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Sunday… 28 March 2010

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

Dew covered insects

Dew-covered insects photographed in the middle of the night in a forest in Poland: Using a torch, the 37-year-old amateur photographer hunts for in the dark before setting up his camera and flash just millimetres from them [Miroslaw Swietek/Solent]

Amazing little gallery… it was hard to pick from the nine, so finally I went with the drench of  turquoise.



1. catnip - 28 March 2010

This is bizarre:

NYT – Apology
Published: March 24, 2010

In 1994, Philip Bowring, a contributor to the International Herald Tribune’s op-ed page, agreed as part of an undertaking with the leaders of the government of Singapore that he would not say or imply that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had attained his position through nepotism practiced by his father Lee Kuan Yew. In a February 15, 2010, article, Mr. Bowring nonetheless included these two men in a list of Asian political dynasties, which may have been understood by readers to infer that the younger Mr. Lee did not achieve his position through merit. We wish to state clearly that this inference was not intended. We apologize to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and former Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong for any distress or embarrassment caused by any breach of the undertaking and the article.

So much for free speech.

catnip - 28 March 2010

aha – via wiki:

Smear claim accusation

In 2010, Lee Hsien Loong, together with the two former prime minister preceded him, Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong, threatened legal action against The New York Times Company which owns The International Herald Tribune regarding an Op-Ed piece titled ‘All in the Family’ of February 15, 2010 by Philip Bowring, a freelance columnist and former editor of The Far Eastern Economic Review. The Herald Tribute apologized in March that the article may ‘infer that the younger Lee did not achieve his position through merit’. The Times and Bowring also agreed to pay SG$60,000 to Lee, SG$50,000 to Lee Kuan Yew and SG$50,000 to Goh (total amounted to about US$114,000 at the time), in addition to legal costs.

marisacat - 28 March 2010

I thought at tht time it clealy was nepotism. Tho I heard the fther, on Chralie Rose, say it was not. GMAFB.

wu ming - 29 March 2010

singapore has done this for decades, threaten to ban media outlets from selling or broadcasting in singapore unless they only say nice things. i’ve wondered how long it would be before china tried the same thing with international as well as domestic media. it’s not like journalists wouldn’t leap at the opportunity anyway, if there was profit in it.

ts - 29 March 2010

Apparently they are a bit litigious in Singapore – they have sued several papers and writers for making more or less the same implications.

2. catnip - 28 March 2010

Crazy Little Thing Called Cat – the hyper, wild stray kitten that’s hanging around here – has suddenly decided to become an ankle biter! When I go out, he now bites at my slippers and my pant leg (and hangs on like a toddler having a tantrum). I think he just wants attention – but he almost always runs away (although I have managed to pick him up a few times). Looks like it’s time to acquaint him with Spray Bottle Containing Water. Maybe I’ll start calling him Spritz the Cat instead. What a character.

mattes - 28 March 2010

He loooooves you!

3. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 March 2010

Catholic Church will not be intimidated by sex abuse claims, Pope says

In a clear sign that the Vatican continues to insist the abuse claims are part of a conspiracy, the Pontiff, 82, said yesterday: “From God comes the courage not to be intimidated by petty gossip.”

marisacat - 28 March 2010

wellllllllllll i saw film of him at the Palm Sunday service and he looked fully ga ga. Eyes not focusing. 😆 Speaking “ex cathedra” is fully a joke (I just read it was established in 1876, so I put it with modern commercial Santa Claus), but now imo it would be the brain maggots talking.

marisacat - 28 March 2010

I just looked at the article has I had the UK Telegraph open… gah. See the pic, Papi Ratzi… with the Holy Palm SUnday phallic symbol…

marisacat - 28 March 2010

aw hell… Dolan of NY is saying Ratzi is suffering the same slings and arrows as JESUS.

Is there any real proof Jesus lived… ? I don’t mean someone LIKE jesus, which is a no brainer.. but you know, “Jesus” himself?

