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Lazy boys… or girls… 7 April 2010

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

This cheeky pair spotted a fellow meerkat dozing - and thought it was the perfect chance to secure themselves a comfortable backrest. The unfortunate animal was lying down on its front when the pair sat on him. Photographed by Charlie Summers at Sydney's Taronga Zoo

This cheeky pair spotted a fellow meerkat dozing – and thought it was the perfect chance to secure themselves a comfortable backrest. The unfortunate animal was lying down on its front when the pair sat on him. Photographed by Charlie Summers at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo [CHARLIE SUMMERS / SOLENT]

Before I read the legend, just looking at the pic, it screamed for a pair of loungers and a TV:  Meerkats Kicking Back!… then I see they found themselves a handy bolster pillow for their lower backs.  The little face of the bolster is peeking around the backside of one of the meerkats….



1. mattes - 7 April 2010

Netanyahu: Israel will not be pushed to peace


Most of us never had a doubt.

catnip - 7 April 2010

In other news: water still wet.

Looks like Obamalama’s foreign policy is headed the way of his poll numbers.

marisacat - 7 April 2010

Allies… Ben Smith links to the NYT article and to a visual of the blacked out Judith Miller report…

Times tiptoes around Israeli censorship laws

Ben Smith: Times tiptoes around Israeli censorship laws

April 07, 2010

The New York Times today carried a story on an Israeli reporter accused of stealing secret documents and on the controversy over a gag order imposed on the press in her case.

And the Times itself appears to be taking special precautions because of the Israeli censors: The detailed, thoroughly reported story carries neither byline nor dateline.

A Times spokesman declined to comment on the omissions, but they appear to be a precaution against subjecting a Times reporter to punishment — and even arrest — for violating the court’s order, which has silenced the typically unrestrained Israeli domestic press, even as media abroad have covered the story intensely.

One Israeli paper ran a column by Judith Miller with portions literally blacked out, and the gag order — related to an exposé on the planned killings of Palestinian militants — is controversial inside the country. Still, the Times appears to be leaving the battle to the Israeli media.

Posted by Ben Smith 05:52 PM

mattes - 7 April 2010

I guess they won’t be covering the IDF organ trafficing story:

Israel police uncovers organ trafficking ring in north

By Eli Ashkenazi and Jack Khoury, Haaretz Correspondents

Police on Tuesday arrested six men suspected of being involved in an organ trafficking ring in northern Israel. Among the suspects are an IDF reserves brigadier-general and two lawyers

2. catnip - 7 April 2010

I love meerkats!

marisacat - 7 April 2010

this pair is great! And finally sitting down!

catnip - 7 April 2010

One of my favourite meerkat pics. They’re just so cool. 🙂

marisacat - 7 April 2010

oh aren’t they hilarious!

mattes - 7 April 2010

Did you see their pillow?

marisacat - 7 April 2010

yeah the little face peeking out… the legend says he or shee was on her stomach, when they sat on him, so s/he managed to roll at least.

Wish the photog had shot the result, as well… flying meerkats or just a long suffering bolster…


3. BooHooHooMan - 7 April 2010

Oh ya just makin’ friends everywhere we go…

Upheaval in Kyrgyzstan as Leader Flees Amid Protests

Large-scale protests appear to have overthrown the government of Kyrgyzstan, an important American ally in Central Asia, after riot police killed at least 41 people on Wednesday.

WaPo’s on it is amusing-

Opposition appears to take power in Kyrgyzstan

After a day of bloody clashes that left dozens dead, demonstrators appear to have seized power in country that is host to a key U.S. military base.

LOL. WaPo. Fellas.
Well, they’re ALL Key® military® bases®, don’t you know.
Good to know the “adult” , our “smart” warrior President Obama is running the show in Central Asia.
They Prolly just caught him in between pondering the next move in between that 14th and 15th level of the chess game, don’cha’know….


