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Chien de Guerre 8 May 2010

Posted by marisacat in Greece, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Viva La Revolucion!.

Madman sent me this, from the Rachel Maddow MSNBC site .. with a link back to the Guardian picture gallery on Kanellos, The Protest Dog…

From Rachel:

Did anyone else notice the dog joining protesters facing off with police in Greece? Apparently, he’s got a name — Kanellos — and he’s become a regular at protests in Athens for the past couple of years. The Guardian says he’s always on the side of the protesters, if that tells you anything.




1. Madman in the Marketplace - 8 May 2010

Go get ’em, Kanellos!

brinn - 8 May 2010

Check out the whole slide show from The Guardian.

What a pooch!! Being 1/2 Greek myself, this whole thing has me wanting to be back on the islands — haven’t been since I was 6, but feel a great affinity for the Greek people….

If my grandfather wasn’t so gung-ho assimalist whith my mom and uncle (no Greek for them, English-only) I might actually know what “Kanellos” means….

diane - 8 May 2010

Thanks much for that, so nice, for a change, to see a dog that’s not snarling, or chewing on, a prisoner, or protester from the end of a short leash.

I loved these two shots also.

2. Madman in the Marketplace - 8 May 2010

Rustbelt Rage By Noam Chomsky

Poignant studies of the U.S. rustbelt reveal comparable outrage among individuals who have been cast aside as state-corporate programs close plants and destroy families and communities.

An acute sense of betrayal comes readily to people who believed they had fulfilled their duty to society in a moral compact with business and government, only to discover they had been only instruments of profit and power.

Striking similarities exist in China, the world’s second largest economy, investigated by UCLA scholar Ching Kwan Lee.

Lee has compared working-class outrage and desperation in the discarded industrial sectors of the U.S. and in what she calls China’s rustbelt—the state socialist industrial center in the Northeast, now abandoned for state capitalist development of the southeast sunbelt.

In both regions Lee found massive labor protests, but different in character. In the rustbelt, workers express the same sense of betrayal as their U.S. counterparts—in their case, the betrayal of the Maoist principles of solidarity and dedication to development of the society that they thought had been a moral compact, only to discover that whatever it was, it is now bitter fraud.

Around the country, scores of millions of workers dropped from work units “are plagued by a profound sense of insecurity,” arousing “rage and desperation,” Lee writes.

Lee’s work and studies of the U.S. rustbelt make clear that we should not underestimate the depth of moral indignation that lies behind the furious, often self-destructive bitterness about government and business power.

marisacat - 8 May 2010

plenty of that here in California. All over the state.

Speaking of rust belt distress, or rather the inverse, I just read somewhere that Al Gore has bought a 4th home. A Montecito estate (Hello Oprah!) with 9 (count ’em!) bathrooms. hmm Must be six bedrooms at least. And a pool house, I would imagine.

Madman in the Marketplace - 8 May 2010

no carbon hobnailed boot print THERE, no sirree! I’m sure he added triple-paned thermal windows and a couple of solar panels to make it alright.

marisacat - 8 May 2010

doesn’t heat the pool.

marisacat - 8 May 2010

here it is, with photos (it’s a rightie site)

Former Vice President Al Gore and his wife, Tipper, have added a Montecito-area property to their real estate holdings, reports the Montecito Journal… The couple spent $8,875,000 on an ocean-view villa on 1.5 acres with a swimming pool, spa and fountains, a real estate source familiar with the deal confirms. The Italian-style house has six fireplaces, five bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

diane - 8 May 2010


Lovely lawn, I wonder if that’s Kentucky Blue Grass, water free, fake sod, or just plain old fescue…..word has it they’ll be a paintin those roofs white anytime now……

(wow, snicker snax galore today, not sure if I can digest anymore, must take a break to the turntable soon…)

3. Madman in the Marketplace - 8 May 2010

A sobering, interesting story from NPR’s Radio Diaries: My Grandfather’s Execution

When Bridgette McGee-Robinson was growing up, she didn’t know anything about her grandfather — who he was, where he was from, why no one ever talked about him.

