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Could be an improvement… 20 May 2010

Posted by marisacat in 2010 Mid Terms, 2012 Re Election, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, The Battle for New Orleans, WAR!.

Melbourne, Australia: Dachshunds are seen during a performance and art installation titled ‘Dachshund UN’ at the city’s museum; the installation by Perth artist Bennett Miller is part of the New Wave Festival and sees 47 dachshunds representing national delegates taking part in a meeting of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights Photograph: Lucas Dawson/Getty

I could go for it… 😆  I think they would just immediately vote down sanctions on Iran – or anyone else.

As side kibble, Tapper v Gibbs for today, May 20th (full text)

JAKE TAPPER: Can you shed some light on the announcement — not the announcement — the direction from the EPA to BP yesterday? 

ROBERT GIBBS:  Well, look, we — I think first and foremost, we are — we are seeing — as a result of the scope and the size of the spill  in the Gulf, we have seen a large quantity of dispersants used primarily on the surface, some underneath the sea. Monitoring and testing has continued to take place during that.   But as we move forward, the EPA believed best to use the least toxic  dispersant again as we — as we are into — well into the fourth week  of what has happened in the gulf.   Even as we continue to monitor air and water quality, we have asked and are asking BP to be transparent about the measurements that it is taking, as it relates to air and water quality. And we’ll be asking them to more publicly provide, as I talked about last week, the video that they may have of the structure on the floor of the sea. This is — again, even as EPA continues to monitor the area. 

TAPPER: But BP was telling the public that the dispersant they were using was essentially soap suds.  My understanding is that the dispersant is actually not used in several Western countries because of toxicity.  Should they have been using a different dispersant from  the beginning? 

GIBBS:  Well, again, I think the dispersant that they’re using is part of a broader list of approved dispersants.  Our feeling  and the EPA’s feeling is, given the extent to which they are — we are  having to continue to use them, that to use the least toxic of those  makes the most sense. 

TAPPER: And just to follow up on the election victory of Joe Sestak the other night, first of all, this makes four candidates that  President Obama has endorsed — Deeds, Corzine, Coakley and Specter — that have lost.  He’s 0-for-four in terms of his campaigning for  candidates.  Is that a concern at all of this administration, or the president, the political operation? 

GIBBS:  No.  No. 

TAPPER: And Sestak — several months ago, I asked you, on February 23rd, if you could find out more about what Sestak said about the White House making him an offer to not run.  And I know that in March you said whatever conversations have been had or not are problematic. But I’m wondering, since this has become an issue in Congressman Sestak’s campaign and will likely be — continue to be an issue, if you could — if you want to put it to rest right now, what exactly was the conversation?

GIBBS:  I don’t have anything to add to what I said in March.

REPORTER: But you never — you never really explained what the conversation was.

GIBBS:  And I don’t have anything to add today.

REPORTER:  But if the White House offers a congressman a position in the administration in order to convince that congressman to not run for office…

GIBBS:  I don’t have anything to add to that.

REPORTER:  But you said a number of times that you would get something for us on that.


GIBBS:  Well, and — and I did.  And I gave that answer in March. And I don’t have anything to add to that.

TAPPER:  But do you really think the American people don’t have a right to know about what exactly the conversation was?

GIBBS:  I don’t have anything to add to what I said in March.

– Jake Tapper

And Gibbs could be replaced with a DachPoo.  A mixed breed… of Dachsund and Poodle.  An undersized Dachsund mixed with a frail little smaller-than-teacup poodle.

Not to be rude to the dogs…




1. diane - 20 May 2010

the interesting thing is,

1. The odor de urine, in that particular photo shoot, is likely, far far less than during prior photo shoots …………..

2. Well ………………….at least it’s likely there there were scoopers at the handy, (though likely unecessary) with the doggie shoot, that’s certainly change one could believe in.

marisacat - 20 May 2010

Right, less Pooper Scoopering…

I am waiting for San Francisco to enact legislation that taking your dog for a walk means you also carry a special little bucket for the pee sessions… No urinating on the street!

Just a matter of time, as I see it.

diane - 20 May 2010

…likely tomoroow …..