I’ve been out and about of late. We had to evacuate our house for a week due to power outage in that blizzard in Feb. I’ve been traveling more for work and expect to do more over the next few months.

A few things as I watch it all go by…
I’m delighted to see the Rapacy squirm as the spotlight shines ever brighter on their their crimes. Not enough popcorn in the world, nor comeuppance for the Vatican unfortunately.

And we saw that Health Care farce passed as expected.
I do think the lawmakers were a bit astonished that the villagers on both “sides” of the issue were stirring.
Gad forbid they ever meet up and figure things out.
So they pluck a few of the low hanging fruit on the threat assessment list and arrest them.

And, LOL, In perhaps the best case made against Evolution, I see the morons at Dailykos are still morons, content, frankly: with the shit end of the political stick they are used to there in the dugout, a role they can’t seem to imagine living without. I see them turning in such straights to what they always do when they run out of fauxrage: blibbering on pondering the vitality of their role in the blogosphere..which would be, ah, Squat.

BooHooHooMan - 7 April 2010

I don’t know where this country is going.
Helluva thing when pissed off potential assassins Left AND Right are of such low calibre these days. I cant help but think of that Woody Allen movie wehen he arrives to rob a bank and a rival gang is there in another line and they begin arguing over who has dibs for the heist.
I mean what poor luck when you apparently have achieved consensus between the homicidal Left AND Right: Let’s get it together, People!


marisacat - 7 April 2010

Inoticed a few hours ago the gov in Kyrgyzstan agreed to step down. Busy day there…

I assume, as much of our “energy policy” is tied up with “the ‘Stans”, that we likely engineered this. If not, then hooray for the people.

marisacat - 7 April 2010

I’ve been out and about of late. We had to evacuate our house for a week due to power outage in that blizzard in Feb.

I hope things are better now? How awful!!

On Papa Ratzy couple of interesting links in the previous thread, a big article on the depths to which it all operated on in Alaska, where the church sent some of thir worst… It included a tidbit that the Bush admin granted Ratzy immunity from prosecution just after he stepped up to become il Papa….

and a link moiv sent me… indicating a case about issues of whether or not the bishops are employees of the Vatican may reach the SC. Roberts is apparently showing and interest and forces for the prosecution are working to set the case up… My take from that, the US may be working (not to save children from feral priests, of course, they could care less) to limit the scope and reach of the Vatican.

Entertainment! Popcrn futures!

BooHooHooMan - 8 April 2010

I’m sure the Catholic Church has a Top Ten excuses list for sending the child molesting priests to Alaska, too.

I can only imagine Donohue
1. Why neglect Alaska? We’ve sent them everywhere else…
2. We thought of it as Siberia but with a little cock on the side.
3. They were just tryin to stay warm…. etc. appalling etc.

Oh and yes indeedy do, the Popcorn Futures markets are soaring.
The Vatican? The Zionists? The Pols? Getting into it?
Oh Lordy.
Scratch, Claw —> salted butter anyone? For the flesh wounds?
There’s Plenty!

BooHooHooMan - 8 April 2010

P.S. I just checked my email yesterday.
Oh we’re fine and thanks for asking.
Also thanks for the word on Nemazee pleading guilty.

marisacat - 8 April 2010

The Church is insane.

I noticed too the article talked about how the lower 48 churches would collect money for the poor Alaska churches… collecting quite a lot, running the chruches and the schools on the cheap.

Such scams.

AND STILL parents send their children to the priests. By now it is voluntary sacrifice.

BooHooHooMan - 8 April 2010

that we likely engineered this. – Mcat

I hear ya. “Enginnered” as in: “Maybe we push this button?”
That’s my take on the whole Karzai goin all Taliban on “us” .
He IS us.
He and his brother, that mighty fine Heroin magnate.

marisacat - 8 April 2010

well we seem almost disinterested in it… despite reports that our “relationship” and our airbase are at “at risk”.

