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Turning point… 4 January 2010

Posted by marisacat in Border Issues, California / Pacific Coast, San Francisco, WAR!.

Gateshead, England: People walk past Anthony Gormley’s Angel of the North in heavy snow Photograph: Scott Heppell/AP

I think we are at it…

Reports late today that the separation of incoming passengers at SFO was extended to citizens and those flying in from the UAE and other, so far, unamed countries.

Earlier to day, news reports did carry commentary from the flying public indicating displeasure with what they had experienced…. in particular a young woman who came in from Taiwan, via Tokyo and was frisked patted examined numerous times.  Twice in Taiwan, again in Tokyo and incoming at SFO.  She was Asian, of Chinese origin, as best I could determine.

In the latest reports, commentary was limited to those who said they were grateful for it.

So… we are separating people by race, ethnicity, presumed religious affiliation and country of origin, as in, nationality or just got on the plane in a certain country…. I would never say it had not been happening, but now it is official.



1. marisacat - 4 January 2010

lenin has a big round up post on Yemen with quite a bit of history… at least political history of the past few decades…

And a commenter Steve (near the top of the thread, comment 7 or 8 makes some points about the box Obama is in. It would be a tragedy of he cared about things.. but imo he doesn’t.

2. BooHooHooMan - 4 January 2010

On so many levels,
a pic celebrating flight is a welcome sight..
I have to say, I can’t help but thinking tho, is that the end game is to turn us all into drones….
…of the USA! USA! / Go-o-o-o!Team! Israel! variety.

marisacat - 4 January 2010

the end game is to turn us all into drones….

oh yeah I agree….

3. BooHooHooMan - 4 January 2010

Ooo. – “BRreaking” – ( it all is, isn’t it?) –
Richard Wolfe on Maddow –
“Here to report the Breaking News just reported on Kieth…”

GMAFB. Maddow says KO says Wolf said…THAT..
regarding to the Intel chain meant for the OBodamo.Surfo.Golfo Foundling Ya Know in the White House (when he’s there)

THAT! —>

intelliegence MAY HAVE been withheld buy SOMEONE to make SOMEONE look bad.

And they’re checking in to it!
Well. It’s obvious now- via Wolfe, (checkbook journo) (chortle) – that they weely weely have the goods on someone somewhere over something. Which involves panties. So it must be good.
For something or other, right? Seems to be the gist of it , anyways.

marisacat - 4 January 2010

intelliegence MAY HAVE been withheld buy SOMEONE to make SOMEONE look bad.

And they’re checking in to it!

Is the WH/mouthpieces going to try to tell us that the UK intel and Gordon Brown/10 Downing are racists? Specifically against Foundling? Sounds like where this is headed.

I get the impression that there is enough unrest in the UK, at all levels, with the wars and the implication from the US that the radicalisation was elsewehre, UK – Nigeria – Yemen, and visited upon us, the divine and treasured ones… and the UK may get more detailed on the intel passed to the USA USA and its leadership.

May they all bite each other to death.

BooHooHooMan - 4 January 2010

Despite Olbermans quick tamp down on the blogs tonight noted several comments below,

This is a verbatim transcript of what was trotted out on his show tonight with Richard Wolfffe:

Olberman: “Where is the focus here now? Is it the pushback – ah- , borders at other airports – is it the indication that- ah – intelligence such as what the NSA knew about Al Qaeda in Yemen using a Nigerian man for an attack was not – maybe is not being utilized – where is the focus right now?”

Richard Wolffe:
Well I was speaking to White House folks earlier today, and it’s clear the President is still ah deeply concerned, and troubled, ah – even angry at the intelligence lapses that and they see this as more an intelligence lapse more than a situation at airport security faults. So the question here is: Why didn’t the centralised system of intelligence that was set up after 9/11 – Why didn’t it work? Is this conspiracy or caught up?

Is it a case of the Agencies having so much rivalry between them they may have determined to stymie each other or this centralised system rahter than dealing with ah the terrorist threat – or was it it just that there were so many dots no one could connect them because it was just too random to figure out. It seems the The President is leaning very much towards thinking this is a systemic failure by individuals who may have an alternative agenda.

