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Oh… say whatever! 22 March 2010

Posted by marisacat in 2010 Mid Terms, 2012 Re Election, DC Politics, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

A rare white blackbird that was seen by amateur birdwatcher Fiona Crofts in her back garden in Deeping St James, near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

A rare white blackbird that was seen by amateur birdwatcher Fiona Crofts in her back garden in Deeping St James, near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire Picture: PA

I listened to John Garamendi who used to be our (Dem party) Insurance Commissioner out here, iirc he served in that position more than once.. then Lt Governor… then he dropped out of the Governor’s race this year to take the vacated Tauscher House seat over in the East Bay…

expounding on the Big New Bill That Will Save Us All..

Then later I listened to Barbara Boxer on the same bill.  They contradicted themselves, they contradicted each other (on separately, on local KGO talk radio).  At times they said whatever!!

Retail politics, a dead art. 

‘Cuz it does not matter! 

Shovel shit to the sheep!!   Shovel some more!

Buy Popcorn!  Get comfy!  This can only get better!



1. marisacat - 22 March 2010

Run for the hills… Drip meets drool.

Nancy on with Diane Sawyer.

You can guess, la Nan talked to god in church — about it all. How great it was… yada yada … great… great… she’s great, blah blah John Lewis, yada yada, Civil Rights, blah blah blah.


2. diane - 22 March 2010

did she bring that hideous hammer she just pounded down on the populace?

the sick thing is that the likely amount of money spent on that ENDGAME HAMMER is far more than the amount of money so many elderly folk have left over at the end of the month after living a lifetime believing that their government cares about them.

and Ditto, for the young folk living on their own, for the first time.

marisacat - 22 March 2010

it’s left over from the medicare win in 65 or 66….

diane - 22 March 2010

ahh, so they put out an enormous amount of energy on turning something beneficent into something maleficent, that’s even worse than the assumption they forked out money on it.

marisacat - 22 March 2010

well you know, they are pretending this era might be anything like a past era when 40 million elderly moved on to Medicare – over 11 months.

diane - 22 March 2010

I’ve nothing to add to that, other than mutual contempt, dismay, and anger.

marisacat - 22 March 2010

just as an example, ”fixes” to the medicare part ”d” doughnut hole stretch out TEN years… to 2020


3. ts - 22 March 2010

Mandates don’t go into effect until 2014. That will give me time to flee the country.

marisacat - 22 March 2010

that’s right, that is when the penalties and the requirement for coverage kick in.

I heard in an interview with a very left consumer watchdog, as long ago as almost a year, that the ONLY thing really being actively worked on in DC was the whole mandate/penalty/IRS aspect.

Just lovely.

catnip - 22 March 2010

That will give me time to flee the country.

lol (sorta)

I feel for you guys. (And I may have to start a boarding house.)

marisacat - 22 March 2010

I heard today that Canada denies immigration [to Canada] if a person’s medical costs excede something like 3500.00 per annum.

I have no argument with that at all… but it was a caller to KGO and no cite was provided…

have you ever heard that?

diane - 22 March 2010

in addition, wasn’t there a certain savings in the bank and employment requirement?

guess some of us will have to sneak across that border to hang wit da catnip……………

marisacat - 22 March 2010

oh for Canadian immigration?

yes most countries have various requirements…

diane - 22 March 2010

speaking of which, was it something I missed or was it a slithery display of timing that Sundays Immigration Marches, of Thousands, were superced by our recent Gifting?

marisacat - 22 March 2010

yeah it all seemed very pat. Sounds like Luis Guitteriez, who knows ObRama frm Chicago, was “persuaded” to trade hsi vote for Health, for promises to do with immgration reform…………….down the line.


I’d be surrpsied if there is much immgration ”reform” beyond what suits the US Chamber of Commerce… and DiFi and others who stay involved in immigration.

To be honest, I doubt many Hispanics in congress care at all. They just appear to agitate to work the scams of getting out the vote, back home.

catnip - 22 March 2010

wasn’t there a certain savings in the bank and employment requirement?

