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Voting 18 May 2010

Posted by marisacat in 2010 Mid Terms, 2012 Re Election, Afghanistan War, Culture of Death, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Israel/AIPAC, WAR!.

A man outside a hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan, looked in on his wounded relative, seen reflected on glass toward the right. [Mauricio Lima/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images]

First Kabul… and they took out 6 Nato forces, 5 American, 1 Canadian. Total dead, 18. Car bomb.  One that worked.

A suicide car bomber has killed 18 people – including five US soldiers – and injured 52 more in the deadliest attack this year on foreign troops in the Afghan capital.

Most of the victims were Afghan civilians caught in the blast when the bomber targeted a Nato-led convoy.

The bomber struck during rush hour close to the parliament.

Taliban militants said they had carried out the attack, using a van packed with 750kg (1,650lb) of explosives. snip

NOW they hit Bagram air base…. but were handily repulsed, we are told…

KABUL—The Taliban launched a pre-dawn attack on a sprawling coalition airbase north of Kabul Wednesday, one week after promising a new push against Afghan and North Atlantic Treaty Organization forces around the country.

Seven insurgents were killed in the attack, which sought to pierce the perimeter of Bagram Airbase with small arms and rockets, officials at the base said.

The attack appeared to have been repulsed by the time dawn broke, officials said, although small arms fire was still audible near the base this morning. Five U.S. soldiers were wounded, but there were no fatalities, officials said. snip

The enemy gets a vote.

I am sure tho that the Tea Party (they are coming!) will get more coverage.



1. marisacat - 19 May 2010

Yeesh. Poor Ishmael. Gotta look Obby in the eye and realise what is going on.

His new book is about ”Jim Crow media” (nothing new, the media manages us in all our hatreds and divisions) and depicts Obby on the cover with winged and tailed demons about to attack. [oh puhleese]

I rather think the demons will be licking the honey off him. Honey he exudes especially for the system we live under.

Poor Ishmael. I wonder how many people actually read the damned thing… ti screams for paragraph breaks. I even agree with much of it, but …………gotta give Obby his due.

Given the existence of the “Jim Crow Media” and “The Nigger Breakers,” how do people of color, progressives and others critique Barack Obama without colluding with corporate America’s agenda?

I have some problems with some of Obama’s policies, but as long as these people are threatening to kill him and his family, calling them monkeys and his children whores and his mother, a distinguished Irish American anthropologist, “white trash” and even worse and assassination threats increase, I’m on his side. All of the stored up bile of white supremacy has exploded like airborne E-Coli as a result of Obama’s election. A Long Island newspaper with a circulation of 30, 000 just put up a photo depicting Obama and Michelle as characters in “Sanford and Son. ” Their new dirty trick is to put this stuff up and then apologize to anybody who might have been offended. He’s not only the nation’s president but chief exorcist. Like a St. Patrick stoking the nation’s lizard brain. The progressives are uncomfortable with Obama because they’ve been opposed to black leadership, historically. That’s why Askia Toure purged them from SNCC. The white males who dominate the progressive media are used to black guys playing basketball. Their opinions dominate NPR, Pacifica, The Nation even though it has a feminist editor. They’re crazy about Michael Jordan. The progressive media is just as segregated as the corporate media which they are always criticizing from their glass houses. Richard Prince printed a photo of a Huffington Post Xmas party. One black staffer!! The opposition to Obama from people of color comes from the fringes. He has a 90% approval rating from blacks, over 60% from Hispanics and he carried the Asian American vote, yet these arrogant white progressives say they are his base and that he is obligated to them. snip

I think Ishmael has forgotten what the wingers and haters called Bill’s mother… and his wife. Jesus… get real.

And yes, there are bad scenarios that may open for Obby, but he bought in, fully. Hell, so did Bill.

If Reed wants to support and defend Obby [“I have some problems with some policies….”], then his children, established in various professions, a daughter is a writer and poet, I forget what the others do… should be volunteering for the wars.

For me, it is that simple.