Could be… Tho…I suppose we and Russia could be having a proxy war.

I sure don’t know…………

BooHooHooMan - 8 April 2010

Oh I agree I’m thinking we – our PTB – had a hand in it.
Which is the problem.
The engineered war- for- corporate- profits hand in it.
Which they’ll lose: hands…lives…the war ..and all.
Except the profits.

marisacat - 8 April 2010

btw, Oprah bagged Rielle.

Double up on Popcorn Futures.

catnip - 7 April 2010

We had to evacuate our house for a week due to power outage in that blizzard in Feb.

I was wondering! Glad to see you’re safe and somewhat sound. 😉

There’s a huge blogwar going on at dkos right now between pony budhy boy and some kossacks. Guess they had to find something else to fight about besides Jane Hamsher. And the dirty fucking hippy vs. conservatives (oops “pragmatists”) war is still on too. What a mess. They’ll all still vote for whichever useless Dem ends up on the ballot in the end anyway. Waste.of.time.

BooHooHooMan - 8 April 2010

Always a “war”.
Strange, seein how everyone is all committed to peace. And all.

marisacat - 8 April 2010

Eternel peace. Everlasting peace. Peace in our time. And let’s nto forget: PRAY FOR PEACE.

It is probably an audio typo. They all meant “PIECE”.

4. mattes - 7 April 2010

Greenspan was doin’ some explainin’ on cspan this mornin’.

So em-barr-assin’.

5. Madman in the Marketplace - 7 April 2010

science nerd chuckles: Evolutionary Psychology Bingo

6. marisacat - 7 April 2010

Well.. at least it won’t change the pre boarding idiocy…. Shoes OFF! Now! Or die!

What bullshit we live under:

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:

Federal air marshals subdued a man who authorities say attempted to “light his shoes on fire” on a United flight from Washington to Denver Wednesday night, federal law enforcement officials told ABC News. [10:05 p.m. ET]

Madman in the Marketplace - 7 April 2010

MSNBC is reporting that he’s a minor diplomat from the Mideast (I think they said Qatar) who was caught smoking in the bathroom.

catnip - 7 April 2010

He was smoking his shoes?

(you knew that was coming…)

marisacat - 8 April 2010

Oh but since he is a diplo (they are using “envoy”) with an “ally” (iirc on the eve of our Iraq invasion we militarily assisted in putting down an attempted coup in Qatar) … it is “joking” and a misunderstanding.

Pretty much!

marisacat - 8 April 2010

😳 No! LATimes is calling it not a joke, but SARCASM. He was SARCASTIC!

So surprising.

marisacat - 8 April 2010

Now it is reduced to a “smoke sneak”.

So glad we found ground zero on this.

7. Madman in the Marketplace - 7 April 2010

But you’d think they’d be proud!

That’s perfectly reasonable, even if the center is directly opposed to abortion — they could cheerfully put up a sign bragging that they do not abort adorable little babies, and take some pride in their position. But no, that’s not what they want to do. We’ve got a ‘counseling center’ here in Morris, for instance, that provides no real help at all. They’ve got little signs around that say something like, “Pregnant? We can help!” with a phone number, and when some frightened teenaged girl calls, their sole purpose is to make sure she does not get an abortion. Stating their position up front and diminishing confusion is exactly what they don’t want — they want their clients confused and worried, susceptible to the lies they’ll tell them.

So perhaps you will be as unsurprised as I am to learn that the Catholic Diocese of Baltimore is suing the city, claiming oppression because they are asked to be clear in the range of services they will offer.


Please note: they are talking about four referral centers. They have hired a battery of lawyers to oppose the posting of four signs that state exactly what they regard as a positive, noble, tenet of their faith, that they do not condone abortions. What’s the gripe? If they think it’s an unfair burden to have to pay for four signs, I suspect that if they asked Planned Parenthood or other such organizations, or even asked the community at large, people would chip in to send them a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars, even, to make their own damned signs.

