Italy’s powerful bishops’ conference said the ruling “evokes sadness and bewilderment.”

Members of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s government bristled, weighing in with words such as “shameful,” “offensive,” “absurd,” “unacceptable,” and “pagan.”

They forgot “commies”.

lucid - 3 November 2009

Because, you know, Silvio follows catholic teaching so closely…

brinn - 3 November 2009

Hi lucid! 🙂

lucid - 3 November 2009

Hi back at you… did you and your husband split? Sorry to hear that. Hope all’s OK.

brinn - 3 November 2009

All is….thanks for asking — we now live in separate domiciles less than 1 mile apart….boys see him pretty much every other day! They seem to be mostly ok — relationship evolution all ’round! 😉

A new thing, different thing, not at all the same as heartbreak sans chiblets…living, learning, laughing — can’t really complain … well, I could, but I’ve got other shit to do, ya know?

How’s stuff with you?

13. marisacat - 3 November 2009

Very funny! Vote for somebody! Somewhere! Pick your state! Don’t call us, we’ll call you!

Thanks for playing!!

November 03, 2009

* Healthcare

OfA also silent on Maine

Aravosis notes unhappily that Organizing for America — the Obama campaign arm — is asking Maine activists to get involved … in New Jersey.

A labor source notes that the group is also ignoring a budget referendum in the state that labor is hotly contesting.
Posted by Ben Smith 11:23 AM

BooHooHooMan - 3 November 2009

SEPTA (Transit) Strike in Philly. On ELECTION Day. Postponed at Rendell’s urging..till day AFTER Last Phillies home game in World Series …to...” avoid giving the city a ‘black eye’ …” Like the city hasn’t had it’s proverbial lights punched out on Rendells watch as Mayor , his proteges who came after…and under his term as Gublerater. So many games…

Anyways.. Here in NJ… Puddles of sweat , copious slobber, and various Dem excreta sweating the results… LOL …
I voted and rolled out early this morn, had a trravel gig today, just got out of work and am stuck down state…So I’m going to stay over, watch the results here in a middling motel and score some popcorn from the nearby 7-11…You know, a real class evening….just my little part in celebrating democracy here in Joisey. (chortle chortle snerky kaflerckin)

Anyways …No laptop with me but they have a browser in the lobby..I’ll check back in later tonight after munching down a few barrels of the hot buttered after seeing which shyster will be a’shystering here moving “forward”…..Polls close in a bit sooo…

marisacat - 3 November 2009

Puddles of sweat , copious slobber, and various Dem excreta sweating the results…

be careful where you step. Sounds like NJ right now is a hardship posting… 🙄

catnip - 3 November 2009

NJ election results site.

So I’m going to stay over, watch the results here in a middling motel and score some popcorn from the nearby 7-11…You know, a real class evening


catnip - 3 November 2009

November 03, 2009 – 09:00PM ET
Governor – General

1151 of 6305 Precincts Reporting – 18%
Name Party Votes Vote %
Christie, Chris GOP 224,761 52%
Corzine, Jon (i) Dem 178,710 41%
Daggett, Christopher Ind 23,894 6%

14. marisacat - 3 November 2009

I guess Potus is gestating the decision. What utter fucking bullfuckingshit.

11.03.09 — 3:42PM // RECOMMEND RECOMMEND (3)

Don’t Hold Your Breath

Gibbs says Obama decision on Afghanistan still “weeks” away.

–Josh Marshall

15. Madman in the Marketplace - 3 November 2009

just in case the coverage tonight drives you to drink and your corkscrew is broken:

How to open a bottle of wine with your shoe

16. Madman in the Marketplace - 3 November 2009

Secret copyright treaty leaks. It’s bad. Very bad.

The internet chapter of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, a secret copyright treaty whose text Obama’s administration refused to disclose due to “national security” concerns, has leaked. It’s bad. It says:

* That ISPs have to proactively police copyright on user-contributed material. This means that it will be impossible to run a service like Flickr or YouTube or Blogger, since hiring enough lawyers to ensure that the mountain of material uploaded every second isn’t infringing will exceed any hope of profitability.

* That ISPs have to cut off the Internet access of accused copyright infringers or face liability. This means that your entire family could be denied to the internet — and hence to civic participation, health information, education, communications, and their means of earning a living — if one member is accused of copyright infringement, without access to a trial or counsel.

and etc … change you can choke on.

marisacat - 3 November 2009

The internet chapter of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, a secret copyright treaty whose text Obama’s administration refused to disclose due to “national security” concerns, has leaked. It’s bad.

well… all I can say is by now it is clear, for transparency, I suggest LASER SURGERY ON THIS FUCKING ADMNISTRATION.