I don’t know all of the rules. I guess it depends on what kind of residency you’re going for. Here’s Immigration Canada’s site.

diane - 22 March 2010

Thanks catnip. Actually I wouldn’t immigrate anywhere unless I had no family and loved ones left here, and if it was at that point, I’d likely just go somewhere warmer to minimize food and energy bills (I really liked Hawaii and the native Hawaiins). Fairly recently I moved a distance away (and then back again), and due to the times, that distance really hurt and had me in fear of separation.

marisacat - 22 March 2010

Food is very high in Hawai’i. EVERYTHING, nearly all but local produce, has to be shipped in. Not just food, lots of things are extremely high priced.

diane - 22 March 2010

I know, but I was thinking of fruit trees (blush, just the blemished fruits)…..and warm nights if one ends up roofless…

diane - 22 March 2010

I’d be surpsied if there is much immgration ”reform” beyond what suits the US Chamber of Commerce… and DiFi and others who stay involved in immigration.

Yeah and that National Employee ID card Schumer and Graham have in the cooker under the auspices of Immigration Reform:


Lawmakers working to craft a new comprehensive immigration bill have settled on a way to prevent employers from hiring illegal immigrants a national biometric identification card all American workers would eventually be required to obtain.


I thought that timing, where the Historic Event totally overshadowed those marches, was really suspect, and vicious, if it was deliberate, since I doubt many among that population can easily schedule (take time off) and put together the resources for such an event.

catnip - 22 March 2010

I don’t know what the limit is but here are the restrictions under medical inadmissibility:

Applicants may be denied a Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa solely on medical grounds, if:

* Their condition would endanger the health or safety of the Canadian population at large; or
* Their admission might cause excessive demand on existing social or health services provided by the government. *

* The excessive demand component is waived under the Family Sponsorship category of Canada immigration for the spouse, common-law partner, conjugal partner and dependent children of the Sponsor. The Sponsored person(s) still may be refused if their condition is considered to be a danger to Canadian public health or safety.

I’ll see if I can find a dollar amount…

marisacat - 22 March 2010

oh thanks for that catnip!

catnip - 22 March 2010
ts - 23 March 2010

I’ve got that covered – my wife is Taiwanese. They modeled their health care system after Canada’s, and the cost is
around 6% of GDP
. I had the privilege of being treated for tonsillitis there and the bill was $40 (would have been $10 if I was a citizen).

I always tell my wife I married her for her green card.

marisacat - 23 March 2010

They have to take you in!

ts - 23 March 2010

Citizenship only takes 15-17 years now, down from 20-25.

4. diane - 22 March 2010

“doughnut hole” always reminds me of powerful Dems (and, as usual, that pistol, Feinstein and CALIFORNIA……….), and that bleak FALL of 2003, which followed, that even bleaker, ‘Spring’ of 2003, when we all became somehow complicit in a GHASTLY SHEDDING OF BLOOD …

Blood which hasn’t stopped flowing …

will it ever?

marisacat - 22 March 2010

well it never did in the past, it never ended post WW2, so why would it in the future?

diane - 22 March 2010

can’t answer that other than to say an asteroid? something

diane - 22 March 2010

(what’s worse, the one who came up with a hideous ‘concept,’ or the one who supported it, while, all the while, avowed they were fighting it?

at a minimum, at the end of the day?

no difference.)

5. marisacat - 22 March 2010

ms_xeno sent me this… a rational statement from the physicians backing single payer


catnip - 22 March 2010

Ramen. Thanks for that.

6. diane - 22 March 2010

Great ‘statement’ from those physicians, and these realities they experessed, couldn’t be highlighted enough:

“….It didn’t have to be like this. Whatever salutary measures are contained in this bill, e.g. additional funding for community health centers, could have been enacted on a stand-alone basis.

Similarly, the expansion of Medicaid – a woefully underfunded program that provides substandard care for the poor – could have been done separately, along with an increase in federal appropriations to upgrade its quality.

