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RELAX! 28 December 2009

Posted by marisacat in 2010 Mid Terms, 2012 Re Election, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, WAR!.

Ottawa, US: A ladybird crawls along the underside of a dogwood blossom
[Elliot J Sutherland/Ottawa Herald/AP]

After all that sturm and drang for 3 days… they have now lifted the one hour stuck-in-your-seat rule.  Apparently the airlines went to work immediately to get that reversed.

Our shining leaders!  Next:  somebody fire Janet Napolitano.  Drag her offstage…  It would be hard to do worse than she did in three appearances yesterday (“the system worked!”)… and I hear commentary she was just as bad on the morning shows today.  Blissfully, I slept thru those mistakes.

Winners, all of them.



1. marisacat - 28 December 2009

I see Janet Nap is now admitting the “system failed”. 😆 More than you know JN.

Janet Napolitano, the American Homeland Security Secretary, said the security system failed – just a day after insisting it had worked.

She said: “Our system did not work in this instance.

“No one is happy or satisfied with that. An extensive review is under way.” ….

Carry on!

catnip - 28 December 2009

Heckuva job, Janet!

marisacat - 28 December 2009

That was a given wasn’t it?

BTW, I heard that the “stuck in the seat” rule was lifted, a flight attendant scheduled to fly out this afternoon to London called into KGO… read from an official email from her airline, sent early this am… I don’t see it reported in the UK papers and have not made it to the US press yet…

2. Heather-Rose Ryan - 28 December 2009

From the last thread:

“The totality of those three occurrences led this passenger to believe this was suspicious,” he said.

I remember in the days immediately folllowing 9/11, Peggy Noonan wrote a column for the WSJ in which she talked about seeing suspicious characters taking a video of St Patrick’s Cathedral. Consumed by concern, she followed them around. Eventually they noticed her and put away their camcorder.

Of course, since Noonan is among the dimmest of dim bulbs, she didn’t seem to realize that at any given moment you could throw a piano and hit several tourists taking pictures of the cathedral.

I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry.

marisacat - 28 December 2009

that is so precisely it…. the loons have made all of us suspects.

A couple of years ago I landed on a absolutely sublime photo of the cherry blossoms along the elipse… a Park Service photo. But was banned (as would anyone else be) from downloading it… due to “security”.

3. marisacat - 28 December 2009

Ob speaks! The birds fall silent to listen!

4. marisacat - 28 December 2009

Chris Hedges has a new piece up in TruthDig… mostly on a single case, Hashmi who is a US citizen, but the lrger issues as well.. the last two graphs..

[T]here will be more Hashmis, and the Justice Department, planning for future detentions, set up in 2006 a segregated facility, the Communication Management Unit, at the federal prison in Terre Haute, Ind. Nearly all the inmates transferred to Terre Haute are Muslims. A second facility has been set up at Marion, Ill., where the inmates again are mostly Muslim but also include a sprinkling of animal rights and environmental activists, among them Daniel McGowan, who was charged with two arsons at logging operations in Oregon. His sentence was given “terrorism enhancements” under the Patriot Act. Amnesty International has called the Marion prison facility “inhumane.” All calls and mail—although communication customarily is off-limits to prison officials—are monitored in these two Communication Management Units. Communication among prisoners is required to be only in English. The highest-level terrorists are housed at the Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Facility, known as Supermax, in Florence, Colo., where prisoners have almost no human interaction, physical exercise or mental stimulation, replicating the conditions for most of those held at Guantánamo. If detainees are transferred from Guantánamo to the prison in Thomson, Ill., they will find little change. They will endure Guantánamo-like conditions in colder weather.

Our descent is the familiar disease of decaying empires. The tyranny we impose on others we finally impose on ourselves. The influx of non-Muslim American activists into these facilities is another ominous development. It presages the continued dismantling of the rule of law, the widening of a system where prisoners are psychologically broken by sensory deprivation, extreme isolation and secretive kangaroo courts where suspects are sentenced on rumors and innuendo and denied the right to view the evidence against them. Dissent is no longer the duty of the engaged citizen but is becoming an act of terrorism.

5. catnip - 28 December 2009

FAIL of the day: TMZ runs a photo alleging that it was JFK on a boat with a bunch of nudie women. Finds out it was actually a pic from a 1967 Playboy shoot. Whoops!

marisacat - 28 December 2009

Oh gee.. and TMZ has been doing so well.


6. catnip - 28 December 2009
marisacat - 28 December 2009

Whereever we go, we kill children. Simple as that……………

marisacat - 28 December 2009

Mr Fish … so perfect.

catnip - 28 December 2009

Mmm mmm good!

