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And the wars go on… 14 April 2010

Posted by marisacat in 2010 Mid Terms, 2012 Re Election, Afghanistan War, AFRICOM, Border Issues, Culture of Death, DC Politics, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Iran, Iraq War, Israel/AIPAC, Mexico, Pakistan, Somalia, South America, Venezuela - Chavez, WAR!.

A bird perches on razor-wire at the US army’s Camp Blue Diamond in Ramadi, Iraq     [Ben Curtis/AP]

I don’t see them ever ending.  Simply expanding, moving, shifting.

Why would they ever end?  They never have, in the past.  Vietnam seems an anomaly frankly.

Must really piss us off to be shut out of Iran.  Bolivia.  Venezuela…and so on…

Where there is a will there is a way…




1. catnip - 14 April 2010

I have the solution to his Popeyness’ problems! Send him to another parish.

2. catnip - 14 April 2010

Rasmussen Reports:
Election 2012: Barack Obama 42%, Ron Paul 41%


marisacat - 15 April 2010

political hosrseflesh… much the same.

3. BooHooHooMan - 15 April 2010

Lamar Smith (R-TX):
America doesn’t need another liberal justice

BHHM (Whackjob- NJ) :
That would be because Lamar Smith is a corporate money grubbin cash gurglin hoe for the uber rich who sells this crap to morons. But you can bet Obama and his corporate money grubbin cash gurglin Administration will be right behind him too. Along with the Democrats on the Hill , the corporate cash grubbin etc etc.

They’ll end up confirming a corporate hoe to SCOTUS as well. They’ve only been performing this Dance of the Dildoes for decades now.


Fuckin Politico. They removed the Dildo. From “Dildoes” that is. leaving it to read Dances with *****es , Which in addition to needlessly nattering the nabob off ‘nother nascent neo-alliterative notion, it might remind people of the Kevin Costner film. And Meatier Blades would have to weigh in with a ruling, etc. You know, as global policeman for DK, Native Americans, the MPAA and all.

Funny thing is, initially they allowed the full Dildo, then removed “ildo” then knocked the D off entirely.
Alas, even the memory will be gone soon. I posted a follow up:
“That’s Dances with *Dildoes.”

Anti alliterative bastards.

marisacat - 15 April 2010

so interesting what gets hit. Well… not really “interesting” but revealing.

marisacat - 15 April 2010

Dance of the Dildoes… reminds me.

Not too shockingly I had never heard of it, as I haven’t really kept up for years, but tooling around Netflix I landed on a Johnny Depp… The Libertine. I was taking a look at the member reviews and the very first one mentioned that a showing he had gone to, two teengers were escorted out, before the movie started. I guess it is “R”………..

So I rented it to see… which I might have done anyway as ti sounded like a well conceived period piece (late 1600s under Charles II). It was a wonderful period piece, including a 17 c stage play put on with a “Dance of the Dildoes” in it… no kidding.

Now remember we live in a country where, as I bluntly put it, we have the xtian children of Promise Keepers and Abstinence enforcers and virginity demanders, etc., engaging in “ass fucking for Jesus”….. and when pregnant being very shocked.

Screwed up country. Scared of a sick old creep paster who said (as it was often printed)

G-d d— America.

You gotta wonder.

BooHooHooMan - 15 April 2010

Henh. Oh The commentary is a trifle admittedly, hardly interesting, but its a helluva thing that the copious RW froth slides by alongside the Obamabots alike…….but very little outside the 2 party paradigm.

Politico, R leaning in THAT whole suckers game, but it was the same thing last summer when slipping some stuff in about Neutered Roots Nation in PGH last summer when Bill C spoke…the rule apparently is never speak ill of the illusion or payola.

It’s along the lines of what you’ve said before..
They allow the Partisan “extremes” precisely because no one is listening , the partisanship doesn’t matter, and it ain’t really all that extreme unless you’ve managed to get a column of tanks at the gates.

marisacat - 15 April 2010

No I did nto mean the comment was uninteresting, I meant it is *always* revealing what censors hit at….

4. marisacat - 15 April 2010

Comment at the Guardian from a non-believer (in Ob)

[C]hina has rejected any kind of wide-ranging sanctions in the past, for good reason. Increasing sanctions against Iran, as President Lula da Silva of Brazil has emphasised, would simply bring us another step closer to military conflict. China does not want this, and not only because – as the media emphasise – they do not want a disruption of Iran’s oil supplies. The Chinese understand that the showdown between the US and Iran – like the prior showdown that led to war with Iraq – is not so much about any potential weapons programme but about power. Iran, a major oil producer and one of the largest countries in the area, is naturally going to have influence in the region. This is what Washington is really against, and what obstructs the United States from negotiating an agreement with Iran that would resolve the nuclear issue.

