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Who’s on first. Who’s patriotic? Who cares? 16 February 2010

Posted by marisacat in 2010 Mid Terms, 2012 Re Election, DC Politics, Germany, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Lie Down Fall Down Dems, WAR!.

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan: A homeless man drinks out of a mug bearing the image of a $100 bill    [Vladimir Pirogov/Reuters]

Tapper v Gibbs:

[T]APPER: Does the president agree with what Mr. Brennan wrote in USA Today last week, that some of the more political charged criticism of the Obama administration’s counterterrorism policies serve the goals of Al Qaida?

GIBBS: Well, again, I — what John said was that terrorists seek to strike fear and use fear to divide. I think what — what John pointed out was that these are not giant men. These are not — these are not great people. And I think — again, I think John’s service, dating back more than two decades, is something to be commended.

TAPPER: Does the president agree with the language Mr. Brennan used?

GIBBS: I think the president believes that we should not — that our national security should not be a partisan political game that seeks to divide us; instead something that hopefully will unite us in efforts, whether it’s in Afghanistan, in the efforts — the military efforts and civilian efforts that you see right now, or in activities that are taking place around the world to make this country safer.

TAPPER: And if it doesn’t, then it serves the goals of Al Qaida?

GIBBS: Well, I — I — I — it — it seeks to divide and it makes — it makes us working together to fight a common enemy much more difficult.



In cheerier news… I read that Leslie Gelb, probably some sort of emeritus by now with CFR, wants Summers gone, Geithner gone… he seems to favor Volcker… a purge is in order, I gather. 

Rahm too, Leslie says, can go go go go go… and chatty cathy, Jim Jones, who, I guess, lies in bed at night worrying about who is aiding AQ.  Not that I believe that simple syrup, for one minute..  Jones is MORE LIKE Cheney, than not.

Poor Leslie,… not a graceful flourish of a sentence, or two:

But Mr. Obama is the president, and except for the right-wing crazies, most Americans still recognize his great talents and promise. It is he who’s got to be helped. So it is they who’ve got to go. [clunk!]

Plus, and more important, he’s missed a few realities out here, on the poor and suffering ground. But, dear Leslie, just trying to help. You know?


Urge to purge.  A surge of purges.  Purge them all!  (There you go!)

Fine with me, from the far ‘back 40′ of the peanut gallery!  There will be months of this sort of volley, ’til that too dies out.  But, fun for now…

Bring on The Mess!


Last but hardly least, Sully has to be good for something… 😉 

I think the Obama float is hilarious… and the Merkel is mild, compared to some I have seen.  A couple of years ago, she was depicted as the she-wolf suckling Romulus and Remus. On all fours with a multitude of pendulous breasts… and of course by now I forget what scandalous entities, being suckled by the chief executive, R & R were to symbolise.

Hey, carry on!




1. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 February 2010

I see Gibbsie has been training with Reid on his footwork and counter-punching!

marisacat - 16 February 2010

So bad.

2. marisacat - 16 February 2010

What a departure. I get the feeling Bayh wanted to be the bride at the wedding, the baby at the shower, at the baptismal font, the lead reindeer for santa, etc.

Can he drag this out more?

Bayh to John Fund/WSJ:

‘I do have a sense of deja vu,’ the senator says, ‘and the movie doesn’t have a happy ending.’

mattes - 18 February 2010

LOL…so right.

Poor boy.

3. ts - 16 February 2010

Hear here! Purge them all! Line em up and shoot em! (Figuratively, I mean). Well, maybe not Summers.

I just wish the purge would be the end of working careers, and not the star of $100,000 a pop speaking engagements and $5 million consulting fees.

marisacat - 16 February 2010

I agree… and the most horrible visible example is Yoo. Kills me he is right here, over at Berkeley.

CSTAR - 16 February 2010

What about giving tenure-deprived Amy Bishop a shot at over at Berkeley? A shot or two maybe?

