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Pacific ripple 27 February 2010

Posted by marisacat in California / Pacific Coast, Chile - Bachelet, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, San Francisco, The Battle for New Orleans.

According to reports, the Hawaiian authorities are currently evacuating all the coastal areas today ever since the Hawaii tsunami warning was issued.  [UK Today]

It seems whatever tsunami raises itself from the quake is due in Hawai’i later today, Japan tomorrow. I also read projections of 1 metre… some reports of 8 feet.

I noticed it took us, that would be liberal SF, a few minutes to figure out the percussive force in the water was headed in the wrong way, out to sea and away from us… and we finally alerted we would not be affected.  We probably had so many [very dry gin] martinis, our official bird!, on Friday, we had to think long and hard on that one.

From CNN:

Ongoing developments in the Chilean earthquake and the tsunami warnings that followed. All times are local in Chile, which is two hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time in the United States.

(CNN) — 2:36 p.m. — The earliest estimated arrival time for a wave that could affect Hawaii is 11:05 a.m. HST(4:05 p.m. ET), according to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. The center had earlier reported the first wave could arrive at 11:19 a.m. HST.

2:15 p.m. — The government of a Chilean province says a large wave killed three people and 10 were missing on the island of Juan Fernandez, 400 miles off the coast of Chile.

2:02 p.m. — U.S. State Department now says two of its Embassy employees in Santiago are missing, after earlier reporting that all 118 were accounted for.

1 p.m. — Evacuation sirens sounded in Hawaii at 6 a.m. (11 a.m. ET) alerting residents and visitors of a possible tsunami. The earliest estimated arrival for a wave that could affect Hawaii is 11:19 a.m. (4:19 p.m. ET), according to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

12:40 p.m. — Death toll in Chile rises to 122, according to President-elect Sebastian Pinera. ….

From what I read (and see in the pics) the runways are operational at Santiago airport, but the airport is severely damaged.

Well…I have on La Boheme, live from the Met, the mail box a little later should be stuffed with incoming Netflix, but I can promise in other parts of Cali, there is ever growing hope for a killer quake to enable the clearing of the flatlands in the East Bay.  New Orleans model. I am sure they call it something like, “effective triage”…

Someday they get their wish…

‘Til then, and to forget what is coming, blast the opera louder and louder…


UPDATE, 11:07 am on the Pacific

I just saw this at MSNBC

This color-coded map shows earthquakes that have been recorded over the previous seven days. The size of the box indicates the quake’s strength, and the color indicates how recently the quake occurred. Notable quakes include the cluster of red boxes in Chile, and the blue box indicating a seismic event in Japan.

The article manages to be interesting as well, mostly on the Ring of Fire:

[W]hile the Chilean earthquake wasn’t directly related to Japan’s 7.0-magnitude temblor, the two have some factors in common.

For one, any seismic waves that made their way from Japan to the Chilean coast could play a slight role in ground-shaking.

“It is too far away for any direct triggering, and those distances also make the seismic waves as they would pass by from the Haiti or Japan events pretty small because of attenuation,” Arrowsmith told LiveScience. (Attenuation is the decrease in energy with distance.) “Nevertheless, if the Chilean fault surface were close to failure, those small waves could push it even closer.”

In addition, both regions reside within the Ring of Fire, which is a zone surrounding the Pacific Ocean where the Pacific tectonic plate and other plates dive beneath other slabs of Earth. About 90 percent of the world’s earthquakes occur along this arc. (The next most seismic region, where just 5 to 6 percent of temblors occur, is the Alpide belt, which extends from the Mediterranean region eastward.)  snip



1. marisacat - 27 February 2010

[banging head against the wall]

Via Mike Allen Politico email:

Speaker Pelosi talks to Candy Crowley in an interview taped yesterday in her suite at the Capitol, for airing on ‘State of the Union’ tomorrow:

CROWLEY: We looked at our polling numbers, just from yesterday, we had almost three-quarters of Americans who said they need to drop this bill, just stop talking about health care and move on to something else. Or, they need to start new. So, don’t the Republicans have a point?

