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Snap shot 5 March 2010

Posted by marisacat in California / Pacific Coast, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

Arlington, Virginia, US: A police officer stops traffic in an area of the Pentagon where two police were shot    Photograph: Win McNamee/Getty Images

That flipped them out a bit, would be my guess. I noticed the shooter came from Hollister here in California.  Mother… directs a health care facility, I think, and father a financial planner.  Gated community, even.

Earlier this week out here, in a case of sexual assault and murder of a 17 year old… The presumed killer, a convicted sexual predator of a 13 year old, was apprehended and is identifed as involved in another assault (she escaped) and possibly a disappearance….

Her family is grieving. But also mystified that this happened to them, as they live in a gated community (it reads like something out of Joan Didion on Cali). Well, their 17 year old stepped outside the gate. She went running in an area he apparently used as a hunting ground.




1. marisacat - 5 March 2010

I bet they smell victory:

USA Today

Well, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs canceled today’s briefing, which means he won’t be talking about today’s big question: Will President Obama decide to try accused 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed and four co-defendants in a military court after all?

That’s what some Obama advisers are recommending, according to news reports.

To be sure, the questions aren’t going away. For example, how will Obama — who, like Holder, said a civilian trial of KSM would show the world the strength of the American justice system — explain such a reversal? What happened to plans to try KSM in Virginia or some other part of the United States? And how would such a decision affect Holder?

Obama’s Republican critics, meanwhile, smell a victory. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said, “the decision to bring the 9/11 plotters into our communities for a civilian trial was a horrible idea in the first place, and no one should be surprised by the growing public opposition.”

“Our military commission system was created on a bipartisan basis for the specific purpose of trying foreign terrorists,” McConnell added.

maybe just issue Ob some knee pads. Nice reinforced leather. Decorated with sport motifs… Good for 2 years and a few months.

Geesh, what is left to say.

2. brinn - 5 March 2010

Oh, please. “a severe pot addiction”?! Who the hell do they think they’re kidding with this shit?

marisacat - 5 March 2010

wasn’t that hilarious? Yup addled, swathed in smoke, pot heads so want to shoot up the Pentagon. yeah right.

brinn - 5 March 2010

Yeah, just precious. Don’t even gt me started on the “nobody’s safe!” “the horror” it was “a GATED community ….”


ts - 5 March 2010

If anything, the pot kept him from going off before he did.

catnip - 5 March 2010

I heard some CNN reporter today say that maybe he was “out of his mind” on pot. lol Who the fuck are these people??

marisacat - 5 March 2010

I admit one of the most addled people I have ever known had smoked a ton of pot (grew his own) AND had drunk way way too much hard liquor for about three decades… but lordy, he just sat and did absolutely nothing.

ts - 5 March 2010

the reporter must have been out of his mind on pot

Madman in the Marketplace - 5 March 2010

don’t they just rush the aisles of the 7-11 looking for more cheetos?

3. marisacat - 5 March 2010

hmm i jsut heard that Massa’s resignation is immediate, effective Monday. Not as simple as not running for reelection……..


marisacat - 5 March 2010

and that mad dog, red white and blue terrier, known as Politico, is on it!

Democratic Rep. Eric Massa will resign from Congress on Monday, only days after reports first surfaced that the freshman New York lawmaker was under investigation by the House ethics committee for allegedly sexually harassing a male staffer.

Massa was preparing the news in the Corning Leader, his local newspaper, but several media outlets were already reporting the news Friday afternoon.

In a statement released Friday, Massa directly addressed the ethics issue for the first time, acknowledging that he used language that might have made staffers uncomfortable. But he did not specifically address any specific sexual harassment allegations.

“I own this reality. There is no doubt in my mind that I did in fact, use language in the privacy of my own home and in my inner office that, after 24 years in the Navy, might make a Chief Petty Officer feel uncomfortable,” Massa said. “In fact, there is no doubt that this Ethics issue is my fault and mine alone. But in the incredibly toxic atmosphere that is Washington D.C., with the destruction of our elected leaders having become a blood sport, especially in talk radio and on the internet, there is also no doubt that an Ethics investigation would tear my family and my staff apart.” ….

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0310/34001.html#ixzz0hLJYQNqu

BooHooHooMan - 5 March 2010

…Massa was preparing the news in the
Corning Leader, his local newspaper, but several media outlets were already reporting the news Friday afternoon. –

Welp. There it is.
Like Great Grandfather Shillelagh always said.
With a perplexing mix of the wistful tear and grimace,
now that I think of it: 😯
Never trust a Navy man from Corning.

marisacat - 5 March 2010

snicker snicker.

