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Sliding about on the ice… 30 January 2010

Posted by marisacat in 2010 Mid Terms, DC Politics, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, U.S. House, U.S. Senate.

People are silhouetted as they walk on the frozen inner city lake Alster during sunset in the northern German city of Hamburg [REUTERS]

hmm well who knows… but in a Politico article on some kissing up to Wall St going on in NY races – Ford, Paterson, Maloney and Saujani – there is mention of this:

[A] Quinnipiac University poll last year found that 79% of all New York voters backed a “millionaire’s tax,” in the form of a higher state income tax rate for people earning more than $1 million a year.

Among Democrats, support for the measure ran 91% to 7%.

The state’s labor-backed Working Families Party has been testing support for a “banker’s bonus tax” in its door-to-door canvassing in recent days, the party’s executive director, Dan Cantor, said, a prelude to a campaign on the issue.

“It’s about the best issue work we’ve ever done,” he said of the response to canvassers. “People are angry. [Wall Street] nearly wrecked the economy and people don’t think they should be rewarded for their trouble.”   ….

I am happy if they all – both sides in a perfect fiction – run scared… 😉



1. marisacat - 30 January 2010

Most amusing is the photo that some bright spark at Wapo used. Baucus and Mullen, as tho looking way way out to sea. To Never Never Land.

WASHINGTON — The Defense Department starts the clock next week on what is expected to be a several-year process in lifting its ban on gays from serving openly in the military.

ts - 30 January 2010

I want to see the timeline on that process.

marisacat - 30 January 2010

long… then indefinite…………. then, nobody can see it on the horizon

ts - 30 January 2010

Today: Get up and start thinking about it…
(four years pass)
Okay you can stay.

2. ts - 30 January 2010

Something I noticed today.

Apparently Obama’s National Security Advisor is named…Jim Jones.

3. marisacat - 30 January 2010

yeesh… AND Blair talked up war iwth Iran in his hearings in London…

Full text:

January 30, 2010


Panetta traveled to Israel

Israeli sources say CIA director Leon Panetta traveled to Israel this past week. He met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ehud Barak, and Mossad chief Meir Dagan, one former Israeli official said. The main subject of conversation was Iran, as well as “relations” in general, the former official said.

A CIA spokesman said that they don’t as a rule discuss the CIA director’s travel. Regional news reports said that Panetta also traveled to Cairo for meetings with Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman and other officials.

Earlier this month, Obama National Security Advisor Jim Jones traveled to Israel, the Palestinian territories, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, accompanied by the NSC’s Dennis Ross.

Panetta previously was reported to travel to Israel last May.

Posted by Laura Rozen 04:22 PM

4. lucid - 30 January 2010


Please stop me from commenting… in fact the only one I was going to make was ‘you still believe in virii? Really?’

marisacat - 30 January 2010

Please stop me from commenting

well they could always ban you……………………..

Overall… being banned was kinda serene.

brinn - 31 January 2010

yeah, it was sublime, even! 😉

marisacat - 31 January 2010

And they will do it all again, next Sunday.


brinn - 31 January 2010

lucid!! got any poetry today? It’s cold and steel grey outside, and I’ve been listening to this:

over and over….


5. marisacat - 30 January 2010

From a post at C-Punch… urging people to walk away from the Democratic party…………..

On the domestic front, it was the Democrats under Bill Clinton that dismantled the system of public assistance for women with children and it is under Barack Obama that a new commission designed to bypass the Congress on the question of possibly dismantling Social Security was recently set up. …

lucid - 30 January 2010

And that should surprise…

marisacat - 31 January 2010

welll… no………… it shouldn’t.

6. lucid - 30 January 2010

Poor Juju… Came so close in her first Grand Slam final back, after only playing one tourney prior… fell to Serena in a great match.

I’m so glad Juju is back.

7. diane - 31 January 2010

Mr Rusk….you’re not wearing your tie………..


8. diane - 31 January 2010




9. BooHooHooMan - 31 January 2010

Just priceless in it’s New CIA Organ-agey outlook…
Who are these journo tools anyways…? .