Doesn’t seem to me I have ever read “proof”. Just legend and scribbles.

Madman in the Marketplace - 28 March 2010

shameless …

of course, Jesus is every bit as imaginary as Ratzi’s supposed “suffering”. Maybe Donatela can make him some nice silk something to cheer the poor old fraud up.

marisacat - 28 March 2010

I must say it was quite the Palm Sunday show. But he did look very very very out of it.

4. marisacat - 28 March 2010

Oh let me snicker REALLY LOUDLY… ObRama in Afghanistan:

How’s that vote working out for you!?

Lynn Sweet put up the transcript of the [mini mini] gaggle in Aghanistan with an unamed SAO.

Q The wounded folks he met with, were those recently wounded, those troops?

SENIOR ADMINSTRATION OFFICIAL: I think we’ve got a policy on that, Hans, to not read out any of the particulars.

Q Even of how many wounded were there?

SENIOR ADMINSTRATION OFFICIAL: I’d have to check — I’d have to check on that, both to get the exact but also to find out — just to reconfirm our policy on whether we read that stuff out.

And don’t miss the close. Right out of Shakespeare:

Q Any chance of some presidential time in the plane back? I know there is some talk of that. This doesn’t have to be on the record. Or can.


Q Are you on background on this?


Q Are you on background here?


Anything else? All right, I’m going to get one of these cookies.

Viceroy days…

5. diane - 28 March 2010

Welllll ya jus gotta love the high minded folks in Cali, workin towards that orgasm of self fulfillment

And namaste (booyah! Happy Seder, Easter et al) again Dickster Blum as the knight on the chessboard that you and Ms Pistul are

Whereby all the cardboard cutouts could call me a fundie , despite literally having lost my shirt and near my life sticking my tongue in Dem asses

Nothing to see here, run along now …. A 47 year old man rammed his dick up a one year old I say,
likely Republican …. likely Dem who gave him the okay to do so … i.e. 50/50

(03-25) 17:04 PDT HAYWARD — A Cal State East Bay professor arrested for allegedly possessing child pornography earlier this month was charged Wednesday in Missouri with statutory rape and sodomy after federal investigators say a 20-year-old St. Louis woman allowed him to victimize her 13-month-old daughter.

Kenneth Kyle, 47, of San Francisco was originally arrested March 15 and charged in Superior Court with one count of possessing child pornography and one count of child exploitation, after authorities said they had found hundreds of images on his home computer in the South of Market area and on his laptop. He was later charged in federal court with one count of transporting child pornography.

Information that federal authorities found on Kyle’s computers led them to the St. Louis area, where on Wednesday, St. Louis County police arrested college student Tessa Vanvlerah at her parents’ home in the affluent suburb of Ballwin.

According to St. Louis County police, Kyle met Vanvlerah online and visited her four times in the past five months. The alleged molestations took place during those visits, police said.

“Ballwin is very nice, nice homes, nice schools, low crime,” said Officer Rick Eckhard of the St. Louis County Police. “For something like this to happen around here, people are pretty shocked.”

Eckhard said the 13-month-old girl was treated at a hospital and is now in custody of the state.

According to court records, the FBI first suspected Kyle of downloading child pornography in December 2009.

An affidavit written by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents said his laptop contained more than 529 images of child porn and 33 child porn videos. It was unclear if any of the images involved Vanvlerah’s daughter, Eckhard said.

Missouri state authorities charged Kyle with statutory rape, statutory sodomy and promoting child pornography. He is being held in jail in San Francisco.

Vanvlerah is being held in St. Louis County on the same charges, as well as on one count of incest.

Kyle has been an assistant professor in public affairs and administration at Cal State East Bay for four years.

According to his profile, which has since been removed from the Hayward university’s Web site, his research interests include the application of feminist theories, “specific social problems (e.g., homelessness and sexual deviance), institutions (e.g., the family and the academy) and policies (e.g., mandatory computer ownership for university students and chemical castration for sex offenders).”