This means that your entire family could be denied to the internet — and hence to civic participation, health information, education, communications, and their means of earning a living — if one member is accused of copyright infringement, without access to a trial or counsel.

Why is it everyfucking time you turn around the so called Big D democrats find a way to limit or choke speech. sick baby kitens have more strength and courage than this crowd of offal.

[Sorry.. we are a stifling 80+ degrees here… thank god a neighbor air lifted me ice cream.]

catnip - 3 November 2009

80+ degrees? Merde. (And that’s not fair.)

Madman in the Marketplace - 3 November 2009

and the beat goes on:

Obama Administration Helps House Democrat Gut Post-Enron Reforms

With the White House’s blessing, a House panel voted Tuesday to water down a key post-Enron measure designed to protect investors.

In a voice vote, members of the House Financial Services Committee agreed to permanently exempt from a provision of the 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act all publicly traded companies with market values less than $75 million — which amounts to more than half of all public companies.

The provision mandates that firms obtain audits of their internal controls. Companies say it costs too much. Though these firms have received annual deferrals from this requirement since its 2004 enactment — some think the fiercely anti-regulatory Bush administration had something to do with this — SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro said last month that the deferrals had ended, and that the firms would be expected to comply by 2010.

So Reps. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.), John Adler (D-N.J.) and Scott Garrett (R-N.J.) went to work. All three offered amendments to delay or prevent its planned implementation. Adler’s amendment from last week went the furthest, proposing to exempt four out of five publicly traded companies.

Schapiro sent committee member Paul Kanjorski, a Pennsylvania Democrat, a letter expressing concern and the anti-investor amendments were beaten back last week after Kanjorski and committee chairman Barney Frank (D-Mass.) expressed disapproval.

Then the White House got involved.

17. Madman in the Marketplace - 3 November 2009

French thinker Levi-Strauss dead at 100

Levi-Strauss was a leading proponent of structuralism, which sought to uncover the hidden, unconscious or primitive patterns of thought believed to determine the outer reality of human culture and relationships.

Structuralism was also, Levi-Strauss liked to say, “the search for unsuspected harmonies.”

French academia and the cultural elite had mobilised for his 100th birthday last year to pay homage to Levi-Strauss with a programme of films, lectures and reflection on his contribution to modern thinking.

Among the more striking conclusions of his work was the idea that there is no fundamental difference between the belief systems and myths of so-called “primitive” races and those of modern Western societies.

He was the oldest member of France’s prestigious Academie of leading intellectuals, a respected but retiring figure, who had said he no longer felt at home on an overpopulated planet.

In a 2005 television interview, Levi-Strauss expressed worry about ending his days in “this world that I do not love.”

“What I see are the current devastation, the frightening disappearances of living species, be they plants or animals. Because of its current density, the human species is living in a type of internally poisonous regime.”

lucid - 3 November 2009

I had no idea he was still alive.

marisacat - 3 November 2009

well… as of now, he’s not.

18. marisacat - 3 November 2009

hey hey….

a white mayor for Atlanta… and an openly gay lesbian mayor of Houston.

Neither, likely, can be worse than what they are replacing.

19. marisacat - 3 November 2009

welllllllllllll exit polls.. worth whatever they are worth. There was talk Deeds did not pull in AA… but seems of the slice that voted, he did.

McDonnell really pulled in the Men.

Who knows.




Here’s how some key demos broken down in the Virginia race for Governor

This electorate was older than in 2008. In 2008, young voters were 21% of the electorate, exit polls show that just 10% of voters in Virginia today were under age 30.

In 2008, 20% of Virginia’s voters were African American, compared to 15% today.

In 2008, Obama edged out McCain among independents by 49% to 48%. Today, exit poll show only 37% of independents backing Deeds.


Total Deeds McDonnell

Men 48% 41% 58

Women 52 51% 49

18-29 10% 51% 47

30-44 25 48% 52

45-64 47 45% 55

65+ 18 45% 55

Dems 37 93% 7

Reps 34% 4% 96

Inds 29 37% 62

Lib 20% 92% 8

Mod 44 57% 43

Cons 36 10% 90

White 78% 38% 62

Black 15 91% 8

marisacat - 3 November 2009
20. Madman in the Marketplace - 3 November 2009

Abortion issue could unravel House healthcare reform bill

The House is gearing up for floor action on healthcare reform as early as this weekend. But before that can take place, an impasse within the Democratic caucus over abortion – and its place in the healthcare reform legislation – must be resolved. Otherwise, the whole bill could go down.