PELOSI: The point is that we have a responsibility here. And the Republicans have had a field day going out there and misrepresenting what is in the bill. But that is what they do.

CROWLEY: So, it has been method –

PELOSI: But that is what they do.

CROWLEY: You think people don’t understand the bill?

PELOSI: No, I don’t think-there isn’t a bill. When we have a bill, which we will in a matter of days, then that is the bill that we can sell. Our bill, the House and the Senate bill, had major differences which we are hoping now to reconcile.

And then when we have a bill-you-as I say, you can bake the pie, you can sell the pie, but you have to have a pie to sell. And when we do we will take it out there.

I feel very confident about what is in there, because if you are-if you are concerned about having access to health care, as most Americans are around their kitchen tables, then they will have access to health care.

Soon as the pie is done……… we’ll all be done. I think that is what she said….. Yes?

Nancy.. ? Nancy? GO AWAY. SHUT UP.

marisacat - 27 February 2010


NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’: Sen. John McCain (R-AZ); roundtable with White House Office of Health Reform Director Nancy Ann-DeParle, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA), National Urban League President and CEO Marc Morial, roundtable with National Journal’s Ron Brownstein and BBC’s Katty Kay

ABC’s ‘This Week’: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA); Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN); roundtable with ABC’s George Will, ABC’s Cokie Roberts, ABC’s Sam Donaldson and NY Times columnist Paul Krugman (guest host Elizabeth Vargas)

CBS’s ‘Face the Nation’: House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD), Sen. Kent Conrad (D-ND), Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK), Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN); Politico’s Jim VandeHei

‘Fox News Sunday’: Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) and DSCC Chairman Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ); Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI); roundtable with the Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol, NPR’s Mara Liasson, former State Department official Liz Cheney and NPR’s Juan Williams; ‘Power Player of the Week’ with Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

CNN’s ‘State of the Union’: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelsoi (D-CA); Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY)

C-SPAN — ‘Newsmakers’ (10am ET / 6pm ET Sunday): U.S. Rep. George Miller, questioned by the Washington Post’s Perry Bacon and Roll Call’s Steven Dennis … ‘The Communicators’ (6:30pm ET Saturday): Interviews from the Congressional Internet Caucus’ 13th Annual Technology Policy Exhibition including Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT), Matt Mahen of Causes on Facebook, Points of Light Institute’s Whitney Soenksen, AT&T’s Mazin Gilbert, Entertainment Software Association’s Gina Grandinetti, Connected Tennessee’s Michael Ramage, and Yahoo! Vice President of Policy and Head of Privacy Anne Toth … ‘Q&A’ (8pm ET & 11pm ET Sunday): Photographer Kike Arnal, ‘In the Shadow of Power’

Madman in the Marketplace - 27 February 2010

jeebus … so stoopid.

marisacat - 27 February 2010

It is pretty stunning isn’t it……………..

Madman in the Marketplace - 27 February 2010

and idiots like this are affecting the lives of millions.

2. mattes - 27 February 2010

Too close for comfort:

USGS Maps Alaska

marisacat - 27 February 2010

oh for god’s sake:

NBC, msnbc.com and news services

updated 26 minutes ago

SALTA, Argentina – A strong earthquake struck northwestern Argentina on Saturday on the same day that a massive temblor struck neighboring Chile. Authorities reported at least one person was killed.

The 6.3 magnitude quake struck around midday about 15 miles north of the city of Salta, some 800 miles north-northwest of the capital Buenos Aires, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.

An 8-year-old boy died and two other children were injured, a hospital director in Salta told local media.

The quake was a separate event, not an aftershock of the devastating magnitude 8.8 quake that struck Chile, officials said.

catnip - 27 February 2010

You’re in Alaska?

mattes - 27 February 2010

A little lower. But I love it up there.

Still too close for comfort. I have aquariums, and I have visions of cracked glass….

marisacat - 27 February 2010

Don’t look at the film from Dubai…….. of the massive aquarium that cracked… admittedly the story is of little loss of fish (they say) and quick repair of the glass walls.. (they say) but the pouring water is not reassuring.

mattes - 27 February 2010

I have a print of that aquarium on my computer. I am sure it was beautiful in person.