But, as a child, while helping her mother clean the house, she came across a packet of old articles and photographs hidden under a mattress. She asked her mother who the man in the old photographs was, but her mother snatched the papers away and told McGee-Robinson that she was too young to understand them.

Four decades later, McGee-Robinson went to Mississippi to find out everything she could about her grandfather’s life and death. She went to find people who could tell her what Willie McGee was like, who he was and what happened to him.

The Case Of Willie McGee

In the fall of 1945, in the small town of Laurel, Miss., McGee, a young black man, was arrested on charges of raping a white housewife. The charges inflamed the town — the rumor got out that people were going to break him out of the Laurel jail and lynch him. When McGee was taken to the courthouse to be tried, he was transported in a National Guard truck and dressed in fatigues to disguise his identity and protect him.
Courtesy New York Public Library

This picture of Willie McGee in jail — date unknown — was the one Bridgette McGee-Robinson found under her mother’s mattress and spurred her quest to find the truth.

The alleged victim testified that a black man had broken into her house, told her he had a knife, and raped her while her baby slept next to her. Prosecutors linked McGee to the crime. McGee’s own lawyers put up a half-hearted defense. They encouraged McGee to plead insanity and failed to cross-examine the prosecution’s witnesses.

4. Madman in the Marketplace - 8 May 2010

fwiw: Key October Surprise Evidence Hidden

Lee Hamilton, then a congressman from Indiana in charge of the task force, told me in a recent interview, “I don’t recall seeing it,” although he was the one who had requested Moscow’s cooperation in the first place and the extraordinary Russian report was addressed to him.

The Russian report, which was dropped off at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow on Jan. 11, 1993, contradicted the task force’s findings – which were released two days later – of “no credible evidence” showing that Republicans contacted Iranian intermediaries behind President Carter’s back regarding 52 American hostages held by Iran’s Islamic revolutionary government, the so-called October Surprise case.

I was surprised by Hamilton’s unfamiliarity with the Russian report, so I e-mailed him a PDF copy. I then contacted the task force’s former chief counsel, attorney Lawrence Barcella, who acknowledged in an e-mail that he doesn’t “recall whether I showed [Hamilton] the Russian report or not.”

In other words, the Russian report – possibly representing Moscow’s first post-Cold War collaboration with the United States on an intelligence mystery – was not only kept from the American public but apparently from the chairman of the task force responsible for the investigation.

The revelation further suggests that the congressional investigation was shoddy and incomplete, thus reopening the question of whether Reagan’s landslide victory in 1980 was, in part, set in motion by a dirty trick that extended the 444-day captivity of the hostages who were freed immediately after Reagan was sworn into office on Jan. 20, 1981.

The coincidence between Reagan’s inauguration and the hostage release was curious to some but served mostly to establish in the minds of Americans that Reagan was a tough leader who instilled fear in U.S. adversaries. However, if the timing actually resulted from a clandestine arms-for-hostage deal, it would mean that Reagan’s presidency began with an act of deception, as well as an act of treachery.

The Russian report also implicates other prominent Republicans in the Iranian contacts, including the late William Casey (who was Reagan’s campaign director in 1980), George H.W. Bush (who was Reagan’s vice presidential running mate), and Robert Gates (who in 1980 had been a CIA officer on the National Security Council before becoming executive assistant to Carter’s CIA Director Stansfield Turner).

Casey, who served as Reagan’s first CIA director, died in 1987 before the 1980 allegations came under scrutiny. Bush, who was President during the task force’s 1992 inquiry, angrily denied the accusations at two news conferences but was never questioned under oath. Gates, who was CIA director in 1992 and is now President Barack Obama’s Defense Secretary, also has brushed off the suspicions.

Oh Robert, so quick to believe that collaborationist Hamilton … he didn’t say he DIDN’T see, he said he doesn’t REMEMBER seeing it. Typical donk weasel words. The continual steamrolling of the dems by the republicans after awhile looks more and more like complicity … they don’t WANT to know, they don’t WANT to fight back, they don’t WANT actual responsibility to actually fix our downward slide into banana republicdom.

marisacat - 8 May 2010

Jesus… why is Perry being cautious now? He considers things to do with the “October Surprise” his special turf.

