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Feed the people 19 January 2010

Posted by marisacat in Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

“I haven’t seen the Americans in the streets giving out water and food, but now they come to the palace,” said one man, as some of the homeless living rough in the Champ de Mars square before the palace shouted abuse       [AFP/GETTY]

But no, palaces come first.  We have landed and taken control of the Port-au-Prince version of the WH.

It was reported out here mid day, with the so very helpful information that those witnessing the landing begged to be annexed to the US, that then they “would eat”.

Don’t bet on it… and the captions to the Telegraph gallery tell a different reaction.



1. catnip - 19 January 2010

AP projects: Scott Brown won.

Coakley conceded.

Let the meltdown begin.

2. marisacat - 19 January 2010

I jsut heard, Brown declared the WINNER.

So surprised…… 😉

ts - 19 January 2010

[This didn’t take long:]

WASHINGTON — Scott Brown’s decisive Senate victory in Massachusetts imperiled the fate of the Democratic health care overhaul in Tuesday as House Democrats indicated they would not quickly approve a Senate-passed health care measure and send it to President Obama.

After a meeting of House Democratic leaders even as Mr. Brown’s win was being declared, top lawmakers said they were weighing their options but the prospect of finishing off the debate with House passage of the Senate plan appeared to significantly diminish.

Noting that the election in Massachusetts turned on a variety of different factors like the economy and local issues, Representative Chris Van Hollen, Democrat of Maryland and a top party campaign strategist, said resistance to the emerging health legislation also figured in the anti-Democratic equation.

“Health care was also part of the debate, and the people of Massachusetts were right to be upset about provisions in the Senate bill like the Nebraska purchase and other special deals,” Mr. Van Hollen said, referring to elements included in the bill to win the votes of Democratic senators and round up 60 votes.

[Could it be, that the smell of the thing actually made several of them ill?]

The comment was a clear indication that Democrats were recalibrating their approach on health care, leaving them a diminishing and politically difficult set of choices.

House approval of the Senate plan was favored by some lawmakers and strategists as a way to quickly resolve the issue and deliver the president a bill on a signature domestic achievement with just one final House vote. Remaining problems could be worked out with a subsequent piece of legislation.

But many House Democrats expressed deep reservations about the Senate bill, and those complaints, combined with the message sent by the Massachusetts electorate, apparently were sufficient to leave Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California and her lieutenants reluctant by Tuesday night about moving in that direction.

Democrats now face decisions on whether to give up on the health care fight — an approach few lawmakers appear willing to entertain — or perhaps pull together a scaled-back measure and use special procedural rules that would eliminate the need for 60 votes in the Senate. But it is not clear how many of the key provisions of the legislation could be passed under such a procedure.

[I don’t know, there’s so little left already that if they pull any more out it might just float away on its own]

At the same time, Mr. Brown appeared likely to claim his seat quickly, with Democrats saying their new Republican colleague would be sworn in as soon as he could present documents certifying his election.

“The people of Massachusetts have spoken,” said Senator Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada and the majority leader.

[He does sound relieved]

The timing of Mr. Brown’s swearing-in has been a point of contention. Republicans and conservative activists have raised the possibility that Democrats might stall and use the delay to force through a final health care bill while Senator Paul G. Kirk Jr., the Democrat appointed to the seat, was still a member of the Senate.

[Once again, they pushed through a piece of crap that nobody wanted and now they can’t push it the last furlong? I’m sure every woman out there has had a boyfriend like that “wink wink”.

Democrats had discounted that possibility, which seemed all but dead Tuesday as Senator Jim Webb, a Virginia Democrat and supporter of the measure, called for the Senate to take no votes on health care legislation until Mr. Brown could assume the seat vacated by the late Edward M. Kennedy.

[That dratted Mr. Webb! I knew he was a CIA plant! lol.]

3. BooHooHooMan - 19 January 2010

Less than 160 Thousand votes cast in Suffolk County.


marisacat - 19 January 2010

TOO FUNNY… Van Hollen, via Ben Smith blames BUSH. http://www.politico.com/blogs/bensmith/ (also a statemtn from Jim Webb as well… it is increasingly clear Ob and Shumer and Rahm wanna placate the Bloooooo Dogs and the Republicans.)