“White House folks” as sourcing now? What a stunt.
In any event, and they’re gonna get burned on it-
Good Luck puttin that Genie back in the bottle.
Tomorrow’s news?
Backpedalling the fuck out of it.

marisacat - 5 January 2010

hmm iirc Richard Wolffe was the author of a very much tongue out, licking motion occuring, book on Ob and the campaign.

Hardly news that intel services jockey back and forth and hoard intel. Quel noooz. But he is wringing every drop of non-existent water out of it……….

4. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 January 2010

Ben Pavone, California Lawyer, Refuses To Pay Bank Of America Credit Card, Threatens To Sue

The San Diego, Calif. attorney is angry about two things: his interest rate, which has gone up to 27.99 percent, and his credit limit, which has gone down to just above his balance. “I’m sure I’m going to be hit with penalties,” he said.

Pavone said he got “squeezed for cash” and asked Bank of America to raise his credit limit in October. The bank responded with a two-page letter. The first page declined the request; the second told him his limit would be reduced from $32,100 to $30,400. Bank of America cited “economic trends” in both decisions.

“I consider your action an anticipatory repudiation of the contract and am treating you as in breach,” he wrote in a Dec. 31 letter to the bank. “I am therefore not paying the money that is currently due on January 3, 2010 out of protest.”

Pavone said he got the protest idea from Ann Minch, the Red Bluff, Calif. woman who launched a “debtors’ revolt” via YouTube in September. Minch won imitators and also a reduced interest rate on her own card. Pavone, Minch et al are all asking the same question: Why is it fair for bailed-out banks to reward themselves with bonuses and at the same time to soak taxpayers who’ve done nothing wrong?

“For the record, I have a perfect payment history and I have a nearly perfect payment record on my credit,” Pavone’s letter continued. “I have no doubt that you will mark my credit in light of this default, but if you do, I will sue you. I am eager to argue to a court that your interest rates are unfair within the meaning of various state and federal statutes, and anxious to point out that you ‘had’ to cut my credit limit from $32,000 down to $30,000 at the same time you were borrowing billions from the federal government and paid your executive bonuses in full.”

The letter concludes by asking the bank to reduce his rate to 10.99 percent, after noting that it would probably cost less to reduce the rate than to have to fight the suit.

marisacat - 4 January 2010

I consider your action an anticipatory repudiation of the contract and am treating you as in breach,”

Oh I LOVE it!

Madman in the Marketplace - 4 January 2010

hopefully this sort of thing spreads.

HuffPo is also pushing a halfway decent idea … pull your money out of a huge national bank and put it in a small one in your community.

marisacat - 4 January 2010

KGo spent an hour on it.. had on the author of the Huff Po article…

5. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 January 2010
6. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 January 2010

This sums it up well:

Chris Floyd

Each such act perpetuates the cycle of violence, the horrific dynamic of blowback: a self-perpetuating feedback loop that uses itself to engender more violence, in new and expanding forms. We are living today in the midst of a particularly virulent form of this dynamic, the so-called “War on Terror,” which I think has been designed — more or less deliberately so, although the obscene ignorance and arrogance of the powerful have also played their fateful part in unwittingly exacerbating these evils — to rage on without chronological end, without geographical, limits, and without any moral, social, legal or financial restraints. In his book X Films (reviewed here), Alex Cox uses an apt term borrowed from systems analysis — POSIWID: The Purpose of a System is What It Does.

The Terror War is not an event, or a campaign, or even a crusade; it is a system. Its purpose is not to eliminate “terrorism” (however this infinitely elastic term is defined) but to perpetuate itself, to do what it does: make war. This system can be immensely rewarding, in many different ways, for those who operate or assist it, whether in government, media, academia, or business. This too is a self-sustaining dynamic, a feedback loop that gives money, power and attention to those who serve the system; this elevated position then allows them to accrue even more money, power and attention, until in the end — as we can plainly see today — any alternative voices and viewpoints are relegated to the margins. They are “unserious.” They are unimportant. They are not allowed to penetrate or alter the operations of the system.

marisacat - 4 January 2010

The Terror War is not an event, or a campaign, or even a crusade; it is a system. Its purpose is not to eliminate “terrorism” (however this infinitely elastic term is defined) but to perpetuate itself, to do what it does: make war.