I think the whole thing is summed up by Leahy “apologising” for his vote for Scalia… snicker. Right before the vote for Roberts came up.

Think Scalia went in 98/0 or close to that.

One party. Eine volk eine parteeeeeee.

Madman in the Marketplace - 8 May 2010


diane - 8 May 2010

Lawrence Barcella was DC’s Deputy Dawg of the Major Crimes Unit when Orlando Letelier (former Chilean Ambassador) was murdered in DC; a murder infamous as having been the first political assassination of a foreign official in the US, on September 21, 1976.

5. Madman in the Marketplace - 8 May 2010

Feral rabbits by the thousands on U Victoria campus

It’s only a matter of time before they become kiler rabbits and start leaping for the throats of coeds.

brinn - 8 May 2010

With their big, sharp, pointy teeth!! 🙂

goddess, the whole world is a Monty Python sketch!

Madman in the Marketplace - 8 May 2010

a Monty Python sketch co-written by Phillip K Dick.

brinn - 9 May 2010

LOL! Sweet image Madman — I LOVE it!

Madman in the Marketplace - 9 May 2010

“Do Politicians Dream of Genetically Altered Sheep?”

6. Madman in the Marketplace - 8 May 2010

Maybe a magic ballot will save him?

Sestak takes lead on Specter

Joe Sestak has taken the lead in his Democratic Primary challenge to five-term incumbent Sen. Arlen Specter.

The latest Muhlenberg/Morning Call tracking poll has Sestak, the two-term Congressman from Delaware County, taking a 44%-42% lead on the Republican-turned-Democrat Specter. While this and other polls had been heavily trending Sestak’s way for the past couple of weeks, this marks the first time that a poll has actually put Sestak ahead of Specter in the entire race.

marisacat - 8 May 2010

Maybe Sestak can win and decide to become a Republican.


7. catnip - 8 May 2010

Obama apologist: I worked at Gitmo

Leave Obama alone!!

catnip - 8 May 2010

Whoops! Diarist banned as a sockpuppet. Imagine that. Another Dem operative (temporarily) bites the dust.

marisacat - 8 May 2010

how can anyone keep up.

Meanwhile, He’s not cool. He’s not cold. He’s HOT. (is there an election coming?)

catnip - 8 May 2010

Glad to see it (1+ / 0-)

Saddened to see that people like Adam B actually recommended this diary.

“To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” Abraham Lincoln

by Sagebrush Bob on Sat May 08, 2010 at 03:27:40 AM MDT


8. marisacat - 8 May 2010

ugh I doubt anyone is too surprised… Dome Condom hits snag. Gas forms ice crystals inside dome.

In other news, tar bells seen on Alabama barrier island. Believed to be owned by BP! Not some natural seepage tar bells.

DO YOU LOVE THE FIRST LINE SPIN??? the hydrate gas is a problem but may also be an energy source????

UPDATE 1-Oil catcher dome hits snag near leak site -BP exec

Sat May 8, 2010 4:45pm EDT

* BP says will take 48 hours to assess new solution

* Hydrates a danger, but also a possible energy source

* Relief well could take two-three months to drill

By Erwin Seba

ROBERT, La., May 8 (Reuters) – London-based BP Plc’s plan to lower a giant containment dome to trap oil from a blown-out Gulf of Mexico oil well on the sea floor hit a technical obstacle on Saturday in the form of methane hydrates, or flammable ice, a BP (BP.L) executive said on Saturday.

BP officials are scrambling for a solution after methane hydrates stopped up the 98-ton containment dome as they were maneuvering it into place, Doug Suttles, BP’s chief operating officer, told reporters at a briefing in Robert.

“As we were placing the dome over the leak source a large volume of hydrates formed inside the top of the dome, requiring us to move the dome to the side of the leak point,” Suttles said. “I wouldn’t say it’s failed yet.” snip

Onward (this may be old news, I just woke up)

diane - 8 May 2010

ugh and weep ……

shoulda tried Trojan’s Magnum ?????

(to big too fail)

diane - 8 May 2010

oopsie …typo …meant to write

too big to fail

(though looking at it, I’m torn as to which one I prefer…)

marisacat - 8 May 2010

A hard day’s night…. they’re finding work arounds.

