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Sneeze 20 April 2010

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

Grains of pollen come in all shapes and sizes. The large object in the centre of this image is pumpkin pollen; the tiny speck just below and to the right of it is forget-me-not pollen

Grains of pollen come in all shapes and sizes. The large object in the centre of this image is pumpkin pollen; the tiny speck just below and to the right of it is forget-me-not pollen [MICRONAUT / CATERS]

Just now, softly on a balmy night, the rain has come again.  Probably our last ’til next October.  Of course after the rain, comes the ……….. pollen.

Can’t complain tho………… no ash.



1. diane - 20 April 2010

Wow, that obesity project is a much, much more brilliant agenda than we knew, revenues and security:

Are school lunches a national security threat?

Mary Clare Jalonick, Associated Press Writer – 23 mins ago

WASHINGTON – A group of retired military officers says high-calorie school lunches are threatening national security.

A study by the group Mission: Readiness finds that school lunches are making American kids so fat that fewer of them can meet the military’s physical fitness standards. That, in turn, is putting recruitment in jeopardy.



(repost from bottom of last thread)

marisacat - 20 April 2010

I will repost my “reply” from the alst thread:

Mothers must nurse (or your child will DIE [someday!]). Teens must not drink or they endanger ………….. oh I forget the latest “advisory”……….

Don’t do anything. At all. OR, do what they TELL you to do.

Chuck it all, I say.

diane - 20 April 2010

but make sure you chuck it in the proper bin, or that’ll be $1,000.

marisacat - 20 April 2010

The whole Green You Must Go Green bin is so not going to work here.

diane - 20 April 2010

Has Mr. Green Jeans passed the spend thousands you don’t have, and Paint your Roof White Bill yet, in the middle of a depression?

marisacat - 20 April 2010

well the righties push that people will be commanded to paint their rooves white… but I have not heard of it yet… the idea of a white roof has been around for sometime here… some people DO do it…

All of this is just more of Ob or Gore or whomever drooling rather than governinig. Dribbling drool is jsut SO FUCKING SAFE for the pols.

diane - 20 April 2010

Oh, don’t worry, the Dems will probably make their dreams come true, they usually do in one way or another. No difference at the end of the day.

diane - 20 April 2010

But, on a serious note, what I don’t understand about that, is that up until the time the heat gets really bad, that white roof would also have folks turning on their heaters more often, especially in places like San Francisco, where it doesn’t usually get “hot” like the San Jose Area, etc.

marisacat - 20 April 2010

ugh it does get hot here. We had a more traditional summer this one past (09) fog, mist, over cast, quite a few “chilly” days, etc… but for several years we have had weeks long heat waves.

Three summers in a row almost killed me… 6, 7 and 8. Plus ti just blasted the fires around the state….

diane - 20 April 2010

ugh it does get hot here….Three summers in a row almost killed me… 6, 7 and 8.

I wonder if the sun actually came out in the Pacifica/ Daly city areas in those years, that area always seemed perpetually foggy and cold, along with, is it the Sunset District? that 280 feeds into?

marisacat - 20 April 2010

well even overcast days generate light and heat… I burned enough as a child under overcast skies.

Yeah Pacifica by the water.. Foster City…. Daly City gets and loses sun, depends wehre one is…………

Parts of the coast can be socked in, no question. Skip SFO before about 11 am on many days…

and so on.

2. diane - 20 April 2010

What to say, no regard for humanity:

US death sentence upheld despite judge-prosecutor affair

WASHINGTON (AFP) – The US Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear the case of a Texas man who learned after being sentenced to death that the prosecutor and judge at his murder trial were having an affair.


….”dozens of former state and federal prosecutors and judges and the nation’s leading legal ethicists have criticized the handling of this case by the Texas death penalty system.”


3. marisacat - 20 April 2010

Shorter version:

RAHM EMANUEL, to Charlie Rose, on getting Republicans to vote for financial reform: ‘Yes. I think it will be bipartisan.’

–On when the White House found out about the Goldman filing: ‘I can tell you with absolute — everybody at the White House found out like everybody else, when it hit the news. … Nobody at the White House knew anything ahead of anybody else.’