Madman in the Marketplace - 16 February 2010

or at least one closed-door meeting with Yoo?

marisacat - 16 February 2010

Can’t you hear it now? He’ll scream, I am Dr Yoo, I advise pretzels… and she’ll say, I am Dr Amy Bishop, I shoot to kill.

Madman in the Marketplace - 16 February 2010

now get off that booster seat so I can get a better angle on my shot!

marisacat - 16 February 2010

that made me laugh!

ts - 16 February 2010

I am Elmer Fudd, millionaire. I own a mansion and a yacht.

4. marisacat - 16 February 2010

wow. What next? A fisticuffs over a BOOSTER SEAT?

Reports: Ala. prof charged with ’02 Mass. assault

(AP) – 1 hour ago

PEABODY, Mass. — An Alabama professor accused of fatally shooting three colleagues last week had previously admitted in court to punching a woman in a tirade over a booster seat at a Massachusetts restaurant.

Citing a police report, WBZ-AM and The Boston Globe both reported Tuesday that Amy Bishop was charged with assault after the incident in 2002 at the International House of Pancakes in Peabody.

The police report says Bishop became incensed when she found out the other woman had received the restaurant’s last booster seat. Bishop hit the woman and shouted multiple times, “I am Dr. Amy Bishop,” the report says.

The Globe and WBZ say Bishop received probation for the incident.

Peabody police didn’t immediately immediately return a call from the Associated Press seeking comment.

Copyright © 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

I haven’t noticed Delahunt saying much………. nor Dem sites mentioning much. I somehow think he will be retiring.

muchmuchmuch… 😆

marisacat - 16 February 2010

Seems Delahunt has been stammering… 😆

Ex-ADA: No reason to question Bishop police probe

Boston Globe – ‎10 hours ago

BOSTON—The former assistant district attorney who reviewed the Massachusetts police investigation into the 1986 shooting of Seth Bishop by his sister, … Delahunt aide says police downplayed need for probe


Boston Herald – Hillary Chabot, Jessica Van Sack – ‎12 hours ago‎

U.S. Rep. and former Norfolk District Attorney William Delahunt yesterday backed off earlier claims he didn’t recall …

ts - 16 February 2010

That reminded me of this little classic:

Booster seat is the new…

5. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 February 2010

Mule Variations

I can’t pull out an excerpt … it must be enjoyed in its full Fafblog glory.

marisacat - 16 February 2010

SO many good lines.. here is one I liked a lot:

[A]nd we know that although Barack Obama is an idealist, representing the very best and brightest of American Liberalism, he’s also a hard-nosed pragmatist, willing to compromise between extremes of Left and Right, between black and white, between war and more war. That’s why when the Left wanted to close Guantanamo and the Right wanted to double Guantanamo, Obama doubled Bagram instead. …

marisacat - 16 February 2010


And we know that as disappointed as we might be in Barack Obama – in his little failings, in his petty slights, in his odd betrayals, in his unseemly habit of dancing naked through the streets of Oslo smeared with the blood and entrails of Afghan children – we also know that the alternative would be far worse. Why, with a Republican president, we might be at war with Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and possibly Iran, or facing some hideously draconian corporatist scheme to compel poor people to buy private insurance they can’t afford, with a government that not only excuses the torture regimes of the past but dramatically expands them while giving itself license to murder anyone it likes anywhere on the planet. With Barack Obama, on the other hand, we have all that plus a man who can sparkle wittily on late night television. Now, I think that has to be worth at least a couple thousand dead Muslims, don’t you?

Madman in the Marketplace - 16 February 2010

the thread has some good stuff too:

by Tongo Varga, at February 16, 2010 1:27 PM
At least a couple thousand. At least. Why, just the other day I saw him smiling on TV and I came in my shorts, right here in my home, sitting on my couch. I thought to myself, I certainly made the right choice that fateful November.

by George Jones, at February 16, 2010 2:26 PM
you’ve been struck by a smooth war criminal.

by Montag, at February 16, 2010 2:48 PM
God its good to be white and have all those colored-in people to do your dirty work for you.

marisacat - 16 February 2010

hysterically funny! They hit on all the high points of our Obama Reality Show.