NYCO - 6 March 2010

However, Eileen Collins, one of our greatest astronauts (‘naut?) is from Corning.

4. BooHooHooMan - 5 March 2010

Speaking of Pentagon Hits…
of the whole Lone Gunman a Conspiracy Theorist clampdown variety with the Reefer Madness whip cream for munchies provided on top…

Well, whoever this shooter Bedell was, he sure has drawn attention to the circumstances surrounding the death of Marine Col. James Sabow.

Apparently the murder?/suicide? of Col. Sabow caught Bedell’s eye.
Never heard of the guy before this so let’s wade in…

Sabow apparently was a whistle blower at El Toro Air Station over unauthorized use of military aircraft. The chatter is that it was over the brass using it as a drug pipeline. Sabow’s family disputed the DoD official line that he killed himself, Duncan Hunter asked for a review, the DoD paid a consultant who reiterated the official conclusions and that was it. Who knows. WHAT IS interesting is the case occurred in 1991 as Tailhook was engulfing the elites of the Navy and Marine , eh , Flyboys, – ( the Marines were/ still are within the Dept of the Navy).
It’s also interesting to me given what we do know in retrospect – at least surrounding the last packaging of Duke Cunningham.

Duncan Hunter – who was Congressional pointman for the “reinvestigation” into Sabow’s death – was of course the ex mil/ Marine Reserves / transit’d to Hill Hawk who represented San Diego ( read Navy) interests.

Hunter , McCain, and Murtha – another Congressional Marine Reservist – all stood by Navy Flight Operations during Tailhook and were right there for Cunningham later on with the same
Officer and a Gentleman slobber till the very end..
Murtha, BTW, cosponsored the “Flag Desecration Act” with Cunningham in 2001. Just draped themselves in it to further their plunder. Priceless, coming from thieves who burned their country and everyone else’s at the first self serving opportunity.

So yeh Dead Pentagon Shooter Guy, there’s A whole lot of unanswered questions floating around out there.. Seems to me, most all are still begging for answers.

Sources familiar with the situation say Cunningham, a California Republican who pleaded guilty Nov. 28 to taking $2.4 million in bribes—including a yacht, a Rolls Royce and a 19th-century Louis-Philippe commode—from a defense contractor, wore a wire at some point during the short interval between the moment he began cooperating with the feds and the announcement of his guilty plea on Nov. 28.

We never got an answer to that although Murtha’s investigation DID heat up since 2005. Maybe he got to Murtha wearing a wire, but friend or no friend in hot water, I suspect Old Jack from Johnstown’s m.o. was to
have your driver drop ya off nude three blocks from the end of the drive before we hit the sauna under the Cone of Silence to ~
~ya know ~ talk.

The identity of those with whom the San Diego congressman met while wearing the wire remains unclear, and is the source of furious—and nervous—speculation by congressional Republicans.

{ Ha! MURTHA got the Bowel problem! – BHHM}

A Cunningham lawyer, K. Lee Blalack, refused to confirm or deny the story, and wouldn’t say whether Cunningham will implicate any other members of Congress. The FBI is believed to be continuing its probe of defense contractors involved in the Cunningham case. An FBI spokesman declined comment. Asked whether Cunningham, an ace Navy fighter pilot decorated for his service in Vietnam, had worn a wire, the spokesman said the response from a higher-up was, “Like I’d tell you.”

I have no illusions where these things end up, tho, they all get buried in the end, like the dead Colonel/ Whistleblower Sabow ,
and this young guy Bedell with what they’re already characterizing as pot shots on the perimeter.

BTW…Cunningham is slated for release…in THREE YEARS.

marisacat - 5 March 2010

wow… more to it than a mil guy who may have suicided OR may have been clubbed todeath. When I poked, just a little at Sabow, I wondered what happened in 91………….TAILHOOK. I had forgotten…..

Weren’t there rumors of “Duke” Cunningham being GAY. Ghey? or some related state of being…….?

Right right, let’s keep track of the poor unwed mothers. Immediately.

Madman in the Marketplace - 5 March 2010

who can remember all of the scandals that end up just going nowhere? So many have so much to gain from burying so much shading dealings.

