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Swimming thru daffodils… 12 April 2010

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

A swan walks through a field of daffodils  in Schagerbrug in northwestern Netherlands

A swan walks through a field of daffodils in Schagerbrug in northwestern Netherlands   Picture: EPA

I see the nuclear summit in DC clipped a bicyclist… and took him (or her) down.  Swiped by a police car in the motorcade for the world leaders.

These ridiculous conflabs that the flab leadership attend so it may seem they are doing something – anything.

I remember a couple of decades ago when the press reported that Craxi, then leading Italy, wanted to be sure to be invited to some big get together, just so people would be reminded he still led Italy

To the extent he ever did, of course.

Il Papa and his conflabs are still running their mouths… about all those harmed and maimed children.  If it is not the media, then it is the Joos.  Not our fault!

Shouldn’t they be blaming Martin Luther soon?  How dare he nail a letter to the door of the church.  A rent in the firmament.

It is being reported that the Vatican is “forgiving” the Beatles for saying they were “bigger than Jesus”.

Can anyone do anything but laugh?  And charge them?

So a swan swimming in the daffodils, well…looking pretty good at the moment… (there is also a charming pic of a “hand-reared meerkat” stopping to smell the daffodils in Devon… holding the blossom in his hands to get his little nose close… )




1. diane - 12 April 2010

Suprise, it looks like the cyclist died:

Cyclist killed in Washington during nuclear summit

we’re so sunk.

marisacat - 12 April 2010

Think Biden’s entourage finished off someone a few months ago too……….

diane - 12 April 2010

Shit, hadn’t heard that one.

The image conjured up is so ugly, every bit as bad as Bush Cheney.

diane - 12 April 2010

Looks like this is the one, with Biden’s Limo involved:

Man killed by Secret Service vehicles is identified

marisacat - 13 April 2010

yeah… and I think that might not be the only one. Think a motorcycle cop might have had an accident (a fatal one) in an entourage or motorcade……… it is kind of a blur frankly…

2. marisacat - 13 April 2010

Geesh. FP of the Wapo.

Gibbs Gibbs and then more Gibbs. Gibbs to the point of gagging.

3. marisacat - 13 April 2010

Just saw this at Mike Allen’s Playbook/Politico

Let’s make everything HOLY!!


‘JPMorgan Chase Says Contracts Too Sacred To Give Homeowners Another Chance: ‘Too Big To Fail’ Bank Fighting White House Program,’ by Shahien Nasiripour:

‘With millions of homeowners losing their homes to foreclosure, … JPMorgan Chase plans to argue against the Obama administration’s latest weapon in its fight to stem the problem — principal cuts for struggling borrowers — by citing the sanctity of contracts and the borrower’s ‘promise to repay.’

In testimony to be delivered Tuesday afternoon [to the House Financial Services Committee], David Lowman, [CEO of JPMorgan Chase Home Lending], will fight back against the program which calls for lenders and investors to decrease the outstanding debt owed on a home mortgage. While his competitors at Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Citigroup plan to dance around the issue — judging from their prepared remarks — Lowman [says in prepared remarks] … : ‘Like all loans, mortgage contracts are based on a promise to repay money borrowed. … If we re-write the mortgage contract retroactively to restore equity to any mortgage borrower because the value of his or her home declined, what responsible lender will take the equity risk of financing mortgages in the future?’ Hearing info

marisacat - 13 April 2010

More buckets of bullshit:


WASHINGTON – A key White House adviser unabashedly made clear Monday the next Supreme Court pick will be touted as resetting the scales of justice in favor of “ordinary citizens.”

Echoing President Obama’s remarks last week about the kind of nominee he’ll pick to replace retiring Associate Justice John Paul Stevens, political adviser David Axelrod invoked a recent controversial case.

Obama “understands that the justice he appoints will be a pivotal voice on this court on issues like, for example, the one we just saw, Citizens United, where the court ruled that corporations have the same First Amendment rights as individuals,” Axelrod told MSNBC.