–On the anger in the country: ‘Everybody’s accountable. … Everybody, including the media. … They play a role in exacerbating the sense that America’s pulled apart, and it’s not as pulled apart as being reported.’

–On Supreme Court confirmation: ‘I think that there’ll be a huge, huge battle.’

–On whether Dems will lose the Congress: ‘Anybody that tells you that … doesn’t know what they’re talking about because you couldn’t answer that with this time in April [2006] … when I was chair of the DCCC … [U]nemployment’s important. It’s also about what people think about the economic future.’

4. NYCO - 20 April 2010

Just commenting on an item from the last thread: the story about unemployed homeowners being foreclosed.

Once again, the story focuses on (surprise, surprise) a “woman of a certain age.” There seems to be no end of divorced/single women over the age of 50 who are in debt, or newly dumped by their employers, from whom newspapers can get their anecdotes of woe. I haven’t seen any news stories focusing on the financial state of America’s fiftysomething women, though… I would guess they are being quite hard hit. I think beguinages might be due for a revival…

diane - 20 April 2010


outside of the beguinages, as I’m not totally clear on your term…

the dances?

When we begin the Beguine

alas, when you’ve passed the age to be “milked” for the national nutrition, just disappear somewhere, preferably somewhere where we don’t have to wipe the blood of the tracks, and preferably, in the dark.

and certainly even those of milking age don’t escape…

I will never ever forget the news in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania of a black woman in 2003-04 determinedly walking in the nasty, very cold at the time, Allegheny River (I believe it was that one, of the three noted ones), with her son in her arms, ….. drowning both of them, ….destitute…beyond belief…

Clearly not trusting any of the MOTHER FUCKERS to do the right thing by her son. The murderers most prominent at the time – Cheney, Yoo, Addington, Bush, on, and on and on – at large then, ……and still very much unpunished.

(Okay, for the rabid and lurking, shouting: She was Sick, Unbalanced, (Pfizer)! and you fuckers really think that your not the sickest, most lunatic, egomaniacal fuckers in the house?)

diane - 20 April 2010

and, yes, apparently, Pittsburgh, is, one of Obama’s favorite cities.

marisacat - 20 April 2010

more than Elkardt Indiana?


diane - 20 April 2010

toss up is possible, dependent on the misery factor that can be manipulated at the moment?

5. BooHooHooMan - 20 April 2010

Nah, no, this chick’s not a little partisan hack.

When Sen. Rockefeller’s Rocking, Don’t Come A-Knocking!
by slinkerwink


Senator Jay Rockefeller, chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, has been on a tear recently against the insurance industry. His committee just released a new report showing how private insurers are already gaming the medical loss ratio. Here’s the must-read ……

Yeh Yeh. Got it. { SNIP }
{ looking, browsing, looking for donate button any second now}

Our work won’t stop on getting real health care reform, and neither will yours.

1. You can follow me on Twitter @slinkerwink!

Ahhh – No! YOU churn the butter by kerosene lamp, fuck Rock the Farmer all night then milk the cows at 4 A.M. LOL.

2. You can friend me on Facebook as well 🙂

Sorry Wood Waxer!

3. Join us and donate to us at Progressive Congress Action Fund!

There it is!


The funds donated to the Progressive Congress Action Fund, a 501(C)4 not for profit, will be used to advocate on behalf of the progressive agenda, to advance progressive legislation, and may include payments to individuals engaged in fund raising.

marisacat - 20 April 2010

The funds donated to the Progressive Congress Action Fund, a 501(C)4 not for profit, will be used to advocate on behalf of the progressive agenda, to advance progressive legislation, and may include payments to individuals engaged in fund raising.

well Biden used his pac money for landscaping at his house… and Reid used it for christmas cash at his condo in DC. Feingold gave some from his patriot’s pac to MyDD… [snicker]

ts - 20 April 2010

Oh my god! A report! I can feel the vibration from the industry’s knees shaking.