The last long graph is good on the ethnic rat-a-tat-tat in California cities and towns.

marisacat - 19 May 2010

I am remembering cartoons in the years leading up to the Revolution, the one in France. International cartoons, emerging from the UK, from the Low lands… here and there. Cartoons of Marie Antoinette. Considering the era… utter sexual debauchery…beyond debauchery… it entered into dreams and nightmares…

AND… while she was held, alone in the Conciergerie, a woman rumored to have been a lesbian lover of MA, Princesse de Lamballe, was beheaded… usually, if they go there, stories tell of her head being lifted up to MA’s window, and the mob exhorting her to kiss Lamballe’s lips.

BUT what really happened, was her breasts and genitals were stripped off and elevated on stakes up to Marie’s windows.

So I ain’t weeping for Obama. People enter into these business contracts to “lead”. Not a rose garden.

2. marisacat - 19 May 2010

Speaking of the wars and who leads:

It’s hard to slow down and look at horrifying realities. Jane Mayer, writing for The New Yorker, (“The Predator War,” October 26, 2009), quoted a former C.I.A. official’s description of a drone attack:

“People who have seen an air strike live on a monitor described it as both awe-inspiring and horrifying. ‘You could see these little figures scurrying, and the explosion going off, and when the smoke cleared there was just rubble and charred stuff,’ a former C.I.A. officer who was based in Afghanistan after September 11th says of one attack.”

“Human beings running for cover are such a common sight,” Jane Mayer continues, “that they have inspired a slang term: ‘squirters.’”snip

It’s like being gawd. all those little people on the ground…. pity gawd won’t damn it to hell…

Madman in the Marketplace - 19 May 2010

“charred stuff” and “squirters” …

monsters …

3. marisacat - 19 May 2010

Might as well laugh……………….

This is what Democracy looks like,” he yelled. “A win for the people over the establishment, over the status quo, even over Washington, DC”

more by Joe Sestak – 43 minutes ago – The Associated Press (552 occurrences)

marisacat - 19 May 2010

Pass the shrimp puffs puhleeese……..

That brave declaration of war, of “Beware the Tea Partiers, we are on the move and coming for leadership!!” (I paraphrase) so reminiscent of Thomas Paine… don’t you think?

…that Rand Paul made from Bowling Green KY……………… remember that wonderful call to arms?

He made it at a COUNTRY CLUB.

[wild snickers]

BooHooHooMan - 19 May 2010

Yes but country clubs are the natural evolution of the glorious old roadside taverns the founding fathers, when on the march, would pull over and ….

Of course, back then, the game involved shooting indigenous people off the God given fairways. And you could OWN your own caddy. …The main thing..the main thing…Everything was FREE!

( I’m just gonna set these things up, still blown away from last night.) 😆

The Chafing Dish Revolution Marches On! Pass the sterno!
And a Crud Lite! 😉 It all began, see, with the Battle of the Chocolate Fondue in Vegas..

marisacat - 19 May 2010

I heard Rand this morning credit Tiger with introducing golf to the inner cities… It’s ”not exclusive anymore”. He addressed golf as if that is the only issue with private country clubs… and declaring you are taking on DC.

Kind of like the Vice Admiral being agasint the Establishment.

We are flying way way out, way past Pluto in the Land of Giant Snacks. We are entering other galaxies of Giant Snacks.

At least Nov, come what may, will be some amusement…

diane - 19 May 2010

And a Crud Lite!


the frig is stocked with the malt liquor version at mah hawse.

diane - 19 May 2010

No Ligonier, PA, Cheney Pheasant Hunt, Rolling Rock, for me sir, no siree! fuckm

remember Kohlers (waz it?) AWRN CITY BEER

(whish (and wish) I knew how to italicise and boldface at the same time)

diane - 19 May 2010

jeesh I’m sorrry, the little Billy Gates crew in my ‘puter told me I missed the z on italicize, …damn, and I used to win spelling beeezzzzzzz.

FUCKIN BRITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(what will Arnie Duncan think?)

marisacat - 19 May 2010

how to italicise and boldface at the same time)

I’ve noticed that the comments don’t allow for both at once… Think it simetimes works in the text of a post… but then sometimes not.

diane - 19 May 2010

where the fuck is peeder when ya need him?

4. catnip - 19 May 2010

Obama at his Calderon press conference on immigrants: “I believe they should learn English”.

If this Repub got raked over the coals for that sentiment, shouldn’t Obamalama?

marisacat - 19 May 2010

well O is a Democratic Republican… I guess that makes a difference.

Laughing my head off, Critz ran in PA 12 against the health care sell out, against gun control and against choice/abortion.