A spokesman for the campus, Barry Zepel, said Kyle was still on active teaching status.


And well, I’m stunned at the self serving disconnect about technology and humanity, while being fully aware that this case could be a political red herring, I do know that the state of technology, and therefore, the capacity to abuse humans, as has never been previously witnessed, will ALWAYS be controlled by “those at the top”

marisacat - 28 March 2010


“Cal State East Bay” doesn’t sound quite right. AFAIK the various campuses go by their individual name, in both the California University system (as in Univerity of California at Berkeley, UCB) AND the California State colleges, as in Cal State Hayward, Cal State Fullerton, Merced, etc.

According to his profile, which has since been removed from the Hayward university’s Web site, his research interests include the application of feminist theories, “specific social problems (e.g., homelessness and sexual deviance), institutions (e.g., the family and the academy) and policies (e.g., mandatory computer ownership for university students and chemical castration for sex offenders).”

Looks like he was at Cal State Hayward. Ugh I wonder if his field of “interest” was to attack so called feminist theories as having been destructive. I notice a wave of that rising.

diane - 28 March 2010

don’t we just love that careful choice

of words

where’s the fennel?


wu ming - 29 March 2010

CSU hayward changed its name sometime in the past decade to CSU east bay, in some lame branding attempt to sound more dignified.

marisacat - 29 March 2010

hmm I don’t think it worked…

wu ming - 30 March 2010

classic MBA consultant surface change move. i have a friend who worked as staff there for some time, and could not fucking stand the place. ironic thing about the name change is that i had no idea hayward was in the east bay until they changed the name. it’s not like the east bay has a terribly great reputation in the area, deserved or no.

marisacat - 30 March 2010

ironic thing about the name change is that i had no idea hayward was in the east bay until they changed the name.

oh too funny!

I was lost somewehre on the northern part of the peninsula ages ago, in a car with a friend. I don’t know how we got turned around and lost that close to home, but we did…… when I saw a sign for Hayward, I said, Take it! Not even knowing it was in the East Bay, but knowing i had heard of it. (pathetic, I know)

We landed on the Hayward Causeway, whcih if you ahve never been on it, is way too surreal. And clearly headed East across the Bay… I sighed with relief when we got off it, and we took the long way home, up to the Bay Bridge then back over to the … 😆 WEST Bay.

I think the East Bay gets a tough rap. But in the Recession Depression things are not going to be getting better.

6. diane - 28 March 2010

oh and please

gather your senses

take a long break

when you hear particular, and popular names thrown out as saviours

not to condemn them, neccesarily ….. yet to say

we are all in this equally

and we, for the large part

have witnessed love

and just how life giving



7. diane - 28 March 2010

…the pink panther strikes again …… (6 dots! by happenstance)

pulls out that wrong tooth,

we all know, yet don’t know

8. diane - 28 March 2010

well yeah mother fucker when it’s a personal experience, and the dentist showed you NO MERCY!

it’s a bit HARD TO GET OVER…..!


it’s a puzzle. as to Good Intent, versus makin a buck, and doing in your neighbors in the process, to end up at the top of the hea[p (HEAP)

9. diane - 28 March 2010

I digress

And yeah

Where’s Tonya Harding

And indeed, Nancy Kerrigan

At the end of the day?

We all, likely, the majority, hope they are okay, when we express ourselves truly………

10. catnip - 28 March 2010
marisacat - 28 March 2010

I was just reading reports of that, this minute.

marisacat - 28 March 2010

Now reports of two female suicide bombers.

Quick, somebody hit the Fear! button. Quick.

11. ts - 29 March 2010

When I first read that I thought…Chechnya, and sure enough about 11-12 paras in, after TERROR TERROR TERROR

“In February, a Chechen rebel leader, Doku Umarov, threatened in an interview on a Web site to organize terror acts in Russian population centers.