This is simply the Catholic Church suing for the right to keep people in the dark, as they have for so many centuries.

marisacat - 7 April 2010

dark ages

8. Madman in the Marketplace - 7 April 2010

yup, we have our own brand of stupid wingers up here in cheese and beer land:

Anyway, the latest news from our neighbor to the east is that some cheesehead named Scott Southworth is trying to strongarm teachers into not following the sex education guidelines, threatening them with jail time if they say anything about condoms.

Forcing our schools to instruct children on how to utilize contraceptives encourages our children to engage in sexual behavior, whether as a victim or an offender. It is akin to teaching children about alcohol use, then instructing them on how to make mixed alcoholic drinks.

Those are the choices, should a younger human being decide to pursue a NATURAL DRIVE and of course part of the curiousity of growing up, makes you either a VICTIM or an OFFENDER. Who the fuck ARE these people? Anyway, Myers continues:

OK, but mixed alcoholic drinks are legal, and lots of people consume them…and so will many of those kids, hopefully once they’re of legal age but not before (although we know many of them will jump the gun — and think of all the awful pina coladas and over-strong rum & cokes they’ll slosh down if not properly trained. Think of the children!) There’s nothing wrong with urging responsible restraint in both alcohol consumption and sexual behavior, while also explaining what they actually, honestly are.

Unless, of course, you’re a conservative kook who thinks the solution to every peril is to keep everyone in a state of maximal ignorance. Case in point: when this bill to teach medically accurate information about contraceptives in sex ed classes was introduced, every single Republican voted in lockstep against it.

brinn - 8 April 2010

I will say it again: this country is fucked beyond belief…really.

Victim or Offender…talk about some sexual deviants — that is just insane!!

**head shake**

9. Madman in the Marketplace - 7 April 2010

It’s all their fault!

I can’t excerpt a piece … it’s short and the whole post is good.

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 7 April 2010

Why The South Still Fights the Civil War

To this day, you can run a pro-Southern film like “The Outlaw Josey Wales,” with the “bluebellies” as enemies, but you can’t have an “Undefeated” without the Southerners all being gracious and noble and all that bullshit. BECAUSE it would not play in the South. On the other hand, Northerners have gone to see “Birth of a Nation,” “Gone With The Wind” and a zillion other Southern apologist films, and the victors never boycott the evil lunacy of them.

Just a couple of weeks ago, some bug fuck crazy Southern congressman referred to the “War of Yankee Aggression” on the floor of the House. The North never smacked down the South for this crap, and it was allowed to fester and breed, just as the 1875 Civil Rights law ceased being enforced after the Grant Administration (another reason he’s been libeled), was declared unconstitutional in 1883, and was essentially resurrected in the 1965 Civil Rights Act.

Nobody wants to think that their grand-dad died defending the monstrousity of slavery, just as no one in Texas will admit that remembering the “Alamo” would be to remember that Texas revolted against Mexico when Mexico outlawed slavery and after a couple years of being ignored, meant to enforce their law. THEN those “noble” Texans revolted against the “monster” Santa Ana.

You CAN rewrite history, and some have done just that. You CAN rewrite the “cause” you’re fighting for as “noble” and get dupes to die for your “property.”

I think a lot of Northerners and “liberals” LIKE this shit happening, it gives them an easy way to feel superior without actually DOING anything.

marisacat - 7 April 2010

I think a lot of Northerners and “liberals” LIKE this shit happening, it gives them an easy way to feel superior without actually DOING anything.


i am esp entertained by the tediously lying apology that has been extracted down in old virginia, from the gov. everybody intoning the civil war was all about slavery.

riiight. i found dinkins esp gagworthy…

Madman in the Marketplace - 7 April 2010

interlocking mythologies

marisacat - 7 April 2010

Opps that would be ex gov Wilder. — sigh. Dinkins being former NYC mayor. Geesh, everybody wear name tags! I see Sheila Johnson got in the act as well.


