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Ground up… 25 February 2010

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

Many outside of New York were first exposed to graffiti in 1979, when Lee Quinones and Fab 5 Freddy were featured in a gallery in Rome and when Jean-Michel Basquiat was featured in Blondie’s video “Rapture.” Basquiat later branched out from street graffiti, working on pieces like the one above.  Published: 02/05/2010 09:19:51 – Credits: Bloomberg News

NYDN of all places, has a nice gallery of street art in NY…. tho perhaps less surprising when one considers years into decades of commissioned work, as well as gallery commissions.

I had not meant to pick one by so well known an artist as Basquiat… but it appealed.




1. marisacat - 25 February 2010

hmm drum beat… via Ben Smith:

Rep. Nita Lowey just now became the most influential figure in the state to suggest that Paterson should not just end his campaign, but resign, over the charge that he interfered in a domestic violence case:

These very serious allegations must be fully and swiftly investigated, and if they are true, the governor should no longer be in office. Aside from the allegations, the political reality is the governor cannot be an effective candidate or official for New York.

2. ts - 25 February 2010

Just read the Joe Bageant post “Round Midnight”, that has been recommended here. For “what to do” comes no better than…

“A common goal is to develop an economy not dependent, as is capitalism, on limitless exponential growth, but on consuming fewer resources, operating without debt, and using less or none of the global banking system’s money.”

Should work within as well as without the U.S.

marisacat - 25 February 2010

I liked the piece a lot……..

lucid - 25 February 2010

We need to do away with any growth based economic system… not sustainable.

brinn - 26 February 2010

Barter, baby! Who wants to set up a skill collective with me?

Madman in the Marketplace - 25 February 2010

too bad exponential growth is practically a religion in this country.

marisacat - 25 February 2010

Well as Jane Jacobs said once:

Growth for the sake of growth, which is the definition of CANCER.

Madman in the Marketplace - 25 February 2010

so true, and our fucking economy has metastasized all over the fucking world. Colon cancer, of course.

marisacat - 25 February 2010

oh but let’s shoot fatties. SO much more fun!!

3. catnip - 25 February 2010

GOLD in womens’ hockey! WOOHOO! Ramen. Praise be to the sacred puck.

Madman in the Marketplace - 25 February 2010

screw the hockey, how’s my lady Cheryl Bernard and the curling team doing?

catnip - 25 February 2010

Womens’ gold medal game on Friday: Canada vs Sweden

Madman in the Marketplace - 25 February 2010

cool, I hope one of the NBC networks shows a minute or two of the match between the commercials.

Bummed that China didn’t make it … they were a scrappy little team.

marisacat - 25 February 2010

Oddly enough, as I slide by the Olympics.. what is on but womens semi final curling…………. 🙄

brinn - 26 February 2010

Hey catnip! I thought of you last night while I was watching Joannie Rochette — she simply rocks!!

catnip - 26 February 2010

Quite the performance. Choked back the tears after her short program the other nite too. What courage.

brinn - 26 February 2010

Absolutely!! Inspirational all the way ’round!

O Canada!

BooHooHooMan - 26 February 2010

Oh just burn it right in there, catnip.
And over one of those artsy fartsy made-up sports like HOCKEY.

How about mentioning some of the US excellence in contrived coldplay
we invented, like TwitterSkiJumpers vs. ChairLift Marksmen? 😉

4. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 February 2010

didn’t the NYDN spend days and days attacking those artists when they were active?

marisacat - 25 February 2010

oh I am SURE they did… a string of mayors declared war on them… the article mentoined Lindsay in ’72, but I esp remember that creep Koch as well.

Of course NOW the artists get commercial and corporate commissions… and the series was of the more “palatable” sorts. Not much edge political stuff in there. At all.

brinn - 26 February 2010

Mark Knopffler and Dire Straits had it in right….”In the Gallery” is one my all time favorites of theirs….

5. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 February 2010

Former police officer pleads guilty to Danziger Bridge shooting cover-up of stunning breadth

Admitting a cover-up of shocking breadth, a former New Orleans police supervisor pleaded guilty to a federal obstruction charge on Wednesday, confessing that he participated in a conspiracy to justify the shooting of six unarmed people after Hurricane Katrina that was hatched not long after police stopped firing their weapons.