I am sure the WH is watching Meg Whitman closely, her polls. She has come out with a hard anti immigrant commercial. It does veer beyond just “illegals”…. NO Sanctuary cities in Cali, if we choose to live under Mama Meg!… NO drivers licenses and NO… none, no amnesty.

And so on…

BooHooHooMan - 19 May 2010

And so on….

44: Happening Now
Obama: ‘I need some help’ from GOP

On immigration, he warns that Arizona’s law might be “applied in a discriminatory fashion.”

I mean, if he has a birth certificate and all……

President Iwanchata Gonnahaftapleez.
The beloved guide to his people’s camp.

BooHooHooMan - 19 May 2010

Laughing my head off, Critz ran in PA 12 against the health care sell out, against gun control and against choice/abortion.-mcat

And Markos…

PA-12: Critz (D) wins
by kos
Tue May 18, 2010 at 07:35:08 PM PDT

The Republican Tim Burns has conceded.

Democrat Mark Critz is an asshole Dem, and will be among the worst of the Blue Dogs. So why is it good that he won?

Because this was seen as a must-win for both parties. The (bullshit) CW was that if Critz lost, the Dems would lose Congress. This is, indeed, the only district in the entire country that Kerry won in 2004, and McCain won in 2008. In other words, the lowest of the low-hanging fruit, and a district that HATES the health care reform law.

None of that mattered. Dems held the seat easily despite an early and massive Burns polling advantage.

This is yet another sign tonight that Dems have righted their ship, and while things may not be fantastic for them, the once-expected GOP landslide will have a hard time materializing.

Had Burns won, we would’ve never heard the end of it.

The piece comes with matching commentary.
It’s important he won because he won! And that’s important!
Agreed! Recc’d! Important! Hannity! Boo! Won! Yeah!

BooHooHooMan - 19 May 2010

In other words, the lowest of the low-hanging fruit, and a district that HATES the health care reform law. – MAMZ

One off! Unique! Plenty of Seats Like It! Unique! Won! Obviously! Yeah!

marisacat - 19 May 2010

Charlie Cook summed it up, the WH says it is the only one that mattered, but Obama did not go into Pa 12.

And so on.

5. BooHooHooMan - 19 May 2010

Elvis Costello Cancels Israel Concerts After Protests
By Nathan Guttman
Published May 17, 2010.

Activists advocating a cultural boycott of Israel scored a major victory this weekend as musician Elvis Costello announced he was canceling his scheduled performances in Israel due to Israel’s policy toward the Palestinians.

In a statement published on his official website, Costello said that “after considerable contemplation” he had decided to withdraw from the two concerts he had planned in Israel, on June 30 and July 1. The shows were scheduled to take place at the Caesarea amphitheater, and tickets had been on sale for several weeks.

“It is a matter of instinct and conscience,” Costello wrote.

In a lengthy explanation he provided, the rock musician said that merely having his name added to those appearing in Israel this summer “may be interpreted as a political act that resonates more than anything that might be sung and it may be assumed that one has no mind for the suffering of the innocent.”

Costello said in his statement that many of the Israelis who would have attended his concerts are people who question the policies of the Israeli government on the issue of settlements “and deplore conditions that visit intimidation, humiliation or much worse on Palestinian civilians in the name of national security.”

Activists with the U.S. Campaign for an Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel — a group that is seen as part of the broader Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement — launched a drive in early May to pressure Costello not to perform in Israel. Ads on the group’s website called on the British-born artist to cancel his planned concert, stating that just as Costello was a leading voice in fighting against apartheid in South Africa, he should now take action against Israel. “Don’t be silent about apartheid Israel,” the ads read.

The cultural boycott movement saw yet another success earlier in May when political poet and singer Gil Scott-Heron announced he had was dropping Israel from his planned summer concert tour.

In his statement, Elvis Costello offered his apologies to ticket holders and organizers of his concerts in Israel and expressed his hope for peace and understanding.

“I cannot imagine receiving another invitation to perform in Israel, which is a matter of regret, but I can imagine a better time when I would not be writing this.”

catnip - 19 May 2010

Specter’s got free time now. Maybe he has a piano?

6. BooHooHooMan - 19 May 2010

He’s a fighter! He’s Up! He’s Fightin”! He’s Fightin’! – D’oh!