“If Russians think that the war is happening only on television, far from the Caucasus, and it will not touch them, then we are going to show them that this war will return to their homes,” he said. “

12. catnip - 29 March 2010
brinn - 30 March 2010

Damn, and it isn’t me!?!?

13. catnip - 29 March 2010

Hillary spent the weekend creating diplomatic mischief in Canada.

14. catnip - 29 March 2010

Why I Voted Yes by Dennis Kucinich

The gentleman from Ohio — the last man standing on health care, as he put it in this conversation with Esquire.com just before Sunday’s vote — reveals the personal moments behind his decision, and how the fate of a nation, if not a presidency, could have turned out a lot differently had he said “no”

Oh mon dieu.

catnip - 29 March 2010

Oops. html cleanup on aisle 4. link

15. diane - 29 March 2010

Surprise, surprise

Corporate cash holdings swell

By Tom Petruno, Tribune Newspapers

6:41 p.m. CDT, March 29, 2010

The brutal recession has left many American families, small businesses and state and local governments in financial ruin or teetering on the brink.

But it’s a much different story for the nation’s biggest companies. Many have emerged from the economy’s downturn loaded with cash, thanks to deep cost-cutting that helped drive unemployment sharply higher.

And although the banking crisis starved countless entrepreneurs for money last year, credit was never scarce for business titans.


“The good news for America now is that companies are very competitive, flush with cash and ready to expand,” said Joseph Carson, an economist at money management firm AllianceBernstein.

But others say that the business giants’ clout has increased significantly at the expense of workers — the millions in the ranks of the jobless as well as those who remain employed but must work harder than ever.

“More and more of the balance of power in society is shifting toward corporations,” said Thomas Kochan, a management professor and co-director of the Institute for Work and Employment Research at MIT.

By one measure, major companies had extraordinary success weathering the recession: Non-financial companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500 index ended last year with $832 billion in cash and short-term securities on their books, up 27 percent from a year earlier and the highest figure on record.


The Business Roundtable, a group whose members include chief executives of the largest U.S. companies, found in a fourth-quarter survey that 68 percent of its members expected sales to rise in the first half of this year. But just 19 percent said they expected to boost U.S. employment in the period.


Huge gains over the last year in worker productivity — output per hour worked — [hmm, I think they left out the part about toxic worker stress levels, the increasingly crappier products, lack of product support, and negligent financial accounting which would obviously occur – d.] also have reduced the need for additional staff in the near term. The harder people work, the less their employers may feel the need to add to payrolls.

diane - 29 March 2010

One insane myth, which apparently will stay with us forever, is the
Employees are Bloodsuckers Myth

Despite the fact that way too many times, they are the only ones doing the hard work, the only ones who care about how good the product actually is, and all the while making wages which have rarely reflected the work they do, living in fear of an unexpected event which they couldn’t possibly afford, which will send them and their loved ones into HELL.

diane - 29 March 2010

In that comment, I’m reminded of all the wonderful conversations I’ve had with little peepsies, making minimum wage, clearly disgusted with their Corporate Lords and the shoddy product those Overlords are now allowed to pawn off, for lack of Antitrust and other laws, yet embarrassed somehow about the shoddy product, as if, making their unlivable wages, they held responsibility for something far beyond their control.

diane - 29 March 2010

For Passover, Amos:


Hear this, you who trample upon the
and bring the poor of the land to an
saying, “When will the new moon be
that we may sell grain?

And the Sabath,
that we may offer wheat for sale,
that we may make the ephah small and
the shekel great,
and deal deceitfully with false
that we may buy the poor for silver
and the needy for a pair of sandals,
and sell the refuse of the wheat?”


diane - 29 March 2010

thank you marisa, you’re braver than most.

NYCO - 30 March 2010

Ah, the banana republic. You see how well that is working out for Mexico these days.

16. marisacat - 29 March 2010



……………. 😯

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