Methane hydrates — a slush of frozen hydrocarbons and water that form in the deep, cold conditions at the leak site — began clogging up the opening in the dome, forcing them to set the structure aside, Suttles said.

The dome is now resting on the ocean floor about 200 metres (660 ft) from the leak source, and it could take 48 hours or more to find a workaround, Suttles said.

Those could include using hot water to heat up the hydrates at the ocean floor, or using hydrocarbons like methanol to thin them out, Suttles said.

Suttles said BP is mulling two other short-term fixes, including installing a new blow-out preventer on the leak site and trying to clog up the existing failed blow-out preventer with an injection of rubber and other solids, known as a “junk shot.”

Hydrates are highly flammable and present a danger to BP workers on ships above the leak. If they dethaw in an uncontrolled manner, they could send a flood of natural gas to the top of the ocean surface and potentially ignite.

9. Madman in the Marketplace - 8 May 2010

Officer Being Investigated for Misconduct Apologizes

Jenna Bissell says she sat in her fifth-grade class for hours with a gash on her face, dried blood between her loosened permanent teeth, cut lips and a swollen nose.

She had tripped on the playground.

But Bissell says her teacher never asked about her injuries or sent her to the nurse. Her parents were never called. And Bissell believes she was treated this way because her parents are lesbians.

“I think it started because my moms are gay,” Bissell said Friday.

Bissell’s parents are preparing to bring a civil rights suit against Rio Rancho Public Schools, where Bissell attended Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School. The family has since moved her to another school, where they say she is earning A’s and B’s and making friends.

Officials at Rio Rancho Public Schools said they could not comment on specifics of the case, but said discriminating against a student because of the makeup of her family would violate district policy.

“We’re very diligent about making sure we respect all students,” said Tonna Burgos, executive director of Student Services for RRPS.

Shannon Peterson, one of Bissell’s mothers, said she called the school after Bissell came home injured on Feb. 26. She said she talked to Bissell’s teacher, asking why she hadn’t been notified and why the girl went without treatment.

Peterson said she asked, “Is this because she has two moms?” and that the teacher replied with a raised voice that yes, this was the reason and that Peterson should take her children to another school.

District spokeswoman Kim Vesely said any teacher who discriminated against a student would be disciplined. Bissell’s former teacher is still teaching and Vesely would not say whether she has been disciplined, citing personnel privacy.

Vesely also said “there are differing versions of what occurred,” but declined to give the district’s version.

Peterson said there was a pattern of tension between Bissell and her teacher, including over an assignment in which students were asked to write a book about themselves. On one page, they were asked to write about something they did over the summer, and Bissell said she wrote about her parents’ wedding in Iowa, where gay marriage is legal.

“She threw out the whole page about where my moms got married and how beautiful it was,” Bissell said, referring to the teacher. “She said, ‘This is gross, this is horrible, you need to write about something else.'”

Peterson said they kept Bissell in the class until the injury occurred, hoping the situation would improve.

“We try to teach her that there’s going to be people like this all through life, and you’re going to have to live with it and try to stick it out,” Peterson said.

Madman in the Marketplace - 8 May 2010

oops, wrong title with that link, should be “Girl: I Was Punished for Having 2 Moms”

Madman in the Marketplace - 8 May 2010

damn, now I forgot the link: Girl: I Was Punished for Having 2 Moms

marisacat - 8 May 2010

Chrissssssssstian Nation…

Madman in the Marketplace - 8 May 2010

suffer, the children … once out of the womb, anyway.

diane - 8 May 2010


watcha expect?

she’s a child, under the wings of females……

and as we adults all know, chillins and wimmins, make the best bullying victims, (most espeshully if they are ‘unattractive’ physically), whether the bullies are “THE RELIGIOUS”, agnostics, atheists, or, the way too frequent, adult females………………….

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 8 May 2010

and the right link for the cop story: Officer Being Investigated for Misconduct Apologizes

The police officer who told a Latino suspect in April that he would “beat the fucking Mexican piss out of you, homey,” broke into tears and bawled through an apology for his statements at a press conference tonight in the basement of the Seattle Police Department headquarters. SPD officials also said they have been investigating the misconduct for weeks but didn’t reassign the officer until today, a day after television news aired footage of the incident.