(send it to the Gavsters favorite plastic bottled water company, I’m sure they have a process by which to clarify it)

marisacat - 20 May 2010

I see it coming, I really do!

And of course you will be banned from either smoking or texting while walking your dog. Distractions are illegal.

diane - 20 May 2010

weeelllll they really wanted that texting, until they didn’t want it.

and by the way, shut down all the obsolete post offices, phone booths, landlines …………all communications, particularly those which might slide by anonymously.

they ultimately want nothingness

2. marisacat - 20 May 2010

Dow closed down 376…. (10, 068.00……….. ”Dow Ten Thousand” is in view)

just glancing at the Business headlines at Google Snooz…

Home sales in the 9 Bay Area counties slipped… and the unemployment report released is the highest (nationally) in three months.

But we are turning corners!

diane - 20 May 2010


and that’s certainly a sign of efficiency!

we are in ‘capable’ hands!

marisacat - 20 May 2010

If you are suspected of not properly pooper scoopering… a sort of meter maid for the dog poop patrol can stop you… on the street. If you are found nto to be carrying baggies for collection of the poo (they will ask you to empty your pockets) you will be ticketed… almost 400.00

If you are seen not pooper scoopering, that is also almost 400.00

AND the fines can be combined in some cases, bringing the fine to almost 800 dollars.

Sad to say, Harvey started all of thsi shite. Building his way to running for mayor.

CSTAR - 20 May 2010

I say, let them run our banks.

marisacat - 20 May 2010

I would be fine with that…

catnip - 20 May 2010

the unemployment report released is the highest (nationally) in three months.

Yet Obamalama knew that news when he gave his little Wall Street “reform” speech today but touted progress in the unemployment numbers instead – not a peep about the bad news.

Oh – and of course he ran away without taking any press questions again.

marisacat - 20 May 2010

I know what his dodge will be

the number is higher as people now have hope for jobs so theyare answering: Actively Seeking Work… YES I AM. YES WE CAN. HE LOVES ME


catnip - 20 May 2010

Ah, yes: the Hopeyness Index

marisacat - 20 May 2010

Steve Sailer who blogs at http://www.isteve.blogspot.com and is a HORRIBLE, imo, racist… he still embraces Charles Murray/Bell Curve and so on… BUT I do agree with SS on one obsrevation he has made, that it is very likely there were elements of trickle down EST, or other cult-like mind / behavior control actively threaded thru his campaign.

I understand there is demogoguery / control elements in almost all exhortatory politics, but Obby’s chew toys tossed to the huddled masses were a bit intense imo.

Can never know for sure til someone outs some commentary or personal history of Plouffe or Axe… or Obby himself, but I can see how the connection can be made.

catnip - 20 May 2010

What was it Rahm said? Never miss the chance to tale advantage of a catastrophe?

The public was vulnerable after being fucked over by Bushco and was ripe for the picking. A perfect storm.

3. marisacat - 20 May 2010

People mag is a just a fount of Rand Paul info. Blogger in KY turns up old LTE from RP…….

Clyburn weighs in (I so wish he would jsut die, to be honest, so fucking tired of him)

Blumenthal WAS on the Harvard Swim Team!! he was a freestyler! Too. (Take that NYT!! Boo hiss)

And Vito Fossella is “humbled”.

I get more laughs out of People than I ever expected…


diane - 20 May 2010

in all seriousness hon …I’m in awe of how you keep track of those ‘adults’ in need of diapers (since they’ve never been taught not to shit all over anything (unlike their ‘pets,’ I’m quite sure)).

One thing I’ll say about young Rand, since his daddy is apparently from my home town. He’s likely got issues. Pretty fucked up when your parent names you after someone else’s last name, I ‘tuit, though could be wrong, despite the fact that there are many fragments of his daddy’s ideas, that seem very sound to me…. but then there comes the all white male brutal fiscal policies behind it.

4. Madman in the Marketplace - 20 May 2010

you could just replace Gibbs with poo.

marisacat - 20 May 2010

There you go! With a whizz of pee as a chaser!

diane - 20 May 2010

shhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m drinking ………………

marisacat - 20 May 2010

Soon to fall under a New Prohibition. Better than the old version.