But instead the Congress and the Obama administration have saddled Americans with an expensive package of onerous individual mandates, new taxes on workers’ health plans, countless sweetheart deals with the insurers and Big Pharma, and a perpetuation of the fragmented, dysfunctional, and unsustainable system that is taking such a heavy toll on our health and economy today.

This bill’s passage reflects political considerations, not sound health policy. As physicians, we cannot accept this inversion of priorities. We seek evidence-based remedies that will truly help our patients


ms_xeno - 23 March 2010

I’m still steaming about that patronizing shit I read last week in Blogland. I think my next post is gonna’ be titled “Credential THIS, Assholes!” since the various and sundry passive-agressive versions of Show us your credentials and prove you have done as much as our champions to SAAAAAVE healthcare, Peons! seem to have popped up all over the place– like flaming dog turds with dandelions blooming out the center.

I’d really like to believe that they’re all getting some kind of recompense for the shit they post– even the lesser bloggers. It would almost make more sense than them just prostrating themselves like this out of their grand and noble looooove for Obama’s America.

marisacat - 23 March 2010

the thugs at Dkos perfected that to shut down even conversation. If you had not run, were not planning to run for at least Precinct Captain you were not accredited to speak.

yeah a political forum. No, a thug salon.

I notice it is a favored technique of the operatives and wanna bes.

AND I am certain cash was spread around to the blogs in the recent weeks. Very easy to drop a few thousand here or there via this or that PAC.

It was YEARS ago that Feingold dropped 2K (snicker! from his Patriot’s PAC) on MyDD, of all places, that stock tout and star gazer shit boy, otherwise known as Jerome. Etc.

marisacat - 23 March 2010

oh which is not to say manyw ould not do it for FREE.

They so fell in wuv with the Big B and the Big O (didja see the signature?! SO high schoolish… so juvenile …etc)

diane - 23 March 2010

Credential THIS, Assholes!

Sure hope those drycleaning bills for the patronizing spittle spewn on their traditional “Progressive” Mandarin robes weren’t too high.

And “Credential THIS, Assholes!” rolls right off the tongue, will keep my eyes open for it ms xeno.

7. marisacat - 23 March 2010

oh gah.

KGO overnight is full throttle assassination masturbation.


8. marisacat - 23 March 2010

apropos of nothing… From the latest Harper’s index:

officials repudiated a claim by U.S. general and former
NATO commander John Sheehan that the gayness of the Dutch
army had rendered it unable to defend Srebrenica against
the Serbs, and the Vatican was investigating the daily
appearances in Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina, of the
Virgin Mary, who is crowned with stars and floats upon a
cloud. Pope Benedict XVI wrote a letter to Ireland to
apologize for the sexual abuse of children by Church
leaders, and a lawyer in Oregon was planning to release
the Boy Scouts’ “perversion files,” a secret archive of
1,000 documents identifying Scout molesters. A cable
network in North Carolina played two hours of porn on the
Kids On Demand channel. A South London fox was accused of
stealing from a shallow grave and devouring the corpse of
a pauper infant. “The rule,” explained a local
gravedigger, “is four babies per grave.” …

All things considered, let’s go soft on the fox in London…

marisacat - 23 March 2010

hmm another tidbit… not the first time I have read of Caucasian or European features far afield, but the manner of burial is fascinating:

[Y]ellow dust
coated Beijing, and archaeologists in the Chinese
autonomous region of Xinjiang uncovered the burial grounds
of an unnamed people with European features who died
nearly four millennia ago and whose mummies were buried
upside down in boats, in the desert, beneath graves marked
by tall, phallic poles. ….

9. catnip - 23 March 2010

Moving Rosa Parks (and other women) to the back of the bus: Nancy Pelosi: The most powerful woman in American history

Tunnel vision reigns supreme.

marisacat - 23 March 2010

It was a very embarrassing in terview.

2 aging children … as I said, drip meets drool.

10. catnip - 23 March 2010

The Obama slobberation by Biden during this bill signing is nauseating.

