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Tuesday… 16 February 2010

Posted by marisacat in 2010 Mid Terms, 2012 Re Election, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Lie Down Fall Down Dems, WAR!.

Dog owners engage in some last-minute grooming of their briards prior to appearing before the judges
[Justin Lane/EPA]

From a gallery at the Guardian, the Westminster Dog Show…


I posted this as a comment to the last thread, but I see the post / time chronology of the thread has collapsed, it is somewhere up a few comments… so Time to Move to a New Thread… 😉

Fortunately I just laugh now….

On Tuesday, President Obama will announce plans to break ground on two new nuclear reactors at a Southern Company plant in Burke, Georgia — the first new U.S. nuclear reactors since the incident at Three Mile Island in 1979.

The president will make the announcement at the IBEW Local Headquarters in Lanham, Md., where union members can learn applications that can be used in the construction of nuclear power plants.

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 authorized the Department of Enegery to issue loan guarantees “for projects that avoid, reduce, or sequester air pollutants or greenhouse gas emissions and employ new or significantly-improved technologies,” the White House official said, adding that it has been one of Energy Secretary Stephen Chu’s top priorities to allocate $18.5 billion under that authority.

The President has proposed tripling loan guarantees for nuclear-power plant construction to more than $54 billion in his FY2011 budget ….


During his presidential campaign, then-Sen. Obama was a qualified supporter of new nukes.

“I think that nuclear power should be in the mix when it comes to energy,” he said as a candidate, adding “I don’t think it’s our optimal energy source because we haven’t figured out how to store the waste safely or recycle the waste.”

Last month the president announced the creation of a bipartisan Blue Ribbon Commission to review policies for nuclear waste, led by former Rep. Lee Hamilton, D-Ind., and the National Security Adviser to President George H.W. Bush, Brent Scowcroft.

Oh Lee Hamilton and Brent Scowcroft… everything is in good order. Those two old war humps….


I see some sweet soul attempted to post this to the last thread, I think in response to my commen the party is a clogged drain… and a few other lines I tossed off…


A clog full of fat cunts.


Guess what kiddo? NOBODY is happy! Get over yourself!  Or not!




1. marisacat - 16 February 2010

Gah… it can always get worse…

Remnick of the New Yorker, Eugene Robinson of Chicago Trib (iirc) and Clyburn of the House… talking about race ….. with Charlie Rose.

SO useful.

Madman in the Marketplace - 16 February 2010

but I thought race was no longer an issue … they’ve said so for months on the tube.

I’m so confused.


marisacat - 16 February 2010

ugh… their pomposity ws offensive….

Hilarious in a sense on the day it was announced that Henry Louis Gates gave the Smithsonian the cuffs that were used on him. So much more important than school integration (swiftly moving to completely undone) or feeding the starving.

2. marisacat - 16 February 2010

Moving right along…………….. I like anyone who talks out of school…

The messier the better:

February 16, 2010

D’Ippolito vs. the Machine

You see why Democrats are alarmed at the notion that Tamyra D’Ippolito — who seems a bit unsure as to the technical requirements for the ballot — would be their candidate [in Indiana]:

“The machine has asked me to step down,” she said, in a reference to the Indiana Democratic Party. She added that she had been scheduled to be interviewed last night by Rachel Maddow but that, mysteriously, the machine got the interview killed.

“The car was coming,” she recalled. “Fifteen minutes before, I got a call saying, `We’ve cancelled the interview.’”

Ms. d’Ippolito insisted that Indiana Dem party chair Dan Parker, who was also on Maddow yesterday, had gotten the interview nixed. She said she asked MSNBC producers why she wouldn’t be interviewed, and that the reply was: “We can’t tell you.”

“I said, `Okay, whatever,’” she says. “Dan Parker was the only one on the air. Put two and two together.”

Posted by Ben Smith 11:06 AM

Madman in the Marketplace - 16 February 2010

butbutbut I thought that MSNBC was pwogwessive!

again, confused!


marisacat - 16 February 2010

Bayh… And I wonder how much of this is over the Stupak amendment… that it died in the senate. And lingering hard feelings over whatever form of public option there might ever have been in a bad horrible punitive punishing invasive nothing-to-do-with-Health Care bill…………………

There’s just too much brain-dead partisanship, tactical maneuvering for short-term political advantage,” he added. “The extremes of both parties have to be willing to accept compromises time to time … All too often recently, we’ve been getting nothing.”

No matter what the conservatives and wingers, of both parties, win. Th collapsing “progressives”… and whoever is on the corp lobby teat… (all of them imo, with no exceptions).

THE ONLY reason the Stupak amendment died in the senate was fear at the polls from th wimens vote.