6. brinn - 20 April 2010

Hey, MCat! Where’s ya get that picture of the inside of my sinuses?!

Hope all is well with everyone! I have completed 25% of my student teaching — all is going fabulously!

marisacat - 20 April 2010

kind of amazing isn’t it?

brinn - 20 April 2010

I got the boys this thing called the “Eyeclops” a couple of years ago, it’s basically a digital microscope that you plug into the TV to have all things small projected very BIG (1000s and 1000s of magnification) — a couple a “hey, guys, let’s look under your fingernails!!” really helped with the importance of hand washing!

LOL! Unfortunately, we haven’t yet jury-rigged an extension that can go up our noses, but I do imagine it looks something like that pic!

7. marisacat - 20 April 2010

hmmm for whatever reason the GetEqual people have the WH – and Obby – really spooked. Last night, at the LA fundraiser I thought maybe he is just overwrought… pissed at a public shout out and unable to make use of an audience… etc., etc…

But now……… Ben SMth also has a vid. Someobody hold Obby’s hand and get him thru the rough waters!

Police chased reporters away from the White House and closed Lafayette Park today in response to a gay rights protest in which several service members in full uniform handcuffed themselves to the White House gate to protest “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

People who have covered the White House for years tell me that’s an extremely unusual thing to do in an area that regularly features protests.

A reporter can be seen in the YouTube video above calling the move “outrageous” and “ridiculous.”

Good luck Obby.

I think full make up drag queens chained to the WH fnece would really scare him. Just my wild thought.

marisacat - 20 April 2010

ooo just have to share this… I wrote to moiv that next it ought to be a line up of full dress drag queens chained to the WH fence. She replied, have them all be Michelle clones. BRILLIANT!

THEN I said, how about a whole line up of drags doing our several former Flotuses! [flotusi?] Chained to the WH fence! Works for me!

There’s Nancy! And Pat! And Hillary! etc.

brinn - 20 April 2010

YES! That IS brilliant!! How is moiv. MCat? Wouldja mind telling her that I say “hi” and that I’m still waiting on her to get her butt (well, all of her actually) to Austin so we can have lunch!?


marisacat - 20 April 2010

moiv added that each drag queen flotus should have a mil escort.

Too funny…. this SO works for me.

marisacat - 20 April 2010

madman’s contribution to the email:

better yet, drag queens dressed up like Michelle MAKING OUT with in-uniform guys who’ve been kicked out.

I jsut saw pics from the protest and the ones who chained themselves to the fence today, were in uniform….

brinn - 20 April 2010

Ok, I want in on this email ring! 8)

marisacat - 20 April 2010

I forwarded your comment to moiv… 😉

brinn - 20 April 2010

Yay!! Thanks, Marisa! Yer da bestest!

moiv - 20 April 2010

And at least one of the ladies would have to be wearing a copy of Michelle’s chenille bedspread dress from the Inaugural Ball.

Hey there, brinn. What I really think is that GetEqual should hire us as media consultants.

These days it’s hard to drag me to a blog, although you are one of the reasons I might miss it. For the most part, I’m better off cultivating my intellect with the readers’ comments at the Daily Mail.

marisacat - 20 April 2010

hard to beat the Daily Mail………… 😉

moiv - 20 April 2010

It’s addictive — one of my guilty pleasures.

brinn - 20 April 2010

Hi, moiv!!!

I miss you and your words and I meant what I said about Austin — hey, maybe this summer I can come up your way….there will be 2 weeks in July when I will be beside myself as the boys will be with their dad and gone to Colorado….it’ll be longest I’ve ever been away from them, so I would totally be up for a road trip! (especially if I have passed my certifiable exams by then, er, certification….)

Let me know!

Oh, and yeah, we’d make GREAT media consultants!

8. catnip - 20 April 2010

Today’s moment of w00t brought to you by propagandist blackwaterdog:

To stay home in November in order to “punish” the Dems because they are yet to deliver on everything they promised, and as a result let the party of Mitch McConnell, Sarah Palin and the teabaggers to retain power – is not only childish, it’s almost a treason.

Blowback ensued. As did the sound of popcorn popping.

