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What next. 15 January 2010

Posted by marisacat in Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

Cindy Terasme screams after seeing the feet of her dead 14-year-old brother Jean Gaelle Dersmorne in the rubble of the collapsed St Gerard School [Gerald Herbert/AP]

From the BBC runnng chronology page:

1350 The UN World Food Programme earlier said its warehouses in Port-au-Prince had been looted, but this has now been denied. “We do still have that 6,000 tonnes of food,” WFP spokeswoman Caroline Hurford tells the BBC. “Apparently there were unconfirmed reports of looting taking place, but once our teams got down to the dockside they were able to see that there was some mistake.”

and this:

Solbrook tweets: “I wish the media would stop calling it looting. It’s people desperate for food and water not hifis and TVs.”

It also says QEII has made a personal donation.  So relieved.  But we need to know what Brangelina feel… and then what they will DO.

Interestingly, the Guardian was pushing the looting stories.. and the UK Telegraph was holding back.  No big headline about looting at NYT, tho some talk of ”security”.

Naomi Klein was out and about, late Wednesday I think it was, with remarks that Haiti should not be strangled with more Neo Liberal debt.  I have not found a link to her statements.




1. catnip - 15 January 2010


They’re building homes in NOLA so I give them props for that.

2. catnip - 15 January 2010
3. marisacat - 15 January 2010

oh noes.

obama will speak at 1 ET. On Haiti.

if you have not seen MO’s PSA appeal for peopel to text their donation for Haiti… catch it.

I think Ob and MO get sanded down every night and repainted.

Soon to be encased in see thru plastic.

catnip - 15 January 2010

From a current dkos diary:

Also this statement by Obama contradicts a report today of chaos at the airport, and the appearance that no one is coordinating relief there (emphasis in bold mine):

On Thursday, Obama said that the “first waves” of rescue and recovery personnel were on the ground in Haiti with more to come. He also noted that the U.S. military has secured the major airport there and has prepared it to receive heavy equipment needed for the cleanup and rescue.

and this report today:

Coordinating deliveries was also a problem, which is being tackled by U.N. and U.S. officials, Byrs said.

With the U.N. peacekeeping force in tatters, representatives of aid organizations say there does not appear to be anyone coordinating distribution of relief supplies at the airport in Port-au-Prince.

“It is difficult because folks at the Port-au-Prince airport are trying to get up to speed to run logistics,” said Save the Children spokeswoman Kate Conradt from Haiti.

“Donations are coming in to the airport here, but some are coming without notice from very well-meaning groups,” she said. “There is not yet a system to get it in.”

marisacat - 15 January 2010

hmm SF Gate is pushing an AP report that is headlined abou the roaming bands of machete weilding whatevers… HOWEVER down in the text is this:

The command said other paratroopers and Marines would raise the U.S. presence to 8,000 troops in the coming days. Their efforts will include providing security, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said.

Read more: LINK

That is more than 2 brigades. Gah. Never understimate the power. At the close of two weeks from the onset of Katrina we had 62K in troops inside NO…. and nearly first in the were the same as into haiti. .. 82nd Airborne. In Katrina they were fresh off Iraq. I have not read details of that sort yet for Haiti.

marisacat - 15 January 2010

hmm some reader at TPM thinks he or she is a bright spark. And Kurtz headliens that we might now own Haiti but we did not break it.

Oh but we did.. we and the French and the Neo Liberal International money systems.

[A]s of today, for all practical purposes, Haiti is an American Protectorate. Its own government, to the extent it ever functioned, has now collapsed. Its major city has been leveled, along with most of the institutions of the state and of civil society. Other states and international institutions will contribute aid and resources. Perhaps the UN will expand its current mission in the nation, and assume formal responsibility. But the only nation capable of keeping Haiti from absolute collapse is the United States. Irrespective of the bodies through which we choose to work, the responsibility is ultimately ours. snip

it’s so much fun being an imperial dumb fuck.

4. BooHooHooMan - 15 January 2010

LOL 😆 I don’t know , hard to say,
but I think covered-in-come Ed Markey just said Bill Clinton’s haploid Secret Sauce is going to put Coakley over the top..

“Bill Clinton is a rock star in Massachusetts,’’ said US Representative Edward Markey, Democrat of Malden, predicting that the last-minute surge of national Democratic help will seal the election for Coakley.

“The Democratic base now has the activating fluid’’ to get out the vote, he said. “ The Democratic activists are now up and working, energized, and ready to go.”

Such groupies, all,
speaking of Rock Stars and “Activating Fluid”.
Pass the Lighter.

