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White storm 7 February 2010

Posted by marisacat in DC Politics, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Lie Down Fall Down Dems, U.S. Senate.

Washington, US: A woman walks on the National Mall during a snow storm Photograph: Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images

They’ll be talking about this snow storm in Washington forever… Considering they declare snow days with 2 inches…


As for this bunch, no need to tell them: Hands in the air and spread your legs!

It just oozes a desire to get things done, doesn’t it?

[“T]hey can’t let the minority party call the shots when it comes to the handling of critical nominations,” Bill Samuel, legislative director of the powerful AFL-CIO, said, calling on Obama to consider recess appointing Becker if his nomination stalls.

Before the Senate leaves for a recess, Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) usually engage in intense negotiations over which nominees can be confirmed quickly by voice vote. If they can’t reach a deal by the end of this work period, which is scheduled to end Feb. 12 — or if Shelby prevents that from happening — some analysts believe that Democrats will be on safe political ground if Obama makes recess appointments.

“When a senator highlights obstructive procedures — as Southerners did in the 1950s and 1960s with the filibuster, committee obstruction and more — it gives Democrats some political space to fight back, either by reform or finding ways around the normal process,” said Julian Zelizer, a historian at Princeton University.

But Republicans say the public is already alarmed by Democratic overreach and will view recess appointments as more of the same. They dismiss the idea that Shelby’s holds give Democrats any additional political cover.

“If anyone thinks this has political significance, they need to put down the federal pages and take a trip outside the 202 as soon as the weather permits,” one senior GOP aide said. “Turns out people are more concerned with their own jobs than the appointments of a bunch of federal bureaucrats.”

In addition to Becker, there are a number of controversial appointments whose recess appointments could inflame Republican passions — including Dawn Johnsen, Obama’s nominee to head the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel. Democrats said Obama could be on safer political ground if he uses early recess appointments to install national security nominees, including four to senior positions in the Pentagon. …snip…




1. ts - 7 February 2010

Super Bowl commercials were terrible. Game was not bad.

2. ts - 7 February 2010

I’m happier about the Caps 14-game win streak. They still have to beat the Pens in the playoffs.

3. ts - 7 February 2010

Always seems to be a big storm in February. Back in 2003 there was a President’s Day storm that dumped two feet on Silver Spring. I remember walking down Randolph Road to the grocery store to get food. Apart from the occasional SUV or police cruiser driving by, it was several hundred pedestrians walking down the middle of the road. Surreal.

marisacat - 7 February 2010

I just read at the FP of the Wapo that they can expect another 5 inches.

4. catnip - 8 February 2010
marisacat - 8 February 2010

it seems to be a theme around to day… and it would help for the “Carter” allusions to stick. That was a main criticism of Carter as well, he ‘brung the team that got him to the WH’, with him as a political staff.

CW says it does not work.


marisacat - 8 February 2010

I went thru and read the FT piece.. shorter than I expected, but I see why it is gaining traction. Gergen is quoted at the very end saying in his opinion Ob has no desire to make any changes to how the mess of a first year went.

I’d agree with that…

The FT piece does require a free registration: LINK

ts - 8 February 2010

In many ways this is a prison of their own making. They kept TARP, the stimulus, and pushed Iraq and Afghanistan, which were supplementals, onto the budget and now they have a 1+ trillion deficit and no support for more spending when they need it. They could wind down both wars, declare victory and go home to free up $400 billion a year, but they refuse.

If the piece is correct, this is a pretty strong representation of the Iron Law of Institutions. They don’t even care if their patron is re-elected so long as they call the shots until the end.

marisacat - 8 February 2010

yes but neither he nor the Democratic party has any interest in “change”, reform nor ending anything. He was beloved by Goldman Sachs before he became pretzel.

Yeah the piece was a death knell. They don’t need him. And imo this was ALWYS one of the scenarios that would play out.

We gave one of them a chance and gee it just did not work. Gosh he was weak (well he is, utterly compromised) we should have known better but we went with the better angels of our nature.

Some slop like that. And I do believe the ptb thought he would be stronger on the endless stump game (hoodwink the hapless) than he has been. But he like many is low energy. They did nto pick up on that. After all as a minor fixer in Chicago he was hardly overworked.

And, I maintain, th team is NOT smart. They are, like many, pretty much ad people. In Chicago they were fairly adept at obtaining federal monies for the standard scams. There is plenty on the record about Axelrod and Jarrett,… Gibbs is gutter Dem operative, skunk out of Alabama, in my opoinion you don’t put htat sort out in public… and I personally think Rahm is just a sick dog. I’d lvoe to know if he has dual citizenship, the Emanuels grew up spending all their summers in Israel.

