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Why go quietly? 25 May 2010

Posted by marisacat in 2010 Mid Terms, 2012 Re Election, Culture of Death, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Lie Down Fall Down Dems, The Battle for New Orleans, WAR!.

Demonstrators outside BP Amoco’s Washington office, 12 May Photograph: Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images

I caught a news segment, a reporter walking on the beach with Heywood (is that his name?  Hayward?  I just know his pusillanimous face, weak boy face with little lips, the CEO of BP) and mentioning he has received Death Threats (cue the Prayer Circles! He and Obby can be sympa email pals!).

Anyone surprised?  I am not.

I said I would carry the link to Naked Capitalism forward, I had posted it at the end of the last link… and he/she links back to a good post at corrente wire/lambert.

I don’t care how dramatic it sounds… it is better than the namby pamby bullshit we are getting:

This is just a snippet (and this message is per the request of Lambert Strether, who has a post of his own up and trying to get further information from other Deepwater Horizon live cam bloggers or watchers):

Major changes happening at BP Disaster site:


There have been several major eruptions of the seabed under riser pipe. I’ve been watching and live-blogging all day. Some screengrabs. Whatever happened is very serious, and I am sure not good news for BP or even Republicans. Seabed dropped several feet, Spillcam covered in oil, Spew increased. New leaking hole in seabed. Possible casing failure.

NOTE Seabed dropped several feet???? –lambert  …snip….

 I got the NC link at Business Insider, Cluster Stock… they seem to be “getting” it as well.


oh PS, forget the bullshit from Monkey Fister about how this is ”bad for Republicans”.  What an idiot. It’s bad for us, we the people. We are dealing with the power of the State here.  It hardly matters who is who, what ticket the criminal collaborator ran on….

 Any Democrat who hopes to make points by bullshtting about “Caribou Barbie” should be used as an absorbent boom.  I read they last about a half hour, having to be changed constantly, in daylight at least.

And with millions and millions of gallons and barrels of oil headed for the barrier islands, the beaches, the marshes, the loop current and the Gulf Stream, is it any wonder the PTB care little about a major, all hands on deck clean up assault?

They know. 

 They just want to spare our weak and delicate minds.



1. marisacat - 25 May 2010

Oh big big baddie!!

We tell BP to cut Corexit use in half.

So we have half a baby shoe on half their neck?

2. marisacat - 25 May 2010

hmmm think this might be the pertinent link to Monkey Fister, with a contact sheet of screen grabs.. apparently BP re ran in the middle fo the night, the part of the “live” stream when something, several things maybe, blew….

[B]elow, you see the Riser pipe end, and a whole lot of the landscape blowing out. It spun Our Favorite Disaster Bot at least 360-degrees, before it recovered. Somewhere after the third blowout of the day, BP hauled it up. The ascent video is posted just below.

It’s clear that something went crazy along what is left of the pipeline from the Casings through BOP to the terminal Riser end– the Poster Child of the disaster.

3. BooHooHooMan - 25 May 2010

Markets Drop as Euro Resumes Its Fall
Published: May 24, 2010

PARIS — Global stocks skidded Tuesday and the euro resumed its fall, as investors worried that European governments would be unable to restore the region’s public sector finances.

“Sentiment has gone from bad to worse,” said Francis Lun, general manager of Fulbright Securities in Hong Kong. “It’s all about the crisis in Europe. There widespread lack of confidence. Investors don’t seem to have faith in anything.”

Uh huh. If accurately quoted, the guy blinked in the last sentence.
Goes from “It’s all about the crisis in Europe” to “Investors don’t have confidence in anything“. LOL.
Here’s to you, Mr. Fullbright Securities Hong Kong Investment Maker Guy.

Again, tho— this helps ‘mrka how, the USD “safe haven” whistling past the graveyard aside? Tho bond issues payable by option in Euros benefit….which when sent to Germany or China and the BRIC structurally – ??- that liquidity is necessarily USA!USA?? gloating time?

How does it help here in gooey LeaderOfTheFreeWorldLand™, say, in that four letter word, Jobs. OR in structurally butressing the value of the dollar, as scads were created and credited by Fed digit in quantities the private paper market makers asked for…How does it help, when the other side of the strong currency /weak currency coin , is that it makes the lesser “valued” zone more attractive.
No? Still valid those classical capitalist economics assumptions?
Or drowning in paradox?


marisacat - 25 May 2010

We always point the finger at Europe… but I read a couple of months ago that Merkel wanted the Euro to fall, for (I assume) import / export, trade reasons.