That (and the whole of it) is very astute…

Madman in the Marketplace - 4 January 2010

good to name the problem, even though there really doesn’t seem to be any way out.

7. marisacat - 4 January 2010

I don’t think it matters… but an article in the Guardian made a distinction, between al Zawahiri, whom the CIA bomber claimed to hve intel on… as the No 2 to Osama… and Zarqawi, the operative supposedly killed in 2006 in Iraq.

The Guardian bothered with the distinction as apparently the CIA bomber and Zarqawi come from the same town in Jordan, as do some others of note… fwiw.

Thsi relates to a name confusion in the last thread.

Madman in the Marketplace - 4 January 2010

That Goldstein, he’s a slippery bastard … just like they warn us in the Daily Hate.

marisacat - 4 January 2010

usual suspects, Kaiser Soze…. and so on. Zelig. Caspar the Ghost….

catnip - 4 January 2010

Zarqawi, the operative supposedly killed in 2006 in Iraq.

Right. I was trying to remember his name…

8. marisacat - 4 January 2010

oh yesssssssss. we are so liberal, from SF Weekly:

[W]hen the city controller’s office made the common-sense recommendation that groundskeepers ought to be where they were assigned to be when they’re supposed to be there, Agunbiade fought them on it for three years. Running a department where no one knows where anyone is — and no one even wants to know? Not a problem.

Then a report by the city’s budget analyst found massive fiscal mismanagement at the Marina Yacht Harbor, which is run by Rec and Park. Perhaps so much money wouldn’t have gone unaccounted for, the audit suggested, if the department had installed a cash register. Still, not a problem for Agunbiade. Other reports exposed one organizational or fiscal snafu after another, but his position was secure. In San Francisco, running a city department like a Franz Kafka nightmare doesn’t cost a decisionmaker his job.

Then, in July 2008, we apparently discovered what does. Rec and Park spokeswoman Rose Dennis claimed that Agunbiade had been sexually and religiously harassing her for years, and produced letters he’d sent to her home as evidence. She confirmed to SF Weekly that Agunbiade’s letters urged her to stop wearing revealing clothes so that she could get right with Jesus. Though she didn’t release the letters publicly, Dennis did bring them to the city attorney’s office — which determined that this could turn into a messy lawsuit.

Agunbiade was subsequently called in to chat with Newsom. The conversation between the mayor-who-slept-with-his-appointments-secretary and the department-head-accused-of-sexually-and-religiously-harassing-his-spokeswoman (in writing!) must have been one for the ages. Whatever was said, the outcome was this: Agunbiade resigned not long after, and Dennis this year received a $91,000 settlement from the city. ….

9. BooHooHooMan - 4 January 2010

Joisey Legislature 101.

The sitting Legislature is the 213th Legislature of the
State of New Jersey.

Currently, the Democrats are the majority party in both Houses. In the Senate there are 23 Democrats and 17 Republicans. There are 48 Democrats and 32 Republicans serving in the General Assembly.

Corzine still Governor. Still Governor.


Odds Against Gay Marriage Grow With Setback in Trenton

Supporters of gay marriage have been lobbying frantically to win legislative approval of a marriage equality bill before Jan. 19, when Gov. Jon S. Corzine, who has promised™ to enact it, is replaced by Gov.-elect Christopher J. Christie, who opposes it.

But advocates of the bill were rebuffed on Monday, when the Judiciary Committee in the General Assembly met and did not take up the proposal. That setback, which comes two weeks after the measure stalled in the State Senate, means that the legislation has now become bogged down in both chambers.

Well THIS is New!™

Despite the growing odds against it™, however™,
gay-rights advocates™ say they are still hopeful ™™ that they will™™™™ win approval before the change of governors. At a rally™™ on the State House steps™ …..

marisacat - 4 January 2010


it is sending every one of yours to Spam. It sends half of Madman’s to Mod and the occasional one of catnip to Mod.

Sends one of mine occasionally to Mod.

argh………. I wish it would fix itself…

marisacat - 4 January 2010

The Democrats secured no bleed in the black vote at least at the quadrennial vote (not sure what enthusiasm there is iwth Obama Youth and Obama Black voters in 2010, according to Celinda Lake) and assume wimmens and gays have nowhere to go…

Just so clear.