I suspect a 4th GBCW might be in the offing soon…although – new rule – if you GBCW, you’re banned and have to beg to be reinstated. The result – people writing TTFN (ta ta for now) diaries instead. lol

marisacat - 20 April 2010

I’m for treason then.

diane - 20 April 2010

I seriously hope I run into that asshole in private sometime and they get in my face with that one while asking me why I’m not voting for any of the prostitutes

Talk about Treason??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

diane - 20 April 2010

white trash that I am, I might lose it and punch someone in the gut, or knee them in the balls, if they cross that boundary and any of their spittle lands on my face while they project their own betrayal of the country, and humanity onto me.

catnip - 20 April 2010

She lives in Israel, apparently. No “balls” involved in any sense of the word, afaik.

diane - 20 April 2010

Is she a US citizen do you know?

If she isn’t, I can’t imagine inserting myself so personally, with the TREASON WORD, in a conversation regarding the issues of a country I ‘m not a citizen of, and further, much isolated from the domestic policies of.

catnip - 20 April 2010

I don’t think she is. Someone commented that her OFA page says she is “unregistered to vote”. She’s written about her background before but I’d have to dig. Plus, she’s deleted a number of her diaries so I don’t know what’s left to find.

Even some of her regular cheerleaders are criticizing her for this ‘treason’ BS.

diane - 20 April 2010

I don’t think she is
(a citizen)

Sounds pretty ugly (just like the odd, creepy choice of user name), given the Treason accusation she’s making.

brinn - 20 April 2010

treason, please. No wonder “we the people” can’t take back the govt. — 97% of us don’t understand how it is supposed to fucking work in the first damned place.

marisacat - 20 April 2010

those are the people who share the DNA of the banana slug.

brinn - 20 April 2010

Hey now, no dissing on the banana slug!!

catnip - 20 April 2010

Beat me to it!

brinn - 20 April 2010

Great minds, catnip! 😉

moiv - 20 April 2010

Case in point: a vivid and livid illustration of why moiv doesn’t live there anymore.

I didn’t know about the New Rule, but it makes perfect sense. It probably saves the FPers a lot of work. And how they love to be stroked, so all that begging is a big fat bonus.

Madman in the Marketplace - 20 April 2010


Is that actually maybe a new Dana sockpuppet?

diane - 20 April 2010

Thinking on it, maybe it’s Rahm.

catnip - 20 April 2010

She and her buddies heart Rahm. That’s about all you need to know.

diane - 20 April 2010

yup, sounds like.

ms_xeno - 20 April 2010

“retain” seems like a bit of a Freudian slip. Are they admitting their own team was never really in charge, after all?

I get confused, in between my traitorous blackouts. :p

9. diane - 20 April 2010

Speaking of TREASON (the NSA’s treason), I can’t find any further mention (other than the initial commentary) about Thomas Drake, the NSA Whistleblower, the ACLU main and MD site had nothing on it either. I was hoping to find a defense fund being put together for him (since it was noted that he couldn’t afford an attorney), or at least something to help any family that relied on his wages. That seemed like something that millions would support.


Oh wait, it’s all about the quaint, dust mote on the Goldman iceberg case..

Goldman versus Goldman (hat tip Boo Hoo Hoo Man)

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 20 April 2010

Carbon offsets: fraud, exaggeration, and poorly run projects

Carbon offsets are the environmental equivalent of financial derivatives: complex, unregulated, unchecked and – in many cases – not worth their price.

No wonder the fucking donks love them.

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 20 April 2010

Dan Savage posted video of Lt. Choi’s statement while chained to the White House fence.

marisacat - 20 April 2010

he’s very amazing… the movement can thank their lucky stars he came along.

Madman in the Marketplace - 20 April 2010

I think he’s just getting started.

marisacat - 20 April 2010

I agree… he is very interesting in interview…. he gave quite a few when he was out here, even impromptu ones during the gay parade, he’d jump off whatever they had him riding in and just chat.

Exudes strength. It’s kind of interesting to watch, esp considering how we are in a swamp and in concrete.