7. Heather-Rose Ryan - 28 December 2009

This just in….

KAILUA, Hawaii – President Barack Obama has abruptly ended a round of golf and sped toward his family’s vacation home for what is being described as a “personal matter.” An ambulance was seen speeding toward their compound.


Hmm. I wonder if Michelle bashed out his windshield with one of his golf clubs….

catnip - 28 December 2009

I wonder if Michelle bashed out his windshield with one of his golf clubs….

That’s racist…or something!

marisacat - 28 December 2009

oh but he raced back tot he course and the official story is “a close friend was injured”.

I say: developing story!!

marisacat - 28 December 2009

More developing.. via Politico “44”, full text

A court hearing scheduled for Monday on a government request for a sample of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s DNA has been canceled at prosecutors’ request, according to the U.S. District Court in Detroit. It is unclear whether prosecutors dropped the request or whether Abdulmutallab, the Nigerian charged with trying to blow up a plane on Christmas, agreed to provide the sample voluntarily.

Justice Department officials declined to comment on the cancellation.

catnip - 28 December 2009

There’s a good name for Obama’s Hawaii vacation: golf interrupted.

marisacat - 28 December 2009

Search for the perfect swing!

8. catnip - 28 December 2009

In-flight security rules eased

DALLAS – In-flight security rules have been eased after a two-day clampdown, airline officials familiar with the matter said Monday.

At the captain’s discretion, passengers can once again have blankets and other items on their laps or move about the cabin during the tail end of flight. In-flight entertainment restrictions have also been lifted.

The airline officials spoke on condition of anonymity because federal safety officials had not publicly announced the changes.

Security rules were relaxed in the last 24 hours, one official said.

So, what was the point of all of that again?

9. catnip - 28 December 2009

Through the looking glass: MSNBC criticized for response to terrorism story

NEW YORK – MSNBC spent considerable time Monday reporting on the aftermath of an attempted Christmas Day attack on a Detroit-bound airliner, but its executives didn’t want to talk about why the story received little attention as it was breaking.

Competitors CNN and Fox News Channel gave much more extensive attention to the story on Christmas night as MSNBC stuck with taped programs on a murder mystery and environmental issues, along with an “undercover” report on the teenage sex trade.

MSNBC has been criticized in the past for failing to respond quickly to breaking news during off-hours, a choice that may complicate its efforts to be seen as a go-to news source. The network is revamping its daytime schedule to be more news-oriented than personality-driven, since the latter approach has proven to be a ratings failure.

On Christmas, an anchor did live cut-ins about once an hour to pass on news of the attempted terrorism, said Jeremy Gaines, network spokesman.

Fox mixed live coverage of the story Friday night with a taped year-end retrospective show with Bill O’Reilly. CNN devoted virtually all of its prime-time hours to the incident, its coverage anchored by Ali Velshi.

MSNBC’s panties weren’t sufficiently on fire.

10. BooHooHooMan - 28 December 2009

What a joke …

Rasmussen Reports is not legitimate
by Christian Dem in NC

Bitching about Obama’s polling now, “Christian Dem in NC” posts with such frequency on DK that it’s obvious from mild browsing that he/she/it is a Party spammer. With The kind of pathetic designed handle that might as well be “Fighting Dem in Texas” for all its futility…

Rassmussen’s samples are substantive, running 1500 respondents Likely Voters far more accurate in electroal predictions than All or even ssimply “Registered” voter samplings.

BTW Rasmussen nailed the NJ Governor’s race cold.
Also – This particular whining hack – like the rest of them – lacks the credibility to cite the fact that Rasmussmen was among the first to put Florida and Ohio in play, and the day before the 2008 election, Rasmussen released an advisory indicating that with Democratic leaning states included, Obama had a 313 / 160 Electoral vote advantage over McCain…Not too shabby of late the Obama cherrypickers aside…

marisacat - 28 December 2009

It’s a theme… when Sullivan does a graph of recent polling he eliminates Rasmussen, as “an outlier”.


Take the lumps. “Man up!”….

11. BooHooHooMan - 28 December 2009

Here’s the missing link to the Leave Obama Alone whine about the polls..

12. catnip - 28 December 2009


13. Heather-Rose Ryan - 28 December 2009

This is a hoot:


On Continental Flight 1788 from Cancun, Mexico, to Newark, three airport security agents frisked everyone at the gate, including babies, prompting one to scream loudly in protest. On the plane, crew announced that the toilets would be shut down the last hour of the flight and passengers would not be able eat, drink, or use electronic devices.

