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Submarine 2 February 2010

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements.

This massive manta ray – measuring 16 feet across – was found gliding through the warm Pacific ocean currents off the coast of Mexico. More than 200 miles south of the mainland near San Benedicto island the giant creature was sighted feeding on plankton. Picture: Franco Banfi/Caters




1. brinn - 2 February 2010

I am so sick of HOPINESS (the sad sick brother to truthiness)….has everyone lost their fucking minds, hearts AND souls?

I have rabbits more dererving that these assholes!

MCat — love the pic! Rays are incredible — may they and the dolphins figure out how to put homo sapeinsnotsomuch in their place and right quick!


marisacat - 2 February 2010

have yu seen the nature film of manta rays that is running around TV? I have caught it in bits and pieces, so I know it is popping up… someone managed to find a sort of haven where they gather to mate. It is STUNNING.


gah for the rest… of course IOZ is right on this…

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


I mean, rather than campaigning for the right to serve in the military, I am going to organize a gang of faggots to extend the right to be ineligible for military service to all of humanity.

Posted by IOZ

brinn - 3 February 2010

I haven’t — but will keep an eye out! 😉

marisacat - 3 February 2010

I think you will love t, it is very beautiful. The cameras follow the mantas as they gather and travel to the underwater cove…

ts - 2 February 2010

That was one way to get DC’d during the Vietnam War – make a pass at your commanding officer.

marisacat - 2 February 2010

Sad to see gays, or should I say gehys (like wimmens), online believing Mullen. Of all people. hell I’d believe Gates before i believed Mullen.

marisacat - 2 February 2010

Speaking of which I just popped “Outrage” into the DVD player… on gay closeted pols. More engrossing than I had thought it would be, frankly.

marisacat - 2 February 2010

Nearing the end,… it was good but the focus is narrow.. and hearing McGreevey talk about goinginto a rest room the day he “confesssed” and praying to his grandmother………… well I’d rather hear about Cipel and whether he was a Mossad honey pot.

To b frank.

2. catnip - 2 February 2010

Midday open thread
by kos
Tue Feb 02, 2010 at 01:00:04 PM MST

* Tomorrow, at 1 p.m. PT, I will be doing a “ask me about Daily Kos” liveblog here on the front page of the site. If you have questions about the site, that’ll be your chance to ask them.


I can think of a few…

3. marisacat - 2 February 2010

Well who knows… via Ben SMith, Politico… and apparently Drudge kept the story, finding a Canadian print media version:

No back door

Reuters unceremoniously pulls a Drudge-topping story that said the expiration of the Bush tax cuts meant that the portions of those tax cuts effecting people earning under $250,000 would also expire:

The Feb 1 story headlined “Backdoor taxes to hit middle class” is wrong and has been withdrawn. The story said lower-income families will pay more under tax provisions scheduled to expire Dec 31. The Obama administration’s budget calls for the extension of those tax provisions for households earning less than $250,000. There will be no substitute story.


brinn - 3 February 2010

What I want to know is when the hell someone earning less that a quarter of a million dollars a year, oh, shall we say, 200,000? became LOWER-INCOME?!?!?

Really, it tend to make a fucking mockery of those of us subsisting on 10 times less than that, don’t you think?

marisacat - 3 February 2010

I agree.. one of the reasons pols rarely want to peg economic class to a dollar number. It never never works.

4. BooHooHooMan - 2 February 2010

Murtha reported as seriously ill…
from the Politico report, they either perforated his bowel last week– so not good – during a laproscopic lap chole – gall bladder — a real butchers mistake ( ironic no? ) – and he has peritonitis- serious with high fatality….

Or, it’s bullshit cover …as the cases against his entourage close in…
sounds legit on the former tho..If so, he’s not long for this world.

marisacat - 2 February 2010

yeah I believe he is in ICU… I wonder if his surgeon is lousy. Ws lousy… etc.