“At no time did I ever dream that I would ever do something that would be bring such negative notoriety to my department,” said Detective Shandy Cobane, 44. “Sadly I did.”

On April 17, Cobane and members of the SPD gang unit and officers of the West Precinct reported to an alleged robbery on Westlake Avenue. Video footage of the incident shows Cobane yelling at the suspect—who was released on the scene because he wasn’t the offender police were searching for—and apparently stomping the man’s head against the concrete, and another officer stomping the man’s kneecap against the pavement.

“We made contact with male individual that was Latino. It was then that I chose words during contact with that young man that were unprofessional, words that violated not only policy of my department but the basic values that the department prides itself on,” Cobane said.

“As the result of my comments, I have not only let down myself but also let down my colleagues,” he continued. “I hope you will not allow my insensitive comments to taint what the department and community has worked hard to build.”

When asked, assistant interim chief Nicholas Metz said brass at SPD knew about the transgression shortly after the incident, and they began an investigation with the Office of Professional Accountability within one or two days. However, police administrators did not place Cobane on “administrative reassignment” until today—one day after footage of the incident aired on KIRO television. Asked why the department waited, Metz said, “We handle these thing on case by case basis,” and he said that “tension” had affected the “integrity of the investigation.” Another officer involved in the incident was also placed on administrative reassignment today, said Metz.

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 8 May 2010

Big Content’s depraved indifference

When we (we — I do this too, all the time) focus on the consequences to culture and creativity, we allow this debate to be defined in terms of who gets to remix what, or whether you’ll have to start paying for the ongoing use of your cultural goods. These are important issues.

But they’re a distant second to a rearchitecting of our law and technology to create the preconditions for repression, corruption and suppression of dissent.

That’s the real fight: are we shaping a world where our children will be able to come together effortlessly to improve their lots and the lots of their neighbors; where they’ll be able to fight corruption and hold their leaders to account; where they’ll be able to participate and help others to participate?

Or will we allow a small gang of selfish and short-sighted entertainment companies to fatally compromise the infrastructure of the 21st century to add a few points to its bottom line?

12. Madman in the Marketplace - 8 May 2010

Look Out, Obama Seems to Be Planning for a Lot More War

May 8, 2010 |

There’s more war in America’s future – a great deal more, judging by the Barack Obama administration’s reports, pronouncements and actions in recent months.

These documents and deeds include the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR), the Nuclear Posture Review (NPR), the Ballistic Missile Defense Report, the nuclear security summit in New York and the May 3-28 United Nations nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty review conference, as well as the continuing wars in the Middle East and Central Asia, and the 2011 Pentagon war budget request.

The United States government presides as a military colossus of unrivalled dimension, but the QDR, which was published in February, suggests Washington views America as being constantly under the threat of attack from a multitude of fearsome forces bent on its destruction. As such, trillions more dollars must be invested in present and future wars – ostensibly to make safe the besieged homeland.

The NPR says the long-range US goal is a “nuclear-free” world, but despite token reductions in its arsenal of such weapons, the Pentagon is strengthening its nuclear force and bolstering it with a devastating “conventional deterrent” intended to strike any target in the world within one hour. In addition this document, published in April, retains “hair-trigger” nuclear launch readiness, refuses to declare its nuclear force is for deterrence only (suggesting offensive use) and for the first time authorizes a nuclear attack, if necessary, on a non-nuclear state (Iran).

Meanwhile, Obama is vigorously expanding the George W Bush administration’s wars, and enhancing and deploying America’s unparalleled military power.

marisacat - 8 May 2010

Maybe some country could just send us fresh babies to bar b q and eat at home. Cheaper.

Luv how there are headlines right now that Gates (forget Obama, the hireling) wants t cut back on the Def budget so much.

They live by their lying headlines.

Madman in the Marketplace - 8 May 2010

Chicago style bar b q, of course.

marisacat - 8 May 2010

Oh right!