C’mon, really …they way things have developed over the years,
you just know once the “Rock Star” analogy is invoked,
there’s an epic fucking disaster in the background.
You could run a list..
Clinton and Gore 2000: To Rock Star or not to Rock Star.
Clinton’s Philly premier in 2004 / post surgery…trotted out to —
— > I mean, WTF? Reveal the Sacred Heart for Kerry Edwards?
His Appearances in NJ for Corzine were so bad they had to shop ever smaller venues as he was having difficulty filling the larger gyms.

marisacat - 15 January 2010

yeah but if the Dems don’t cover Bill C in preserving slime… they have nothing. Ob is a story in the making. Meaning he may not make it.

Corrupt Bill stands as a two termer… whatever else.

Can it get thiner? I guess so.

catnip - 15 January 2010

“activating fluid”?

Good band name.

5. wu ming - 15 January 2010
marisacat - 15 January 2010

Oh thanks for that! I blanked otu on her site!


6. catnip - 15 January 2010
7. catnip - 15 January 2010
8. catnip - 15 January 2010

Mooney Times: Martha Coakley: Devout Catholics ‘Probably shouldn’t work in the emergency room’

How can a Massachusetts Senate candidate possibly offend 39 percent of voters in her state? If it’s Democrat Attorney General Martha Coakley, she would tell devout Catholics not to bother working in an emergency room (H/T Jim Hoft – Big Government). In the audio clip below, Ms. Coakley chokes on a question from radio host Ken Pittman referring to the conscience clause. Under the conscience clause, workers in health-care environments ranging from doctors to maintenance men can refuse to offer services, information, or advice to patients on issues like contraception, blood transfusions, etc..if the workers are morally against it. Here is how Ms. Coakley handled the matter. (audio and transcript below):

Ken Pittman: Right, if you are a Catholic, and believe what the Pope teaches that any form of birth control is a sin. ah you don’t want to do that.

Martha Coakley: No we have a separation of church and state Ken, lets[sic] be clear.

Ken Pittman: In the emergency room you still have your religious freedom.

Martha Coakley: (……uh, eh…um..) The law says that people are allowed to have that. You can have religious freedom but you probably shouldn’t work in the emergency room.

marisacat - 15 January 2010

luv how the race comes down to the god damned fucking “conscience clause”. Which has some dicey wording… think Politico put up te actual wording.

I think Rush just said Ob goes in Sunday. But he could be LYING!

marisacat - 15 January 2010

Here is the partial text to the law… via Ben Smith, he links to the law:

It shall be unlawful discriminatory practice for an employer to impose upon an individual as a condition of obtaining or retaining employment any terms or conditions, compliance with which would require such individual to violate, or forego the practice of, his creed or religion as required by that creed or religion including but not limited to the observance of any particular day or days or any portion thereof as a sabbath or holy day and the employer shall make reasonable accommodation to the religious needs of such individual…… “Reasonable Accommodation”, as used in this subsection shall mean such accommodation to an employee’s or prospective employee’s religious observance or practice as shall not cause undue hardship in the conduct of the employer’s business. The employee shall have the burden of proof as to the required practice of his creed or religion. As used in this subsection, the words “creed or religion” mean any sincerely held religious beliefs, without regard to whether such beliefs are approved, espoused, prescribed or required by an established church or other religious institution or organization.

Undue hardship, as used herein, shall include the inability of an employer to provide services which are required by and in compliance with all federal and state laws…. or where the health or safety of the public would be unduly compromised by the absence of such employee or employees, or where the employee’s presence is indispensable to the orderly transaction of business and his or her work cannot be performed by another employee of substantially similar qualifications ….. or where the employee’s presence is needed to alleviate an emergency situation. The employer shall have the burden of proof to show undue hardship.

And yeah, obster going in Sunday… it’s all over Poltiico.


catnip - 15 January 2010

Wow. That campaign is a train wreck.

marisacat - 15 January 2010

I think it is falling apart in front of our eyes.

catnip - 15 January 2010

Apparently, Obamalama is going to speak at some Mass church service on Sunday morning. Summon the angels!

9. catnip - 15 January 2010

School Kids Angry With Obama For Writing Misdated Letter


Kid on President Obama: “It’s kind of like he’s paying people to be rude to people in his own country.”

10. BooHooHooMan - 15 January 2010

Father of missing Britney Gengel pleads with Obama to send more help to Haiti

This is the guy who was originally told his daughter was alive…

And He’s from….Massachusetts.