Madman in the Marketplace - 16 February 2010

I wish there was an “extreme” on the left.

marisacat - 16 February 2010

God help us if the “extreme” is Lyn Woolsey of Marin. Her “fringe” politics was to support Hillary when her constituents bitched and moaned she needed to support the blck guy. (I’d love to read from her files the buyer’s remorse from her constituents. It is all over KGO, roiling the air waves.)

I think like some, Lyn, unguarded and in private life is very liberal, possibly left in some ways…. But it DOES NOT MATTER…

It is all so over.

3. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 February 2010

TSA forces travelling policeman to remove his disabled four-year-old son’s leg-braces

Ryan was taking his first flight, to Walt Disney World, for his fourth birthday.

The boy is developmentally delayed, one of the effects of being born 16 weeks prematurely. His ankles are malformed and his legs have low muscle tone. In March he was just starting to walk…

The screener told them to take off the boy’s braces.

The Thomases were dumbfounded. “I told them he can’t walk without them on his own,” Bob Thomas said.

“He said, ‘He’ll need to take them off.’ ”

Ryan’s mother offered to walk him through the detector after they removed the braces, which are custom-made of metal and hardened plastic.

No, the screener replied. The boy had to walk on his own.

BTW, I was waiting for my AMTRAK train yesterday, and a woman was complaining to her family sitting with her that in all their travels across the country she had never once seen someone asked for their ID. “We’ve traveled all across the country, and no one asked us a THING.” This was said with a certain disgust.

A lot of Americans WANT to be controlled.

marisacat - 16 February 2010

Well they need to call their congress person and senator… and not let up. That imo is TORTURE.

I think the whole airline thing is re-education. Held daily in the public sphere…

And they just don’t want to boether to extend the visible re-education to rail and bus (cimmitment of personnel). Much less PRIVATE PLANE. No percentage in the exposure. they get all they want in running discipline games at the airlines.

4. marisacat - 16 February 2010

Some peak ……… 🙄

via Mike Allen’s Playbook…

Worth the click — Elizabeth Drew’s ‘Is There Life in Health Care Reform?,’ a 5,100-word piece in the forthcoming New York Review of Books:

‘A senior Democratic House strategist told me, ‘Had we known that Massachusetts was in play, we’d have worked through the Christmas break and might well have been done before the election.’ The bills passed by the House on November 7 and by the Senate on the day before Christmas were quite similar. (Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and their aides, in consultation with the White House, had seen to that.) As a result of intensive negotiations in early January, the bills were more than 95 percent alike by the time of the Massachusetts election. … Republicans had applied the theory that the longer a bill is delayed, the weaker it becomes. … The bill … stood to be the greatest advance in health care coverage for Americans in decades, if not ever. At least 30 million more people would receive coverage; those who could not afford health insurance would receive subsidies …

Even before the Massachusetts election, it was evident that progressives were probably at the peak of their political power for some time to come:

typically, the party of first-term presidents loses seats in the midterm elections … Some of Obama’s achievements were simply lost in all the hubbub over the health care bill. Some were simply confused with one other (many thought the stimulus bill and the bailouts were the same thing).’

5. marisacat - 16 February 2010

Ain’t pretty.

[T]ypically, the Republicans leave the really dirty work to the Democrats, who enforce pro-corporate policies by exploiting their political capital with labor and community groups — while somehow managing to emerge “the lesser of two evils.” This is why Bill Clinton was left with the task of “reforming” welfare and implementing NAFTA. In regards to “reforming” Social Security, Bush looked into the abyss and got scared; better to let the Democrats play with that fire. [well… I sw it differently, it was a way to give an easy big win to the Dems, they fought back SS “reform”… and from what I heard, several old time R masters nixed doing SS, yes leave it to the Dems… I don’t think Bush “blinked” at any abyss. NTIM! — Mcat]

Obama, then, is being left to perform the dirtiest of missions. He refuses to do it alone. This is the motive behind his never-ending plea for “bi-partisan cooperation.” While the Democrats had a super majority in the Senate and huge House majority, Obama never stopped begging the Republicans to join him. And, yes, Obama understands that the Republicans hate him, insult him in public, and are betting high stakes on his failure. Still, he needs them to bear some of the political weight that comes with attacking popular social programs. The Republicans will likely meet Obama in the middle over many of these key issues; they don’t want to miss this historic opportunity to implement ideas they’ve been advancing for years through right-wing think tanks. ….

ugh really it is a triangle love affair… white libs, most esp the men for some reason, fell in love iwth Ob. IMO he is in love with, yearns to be with the whte male dominate R. he sure is not in love with the women of EITHER side.

Reminds me of a Auden poem about love… “and Jill goes down on her back for Jack…” when Jack loves someone else… a male iirc.

Post racial? Not in the least. Trapped in all the old hoary vises. Of race and domination.

[no I am not saying Ob is gay. Geesh that would be a shallow read on RL]

6. marisacat - 16 February 2010



………………. 😯

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