13. Madman in the Marketplace - 8 May 2010

New Rule: This Mother’s Day, Americans Must Extend a Special Thanks to Their Nannies

New Rule: This Mother’s Day, all Americans must pause and extend a special thanks to the women who maintain our homes, who take care of our kids, and who still make time for sex with Dad. I’m talking, of course, about our nannies. Lost in this whole immigration debate is why Americans want to be so harsh on the people who, in so many and varied ways, enable them to sit on their fat asses. Nannies, valet parkers, gardeners, all the people who do the things we’re a little too busy or important to do. There are plenty of people to be mad at our there — the jerks at Goldman Sachs, the idiots at BP, the guy who charged you fifty bucks for these tickets — why set our crosshairs on the humble, servile people?

I’ll tell you why. Because we’re bullies. Instead of confronting real threats, like the debt or the environment or Utah, we pick out the poorest, most defenseless kid on the block — illegal immigrants — and say, “What are you looking at?” But I’ll tell you something, you anti-immigrant hoopies — as usual you’re mad at the wrong people. It was corporate America that busted your unions and didn’t keep your pay up to the cost of living, causing your wife to have to go to work and Esmeralda to have to come in to watch the kids. Your problem is low wages, not low riders. A middle class life can now only be maintained with the presence of an underpaid underclass. In the 1940s, fewer than one in five moms worked outside the home. Ironically, mostly in bomber factories, to beat Nazi Germany, a place, like Arizona, where you always had to show your papers. I kid, that’s an unfair comparison. The Germans knew how to dress.

All this anger that we see aimed at the Mexican underclass might be more understandable if illegals came here with a bad attitude and sent the crime rate soaring — but they don’t. The Justice Department says violent crime in Arizona is at its lowest point since 1971. Property crime is at its lowest since 1966. There is no problem. There’s only dicks and the politicians who pander to them.

marisacat - 8 May 2010

The Justice Department says violent crime in Arizona is at its lowest point since 1971. Property crime is at its lowest since 1966.

If they can’t run on crime tho, they are in trouble.

Madman in the Marketplace - 8 May 2010

“Here’s to the land you’ve torn out the heart of …”

The polls seem to indicate that a majority of Americans support the Arizona anti-immigration crackdown. But there’s something happening here, and what it is ain’t exactly clear. They are 12 million of us.

The picture we’ve grown accustomed to is that of a rabid and hysterical right wing, albeit a minority, lashing out at a cowering and cringing pack of pseudo-progressive surrender monkeys. But today we see an enraged, energized and righteous outpouring, albeit a minority, telling Arizona “find yourself another country to be part of!”

Conservatives are a bit stunned. They find themselves trying to be reasonable. “We’re only trying to enforce the law,” they cry. (This is a lie. Arizona law would jail legal immigrants not carrying their papers for 6 months, federal law mandates a $100 fine and sentence up to 30 days. Question: Would a European basketball star playing against the Suns in Phoenix have to carry his papers while on the court?) Stone racists are bending over backwards to insist they’re not racist. Meanwhile, Arizona sports owners and players denounce the laws. City councils are calling for boycotting Arizona.

The Latino community has come into the streets (boots on the ground). So who is the liberal establishment listening to? The anti-immigrant bigots. “Arizona proves we have to pass immigration reform,” they lament. Obama has proposals and Congress is scurrying to patch together some kind of package. So how might this all play out? What’s a progressive to do?


Let me give a quick snapshot of the situation. There are about 46 million Latinos in the U.S. There are approximately 12 million Latino immigrants who lack proper papers. A majority of them are Mexican, but many come from Central and South America as well. Their home countries are beset by poverty, political terror, and drug wars. NAFTA has wreaked havoc on their economies. They are hunted like animals along the border. They die of thirst and exposure, or suffocate in shipping containers, trying to get across. They are raped and murdered by the “coyotes” who profit from smuggling them in. They are among our most law-abiding citizens. (“To live outside the law, you must be honest.” Dylan.

Many do not speak English. Many work in the lowest-paying jobs, in agribusiness, domestic help, hard labor. They are super-exploited, denied overtime, benefits, safety rules, even wages at times, because their employers can turn them in. When laid off, they are not entitled to social services. They are victims of crimes which they cannot report, suffer abuse at the hands of racists who know it is safe. Some commit crimes as they wend their way north from the border. Battered women have a quasi-legal status due to the limited protection through Violence Against Women Act. They are scapegoated. They are publicly denounced.