Dodd Backs Down On Derivatives

7. diane - 19 May 2010

Free at last! free at last! ….. …!

The White House released the menu ….

marisacat - 19 May 2010

Their celebrity chef tweeted them to death.

diane - 19 May 2010

I wonder how many man hours will go into the gown for this one?

marisacat - 19 May 2010

Oh that stuff never bothers me… the whole of it, large scale entertaining, makes jobs. From the dresses to the catering to the whole of it…

diane - 19 May 2010

I guess what bothers me about it, is the increasing fact that the majority of jobs all over the world are quickly devolving into minimally paid labor in service to the gargantuan vanity and desires of an elite handful.

(This is a duplicate, I think my first post of it may have failed due to a connection issue on my end)

marisacat - 19 May 2010

well nothing new about an increased return to fuedalism. But if tourism dollars, dining out dollars, entertaining dollars stay dried up, a lot of people suffer. No two ways about it.

Feudalism, ever increasing maginalisation, co-opting division, co-opting race is why there will nto b a ”comprehensive” (whatever that is in politicians’ hands) immigration bill. We are held firmly in hand by the Chamber of Commerce. Who work closely with DiFi on immigration. McCain too I am sure…

I guess some reporter could, in an alternate universe, analyse where and who made whatever Mama O wears tonight, analyse who worked what at the dinner and what they got paid… etc. But it won’t be happening. If I were Camerford, the standing WH chef originally hired by Laura B, I’d be looking around to leave tho.

And so on

catnip - 19 May 2010

WASHINGTON (AP) — Wagyu beef in black mole sauce with grilled beans is on the menu for Wednesday’s White House state dinner.

The four-course meal will open with a salad of jicama with oranges, grapefruit and pineapple, followed by herb green seviche of Hawaiian opah. The main course of beef will be accompanied by black bean tamalon.

A chocolate cajeta tart with toasted homemade marshmallows will be served for dessert, along with a graham cracker crumble and goat cheese ice cream.

Yikes. WTF is half of that stuff?

And who eats goat cheese ice cream?

I’m so pedestrian.

marisacat - 19 May 2010

LOL I stick with IOZ’s Food Fridays… his chicken recipe last Friday was pretty damned wondrful. That sort of “menu building” (read and ooo and ahhh) I found boring years ago.

catnip - 19 May 2010

My mom liked to try cooking exotic stuff (and to me cornish hens are exotic) once in a blue moon. I’ll stick with meat and potatoes (and cheesecake and shortbread cookies..)

I’ll have to remember to check out IOZ’s site on Fridays.

Leftover honey-garlic chicken and garlic bread for me tonite.

diane - 19 May 2010

really gotta run, but will come back with a good cornish hen recipe, it’s actually great for folks with kiddy ovens in studio apartments (where larger birds can be a disaster) for a dinner with someone you care about.

marisacat - 19 May 2010

he’s not as regular about it as he once was… and only sometimes includes a photo… I used to enjoy the photos as well, which I think he took in his kitchen, not some pic hunted up on the netnet…

Anyway, here is last Friday’s Poulet La Diable from IOZ

diane - 19 May 2010

If you’re interested, here’s a cornish hen with stuffing recipe, it’s just as easy as chicken.

White Pepper (careful just a tad)
3 cups chicken stock (water/vegetable stock will work also)
(optional: a sploosh of cognac, brandy or wine in place of a sploosh of stock)
1/3 cup uncooked white rice
1/3 cup uncooked brown rice (or white rice)
1/3 cup uncooked wild rice
¼ cup chopped celery
1/3 cup chopped onion
1/3 cup chopped parsley
8 ounces button mushrooms, chopped
½ pound ground pork
2 Cornish hens
hen giblets chopped
(the measurements above are loose)

season and sauté pork and giblets until thoroughly cooked, then set aside.

Sauté onions, celery and mushrooms.
Add liquid and bring to a boil.
Stir in rice and turn down heat to a low simmer.
Stir in parsley and seasonings.
Partially cover and simmer till liquid absorbed.
Stir in browned sausage and giblets.