Now this is either a sandbagged miracle story…
or one crusher as the Hopium wears off by Sunday.
You have to see the vid…he directs his plea for action right at Obama.

marisacat - 15 January 2010

Ugh I vote for sandbagged…e ven if the poor father is a hapless player in this.

ugh… Logistics aside I think haiti needs the actual humantarian aid from the other countries, rather than our “aid”. Plenty of whcih I know is humanitarian… (1000 nurses in cali signed up to go)… but……………………….

then there are our troops.

marisacat - 15 January 2010

UK Times Online goes with hyper vigilance to assisting our invasion.

3m survivors could run riot in Haiti unless aid gets in, UN warns

marisacat - 15 January 2010

I just heard on a news break thjat as more troops land, they will not be distributing food and water and supplies until they are certain of “security”.


Appropriately I am watching a 2008 film on Baader Meinhof… the second stanza of the opening is a vicious police response to a peaceful and, in fact, stationary demonstration, during the vist of the Shah to Germany.

11. catnip - 15 January 2010
12. catnip - 15 January 2010

Fucking American exceptionalist crap that I’ve been dealing with in the comments. Time for a tea.

marisacat - 15 January 2010

oh thank you for putting that up.. I have been hunting for a quote from Obamalamalovebaby… I had caught a snip of vid on a news program and going thru his appearacnes about Haiti it was not from those…

It is from his rally round the flag boys sppech tot he Dem members of the house. Which blackwaterdog kindly included, vid and transcript!!

And so I just want everybody in the House of Representatives to understand this is a moment for American leadership. This is a time when the world looks to us and they say, given our capacity, given our unique capacity to project power around the world, that we have to project that not just for our own interests but for the interests of the world as a whole. And my national security team understands that I will not put up with any excuses for us not doing the very best in this time of tragedy. (Applause.)

catnip - 15 January 2010

Maybe ‘tea’ is too weak. Perhaps I should grab a Valium.

*banging my Canadian head against the wall*

marisacat - 15 January 2010

I LOVED the line about Obama saving the world “one minute at a time”… because of the ………………. Atomic clock.


marisacat - 15 January 2010

how many times do yhou hve to tell “boredwitnuts” that harper si a PM nad not a pretzel.

as he tries to rap at you r nose iwth a rolled up paper.


catnip - 15 January 2010

And he blamed it on his “stream of consciousness” typing. lol

Which stream would that be? The one that’s full of completely ignorant shit?

marisacat - 15 January 2010


Which stream would that be?

Oh that is so tempting! What came to my mind was: the stream of brains out his nose.

13. catnip - 15 January 2010
14. catnip - 15 January 2010

Via The Guardian:

Amber Lynn Munger has written three urgent blogs posts today. Writing under the name Rightsbasedhaiti she seeks advice on what to do with medical waste at a makeshift hospital that she has helped set up. And she explains the need for structural engineers, vehicles and petrol.

She also described how Haitians continue to sing through the crisis.

“This morning we woke up to aftershocks around 5am. Again, the tremors were met with singing. The singing is almost as forceful as the quakes. They are still singing now with all of their force – Hallelujah! It is as if they are saying “we are not afraid!” These people are so beautiful that I cry even now, as my ears are filled with their voices and I am writing these lines, hoping that the power will hold out. There are no others like the Haitian people.

The singing was all night. There were other aftershocks throughout the night. But this singing now is the singing that will also meet the sun as it comes up to show us all of the damage once again. Bittersweet sunrise.”

15. marisacat - 15 January 2010

hmm Patrick Cockburn in the Independent… you have to get past th frist 3 grphs which are kinda blah. I don’t think w get to a useful place comparing Bush v Obama, Katrina v Haiti.

More complex.. he gets to it here:

[H]aitians are now paying the price for this feeble and corrupt government structure because there is nobody to co-ordinate the most rudimentary relief and rescue efforts. Its weakness is exacerbated because aid has been funnelled through foreign NGOs. A justification for this is that less of the money is likely to be stolen, but this does not mean that much of it reaches the Haitian poor. A sour Haitian joke says that when a Haitian minister skims 15 per cent of aid money it is called “corruption” and when an NGO or aid agency takes 50 per cent it is called “overheads”.

Many of the smaller government aid programmes and NGOs are run by able, energetic and selfless people, but others, often the larger ones, are little more than rackets, highly remunerative for those who run them. In Kabul and Baghdad it is astonishing how little the costly endeavours of American aid agencies have accomplished. “The wastage of aid is sky high,” said a former World Bank director in Afghanistan. “There is real looting going on, mostly by private enterprises. It is a scandal.” Foreign consultants in Kabul often receive $250,000 to $500,000 a year, in a country where 43 per cent of the population try to live on less than a dollar a day.