Some want to make money in the U.S. and go home. More do not want to return to their countries of origin, or dare not. They are an integral part of the Latino community, as wives and husbands and children and cousins. An integral part of all community, as neighbors, friends and co-workers. They can not be surgically plucked out without the entire Latino community hemorrhaging. The entire community hemorrhaging.

Their condition drives down wage levels. They are an integral part of the U.S. economy. There are 12 million of them. Or rather, they are 12 million of us.

Their condition is in many ways appalling. The Great Recession has made it all worse. This is not a tolerable situation.

14. Madman in the Marketplace - 8 May 2010

How could a “faith-based” bank ever FAIL?!

Well, because it was looted by insiders. Naturally.

One of the 228 banks that has failed since Jan. 1, 2008, is Integrity Bank [I love it! –lambert], an institution apparently named by George Orwell. Two of the banks’ executives and a hotel developer face conspiracy, bribery, bank fraud and securities fraud charges relating to $80 million in loans the executives gave the developer. Bloomberg reports that some $20 million of the loans financed the developer’s lavish lifestyle, including a $1.5 million purchase of an island in the Bahamas.

marisacat - 8 May 2010

Off topic, sorta: I just read that BLoomie spends the weekends in BERMUDA… there was banter in comments at NYDN that he will be pissed the ferry accident was on a weekend. He’ll ahve to come back.

Oh yeah Xtian thieves… who would have thought it?

15. diane - 8 May 2010

Apparently there’s been a poll taken as to the best MOMMY of the nation, and whether the tiara should go to Sarah or Michele…

I don’t recollect U.S. politics going that deep into which politician, or which politician’s wife (and potential future politician), we might claim for our MOMMY, though I’m sure you’ll either straighten me out, or verify, on that end Marisa? ;0)

This despite the fact that all of us, already have/had a Mom, a Mom, which I’d bet, the majority of us wouldn’t trade in for another.


diane - 8 May 2010

…wouldn’t trade in for another.

particularly an intimately unknown, politician “another,” in those lesser cases where “Mom” wasn’t too very ‘pleasant’………………….

diane - 8 May 2010

so very tempted to add to that, but I’ll let the chips fall where they may …after all, there’s laundry to do………………….

diane - 8 May 2010


marisacat - 8 May 2010

who is Sarah?

diane - 8 May 2010

who, ..or what (Sarah Palin)? …. is my response, and pretty much the same response for Michele,….

diane - 8 May 2010

outside of that, I couldn’t say, cauz my education didn’t hone in on the meaning of ‘Sarah,’ in particular. One thing, I will say though, as arrogant, as one pleases, Love, is the only thing worth hangin round for ….

16. diane - 8 May 2010

…but..I ‘d hate to be a grown up…i’d have to try to bear my life in pain…….

listening to Phoebe Snow …….

and well past too many

diane - 8 May 2010

…think I’m really scared this time…………I’ll have to try…..to…….. bear …my ….life…..in…..pain……………….

diane - 8 May 2010

that message brought forth, from, in part, the clown show, from Boalt Hall (jeesh, whta (and, “what”!), the frack, does Boalt mean?… I mean, in thwe (and, “the”) frackin, scheme o thangs? …along with creepy screwcut hairdo’s with ever’ single hair, well vainly groomed and standin ready for attack against it’s own blood….how frackin CREEPY,….is THAT?) ….

ha, ha….

boysenberries blackberries blueberries loganberries strawberries

diane - 8 May 2010

and …well yeah, those frackin sunglasses SIR BOALT THE LAW, FOUND NECESSARY (yeah they look great USUALLY, BUT …..at those weird moments, moments when a person is quite in control, not embarrassed, or humiliated, or just wanting to feel okay, waz up clown?)

diane - 8 May 2010

uhh..oh jeeeeeeeeeeeesh, …hate to throw ice in those pjammy’s..but really, really and true…waz up clown?

diane - 8 May 2010

well, sir, please do drop those medicinal balls, they got, got absolutely nothing to do, with this conversation……..

17. marisacat - 9 May 2010



………………………… 😯

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