“They basically sanctioned a corporate takeover of our elections,” Axelrod added. “These kind of decisions affect people’s lives, and the justice he appoints will be there for a generation,” Axelrod added

Aside from the utter hypocrisy of the rabble rousing the Dems have done over that ruling AND the Bossie, Citizens United political propaganda stuff.

Who cares, get rules that they have to file in timely(quicker than the current rules) fashion the source of their cash and who they are (won’t be happening! A bi partisan agreement!). And finis

marisacat - 13 April 2010


Bob…? Bob…….? Hello Bob? He’s YOUR GUY. Remember all the slop you wrote for MONTHS?

Bob Herbert remembers the economy:

“Right now there is no plan that can even remotely be expected to result in job creation strong enough to rescue the hard-core groups being left behind,” he writes in his column. “It is not possible to put together a thriving, self-sustaining economy while so many are being left out.”

brinn - 13 April 2010

How DARE they blather on about the “sanctity of contracts” when THEY have signed contracts with hundreds of thousands of credit card holders only to change them at their whim….

JPMC: “oh, I know we signed you on to this debt at 8.9%, but we are now going to charge you 24.9%”

Creditworthy cardholder who has never made a late payment: “but, but…why?!?”

JPMC: “because we can”

Fuck them 10 ways to Sunday.

marisacat - 13 April 2010

isn’t it appalling?

ts - 13 April 2010

I generally just pay off the balance and cancel my card when that happens.

They won’t have the power if you don’t give it to them.

brinn - 13 April 2010

Yeah, thanks for that bit of sanctimonious advice….I’ll get right on it.

And then I’ll make sure I file it under things I almost forgot to do before I realized that they were impossible at the moment.

Nothing personal, and maybe you didn’t mean it the way it sounded, but don’t you think I would pay the damned things off if I could?!? And no, I don’t own dogshit, no yachts or badass cars or fancy toys of any kind.

Try to think outside your own personal box to other people’s circumstances….

I suppose you also blame the homeowners who are underwater for their own predicament?

Exploitation is exploitation, it has nothing to do with handing over power, more like having it either wrested from your calloused hands and/or being ground under the bootheel for so long that you never even realize you have any….

Not that that last applies to me, mind. I’ve dug my way out of worse, and helped others along the way.

marisacat - 13 April 2010

To me, the major problem in America is the decades of stagnant wages for ordinary people. hardly ANYONE wants to talk about that. But it is at the base of much of the financial problems of the middle class.

AND the great difficulty most people face in recovering from our many engineered “bust” periods. Some people never recover… and it is a SIN that there are economists blithering that the Recession is “over” and taht jobs are right around the corner. Somehow.

So many jobs are never coming back, the workplace now is defiled beyond belief for so many people. In an extreme example, I was very struck a couple of years ago, after ICE raids at a series of meat packaging plants, where the company cooperated with the Feds… as the illegal (and some were legal as well, sweeps are a terrible thing) mostly S and C Americans were hauled off, the company had SOMALIS waiting to be put right into the jobs.

Just a micrcosm of how we run things.

All of thsi has gone on for decades now… and it is horrific. And it is all much worse now… for many many people.

I have the Soderbergh film on Che and was watching part 1 last night, quite early in the movie it quotes from his writings about the “myth of the self made man” and that for almost everyone, the huge unseen forces that shape our lives is THE TRUTH.

Not that eternal ‘free market boot strapping’ myth we get fed – as feeding tube pablum. We don’t even get to masticate, they just pump it right in.

Such fucking bullshit they sshovel..

marisacat - 13 April 2010

oh Don’t worry… none of this matters:

Obster has said that the threat of nuclear attack is “higher than in the Cold War”.

What a scream!! Un-Demonising the Soviet Union.

Carry on!

[note to Bob Herbert: any jobs focus will be a long time coming for this crowd…. sick little corporatists that they are. Start watching soaps, Lifetime movies and eating cheap candy bars, Bob. Let time pass in a haze.