A Look at America’s New Hope: The Afghan Tribes
Published: January 29, 2010

Well, Rohde is the AfPak CIA mouthpiece who was the staged kidnap and quick release guy last year…Anywhoo. LOL. The guy starts right in with the “commies”..How 1980’s is THAT? Or ’50’s? Do they write this shit out of clip files? Why yes, yes they do.

For three decades now, Communism, civil war and Islamic fundamentalism have laid siege to Afghanistan’s tribes. In many ways, Afghanistan’s tribal structure is arguably the weakest it has been in the country’s history.

Living Story: Complete Coverage of the War in Afghanistan »

Complete Coverage…welll! NAAAT REALLY. Like maybe how leaving off US occupying their land is werkinoutdair…

Nonetheless, American civilian and military leaders are turning to some of these tribes as potentially their best hope for success against the resurgent Taliban after being frustrated by the weak central leadership of President Hamid Karzai.

Isn’t it obvious? They need US in the middle of things?
Doesn’t EVERYBODY?!! 😯 🙄 Afterall,
they’re new seein’ our kinda 17 levels of 19th C. cheshirey.

Tribes have existed for millennia in the area that is present-day Afghanistan. They emerged over centuries in various sections of the country, taking form along extended kinship lines. Led by councils of elders, tribes provided their members with protection, financial support, a means to resolve disputes, and punishment of those who had committed crimes or broken tribal codes of conduct.

{ What NEWS! – BHHM}

For Pashtuns, the country’s largest ethnic group and the Taliban’s primary source of support, tribes are particularly important. Successfully turning Pashtun tribes against the Taliban — or perhaps families or sub-tribes if they deal with the government on their own — could deliver a serious blow to the insurgency and potentially create a means of stabilizing the long-suffering country.

Some Afghans, though, warn that the tribal system is not a panacea and fear that the United States is adopting a quick-fix approach that will not create long-term stability.

Panacea? GMAFB. What dullard of a Prep School’s son working the Langley propaganda beat comes up with this shit?

Panacea? For What ails Who?
And here, NO SHIT Sherlock, Surely Air Assault and Ground Troops can Dr. Phil ’em in on the new cool:

They see the tribes as inherently anachronistic, sexist and corrupt — a system that further undermines the already extraordinarily difficult task of creating multiethnic, merit-based national institutions. They warn that the country would be thrown into the hands of myriad tribal militias that the central government could never control.

Last week, the importance of the tribes to American strategy became clear when the leaders of the Shinwari tribe in eastern Afghanistan agreed to work with the government and forbid cooperation with the Taliban. The pact was announced as a major first step for the American effort to win over the tribes.

It was not the first time outsiders have turned to Afghanistan’s tribes as allies and surrogates. The British, who fought Russia for control of the region in the 19th century, brought with them a practice of enlisting local leaders. After the British departed, Afghan kings in Kabul relied on the tribal structure to maintain stability and order in remote areas.

And what patent journo jerk off to Bill Buckley article would be complete without a little Commie ball busting before the spontaneous 😯 cavalry cock and dong inspiration to twist the Russky Afghan eh…experience?… AROUND , like we’re not ourselves settling down to a nice smoked hoagie – All OURs – if ya know what I mean..

But then came Communism in the mid-1970s, which viewed tribes as archaic obstacles to social progress and, most important, as a potential threat to party leaders’ hold on power.

No, WE’RE there strictly on Platonic terms don’t yoo know… 🙄

So the tortuous homoerotic metaphor stands: It seems our elites who have spent waaay too much time closeted in barracks of one Service Academy sort or other just can’t seem to get over their obsession for Oil, Pipelines, and the opportunity to assuredly bump up against hairy men on horseback.

The PTB loon’s fantasy article in the NYT…
.. actually labels the prospect as… “Hope”.

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 31 January 2010

ugh, Babwa WaWa hosting This Week.