Tho I do think the hard liquor lobby is behind a lot of the many prohibiitons, old and new, that we live with. MJ for certain.

diane - 20 May 2010

well, yeah WHO (gotta fuckin love that acronym) is aworkin on it, in league with the ‘concerned governmemtns [sic?] and liquor lobbyists,’ saw that shit last night.

Madman in the Marketplace - 20 May 2010

it’s the new trickle down!

5. diane - 20 May 2010

damn, gotta run Benson & Hedges (Altria? or some shit, hedging their bets while providing fed/state revenues; healing the unworthy hideous nicotine addicted, and providing bullies with ghastly enormous podiums (despite the fact that they know how to suck all of the air out of a room themselves), all at the same time) calls……………………………..

marisacat - 20 May 2010

well as moiv says, with many states redirecting tobacco sales taxes to whatever, smokers need to keep smoking.. to support whatever.

Civic duty.

diane - 20 May 2010

tell moiv I’m doing my very best!


moiv - 20 May 2010

There you go, diane. 🙂

One more patriotic American doing her duty to provide health care for all the impoverished kiddywinkles — and their numbers are growing by the day.

I can’t afford to smoke as much as I used to do, but I still try to fire up 4 or 5 times a day myself. It’s one of the few things I can do and know that I’m making a real difference!

marisacat - 20 May 2010

afford to smoke as much as I used to do

have you looked online ? I periodically go online, even as a non-smoker, to see wht English ovals… and Sobranies cost.. they offer other things as well.

These are not reservation outlets, either……..

6. marisacat - 20 May 2010

Thru an aide RP is now saying he supports Commerce clause… and that the government may indeed restrict private business with regard to discrimination.

{translation: I so wanna be a Senator! I do I do, I will do anything for a Sally Field moment! I will!! I want the pink diamond crown!}

marisacat - 20 May 2010

There si a headline running around:

Kentucky Fried Candidate… and The Atlantic says the Dems planned this all along.

A plan? The Dems? Possible, as thsi is about the extent of their powers, to point at “macacca” moments and loon moments.

BTW, interestingly RP did better in the cities in KY than in the rural areas.

Go figure.

7. catnip - 20 May 2010

The guy who writes this blog – a young Calgary filmmaker – was seriously wounded in Thailand this week. The story is in a couple of links in the comments to the top post. Quite the collection of pics he has.

diane - 20 May 2010

this, really stands out:

….Despite over two years interviewing and photographing them, I have only seen one weapon of war. Despite having covered the red’s last two months in Bangkok with near-daily coverage and many late nights with them, I have only seen the one.

And while I don’t doubt that there are well armed elements associated with the reds, they currently are fighting an extraordinarily lopsided battle.

Sharpened sticks, erratic fireworks, noisy but useless large bamboo-made canons, sling shots, and rocks are trying to fight against snipers hiding behind sandbags and perched on rooftops…..

marisacat - 20 May 2010

oh thanks for those… and btw, for anyone, MsExPat who last I checked was in Bangkok, is still posting to corrente…

Globe and Mail aslo has a reporter on teh ground, he was in the temple wehre people sought refuge. An were unable to take the wounded across the street to a hospital.

But you know, they have Bangkok “under control” now………………………………..

Madman in the Marketplace - 20 May 2010

those shots are amazing.

8. diane - 20 May 2010

weeelllll …..here’s a ‘treat’

open up can of chick peas/garbanzo beans, and use opened lid to drain.
Pour a bit of vegetation oil in there, olive is great, but corn, canola, etc. will do. Got vinegar of any sort, doesn’t haf ta be BALSAMIC (cheap red wine could help with the effect? Got green herbs? Sprinkle till it looks good. Hey spices are great too, go for it, then stir all in with a fork, or a finger. I eat mine, with a spoon …….but really, fingers, or a fork, would do just fine, as would the chick peas, all by themselves, in a pinch.

