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White on white 13 April 2010

Posted by marisacat in 2010 Mid Terms, 2012 Re Election, Beirut, Culture of Death, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, WAR!.

Mario Testino: Sienna Miller, American Vogue, Rome, 2006

A Positive View: auction of photographs to raise funds for homeless charity Crisis – All proceeds of the exhibition will go to Crisis, the UK’s leading homeless charity for single people

Mario Testino: Sienna Miller, American Vogue, Rome, 2006 — Picture: © Mario Testino, Courtesy of Mario Testino/Art Partner


I see some of the usual suspects are down in Haiti at the same time as Mother Michelle.  Sean Penn, Demi Moore, Ben Stiller…  Susan Sarandon.

Being photographed with children.  Of course.

Reminds me of slams that Angry Arab lobs at Jane Fonda, from the Tom Hayden era.  They, she and Tom, were happy enough to display and disport themselves for the Israeli and US wars, visiting Israel and the Beirut installations for US military.

When it suited them of course.  Picking wars, invasions and occupations to suit.



1. ms_xeno - 13 April 2010

Obama’s water-carriers are such a bunch of pathetic apologist weaklings. I told one of them as much in some thread he started on LJ about “teabagging the teabaggers” at some protest and s/he whined at me to “stop shitting” on his/her thread.

Portland’s LJ produces so much snark on a daily basis that you could bottle it by giving your monitor a few taps before bedtime, but– OH, NOES!! Fail to kneel before The Plaster Saint and it’s just too horrible and mean! Oh, WOE!!

Fuckers seriously need to grow themselves some thicker skins.

BooHooHooMan - 13 April 2010

Hey xee. I was LMAO on the ref to PzB in the CC last thread.

ms_xeno - 13 April 2010

[bows] Always happy to pay it forward, Sir. 😉

2. BooHooHooMan - 13 April 2010

Hoyer: Dems might not pass a budget
By JAKE SHERMAN | 4/13/10 12:45 PM

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer is unsure whether Congress will pass a budget this year.

Oh you just wait, you lower-house weakling, Steny Hoyer.
You wait till SENATOR Harry Reid get’s ahold of you.

Reid punts on immigration

The Senate Majority leader concedes that the issue may be too volatile for an election year agenda.

D’oh! 😯

Well THOSE fuckers are concerned with getting re-elected. At least CHRIS DODD had the courage to resign so he could be freed up for the “challenges ahead”. DODD will show them! –

Banking reform bipartisanship stalls

Okay so THOSE THREE are all loafers.
But there’s one man who remains steadfast when the chips are down.
And that man is none other than our Pretzeldent, Barack Obama.

Obama: No guarantee on sanctions

President Barack Obama acknowledged Tuesday that despite his full-court press for tough sanctions aimed at persuading Iran to abandon its suspected nuclear weapons program, he could not promise that China and other major powers would go along.

“I am going to push as hard as I can to make sure that we get strong sanctions that have consequences for Iran as it’s making calculations about its nuclear program and that those are done on a timely basis,” Obama said during a news conference at the end of the 47-nation summit he convened in Washington to address the dangers of nuclear terrorism.

Okay. So in times like these we need to turn to Religion.
Take the Holy Father. Please. 😆

marisacat - 13 April 2010

he could not promise that China and other major powers would go along.

I noticed as steno takers yesterday were bellowing that China was with us on sanctions, other headlines said different things.


And I figure the Dems have at least two more revolving doors about immigration. Later they will say they will TRY, TRY TRY to gin up the votes… then sorrowfully again say … but we can’t right now. Next year children, there will be food in the cupboards. But not NOW.


And right now, the unemployment ins got a THIRTY day extentsion.

One party anyone? Looks it to me.

Concrete, we are in it to our hips.

3. catnip - 13 April 2010

Frontline tonite: Obama’s health insurance “reform” deals. His apologists are already busy criticizing the show when they haven’t even seen it.

marisacat - 13 April 2010

I will watch it, see how Frontline does.