McDonnell took fire from some allies, including former Virginia Gov. L. Douglas Wilder, the nation’s first elected black governor, and BET co-founder Sheila Johnson, who crossed party lines to offer her support for the Republican in last year’s race.

“How can you say that something that was detrimental and antithetical to [African-Americans’] being is something that anyone could be celebrating?” Wilder, a Democrat who gave McDonnell a boost in the governor’s race by not endorsing his party’s nominee, said in an interview with POLITICO’s Arena’ forum. …

Read more: LINK

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 7 April 2010

NYT Erases Progressive Senate Candidate

That progressive activist Jonathan Tasini is running against Gillibrand, who was appointed to the seat in 2009, is known to Times readers who happened to catch a single January 27, 2010, story by N.R. Kleinfeld, headlined “An Underdog Who Isn’t Daunted by a New Try for the Senate”–the only mention to date in the paper of record of Tasini’s candidacy, which was launched in June 2009.

Meanwhile, the Times has treated possible high-profile candidacies as if they were real news. Former Democratic Rep. Harold Ford from Tennessee, for example, contemplated a run, which elicited substantial coverage (1/6/10, 2/15/10, 2/19/10, 2/24/10) before Ford decided against the idea. His formal decision to not run garnered him a news story and an op-ed piece on the same day (3/2/10), with a piece the next day (3/3/10) that re-capped the non-campaign. The Times has devoted at least nine articles to other Democrats who thought about but in the end decided not to run against Gillibrand.

On the Republican side, real estate investor and Daily News publisher Mort Zuckerman was a possible challenger, resulting in a series of articles (2/13/10, 2/24/10, 3/25/10). Dan Senor, a military adviser to George W. Bush best known for conducting press relations during the early part of the Iraq War, also considered running, and was also treated seriously by the Times (3/11/10, 3/25/10).

This pattern was taken to the absurd extreme with an April 3 piece headlined, “As Rivals Flee, Others Ask, What’s to Fear In Gillibrand?” The article claimed that while “her poll numbers are unimpressive,” Gillibrand “has only token Republican opposition” because no one is challenging her for the Democratic nomination:

Ms. Gillibrand has been under siege almost from the moment Gov. David A. Paterson appointed her to replace Hillary Rodham Clinton in January 2009. Initially, she faced the possibility of challenges from members of her own party, including the Manhattan borough president, Scott M. Stringer; Rep. Steve Israel of Long Island; and Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney of Manhattan. They all opted out.

Given that Tasini is in fact running against Gillibrand, the Times is simply wrong. But why are they neglecting a candidate who, after all, garnered 17 percent of the primary vote in 2006 against Hillary Clinton–a much better known incumbent than Gillibrand?

marisacat - 7 April 2010

i think tasini is fine with it….

Madman in the Marketplace - 7 April 2010

he certainly doesn’t seem to be doing much to change it.

12. marisacat - 8 April 2010

hmm Wonder if he regrets having gotten so gooey for Ob…

Just one more on the heap.

[F]or Mr. Tribe, volunteering to answer routine legal questions was a show of grass-roots support that grew out of his new role at the Justice Department, where the 68-year-old liberal legal icon — who is also President Obama’s mentor and former teacher — is now the “senior counselor for access to justice.”

In that position, created especially for him, Mr. Tribe has been asked to suggest ways to improve legal services for the poor, find alternatives to court-intensive litigation and strengthen the fairness and independence of domestic courts. But Mr. Tribe has a small staff, a limited budget, little concrete authority and a portfolio far less sweeping than the one he told friends he had hoped to take on in Washington.

He is also largely invisible. The Justice Department is not allowing him to give interviews, apparently in part because of nervousness in the administration that his unabashedly liberal views might draw criticism or that Mr. Tribe, described by friends as having a big intellect and a healthy ego, might stray from his assigned lane. …

Madman in the Marketplace - 8 April 2010

pathetic, the lot of them.

marisacat - 8 April 2010

There is a big pile of congealing white liberal flesh lying around, all aquivering for Ob.