Every once in a while the right person comes along… he might be that type.

And god knows the gays, all stripes and versions, desperately needed a new activist rights group… they really did.

‘Course so do the wimmens.

catnip - 20 April 2010

He’s being trashed at dkos, of course. Being compared to Cindy Sheehan and Code Pink. And slammed for being “rude”. Oh, the fealty to propriety. Glad the intertubes weren’t around during the 60s…for the protesters’ sakes.

moiv - 20 April 2010

If they’re comparing Choi to Cindy Sheehan and Code Pink, do they mean he’s shrill, an ingrate and doesn’t know his place? Or just that he’s ugly and his mama dresses him funny?

This could be important. Like the church’s wide stance on child rape vs. abortion, some sins are more equal than others.

ms_xeno - 20 April 2010

Dan Savage is still an arrogant stupid shithead, though. I wonder if he’s forgotten how he was calling for the bombing of Iran just a few years ago. Probably wished all that away with a few green ribbons on his loafers, or whatever.

12. catnip - 20 April 2010

Oh great…fucking meta is going to keep me up past my bedtime again. 🙂

Reprehensible Accusation That Opposition Is “Almost A Treason”
by Turkana

920 comments (920 new)

And just when the meta was all calming down a bit over there. I think what set off blackwaterdog was the heckling of Obamalama at Boxer’s shindig. I saw a couple of her comments in the LGBT diaries (odd for her to comment at all). Now all of the homophobes and Obama-worshippers (and those who straddle both of those categories) are spewing whatever’s left of their grey matter all over the site. Popcorn! (And chicken soup. I made chicken soup tonite.)

diane - 20 April 2010

Glad I can’t access that diary, I know I’d blow off at least an hour.

marisacat - 20 April 2010

I made chicken soup tonite

….at least you won’t be getting a cold. 😉

catnip - 20 April 2010

That’s my new thing – making chicken soup. 😉

Edna and Claiborne Chicken - Leftwing Activists - 20 April 2010

We have some of your geese down here.
Step away from the stock pot, lady. LOL.



Are you a chicken? Interested in Progressive Politics?
Feel like it’s a Canadian Geese world?
Click HERE to join with other Progressive chickens in your area

catnip - 21 April 2010



13. BooHooHooMan - 20 April 2010

LOL. Well,
Good thing no one is pulling a pistol on those Obama fuckin morons.
Oh wait ! –

Actor, White House staffer Kal Penn robbed

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Actor Kal Penn, who appeared in the TV medical drama “House” and the “Harold and Kumar” movies, and worked as a White House aide, was robbed at gunpoint

Thank God there’s SOME Professionalism left in the world.

….in Washington DC Tuesday, his publicist said.

Penn, 32, who served as a political liaison with the Asian American community, was in the Dupont Circle area of the US capital after midnight when a gunman stole his wallet and other belongings, the Washington Post said.

😆 Where are all the cops DC when you need em?
O yeh – runnin the press off over at the bosses house.

marisacat - 20 April 2010

Geesh.. I was held up at gunpoint once… and my immediate thought looking at the barrell of the gun was: I don’t want to be in the newspaper tomorrow.

14. BooHooHooMan - 20 April 2010

Speaking of chickens… 😉

Strategy Corner: Time for a New Kind of Bold from President Obama

It’s from MARK PENN.
And true to Beltway bubble form, the epically discredited strategist is double dooper quadrupling down… on how “Strategy”…
{ Penn’s, of course} ..will save them.

The administration’s calculus that unpopular legislative success can translate into big November wins simply doesn’t add up. Unless the administration finds a new strategy, they’re facing electoral retribution on a scale unseen since 1994.

They’re facing electoral retribution on a scale unseen since 1994….

marisacat - 20 April 2010

cry me a river………….

But Rahm just said if anyone projects big loses for 2010 for the Dems, they don’t know what they are talking about…. he must be right!

I cannot believe that he is on CRose for a second hour. (I skipped it… and part 1 as well… there is only so much I can take……………… )

15. marisacat - 21 April 2010



……………………… 😯

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