BooHooHooMan - 13 April 2010

Carnip, I saw you knockin heads over on that 2000+ comment piece at Dk piece by nyceve, Can Daily Kos accept the truth about the healthcare bill?

Good goin!

The fool you were slapping around is an accountant, an Adam B pal, a a trustfundarian from North Jersey. IOW, a butthole.
A bit fuzzy about this , but IIRC, one of his clan was an underling in Bills admin another a journo in DC. I’m sure about the first stuff tho.

catnip - 13 April 2010

heh…I didn’t know that. If I’m thinking of the same person, they’re busy playing expert on tort reform in this diary. Someone is asking them to stop pretending that they know anything more than what goes on in NJ. (I just skimmed over that discussion. Tort reform makes my eyes glaze over.)

BooHooHooMan - 13 April 2010

Same asshole different diary.
Runs with the lawyers other accts serving the white collar schemes.
He’s a CPA. A Hasbarist too.

BooHooHooMan - 13 April 2010

You know, it’s funny…very little mention how, in addition to the windfall for InsCo’s and the increased billings for the politically connected Law Firms, how nicely this whole HC hoo ha will butter accounting firm’s bread. I see the whole thing as white collar welfare. And far from being an apologist for business interests per se, nonetheless I can see how small to mid sized types – any who’d wanna play it straight – would be freaking about this. And most of the local biz sorts I know with half a brain wanted SP or Medicare for all. But for most, this has serious consequences for market consolidation in their business. Especially for those who’d wanna play it straight. Because other similarly sized outfits will find it compelling when the attorneys and accountants come with the magic paperwork: e.g. , instead of a decent local lumber yard or say a niche market manufacturing facil with 50+ people say, the paper pushers will ply their services to get around the new set up,
spinning off the shop from the store, the warehouse from the delivery truck guys, etc. Which won’t do a damn thing for the business, the employees, much less their access to “quality” “affordable” health”care”. But the protection racket will maintain the shysters leeching off it all.Putting the non-fix in… so to speak.

Thing is – and here’s the oxymoron to end oxymorons- for every ‘socially responsible” capitalist 🙄 (all 5? LOL) it futhers a system built on outright pillagng on the one hand with this bullshit facillitation game / white collar protection racket on another to try and keep it glued together. For the next crippled steps down the road.

Oh well. We could have gone with the socialism.
Instead we’ll get all sorts of creative white collar shuck and jive.
Right down to workers in all sorts of technically independent
micro businesses.Perhaps classified, technically, as….ya know…. elves. I think this will make the off-book push towards “consultants” ( and the jettisoning of corporate liablity and heaadcount which in turn was touted into Bubbledom) I think this whole HCR scam will make the former look mild in comparison.
So in that regard I do think there was that exponentially layed chess game being played. But hardly by Obama and the Dems FOR regular people.

marisacat - 13 April 2010

Absolutley agree… I think much fo the machinations we will see are to save slices… in this case the medical industrial cplex…. AND the indexers. Crabbed hunched people who will forever cross tab.


Few people wanted to point fingers at the doctors, the medical corporations or the big teaching hosptials.. they were always shown as …………… all but TORTURED HEROES.

snicker. All the while being ministered to by Ob.

So much is being left high profit.

diane - 13 April 2010

And then there’s that lovely blooming IT Med Records Industry, which has had all sorts of busy little trolls, dwarves, and elves preparing to un “privatize” and impossibly complicate medical records for all (‘cept I get the feeling they’ll be some with teeny secret IT databanks, which mustn’t be hacked, kinda like certain homes never made it to the DOD Keyhole/Google Earth satellites) over the tubes.

marisacat - 13 April 2010

Just starting here… getting the impression it will paint him as a “tortured hero”.

gah. we shall see…

marisacat - 13 April 2010

omigod. Daschle went down for a few limo rides. I swear! SO UNFAIR. Obama had his chosen man TAKEN DOWN… in a “poltiical knife fight”.