[P]resident George W. Bush and House Republicans drove our economy into a ditch and tried to run away from the accident. President Obama and congressional Democrats have been focused repairing the damage to our economy….

— Van Hollen

Do they HAVE to expose to the public the bright pink (and in some cases yellow), long, open ridge in the middle of their backs whre the spine sould have formed?


Senator Jim Webb puts out a statement that puts the notion of a quick Senate vote out of reach and pretty much makes a certification fight moot:

In many ways the campaign in Massachusetts became a referendum not only on health care reform but also on the openness and integrity of our government process. It is vital that we restore the respect of the American people in our system of government and in our leaders. To that end, I believe it would only be fair and prudent that we suspend further votes on health care legislation until Senator-elect Brown is seated.

And good luck getting Lieberman to vote for cloture this week anyway.

4. ts - 19 January 2010

Mwahahahaha! I’m thinking of calling up Brown’s campaign office pretending to be a 65-year-old man, and pleading with them to kill the health care bill before they send me to a death panel. Because I get my jollies that way.

BooHooHooMan - 19 January 2010

The way things look to have been set up,
you may just get Schumer or Rahm.

Boston’s Turnout Isn’t Awful For a Special Election, But Probably Less Than Coakley Needs

At 3 p.m., I wrote:

The Boston Globe puts turnout in their home city at 55,000 by noon.

I can hear you screaming. Keep in mind overall turnout is expected to be between 1.6 million and 2.2 million.

Also keep in mind that for comparison, Deval Patrick got 112,000 votes in Boston in 2006; the Republican Healey got a bit more than 32,000. Patrick had 1.23 million votes, so the city ended up being only 9 percent of his total. Overall turnout that year was 2.21 million.

Well, now word is that the turnout in Boston by 3 p.m. was “23 percent of the city’s registered voters — 88,112 residents.

In other words, as of midafternoon, turnout in Boston is 56 percent what it was in 2006, the last non-presidential general election. While there could be a late evening surge, and we have to wait for the votes to be counted, this is one more ominous sign for Martha Coakley.

They laid down. as insurance .

So the variant of the collusion game seems to be this-
— they D are going to ram a mandate only thing through, simultaneously claiming to be fighters for their chicken little base while terrorizing them to take something, anything,…
And the R will scream bloody murder while the “Socialist Dems” (GMAFB) yada yada ya….

Not that any of the Good Cop / Bad Cop matters:
– the Corp’s get what they want,
– a huge cost shift for business still providing benefits to employees,
– and a huge handout to Insurers Big Mediine and the DrugCo’s …
– the capital pools to be invested by the FinCo’s …

Quite simply they are going to proceed plundering every last bit of the commoners’ coin.

This is like people huffing glue in the middle of a bad acid trip.
People who happen to be in charge of a global war machine.

And we thought surviving the last decade was a miracle?

marisacat - 19 January 2010

I read Campaign Spot too… he is handy for numbers…

think the second link failed… 😳

BooHooHooMan - 19 January 2010


Another thing…LOL – I was poking around the FEC and wanted to see if they had an expenditure filing …figured I’d see which blogini’s were on the take..

Anyways, what better place to get to her committe filings than to start with an individual search ,
“Coakley, Martha” to get “Friends of or What the Fucky Committee..

My Jaw dropped on the floor. No Coakley Campaign Committee listed either for the Primary or the Gen..She didn’t contribute a nickel of her own money… LOL I just went to get the link to her committee.
But c’mon – You don’t got a nickel – a freakin nickel?!??! LITERALLY – in your own Senate Campaign?!??!?!

..this past year one donation and one only – 500 Bucks to the DNC last Summer.

BooHooHooMan - 19 January 2010

I know the whole Public Service line…that in her rise from DA to AG, the arms length nature of it all, not wanting to be compromised etc etc..
and that it’s expensive to live in Boston, the state salaries vs private sector for atty’s etc….. but jeesus..she had a total of 2500 bucks since 1997.. 1000 of it to Emilys ..since 2004,

$250 in 2004
$500 in 2005
$250 in 2008

So I wonder what the deal is.. between her ,the State Hacks, and the DSCC…

I wonder if its like the old saw that my parents and people of the generation used to tell around anniversaries, weddings etc…
when asked why they got married?
“Oh, we each thought the other was wealthy.”