9. BooHooHooMan - 20 May 2010

Dennis Blair out…

Top U.S. intelligence official Dennis Blair says he’ll resign

By Jonathan S. Landay | McClatchy Newspapers

WASHINGTON — The nation’s top intelligence officer, Director of National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair, announced his resignation Friday after months of friction and repeated duels with White House officials.

The retired Navy admiral gave no reason for his departure in his public statement, which he circulated to the 16 intelligence agencies that he oversees, nor did he express thanks to President Barack Obama for the opportunity to serve under him.

A U.S. official indicated that Obama had asked Blair to resign, saying that a job search was already well under way.

The White House has “been interviewing several strong candidates to be his (Blair’s) replacement,” said the U.S. official, who declined to elaborate. The official requested anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to speak publicly.

{work break from Tattered Shirtworks cottage industry here}

Surely they jest….

Sen. Kit Bond of Missouri, the top Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said he learned of Blair’s resignation from the media.

Blair “deserves this nation’s thanks for his long service to our country. It must have been challenging to be forced on the sidelines by the attorney general, but still catch all the blame for failings,” Bond said.

Bond has been critical of the way Attorney General Eric Holder has handled the investigation into the Christmas Day bombing attempt and the recent failed car bomb in Times Square.

“It has been very obvious that the DNI is not the one who’s running the agencies. (Holder) has, in effect, taken over the intelligence community, and I don’t think that’s the best way to keep America safe,” said Bond.

BooHooHooMan - 20 May 2010

Oh dear…The retired Navy admiral gave no reason for his departure in his public statement, which he circulated to the 16 intelligence agencies that he oversees, nor did he express thanks to President Barack Obama for the opportunity to serve under him.

marisacat - 20 May 2010

boo boo bye bye

the jokes write themselves!

BooHooHooMan - 20 May 2010

I’m tellin ya. CKS. 2012. Bet on it. 😆
{chaw chaw chaw chaw}

10. catnip - 20 May 2010

So, I see the plan is to get the financial “reform” bill to Obamalama by July 4th.

HIR by Easter.

These guys are ridiculously transparent.

BooHooHooMan - 20 May 2010

Well, they have to get it done, cancelling the Vinyard and whatever other vaca destinations. — > surely all the Dems with be in Kentucky and other red states denouncing racism all summer long… 😆

Paul is running against Conway the KY Dem AG ….who couldn’t quite bring himself to run with ball ..Sure , the idea – Why pile on? – when rivals are supposedly doing themselves in, go with the drip drip drip while surrogates can do the heavy lifting…but when there’s politics of race questions – (does anyone really think is anything about substance?) with politics of race questions the Donks opt for the 5 lb body sculpting over anything strenuous.

As of yesterday in the polls, Rassmussen has Paul up 25 against Conway the Dem. BUT! that was PRE RACHEL!
Which changes everything in Kentuck! AND Within the last two weeks Dem ops had Paul up+1 for the GE. Markos’ DK/ Research2000 had Paul +3…Should be fun seeing the Donks chat race , without , ya know, turning the partrty into the Panthers – can’t have that!…or turning Obbie into – gasp! – back into a black guy.

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 20 May 2010
12. marisacat - 20 May 2010

CNNMoney headline:

Fear Spikes Stocks Tank

13. marisacat - 20 May 2010

The Democrats.. so squeaky clean. So full of shite.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer: ADA repeal “would contradict our nation’s founding ideals.”

”Our nation’s founding ideals”?

Spread it on thick Steny.

14. marisacat - 20 May 2010

What’s more, reporters think this was a return engagement on the part of the mousie…

Rodent scurries by as Obama lauds Wall Street vote

By MARK S. SMITH (AP) – 1 hour ago

WASHINGTON — In the midst of his battle with the titans of Wall Street, President Barack Obama was nearly upstaged by a rodent. Obama had just begun a Rose Garden statement lauding the end of a Senate filibuster on his financial overhaul when some kind of rodent dashed out of the bushes to his right, just outside the Oval Office.

As photographers snapped away in the sun-drenched garden, the critter scurried straight past the gray podium with the presidential seal and made a bee-line for another set of bushes to Obama’s left.