Rub hens with softened butter, dredge with flower, then loosely stuff. Place in oven preheated to 450, breast side up with legs tied. Immediately reduce heat to 350. Roast until tender, basting frequently. Will take approximately an hour or more.

marisacat - 20 May 2010

thank for that diane… I linked to the IOZ recipe..above somewhere, not to far up…

diane - 20 May 2010

you’re welcome, thanks for the IOZ link, I’ll have to try that, it sounds delish with that mustard in it.

marisacat - 20 May 2010

several people in the thread made it right away… a winner I’d say! One mentioned that the cup of flour might be a bit high.

diane - 19 May 2010

Ohh jeesh girl ….luv ya

damn …youz guyz gettin ready to clown just when I have to LOG OUT?


CSTAR - 19 May 2010

They’re eating Oprah? What, they’re cannibals now?

marisacat - 19 May 2010

Oprah under aspic. With a side of Gayle.

8. diane - 19 May 2010

A Terrifying Morning

Catrina Wallace, 29, was sleeping in her bed with her youngest child when her door was broken down and she awoke to the feeling of a gun to her head. When she opened her eyes, her small home was filled with police. “I never seen that many police at one time,” she recalled. “Everywhere I looked all I saw was police. There were six or seven just in my bedroom.” She says police pointed guns at her small children and wouldn’t let her comfort them…..

9. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 May 2010

Creepiest Christian comment yet

Atheists always use rape as an argument for justifying killing because they want to justify abortion. But is rape really that bad? It’s a horrible experience but you get over it with time. If you use it to justify murder you’re never going to get over it. Imagine you have a painful divorce. Would you murder your children after because they remind you of your ex husband? Of course not. I think any woman would easily tell you that a painful divorce is worse than rape but it’s not an excuse to kill your baby, so why is rape?

there’s more at the link … maybe even more horrifying.

marisacat - 19 May 2010

people always want to tell other people how to think. And live. And feel. And react. So much thinking and planning and legislating in America is predicated on causing pain, rather than removing or ameliorating pain.

Chrisssstian nation… etc.

Madman in the Marketplace - 19 May 2010

meanwhile to our north:

The Quebec National Assembly has taken aim at the Harper government over abortion and demanded Wednesday that it stop being so ambiguous on the issue.

Politicians on both sides of the chamber have unanimously adopted, by a margin of 109-0, a pro-choice motion.


The motion adopted reads as follows:

“That [Quebec’s] National Assembly reaffirms the right of women to free choice and to free and accessible abortion services, and asks the federal government and the prime minister of Canada to put an end to the current ambiguity on this issue, and that the National Assembly reaffirms that the fact of supporting women’s right to an abortion should not in any case be used by the federal government to cut funding to a women’s group.”

catnip - 19 May 2010

Good for them.

Abortion has been front and centre here since the Cons announced they wouldn’t fund abortions for women in developing countries through our international aid programs – and then they blamed the opposition for starting a “culture war” and said they didn’t want to talk about it. One Con senator told womens’ groups – literally – to STFU so they wouldn’t lose their funding because the Cons have been slashing federal cash for groups they disagree with ideologically. It’s been a huge clusterfuck.

10. diane - 19 May 2010

this is what strikes me about certain $Green Spokespersons:

Extra Judicial Killings in Guyana: “Champion of the Earth” Presides Over Death Squad Regime

marisacat - 19 May 2010

green washing….

diane - 19 May 2010

yeah, a thriving business

11. marisacat - 19 May 2010

Modern border wars… AZ calls LA on its threat of boycott. Apparently AZ provides, for a price of course, 25% of Los Angeles power.

Arizona is threatening to leave Los Angeles in the dark — and its air conditioners without power — if the city doesn’t rescind its order to boycott the state over Arizona’s tough new immigration law.

diane - 19 May 2010

I guess price gouging laws were rendered worthless a long time ago. Ugh, certainly Mono Lake won’t save LA.

marisacat - 19 May 2010

I think LA will be getting a lot quieter about boycotts… As Villaraigosa shrinks away to nothing. I do love seeing the so bright and promoted “lights” of the party exhaust their air supply.

diane - 19 May 2010

well, in ‘my state’ last night, I forgot to box a clump of linen hankies for the bullet. I guess I really should gift wrap them and send them on down to Orange County.

catnip - 19 May 2010

Yay. The new civil war! This time – it’s the other coast. 🙂

12. diane - 19 May 2010

Expanding the license to assassinate even more?