Cannot STAND her.

marisacat - 31 January 2010

I put on the first 60 seconds… but had to turn her off…

Of course the alternative here, at the moment, is a heavily made up Axelrod………… denying that any decision has been made on WHERE to try KSM

Madman in the Marketplace - 31 January 2010

the panel is incredibly shallow … Ariana picking fights with Roger Ailes, George Will being George Will, and Krugman mumbling and …

… not sure why I do this every Sunday.

marisacat - 31 January 2010

well it is the classic car accident, on several screens at once.

Still in the opening 15 mns of MTP………………. still wtih Axelrod and Max Factor sponge applied make-up.

ts - 31 January 2010

I don’t watch those shows because it just validates their existence…and tries to prematurely end mine.

ts - 31 January 2010

…not sure why I do this every Sunday

It is an endless source of material? Seriously, if we could harness the emissions from these shows, we wouldn’t need fossil fuels.

11. catnip - 31 January 2010

Interviewed on CNN’s “State of the Union,” show, Gibbs said: “Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is going to meet justice and he’s going to meet his maker.

Man I get tired of the macho religious tough talk.

Madman in the Marketplace - 31 January 2010

what, he’s going to have coffee with his old CIA handlers from the war with the Soviets?

marisacat - 31 January 2010

Ah Gibbs… the terrorist whisperer.

He’ll tame em.

catnip - 31 January 2010

the terrorist whisperer.


marisacat - 31 January 2010

hmm the terrorist stammerer?

That might be Axelrod, remmebering his many “uh, uh, eh, uh”s this am.

brinn - 31 January 2010

Marisa, Madman & catnip — have I told you lately how much I simply adore you!?!

still giggling!

marisacat - 31 January 2010

still giggling!

yeah… 😉 what else to do, by now?

brinn - 31 January 2010

so true, so true….but ya’ll help ever so much! 😉

Madman in the Marketplace - 31 January 2010

Hey brinn!

CSTAR - 31 January 2010
12. Madman in the Marketplace - 31 January 2010

… Increased co-payments for doctor visits boost health-care costs for seniors …

Obama is constantly talking about “controlling health care costs.” Note that he doesn’t use the word “profit” (which really should be controlled), but “costs.” What does that really mean? What it means is somehow discouraging people from getting medical care, that’s what it means.

marisacat - 31 January 2010

Well one small thing Krugman said (vis a vis resuscitating a TERRIBLE bill, admittedly) was that for 10 days following the MA election Obama “wandered off” and showed no leadership.

I’d add it is true since ELECTION.

As for co pays, well cutting it (the Medicare reimbursements to docs) led to a couple of Ob’s vaunted clinic examples ceasing to take new Medicare patients. The trend in providing care is DOWNWARD, on all fronts.

ts - 31 January 2010

Profit should not be controlled. It should be eliminated. There is no place for a profit motive in health care.

13. Madman in the Marketplace - 31 January 2010


The invasion of Iraq was unquestionably one of the greatest crimes of the last several decades. Imagine what future historians will say about it — a nakedly aggressive war launched under the falsest of pretenses, in brazen violation of every relevant precept of law, which destroyed an entire country, killed huge numbers of innocent people, and devastated the entire population. Have we even remotely treated it as what it is? We’re willing to concede it was a “mistake” — a good-natured and completely understandable lapse of judgment — but only the shrill and unhinged among us call it a crime. As always, it’s worth recalling that Robert Jackson, the lead prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials, insisted in his Closing Argument against the Nazi war criminals that “the central crime in this pattern of crimes” was not genocide or mass deportation or concentration camps; rather, “the kingpin which holds them all together, is the plot for aggressive wars.” History teaches that aggressive war is the greatest and most dangerous of all crimes — as it enables even worse acts of inhumanity — and illegal, aggressive war is precisely what we did in Iraq, to great devastation.

I’m periodically criticized for an “angry” tone in my writing, which I always find mystifying. I genuinely don’t understand why anger should be avoided or even how it could be. What other reaction is possible when one looks around and sees the government leaders who committed these grave crimes completely unburdened by any accountability and treated as respectable dignitaries, or watches the Tom Friedmans, Jeffrey Goldbergs, Fred Hiatts and other unrepentent leading media propagandists who helped enable it still feted as Serious and honest experts, or beholds the current Cabinet and Senate filled with people who supported it, or observes the Michael O’Hanlons and Les Gelbs and other Foreign Policy Community luminaries who lent trans-partisan credence to it all continue to traipse around still pompously advocating for more wars that never touch their lives?