China has no interest in US efforts to try to “isolate” Iran – China would never invite countries from all over the world to a conference on securing nuclear materials and exclude Iran, as the United States has just done. Nor is China “isolated” in its own views on Iran: current security council members Brazil and Turkey oppose new sanctions on Iran and support renewed efforts to resolve the US-Iran conflict through diplomacy. Like most other governments, China appears to favour a more multi-polar world in which the United States’ “super-power” status is less of a licence to tell other countries what to do.

5. marisacat - 15 April 2010

hmm Mike Whitney in C-Punch:

[H]ere’s an excerpt from an article on Housingwire that shows how desperate the banks are to stop the bleeding:

“Two major banks are expecting major increases in foreclosures, by the end of 2010.

“According to the Irvine Housing blog, Bank of America, which currently forecloses on 7,500 homes every month will see that number rise to 45,000 by December 2010…..

“JPMorgan Chase is forecasting bigger foreclosure numbers in the coming months. According to a presentation at the end of February, JPMorgan expects the amount of real estate owned (REO) properties in its portfolio to reach between 33,000 to 45,000 in Q410. By comparison, in Q409, REO inventories were at 23,100.” (“Big Banks Prepare for Major Rise in Foreclosures Ending 2010” Jon Prior, Housingwire.)

Bank of America’s 6X increase in projected foreclosures is a real eye-popper. It suggests that housing prices (particularly in California) have quite a bit further to tumble. This will effect everything from private consumption to state revenues. It’s a disaster.

There is a report out here in Cali that 109 “hotels” are defaulting, not in danger of… but actually in default, on their mortgages in the Bay Area…. From a Marriott down in Silicon Valley to other lesser known names…

marisacat - 15 April 2010

Geesh.. and this is the close:

[S]o, why the sudden spike in foreclosures a full four years into the housing crash?

Because the banks have been withholding supply to keep prices artificially high. There may have been an understanding between the banks and the Fed (a quid pro quo?) to keep inventory low so it looked like Bernanke’s $1.25 trillion Quantitative Easing (QE) program was actually stabilizing the market. But now that the banks are stuffed with reserves, there’s no need to continue the charade. So the dumping of backlog homes has begun. That will cause inventories to rise and prices to fall. More homeowners will slip into negative equity which will lead to even more foreclosures. It’s a vicious circle. If the coming wave of foreclosures is anything close to Bank of America’s projections, there’s a world of pain ahead.

ts - 15 April 2010

It’s not just the banks – 1/3 of homeowners with mortgages are effectively underwater and can’t sell.

I don’t think the “banks are stuffed with reserves” is the right answer though. Banks have been stuffed with reserves ever since the Fed started frantically pumping them in around the time Bear Stearns and Lehman were collapsing.

The three reasons I’m hearing for why now is that first, the banks have a record number of homes in the default pipeline. They had tried to avoid losses by enrolling everyone they could in HAMP, extend and pretend, but there hasn’t been either a big jump in prices that would reduce defaults, or a big wave of buyers clearing out the inventory.

Second, Congress has started to hound them to realize and write off losses on second mortgages that have been pushed into the level 2 and level 3 bins, the “mark to make believe”. Now that the banks have been recapitalized with all this taxpayer money, they have more room to start writing this stuff off and liquidating more houses in the pipeline.

Finally, a lot of people in the industry really like HAMA, and how it’s going to free up a lot of short sales and deeds-in-lieu sales that were stacking up. Up to this point, many of these homeowners have already defaulted and are living rent free until the various creditors could agree what to do with them. Now they’re enrolling in the program and pushing these through, which allows people to move elsewhere or kicks them out, depending on your perspective.

In a normal market, all the people moving out of homes would be buying a new one or a more expensive one somewhere else. However, the people leaving now are being evicted and don’t have the wherewithal to buy another house.

ts - 15 April 2010

sorry, that would be HAFA, not HAMA

catnip - 15 April 2010

That reminds me: I got an e-mail from Public Agenda asking if I wanted to be a guest blogger on economic issues i.e. “taxes and the unsustainability of the federal budget deficit”. Me? Blog about economic issues? haha

They might as well have asked me to write about quantum physics.

marisacat - 15 April 2010

In a normal market, all the people moving out of homes would be buying a new one or a more expensive one somewhere else

Some people who did manage to do that, even in this horrible time, are now underwater for a second time.

In Cali things sit for 6 months, minimum. There is always a property that goes right away, but the great bulk, sit.