Too bad they didn’t elaborate on their definition of what join, or militants encompasses, I guess we can trust them to take that higher ground in their determinations.

I hear loud Money Machine Battle Drums in the background, and no subtle brushes for those huge, brass cymbals.

Americans who join militants can be targets: White House

13. diane - 19 May 2010

Apropos of just a thought …

I wonder how many of the upper echelon of the APA are now juicily employed by our sweet “public servant,” THE GOVERNMENT, … or would that be GOVPHARMA?

(and, in case I reeeeallly need to say it, I despise scientology, and do believe that some ‘medications’ are really, really a blessing from humankind’s true philanthropy and concern for one another.)

14. lucid - 19 May 2010

Rand Paul was just on Maddow… what a fucking wacko. Worse than his dad if you can imagine…

marisacat - 19 May 2010

They both have a wide streak of fucking mean.

In my opinion.

BooHooHooMan - 19 May 2010

Seriously.From watching that clip, Why is he a wacko?
It’s such a tired game. I watched the whole clip off a DK blip billed Rand Paul’s meltdown on TRMS. I was looking for him in Confederate Gray singin Dixie, a Stonewall Jackson beard grown overnight since securing the nom.

LOL. The Dems are goin with Paul! Racist!…. In Kentucky.
What are they doing? Tryin to elect him? If they are going to damage him there, now, (the sound bite banking will be useful later if the guy goes national) but in this race in KY, wouldn’t it will help in having him re-iterate over and over his assertion of “90 support” for the CRA?
Eating into his RW and mainstream GOP cred at the same time?
Not to mention , ah, among boll weevil Kentucky Dem’s who have an almost 600 Thousand Plus MAJORITY in voter registration over Republicans. Yes, in Ole Kentuck.

Now he may sleep in hooded sheets for all I know, but he never broke a sweat reiterating his bit as Maddow – lets get real – did the same thing with hers. What about the lunch counters?! Are you saying segregated lunch counters?@!??? Do you want segregated lunch counters at Walgreens?

Paul’s bit, I watched it a couple times to see if I missed a whopper gaffe., perhaps the unrestrained right arm rising upon Strangelovian synapse- but the response was the same flat stock as his Dad’s:
Abhors racism.
Agrees with most of the CRA.
Problems with the Gub.

Oh the kos kids and “Meltdown” on Rachel
So touchy about race in the Dem ….confederacy.
But If that’s all they got to tag the guy with they’re in trouble.

BooHooHooMan - 19 May 2010

One guy in the kos thread on Paul on the Maddow show noted Reagn and Goldwater opposed 65CRA. I thought that was funny given Obbie’s fellatio of RR and Hillary’s start as a Goldwater gal.
Something the Donks are falling all over themselves to service as well.

Another useful history buff sort noted KY indeed beat back seccession during the Civil War…

For all – my point being – the fuck that it matters now.
Especially Rachel’s Rhodesian historical finger wag in KY.
I bet her use of the Walgreens sit ins is particularly amusing to Kentuckians. As they took place in Nashville. Tennessee.
Carbon eating ancestral home of that famous Nashville clan.
the Gore’s. LOL.

marisacat - 20 May 2010

well.. Ob and Hillary want to have it both ways..fellate either or both RR and Goldwater.. AND pretend to sobber at the feet of Martin.

Hil’s problem with her enunciated memories of supporting Goldwater (volunteering as well iirc, she may not have been 21 yet) AND hearing Martin (iirc a teacher took them to hear him), her respect and reverence for MLK and CR… sort of does not square.

Soon she will be telling it as going ot hear Martin thru the sniper fire.

15. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 May 2010
16. marisacat - 19 May 2010

Maybe his mother could write him a [posthumous] note… you know: Please excuse Barry, he cannot help. He doesn’t have the votes, he says.

However when he had them, he and Reid were just tools of the Rs.

So who cares.

President Barack Obama called Arizona’s law

“a misdirected expression of frustration over our broken immigration system,” but he responded bluntly to his Mexican counterpart’s plea:

“I don’t have 60 votes in the Senate.”

more by Barack Obama – 16 minutes ago – Wall Street Journal (2 occurrences)

And of course he and Reid are so relieved they will not have a solid majority – much less a super majority of 60 – after 2010, that Triple Crown of the WH Senate and House.