A few months ago, I did an MSNBC segment with Dan Senor, who is currently a Fox News contributor, author of a new book hailing the greatness of Israeli innovations, a recent addition to the Council on Foreign Relations, and husband of CNN anchor Campbell Brown. But back in 2003 and 2004, he was Chief Spokesman for the “Coalition Provisional Authority” in Iraq — the U.S. occupying force in that country. Sitting in the green room with him before the segment, I was really disgusted by the paradox that one is supposed to treat him as just some random political adversary deserving of standard civility, respect and respectability — in other words, a Decent Person is supposed to forget that he was an official who enabled and lied about some of the most monstrous acts of the last many years and is wholly unrepentent. And, of course, he was going on MSNBC that day to opine about our current foreign policy options: direct involvement in this horrific crime is no disqualifying factor; it’s not even a black mark against someone’s credibility and reputation.

marisacat - 31 January 2010

And, of course, he was going on MSNBC that day to opine about our current foreign policy options: direct involvement in this horrific crime is no disqualifying factor; it’s not even a black mark against someone’s credibility and reputation.

Media gets a vote… and they vote for War.

it means easy stories to write, claims and attributions of heroism under fire… loads of macho fun… and The Really Big Prizes for books and reporting…

In the early years of Iraq War I heard a woman reporter, one of the ones of many years standing, from NPR call it the “Super bowl”……………….

mattes - 31 January 2010

Getting ready for the next war. I wonder if this was Bayh’s Bill.

US Senate Passes Comprehensive Sanction Act On Iran


mattes - 31 January 2010

Another win for AIPAC:

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which led lobbying for the bills, urged swift passage and signing.

“Iran’s possession of nuclear weapons capability would be a devastating blow to America’s national security interests,” AIPAC spokesman Josh Block said. “The U.S. and our allies must impose biting diplomatic and economic pressure to try and peaceably prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and avoid confronting more distressing alternatives.”


ts - 31 January 2010

Well, just DON’T DO IT THEN GLEN(N)!!1!

Pretty soon, he’s gonna flip out and the next time we hear from him he’ll be on a commune just outside Larkspur.

14. marisacat - 31 January 2010


Catching Colbert King, quintessential nothing, bleat about how “powerless” Obama is… that having 60 in the senate does not mean he has power. It is just so hard out there for a pretzel.


Real shame to see the mincing courtier game make the Right Wing look RIGHT on so called “identity” factions and politics.

So much is O V E R.

15. BooHooHooMan - 31 January 2010

Perusing the headlines..Something for Everyone…

Dubai not ruling out Mossad hand in murder of Hamas official

Dubai Police said Sunday that at least seven individuals were involved in the murder of a Hamas official in a local hotel last week, and would not rule out the possibility that the Israeli spy agency Mossad had a hand in the attack.

“It could be Mossad, or another party,” police chief Dhahi Khalfan told AFP. “Personally, I don’t exclude any possibility. I don’t exclude any party that has an interest in the assassination.”

Khalfan told news agencies on Sunday that the seven primary suspects carried various European passports, but he would not elaborate.
The hit squad that assassinated top Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in his Dubai hotel room injected him with a drug that induced a heart attack, London newspaper The Times reported on Sunday.

A team of assassins broke into al-Mabhouh’s room and killed him silently before photographing all the documents in his briefcase and left a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door, said the paper quoting unnamed sources in the Middle East.

:: And this…

Turkey PM: Israel should mull future without us as ally

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday warned Israel should to “take another look at its relations with its neighbors” if it wants to maintain ties with Turkey in the future.

“Israel should give some thought to what it would be like to lose a friend like Turkey in the future,” Erodegan told Euronews, regarding his thoughts on the recent tensions between the two Mediterranean countries.

“The way they recently treated our ambassador has no place in international politics,” said Erdogan, referring to a recent diplomatic incident in which Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon summoned the envoy and treated him with deliberate disrespect.