It’s not clear if the president could even see the streaker, but he didn’t show any reaction. And he concluded his statement minutes later, returning to his office without answering a few shouted questions on other topics.

Goood thing he did not see it, remember he K I L L E D the fly.

Obama will soon travel with a drone contingent. 6 overhead at all times. Mouse and fly patrol. Psst pass it on.

marisacat - 20 May 2010

In fact, this wasn’t the first time a rodent’s been spied in the White House, or even the Rose Garden.

Just last week, as camera crews set up for an Obama statement on the Gulf oil spill, what’s believed to have been the same rodent made a dash across the famous garden.

The press work areas behind the White House briefing room have had at least one rat sighting, though that was before a multimillion-dollar rehab project finished by the Bush administration.

Moreover, rodents of all kinds are pretty common in Washington. From time to time, city officials issue alarms about surges in the rat population when residents put out extra-big summer piles of garbage.

Washington is, after all built, along a river, on what used to be a malarial swamp.

Still a malarial swamp, which I am sure is what AP meant to point out.

diane - 20 May 2010

oops, delete my ‘rodent’ comment I just posted into spam, I should’ve ‘refreshed’ before I posted, that was fuckin hilarious, I’m still crackin up ……………

15. marisacat - 20 May 2010




IOZ weighs in on Rachel (dumb) Rand (dumber) and a few other things.

Actually I am all for states’ rights.. esp if it means that Cali (or a trio of ”Cascadia” States!) can hook up with Hawai’i and Hong Kong.

Pan Pacific! For Real!

Works for me!

marisacat - 20 May 2010

he IOZ thread is a real hoot… almost everybody disagrees with him. In some way.

diane - 20 May 2010

loved his last line:

Ending the drug war and closing prisons and not sending poor Black people to die in crazy foreign adventures based on hazy “humanitarian” principles is more important than paying lip service to the Civil Rights office at the DOJ. For realz.

BooHooHooMan - 20 May 2010

😆 😆 😆


lucid - 20 May 2010

I’ve thought about it all day, but I didn’t weigh in on it… His closing graph is great, but the second one is full of glossed over history & that kind of pisses me off. He also completely misses the fact the Paul is fine with government regulation – just not the enforcement of the 14th amendment.

While I agree that CRA64 didn’t succeed structurally – if anything because all walks of government simply made new laws to reinforce Jim Crow – the fact that there was at least some legislative will at some point to enforce the 14th amendment is important, regardless how academic.

And while I would also agree that the Donks typically use it as a bludgeon [despite the fact that the majority of them are good little drug warriors], I have no problem with calling out racists for what they are. In fact, they should be called out and held accountable in every venue. I think Maddow, for all her flaws, accomplished that in the interview – and that is one of the reasons she is among the few MSM pundits I can tolerate.

marisacat - 20 May 2010

I’d love to offload all the fake Big ”L” Libertarians… hiding in and around the whiter fringes of the R party. They all could endorse bleach as a sex agent…

And all of them… are only 2 or 3 inches to the R of the Democrats.

lucid - 20 May 2010

They all remind me of the link Madman posted earlier today about pregnancy being the public validation that women are doing their ‘marital duty’.

16. diane - 20 May 2010

Rod Serling lives, too fuckin funny (look at the bottom right corner of the piccy)

Rodent scurries by as Obama lauds Wall Street vote

President Barack Obama was nearly upstaged by a rodent. Obama had just begun a Rose Garden statement lauding the end of a Senate filibuster on his financial overhaul when some kind of rodent dashed out of the bushes to his right, just outside the Oval Office.

hmmm, I would say he was upstaged, or downstaged, whatever suits………

marisacat - 20 May 2010

oh no I am leaving it in… I never mind if things get reapeated…

My vote says it is a “vole”.. which are a little bigger than a mouse.

diane - 20 May 2010

well, it does look rather small to be a disease carrying Rattus norvegicus, (rattus de swamp) though it could be a babe who’s tail got partially chewed off by an adult.

marisacat - 20 May 2010

it’s not a rattus… the norwegian water rats are big… [hey i live in a port city… we know these things]

diane - 20 May 2010

yeah, Pittsburgh had them all over the place too, due to the rivers, and they do get HUGE, take their frackin time waddlin across the street..

marisacat - 20 May 2010

yes I ve noticed that Pittsburgh has similar light to the SF and Oakland areas on the Bay…. due to the water on both sides…

catnip - 20 May 2010

Alberta is rat-free. Really. I kid you not.