BooHooHooMan - 15 April 2010

On the CPunch…
banks witholding loans/ housing inventory/
“Because the banks have been withholding supply to keep prices artificially high.” ….the other thing is the choice properties are being picked clean BEFORE they come to market…by the same speculative network behind Fannie and Freddie in the first place.
Gotta love the scam, the churning, now that the assets are being passed back to the same speculators, tipsters , banksters and Hedge Fund Harrys of the world. Now that people are dispossessed either quite literally in the end or by a crueler fate: infinite credite market servitude. Gotta love the scam, now that the Treasury has been just. fuckin. pillaged. And the rest of us serfs left staggering are set up to pick up the tab.

The other week while driving around the Mid Atlantic.
I heard this …on NPR The impressed reporters were almost frog torturing gleeful in how it all , ahem “worked”.

We Bought a Toxic Asset, You Can Watch It Die
(Transcript and audio available there.)
It’s recommended listening.
In a screwed pooch turd bag at the ready kind of way.

It reminded me of a spot-on take of NPR that Joe Bageant did a few years ago.

At the same time the denial is all but spotlighted with the fluff and slop that replaces real coverage and demonstrates cooperation to the administration and sponsors. Stuff like “This I Believe.” Or that overt sop, Marketplace, where happy jock stockbroker types Kai Ryssdal, and that hyperactive airhead in Texas (I forget his name) play pocket pool with each other over the day’s market numbers, happily promoting the liberal capitalist notion that the second law of thermodynamics is false and that growth and consumption can be infinite in a world of diminishing resources.

Obfuscations aside-
– the NeoLib assertion that Mother Earth’s resources remain quite bountiful ~ (stipulated) ~ if only the plunder could be ~ …(good luck!)

Clearly the useful share, the individual/ household share,
the US v. Global share of those resources are not.
While the velocity of monetized plunder hurtles on.
And the exploitative sorts get fawning “hands on” reports …
by NeoLiberalish organs like NPR.

diane - 15 April 2010

Haven’t been able to tolerate listening to NPR on the radio for a long, long, time now. It gives me a reaction not unlike what I imagine swallowing a heavily drugged, sleeping baby rattlesnake might feel like.

marisacat - 15 April 2010

NPR pushes the fictions. “Cokie Roberts” would be the code words – that alone.

diane - 15 April 2010

By the way, thank you, Boo Hoo Hoo Man, for that use of the word churning; ’illegal’ churning. I remember some hot shit in Cali getting rightfully nailed for it, quite some time ago.

When I woke up one day and heard it referred to as something legal (yet ultimately as nasty) at Hewlitt Packard, I was quite confused, … thought I had misremembered some pretty vivid and close up history, when there used to be an, at least somewhat active, SEC force in Cali.

diane - 15 April 2010

I did some work for his victim, a wonderful widowed woman.

Her husband was one of those few wonderful attorney’s who actually are able to find themselves doing something tangible in a big way, for the downtrodden.

marisacat - 15 April 2010

whose victim?

diane - 15 April 2010

the hot shit broker who got nailed for illegal churning of investments (he wasn’t the only one at the time), in her case, a widow’s retirement investments.

diane - 15 April 2010

and I should correct that to, one of his victims, I’m sure she wasn’t the only one.

6. ts - 15 April 2010

Some more depressing links:

HAFA foreclosure warning

California double-dipping right now

Frank asks banks to write off liens

Foreclosures preventing recovery

Great. My thrice-price-reduced house up for sale (four months already) in OR is gonna destroy even more of my dwindling equity.

7. ts - 15 April 2010

Joe said it better than I did earlier…

Hope is for little kids and tooth fairies

catnip - 15 April 2010

Thanks for that.

8. diane - 15 April 2010


Did all us Lucky to still have a Job (even if only as a needy unpayed intern, or for only a month a year) Losers, remember to fill out Scam Schedule M, for their

Making Work Pay….Credit

whereby the Dem’s morph directly into the Repugs, knowing that technology and “philanthropic globalism” has obsolesced the need for labor (yes, even in those white collar, middle class service industries), and that droning, taser’s, pain rays, et al, has obsolesced the need to fear us, ……admit that they have no need to pay any attention at all to our basic needs (such as food and shelter), and finally, admitting that we’ve all been sodomized, toss their unneeded, cumbersome and weighty pennies at our unarmored faces in contempt.