6. marisacat - 17 February 2010

Sadie the Scottish Terrier won… 😉

[“S]he was perfect,” said her handler, Gabriel Rangel. “I couldn’t ask for anything else.”

The relationship between a show dog and handler is a close one, the human and the dog connected by a short lead and the chicken or liver treats used for rewards.

Rangel says he views his tie to Sadie as something akin to a marriage.

“Yes, honey,” he said, with his wife, Ivonne, sitting nearby.

He added: “She’s very happy. She really enjoys herself. No one tells her no.”

Sadie sat on a table covered with a white cloth. Her stubby tail wagged merrily, but she said nothing. She appeared to dance in place at times, sort of a Scottish jig, especially when she saw her breeder, Mary O’Neal.

“You breed for this all your life, and you never get it,” O’Neal said.

Sadie succeeds Stump, a lumbering Sussex spaniel, who staged a comeback at age 10 last year from a four-year retirement that included recovery from a nearly fatal illness. Stump has retired again to Houston, spending time between the sheets of his handler’s bed. …

7. marisacat - 17 February 2010

A litany of reversals and possible reversals… Politico

Hope hope hope… Keep Hope Alive!!

[D]emocrats continue to put stock in voter registration numbers that, they hope, Obama changed for good.

“When you look at Washoe County, I don think that’s ever going to go back to being Republican,” said state Assemblyman Richard Segerblom, a Democrat, referring to the conservative-leaning population center of northern Nevada. “That was Republican for all our lives.”

To get those voters out this year, however, will be a challenge, party strategists acknowledge.

“Democrats who are running in 2010 need to give all those new voters a reason to turn out for them, they need to feel like there is something really at stake,” said Dunn. “Be clear about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it and who you’re fighting for.”

Kaine pointed out, hopefully, that, “Nine months is a long time on politics. If the economy continues to improve, and we’ve seen signs it is, and we have action on healthcare, the dynamic is not going to be easy but we can do quite well.”

I seem to remember a lot, a ton, a heap of exclamations that the conservatives were done, dying, near to gone forever. R were down and out.. out and down.

The Democrats always say that.. while they misread all the traffic lights.

8. marisacat - 17 February 2010

Scott Ritter surfaces… a post at TruthDig on the Obama nuclear hoo haw, the earlier one, the gibber about ”nuclear free”.

The thread gets into tht legal issues of Ritter’s situation…

marisacat - 17 February 2010

Ritter is def reading the thread, he answers comments related to the facts of his post…


9. Madman in the Marketplace - 17 February 2010

Bill Maher: ‘Corporatist’ Evan Bayh Is What’s Wrong With Senate

Maher appeared on “Anderson Cooper 360” Tuesday night to comment on the state of affairs in Washington, D.C. He argued that Evan Bayh, the retiring Senator from Indiana, is what’s wrong with Congress. The Senate is “where legislation goes to die,” Maher says, because “corporatist Democrats” like Bayh act like Republicans.

Maher told Cooper that politics are not polarized enough and that the U.S. lacks a real progressive party.

marisacat - 17 February 2010

Politico is saying he has enough of a hold on the state party apparatus that whoever is “selected” it will be with great influcnec from Bayh.

No idea how serious but Ellsworth name still being mentioned. A BIG Right to Life guy. (iirc)

mattes - 18 February 2010

Yes, but will AIPAC approve. After all it was Bayh who carried water for them by introducing bills that any sane person would consider acts of war against Iran. Cutting fuel to them.

marisacat - 18 February 2010

I gather Ob is considering the fuel sanctions.

Oh if only it were only Bayh. like the old joke.. Israel would never want to be the 51st state, why have just two senators.