“We have done our best for Israel-Syria relations,” added Erdogan. “But now we see Benjamin Netanyahu saying: ‘I do not trust Erdogan, but I trust Sarkozy’. Do you have to give a name? This is diplomatic inexperience, too.”

Diplomatic relations between Israel and Turkey deteriorated over a sequence of incidents since the 2008 Gaza offensive, which Erdogan and his cabinet in Ankara adamantly criticized.

“We have important ongoing agreements between us. How can these agreements be kept going in this climate of mistrust?” Erdogan told Euronews.

Regarding Turkey’s criticism over Israel’s Cast Lead Operation, Erdogan said: “When innocent civilians are ruthlessly killed, struck by phosphorus bombs, infrastructure is demolished in bombing and people are forced to live in an open-air prison?

“We can not see this as compatible with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, simply human rights, and we can not close our eyes to all this happening,” he said.

Meanwhile…..Reuters reports the US speeds up arms sales to Arab Gulf states to reduce fears over Iran‎

WaPo’s lede on it..very hush hush don’t you know.. 🙄

U.S. steps up arms sales to Persian Gulf allies
By Joby Warrick
Sunday, January 31, 2010

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES — The Obama administration is quietly working with Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf allies to speed up arms sales and rapidly upgrade defenses for oil terminals and other key infrastructure in a bid to thwart future military attacks by Iran, according to former and current U.S. and Middle Eastern government officials.

Ah, yes. Something for everyone..
Me? Shiiyat. I’m with Rip Torn.

Actor Rip Torn charged with breaking into US bank

The American actor Elmore “Rip” Torn has been charged with allegedly breaking into a Connecticut bank and carrying a loaded handgun while intoxicated.

Torn, 78, was arrested on Friday night after police found him inside the Litchfield Bancorp with a loaded revolver.

The Men in Black actor was taken into custody and booked on charges including burglary and possession of a firearm without a permit. He is being held on a $100,000 (£63,000) bond and is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow.

According to a police report published on the celebrity website tmz.com, Torn used “forced entry” to get inside the bank and was “highly intoxicated” when he was found by police.

Go Rip!
LOL. If I was the local magistrate, I’d be like, Ah what the fuck –
let’s just forget about it, okay? Give ’em back his shoes and let’s have McClarskey here drop him off at his place, Ayiite?

marisacat - 31 January 2010

hmm seems Rip may finally have unhinged………………….

ts - 31 January 2010

Didn’t Dennis Hopper pull a weapon on him?

16. catnip - 31 January 2010

*waves at brinn*

(send heat! or…should I say “warm weather”?)

17. catnip - 31 January 2010

They’re fighting about Rahm today at dkos. Poor Rahm. So misunderstood. And impotent. And teh HOT and SEXY – apparently. (Wait! That’s ‘anti-Semitic’ or something!)

ts - 31 January 2010

It’s only anti-Semitic if you play the IDF interrogator and he plays the Hamas operative who just so badly needs to be spanked for information…

18. marisacat - 31 January 2010

Yes yes… it is all about continuity. Good short thread too…

From the third comment:

[M]ost people just would not believe that our leaders intended to do something evil. Wrong, maybe. Stupid, maybe. Foolish, maybe. Evil, no. ….yes indeed, almost everyone could in fact be totally bamboozled and neither the media nor the Democrats nor anything else would brake the trance. It almost felt to me like mass hypnosis that I for some reason wasn’t part of.

Dick Cheney knew exactly what he was saying when he said we were going to employ “the Salvadorean option” in Iraq in 2004. But the remark made no sense to most people in the US, who are addicted to the worst kind of patriotism. …

“worst kind of patriotism”, yes indeedy!

Of course the Democrats supported the war, engineering “No” votes for those who needed that for their districts… and still have plenty to support the war. Which IMO they ALL did. No matter their vote.

Just like they ALL supported the hideous bank bail out…

Yeah like I so believe Boxer (or Pelosi) opposed the war. Like you know really. [sound of gum being chwed]

19. marisacat - 31 January 2010

neue post………


……………….. 😯

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