(We have little fences up at the border, I hear. Keeding…)

catnip - 20 May 2010

Wasn’t there some kind of “mole” something or other on the menu for the state dinner last nite?

I’m just sayin’…revenge of the moles…

marisacat - 20 May 2010

yeah Bayliss made mole sauce for the Wagyu beef… claiming that he used ”secret cooking techniques” that are his alone.. and 27 (”or 28”, he said, he seemed unsure!) ingredients.

To me t sounded like a guaranteed failure. Too precious for words.

And now we see the aftermath!

catnip - 20 May 2010

27 ingredients? What a waste of time.

marisacat - 20 May 2010

welllllllll I thought he was embellishing, shall we say.

17. BooHooHooMan - 20 May 2010

The Louisville Courier Journal
on the RP/Rachel …
CONTROVERSY! It’s Official!
Paul blowing it off ,moving on…
The Donk squeeking GOP “Party of Lincoln” slobber..

“Let me be clear: I support the Civil Rights Act because I overwhelmingly agree with the intent of the legislation, which was to stop discrimination in the public sphere and halt the abhorrent practice of segregation and Jim Crow laws,” he said Thursday.

But his statement didn’t directly address the controversy.

At issue is his stated belief that while government was right to prohibit discrimination in public agencies and by organizations that receive public funds, private businesses should have the right to make race-based decisions about which customers they serve.

Paul, a Bowling Green ophthalmologist who ran on libertarian themes of smaller, less-intrusive government during this year’s campaign, did not respond to telephoned and e-mailed requests by The Courier-Journal to clarify his remarks.

Former state Sen. Georgia Powers, the first African American elected to that body, said she was furious when she heard about Paul’s position.

“I don’t think he’s thinking clearly and not considering how minorities will react to this,” she said. “Maybe he doesn’t expect to get any votes from any minorities. I hope he doesn’t.”

Jack Conway, the Democratic nominee in the Senate race, who had called attention to Paul’s editorial-board remarks during a televised interview Wednesday, said those statements indicate that Paul is out of step with both Republicans and Democrats in Kentucky.

“I don’t think his thinking on rejecting this large portion of the Civil Rights Act reflects the thinking of Kentucky Republicans,” he said. “Kentucky Republicans are the party of Lincoln.”

Ha Ha! “Party of Lincoln” slobber from the Dem!
So When can Obbie have all parties move on to it being , you know,
Like with the Rev Wright and Gates gettin cuffed by Boston PD?
OR the GWOT, Wall Street, the Settlements, and BP?
What”s summer without a beer summit?
So nice for everybody WE JUST DON”T DO Scandal anymore…
Just a little embroiled now and then, that’s all..

marisacat - 20 May 2010

is there a generic KY beer? Like One Star in Tejas? They could underwrite a summit. I say the mouse should attend. A cameo appearance. The Salahis can be spied going by in a limo in a need of a wash.


BooHooHooMan - 20 May 2010

Bless you all for the IOZ link AND the mole pic… What munchins!
I so needed that, still in in Reality rehab and all …
but the food is great!
Please dear God let the mole have a blog and release pics from the State Dinner.. Here is Mr and Ms Mole with the … etc…

diane - 20 May 2010

… What munchins!

much better than tattered shirts, huh?


marisacat - 20 May 2010

I see the local biologist quoted by the AP agrees with me………….. it is most likely a VOLE. aka meadow mouse.

catnip - 20 May 2010

Maybe he’s related to this guy.

18. diane - 20 May 2010

Hmmm, wonder what the 20 or so Animal Control trucks that show up at the Whitehouse are gonna be disguised as?