Rep. Bart Stupak (D) of Michigan is leading the charge among anti-abortion Democrats, who want to amend the bill to strengthen its prohibitions against the use of federal funds for abortions.

Congressman Stupak has said he has 40 Democratic votes in his camp, just enough to keep the bill from reaching the minimum 218 votes needed for a majority. He has not released all the names, but some have appeared in letters to Speaker Nancy Pelosi asking for consideration of an anti-abortion amendment to the legislation.

In a statement released by the congressman’s office Tuesday afternoon, Stupak said: “I have had some serious conversations over the past few days with the White House and House leadership and I will continue to make every attempt to resolve the issue of public funding for abortion. However, there is no agreement and I will oppose bringing the bill to the floor until an amendment can be offered or language agreed to that will prevent public funding for abortion.”

Stupak is in Michigan this week, following the death of his mother-in-law over the weekend, a development that could complicate negotiations. But his press secretary, Michelle Begnoche, says he is “still keeping an eye on things” and “having conversations” from Michigan.

Currently, a federal law known as the Hyde Amendment already prevents the federal funding of abortion. In the drafting of health reform legislation, members of Congress worked to keep the reform “abortion neutral.”

In what is known as the Capps Amendment, named for its author, Rep. Lois Capps (D) of California, the reform would allow private healthcare plans included in a new insurance marketplace to cover abortion, as long as the funds were segregated. In other words, an individual’s private funds would be used for abortion coverage, not federal monies.

marisacat - 3 November 2009

why do I think that, like Blanche Lincoln jsut had, Stupak and like minded idiots will get a comfy sit down in the Oval. With the Ovoid.

21. BooHooHooMan - 3 November 2009

Hey hey hey – Corzine’s TOAST.

BooHooHooMan - 3 November 2009

And I helped. LOL.

marisacat - 3 November 2009

I personally think he went in three times, demanded by G Saxe. Like he had to go to the dumb fuck Olympic skin flay.

There is a story around that Bloomberg aides and operatives began bombarding the WH a few weeks ago, TELLING them he will win.

Tiny shrinking WH.

22. marisacat - 3 November 2009

They’ve called Jersey…………. for Christie.

BooHooHooMan - 3 November 2009

Oh the wailing and gnashing of teeth…Ob carried the state by 15. FOOF.
IMO, the bellwether is in the Independent vote…
a real attitude of “you fuck us / you’re out…”
I saw Carville use the word “slaughter” for midterms if the Dems don’t pass heathcare…Oh why beat around the bush, James? Far too kind that assessment…People voted for policy reversals last year. YOU FUCKED THEM.

I’m going to have some fun assclowning the Dailykos and Blue Jersey buttholes with some of their pre-election gibberdrool on the electorate and where it was headed… Assholes.

Clammyc…#1 Fucksteak blogwhoring the Wall Street Thief Corzine . Too funny , really,

…the mini-Aravosis and Sully types on Blue Jersey humping the hopefuls thinking the Marriage Equality Act would pass, while Election Day street money was handed to Black Ministers who gladly took Corzine’s money, did SHIYAT while – irony of ironies – whatever coinage that WASN’T skimmed off as personal tribute to the Rev’s and their elders will be used in staking out OPPOSITION to Marriage Equality.

So to all those Assholes over at Blue Jersey..You WAS PUNK”D.

marisacat - 3 November 2009

Uncle Pookie, despite Ob’s exhortations, stayed on the sofa.

And it seems the mantra tonight is Ind and Moderates moving right.

Quel nooz.

23. Madman in the Marketplace - 3 November 2009
marisacat - 3 November 2009

KGO did an hour on that… several people called with the what I would say is hte bottom line… so HOW COME thse CS “prayer practitioners” CHARGE?

Many groups will, if asked, add you to a prayer list… we even have groups here in Cali that will meditate on you, sans religion… ALL FOR FREE.

A couple of callers pointed out the huge struggle for abortion funds, when there are clearly abortions that are completely therapeutic, not a matter of choice.

Madman in the Marketplace - 3 November 2009

no scam like the faith scam … you’d think the other believers would start charging too.

marisacat - 3 November 2009

Well the Catholics still charge for lots of things… indulgences. Annulments.. etc. Good trade… 😉

24. Madman in the Marketplace - 3 November 2009

map showing the impact of rising sea levels in San Fran under several scenarios.

25. marisacat - 3 November 2009

NYT interactive map… so to speak. You can add your own single word… and see how the words play out from Everyone, Republican and or Democratic slices.

My “word” was “disgusted”.

But Disappointed is way way up there…

26. marisacat - 3 November 2009



….. 😆 ……………………

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