Maybe the ECB had a floor that the euro has fallen beyond. (I have no idea)

BooHooHooMan - 25 May 2010

Oh they do. The liquidity will be theirs And should increase Chinese investment /lending there. Not that cherrypickers nominally “here” aren’t going to benefit, but it is hardly a coup for the US domestic econ. And is taking US equities down too.

BooHooHooMan - 25 May 2010

The fatal money assumption hidden in all that is this:
That debtors pay. Ha Ha! Which Just validates the American Way.
Ya know- That If you get a world class education, work hard, and live within the law ANYBODY can be a deadbeat now.

Good thing for Mrka everyone else is so dumb, right?

Out to take in a wade in the water while I can…

4. marisacat - 25 May 2010

hmm Don’t make me laugh too hard now.

This is what they extrude to prove to us he paid attention? I hear, Don’t fucking bother me.

KAREN TUMULTY, from her new desk at The WashPost:

‘[T]he White House has tried to project a posture that is unflappable and in command. But to those tasked with keeping the president apprised of the disaster, Obama’s clenched jaw is becoming an increasingly familiar sight.

During one of those sessions in the Oval Office the first week after the spill, a president who rarely vents his frustration cut his aides short, according to one who was there. ‘Plug the damn hole,’ Obama told them.’

BP has never taken an order nor even a suggestion seriously… and it is being said that as they reclaim even what little they are siphoning off, that they will sell that oil after ti is treated.

Why would they listen to someone they bought with cash?

5. marisacat - 25 May 2010

Jesus. Obby is coming here late afternoon today, for a fundrasier wtih Boxer at a Nob Hill hotel… and then a dinner at the Getty house…………. streets will be closed from 11 am today to FUCKING NOON TOMORROW.

6. marisacat - 25 May 2010

Somebody is not happy…

Dow down 247, first 8 minutes of trading.

CSTAR - 25 May 2010

I don’t know much about sports, but I do know what a relief pitcher is and what a bullpen is. They’re isn’t anybody left in the bullpen.

marisacat - 25 May 2010

what next. Because we all know more is coming.

Madman in the Marketplace - 25 May 2010

that’s true for many institutions in this country, at all levels.

7. marisacat - 25 May 2010

Sky Truth has new post up:

[I]t’s Day 35 of this fatal incident.

Our estimated spill rate of 1.1 million gallons (26,500 barrels) per day, now on the conservative end of the scientific estimates, leads us to conclude that almost 39 million gallons of oil have spilled into the Gulf so far.

BP and the federal government had said that they would announce a new official estimate of the daily spill rate on May 22, but we’ve heard nothing more about that. As far as we can tell, they are still claiming the spill rate is 210,000 gallons (5,000 barrels) per day. At that much lower rate, the total amount spilled would be 7.35 million gallons.

It is just speculation, but I am seeing commentary around that the delay in the Top Kill or whatever they call the next “effort”…. and the daily decrease in what they say they are siphoning off and up from the riser… that these may indicate a big problem with the well itself. collapse of some sort… or soemthing.

Hell if i know.

CSTAR - 25 May 2010

According to WKRG (Pensacola FL), nearly 60 million gallons have already leaked.

marisacat - 25 May 2010

Thanks for that!

Sky Truth repeatedly calls their numbers and observations conservative.

I am going with WKRG… and day after day, Google is doing the online public a diservice that they are over and over not including electronic media, TV to diverse online, in this …

I love TV news sites for local news, esp if it can have a national level of interest.

marisacat - 25 May 2010

They had this too:

More Oil Pouring Out Of Damaged Well?

by The Associated Press
Published: Tue, May 25, 2010 – 11:08 am CST
Last Updated: Tue, May 25, 2010 – 11:33 am CST

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Live video of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill shows the underwater plume getting significantly darker. A top oil engineering expert says that suggests heavier, more-polluting oil is spewing out.

The color of the oil gushing from the main pipe has changed in color from medium gray to black. Two scientists noticed the change, which oil company BP downplayed as a natural fluctuation that is not likely permanent.

But engineering professor Bob Bea at the University of California at Berkeley says the color change may indicate the BP leak has hit a reservoir of more oil and less gas. Gas is less polluting because it evaporates. Bea has spent more than 55 years working and studying oil rigs.