BooHooHooMan - 5 March 2010

Definitely. Wiki had this pic of evidence, the “Bribe Menu” in Cunninghams case.
The guy running an action item list with the amounts of the bribes that were attached to each….I’d love to see this exposed with specificity over who he was conspiring with in Congress and the Bureaucracy on each and every one of these things…

I mean the lists of shit the guy was running – and he’s just ONE – are astounding…especially considering we can add extrajudicial killings ,
assassinations for HIRE to the list, too.

From CQ, picked up only last summer:

“He wondered why they couldn’t develop something like Operation Wrath of God,” Israel’s revenge for the murder of its athletes by Palestinian terrorists at the 1972 Munich Olympics, the official said. According to many accounts, Mossad tracked them down one by one and assassinated them.

The official said he particularly remembered Cunningham badgering George Tenet, CIA director from 1997 to 2004, and Douglas Feith, who supervised the Pentagon’s Office of Special Plans in the George W. Bush administration, to set up an assassination capability.

“He would wax philosophical about it — this is how the Israelis do it,” said the official, who asked for anonymity in exchange for candor about matters that may still be classified.

Release in 2013. Offshore Bank accounts secured.
I hope he dies of sepsis like his buddy Murtha did.

BooHooHooMan - 5 March 2010

I missed all that stuff.
I thought you were joking about the Dukester and the rumors he was a Packer Fan… ….Well Maybe Not! *

I was thinking of the Birthday Suit protocols if he was to talk to Murtha on a wire more about a fondness on Jack’s part for the freedom to futher felonies than the freelance freeball free for all among filching friends.

Oh what the hell fellahs, I’d say…just layoff the carpet bombing, the village pillaging , the napalm and the like.

ANYWAYS, 😆 among those links, Wonkette had a piece about it back in the day… Linking to a Washington Blade piece that seems to have been nuked from the Web. DU had picked up on it too… As I recall Cunningham was a bit of the Liberace in collecting. Which in my book there’s only one thing worse than bad interior design, – oh yeh and the Death Merchantry – it’s teh bad GAYZ interior design.

With all that talent out there?


* Fixed the link — Mcat

marisacat - 5 March 2010

oh I was sure the Dukester was rumored to be gay……….. when he was not being a mil hero. Etc.

Same old same old.

marisacat - 5 March 2010

😳 first link failed…………..

5. BooHooHooMan - 5 March 2010

Joe Glenton….
heads to jail over courts martial.

British soldier jailed for refusing to fight in AfghanistanLondon, England (CNN) — A British soldier who went absent without leave rather than return to fight in Afghanistan was jailed Friday for nine months by a military court, officials said.

A Ministry of Defence spokesman confirmed that Lance Corp. Joe Glenton had been convicted by a military judge at a court martial in Colchester, southeast England,

Glenton, who completed a seven-month tour of duty in Afghanistan in 2006, became an outspoken critic of British military operations in the country during his absence, frequently appearing at anti-war rallies and on television.

In an interview last July, the 27-year-old told CNN that he was not a conscientious objector, but was refusing to return because he felt the 2001 invasion and subsequent conflict against Taliban militants was not a legitimate use of force.

“The situation in Afghanistan and our involvement is further antagonizing the Muslim population of the world,” Glenton said.

“I think the conflict has become part of the problem, not part of the solution.”

Award THAT guy a Peace Prize.

marisacat - 5 March 2010

Award THAT guy a Peace Prize.

Don’t be silly. I am SURE he has not called for a world with war but without nuclear weapons. ONLY Obling can do that.

6. marisacat - 5 March 2010

There is a bishop diddling you, whether you know it or not………

This year, the issue is particularly acute for Democrats from places like Ohio and Pennsylvania whose districts have large Catholic populations because the church’s political arm opposes the restrictions that were included in last year’s Senate bill. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops exerted hefty influence on the House bill last fall and forced Pelosi to accept much tougher restrictions than she favored in the form of Stupak’s amendment. That process left much of her caucus angry in the wake of such an otherwise-historic accomplishment.

The speaker made that concession four months ago, when the issue still wasn’t on everyone’s radar. Outside groups have used the intervening period to make sure everyone knows the fight will be about this time.

Pressure from groups, like National Right to Life and the Catholic Bishops, make it harder for the speaker and her leadership team to pick up the votes they need to pass a bill. …

Read more: LINK

Madman in the Marketplace - 5 March 2010

wall of separation my ass …

7. marisacat - 5 March 2010

Well… can this day get juicier? I saw this by accident while perusing the photos of Jay Z and Beyonce playing in the Situation Room on Wednesday… (no they really did…)

VATICAN CITY- One of Pope Benedict’s ceremonial ushers and a member of an elite choir in St Peter’s Basilica have been implicated in a gay prostitution ring, in the latest sexual scandal to taint the Vatican.