BooHooHooMan - 2 February 2010

Never a problem. They get paid either way.
Other than Murthaesque Mil scammers and the Banks running the Fed, it’s one of the top scams going. Pennies on the dollar for the malpractice.

I’m wondering {licking chops} …if in a turf fight over war spoils the old coot was jabber jawing around that
he’d spill the beans on everybody. ..
Some complimentary e. coli in the Porterhouse, a trip to the E.R.,
a slip of the wrist..


Either that or they went in to get the gallstones, and the adjacent bowel just split right open…. hemorrhaging, literally, dirty money that had accumulated throughout his system going back to Viet Nam.
Ah well, so much for the old saw about seasoned operators who really know how to work “within the bowels of Congress”.

Fanciful, perhaps. But if forced to at razor’s edge, I’d bet MY LIFE that Murtha got some of that missing 12 Billion in CASH that apparently vaporized into thin air in Iraq. And that his name and those of his heirs have Swiss Bank accounts going back to Murtha’s arrival his making the scene.

A real cagey, dirty character going way back, even before Abscam.
Made a mint off Viet Nam. And every other wealth transfer he sold to the gullibles . Fuck, the Old Big Money capitalists lock stock and barrell Killed the economy out his way…and never spared a hair on his head. He’s in for a painful messy death if he’s developed sepsis.

His District could flip too.
Waaay Easier than Teddy’s “Peerage”. 😆
LOL. { Still enjoying some chuckles, there. } Sorry. LOL.
Murtha’s District is Dumbass ConrvaDem as is. Made for a great long scam. But as all concentrated gall forms stones eventually , and all festering shit must shut down the bowels inevitably, People are so fucking BROKE and have more of a clue into Murtha’s cut compared to their paltry constituent services that they will hardly miss him.

Plus Reapportionment in PA following the Census.
In a GOP ascendent state following …RENDELL? Shit.
Dem Turds hanging on to the asshole’s flotsam outside of Pittsbugh that newbie Jason Altmire is one – if he survives re-election – Doyle tho better positioned in Pgh, hell, will be happy to cast gerrymandered lots to carve up his seat.
And the Old Old GOP Money out in the Laurel Highlands there? Richard Mellon Scaiffe, the Hillman’s, etc….they have no incentive now with their man John gone, other than to snatch the seat outright from the rubes in the Johnstown Valley below…

BooHooHooMan - 2 February 2010

😯 I erred! Not a first! LOL ..
re Murtha and the GOP..
they never touched a hair on his head.
or, always spared a hair on his head.

NTIM! 😉 All the Same!

marisacat - 2 February 2010

It seemed from what I read in 2006 that Murtha recruited Altmire… who iirc (and you would know…) was a VP/Liason to government for Univ of PA hospitals.

I neve expected much fo Altimire for that reason. One more lobbyist sent to sit in the seats. Maybe he can chat to Michelle with their similar backgrounds.

BooHooHooMan - 2 February 2010

Yes Altmire, UPMC ( Pittsburgh) VP of Governmental Affairs.
Murtha bagged the BioTerror Center grant for them then plugged their errand boy Altmire in when the winds blew against the youngish GOP’r Melissa Hart in 2006. Easy come easy go for the horsetraders.

For the 2006 Primary, they put the hit out on Altmire’s challenger early…a widow that was running a successful mid sized manufacturing firm that was PRO UNION..
She was long time reliable Emily’s too.
Murtha had everybody line up against her early the Primary.
Now a portion of Pittsburgh and outlying areas are underrepresented by Altmire, a gaping, open HOLE.

Interesting tho:, Mary Beth Buchanan, the US Attorney in Pgh who refused to resign when BO came in…had all sorts of money laundering cases. Well they got a Federal Judge in the Wecht trial, a major case interwoven with all sorts of highranking Dem Pols in PA — Wecht, a longtime Dem Bundler former Sen and Gov candidate, ran the Coroners Office in Pgh, bought his son his spot as judge – Anyways they Plum fuck fixed the case..on a motion to suppress evidence. She had warrants. ‘Nother Judge said the original warrants were too broad, tho. Privacy concerns don’t ya know.