Yup, tortured hero. It is so hard out there for a pretzel!!!! Darn darn darn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

marisacat - 13 April 2010

Boo hoo: Max Baucus is a bad bad man…

Think I have to bail.

catnip - 13 April 2010

Stop me from throwing something at the teevee. Bunch of two-faced bastards. (not that that’s new…)

4. marisacat - 13 April 2010
BooHooHooMan - 13 April 2010

Now now. Could be worse. He Could be
a Cyclops of the veritable Child Molesting Nazi persuasion
with the record to prove it. Not a Cyclops. He’s got that goin for ‘im.

diane - 13 April 2010

Hard to decide on a fave there, but I kind of like

3. Poor fools, they suspect nothing!

marisacat - 13 April 2010

yeah I liked 3 — and 4………………….

diane - 13 April 2010

Oh, wait, a new unnumbered contender, titled:

They could be twins

5. diane - 13 April 2010

..the usual suspects are down in Haiti…

But I don’t see our benefactors: Angelina, Oprah, George, Madonna, Hanks and John on that list…..

On another Project are they?

catnip - 13 April 2010

I saw a news crawl today: John Tesh admits he dated Oprah.

Like I fucking care?? This is news that needs to be known for some reason?

ms_xeno - 13 April 2010

I thought we’d all dated Oprah by this time. Personally, I just got sick and tired of her always nagging me just because I liked to have one lousy extra bread roll at dinner.

But we’ll always have Hawaii. ❤

BooHooHooMan - 13 April 2010

😆 Fuck Oprah. You’re on a roll!

ms_xeno - 13 April 2010

They had me sorting boxes full of flip flops at work. With glitter and rhinestones on ’em. I kid you not.

If you got eight hours of the factory-fresh chemical aroma that comes from a newly-opened box of this crap, you’d start seeing funny things, too. 😉

marisacat - 13 April 2010

well the thing now is…………….. don’t drive and text.

I say, cancel children. they are a big distraction inside cars.

Kill them now.

diane - 13 April 2010

yup, apparently they are our Benefactors and Betters …whom we must follow with a fervor.

Seems like that really heated up in the US during the Clinton years, and NBC’s vomit worthy Shower of The Stars (continuing US adult education) spots, where George commonly played a Surgeon to the masses at large along with other “Stars.”

marisacat - 13 April 2010

well … the imagery has some guffaw power…

BooHooHooMan - 13 April 2010

Toss in Kenny G, Markos, his piano., .. oh –
and Zamfir- the Pan Flute guy.
Oprah will be runnin back to Steadman in no time.

ms_xeno - 13 April 2010

Don’t forget Roger Whittaker! [swoon]

catnip - 13 April 2010

Lawrence Welk – dreamy.

marisacat - 13 April 2010

There is crooner too………… to bat his eyes at the boomers. James Taylor.


what a crew.

catnip - 13 April 2010

lol…Zamfir…you read my mind

C’mon – who wouldn’t want to date the flute dude?

BooHooHooMan - 13 April 2010

no men that I know.

Though I once was turned down by a clarinetist, who referred me to a flutist, who suggested I see a picolo player, who in turn gave me the number of a kazoo artist. Who , when the big moment arrived, oddly began to laugh uproariously before simply handing me the whistle from a Cracker Jack box. I think they were trying to tell me something. LOL.

ts - 14 April 2010

If you ran John Tesh and Oprah through the CERN supercollider, you’d create a black hole of suck that would swallow the earth.

marisacat - 13 April 2010

which John, there are so many.

I guess Bono was busy diddling some international money game, as well.

diane - 13 April 2010

Seaman Revolta

diane - 13 April 2010

and Bono?

just checked, looks like Ireland has named a new tax after him.

The ‘Bono’ Tax

marisacat - 13 April 2010

Think he and his band moved money out, over and over. No wonder they named a new tax after him.

It’s crime… and after all the GOOD he did for Africa. An angel like that should nto have to pay taxes. At all.

diane - 13 April 2010

weeeelllllll, maybe he is too much of a dear angel to have to pay those nasty taxes, but at least he should be forced to take those hideous red sunglasses off (that goes for Hanks and Nicholson (sp?) too).

marisacat - 13 April 2010

Actually he did next nothing for Africa. Don’t care for red lenses myself…………but I love sunglasses.