Tribe should comfort himself, the Obsters don’t let the WH dogwalker and caretaker talk to the press either.

13. marisacat - 8 April 2010

I am wandering around the netnutteries, catching up… and for this, al I can say is




[H]ere we have Barack Obama arguing that we have to keep killing people in order that we soemday reach a point when we can stop killing them responsibly, and I’m supposed to believe that the great threat to my own democracy whiskey sexy is a gang of underemployed flyover yahoos who want to yell slogans at the government and unwittingly hitch themselves to a domestic false flag operation? Girl, please.

One of the comments mocks the whole blither blather that we must love Obama as he speaks in full sentences and sometimes squeaks out a word of three syllables.

Then again, to a pretty simple question on taxes the other day, in one of his Health Care stchupes, he took 17 mins and 2,500 words to answer the woman.

That is up there with Kerry.

catnip - 8 April 2010

And from what I read, she still wasn’t buying what he was selling.

marisacat - 8 April 2010

That’s right … at the end of his blither, she had some dismissive one liner, iirc.

ms_xeno - 8 April 2010

I can’t stand listening to or watching the fucker. He’s every bit as plastic and empty as Ronnie– and after all, he is on record as admiring Ronnie, isn’t he?

I avoid discussing him as much as possible with everyone I know, for exactly this reason.

14. diane - 8 April 2010

Oh ms xeno ( re, the “last thread”)

I should’ve explained myself better

you certainly have no need to apologize to me,

matter of a fact,

your words:

credential this, assholes…….

were high special,

I’m sure,

resounding to so many,

whom at this point,

are so pained,

finding themselves in such a

feces storm of ugliness,

couldn’t mutter much more for their bewilderment at the ugliness of it all.

Yet immediately understood your pain, to be their own in those three words ……

So much so, that you shouldn’t feel pressured to elaborate, since multitudes understood.

Without elaboration.

diane - 8 April 2010


either leave it as is

which was , wonderful enough


take your time honey

there is still something to be said for forethought

and I’m sure, the timing will be impeccable!

ms_xeno - 8 April 2010

No worries, diane.

Yeah, I am way too effing old for the wage work I’m doing, but I’m not the only decrepit middle-ager stuck doing it. That’s some consolation, right? :p

diane - 8 April 2010

well yup?

well, ….. I guess at least, it’ll be a much friendlier and livlier party when we consider that there are all those old agers, and young agers, on the same boat, “stuck” in that ghastly perpetuity, of making the atmosphere a much more “pleasant” experience for those

with “the creds..”?

15. Madman in the Marketplace - 8 April 2010

Survey results: Americans insist on government benefits but don’t want to pay for them

The Economist asked Americans: “What is the best way to cut the deficit?”

5% said, “increase taxes.”

62% said, “reduce government spending.”

OK, said The Economist. “Here is a list of things the federal government spends money on. Which things should the government spend less on?”

As you can see in the chart above, over two-thirds of Americans don’t want to reduce spending on anything single category, except foreign aid. And as Mother Jones points out, foreign aid represents less than 1% of America’s total spending.

ms_xeno - 8 April 2010

To be fair, the good liberals and progs loooove to hide behind foreign aid. Y’know, dropping a hundred bombs is perfectly okay if ten of them are filled with food instead of with actual explosives. They never seem to acknowledge the disparity in funding of peace vs. war anymore than the most iron-clad conservative does. Or they do acknowledge the ten while insisting that it somehow magically cancels out the ninety, or some shit like that.

Madman in the Marketplace - 8 April 2010

too true

16. Madman in the Marketplace - 8 April 2010
17. catnip - 8 April 2010

White-out blizard blowing through here knocked the power out for an hour. So much for that prediction of a dry spring.

marisacat - 8 April 2010

spring… has not sprung there, i take it………………..

catnip - 8 April 2010

I thought it might have but the saying around here is that if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes and it’ll change.

marisacat - 8 April 2010

well ours is, if you don’t like it walk a couple of blocks.