[”… the latest” ….! They get it! – Mcat]

Ghinedu Ehiem, a Nigerian, was dismissed by the Vatican on Wednesday from the Giulia Choir after his name appeared in transcripts of police wiretaps, published by an Italian newspaper, in an unrelated Italian investigation.

The wiretaps were carried out in connection with a probe into corruption in contracts to build public works, including the planned venue in Sardinia of last year’s G8 summit. The summit was eventually moved to the Abruzzo region as part of efforts to help it recover from an earthquake.

Among four people arrested last month in the corruption probe was Angelo Balducci, a engineer who is a board member of Italy’s public works department and a construction consultant to the Vatican. Balducci was arrested on corruption charges and the allegations of prostitution emerged only later.

Balducci is also a member of an elite group called “Gentlemen of His Holiness,” ushers who are called to serve in the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace on major occasions such as when the pope receives heads of state or presides at big events.

“Gentlemen of His Holiness” carried the coffin of the late Pope John Paul at his funeral in 2005.

Excerpts of the wiretaps and police documents published in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica showed that Ehiem, 40, had been in regular contact with Balducci before Balducci’s arrest last month and the subject of their conversation was gay sex. ….

Read more: NYDN link

marisacat - 5 March 2010

a little farther down…………… scream with laughter!!

So… following what the church does and struggling to be logical………… I guess only sex engaged in by a WOMAN that leads to unmarried procreation that then is ABORTED is the REALLY BIG SIN? Seems to be what they think. Where the Holy Magick Prick goes, gay or straight, is…….. divine… I guess … Yes I think I have got it!!

Wiretap transcripts published by La Repubblica showed that among the men Ehiem allegedly procured for Balducci were seminarians. In one, Balducci is quoted as asking Ehiem: “At what time does he have to return to the seminary?”

marisacat - 5 March 2010

Irish Times on the gay prostitution scandal.

Vatican sources pointed out that Mr Ehiem was neither a priest nor a seminary student, but a lay member of the choir.

The revelations came to light during investigations into Angelo Balducci, former head of the Italian office of public works, who was arrested last month on suspicion of corruption. This related to the awarding of a series of public contracts for major events such as last year’s G8 Summit in La Maddalena, Sardinia (later moved to L’Aquila), the 2009 World Swimming Championships, and next year’s 150th anniversary celebrations of the Unity of Italy.

Phone taps of the last two years reveal that Mr Balducci regularly contacted two men, Mr Ehiem and Lorenzo Renzi, to ask them to set up “appointments” for him, “appointments” for which he would pay up to €2,000.

Mr Balducci would ask for a description of his “escort”, and would be furnished with details of the man’s height, weight, skin colour, age and sexual availability.

Transcripts of Mr Balducci’s conversations suggest that his “escorts” came from many different backgrounds, with some being illegal immigrants who badly needed money ….

AND a bit more on what “Papal Gentlemen” do………………

Papal Gentlemen are those lay attendants of the pope who serve in the papal household, in the Apostolic Palace and in St Peter’s on ceremonial occasions.

marisacat - 5 March 2010

There is quite a bit of commentary around on the Photo used by the Guardian for their report….

Yes they had fun, it sure looks like th papal fellating conga line.

marisacat - 5 March 2010

From the Guardian…

The transcripts imply that over a period of around five months in 2008, Ehiem procured for Balducci at least 10 contacts with, among others, “two black Cuban lads”, a former male model from Naples, and a rugby player from Rome.

Balducci’s lawyer, Franco Coppi, said tonight: “I have no comment. First, because we have more serious questions to tackle. Second, if these claims are correct, they regard his private life. It is disgraceful that these transcripts, which have nothing to do with the case, should have been spread about.”

In January this year, the Carabinieri recorded an exchange in which Balducci and Ehiem discuss a seminarian, or student for the priesthood. Balducci is said to have asked: “Listen, have you spoken with the seminarian by any chance?” Ehiem says he is “probably at mass or something”. On 11 January, Ehiem calls again to recommend “a colleague, a friend” of the seminarian because the latter is unavailable. He says the colleague is “better, taller, a bit taller than you”. Later, Ehiem asks: “Can I send [him] around straight away?”