I love that Obster admin tossed a transgendered appointee at Commerce. A 25 year veteran of Raytheon, an Asst Dir for Advanced Technology Development… missile division iirc. We are blessed!!

marisacat - 4 January 2010

time to insert:

Peace Prize!! Peace Prize!!

etc…………………………. 😆

BooHooHooMan - 4 January 2010

Obama TG appointee from Raytheon…missile division..

Surface Mounted or Silo?
Applaud the Diversity!

marisacat - 5 January 2010

That reminds me to google the appointee….

BooHooHooMan - 4 January 2010

Moving away from tonight’s weak media stunt,

To a truly delightful piece found – believe it or not– on DK..

Pissed off? Slack off.

The thread is great too, the diarist causally flicking gnats away as he responds…

10. BooHooHooMan - 4 January 2010

NJ Gay Marriage sellout in spam…

11. BooHooHooMan - 4 January 2010

Oh LOL. Olberman- hiz own slef –
serving as thread police on DK.

Careful not to let the boy Richard Wolfe’s cries tonite to be taken to call into question the credibility of the Panty story itself. No- sah. Questions abound – Richard Wolfe said so- but not THAT question says Kieth…

Olberman weighing in on a DK thread to contain
a rec-listed diarist who strayed too far from the script:
(Olberman follows right after this comment)

You really should delete your update. (13+ / 0-)

This is about plants from the Cheney admin who may be trying to allow an attack under Obama.

It’s not about staging the actual attack. Your update is tainting what is a good story broken by Wolfe.

by barbadensis on Mon Jan 04, 2010 at 07:32:31 PM PST

Yep, delete that update
(56+ / 0-)
Recommended by:
Meteor Blades, aisling, OLinda, mmt006, bronte17, sja, djMikulec, Dr Colossus, gmb, chillindame, Sybil Liberty, joanneleon, CTPatriot, Far left coast, Dobber, jimreyn, Ice Blue, Shotput8, Dunvegan, Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse, planetjanet, KenBee, greenearth, blueoasis, WarrenS, AmySmith, Haningchadus14, ballerina X, Jahiz, Corporate Dog, VelvetElvis, mamamedusa, Deep Harm, royce, pickandshovel, Diogenes2008, shortgirl, mississippi boatrat, lastman, annapaxis, ETF, Observerinvancouver, civilist, alethea, renbear, kirbybruno, vc2, lighttheway, Dixie Liberal, zenox, Leroy the Roadie, AnonObamaAid, LiLaF, QES, SaintC, barbadensis

Richard said nothing about that. Nothing remotely to do with. I know, I heard him, did a double take (and nearly a spit take) at what he did say and it’s plenty enough:

The White House is not certain that the intel ball-dropping was an accident, and is investigating. It has two hypotheticals on its plate: a) this was a turf war among agencies (“don’t tell them; this is ours”); b) somebody wanted to make somebody else look bad.

Doesn’t mean a conspiracy, doesn’t mean anybody put a guy on a plane, doesn’t even mean they’re anywhere near convinced the intel wasn’t an accident. Just that this is still among the things at which they’re looking. And the only thing the extraneous theorizing does is to bury the real shock in here.

As the next guest we had on, Evan Kuhlman, that rare “terrorism expert” with some real-life perspective (ie, there is not a bomb hidden under every NY Post newspaper box) put it: it almost doesn’t matter if it was a turf war or somebody wanting to make somebody else look bad or whatever – if there was intel and it was intentionally not disseminated, a lot of people have to be fired and fast.

“If you’re going through hell – keep going!” — Winston Churchill

by Keith Olbermann on Mon Jan 04, 2010 at 07:42:00 PM PST

What a lousy blowjob. How disappointing, frankly. LOL.

Fortunately , The diarist, in “Update 3” confessed to Thought Crime, was appropriately re-habilitated and cleansed of any counter-revolutionary thought!

Update 3
Let’s just say – stupid updates removed. I included, in Update 1, an article from a source that I should have vetted before touching anything associated with him. I had never heard of the guy, but apparently he’s an infamous conspiracy theorist. Removed.

Love how Olberman plugged and vouched for “Kuhlman” – his name is Kohlman – for his “real world experience”. Kohlman is one of the post 9/11 astroturfer kids recruited in Law School after 9/11.