The guilty plea of Lt. Michael Lohman, who retired from the department earlier this month, contains explosive details of the alleged cover-up and ramps up the legal pressure on police officers involved in the shooting and subsequent investigation. It’s unclear when Lohman’s cooperation with federal authorities began, but he presumably is prepared to testify against the officers he says helped him lie about the circumstances of a shooting he immediately deemed a “bad shoot.”


The incident on the morning of Sept. 4, 2005, spanned nearly the entire length of the Danziger Bridge, which crosses the Industrial Canal in eastern New Orleans. Ronald Madison, a 40-year-old mentally disabled man, was shot to death outside a motel on the Gentilly side of the bridge.

James Brissette, 19, was killed on the eastern side of the bridge, while four people walking with him with were seriously wounded. Susan Bartholomew lost part of her arm in the shooting and her husband, Leonard Bartholomew III, was shot in the head. Their daughter, Leisha Bartholomew and a nephew, Jose Holmes, suffered multiple gunshot wounds. Leonard Bartholomew IV, a teenage son, was uninjured.

After the shooting, police arrested Lance Madison, a longtime FedEx employee who had been taking care of his brother after the storm. Madison was accused of shooting at officers and booked with attempted murder. That was a “false arrest,” according to the bill of information, the charging document that lays out the laws Lohman allegedly broke.

The cover-up of what Lohman immediately judged an unjustified shooting began just after supervisors arrived, according to the bill. While police attorneys and police reports have asserted that officers were fired upon by the victims before shooting their weapons, the bill maintains that the victims were unarmed.

marisacat - 25 February 2010

Admitting a cover-up of shocking breadth, a former New Orleans police supervisor pleaded guilty to a federal obstruction charge on Wednesday, confessing that he participated in a conspiracy to justify the shooting of six unarmed people after Hurricane Katrina that was hatched not long after police stopped firing their weapons.

The guilty plea of Lt. Michael Lohman, who retired from the department earlier this month, contains explosive details of the alleged cover-up and ramps up the legal pressure on police officers involved in the shooting and subsequent investigation. It’s unclear when Lohman’s cooperation with federal authorities began, but he presumably is prepared to testify against the officers he says helped him lie about the circumstances of a shooting he immediately deemed a “bad shoot.”

oh thank you for that! Danziger Bridge had 5 different stories the very day it happened. The ONLY thing it could be was rogue cops.

Madman in the Marketplace - 25 February 2010

and just one of many incidents of rogue cops down there, not to mentioned the documented cases of white neighborhoods shooting AA people trying to get out of the city.

brinn - 26 February 2010

Fuckers. Five years later…..makes me want to engage in a “bad shoot” of my own.

6. marisacat - 26 February 2010

hmm via Counterpunch.. more background on Tillikum and others.

[B]ack at Sealand, the situation was not as rosy. The attack by Nootka, Haida, and Tilikum left the park in a public relations freefall. Administrators promised changes. New safety procedures would be initiated. Physical contact between the trainers and whales will no longer be allowed. Guardrails will be installed along the poolside to prevent slips or bites. But the public pressure would not let up. Between the daily protests at the park’s front gates, national demands that the orcas be released back to the ocean, and the city council’s entrance into the debate, Sealand’s will crumbled. In August of 1991, the park reached a startling decision.

“After a lot of thought and discussion,” the director clarified, “it was decided killer whales should be phased out.” Less than one year later, Sealand shut down its entire operations. The twenty-nine year old institution had closed permanently.

The three whales, including Haida’s newborn calf, were sold to Sea World for five million dollars. The decision was made in secret, and the export permits were granted behind closed doors. The public at-large was not allowed into the conversation. Tilikum was shipped out under the cover of the night to Orlando, where he still resides. Nootka would soon follow him. She died in 1994 at the age of thirteen. Haida and her calf, Ky, went to San Antonio. Three years after the death of his mother in 2001, Ky made news of his own. That July, during a performance in front a thousand people, the orca jumped on top of his trainer and repeatedly pushed the man underwater. Sea World, afterwards, tried to pass the incident off as rough play, saying that at no time was the trainer in danger. Witnesses did not buy it. As one of them explained, “the whale was staying between the [exit] ramp and the trainer and finally the trainer jumped on top of the whale’s back and leaped over him and another trainer caught him.” At that point, “the whale turned around and slammed down on the ramp and he was pretty upset that the trainer got out of the pool.” Yesterday, the trainer did not escape.