EVEN Darryl Issa – in the House from a SoCal district – had not a harsh word for Israel during the Lebanon War. And he comes from lebanon. Etc.

they should ALL just go straight to a Palestinian camp, slit throats in the middle of the street and drink the blood. Get over the facade of being anything but partners in all that Israel does.

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 17 February 2010

Thanks for the Ritter link.

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 17 February 2010
12. marisacat - 17 February 2010

Think I just heard that Bayh is going ot give his first network interview… Feb 27 on The View.

He’s running for something. Potus Vpotus…….. dog catcher. Etc.

His last attempt at a run flat lined…

13. ts - 17 February 2010

I’m sure somebody posted on this – Goldman was selling Greece derivatives to disguise their debt burden. Yves at Naked Capitalism has a good take on it:

When is a fraud not a fraud?

marisacat - 17 February 2010

There is a guy, one of two that the field has narrowed to, up for the presidency of the European Central Bank… Draghi… and he may not make it… as he used to be very high up in Goldman Sachs. Apparently a dirty word just now, hahahahah… and he was at the helm of the Greek mischief making……………

As controller of the euro, the European Central Bank (ECB) wields great power in Europe and has a wide global reach. The race to become the ECB’s next president – with a term that starts next year – has been intense and hard fought. The final selection is down to two men: the ultra hawkish Axel Weber, head of the Bundesbank, who sees inflation dangers at every turn; and the relatively more moderate Mario Draghi, head of the Bank of Italy, chair of the Financial Stability Board, and experienced international economic diplomat.

Unfortunately for those hoping that Draghi could still prevail, he is also formerly senior management at Goldman Sachs and serious questions are emerging regarding what he knew and did during Goldman’s alleged “let’s help Greece circumvent EU budget rules” phase in the early 2000s.

Specifically, Draghi joined Goldman Sachs in January 2002, after a distinguished public service career – including 10 years in a key position (Director General) at the Italian Treasury. His formal titles were Managing Director, Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs International, and member of the “Group’s Commitment Committee”; his job, according to Goldman’s press release, was to “help the firm develop and execute business with major European corporations and with governments and government agencies worldwide.”
Did this involve Greece? …

From a English language French Politics blog that Madman turned me on to… http://www.artgoldhammer.blogspot.com

It’s a few down… he quotes Simon Johnson from … the baseline scenario site… and others.

ts - 17 February 2010

Unfortunately, Simon is an old IMF hand. He thinks they should be brought in to clean up the Greek mess, which means austerity plans and 1/2 an olive for dinner for the Greeks. Other than that, he’s pretty level headed.

marisacat - 17 February 2010

oh I agree.. and way too close (funded by) that wretch Pete Petersen formerly of the Business Rountable and whatever else…

SMBIVA has had a couple of good posts recently on Simon Johnson (they don’t much care for him)…

None of the so called [somewhat] Left Liberal, or at least dissenting maybe less punitive, economists is outside the norm, they have all worked for the big guys.. (don’t know what else to call the big agencies and WF, IMF, etc). Except maybe Rubino…

catnip - 17 February 2010

Obama’s “savvy businessman” friend, Blankfein, strikes again.

It’s Greek to Goldman Sachs

14. marisacat - 17 February 2010

Interesting in a convoluted way… David Swanson on Yoo on Obama. Yooo likes nearly everything Obama has done and his major appointments. Gee what a shock.

What Yoo worries about are the deals Ob cut to be NOMINATED. No shock there either. AND Yoo worries those deals are with various congress men (let’s be honest the wimmens are window dressing) – and super delegates – and that now hahahahah he is in their clutches.

Well he cut the deals… that much we agree on.

I’d LUV to hear some of that buyer’s remorse. Yum.

15. ts - 17 February 2010

Yoo should especially like Obama not turning him over to the Hague.

16. marisacat - 18 February 2010



…………………… 😯

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