I don’t know if it is still there but for decades we had a “two house banana belt” right off the GG Bridge, if you walk into Sausalito thru the “back door” route.

Two gardens had banana fruit trees that produced bananas. But not the third house over. Wouldn’t grow there…

diane - 8 April 2010

..hmmm hon

from one place/minute to the next ….

been to that mystery spot, about 60(?) miles south(? NSEW always confuse me in Cali), in the Santa Cruz “Mountain” hills?

where the trees actually do corkscrew trying to center themselves?

we laughed about it in retrospect, but none of us wanna go back there…


true Anthony Perkins moment

kinda like Schwarzennazi rippen off that mask, only to find Boxer, rippen off that mask, only to find Fiorina rippin off that mask to find

Dick Blum?

or is that Gavin, after hiz lurnin

catnip - 8 April 2010

Wouldn’t grow there…


Madman in the Marketplace - 8 April 2010

we’ve dropped from the ’80s to 30s in a week, dusting of snow today. Not a blizzard, thankfully, but I’m damned sick of winter.

catnip - 8 April 2010

You and me both. It’s been a while since we had even this much snow. But we’ve had May blizzards here before too so it ain’t over til it’s over.

Madman in the Marketplace - 8 April 2010

at least if the fridge goes out you can preserve your freshly-shot moose in a close-by snowdrift.

catnip - 8 April 2010

Well, yes – there’s that! 🙂

Moose cookie? I just whipped up a batch.

18. diane - 8 April 2010

And don’t you just love those headlines

(nothing like pitting those masses against one another),

headlines likely determined by those with “the creds,”

a large amount of whom, are in their 70’s are older

(can we say senate, newspaper ‘magnates’, and Fortune 500 CEOs),

whose salaries we pay, (one way or another),

implying that anyone over 30 apparantly are maliciously snatching jobs from
young adults and teenagers?

I particularly like this one, since millions ”under the age of 25,” shouldn’t even have to be laboring in this cesspool just yet:

Older workers taking jobs from young adults – 1 in 4 unemployed Americans is under the age of 25, study shows

Lets just say, lovely math, where’d you assholes go to school?

Don’t tell me, let me guess.

diane - 8 April 2010

then there’s that “house” …

OLD MAN (yet still gainfully employed) kucinich, with his, much, much, much, younger wife, got on that bandwagon recently, to my recollect, implying that all the middle agers out there, were happy campers who could actually afford to retire at an age that used to be considered “young” and should therefore be offered a measly, extra retirement crumb, so those youngens could get to work…

plenty o work to beez don I saiz…to badz I waz to stoopid to take avantage o this wondoful moril cuntry Ize livz in whenz I waz a youngen

diane - 8 April 2010

extra retirement crumb

a crumb from a certain loaf,

a loaf,

quaintly termed Social Security,


might I add?

He, himself,

is fully aware

may be decimated tomorrow

and which he

certainly won’t

go so far as

(with his young prize wife)

to defend

if it means losing his job

despite his elder age

and apparent




marisacat - 8 April 2010

she’s wealthy… imo he married her for her money.. and she must have wanted some screwball ”in” in Washington DC.

May they all bite each other to death.

diane - 8 April 2010

May they all bite each other to death

certainly, when they do

(and they likely will try to, at the end of their “day”),

it’ll be a tad difficult to muster up hankies for them after witnessing so much blood spilled by their greed and profound neglect,
if not malice.