She had a whole hornets nest of conspiracy from Pittsburgh to Jersey .From the Pols to the Bench to the Morgue .. They threw out all the evidence from her search warrant of his office.

Anyways from the looks of things on the surface, she is Pissed. Her case scuttled , she just recently resigned…But there is also the distinct possibility of a deal. She hasn’t lost anytime, out of office what a month? And Buchanan is now running against Altmire in a brittle swing district, is the favored GOP nominee, to boot.

Altmire not a lawyer, neither with money or a base of his own ,
is a blow wave sap, frankly. A staffer with a Masters in Health Administration. The embodiment of a pawn in Congress. I think he is headed for the lightweight bin this go ’round. And I think it has something to do with how the case(s) in Western PA played out…

Sorry to be blunt, but I doubt that the out of town New Yorker Jeffrey Romoff who moved in on UPMC and Wecht with his Jewish cabal in Squirell Hill will be of much help to Altmire this time around. I think there was a deal.

Judge Throws Out Evidence Against Wecht
Evidence collected by FBI agents that is key to the 14 remaining fraud and theft charges against former Allegheny County Coroner Dr. Cycril Wecht, is being thrown out by U.S. District Judge Sean McLaughlin. He says the search warrants they used were unconstitutional and is excluding more than 20 boxes of evidence taken in 2005 from Wecht’s office, as well as evidence from a laptop used by one of his secretaries….

Buchanan’s hubby is a partner in – and legacy heir – of the 150 yr old Buchanan Ingersoll law firm..Where Santorum made coffee. We are so blessed. These people have been putting the fix in , obviating the need for us marshmellow peeps to worry our little heads about things… for generations now… 🙄

marisacat - 2 February 2010

Sorry… 😳 ….this lanquished in Mod… even tho I refreshed the comments page (and the actual post page as well) several times after 8:18 it never showed up. Nto sure if that is WP or my new (sigh) set-up……………..


Altmire not a lawyer, neither with money or a base of his own ,
is a blow wave sap, frankly. A staffer with a Masters in Health Administration. The embodiment of a pawn in Congress. I think he is headed for the lightweight bin this go ’round.

yeah he looked like that…

May they all bite each other to death..

5. marisacat - 2 February 2010


A high-ranking officer has acknowledged for the first time that the Israeli army went beyond its previous rules of engagement on the protection of civilian lives in order to minimise military casualties during last year’s Gaza war, The Independent can reveal.

The officer, who served as a commander during Operation Cast Lead, made it clear that he did not regard the longstanding principle of military conduct known as “means and intentions” – whereby a targeted suspect must have a weapon and show signs of intending to use it before being fired upon – as being applicable before calling in fire from drones and helicopters in Gaza last winter. A more junior officer who served at a brigade headquarters during the operation described the new policy – devised in part to avoid the heavy military casualties of the 2006 Lebanon war – as one of “literally zero risk to the soldiers”. …

And this at the end of the report:

This experienced soldier, who cannot be named, served in the war room of a brigade during Operation Cast Lead. Here, he recalls an incident he witnessed during last winter’s three-week offensive:

“Two [Palestinian] guys are walking down the street. They pass a mosque and you see a gathering of women and children.

“You saw them exiting the house and [they] are not walking together but one behind the other. So you begin to fantasise they are actually ducking close to the wall.

“One [man] began to run at some point, must have heard the chopper. The GSS [secret service] argued that the mere fact that he heard it implicated him, because a normal civilian would not have realised that he was now being hunted.

“Finally he was shot. He was not shot next to the mosque. It’s obvious that shots are not taken at a gathering.”

yes yes it all makes sense.