Oil has been spewing from the site of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig that exploded April 20.

(Copyright 2010 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

CSTAR - 25 May 2010

Fraudulent conveyence?

Wipe’em out, all of them. And clawback management. Hell, sieze assets of all these crooks, as the placard in your picture above says.

8. catnip - 25 May 2010

I keep imagining oil-covered pelicans perched on rooftops with signs saying “Save us!” a la Katrina victims. Maybe that would wake up Washington.

lucid - 25 May 2010

Only problem is that didn’t wake up Washington last time, so going on precedent…

catnip - 25 May 2010

It might help to put more public pressure (from all over the country and the world) on this slow-motion disaster.

lucid - 25 May 2010

I can hear Inhoff already speaking on the Senate floor saying that all pelicans need a good oil bath!

catnip - 25 May 2010

And some religious wingnut blaming the leak on Teh Gay Pelicans.

marisacat - 25 May 2010

Pelican ingrates.

Madman in the Marketplace - 25 May 2010

maybe if they all lay down in the middle of a sports stadium?

9. marisacat - 25 May 2010

I gather Markey is all whupset that BP will cut the feed while they carry out (!) “Top Kill”. I imagine he looks like a gnat with a headache.

Via Business Insider from a site The Oil Drum dot com… explication, with graphics, of the Top Kill procedure. Leaves me in the dust… and may nto matter much. but there it is.

Madman in the Marketplace - 25 May 2010

Oil Drum puts up amazingly mind-numbing technical posts when stuff like this happens … good site.

marisacat - 25 May 2010

I did not know of them at all…

Madman in the Marketplace - 25 May 2010

they’re picking up a lot of links these days. I always forget about it until something like this happens.

10. CSTAR - 25 May 2010

Top kill. Top hat… Bah. I think it’s time to introduce some more imaginative sexual terminology to describe these operations. After all, we’re getting screwed anyway.

marisacat - 25 May 2010

Apparently they may abandon “Top Kill” altogether (listening to Lehrer). hmmm. they may also try another “containment dome” later this week.

Dudley of BP holds out August for “final kill” when the relief wells will be drilled (gee wonder how that will REALLY work out).

Madman in the Marketplace - 25 May 2010

I’m waiting for “butt plug”.

marisacat - 25 May 2010

there you go! High octane petro lube!

Madman in the Marketplace - 25 May 2010

the oil reaching the shore does look a lot like poo.

11. diane - 25 May 2010

No, they didn’t …of course they did!

…The Daily Beast has obtained a document—displayed below—that goes to the heart of BP procedures, demonstrating that before the company’s previous major disaster—at a moment when the oil giant could choose between cost-savings and greater safety—it selected cost-savings. And BP chose to illustrate that choice, without irony, by invoking the classic Three Little Pigs fairy tale…..”

(hat tip to Raw Story article: Congressman: BP to cut off live feed of oil spill)

12. marisacat - 25 May 2010

All whupset. Obby whupset I mean, and the Republicans hardly bothering to be vague. I’d say everybody’s got internal polling showing Obby weaker than the public polling.

“The more he talked, the more he got upset,” Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) said. “He needs to take a valium before he comes in and talks to Republicans and just calm down, and don’t take anything so seriously. If you disagree with someone, it doesn’t mean you’re attacking their motives — and he takes it that way and tends then to lecture and then gets upset.” …

Politico the People Mag of politics!

13. diane - 25 May 2010

Oil Spill gifts a potential Explosion of $Green Jobs, but will it come in time for the 2012 Election (your tail eating analogy is repeated in this piece Marisa):

Coast Pipelines Face Damage as Gulf Oil Eats Marshes? Spill could hasten marsh erosion, leaving infrastructure vulnerable.

In addition to threatening wildlife, the thick oil oozing into U.S. Gulf Coast marshes (pictures) may be hitting the oil and gas industry where it hurts: in its own coastal infrastructure.

A vast network of pipes and platforms is woven into these wetlands, and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill could literally expose them to potential ruptures and wreckage, experts say.

If oil kills off marsh plants, wetlands will turn to open water, putting the shallowly buried coastal pipelines at risk of ships strikes, storms, and corrosive salt water. Each rip means more leaking oil, costly repairs and replacements, and in some cases, new wetland-restoration projects.


brinn - 25 May 2010

It’ll all be ok if we just paint our roof white….

marisacat - 25 May 2010

Or not.