Whatever was going on between and among the opportunists,
It seems like they all were thinking they’d score off of Emily’s …

marisacat - 19 January 2010

1000 of it to Emilys ..since 2004,

Hahahahah.. Sully declared her run to be emblematic of “Emily’s List” Elitest and disconnected… and a few other tossed adjectives. Mind you, from Andrew Sullivan. LOL

Too funny!

I do remember some hapless soul here bitching at me that the McCain crew were white supremacists. Oh yeah. But, as I said then, the Obs are supremacists.

Hell they all are.

marisacat - 19 January 2010

Here is the Sully quote (he has masses of posts on Coakley, his latest woman to hate and pretend to know everything about, he claims she is a Kennedy insider… LOL.. which she is not, at all):

The campaign does seem very Emily’s List: smug, elitist, arrogant and in the end, stupid and gutless.

Of course that sounds like the POLITICAL CLASS, period.

marisacat - 19 January 2010

Was she a low key bundler? Of some sort?

I don’t know… very little money from her. But I bet that is more common than one might think. I don’t think on either sde there is much a cohesive party. Just a bare apparatus that once in a while works… and sometimes will inordinately benefit someone (I am thinking of Duckworth in 2006, Bill C and the Chicago mob, Rahm et al. just plowed money into her cmapaign)

wu ming - 20 January 2010

here’s one plausible sounding explanation for the disaster that was coakley.

5. easternokie - 19 January 2010

Hell if I know. I’m sorry she lost, but I’m sorry he won.

marisacat - 19 January 2010

hello there!

Well, jsut one more election, basically.

6. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 January 2010

I hope this does kill that fucking misbegotten sell-out of a health insurance industry payoff.

ts - 19 January 2010

Die, bad health care bill, die!

With a dry, cool wit like that I could be an action hero.

7. marisacat - 19 January 2010

Harper’s The Mendacity of Hope. By the editor of Harper’s

Smack ’em around as they are falling.

[P]ublic morality requires public action, and all available public evidence points to a man with the character of a common politician, whose singular ambition in life was to attain power; nothing in Barack Obama’s political career suggests that he would ever willingly commit to a course of action that would cost him an election. His preposterously two-faced approach to Afghanistan, wherein he simultaneously escalates the war while promising to begin “the transition to Afghan responsibility” just a year later, is a perfect illustration of his compulsion to split the difference on any given political question. (One could also point to the health-care boondoggle, or to his utter capitulation to Wall Street in economic matters.) He dilly-dallies, draws out both friends and opponents, dangles promises in front of everyone, gives a dramatic speech, and then pulls back to gauge the reaction. Since the policy itself is incoherent—and, as usual with Obama, salted with stipulations and provisos—he can always trim and readjust as necessary. Deadlines and definitions of “combat forces” are infinitely malleable. Since Obama is an intelligent man, surely he understands the meaning of the word mendacity. …

Does not appear to be behind a sub wall… as I am pretty sure my subscription lapsed in September…

marisacat - 19 January 2010

oops it is behind a sub wall.

I don’t want to publish my acct name and passcode but if you want to read it email me, and I will send that…


(sorry, I am now thinking I subscribed for three years or something… gah)

CSTAR - 19 January 2010

nothing in Barack Obama’s political career suggests that he would ever willingly commit to a course of action that would cost him an election.

I would qualify that: It’s not so much winning elections as it is being marketable as a viable political player capable of attracting big money, in return for eventual political favors. However, when the ratings start to drop, he’ll be dumped.

Somehow this sounds like Conan, Leno and NBC.

I can barely stand to follow this political crap anymore.

marisacat - 19 January 2010

I think it is possible he and the missus may not want a second term. She is pretty glassy eyed in her Haiti beg… and he has barely bothered to wake up in a couple of months. Bck to before Hasan in Ft Hood, frankly.