None of this bodes well for Haitians hoping for relief in the short term or a better life in the long one. The only way this will really happen is if the Haitians have a legitimate state capable of providing for the needs of its people. The US military, the UN bureaucracy or foreign NGOs are never going to do this in Haiti or anywhere else. ….

marisacat - 15 January 2010

Hillary to haiti tomorrow………………

This is gonna be painful.


Just heard David Martin onCBS say the mil will be in haiti for 6 mos. well just mulitply that out.

marisacat - 15 January 2010

well… in NO after they let everything go to hell they drove convoys into neighborhoods with food, using it as in war, as BAIT… from Independent:

Outside the now-ruined presidential palace in the city centre, a 1,000-strong crowd gathered. They stood behind a security cordon keeping them away from Red Cross lorries, with workers afraid to distribute supplies in case it sparked pandemonium. “I am furious. We have been here for four days, and haven’t seen anything: no food, no water, no tents,” said Jean Claude Hillaire. “I am so hungry. And want to know why these people have no aid. Why is nothing coming? We’ve had nothing from the US, nothing from the international community. We feel angry and abandoned: 20,000 people are sleeping in this park, and no one is helping us. We are yelling for help. I can take you down the road, for the next mile into the port. There are hundreds of bodies lying in the street. The world needs to see this suffering, and see this death, and tell its leaders that something must be done to help, right now.”

With a nod to Haiti’s history, as the first former slave nation to gain independence, he added: “I’m especially angry with Barack Obama. The people of this country, Haiti were the first black people who put a mark on liberty. We now need help from the first black president. We don’t need it in four, five or 20 days. We need it today, right now.”

The city’s port, roughly a mile away, is conspicuously empty of the vast aid vessels that have been promised by world leaders. Roads are clogged and in some places impassable. Food and water supplies remain stranded at a seemingly dysfunctional airfield on the outskirts of town. “It’s utter chaos at the airport,” said Mark Pearson, of the British charity Shelterbox, who was yesterday waiting for supplies to land. “The priority at the moment is still search and rescue and then after that aid, so obviously there is frustration. People are hunting around for water. That’s the big need.”

catnip - 15 January 2010

This is really starting to look like Katrina with the US military in charge of the airport while nothing seems to be moving into the city. Not good.

marisacat - 15 January 2010

There is also a report that locals were turned away from the UN hospital, saying they only treat thir own personnel. I let the article it was in slip away from me…

There is extensive damage to one building at the UN compound, but not to all……….

16. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 January 2010
17. BooHooHooMan - 15 January 2010

Maddow is touting USAID ..long a slush fund and patronage hidey hole. More than a few ex-Clinton Admin retainers in Meeks (of NY) orbit are maneuvering to score a huge payday off this…

The LEAST of the concerns that US media should be reporting are the reports of “machete wielding men” who IN THE FIRST 3 DAYS WAITING were as likely to be turning towards their neighbors to perform bloody desperate field amputations as they were to be doing anything else for survival…

Olberman is dutifully pimping “the machete bearing men” hatchet job of a story, too. Of course Olberman is PC Liberalish enough to avoid the use of “looting” and finesse the Blame the Victims sidestep of accountability for Ob’s promises so easily made…

Oh well. Poor Haiti.™ What can you do? ™
It’s the same type of religious cherrypicking the Obama Disciples have along the lines of the :
The Poor will always be with us.
Even if they are under rubble, I suppose. …

…as the usual line-up of boosters work feverishly at the lowering the wordly expectations game to divert attention away from the Messiahs ” Not Forsaken” sermon…

Salvation is on it’s Way, they say, just LATER.
Much later.

marisacat - 15 January 2010

God will care for them………

I saw a snip somewhere that Jon Stewart was ragging on Maddow for her coverage… maybe it was over pushing how wonderfully Wilsonian (and Obamian) USAID is…

The just abotu first crew in, the EMT and rescue crew from VA, were USAID.. even the dogs had coats with “USAID”.

Madman in the Marketplace - 15 January 2010

I had to turn MSNBC off … fucking shitty Wilsonian liberal exceptionalism is nearly as disgusting as winger racist exceptionalism.

This nation is beyond fucked up.

marisacat - 15 January 2010

NYT runs banner headline declaring anarchy in haiti… then the article is something rather different:

[T]he United States, in fact, took firmer control of the emergency operation on Friday. After three days of chaos and congestion at the airport in Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s government ceded control of it to American technicians, to speed the flow of relief supplies and personnel.