Bob? Are you there? Even?]

ts - 13 April 2010

It appears I get to be the contrarian in this thread, but wasn’t Che shot in Bolivia? As noble as his beliefs may have been, he ended up shot dead in a muddy ditch. He may have been better off shoveling the revolution and instead just devoting his medical career to treating the poor.

I do remember those raids – i think they had a big expose in Texas Monthly or some such place. I also remember that the company in question had such poor safety standards that no American would tolerate working there. They had to lie to illegals about a “high paying job in the US”, and then Shanghai them to their sweatshop where if they didn’t chop the cow up fast enough, their hand or arm might end up getting packed with the beef parts. What a nightmare.

I’m not sure the government gave them much more than a slap on the wrist for the lost limbs, and they probably didn’t get much more for intentionally bringing in the illegal workers. And I’m totally sure we ate up all the meat products anyway. One more reason to be vegetarian.

The Horatio Alger story may be myth, but so many Americans accept it implicitly and have internalized its value system that to even point the fact that level of consumption it requires is not mandatory and eminently changeable invites a nasty retaliation.

How dare you say I sacrifice while those pigs drive their Hummers?

Reminds me of the story of the two Buddhist monks walking to their monastery on a rainy day. They see a pretty woman unable to cross the road because of the puddles so the older monk impulsively picks her up and carries her across. Later the younger monk asks with some irritation, “Aren’t we monks not supposed to touch women? Haven’t you broken the rules of the temple?” The older monk says, “Yes, but I put her down on the other side of the road, and you are still carrying her.”

marisacat - 13 April 2010

jesus ts, a lot of people got shot. It doesn’t change what they did or tried to do when alive.

Malcolm X for one. I am just happy I was alive at time in America he made the speeches he made and that some of them are on the internet. Decades down the line it m a y make a difference.

Someday, perhaps, the field diaries of Che will be published. Rather than the later propagandistic writings.

One thing I am not, idealistic or naive about leaders of the Left. Such as it is.

marisacat - 13 April 2010

The Buddhist reference reminds me of a banner that flew over Augusta, above where the goons could get to it.

Asking Tiger if maybe he meant “bootyism”.

Gave me a laugh anyway…

brinn - 13 April 2010

Yep yep and yep on the stagnant wages. Like I said, exploitation is exploitation no matter how some one “got here/there/wherever”.

In the now, it doesn’t matter much how one got here when working 60+ hours a week is what it takes to keep a roof over your head and food in your kids’ stomachs and then we get shoveled a ton of sanctimonious BS like “take time to be a dad today” and “eat more organic spinach and broccoli”….I am just fed up with the judgment of others who have not only never walked a centimeter in my shoes, but have no damned clue what my shoes even LOOK like!

ms_xeno - 13 April 2010

Yeah, this. Two years ago, I had all my cards paid completely down and was building up savings.

BOOM! The fuckers up North canned me. No warnings. No write-ups. Nothing. I haven’t had a regular job since. My record number of weeks working steadily in the past two years is about… eight or nine, I think.

Last year I paid down a third of my debt, but there was no way I could’ve made it without borrowing some of that back.

I’ll plant my brand-new steel-toed boot* up the ass of anyone who wants to prattle at me about how I should just tryyyyyyyy harderrrrrrrrrrr.

*Bought so I could keep my temporary job. The “permanents” got comped for this mandatory expense. The temps got told to suck it, basically.

ts - 13 April 2010

Well, okay, I apologize that the comment was written in haste and sounds facetious on second reading. I also didn’t realize from the earlier comments it was so personal.

I think it is a legitimate question, when someone’s boot is planted on your face, to perhaps ask…how did I get here? And are there more options that just yelling that there’s a boot on your face and would someone please take it off because I can’t do it myself?

FWIW, I think homeowners that are underwater should consult legal advice and then default immediately if its an option. While lenders will certainly portray the homeowner’s debt as a moral obligation, it is just a contract and if one is insolvent (as most homeowners are who are underwater technically are) in general a bankruptcy court is going to discharge all your other obligations. JP Morgan knows this so one should call their damn bluff.