Kohlmann entered the University of Pennsylvania Law School in the fall of 2001, a few weeks before al Qaeda’s attacks on the US on September 11, 2001.[2] He wrote “Al- Qaida’s Jihad in Europe while he was a law student.[8] The first version of this book was published by Oxford University Press in 2002. “I turned to a classmate and said, ‘This is Osama Bin Laden, and I have to go do something about it’.”

At which time, he put on a pair of panties, a cape, and stepped out of the phone booth…

LOL. The dates don’t even add up.
Too bad he wrote his shit after 9/11.
And finished Law School at Penn in 2004.
So we’re stuck with these bad actors while people like Ray McGovern, Scott Ritter, Larry Wilkerson, anybody else across a range of individuals in a position to know are nowhere to be found on the MSM…. Instead we have these cheap retainers like Kohlman, and sportscasters (no accident) …like Olberman…

12. BooHooHooMan - 5 January 2010

Hot Potato Jeezis!

Olberman is really showing the sweaty lip tonight on DK ( My emphasis.)

4 PM (8+ / 0-)

The WH scheduled a statement to correspondents by the president after his meeting with the agency heads, roughly 4 PM EST Tuesday. Also reported by Reuters and AP. Has nothing to do with what Richard reported, nor did I ever suggest so – it was in fact mentioned before the Wolffe interview.

The two stories have been conflated here, but not by me.

“If you’re going through hell – keep going!” — Winston Churchill

by Keith Olbermann on Mon Jan 04, 2010 at 10:59:33 PM PST

From that language, it looks like Obie is giving a statement only .
Good thing, since Richard Wolffe just dropped a leak of a McCarthyesque proportions attributed to White House “folks”. LOL.

Well, This guy seems like he has half a clue…

KO what I want to know is why Wolffe (0+ / 0-)
was able to get by with “White House folks” as sourcing and you didn’t press him on it.

The only thing “Breaking” about it were the barriers of responsible journalism frankly, when after you asked him “where the focus is?” .

In swinging for the seats, Wolffe ran through a series of speculative questions, and then, perhaps based on these “White House folks” he cited as sources, proceeeded to intimate with all the bootstrapped certainty followed by an “It seems..” said that

“It seems the President is leaning very much towards thinking this was a systemic failure by individuals who maybe have an alternative agenda”

I hope you follow up tomorrow more specifically with questions you raised here.
From the very general- what DO Wolffe’s claims mean?
To the more specific –
Is the President in fact inclined to believe – as Wolffe claimed on your show – that there is a “systemic failure of individuals” (Wolffes oxymoronic words) of malefactors within our National Security apparatus?
What are the collateral implications of this?
Who are the “White House folks”?

And if so , with National Security concerns, even political ones in such a matter, why are they leaking to Richard Wolffe?

I found Wolffe’s report to be pulled right out of his ass, frankly. Made up as he went along, despite the reality that Cheneyite pod people are well seeded into our National Security apparatus.

But what say ye, Keith, if the backpedalling tomorrow occurs with alacrity from the White House?

Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

by Robert Davies on Tue Jan 05, 2010 at 12:58:31 AM PST

marisacat - 5 January 2010

smart comment from Robert Davies…

and yes right, the really important thing is that, as of now, Ob is to address correspondents… and we the peeple are spared A Speech.

13. marisacat - 5 January 2010

From Politico Mike Allen’s Playbook:

TALKRADIO CATNIP – BILL EMPOWERS IRS AGENTS, per Kaiser Health News’ Phil Galewitz and Christopher Weaver:

‘Under the proposed health care legislation, they would get another assignment: checking to see whether Americans have health insurance. The House and Senate bills require most Americans to have health insurance and to prove it on their annual federal tax return. Those who don’t would pay a penalty to the IRS. That’s one of several key duties the IRS would assume … In addition, the IRS would collect hundreds of billions of dollars in new fees on employers, drug companies and device makers … Some critics of the health bill question whether the IRS, which has struggled in recent years with budget problems, staffing shortages and outdated computer systems, will be up to the job of enforcing the mandate and efficiently handling the subsidies.’

You gotta love it. What a fucking mess…………..

14. marisacat - 5 January 2010

new thread……………


…………… :roll ……………..

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