17. lucid - 19 May 2010

BHHM – this is the commentary I wrote on it tonight. While Rachel may be a cheerleader of sorts, I think she does at least do a good job of calling out the right for what they are.

Fucking nasty racists to the end.

At about 8:40 into the interview it gets to the gist…

And then Rand Paul gets into this lovely bit of absurdist logic –

Because there is a provision in the Civil Rights Act which makes it illegal for private businesses to discriminate in their clientele under the interstate commerce clause, that means that private businesses do not ‘own’ their private businesses and [gulp!] to turn that argument on the ‘left’, that means that private businesses can’t disallow people from carrying guns within them. Whew! wipes forehead…

OK – second amendment debate aside – I’m sorry, WHAT?

Let me break that down into a single sentence:

Rand Paul, ‘Because we made it illegal at a federal level for the local racist’s diner to refuse service to black people, it means that anyone can carry a gun into a bar anywhere’. Of course, on top of this he claims that somehow applying the 14th amendment to businesses violates the 1st amendment.

Now, the obvious argument with respect to the latter is that businesses aren’t fucking people and don’t have Bill of Rights protections, but seeing as how the Supreme Court has been supremely bribed to legislate [and I do mean legislate] against people and for businesses since the late 19th century, I’ll also let that go for the time being.

Well, Rand, there was a ‘law’ passed with respect to certain provisions of the constitution. It has been upheld by the courts repeatedly. There has been no federal law passed stating that because of the 2nd amendment everyone can carry a firearm wherever the fuck they want irrespective of state and local laws or the will of those owning private businesses. But, in many municipalities, it is legal for anyone to carry a firearm in the open or concealed wherever they want. And you know what, ‘privately owned businesses’ don’t have a say in the matter. So if you want to point the finger, why not call out certain ‘local restrictions’ – you know, your favorite, ‘it should all be taken care of at a local level’… but no, that would get you in trouble with the NRA, because gun toting nuts everywhere actually want any federal, state or local law passed that would allow them to carry pocket nukes to whatever tavern wherever they want! So which is it hon?

This guy wants to be a Senator, but he doesn’t even understand how laws get drawn up, passed and upheld by the courts?

So, Rand, why are you really against telling private businesses they can’t discriminate? Is it because, like your father, you’re a racist scumbag?

BooHooHooMan - 20 May 2010

Let me break that down into a single sentence:

Rand Paul, ‘Because we made it illegal at a federal level for the local racist’s diner to refuse service to black people, it means that anyone can carry a gun into a bar anywhere’. – lucid

But he didn’t say that did he….in riding around the Con Law prof hypotheticals. He used “could lead to…” He used “Many states are saying and gun organizations are saying…” No more or less substantive than “safe legal and rare..” or “in consultation with family physician and clergy” . He’s a Pol. I’m shocked. And Libertarian. Double shock.

At the moment Rachel has transcripts of every show before and after that airing. The transcript of that airing, at the moment at least, is unavailable. The yawner of an interview IMO closed out with a question again pointed at the “bloodied and beaten” at the lunch counters…after repeated assertions by Paul that he “condones no violence” and that people who commit violence against others “should be put in jail”.

Paul at the end, on the last bite at the “bloody and beaten” query : “What I’m saying is that I don’t believe in any discrimination. I don’t believe that private property should discriminate either.I wouldn’t attend, wouldn’t support… Yada Yada “Safe Legal and Rare” .

Do I agree with Paul of mythical Libertarian Land? Of course not.
Do I think he and his Dad are good for anything other than meme propogation on Ending the wars, Choice, Defunding Israel, and Abolishing the Fed? OCNx2. But IMO, that meme propogation is worth more IMO than all the blogs in blogtopia and Dem retainers in advocacy groups combined.
So there’s the ride around the Civil Rights ranch…
But in this country, Is it pretty garden variety politics? I think it is. As is the demi-Lib predilection for framing debate in the 60’s while eating DEM actions ever since… Rachel is better among most, but…quick enough to carry the water…. Not that I wised up till 2007, when Pelosi declared Impeachment “off the table”…..

marisacat - 20 May 2010

But IMO, that meme propogation is worth more IMO than all the blogs in blogtopia and Dem retainers in advocacy groups combined.

So there’s the ride around the Civil Rights ranch…

I think i is meaningless that he and Daddy-O propagate a few opposite warbles to the mass indoctrination. Honestly.