I don’t blame anyone for anything, and that includes JP Morgan. I think they’re assholes who have no scruples and try to suck poor people dry, but the practical way to hurt them is to not do business with them.

Even if you can’t avoid that, I don’t believe that whining about how bad those people are is an option. I don’t believe anyone has no options. Everyone has power. Find it. Use it. Fuck them.

This is why the Dems saw Obama as Black Moses going to deliver them from Egypt. They have given away all their power and refuse to take any back, and now rely entirely on the mercy of the very people who repeatedly sell them down the river. That’s why they’re so frustrating, they can bail out at any time, but they don’t. It’s pathological.

brinn - 13 April 2010

Yeah. Whining. That is exactly what I was doing.

Thanks for the response.

ts - 13 April 2010

Again, my apologies. Neither comment was intended to be directed at anyone. I have financial problems of my own and I know they can be overwhelming, and userers shouldn’t be allowed to make a problem worse and get away with it.

marisacat - 13 April 2010

you know ts, there is a new law in California, signed in by the “liberal” R governor, who was delivered to us, I believe by the oil patch forces and the hard right racists, Pete Wilson factions in and around San Diego (among others of course) that makes it very hard, now, to hire an atty at certain points of foreclosure.

You are literally nto allowed to pay an atty up front, he or she must wait for a resolution for payment. Will see if I can find the article. Someone sent me the full text via google email…

NO it is possible that what is arrayed against a single individual or family is too great.

And I am not a ”victim” sort of person.

NOR can one underestimate the desire of many people to subjugate themselves. To personalities, to process, to all manner of things.

You seem to simply avoid that major institutions should be strongly regulated and held to a transparent level of fiduciary integrity…. We have neither for the most critical of instituions, medical insurance (one reason Obster’s flailing and used car selling is a failure) and financial institutions.

And imo we are headed for another big blast, ever lower.

marisacat - 13 April 2010

oh and while we are on ‘land of the free home of the brave’ stuff…

Obster Loose and Happy in DC: No press needed to report on that tho….


Dana Milbanks is a silly mess of a thing (I call him the ‘long lashed uber boy’)… but on thsi he is right.

ts - 13 April 2010

I would love to regulate a huge swath of institutions beginning with all financial institutions. I’d like to see a return of banking to the pre-1980 system where banks couldn’t cross state lines. I’d like to outlaw all financial derivatives except those that are regulated like insurance. I would love to see a single payer health care system. I would love to have all U.S. military bases abroad closed and the personnel returned to their families in the United States. I would love to see all Americans entitled to a minimum living standard, not just a minimum wage.

I am not going to hold my breath to get even minor progress towards these things, particularly from the Pretzel. More like full speed ahead in the other direction. What can I do about it? Well, I’d like to think that I can do something even then. My mom always said quitting was a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The only thing I can count on is the sun shining outside, and as it’s rained the last couple afternoons, I’d better go take a walk in it now.

marisacat - 13 April 2010

My mom always said quitting was a self-fulfilling prophecy.

you know ts.. you cannot lecture about whining and quitting then say that to avoid what likely was a CIA kill, Che (and others like him) should have stuck to feeding and tending.

Doesn’t work.

Of course we should have regulated institutions… but until we do (which is nto to say that we will), everyone is up against it.

It was Jimmeh, that old Sunday School White Man Southern Preacher, who loosened the laws on usury. But made damn sure he did nto serve hard alcohol in the WH… he wanted to ban wine as well, but somebody stopped him.

Then Hillary banned smoking in the WH…. I read recently her husband is a mjor player in the Haiti communications scams going on……….. Plus ca change. Michelle is down there making sure no one over eats. She is restating that we care and share.