May they rot in hell….

diane - 15 April 2010

I would be more than happy, to send my “credit” to Thomas A. Drake, or, those of his aquaintances who stand by him, and are, actively, supporting him.

diane - 15 April 2010

Just to clearly qualify, I have no problems paying income tax, glad to. I do have an enormous issue with largescale poverty (particularly when the poverty ridden actually work, and take plenty abuse -treated as if their “job” were a “gift”) and droning of innocent human beings.

marisacat - 15 April 2010

ugh I hated taxes… still do. Over the decades less and less and less (and less and less…) goes where i think it should… and so much gets funneled to private “providers”.

diane - 15 April 2010

I don’t “love” them, I just see no other way to fund some of societies needs. To my mind, a true progressive tax (not saying the one that exists hasn’t been corrupted), is the only way to achieve some of that with the economic structure that currently exists.

marisacat - 15 April 2010

Well as corporations increasingly pay less or no tax at all, the burden will grow on the middle class. Eventually ti is insurpportable.

AND NOW the IRS will be nose deep in the mandate. What a nightmare!

diane - 15 April 2010

That is the problem, in a nutshell, the Corporate share is a sick and nasty ugly joke… as is the major “Investors” share, and no mercy for anyone who points that out in the Corporate workforce, the Fox indeed, is in the chickencoop, the walls are red.

diane - 15 April 2010

a deep, and bloody red

marisacat - 15 April 2010

oh I remember that night!

9. marisacat - 15 April 2010

7 Tea party events in the Bay Area… seems some of them hung banners and signs from freeway overpasses.


10. marisacat - 15 April 2010

Oh gee.. I am just hearing that “volcanologists” cannot say how long the Iceland volcano will belch heavy smoke. And ash.

A round up of the articles via Google.

11. catnip - 15 April 2010

WaPo – President Obama signed an order Thursday night requiring hospitals to allow gays and lesbians to have non-family visitors and to grant their partners medical power of attorney.

The president ordered the Department of Health and Human Services to prohibit discrimination in hospital visitation. The memo is scheduled to be made public Friday morning, according to an administration official and another source familiar with the White House decision.

An official said the new rule will affect any hospital that receives Medicare or Medicaid funding.

Can he do that unilaterally?

marisacat - 15 April 2010

The hook is accepting Federal dollars.

12. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2010
BooHooHooMan - 15 April 2010

LOL. Jeezis. 😯
I’ve heard of “six pack” abs, but “dick pack” abs?
It’s a miracle!

marisacat - 15 April 2010

what incubator has Nicole Belle been in… She sees a six pack of abs in that? How?

BooHooHooMan - 15 April 2010

~ it’s proof Jesus was Hung on the Cross.

marisacat - 15 April 2010

HA! When we were about 7 the nuns told us not to be too shocked but it was likely Jesus was crucified NAKED!

We all gasped and drew back. High drama.

BooHooHooMan - 15 April 2010

😯 — > 😆 😉

13. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2010
marisacat - 15 April 2010

wellllllllllllll I could support a VAT, but one unlike any that the US government would envision. Sailboats over a certain length, boats and yachts over a certain length and dollar price, etc. $100,000 cars. I am sure there are many items that could fall to a VAT. Even a 10% VAT, rather than anything larger. SECOND HOMES!

The US will be putting a VAT on a child’s 50 dollar winter coat. And so on

14. diane - 15 April 2010

oh I remember that night!

of course hon, you posted the pic., my memory’s not that bad (yet).

(I also have a ‘lovely’ hardcopy….. Ya FUCKERS!)


marisacat - 15 April 2010

I think, iirc, I snagged the first one from Kathryn Jean Lopez, that craxy Catholic over at The Corner… and then found more.

[snicker, making use of the schnauzers over at TC, NRO]

diane - 15 April 2010

I snagged the first one from Kathryn Jean Lopez, that craxy Catholic over at The Corner

Well I don’t know anything about her, but, I still think the picture is hilarious in a bleak sort of way….

…we are so sorry MASTER!….


15. catnip - 15 April 2010

Scenes of Cloudmageddon across the pond, I see. Osama bin Clouden.

catnip - 15 April 2010

Speaking of Osama, I have some Canadian geese in the back 40. I nicknamed two of them – bin and laden (feathered terrorists that they are…)

marisacat - 15 April 2010

They are now your personal responsibility. If they fly ovr the US and take a flying drop…………. OR worse they attack a plane!!…. we will come find you.

I think you are likely a terrorist leader.

Maybe you are a secret Imam?

catnip - 15 April 2010

Well, I have been trying to grow a beard…

marisacat - 15 April 2010


catnip - 15 April 2010

My cover for the beard thing is that every canuck is bound by law to try to grow one during the hockey playoffs. So, dont tell anybody!

16. catnip - 15 April 2010
17. marisacat - 15 April 2010

nooo…. ooooo


………………………………. 8)

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