I got roped into setting up a couple aquariums after see some betta fish dying in some little bowls at the pet store.

3. catnip - 27 February 2010

Rick Sanchez (bonehead): “And 9 meters in English is?”

brinn - 27 February 2010

What a waste of space he is….goddes.

catnip - 27 February 2010

I was glad when they switched away from him and over to CNN international earlier. He’s such a drama dork.

marisacat - 27 February 2010

He really is manifestly STUPID.

CSTAR - 28 February 2010

I had to sit at the airport listening to him blabber on the waiting area TV monitor until I remembered I had plain old foam EARPLUGS!

He was saying something absolutely ridiculous about ying and yang of waves. I think what he meant was trough and peak. But he either is really STUPID or many of the people that listen to him are really STUPID.

brinn - 28 February 2010


4. catnip - 27 February 2010
mattes - 27 February 2010
marisacat - 27 February 2010

Hawai’ian Tsunami Warning Cancelled!!


We did have high tide with sand deposits south of here, Santa Cruz!! We did not get big waves but the sea ROSE! Well that is what the 5 pm news is saying.

mattes - 27 February 2010

At this point I am more worried about the next NW earthquake. Alot of activity all the way around.

….make it a little one please.

marisacat - 27 February 2010

well everybody is due… certainly the Hayward fault is right on track for the next one (East Bay, runs along the Bay, thru Oakland)….

Even Mt Vesuvius is due. Every two thousand years … or so. 79 AD….

5. marisacat - 27 February 2010

Rise and fall… rise and fall.

WASHINGTON – President Obama abandoned his defense of Rep. Charles Rangel against a raft of ethics charges Friday as a handful of rank-and-file Dems echoed GOP demands to demand that Rangel give up his chairman’s gavel.

White House officials have privately called Rangel “untouchable” in the past, but Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Obama stressed that “rules are put in place for a reason and that those rules can and must apply to each and every person.”

Obama also said that members of Congress “ought to be accountable,” Gibbs reported, “and that applies to everyone,” including the powerful 79-year-old Harlem Democrat who chairs the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee. …

Read more: LINK

6. catnip - 27 February 2010

WOOHOO! Men’s curling GOLD.

Madman in the Marketplace - 27 February 2010


7. Madman in the Marketplace - 27 February 2010

Boing Boing post w/ links on Chile.

Pretty amazing map from NOAA of the wave propagation from the epicenter across the pacific.

8. NYCO - 28 February 2010

There was one webcam of Hilo Bay that clearly showed the tsunami in progress. It was pretty fascinating to watch the water level cycle up and down about 5-6 times over the period of a half hour… but of course, TV stations thought this was boring and that showing talking heads chattering about “nothing’s happening yet” would be more exciting. If they had stayed on the Hilo Bay cam for just a half hour, everyone would have learned something, but no… everyone wanted Boxing Day Tsunami II.

The Hilo Bay cam will probably show up on Youtube at some point as a timelapse, so look for it. It shows a small island and a bridge.

9. catnip - 28 February 2010

Bad Tattoos

People are strange…

NYCO - 28 February 2010

Wow. Most of those seem like massive, life-ruining errors in judgment… except maybe the Frank-Zappa-picking-his-nose tattoo, which is kinda cool, and might even be better than a tattoo of Zappa flipping the bird.

catnip - 28 February 2010

I cringe at the spelling mistakes. And I don’t know why anyone would have pieces of tacky furniture tattooed (??).

10. catnip - 28 February 2010

All your hockey is belong to us. Go Canada! 1-0

catnip - 28 February 2010


catnip - 28 February 2010


The collective stress of the nation is at an all-time high.

catnip - 28 February 2010

Oh! 2-1

Damn yankee bastards!

catnip - 28 February 2010

ZOMG – 2 minutes left. I’m going into cardiac arrest.

catnip - 28 February 2010

OH NO! Holy Fuck. 2-2 with 24 seconds left!

marisacat - 28 February 2010

I’ve tuned in!!

marisacat - 28 February 2010

To overtime!

catnip - 28 February 2010

I’m gonna need a defibrillator.

catnip - 28 February 2010


Just scared the hell out of my cat who jumped off the couch@!


marisacat - 28 February 2010

ok did the Canadians win? I think they did…

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 February 2010
brinn - 28 February 2010

Not exactly sure what to say about this. Though I will say that my first reaction to reading the story was “ok, eeew, really?”