It puts being opposed to much of what Israel and the US does firmly in the utter nutcase bin. Because he and his father are fucking nuts. media, esp on camera, always restrains the father on abortion, they only let him go so far.

I wish they would just let him go. Because it would be a case of rabid foaming and calling for the witches to be killed. And then running forward with the bloody butcher knives to do it.

If ONLY the likes of Rand and Ron were unrestrained in what they say. IF ONLY.

meanwhile we will live with the Fed, live with a war monger Israel and US… playing one of the worst dances of death ever on earth. Pace Holocaust.

It does nto matter.

Marcy Winograd is making I guess her third run against Harmon.. oh valiant girl. But she always caves.. Of course the party moves against her, they worry she might not cave some day… and manwhile Waxman, who aside from Israle has a few brains left… has issued letters to the faithful in Santa Monica and the other localities that Harmon represents that Marcy (who is Jewish and quite cogent on the subject) is BAD FOR ISRAEL…

Comfortable in the belief tha hapless Americans, yes many of them elderly retired Jewish and Easter Europeans in that area, will pick Israel over their own needs.

The damned ship is sunk. people need to stop talking about the deck chairs. now it is a waiting game.

Not that we have CR, we don’t. We have various and sundry gated communities, with prices posted at the gate for entrance.

About it. I am glad for what advances were made, but they are being dialed back. Daily.

BooHooHooMan - 20 May 2010

It all get’s clipped, cropped, and stopped in the media.
Genuine activists that is.
So rather than looking towards legitimacy let alone concentration of voice- ain’t no “movement” let alone one coalescing on media- and I realize it as sure as I know delivery ain’t gonna be there from any Pols….
So rather than looking towards legitimacy let alone concentration of voice……the model – in aggregate – has been something like this from the Left…
Chomsky! Cindy! Murtha! 😆 ….Ob! 😆 😆
It does come down to whether you think that matters at all. Or is worth the signal to noise pollution. I have no prob tho with anybody carrying an anti war message beyond the Left and Especially the Donks caged patent on it. . . However nutbar. And preferably carried to people with a little of the peeve in them when the bulb goes off later or very much later- We don’t NEED War? THAT”S where my money’s been going? Same for“The Fed Hmm. Who Doms the Fed??”To me this isn’t a false choice between distinctions without a difference. Not a whole lot happening on the AW left. Just isn’t.
Not a distinction there to choose “difference” My take, anyways.
Not a whole lot of hope for the proles with consumer activism either… ..defined as…. “consumer” and all.

marisacat - 20 May 2010

Dow down 249… a lot to be unhappy about. One fo the things I think, is that Obby is too disinterested to do the active cheerleader work.

I suspect some fucked Joshua touring soon. Seems to be what makes him slap happy.

marisacat - 20 May 2010

fwiwi…. People Mag … Politico weighs in… he was on NPR also… they have the NPR vid and a link o an earlier interivew he gave to the The Courier…

It’s gonna dog him… if only because it is useful to the Dems… who of course claim The Mantle. Purveyors of Goodness and Light.

18. catnip - 19 May 2010

Harry Reid: “I don’t know a lot about anything, but I know how to count votes.”

His new campaign slogan?

catnip - 19 May 2010
19. catnip - 19 May 2010

Irony abounds:

At a ceremony to sign a bill promoting press freedom around the world on Monday, President Obama refused to take questions from reporters. “I’m not doing a press conference today,” he told Chip Reid of CBS News, “but we’ll be seeing you guys during the course of the week.”

20. marisacat - 20 May 2010

hmm I saw film of the mothers getting off the plane in Tehran. Covered head to foot in basic black, no pearls. Tho they did have a face opening, not restricted down to the eyes…

I have not heard too much grumbling yet… but it is getting glaring that Obby and Hill cannot get these three released. Maybe this is the breakthru…

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:

Detained Iran Hikers Meeting Their Mothers in Tehran Hotel

For more on this and other breaking news go to ABCNews.com

21. diane - 20 May 2010
22. diane - 20 May 2010
marisacat - 20 May 2010

Just did a post on that… lambert at corrente posted on the McClatchy piece anda few other tidbits…

😉 (well, not really)

23. marisacat - 20 May 2010



………………….. 😯

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