He asks where Balducci is. The adviser says: “Up at the seminary … where the cardinal lives.” Ehiem replies: “He could get there within half an hour … the time it takes to catch a taxi and get there.”

The Guardian says Ehiem is 29, anotehr report said he has been a chorister with the Capelli Guilia for 19 years. Hmmm at the Vatican since he was 10? I am sure that is entirely possible.

Balducci has his hands everywhere:

Balducci is also a senior adviser to the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples, the department that oversees the Roman Catholic church’s worldwide missionary activities.

Madman in the Marketplace - 5 March 2010

so THAT’S why they call them LAY attendants.

marisacat - 5 March 2010

geesh total gay sex brothel. what a hooot……………..

the bad part (other than massive hypocrisy of course) is the one report (so far) that says Eheim pimped undocumented workers, as well… who needed money badly.

Madman in the Marketplace - 5 March 2010

exploiting the poor … something that they’ve perfected over the centuries.

BooHooHooMan - 6 March 2010

Holy Hell. I take a Friday night snooze and the Vatican
goes all Gold Body Paint Debauchery like Kevin Bacon,
Tommy Lee Jones, Joe Peshe and the Classic nipple twisties and poppers orgy in Oliver Stone’s JFK. In other words, the usual.

😆 RFLMAO. 😆 “Gentleman of His Holiness”.
My Gawd- they got honorifics in there I’ve never even heard of.

Oh and the
What time do the Seminarians have to be back by curfew??
So courtly. LOL

marisacat - 6 March 2010

ain’t it a hoot?

8. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 March 2010

Does the Obama Administration Even Want to Win in November?

Increasingly, senior administration officials shrug when you mention the November mid-term elections. “We did all we could,” and “it’s not our fault” is the line; their point being that if jobs (miraculously at this point) come back quickly, the Democrats have a fighting chance — but not otherwise.

It may be true, at this point, that there is little fiscal policy can do that would have effects fast enough; and monetary policy is out of the administration’s hands.

But ever so quietly, you get the impression the Obama team itself is not so very unhappy — they know the jobs will come back by 2012, they feel that Republican control of the House will just energize the Democratic base, and no one will be able to blame the White House for getting nothing done from 2010 on.

When you push them on this issue, they snap back, “Well, what do you want us to do? What’s the policy proposal that we are not pursuing?” But this is exactly the wrong way to think about the issue.

The point is that the administration has lost control over the narrative. Why have we lost 8 million jobs since December 2007? Why will debt-GDP rise by 40 percentage points relative to what the CBO baseline would have been? Who is responsible for this deep global disaster?

The president has only addressed this head-on once — when he launched the Volcker Rule in January. That was a good moment, grabbing attention and focusing it in a productive direction. But it proved fleeting — Secretary Geithner was spinning it away within 7 hours — and there has been no follow-up in terms of clear political messages.

There’s no story in the culture about what the big banks did and why. There is no attempt from the top to push through the key message for the day — financial reform — and to explain what this can do and how. The administration, in effect, is not even trying.

The inner team apparently thinks that 2012 will go just fine — as long as unemployment is down around 6 percent. And, they reason, the people who lose their seats this November won’t be around to complain.

marisacat - 5 March 2010

I am guessing not. Other wise the bullshit going on makes no sense.

marisacat - 5 March 2010

Sorry… after listening to Eliz Warren last night on with Charlie Rose… the Dems should nto be too sure of ANYTHING. Nor will the R allow the handmaiden party to just stoke their base.

But ever so quietly, you get the impression the Obama team itself is not so very unhappy — they know the jobs will come back by 2012, they feel that Republican control of the House will just energize the Democratic base, and no one will be able to blame the White House for getting nothing done from 2010 on.

Eliz Warren painted a dark picture of the banking and commerical RE mess to come, both of which we have been warned about out here… She said just under 3,000 banks are at liability for commercial RE loans that will hit in 11, 12 and 13… AND thsoe same 3000 banks are the ones that do Small Business lending, mostly.


Madman in the Marketplace - 5 March 2010

may they all spontaneously combust.

9. mattes - 5 March 2010

Caught part of that. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have time to see the whole thing. Just the last couple of months, I’ve seen more open store fronts. I can only imagine what’s ahead.

Consumers are tapped out. Even Walmart is down.

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 March 2010

I tossed up a quick piece about Arizona no longer having places to shit on the side of the road.