19. Madman in the Marketplace - 8 April 2010


Literally tens of Americans were shocked this week to discover that the United States military likes to kill people. Unsettling news, yes, particularly for those of us who had assumed in good faith that one million Iraqis had accidentally slipped on a banana peel one morning and fallen into a pile of mislaid cruise missiles, but before we leap to all sorts of unsightly conclusions, calling Our Boys “mass-murderers” just because they happen to enjoy the occasional mass-murder, let’s remember that in the fog of war with the eggs and the omelettes and the War Is Hell, who can say what’s right and wrong, what’s good and evil, who’s an unarmed pregnant woman and who’s a ticking time bomb threatening to produce future foreigners? Our troops have a job to do, after all – defending our country from those countries who would defend their country from our country – and if we hounded and nit-picked them after every little massacre, gang rape or atrocity, they’d hardly get any killing done at all.

Now, is this video disturbing? Of course. Were atrocities committed, innocents slaughtered, corpses desecrated and children maimed? Absolutely. But was it all done according to proper procedure? Ah, now, that’s the question.

catnip - 8 April 2010

Some idiot at dkos actually believes that WikiLeaks released the video this week to upstage the news about Obama’s visit to Prague. I kid you not. And 10 other idiots agreed with him. That, apparently, is an allowable conspiracy theory there that won’t get you banned.

20. catnip - 8 April 2010

Frank Newport / Gallup:

Democratic Party Image Drops to Record Low — Favorable images of Democratic, Republican Parties now tied — PRINCETON, NJ — Americans’ favorable rating of the Democratic Party dropped to 41% in a late March USA Today/Gallup poll, the lowest point in the 18-year history of this measure.

Send Money Now!!

21. catnip - 8 April 2010

It’s War: SEIU Starting Third Party In North Carolina

So many wars to keep up with. Soon you guys will just be one big jumble of splinter groups.

ms_xeno - 8 April 2010

I like the dumbshits over on that link who are whining about how even this tepid fake “split” will do horrible, awful things just as some Democrat or another is about to commence “fighting to save the soul of the Party,” or some shit like that.

What’s the saying? Oh, yeah: “Jam yesterday, jam tomorrow, but never jam today.”

22. catnip - 8 April 2010
catnip - 8 April 2010

Officials said the PM canceled the trip over fears that a group of Muslim states, led by Egypt and Turkey, would demand that Israel sign up to the international Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, or NPT.

Can’t have that!

23. diane - 9 April 2010

Since they could’ve just as easily kept it under wraps, as has historically been done with other ghastly government “deeds,” I’ve been thinking a lot about the reason for the Citizen Assassination Target having been announced.

Guess that doesn’t bode too well, transparency with a nasty edge to it, what a clever man that Obama is.

Give it a while, and I guess they’ll be nonchalantly announcing the droning of problem US neighborhoods, and future US natural disaster areas where “looting” is taking place?

marisacat - 9 April 2010

Give it a while, and I guess they’ll be nonchalantly announcing the droning of problem US neighborhoods, and future US natural disaster areas where “looting” is taking place?

It all comes home.

Have to love how White Liberals and supposedly Anti-war Blacks are just so happy whappy with war and targetted assassination under Obster.

I am very entertained to hear the shits and creeps who supported Afghanistan war, all those years ago, occasionally voice concern that it is all ”still going”. And we mebbe should, like, you know, rethink.

It so helps to be brain dead when America plans her series of on going long occupations.

diane - 9 April 2010

I guess some of those brains’ll come back to life (too late) once those White ‘Liberals’ experience the likely soon to come targeting of whites along with those darker folks, in a grand strategy of Liberalization and Equality in Target Selection. I’m sure congress would approve, DIFI and Graham could sponsor the LETS Bill.

marisacat - 9 April 2010

I guess some of those brains’ll come back to life…

I don’t think they will be coming ot their senses… and by the time the hard killing crush of Ins Co GIveaway Sold As Health Care Reform hits (and kills), Ob and Snob will be planning their Pretzel Library and the Dems will have a line of whine.

Somehow they will blame Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh for ..whatever needs blaming.

24. marisacat - 9 April 2010



…………….. 😯

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