6. catnip - 2 February 2010

Iran president Ahmadinejad accepts nuclear deal terms

In an initial reaction to Mr Ahmadinejad’s comments, US state department spokesman P J Crowley said the US was “not prepared to change the deal. We are not interested in renegotiating it”.

In a later response, a White House official told the BBC: “If Mr Ahmadinejad’s comments reflect an updated Iranian position, we look forward to Iran informing the IAEA.”

The official added: “If Iran has something new to say, we are prepared to listen.”

Just call him Kneejerk Crowley (distant cousin of Kneejerk Gibbs and KneeToTheGroin Emanuel.)

marisacat - 2 February 2010

The whole thing is so cartoon…

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:

Iran’s Press TV Shows Launch of 3 Satellite Rockets

For more on this and other breaking news go to ABCNews.com: http://abcnews.go.com?nwltr=bn

7. ts - 3 February 2010

Three US Soldiers die in Pakistan blast

Apparently we’ve moved past the drone ‘n’ missile stage and are conducting operations now.

marisacat - 3 February 2010

I noticed in one report headline, that it happened near a girls’ school… I am sure we can spin this………….

Or try to.

catnip - 3 February 2010

They’re calling it “development assistance”?

Right. And I’m “Marilyn Monroe”.

8. marisacat - 3 February 2010

hmm get the feeling that the R are planning on Xmas in November…

February 02, 2010


Coats vs. Bayh

The Indiana site Howey Politics reports that former Senator Dan Coats is set to challenge the well-funded Evan Bayh.

He's a serious challenger, a figure in the Clinton wars who most recently served George W. Bush's ambassador to Germany, and the kind of figure who would only get dragged back into the game in what appears to be a good GOP year.

Posted by Ben Smith 10:45 PM

Oh I am sure there is some reason I should fulminate in hatred of Coats… but considering Bayh… who the hell cares.

9. catnip - 3 February 2010

Oh – this is hilarious. Heads are going to explode at dkos where the rabble are still condemning Jane Hamsher for signing a letter with Norquist about a Fed audit.

A politically diverse group of bloggers, commentators, techies and politicos on Wednesday will launch an online campaign, Demand Question Time, urging President Barack Obama and GOP congressional leaders to hold regular, televised conversations like the extraordinary exchange in Baltimore on Friday. Supporters include Grover Norquist, Joe Trippi, Mark McKinnon, Ed Morrissey, Ari Melber, Katrina vanden Heuvel and David Corn.

What to do? What to DO??

kossacks were just loving last week’s GOP scolding by Obamalama but now that Norquist is on board with the idea…well…he and those other ‘traitors’ (which is Hamsher’s new name over there) just have to be wrong!

ts - 3 February 2010

It’s pretty sad when all you can possibly hope for is “Question time”. I hope at least they have milk and cookies for everyone.

catnip - 3 February 2010

I see kos signed that request too. w00t.

I’ve been meaning to write a blog post since last Friday about how sad this really is – considering I’m a Canadian whose gov’t had question period every day when the house is sitting because as everybody here knows it’s all just about political theatre. It’s entertaining – no doubt. But that’s basically all it is.

marisacat - 3 February 2010

Might as well offer food with something – Question Time – placed on a spoon and fed to the peeples.

Call it a “pairing”…


catnip - 3 February 2010

It would be a helluva lot more fun with food!

marisacat - 3 February 2010

There is some huge push back going on w/r/t the polls that (I guess!) FDL has commissioned… it seems a bit fevered.

Democrats are continuing to challenge the accuracy of polling on the combative liberal blog Firedoglake, whose surveys have sent chills through the parties by showing tight races in several Democratic-held districts, and have suggested that members of Congress who voted for health care reform could be vulnerable to attacks on the individual mandate, which some on the left oppoes.