Things are going so well.

brinn - 13 April 2010

and, ts, apology accepted and I hope you’ll accept mine — it’s not you (of course not, I don’t even know you!), you just pushed a couple of buttons that just in the here and now are hyper-sensitive…not just for me personally in my current circumstances, but have been even when I’m not where I am in the here and now. And believe you me, I know EXACTLY how I got here, and, perhaps, more importantly, how to get out. That doesn’t make it any more ok for companies like JPMC, or the targets of the sweeps that MCat wrote about to be EXPLOITIVE — that ain’t whining you hear, it’s indignant rage!!

And don’t worry, I’m not waiting for anyone to come do shit for me…

ts - 13 April 2010

oh, no apology needed. i just tend to focus on not getting mad but how to get even.

brinn - 13 April 2010

YAY! As far as getting even, I’ve been thinking about this for a loooong time (what with all my undergrad econ credentials and stuff…) that the answer is the underground economy…

by that I mean, that folks like me with debt (owed to usurious banks that can’t be trusted as far as we can collectively spit and are changing 20-25% interest), could pool it together and sell it to investors who are finding all of a sudden that the CDs and other mid-term investments they made with banks are being “renegotiated” (read interest returns being lowed at whim), could pull their semi-liquid assets out of banks and invest it in our debt. We would have lower interest payments and they would get double, hell triple their return on investment — it isn’t really screwing the banks because they’d get their principal paid back, but at least all of the interest would get spread about instead of funneled back into their greedy maws….

Just let me find time to do the research (sometime at 3 am when I can’t sleep, perhaps?) to how to legally set it up….

How’s THAT for whining! LOL!

brinn - 13 April 2010

Oh, and no boot that has been on my face stays for long, OR walks away with a foot still in!


4. brinn - 13 April 2010

Oh and MCat? I LOOVE that meekcat pic — just lovely!

Have a great day all!

marisacat - 13 April 2010

oh wasn’t it charming?

I know there is danger of toxic shock from the “aww” factor, sucrose, dextrose and fructose overload, but it was a sweet picture.

brinn - 13 April 2010

Very sweet, and no overload here! 😉

diane - 13 April 2010

You, too!

You and Marisa expressed so much of what is always on the mind anymore regarding the nasty mythologies of this country.

5. mattes - 13 April 2010

Even when I don’t have time to read comments….I always come for the photos. 🙂

6. BooHooHooMan - 13 April 2010

Word is,
Vatican to blame Yoko…..foreverything. 😆

ms_xeno - 13 April 2010

Something they have in common with eight bajillion guitar-plunkin’ moron White boys, then. Oh, and that overrated asshole Poppy Z. Brite. :p

BooHooHooMan - 13 April 2010

😆 Oh too funny, xee!

7. BooHooHooman - 13 April 2010

Lehman Channeled Risks Through ‘Alter Ego’ Firm

In the years before its collapse, Lehman Brothers shifted investments off its books by using a small company whose board it controlled.

Oh not a problem. The System will work just fine.I say us serfs out here just channel our bills through an alter ego designee. Just pick out one of your favorite knuckleheads blogging over on Dailykos and send a note in lieu of payment.

“Oh your “bill”?
That will be now covered by my alter ego designee, -” say
“McJoan.” Orrrr– “Adam B.”
Just fob off your utilities on, say , Dana Houle. Why not? What the hell.
Afterall, they believe in the fundamental soundness of the status quo.

BooHooHooMan - 13 April 2010

To the crux of the matter with the Lehman Collapse,
a company called Hudson Castle, which, BTW, is still in business:

“This should have been disclosed, given how critical this relationship was,” said Elizabeth Nowicki, a professor at Boston University and a former lawyer at the S.E.C. “Part of the problems with all these bank failures is there were a lot of secondary actors — there were lawyers, accountants, and here you have a secondary company that was helping conceal the true state of Lehman.”

So who are these thieves, Hudson Castle???
LOL. Nobody apparently. No names in the 4 paragraphs comprising their “Company Overview” or “Core Operating Team” webpages.
And calls by certain activisti to the company asking for company officers names were met with. “That is public information on the Website”.