Quick all you critters run I say ………………..

there won’t be a bird, or chipmunk, in sight, after tomorrow ……

19. diane - 20 May 2010

Oiled Louisiana wetlands may have to be burned to be saved

….”Twenty-four miles of Plaquemines Parish is destroyed. Everything in it is dead,” Billy Nungesser, head of the parish in southern Louisiana, told US cable news station MSNBC. “There is no life in that marsh. You won’t clean it up.” ….

marisacat - 20 May 2010

there is that scorpion image again. Burn the wet lands to save them. Burn the village, etc.

catnip - 20 May 2010

But but but that Bob Dudley guy from BP said there wasn’t any environmental damage on the shores yet.

I swear that guy’s either a sociopath or he’s going to end up eating his gun at a later date. He looks utterly emotionless during the interviews he’s giving.

marisacat - 20 May 2010

Well mcKay is still insisting the damage will be minimal.

I think the gov is scared shitless. Esp seeing Salazar thsi am. Walking corpse.

20. marisacat - 20 May 2010

Yes well.. as the world edges closer to the RonRand Paul position, esp on abortion.

Thsi headline and article actually ran in USA Today, today, May 20th. USAT which has national distribution, in hotels, and so on.

moiv sent ti to me…

Can abortion be life-saving? Does mother’s life count?

According to the archdiocese in Phoenix, no … mother’s life does nto count and a Catholic hosptial overstepped in performing an emergency abortion (she was not well enough to b moved out of the Catholic hosptial, either) to relieve critical pressure on the woman’s heart.

diane - 20 May 2010

They need baby production for their endless war, after that, the women can go die, is what it’s been looking like for quite some time now.

marisacat - 20 May 2010

The diocese has excommunicated EVERYONE involved in the deicision… miracle of miracles the Sisters of Mercy are standing by their nun who made the decision.

The church also excommunicates the patient, on the off chance she is a Catholic.

[Y]ou may think this is not your concern if you’re not Catholic. Not so.

Catholic hospitals hold about 17% of the nation’s hospital beds and Catholic health systems are the largest provider of care to the poorest outside of the government. In many communities, it’s the only choice for care for hundreds of miles.

Few patients, counting on their reputation for excellent care, have a moment’s thought about the implications of the Catholic brand — its deep and historic commitment to caring and its clear, specific views on the ethical boundaries defined by the faith.

Do you give up your medical autonomy in a Catholic hospital? Will the bishop excommunicate the mother as well as Sr. McBride for consenting to this? Does one bishop’s view holds for all?

diane - 20 May 2010

why am I not shocked, frankly the words Bishop, Cardinal, etc. have become synonomous with ghastly, obscene, wealthy, and powerful evil for me.

Madman in the Marketplace - 20 May 2010

that damned cult should not be allowed near ANYTHING that could be considered essential to society … not hospitals, not churches.

Sick sick sick

Madman in the Marketplace - 20 May 2010

oops, freudian slip!

Meant not hospitals, not SCHOOLS.

lucid - 20 May 2010

Did you read any of the Catholic assholes responses in the thread? Fucking Christ! Who are these people?

lucid - 20 May 2010

I love this one in particular:

moshedemartian (39 friends, send message) wrote: 5h 58m ago
The unborn child could have been removed surgically and implanted into a another woman’s body who has either just given birth, or into an already pregnant woman.

marisacat - 20 May 2010

they live in a magical ooze, all things are possible with Gawdddd.

If only they would stay there and not try t mingle with humans.

lucid - 20 May 2010

God and it just gets better from there… I’m on page 3 now.

I wonder, are we the same species?

marisacat - 20 May 2010

I decided a long time ago, no we aren’t.

lucid - 20 May 2010

This has gotta take the cake:

“Heavy petting” can certainly lead to pregnancy

Hmm. Are you still in preschool?

marisacat - 20 May 2010

Just don’t rape anyone with a crucifix..