Democrats asked a prominent political scientist, Emory’s Alan Abramowitz, to review the polling, and he disputed both the wording of the health care questions and samples relatively low on younger voters (something over which the blog’s pollster has already sparred with Democrats). ….

ts - 3 February 2010

Ya think? Probably one of the reasons why they ran from the healthcare bill. If low and middle income people started being forced to shell out money for insurance before the election…Yet it seems the party has hired Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf as director of communications.

marisacat - 3 February 2010

That bill was a horror. And finished for all time any hope of anything. Not that there ever was, you know, HOPE…. The whole thing is utterly poisoned and no one can say the Dems did not do it to themselves. Self reaming, one might say……………… 😆

I will b surprised if they get even the small quarter note measures Nancy is bleating about.

ts - 3 February 2010

I still have nightmares that the Dems will try and push through most of the bill right before November, and the GOP will let them, because by that point people won’t care and then after the GOP picks up 4-5 Senate seats and 20-30 House seats the reality comes crashing down on the Dems that most of their base is getting hit up for $700 a month plus penalties, and they’re locked into their doom come 2012.

marisacat - 3 February 2010

I get the feeling anything could happen.

marisacat - 3 February 2010

Firedoglake pollster fights back! Cage match! Place your bets!!

[T]he highway to high office is littered with the road kill of political operatives who find it easier to campaign against a pollster than an opponent. If the DCCC has polls showing congressional Democrats doing better, release them.

10. catnip - 3 February 2010

re: Obamalama’s Q&A with Dems today – as Dana Bash put it, Harry chose Dems facing re-election fights like Evan Bayh and Gillibrand and basically allowed their questions to stand as mini campaign speeches.

No theatre there – no siree.

I couldn’t even bring myself to pay attention to the bit I tuned into. It was that dry. This, coming from someone who can sit through hours of hearings about your economy without even knowing WTF they’re talking about half the time.

marisacat - 3 February 2010

I also think part of the reason Obamalama decided to do this was the teleprompter jabs were accelerating…. The incident at the school was a bit misreported (closed session with the children BUT he did require teleprompter for the Q&A with reporters afterward) but may have been a carcinogenic cherry.

The snips I caught from his meet and greet with Dems was a bit halting stammering.. but hey, out there on his own.

catnip - 3 February 2010

New post on my blog: Question Time for Americans?

11. BooHooHooMan - 3 February 2010

John Stewart , Hasbarist.
Oh Johnny’s onboard and got the memo, all right.

Worried about Palestinian Children seeing ……..graphic violence…
in Hamas Cartoons. Which themselves are cherrypicked, conflated, and used as distracting sideshow by the Israelis. How very cooperative and Paul Harvey of John. The Israelis make bloody horrorshow on Gaza , have the Palestinians living in ghettos on their own land, and are using Gestapo tactics to further confiscate Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem… and Stewart is happy to muddy the waters…using light entertainment as a propoganda package, the very thing he decries in the conflated cartoons to begin with. The mischief making and misdirection is classic.

So GMAFB. When you cut through the crap, Stewart is in the same boat as Bill Mahrer: among the 85% of Jews who are cool with the status quo vis a vis Gaza and the West Bank.. When Palestinian or Global Outcry push comes to Israeli War Crime shove, they justify Israel. And given what Fisk reported from the Herzilya Conference the other day, that little showpiece was arranged.
It’s a fucking disgrace. And at this point , typical.
I looked at his piece and said..”Yeh?”

marisacat - 3 February 2010

I was really glad wen Paul Harvey died… and it seemed there was not juice to keep the scam going with his son, who carried the spots for some months at the end.

All the bleating about “moderate muslims” who do nothing – a regluar drumbeat…. Few notable jews have much at all to say of the horror. I heard an interview with Tony Kushner a couple of years ago that curled my brains. All I could think was FUCK YOU.

catnip - 3 February 2010

I thought that was a really odd bit when I saw it on TDS last nite. Not something Stewart usually does.

12. marisacat - 3 February 2010




……………. 😯

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