The Federal Aviation Administration, which began managing air traffic into Haitian airspace, issued a stern warning to allow aid to flow in a more orderly way: no planes from the United States, military or civilian, would be allowed to land without express permission from the agency.

Exceptions to the new rule would be granted only to humanitarian aid planes, based on arrival times and on the availability of space at the airport, a notice from the agency said. The F.A.A. warned pilots that fuel still was not available at the airport, and that any aircraft bound here would need to have enough fuel to circle in the air for at least an hour. ….

Madman in the Marketplace - 15 January 2010

always the iron-fisted control

18. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 January 2010
marisacat - 15 January 2010

Thanks for that… and this is why MsF is so important… they co-ordinate as necessary but they don’t collude:

Asked how operational the Haitian government is, Zannini replies:

“We speak with other actors, we meet with them, but our priority now is on the patients.” Asked about coordinating with the UN or other NGOS, Zannini replies, “We are focused around our teams.”

Madman in the Marketplace - 15 January 2010

they really are an amazing org.

marisacat - 15 January 2010

the boing boing article had a great thread too…


19. catnip - 15 January 2010

Good Moyers show (again) tonite, especially the interview with Gerg Mortenson

BILL MOYERS: How is your work going to be impacted by the fact that it’s going on in a society where the war is being escalated?

GREG MORTENSON: Well, our work will go on whether or not the U.S. has military there or not in that we work so closely with the elders. With the deployment of troops there, I, I’ve got a lot of mixed feelings on it. The first thing is that when President Obama had nine meetings to ascertain or decide whether or not to deploy troops to Afghanistan, those meetings were held in secrecy, behind closed doors. There was no public debate. There was no congressional hearings. There was no media involved.

We can’t run democracy in secrecy. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s George Bush or Obama. That was one of my main concerns is-it’s a big decision. The other thing is that there was no consultation with the elders or the shura in Afghanistan. Every province has three to five dozen shura. And these are elders. They’re poets. They’re warriors. They’re businessmen, a few women. And they’re not elected, but they’ve kind of risen up through the ranks. And these to me are the real people with integrity and power in Afghanistan. So when this decision was made to deploy troops, none, there was no consultation with the troo– with the elders. And they felt very marginalized by it because, you know, want to go into another country, we want to be able to at least have a part and a say in it. And it’s not that difficult. You can do it at a district level, or local level, or at a national level. It’s, you know, I think half of diplomacy is just showing up. You know, we’ve got to actually just show up and start to talk and then maybe we could get somewhere.

marisacat - 15 January 2010

oh boy tho… I was really enjoying this but then he is way way too soft on the military. My guess the mil will sell Greg Mortenson out.

catnip - 15 January 2010

Well, I understand that he hopes to be helping his military buddies to figure out how things work there but the point still stands: there will not be a military victory and I have no doubt that the military will choose to go all gung ho regardless of how he advises them.

marisacat - 15 January 2010

If he really believes what he said, he badly misreads Mullen and Petraeus.

20. catnip - 15 January 2010

This is bizarre: US releases photo showing how Osama Bin Laden may look

They used a pic from 1998 even though he’s done several videos since then?

BooHooHooMan - 15 January 2010

Oh shit. I just came back from the salon and that’s the “look” I asked for, pointing to a paper without reading the full article..
Fuck! I look just like that now!

marisacat - 15 January 2010

I found the FBI update weird.

21. marisacat - 15 January 2010

hmm Martha Raddatz

“Security is the issue” he said, “What has to happen from a planning and a coordination part has to happen with the United Nations, the government of Haiti and all the relief organizations.”

We went around to various aid organizations asking the same question: why aren’t these supplies getting to the people who need them?

Security Is Key

We were told this is a layered effort. First, the government of Haiti must choose distribution points, the World Food program then works up a distribution plan and then U.N. forces in Haiti provide security with the help of the U.S. military to get the food out. The bottom line: it’s not going to happen until tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the people wait. ..

A planned nightmare, on top of the real nightmare….

Some crazed caller (at a couple of points he kind of shrieked) to KGO is declaring that there will be rioting “tonight” in haiti, by the “millions” because, wait for it… CNN said so.

marisacat - 16 January 2010

on page 2 of the Raddatz articel:

As for the U.S. military, they made some deliveries by helicopter, but the 82nd Airborne, which has now begun to arrive, was mainly providing security at the airport. Among other things, they were busy helping injured people just getting dropped and trying to hold back those frantic to get out of the country.

This is going really well…

22. marisacat - 16 January 2010

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