Certain activisti then informed them that, no, no in fact, that information was not on their web page, and in light of the New York Times article they were simply wondering who the kind receptionist at Headquarters was working for or if their was a name of an executive that could be contacted on the matter. Helpfully , LOL., the receptionist offered that there was not.

And from Business Week – a Helluva Profile – LOL

Diversified Financial Services
Hudson Castle Group Inc.
Snapshot /People

Key Executives

Hudson Castle Group Inc. does not have any Key Executives recorded.

So how many fine folk tied to Rubin Schumer and the Clintons are in THAT cave? 😆

diane - 13 April 2010

Oh now hold on there Boo Hoo Hoo Man!

I found these parties on their Core Operating Team page. Must be family owned, all from the same Our family:

Our senior banking and capital markets teams
Our bankers
Our management team

and look at that fantastic print page button!

marisacat - 13 April 2010

I think we need a “family annihilator”

diane - 13 April 2010

How about some of that Sterile Seed, Monsanto technology, I somehow don’t think Raid, or Offf! will work…

diane - 13 April 2010

The times are pretty bad when you spend a half hour writing, and then, erasing, posts which, at one time, not all that long ago, would have been totally innocuous (not even naming names), but now could be a cattle call for righteous rage, where innocent victims could get hurt.

I just blew off 30 minutes

brinn - 13 April 2010

LOLOL! BHHM — needed that one!!

Thanks ever so much — belly hurts….my alter ego designee….hee hee hee

brinn - 13 April 2010

DANG IT! I do not like wordpress threads!!!!!!

stupid things….

marisacat - 13 April 2010

sorry brinn.. I think that sub thread died… I have it at the max for allowed “replies” which I think is 8.

After that it goes screwy and starts to just drop replies here and there…

brinn - 13 April 2010

It’s all good, Marisa! PLEASE no apologies for WP!! k?

Anyway, I just sound as frenzied and non-linear as I do in real life! 🙄

(if that didn’t work, don’t worry, it’s all me! lol!)

8. BooHooHooMan - 13 April 2010

Obama Calls for Joint Action to Safeguard Nuclear Stocks

Fuck, I’ll smoke a joint if it helps.

Emphasizing the dangers of nuclear terrorism, ….

Not gonna help. Not with Obbie’s worn rendition of Cousin Cheney with the (equally worn) Duck and Cover fearmongering. Almost psychotic, though I dare say narcissism is more precise, – hello – considering we’ve driven WMD proliferation for years – precisely in the manner this Dem WH went all gorilla chest pounding the other day about how we’re the most powerfullest powerful power on the planet. Evah.

Top officials stress country’s nuclear strength
By Eli Saslow
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, April 12, 2010

Even as President Obama met Sunday with a succession of global leaders to discuss better control of nuclear materials, his administration highlighted a seemingly dissimilar message: The U.S. nuclear arsenal remains as strong as ever.

marisacat - 13 April 2010

I really don’t see how the comments from Ob and Knob yesterday (and otehr times as well) is any different from Miss Condi – and others – bleating about mushroom clouds to usher in Iraq War.

9. marisacat - 13 April 2010

Nebraska… land of Ben Nelson iirc.


[T]he other state law bars abortions after 20 weeks gestation on grounds the “unborn child can be capable of feeling pain,” Republican Governor Dave Heineman said in signing the measure.

Either law could face constitutional challenges that could ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court, which has a conservative majority.

“There are strong grounds to believe that five members of the current U.S. Supreme Court would give serious consideration to Nebraska’s assertion of a compelling state interest in preserving the life of an unborn child whom substantial medical evidence indicates is capable of feeling pain during an abortion,” Mary Balch of National Right to Life said in a statement.

Kyle Carlson, a lawyer for Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, said the group will consider its options but will continue to provide abortion services.

And a full throated “reply” from the ever weakening PP, I see.

10. marisacat - 13 April 2010

… this thread is probably going to crash in terms of arranging replies… sooooooo….



…………………….. 8)

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