(Michelle O is bleating.. that she ”stands with Haiti”, got a tremor in her voice too! – 11 o’clock news… calm down Michelle. Have a pill. Or two.)

diane - 13 April 2010

Ditto on those sunglasses, I think even the regular ones look really nice on some people.

diane - 13 April 2010

hmmm, reallly tempted to add a comment to the pile up at Oprah’s place, but I just know, mine’ll be the jinxed one that ends up somewhere looking stupid.

diane - 13 April 2010

oh well….

slowly walks away, head down

ms_xeno - 13 April 2010

Just make sure to stop by Kos’ pad tomorrow. Catnip and I are staging a bogus hair-pulling fight over a U2 ticket that we both spotted on the sidewalk at the same time.

marisacat - 13 April 2010

oh have you gone and looked at the Oprah blog? I only looked at it once, in the wake of her O endorse.


More than a bit dull. Mostly epople weeping that she did not endorse Hillary, based I guess on being a woman. Or some silliness.

marisacat - 13 April 2010

sob. We’ll always have the National Prayer Breakfast. Brought to us by the Family.

I am sure Bono will be there next year.

Popes being a tad toxic. Just at the moment. Til the next pope is up, who will be hailed. (50/50 they go for an African pope)

diane - 13 April 2010

hmmm, how ’bout a woman, and African American…


catnip - 13 April 2010



BooHooHooMan - 13 April 2010

ROFLMAO. 😆 Oh that’s too funny, diane.
Fuck Penance. All these years, I’ve been waitin for a Poprah that gives out cars and shit. LOL.

diane - 13 April 2010

well, maybe this is pushing things a bit too much, buuuuut,
about a truly progressive, Interracially MARRIED, woman, African American

Poprah and Dr. Phil

catnip - 13 April 2010

Bono Tax?

So many punchlines…so little time…

6. diane - 13 April 2010

Just make sure to stop by Kos’ pad tomorrow. Catnip and I are staging a bogus hair-pulling fight over a U2 ticket that we both spotted on the sidewalk at the same time.

That would be hilarious, I might even pay for the “advanced” proxy server service to witness that one, since I can’t view diaries there, even by free proxy server (I tried to view catnips comments tonight – url character limitation), and don’t care to waste time on why I can’t access dkos at all without a proxy server.

catnip - 13 April 2010


Who said it was going to be bogus?

I don’t even like U2 all that much.


Maybe I should have checked that link. I thought we were talking about a SONNY Bono tax of some sort.

[insert embarrassed smiley face here]

catnip - 13 April 2010

(I tried to view catnips comments tonight – url character limitation),

There’s some kind of limitation on my character?

Hmmm…I may need therapy again.

diane - 13 April 2010

well, you could come to the US for it, I’m sure it would be quite affordable, we just passed a wonderful healh care reform bill.

catnip - 14 April 2010

All my therapy belongs to Dr Phil. lol

How’s that workin’ for ya?

7. diane - 13 April 2010

oh have you gone and looked at the Oprah blog?

No, I meant the pile up above, with Zamfir, Tesh, Taylor et al….


8. catnip - 13 April 2010

The Obamas: Making the world a better place, one day at a time
by blackwaterdog


You can’t make this shit up.

And remember kiddies – he’s decades ahead of you!

diane - 13 April 2010

That person must have received their lobotomy pre HCR I guess.

ts - 14 April 2010

Ugh, I threw up a little in my throat on that one.

I tells ya, watching Invasion of the Body Snatchers is way more scary today than in the 1970s.

catnip - 14 April 2010

Typical thread:

I love me some Obama!

I love you, blackwaterdog!

Look at Michelle’s arms!

I’ll bet he got some last nite. Look at that smile.

Well, he hasn’t quite gotten around to fixing the economy yet.

Hater! Get your own blog! Why do you hate America?!

I’m just sayin’…

NO! YOU weren’t just sayin’ nothing! You HATE him. Get out! We are trying to self-segregate*! Leave Obama alone!! blackwaterdog is too fragile for this! We can’t see these pictures anywhere else!