The warning that the bathrooms would be shut down led to lines 10 people deep at each lavatory. A demand by one attendant that no one could read anything either elicited gasps of disbelief and howls of laughter.

Yes, that’s right, folks – reading is dangerous. Terroristic, even.

What a bunch of bozos.

marisacat - 28 December 2009

One person coming in at SFO from wherever, said all entertainment on her fight was cut off… apparently if the individual seat screens were up and running there was a channel where you could access maps, in partiuclar a map of the route the plane was on.


Heather-Rose Ryan - 28 December 2009

What ridiculous BS. Maybe they should take everyone’s watches away so they won’t be able to figure out how close the flight is to landing.

marisacat - 28 December 2009

There is no end to it… I caught a security expert on the Lehrer PBS program.. advocating what he called “police searches”, very intrusive pat downs in areas “where people don’t want to be touched”, prior to boarding.

Why bother to go? Really. Get assaulted at home… for free.

14. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 December 2009

The whole thing is so damned silly … the system didn’t not work, the system CAN’T work. There are too many flights, from too many places. It just can’t, and all of the security theater and shredding of civil liberties can’t fix that.

If only we were a fraction as worried about the tens of thousands killed on the nation’s highways every year.

marisacat - 28 December 2009

No one is in charge. Bush had a thing he did that really ticked me off… often when he gave speeches.. esp if in the hinterlands… rather than at some military or conservative enclave, he would flip over the pages of the speech, read along, look bored, etc. Get to the end as fast as he could.

Janet the Napster and Obster did just as shitty a job. Because it does not matter, and all the sons of bitches know it.

Madman in the Marketplace - 28 December 2009

it’s all just such childish crap

15. catnip - 28 December 2009

Mr “Hey I called liberals racists last week, stormed off and pouted for a while – just like I did in August when I GBCW’ed too” is ba-ack:

“He’s an incredible human being who you can’t help but love”

by blackwaterdog

459 comments (459 new)

marisacat - 28 December 2009

I jsut cannot imagine loving a politician. For one thing, 99.9999 of them are actually quite distasteful looking. Not appetizing at all.

catnip - 28 December 2009

It’s hard to feel all warm & fuzzy while feeling repulsed over body bags at the same time. And guess which is easier?

catnip - 28 December 2009

Yes, time for a little PR (8+ / 0-)

* “As a person he is just an incredible human being who you can’t help but love.”
* When did you last see a cable talking head say, “The greatness of this man is as obvious as it is unnoticed”?…

I remember you asked me back in January if I loved my guy. And in light of all that’s happened in this first year, I still do. Even more so.

* adorable-to-no-end video of the president reading The Polar Express

* He is such a great speaker. He has a way of just connecting with people. It’s just so inspiring. Sometimes I’m moved to tears;

* “he towered above most of us.

* “Those are the things from a human perspective that make him so accessible. Accessible is the right word. He’s emotionally available.”
* “He’s a young president, young in terms of youthful.”

When his actual policies are failing the average American, then its time to rev up his ‘aura’, physical presence or some fantasized emotional connection he has with you.

Don’t let the awful be the enemy of the horrifically bad.

by virtual0 on Mon Dec 28, 2009 at 08:13:27 PM MST

marisacat - 28 December 2009

There was a report in the NYT today, it started wtih a back handed smack at Ob… about how he has “emerged from seclusion in Hawai’i” to comment on the panty bomber.

TWENTY EIGHT pages of comments… and they were brutal. About him and Napolitano.

We are deep in butt-of-the-joke and dismissal country here.

16. marisacat - 28 December 2009
17. catnip - 28 December 2009

US man ‘arrested’ in North Korea

North Korean authorities have said they have arrested a US man who crossed into their territory.

The North’s official KCNA news agency said the man had entered the country from China on 24 December. There is no official word on the man’s identity.

However there have been reports that Robert Park, a US Christian activist, recently crossed into North Korea.

Colleagues say he wanted to highlight the country’s human rights record and demand the release of prisoners.

“On December 24, a US citizen illegally entered the country across the North Korea-China border and has been detained. The person is currently undergoing questioning by a related agency,” KCNA news agency said.


Associates of Mr Park reported that he had walked into North Korea from China across the frozen Tumen River on Christmas Day, 25 December.

Mr Park, a US citizen of Korean ancestry from Tucson, Arizona, claimed he had seen a vision from God of North Korea’s liberation and redemption, his colleagues said.

They said he walked across the border shouting: “I am an American citizen. I brought God’s love. God loves you and God bless you.”

Not to worry, his church is praying for him:

“We call him a modern-day John the Baptist. That’s literally what we call him,” said Pastor John Benson.

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