7. marisacat - 26 February 2010

I don’t know dear… you have majorities, both houses and the WH… and apparently no idea what to do with them. But whine.

“It is easy to get out of touch around this place,” Mrs. McCaskill said. “People open doors for you and bow and scrape. It’s really easy to forget what people are going through, what families are feeling right now. And really, 30 days of unemployment insurance – have we gotten to the point that that’s going to be a political football?”
more by Claire McCaskill – 5 hours ago – New York Times (blog) (1 occurrences)

Unemployment under the gun. The Dems would have us think due ot the nasty mean devil worshipping Republicans.


Over and over Ob and the Dems grab the needed headlines off the House… and let the Senate be the chopping block. The slaughter house.

House Approves Short-Term Extension Of Unemployment, Cobra Benefits

Wall Street Journal – ‎9 hours ago‎

WASHINGTON (Dow Jones)–The US House of Representatives approved short-term extensions of federal jobless benefits and health insurance subsidies by voice vote Thursday afternoon, although it seems unlikely they will be taken up by the Senate.

Google page on news reports on unemployment expiration coming this Sunday….

marisacat - 26 February 2010

I think a note, penned by someone else, and flowers, would have sufficed. UNLESS Ob needed a hit of dominate white R male. And I guess he did.

Who are these people?

brinn - 26 February 2010

They need to meet up with some orcas and/or sharks in a nice dark tank somewhere, methinks! 8)

marisacat - 26 February 2010

yup… I heard commentary to day that the Sea World set up for their press conf this am, is right in front of the killer whale tank.. and there is a small group in there swimming.. and one keeps coming straight up to the glass wall. Wants to speak at the podium, is my thought.

Direct action, works for me!

brinn - 26 February 2010

Right on! Orca action!! Hey Mcat — you still have my email addy, right? Would you mind sending it to MitM with a request that he email me?? I’d appreciate it! 😉

marisacat - 26 February 2010

is you email the one you use here? (I don’t think I ever had it…)

If not, send it to me:


brinn - 26 February 2010

yup it is….my utexas one is going bye bye ’cause I don’t work there anymore, dontcha know? 🙂

marisacat - 26 February 2010

I’ll send ti to Madman right now… 😉

brinn - 26 February 2010

Great!! No more unemployment $$ for me….Texas Workforce Commission says it’ll keep paying until they run out, but we’ll see…because I’ve been scraping together part-time work since November, my bennies (no health ins.) have lasted more than most….but hey, $400-500/month can make or break my budget in a HUGE way….*sigh*

Another day, another dollar less….ah, well. I guess I’ll go loot my retirement…there’s less than $5000 in there anyway….my actual retirement got spent when I had my first kid and “made too much” whist working 3 jobs and going to school to qualify for any help.

Hey, but ya know what? It’s Friday, the sun is shining, kids are healthy and happy and we have a roof over our heads and food….I’LL TAKE IT!! 🙂

8. BooHooHooMan - 26 February 2010

Some guy who is Governor in New York
ya know – the guy who was never gonna drop out of his re-election…
finally dropped out of his re-election.

In other news from Homerton, Kansas, Merle’s piglets Li’l Zeke and Harriet got into the corn crib again and wee last seen headed towards town.

marisacat - 26 February 2010

a real hold out right?

I STILL cannot believe he was dumb enough to talk to the woman. UnFUCKINGbelievable.

catnip - 26 February 2010

I wonder if the WH (coughRAHMcough) had anything to do with that leaked story since they didn’t want Paterson to run.

marisacat - 26 February 2010

oh I am sure there is engineering.. but you know, sometimes they deserve the fall, however it comes.

The law firm I worked in, the Managing Director had regular typed reports delivered to him on just about anything that was nto above board inside the firm. The place was rife with spies. Gee and they were only No 10 in the nation, top fve in the city. The mess Johnson was in was too big, repeated behavior, too close to Paterson, that if he did not know what was going on (and I think he did, reported to him by the State Police) it was even worse.