How about whitehouse.gov?

Traitor! Fox News asshole! Teabagger!


*actual comment – “self-segregation”

marisacat - 14 April 2010

nothing new i see… 😉

catnip - 14 April 2010

It’s not exactly a bastion of intellectual enlightenment. 🙂

9. diane - 13 April 2010

It’s been too fun, even muddling up the “nesting” in some places, real nice to laugh for a change…

g’night all

10. marisacat - 14 April 2010

Another large earthquake… with a rising death toll…

11. marisacat - 14 April 2010


Th Sunday Soaps can and DO get worse…

SUNDAY SO FAR: Tapper has President Clinton, exclusively from Miami.

catnip - 14 April 2010

What’s Bubba doing in Miami? Spring break?

marisacat - 14 April 2010

hunting for trailer parks…

I did love the characterisation SNL did of Bill…the one of him in a Hawai’ian shirt, dogging around trailer parks.


12. catnip - 14 April 2010
13. catnip - 14 April 2010
14. catnip - 14 April 2010
15. marisacat - 14 April 2010

hmm Angry Arab… he links back to the article at The Globe and Mail:

Just invade

“British spy chiefs warned after the 1973 Arab-Israeli war that they believed the United States might invade Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi to seize their oil fields, according to records released Thursday. A British intelligence committee report from December, 1973, said the United States was so angry over Arab nations’ earlier decision to cut oil production and impose an embargo on the United States that seizing oil-producing areas in the region was “the possibility uppermost in American thinking.”

Posted by As’ad at 9:58 AM

Well I think Bob Baer the ex CIA chatty cathy has openly admitted this, in his book “Sleeping with the Enemy”… on S Arabia. He still advocates it, in fact.

73, was Nixon. Could easily have been Jimmeh.

All for one, one for all.

From The Globe and Mail:

[T]he 1973 embargo and production cuts, used by oil-rich Arab nations as a means to put pressure on the United States and Western Europe, caused a major global energy crisis and sent oil prices skyrocketing.

The committee of intelligence service directors calculated that the United States could guarantee sufficient oil supplies for themselves and their allies by taking oil fields in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi, with total reserves of more than 28 billion tonnes.

It warned however that the U.S. occupation would need to last 10 years, as western nations developed alternative energy sources, and would lead to the “total alienation” of Arab states and many developing countries, as well as “domestic dissension” in the United States.

catnip - 14 April 2010
marisacat - 14 April 2010

well I take it as a given…

I noticed (tho I turned it off, too much after Frontline portraying Ob as tortured hero) that Charlie last night had some one on from “Kissinger and Associates”, lecturing on China………………………

catnip - 14 April 2010

“domestic dissension”

I doubt it.

marisacat - 14 April 2010

well, ’73.. different era.

catnip - 14 April 2010

right…Vietnam…forgot about that (!)

I was thinking about how crazy it was back then with the endless line-ups for gas – I don’t think people would have minded because of that if the US had invaded in the name of oil (had Vietnam not been a reality…)

16. catnip - 14 April 2010

I keep hearing this ad about how 80% of Toyotas bought are still on the road and every time I think, ‘yeah, that’s because they can’t fucking stop!”

marisacat - 14 April 2010

that made me laugh…

I heard on a business report out here, that Toyota March ’10 compared to March 09… 40% HIGHER this year. Apparently wtih the terrible PR and everything else, they jsut wheeled and dealed their way thru March.

Wonder how the value holds thru the years… if this just vaporises or if more happens.

catnip - 14 April 2010

They might go the way of the Datsun once the impact is really felt. This just broke in – what – Dec/Jan?

17. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 April 2010

Cities Under Siege

One particularly fascinating example of this encroachment of “military dreams… into the governance of urban civil society” is actually the subject of a forthcoming book by Joe Flood. The Fires tells the story of “an alluring proposal” offered by the RAND Corporation, back in 1968, “to a city on the brink of economic collapse [New York City]: using RAND’s computer models, which had been successfully implemented in high-level military operations, the city could save millions of dollars by establishing more efficient public services.” But all did not go as planned:

Over the next decade—a time New York City firefighters would refer to as “The War Years”—a series of fires swept through the South Bronx, the Lower East Side, Harlem, and Brooklyn, gutting whole neighborhoods, killing more than two thousand people and displacing hundreds of thousands. Conventional wisdom would blame arson, but these fires were the result of something altogether different: the intentional withdrawal of fire protection from the city’s poorest neighborhoods—all based on RAND’s computer modeling systems.

In any case, Graham’s interest is in the city as target, both of military operations and of political demonization. In other words, cities themselves are portrayed “as intrinsically threatening or problematic places,” Graham writes, and thus feared as sites of economic poverty, moral failure, sexual transgression, rampant criminality, and worse (something also addressed in detail by Steve Macek’s book Urban Nightmares). All cities, we are meant to believe, already exist in a state of marginal ferality. I’m reminded here of Frank Lloyd Wright’s oft-repeated remark that “the modern city is a place for banking and prostitution and very little else.”

In some of the book’s most interesting sections, Graham tracks the growth of urban surveillance and the global “homeland security market.” He points out that major urban events—like G8 conferences, the Olympics, and the World Cup, among many others—offer politically unique opportunities for the installation of advanced tracking, surveillance, and facial-recognition technologies. Deployed in the name of temporary security, however, these technologies are often left in place when the event is over: a kind of permanent crisis, in all but name, takes over the city, with remnant, military-grade surveillance technologies gazing down upon the streets (and embedded in the city’s telecommunications infrastructure). A moment of exception becomes the norm.

marisacat - 14 April 2010

Graham tracks the growth of urban surveillance and the global “homeland security market.” He points out that major urban events—like G8 conferences, the Olympics, and the World Cup, among many others—offer politically unique opportunities for the installation of advanced tracking, surveillance, and facial-recognition technologies

Obviously parts of DC are ready to oppose armed insurrection. Just reading about the shut down for the Global Shits to assemble for a completely fictional “discussion”…………….

What a ghastly story. Impossible they did not know what would happen if you withdraw services.

Madman in the Marketplace - 14 April 2010

I remember hearing variations of the “conspiracy theory” over the years that chunks of NYC were deliberately left to decay, but this …

Looks like an interesting book.

marisacat - 14 April 2010

well chunks were deliberately left to decay. No question… Both Jimmeh and Reagan went into Bedford Styvesant, same corner, as candidates, and vowed to rebuild.

I just had not heard of the RAND connection.

’68…. but we are all supposed to hate, viscerally, the dirty fucking hippies.

18. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 April 2010
19. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 April 2010

Why Does Nebraska Think Women Are Idiots?

In other words, bitch gotta be nuts if she wants an abortion. Oh, and if the doctor fucks up any of the steps in this process, he or she can be sued. That’s right: “The absence of physical injury shall not preclude an award of non-economic damages including pain, suffering, inconvenience, mental suffering, emotional distress, psychological trauma, loss of society or companionship, loss of consortium, injury to reputation, or humiliation associated with the abortion.”

You got that? In Nebraska, land of wheat and football and corn and cows, not only are the Republicans halting prenatal care for the precious fetuses, they’re encouraging medical malpractice lawsuits. Where’s your precious government intrusion now, nutzoids?

By the way, the bill contains all kinds of new rules regarding late-term abortion, and another bill Heineman will sign outlaws the procedure at 20 weeks, with no mental health exception. This one is aimed at driving the state’s sole late-term abortion provider, Dr. LeRoy Carhart, out of business in Nebraska. Carhart has thought about moving shop over to Kansas in order to replace his friend, the murdered George Tiller.

And thus our American obsession with enforced pregnancy continues. It’s as if it’s one of the last bastions of patriarchal control, one of the dwindling number of ways that women can be kept in their place, a cause that needs a fight, with new and creative ways to halt progress. Of course, the logic of the battle, as it comes up against other conservative beliefs, keeps getting more and more perverse.

20. marisacat - 14 April 2010



………………………. 8)

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