Madman in the Marketplace - 20 May 2010

people still say “heavy petting”?

lucid - 20 May 2010

Apparently… and it can lead to pregnancy, because fingers can actually ejaculate! There are pores on the fingers which makes it possible for a woman to get pregnant if you touch her vagina! Not to mention, vagina’s have teeth. In general, vagina’s should be avoided, because they are wicked scary! The best way to fulfill your sexual needs as a man is to become a priest and anally rape little boys. If you do this, not only are you pure in God’s eyes, but you don’t have to deal with that ferocious vagina thing!

catnip - 20 May 2010

The unborn child could have been removed surgically and implanted into a another woman’s body who has either just given birth, or into an already pregnant woman.

What can you say? Really?

Anybody got a spare womb for rent?

marisacat - 20 May 2010

Every womb comes with a handy, easy access, wall plug for the itinerant visiting umbilical cord.. Just pop those fetal units in and out!!

CSTAR - 20 May 2010

Hey, it could be used to generate electricity.

catnip - 20 May 2010

And it sounds like a jobs jobs jobs program to me.

CSTAR - 20 May 2010

The RonRand Paul position? Marisa!

marisacat - 20 May 2010

I did not realise how funny it was!

CSTAR - 20 May 2010

She consented in the murder of an unborn child. There are some situations where the mother may in fact die along with her child.

This is the kind of philosophical bullshit that Catholic apologetics is built out of. Do the people that make this assertions ever think about what words mean? Obviously not. Of course these sordid individuals also believe the bible is the word of god.

marisacat - 20 May 2010

She also had 4 otehr chldren. One of the commenters had found more than was in the article (he was opposed ot what the Church does)…

So it is obviouisly fine to orphan children, as well. for an 11 week fetus.

lucid - 20 May 2010

It’s the same bullshit with nationalism, wars, etc… and of course they believe whatever ‘bible’ they snuggle with every night.

No true believer is averse to murder. In fact, it is their manifesto.

Hence the laughable hypocrisy, if only it was laughable.

21. marisacat - 20 May 2010

oh please. When they run this sort of stuff, the internal polling must be pretty bad.

A strong president

In the space of four months, President Obama has gone from being a president whose legacy might have been limited to the financial stabilization of the beginning of his term to one whose strength, and broad policy legacy, seems difficult to question.

catnip - 20 May 2010

Brown nose much?

marisacat - 20 May 2010

I saw him in a quick interview, I think taped the day before. I could see the head swelling. As I watched…Hopefully at some point it stopped, so he could get out of the WH thru the doorways.

catnip - 20 May 2010


22. BooHooHooMan - 21 May 2010

Roubini: Stocks to Tumble Another 20%, Cash the Safest Place

Stocks are likely to continue their aggressive decline and shed another 20 percent in value as the world economy weakens, economist Nouriel Roubini told CNBC.

if Nouriella We Not So Wella is boffo sic right,
it will cue another rise in gold..Damn those Paul bastards!

marisacat - 21 May 2010

Goldbugs Unite!

23. lucid - 21 May 2010

Fucking say it ain’t so [though I’m more worried about silver spikes…] After all, I make most of my living in the jewelry world…

Which is completely fucked by metal speculation.

marisacat - 21 May 2010

Our dow fell 1100 pts this month alone.

And none of the articles will include that ‘what the fuck is the Gulf coast going to be like?” might factor in.

BooHooHooMan - 21 May 2010

Dude, I was thinking earlier…what should be said to the Pauls, Daddy Doc and Daddy’s a Doc Doc.

How about deregulating medicine. Beginning with Med Schools. And doing away with …LICENSURE. Free Market and all.
You wanna watch them morph into NeoLib mush, that’s it…
Daddy is absolutely bongo about abortion.. ties it in with OBG’s liability.
How very patient centered of him.
You are absolutely right about the Statist cherrypicking.

24. BooHooHooMan - 21 May 2010

Fetal Transplants..True, ya know. I talked some venture capital out of the Archdiocese here using a waffle iron, a pizzelle maker , and a few extra large jumbos…

We’re currently working on a larger transfer pod that could hold up to triplets or a nice sized brunch. 3 gigs of Catechism on mp3’s comes standard . We ran into some problems with the non stick surface on the McLanahan mongos but it worked fine for a Baptismal gathering of 23 guests and a priest.

25. marisacat - 21 May 2010



…………….. 😯

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