Appalling he talked to the woman himself. Worse that they try to make it look better by saying she called him. Like fishing in the gutter for water.

I am just sick to death of the cosy bullshit that is order of the day with ALL OF THEM. And the cosy bullshit is all they care about.

So, if push continues, the Lt Governor, Ravitz think the name is, will rise.

Til he falls, which Iwould doubt there is time for, election is soon and Ravtiz has never won a state wide election… just a place holder…. And Cuomo, who has played his cards so subtly, will get elected. I assume.

May they all bite each other to death.

9. brinn - 26 February 2010

This is such BULLSHIT!! What the hell ever happened to not using a machete when a scalpel is needed, eh, Barry?

Race to the Fucking Top, indeed. The top of the shit pile.

marisacat - 26 February 2010

This has been very ugly… and Arne almost drooled thru his on camera commentary on the mass firing. I caught film of some school comissioner in RI, mouthign the pieties, “for the childdren”… very Michelle Rhee like. The white version….

Of course we are having mass firings in the SF school system as well…. but … little word of it nationally….

brinn - 26 February 2010

For the children my ass. I have finally had enough of standing on the sidelines and bitching — I enrolled in a alternative teacher certification program with a wonderful woman who actually thinks that teachers should be first and foremost advocates for their students — she says she can have me certificate in hand by summer….going for EC-6 and looking ahead to being not only an advocate for kids but teachers and parents as well……my mantra is accountability where it belongs (admin) no more 6 figure salaries for supers, principals and district “managers”, and actual education for all….

On a slightly related note…The new “Take Time to be a Dad Today” PSAs make my blood boil every time I see them….

marisacat - 26 February 2010

oh good move brinn! and you have tons of energy to bring to it!

Great idea…………

brinn - 26 February 2010

You think? Actually, I think so too, but thanks for saying so!! I am alternately terrified and excited, but either way, I’ve got a fire burning in my gut, and guts to spare…I was thinking the other day that in 2-5 years, I want to open up the Molly Ivins Charter School for Aspiring Citizens of the World. Maybe right across the street from the capitol building downtown.

I think she’d dig it….8)

marisacat - 26 February 2010

I’ve got a fire burning in my gut, and guts to spare

the thing that distinguished Harvey Milk, most of all imo, was his energy. Not ignoring political smarts, of which he had quite a bit, but that energy was the impetus… and being willing to go out there. Who now would debate someone like Briggs (the Briggs amendment, ’76 iirc that would have been a pure witchhunt on gays in academe) from one end of the state to the other.

Now the ”activists” (too many of them) have law degrees and take 6 figure salaries from the “non profit orgs”. Kinda like OB, in Chicago. Etc.

brinn - 26 February 2010

Mcat, did you just compare me to Harvey Milk?!?!? Even if only tangentially, wow.

It’s kinda funny, my mid-life “crisis” has come in the form of a gutload of energy….directing it should be one hell of a ride!! LOL! I’m sooooo ready tho! Have always loved rollercoasters….

brinn - 26 February 2010

Oh, and I actually did consider a law degree (and who knows, I may eventually go get one), but I already have a quarter million dollar student loan debt….and, it long ago occurred to me that ADVOCACY (which, really, is supposed to be what lawyers do…), really effective advocacy, does NOT require a law degree. Hell, I probably at this minute know more about education and labor law than most JDs….

Anyway, thanks for pouring fuel on that fire! Keep it coming! 😉

marisacat - 26 February 2010

oh I have nothing against a law degree, ntohing at all. But aspects f it are a scam. Ya know, like two of them in the WH… (tho she let her accreditation and standing in the BAR die in less than 5 years, LOL).

brinn - 26 February 2010

Yes. EXACTLY like 2 of them int he WH….

And scammers everywhere……I want to make my very own PSA that implores OB to “Take Time to be a Leader Today”…..

marisacat - 26 February 2010

Hoping if I tack this on to thiscomment it will sit at the bottom of the thread.