The whole thing tweaks my BS meters anyway as Plan B is called the “abortion pill” and there is a discussion about “being early enough in my pregnancy” to take it — which is also “misinformation”…

Actually, now that I’ve thought about it. I call bullshit on both of these women.

marisacat - 28 February 2010

but wasn’t it inevitable that with technology, faster and more direct than video put on the internet even, this would happen?

I did nto ask moiv directly about the type of abortion used, which ws RU 486 rather than “morning after” but she was fine with it overall… said anything that demystifies it, abortion by which ever method as a legal sterile freely chosen remedy, other-than-illegal-and-backalley, is all to the good.

I’ve nto watched it and probably won’t I am far too squeamish about ANY medical procedure…

On the other hand, on To the Contrary (PBS, Bonnie Erbe, nto the smartest of shows, frankly) to day, htere was a conservative woman trying to say that 4 and 8 week old fetuses can “live”.

We are way out in science fiction with those types…

12. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 February 2010
brinn - 28 February 2010

It’s all about priorities, eh? Hell, I’d take silver and healthcare any day of the week and twice on Tuesdays…

Great pic!

13. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 February 2010

Future Shock: A Better World Beyond the Imperium

Dissidents and critics of the powers that be are often accused of being negative – tearing things down, undermining, never offering a positive alternative vision. Now, I happen to disagree with this. I believe that people who work in waste management – clearing away the garbage, the poisons, the crap – are just as important to the life and health of a community as, say, an architect who makes the community beautiful, or a teacher who educates the young, or doctors who heal the sick and so on.

But – it so happens that I do have a positive program to offer, a viable, workable, practical approach to many of our problems. This is what my program offers:

Lower taxes
Stronger national security
More jobs
Greater prosperity
Higher wages
Better schools, roads, and health care
Less government
Safer streets

What’s more, this program requires no social upheaval, no political turmoil, no violence – no revolution from either Left or Right. It can be accomplished entirely within the existing political and economic system. It needs no new government powers, no new bureaucracies, no new taxes.

All it requires is simply this: Bring America Home. End our worldwide military empire.

brinn - 28 February 2010

I LOVE, sincerely, Chris Floyd!! Been reading him for a decade now…someday I hope to meet him face to face.

marisacat - 28 February 2010

He’s really had a rough go… I always think, he’s one that if I had some serious extra money to give… it would be in his direction.

14. catnip - 28 February 2010

Holy crap. That was tense!!

catnip - 28 February 2010

I can’t hit reply upthread: Yup! We won!!

catnip - 28 February 2010

Ha – and I was just thinking how overrrated Sidney Crosby was and he scored the winning goal. 🙂

marisacat - 28 February 2010

the Americans look very very ver unhappy…

catnip - 28 February 2010

Yup. There are very few times that silver sucks. That’s one of them.

marisacat - 28 February 2010

Inoticed Finland cut out last night.. no hanging around for the bronze.

I only watched 10 mins or so, but it did seem (from a view point of knowing nuthing about the sport or the teams…) that the US and Canadian teams were well matched.

catnip - 28 February 2010

I don’t watch hockey regularly any more but I do know some of those names. I thought it was a good, clean game – worthy of the Olympic level. But I’d rather watch real amateurs play – not over-payed pros.

marisacat - 28 February 2010

well I did ntoice that it was said a lot of them are racing for the airport to get back to the pro sport and games that are scheduled…

BooHooHooMan - 28 February 2010

..Oh sure, catch a game now and then… 😆

{ From Days of Our Lives: CANADIAN }

{Bhhm , adjusting apron in Catnip’s kitchen,
prepares Mademoiselle’s favorite snack tray to serve her on the exact replica of the Vancouver Olympic Pedestal she had him construct for her by the TV in the living room. }

Exhibit A, my dear. LOL.

15. marisacat - 28 February 2010



…………………………. 😯

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