Nnd so on.

5. catnip - 8 February 2010

Brrreaking: John Murtha has died.

marisacat - 8 February 2010

eventually…………….. nicked by his surgeon.

ts - 8 February 2010

If it’s malpractice, wonder if the family will have to go through arbitration, now that lawsuits have been limited…by Congress.

ts - 8 February 2010

There’s another seat the Dems are going to have to work to hold onto. Murtha’s district went to McCain in 08 and the unemployment rate for the Johnstown MSA has jumped from 4.7% to 9.4%. No shortage of GOP contenders there, including William Russell, himself retired military, who ran against Murtha in 08.

marisacat - 8 February 2010

BHHM posted soemthing the night it was released that Murtha was in ICU having been snipped by his surgeon, about how the district will now show its true self… since several of the big big big rightie families have their fingers deep into it. Murtha being a Dem just masked it.

6. catnip - 8 February 2010
marisacat - 8 February 2010

it is really awfufl to hear the defences of waterboarding.. they ALL bring up the SERE exercises.


7. ts - 8 February 2010

David R’s concise description of how the financial crisis is far from over…

In a nutshell, toxic assets have basically been swept under the rug in the hopes that we will outgrow the problem. Leverage ratios across every level of society are still reaching unprecedented levels as the public sector sacrifices the sanctity of its balance sheet in its quest to stabilize the dubious financial position of the household and banking sectors in many parts of the world.

Whatever bad assets have been resolved have almost entirely been placed on the books of governments and central banks, which now have their own particular set of risks, as we have witnessed very recently in places like Dubai, Mexico, and Greece, not to mention at the state and local government level in the United States. We simply have not seen a reduction in the percentage of properties with mortgages that are “under water”, hence the FDIC has identified 7% of banking sector assets ($850 billion) that are in “trouble”, so how can it possibly be that the financial system is anywhere close to some stable equilibrium?

marisacat - 8 February 2010

Who is David R ???

Well to listen to Geithner (on TW with Tapper) and Ob himself, things are on the upswing. Both in RE and in jobs. And you know, the all important sit down with Republicans… 😆

Lies, endless lies.

ts - 8 February 2010

1000 pardons. David Rosenberg, formerly chief economist at Merrill Lynch, booted along with Peter Bernstein when BofA took them over. He writes a daily economics newsletter from his new position at Gluskin & Scheff in Toronto. You’ll see him on CNBC once in awhile, usually when they need someone for the bearish view.

I do agree with him though. The real cost to TARP and the shotgun weddings during the financial crisis were the loan guarantees. This is why we keep pumping $100s of billions into Fannie, Freddie, AIG, etc. It was perfect deniability for Treasury and the Fed – this money wasn’t TARP money. And as loans went bad much later and got shoved onto the Gov’t balance sheet indirectly, nobody would point the finger at the JP Morgans of the world for getting a bigger bailout.

ts - 8 February 2010

So Pretzel and Geithner can come back and say – look, everyone paid TARP back – we only lost $100 billion! Yeah, but you guaranteed $3 trillion in loans and Fannie’s still buying back these worthless loans Washington Mutual made so JP Morgan Chase would acquire them, and so Fannie needs to be recapitalized again, and again, and again…

marisacat - 8 February 2010

David Rosenberg, formerly chief economist at Merrill Lynch, booted along with Peter Bernstein when BofA took them over.

oh thanks for that… I did not know him off hand……

ts - 8 February 2010

One question I have is, okay, BLS just revised employment down 900,000, so does this come out of the jobs that Ob sez he “saved”. I mean, if your model says that job losses would have been 8 million without the stimulus, and we only lost 6.5 million, but then BLS revises that -6.5 million estimate to -8 million…?

marisacat - 8 February 2010

Numbers… like rain drops or snowflakes. they hit the ground … THEN try to find them.

marisacat - 8 February 2010

Other things that dissipate on the ground. This rides under a pick of Quinn, at the Ben Smith site:

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, speaking during a news conference, says anyone who wants the lieutenant governor’s job should speak up.

😆 … 🙄

8. Madman in the Marketplace - 8 February 2010

Dr. Margaret Flowers at CATO

Interestingly blunt discussion of single payer.

9. marisacat - 8 February 2010



……………… 🙄

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