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 March 2010
marisacat - 5 March 2010

imagine what they are doing in Africa….

NYCO - 6 March 2010

In Africa the Catholics just stand back and let the genocidaires take care of everything.

marisacat - 6 March 2010

Oh there is always room for the good works of the Catholic church, genocidaires or not. Condoms and opposing abortion. Always handy in league with poverty and war. And I am sure the factions of the church that cling to exorcism just love the witchcraft and possession myths in the various groups.

Disgusting, all of it.

Madman in the Marketplace - 5 March 2010

however, some Catholics won’t stand for this outage!

A young child at a Boulder pre-school has been kicked out for an awful crime. The child was enrolled in a Catholic preschool, and also has two mommies. I’ll leave you to guess which of those two is the awful crime.

marisacat - 5 March 2010

No Wholly Magickal Prick in that deal.

12. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 March 2010
13. marisacat - 6 March 2010

LOL so orchestrated.

[T]he president and his health secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, met the chief executives of four of the largest U.S. health insurance companies — Aetna Inc, Cigna Corp, UnitedHealth Group Inc and WellPoint Inc — at the White House this week.

“They couldn’t give me a straight answer as to why they keep arbitrarily and massively raising premiums — by as much as 60 percent in states like Illinois,” Obama said in his weekly radio and Internet address.

“If we do not act, they will continue to do this.” ….

14. marisacat - 6 March 2010

On and on it goes………… where it ends!?… well, it ends in WAR! Not too hard to figure that one out! (and some thought Ob was a peacenik, of sorts 😆 … 😈 )

[A]nd liberal arms control activists worry that Obama’s 2011 budget – which would spend more on nuclear weapons labs and related activities than the United States did at the height of the Cold War, even adjusted for inflation—goes too far to assuage the concerns of the defense secretary and leaders of the nuclear weapons complex.

“Increasing funds for nuclear weapons appears to conflict with a vision of a world without them,” former Office of Management and Budget analyst Robert Civiak said.

Asked directly about whether Obama and Gates had squared up their past differences [what differences?! -Mcat], White House officials dismissed the question as premature ahead of the release of the policy review.

“The NPR is still being worked,” National Security Council Chief of Staff Denis McDonough said in response to questions from POLITICO.

Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell said the Obama administration’s overall approach is in line with Gates’ views. Gates “still believes in the fundamental goals of ensuring warhead safety, security, and reliability, and believes we need a modern infrastructure to support that. Those investments are in the budget,” the spokesman said. “The RRW [Reliable Replacement Warhead] program was killed by Congress, and isn’t coming back. Sec. Gates recognizes that fact.” ….

Read more: Link to Politico

15. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 March 2010

CNN is just hammering on the pot use by the Pentagon shooter this morning.

marisacat - 6 March 2010

I heard one report he was a Medical MJ card holder. And arrests in Reno not that long ago, characterised as “drugs charges”… haven’t had a chance to plow thru that.

All very handy this is……….. what else is new.

Madman in the Marketplace - 6 March 2010

they’re just clinging to “crazy stoner”.

Sometimes I wonder if the media, and many Americans, allowed the word “terrorist” to describe someone “like them”, they would just shatter.

16. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 March 2010
17. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 March 2010

Hannah Giles Legal Defense Fund Is Looking for Donors

Here’s a fundraising letter sent by the Liberty Legal Institute’s Hannah Giles Legal Defense Fund to offset legal costs incurred by Giles — the star of last year’s ACORN sting — as a result of a lawsuit filed against her by ACORN and some of its former employees. The mailing was produced by Base Connect, a firm that does work for Republican campaigns.

The letter is a hoot.

18. marisacat - 6 March 2010

Hey hey… you too can take the country back! (back to where, now THAT is the question!)…

But don’t let the long haired dachsunds lead the charge. Join up!

my 11 year old retarded shaggy red dachshund maximilian paine
got this e mail today

–talk about pressing the gibets —

” Dear max,

Sick of Tea Parties?
Now It’s Our Turn.

Sick of all the fawning Tea Party media coverage?.

From June 7-9, Join Markos Moulitsas, Arianna Huffington, Van Jones, Leo Gerard, Donna Edwards, Katrina van den Heuvel and many other progressive leaders
and activists …will storm Washington to set the record straight. Join us at America’s Future Now!

Click here for Early Bird registration. ….

Yes Markos and van den Heuval and Borosage and and and are out recruiting. Or something.

19. marisacat - 6 March 2010



…………………… 8)

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