CSTAR - 19 January 2010

I also think Josh Marshall needs to get a real job. He might be a perfectly decent guy, but how much longer is he going to make a living bringing in ads?

marisacat - 19 January 2010

oh he is barely functioning. The place is drivel.

HOWEVER last I looked and i have no idea how many ads are running and what it all ads up to, but he charged more than Kos… it was slightly over 10K for the best spots. Must have been 3 years ago or so that I looked up his rates on BlogAds…

CSTAR - 19 January 2010

To put it in business terms the “value added” of that blog is pretty close to 0. This has become painfully obvious in the last two days. The blog (generically and that one particular) as a long term business venture isn’t sustainable.

marisacat - 19 January 2010

Plus its become a mom and pop shop, his wife it the atty for the site and I gather goes into the office in NYC. They DO hire however and take on interns… he is a tired slouch of a mouthpiece for the Dems, but I wouldn’t rule out payola. From PACS, for one. Those things are slush funds.

Oh yah the place is utterly devoid of analysis or even vague thoughts.

There was a good reporter, blogger whatever, at TPMDC, Elana Shor. Very detailed, covered congress and followed-up on things. But she left after just a few months, over a year ago..

About it.

ts - 19 January 2010

I think that before leaving, Laura told her all the hidey holes in the WH where she had stashed her meds.

marisacat - 19 January 2010

Yeah it was pretty clear that Laura was a tad glassy eye’d in the 2004 re-elect. And I clearly saw it on Pelosi’s face in 2006… in the long House primaries and GE

marisacat - 19 January 2010

yeah the “poltiical crap” is really bad lately. A choice between brick walls and quicksand.

8. marisacat - 19 January 2010

hmm Milbank has a knife out for Gibbs.

9. catnip - 19 January 2010

Too bad I’m not a betting woman since I called the spread right on the mark. Next time…next time…

10. catnip - 19 January 2010

Someone needs to hire Dana Houle (6+ / 0-)

to take out Brown in ’12. No one has a better record of taking out Northeastern Republicans than former frontpager DHinMI (Dana Houle). Joe Kennedy, Ed markey, I’m looking at you.

Real progressives help Obama with helpful character attacks!

by pontificator on Tue Jan 19, 2010 at 08:23:31 PM MST


marisacat - 19 January 2010

pontificator always was stupid. to be blunt.

BooHooHooMan - 19 January 2010

and he’s not even a real Pontiff.

BooHooHooMan - 19 January 2010

(just workin the Opus Dei beat tonight) 😆

ts - 20 January 2010

If he were the Spanish Inquisition, people would expect him.

CSTAR - 20 January 2010

Sorry but, as a Jesuit-trained official apologetics expert, that’s my turf.

By the way “pontificator” means, literally, bridge builder. Lots of bridges to nowhere in particular. Except that the one being built from the Vatican I’m sure leads to some kind of hell.

11. catnip - 19 January 2010

I AM psychic!

If you ask me, FDL is also to blame (1+ / 0-)

One thing republicans have over us all day is unity.

FDL called Obama everything but a son of God for the last few months. [ummm…wtf??] They were out to conquer and divide….and I’ll add the Kos in there too.

Coakley, Deeds, and Corzine hands down were the worst candidates I’ve ever seen.

But we better take a long hard look at our own party. Not just our pols, but us.

Grab a Mop!

by HRCDemographic4Obama on Tue Jan 19, 2010 at 08:47:05 PM MST

12. marisacat - 19 January 2010

oh at least it made me laugh. Talk about lie down and die. Lie down fall down Democrats. Face down in the dirt. Etc.

Operation Elect Sarah Proceeding According to Plan

My sources in the Obama administration tell me their secret plan to make Sarah Palin president in 2012 has taken a huge step forward with the election of [Some First Name] Brown to the senate from Massachusetts. As I mentioned six months ago, Operation Elect Sarah has three key elements:

1. Fail to pass meaningful healthcare reform.

2. Fail to pass a second stimulus bill and thus doom the economy.

3. Collect giant wads of campaign contributions from Goldman Sachs.

Getting Sarah into the White House seemed like an impossible dream back in November, 2008. But these people are professionals.

There’s nothing they can’t do.