11. marisacat - 23 March 2010

What a stupid day… Pretzel has Biden rambling and slobbering with compliments to him…

I think he just declared him pharoah. From sea to shining sea…

I realise I am not in good enugh health for such a display.

Now he is quoting VIRGIL.


Save us from them!!!

catnip - 23 March 2010

What’s with all of those pens? Is he colouring?

marisacat - 23 March 2010

They sign an [cough] historic bill with a lot of pens, so they can give them out.

party favors.

catnip - 23 March 2010

Maybe they should hand out aspirin.

lucid - 23 March 2010

The pharma lobby won’t let them do that…

catnip - 23 March 2010

They might if the aspirins were taxpayer-subsidized. 🙂

marisacat - 23 March 2010

apparently Biden called the bill “a big fucking deal” on an open mic.

12. catnip - 23 March 2010
13. ts - 23 March 2010

I’m wondering if this whole thing is just a tit-for-tat for what the GOP designed on the 2001 tax cuts. If you recall, they were all supposed to expire in 2011, which seems to be a pretty good judgement as to when to put the booby trap into effect. Now Obama gets to decide whether to repeal this $1 trillion boondoggle right around the time he’s gearing up for what might be a tough re-election fight with a weak economy and the Dems holding a much more tenuous hold on Congress (if they don’t lose one house outright this year).

Much like the tax cuts for the GOP, the Dems get “credit” for the bill, but the tough decision will have to be made in 2014, when the GOP may have both houses back and maybe even the WH. It will be quite the political poser for whoever is in charge. I’m guessing when Uncle Sam startes sending out collection notices, the popularity of this thing is going right down the crapper.

I’m guessing and hoping that this is out of the Clinton playbook: pass something you’ll know will get repealed and then claim credit for “trying”.

marisacat - 23 March 2010

the sub text to the Obama game imo, the ftermath, was always going to be:

Well, he TRIIIIED!!!!! he did! He really really did!!

Which ever scenario they work it thru.

I think as it happens that line of play also works for the Biden sort, the HIllary sort, etc. For years into decades tey will be saying,

Well I TRIIIIED to help him, you know. It did nto HAVE to turn out this way!

Scams what ams.

catnip - 23 March 2010

Oh, but this will all be fixed just like NAFTA!

14. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 March 2010

Another Senseless Drug War Death

Hours before Ayers was killed, police say Johanna Barrett sold undercover officer Chance Oxner $50 worth of crack cocaine. According to an interview Barrett gave to the North Georgian newspaper shortly after Ayers’ death, the pastor had seen her walking near a gas station on her way back to an extended-stay motel where she was living with her boyfriend. Ayers, who had known Barrett for a number of years, offered her a ride back to the motel and gave her the money in his pocket, $23, to help pay her rent.

The police were trailing Barrett at the time. But instead of apprehending her at the motel, they instead followed Ayers, the stranger they’d just seen give her a ride and hand her some cash.

Ayers then pulled into a nearby gas station to withdraw money from an ATM. Shortly after he got back into his car, a black Escalade tore into the parking lot. Three officers, all undercover, got out of the vehicle and pointed their guns at Ayers. The pastor, understandably, attempted to escape. As he pulled out of the station, Ayers grazed Officer Oxner with his car. Officer Billy Shane Harrison then opened fire, shooting Ayers in the stomach. (You can watch surveillance video of the altercation here.) Ayers continued to drive, fleeing the parking lot for about a thousand yards before eventually crashing his car. He died at the hospital.

Ayers’ last words to his family and medical staff were that he thought he was being robbed. The police found no illicit drugs in his car, and there was no trace of any illegal substance in his body.

If the story ended there, it would merely be enough to boil your blood. These officers jumped from an SUV waving their guns commando-style over a possible $50 drug transaction. Worse, the man they pounced upon wasn’t the target of their investigation.

marisacat - 23 March 2010

Don’t waste time being an actual humanist much less christian. Not with cops around.