………………… 🙄

marisacat - 26 February 2010

rent The Times of Harvey Milk, documentary made jsut a few years after he died. I am glad for Milk, that it keeps him alive, but it was weak.

catnip - 26 February 2010

What’s an “alternative” teacher cert program?

brinn - 26 February 2010

Hey catnip! It is a way to get “permission” (a certificate) to teach without having to go through “traditional” channels (for example, 4 years in an “ed school”) — considering I’ve been teaching for 20 years and have a masters in education….I’m an ideal candidate for skipping over the most assinine hoop jumping required! 😉

catnip - 26 February 2010

Oh – I thought if you already had a degree (and you have a masters, no less), you’d still be qualified.

I’ve often thought I should have been a lawyer – but I’m too idealistic for that racket.

10. catnip - 26 February 2010

WH social secretary Desiree Rogers is resigning.

marisacat - 26 February 2010

Good idea.. she can go back to highly/over paid corporate diversity work in Chicago.

Hat hurry door hit ass etc.

BooHooHooMan - 26 February 2010

What a Shame. Her Parties were such fun for
the uninvited ya know~ regular frauds of Washington.

I was hoping she’d stick around for the next clusterfuck or so. I was going to try the old inexplicably moving shrubbery trick at the East Gate.

11. brinn - 26 February 2010

Actually catnip, I have 2 masters degrees, but all that teaching experience is with adults, college students and in foreign countries (Japan, Korea) so, according to the traditional, and now even more so under the new definition(s) of “highly qualified” in the No Child Left Behind (aka, no child or teacher left WITH a behind) act, there are more hoops than ever…

I think I’m going to get in through a window that Ob and Arne are going to close right quick, because you see, here in USAistan, we haven’t ever really been interested in EDUCATING anyone…only schooling them. To be factory workers, consumers, etc.

catnip - 26 February 2010

we haven’t ever really been interested in EDUCATING anyone…only schooling them. To be factory workers, consumers, etc.

And that’s a huge distinction.

Glad you were able to find another path to do what you love (and wish I had some of your energy!) 😉

brinn - 26 February 2010

Thanks! I’m happy to share it — ya’ll keep fueling it the way you have been today and it’ll easily arrive in Canada and SF! 😉

brinn - 26 February 2010

oh, and how could I forget, above all else to respect au-thor-i-TIE (as Cartman would say)….the more arbitrary and ignorant the authority, the more respect it deserves…..

I’m never going to make it as a teacher, am I? I need to get better at covert operations….

marisacat - 26 February 2010

is there still any market in overseas jobs for ESL teachers? (realising iwth a split family, you likely cannot go far away from the childrens’ father).. just htinking of escape hatches.

Jobs at all anywhere teaching adults? In another era of course (50s to 80s), but my godfather managed for years teaching adults, English, English for non reading adults, Drama and related Arts courses, depending on where he was (often at UC Santa Barbara on sort of “visiting” rights) etc, from CCNY to Laney College out here…

brinn - 26 February 2010

Yeah, Marisa, there is….later on maybe, when they’re older. That’s basically what I did in Japan and Korea in the 90s…adults and non-reader, sure plenty of demand, but as is the usual with the jobs that actually produce value, not enough to live on….I keep doing those things too, as I attempt to raise a couple of other value-added humans! 😉

Oh, and my ultimate “escape hatch” has always been moving in with catnip….or somewhere there up north….Denmark?

All ya’ll are the best!

marisacat - 26 February 2010

well Cali, which once was a leader, is shrinking every education system we had or have. Which was extensive. The whole state system, from the University of C to the California State colleges, to the Community colleges… remedial education, as well…. You know we once had a COMPACT with HS grads, or even with GEDs: there would be a place for you in the system….

O V E R.

marisacat - 26 February 2010

well even then, he taught as adjunct to other forms of income earning… sigh. what a struggle.

12. catnip - 26 February 2010

Paterson’s having a presser – says he can’t run for office and run the state at the same time (lame). “I have never abused my office – not now – not ever.”

marisacat - 26 February 2010

no small children to go home to… cuts out that “family” excuse. Probably decided to say little about the son in the news recently ….

Another one DOWN.

13. marisacat - 26 February 2010

hmmm LOL Not to worry! They’ll b e taking the country back any min now.

( Madman sent it to me )

14. marisacat - 26 February 2010

ugh I see this thread is getting itself all scrweed up chronology wise…

Will try to gt a new thread up, within the hour (1pm, now PT).

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