—Jonathan Schwarz

Posted at 10:02 PM | Comments (2)

From Tiny Revolution/Schwarz http://www.tinyrevolution.com/mt/

marisacat - 20 January 2010

hahahahah… The statement from Barney Frank on the Brown win…. Oh those sneaky Dems. They were just dying to … LOSE.

wu ming - 20 January 2010

huge sigh of relief in DC tonight.

marisacat - 20 January 2010

It is so evident!

13. marisacat - 20 January 2010

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:

Haiti Capital Hit by Quake Aftershock Measuring 6.0 [06:19 a.m. ET]

For more on this and other breaking news go to ABCNews.com: http://abcnews.go.com?nwltr=bn

14. marisacat - 20 January 2010

Hedges has a post up on Martin — and Malcolm.

[T]he movement from being Negro and colored to being black, that’s Malcolm. Black studies in the universities and black caucuses, that’s Malcolm. King never would have done black studies. He taught a course at Morehouse on social and political philosophers and did not include a black person. He didn’t have W. E. B. Du Bois or Frederick Douglass. None of them. He had all the white figures like Plato and Aristotle. Malcolm helped black people to love themselves.”

King and Malcolm would have excoriated a nation that spends $3 trillion waging imperial wars in the Middle East and trillions more to fill the accounts of Wall Street banks while abandoning its poor. They would have denounced the liberals who mouth platitudes about justice for the poor while supporting a party that slavishly serves the interests of the moneyed elite. These American prophets spoke on behalf of people who had nothing left with which to compromise. And for this reason they did not compromise.

“You can’t drive a knife into a man’s back nine inches, pull it out six inches, and call it progress,” Malcolm said.

“I’ve decided what I’m going to do,” King preached at one of his last sermons at Ebenezer Baptist Church. “I ain’t going to kill nobody in Mississippi … [and] in Vietnam. I ain’t going to study war no more. And you know what? I don’t care who doesn’t like what I say about it. I don’t care who criticizes me in an editorial. I don’t care what white person or Negro criticizes me. I’m going to stick with the best. On some positions, cowardice asks the question, ‘Is it safe?’ Expediency asks the question, ‘Is it politic?’ Vanity asks the question, ‘Is it popular?’ But conscience asks the question, ‘Is it right?’ And there comes a time when a true follower of Jesus Christ must take a stand that’s neither safe nor politic nor popular but he must take that stand because it is right. Every now and then we sing about it, ‘If you are right, God will fight your battle.’ I’m going to stick by the best during these evil times.”

15. catnip - 20 January 2010

Where did this Dylan Ratigan guy on MSNBC come from? Never heard of him before this week.

ts - 20 January 2010

He was the host of fast money on cnbc for a few years, but wasn’t sufficiently craven to the moneychangers so he “left to pursue other interests” (don’t pay attention to the shoe print on his trousers). Michelle Lee replaced him and I can’t watch her because her mouth is lopsided and it’s really irritating to watch. Of course, that show was always a bit irritating since it was 50% owned and staffed by OptionMonster, but hell, it was still better than Cramer.

ts - 20 January 2010

Specifically, he called the AIG bailout “insurance fraud perpetrated by Goldman Sachs and foreign banks” with the help of Tim Geithner and Ben Bernanke. I’m surprised a bunch of CNBC goons didn’t tackle him on the air and throw him physically out of the building for that. But then, it was his last day.

marisacat - 20 January 2010

Speaking of revivals… quite by accident I discovered that Ashleigh Banfield has turned up on GMA. I almost did not recognise her… tho in a sense she looks the same.

catnip - 20 January 2010

Oh. Thanks for that!

16. marisacat - 20 January 2010

hmmm The Sunday shows should be a dreary round of bloodletting…

“In the campaign, he [Obama] said he would change politics as usual. He did change them. It’s now worse than it was. I’ve now seen the kind of buying off of politicians that I’ve never seen before. It’s politically corrupt and it’s starting at the top. It’s revolting.” -Mort Zuckerman, 1/19/10

Like it never started at the top before? Mort honey… get over it.

17. marisacat - 20 January 2010



………….. 😯

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