Madman in the Marketplace - 23 March 2010


15. marisacat - 23 March 2010

hmm Counterpunch has had several articles lately on the expanded war into Mexico. That ol’ mixed metaphor pretzel, BushOb.

[C]alderon has largely complied with whatever directives he’s gotten from Washington. In practical terms, he’s assumed the mantle of “provincial governor” charged with carrying out US security operations south of the border; a regular Mexican Karzai. And he has performed reasonably well too, which is to say that he’s turned the country to a free-fire zone where anything-goes as long as the billions in US aid continues to roll in. A recent survey shows that more than half of the population now believes that Calderon has made the country more dangerous.

The war in Juarez isn’t about narcotics; it’s about a foreign policy that supports proxy-armies to impose order through police-state repression and militarization. The media keep reiterating the same tedious refrain about the ongoing “drug war”, but it’s all baloney. The so-called war on drugs–like the war on terror–is merely the public relations mask which conceals the political agenda.

Regional hegemony is the ostensible goal, and extreme violence is the cornerstone upon which the entire policy rests. ….

16. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 March 2010

Suspected sex workers are finding their safe sex supplies can by confiscated by the police as “evidence.”

“First [the police officer] asked me what I was doing with all these condoms. Then he took the bag and threw it in the garbage. Then he arrested me.” — A transgender woman in New York City, from a 2009 Sex Workers Project survey.

Sienna Baskin, staff attorney at the Sex Workers Project in New York City, says there’s a question she’s always asked at the “Know Your Rights” workshops she leads for prostitutes and other sex workers: “How many condoms are we legally allowed to carry?”

There is no law in any state in the U.S. restricting condom possession, but if you’re a sex worker, you might have reason to believe there is a legal limit. Law enforcement officers in New York City, Washington, D.C., and the San Francisco Bay Area routinely confiscate condoms from suspected suspected sex workers, sometimes filing them as evidence of prostitution. Almost everyone interviewed for a recent Sex Workers Project survey, Baskin says, “mentioned a certain number of condoms over which they felt more concerned about increased harassment.” Cyndee Clay, executive director of D.C.-based Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive, says, “It’s a common enough practice that everyone knows about it.”

Keeping a few condoms tucked in your handbag probably won’t land you behind bars — unless police profile you as a possible sex worker. Are you in an area known for street prostitution? Are you a transgender woman? Are you a woman of color? Do you have a prior record? If you answer yes to any of these questions, the number of condoms you’re carrying could suddenly become grounds for suspicion, even if you are not engaging in illegal activity.

marisacat - 23 March 2010

Ah yes “San Francisco Bay ARea”… we are so liberal.

I bet the “limit” is 3.

17. marisacat - 23 March 2010

hmm How about making your private car a kid free zone? Nothing against children, but they have been hijacked for too long.

If it is not national security then it is Save the Children or Worship the Fetus.

London Times:

[T]he doctors writing in The Times point to the report’s evidence of passive smoking “as a major cause of death and disease in children [which can] be avoided entirely”.

They argue: “Smoke-free legislation needs to be extended much more widely, to include public places visited by children and young people, and including prohibition of all smoking in cars and other vehicles. As doctors we call on the Government to take the necessary action to protect our children’s future.” …

On this side of the ashtray, the blither lately is about “third hand smoke”, the residue in clothing and upholstery. And so on.

lucid - 24 March 2010

Fuck me… the children really are our future! We should ban jungle gyms & sports, because they might get hurt, or die! We should imprison any parent that feeds them bacon, because they will have a heart attack at age 8. We will never, ever let them go out alone, ever, because everyone is a pervert and wants to violate them… And any parent who ever lets their child do anything will get the death penalty… because they are the children, and they are our future!

marisacat - 24 March 2010


18. lucid - 24 March 2010

Does it ever occur to anyone that the ‘progressive idealism’ for the future spawns from the shittiness of the past?

marisacat - 24 March 2010

…the current progressivism is veneer over the old shittiness.

Especially as it gets slopped out as religious drool, all too often.

19. marisacat - 24 March 2010



……………………. 8)

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