Obby is visiting a solar panel company in the East Bay tomorrow.. (he is here to fundraise for boxer) and the workers have been told they have the day off, no exeptions, without pay.

Interesting in a way… it’s a company that got a HALF BILLION, 500 million of Stumble Bill money, too.

AND many if not all thw orkers are union.

diane - 25 May 2010

Thanks for reminding me, I was going to do some searching on that Fremont company before I went off on another tangent.

It brings to mind the insane $30M Cali sales tax exemption Tesla will be getting for autos only a teeny handful will be able to purchase. Of course, Tesla is one of Google’s investments.

marisacat - 25 May 2010

well.. the only thing to be said there is Tesla and Toyota are in the for the long haul in Cali and the NUMMI plant was going to be a nightmare sitting empty and idle after GM and Toyota pulled out…

I don’t agree with the huge sweetheart deals, indentives, reduced or no taxes… esp if a company may pick up and go in a few years… like Pfizer was it, for whom the eminent domain case went to the SC.. and now Pfizer has pulled out of … CT I think it was, a little beach town… and the whole development is sitting high and dry.

diane - 25 May 2010

yup, the whole NUMMI/Tesla thang, and a likely net job loss at the end of the day…..

Pittsburgh (PA), is an excellent example of SWEETHEART DEALS GONE WILD!!!!!!! and I’d imagine there are trillions of them in the Rust Belts, ‘Sout’, etc……………

marisacat - 25 May 2010

The Tesla Toyota partnership is for a smaller production line than NUMMI was…

Using just a portion of the NUMMI foorprint.

I am unsure there were other possibilities for that place.

diane - 25 May 2010

I’m not up on exactly what was possible for the plant either….though I’d bet there were possibilities, since Toyota won’t be going out of business any time too soon.

marisacat - 25 May 2010

ugh… GM and Toyota had been partners, it was GM who pulled out, no severances, no medical plans nothing. Toyota did stay for several months, did negotiate severances and medical and so on.

NUMMI was the last car production in California… 8 weeks later the Tesla Toyota deal is announced. I jsut don’t think Toyota is the biggest baddie in this. GM is. My guess is Toyota would have partnered with an electric car builder in TN if possible, but Tesla seems wedded to California, for whatever reason.

diane - 25 May 2010

so much for a truth bearing, Diary of —- —–:

War on whistle-blowers intensifies

” ….

And now, as Politico’s Josh Gerstein reports, an FBI linguist who leaked what he believed to be evidence of lawbreaking is to receive a prison term that is “likely to become the longest ever served by a government employee accused of passing national security secrets to a member of the media.”


Notably (and unsurprisingly), the article quotes the neocon Gabriel Schoenfeld — who spent years demanding that the Bush DOJ criminally prosecute whistleblowers and even journalists responsible for stories such as the NYT’s NSA eavesdropping revelation, and who then wrote a whole book arguing for greater government secrecy — heaping praise on the Obama DOJ…


marisacat - 25 May 2010

Whistleblowers have a rough life. Unless there is a way to SELL what they have and leverage some security, they get abandoned.

Heather-Rose Ryan - 25 May 2010

It was New London, a couple of towns away from my house in CT. People are in a tizwiz. Pfizer is one of the biggest employers in the area, next to General Dynamics (sub builders) and Dow Chemical (ugh) which has no doubt been pouring poison into the local water for decades.

That Kelo case was such a terrible decision.

marisacat - 25 May 2010

oh thank ou I could not pull up proper names from my brain … and too lazy to search…

diane - 25 May 2010

yup, and Tony Blair and Al Puffy Gore are gonna be out there with a paint brush jus like uz.

(talk about paintin the roses red)

14. marisacat - 25 May 2010

SO many “environmental” groups dirty with BP money. Or joint endeavors.


diane - 25 May 2010

too “funny”….previous searches on DiFI’s Hubster, Dicky Namaste Blum’s name, have pulled up the Nature Conservancy in close proximity.

15. marisacat - 25 May 2010

New Rulz for offshore drilling! Coming tomorrow! From Obby’s own mouth! [Be there or be square….]

And then he goes to the Gulf Friday… a flying drop in before Chicago.


16. CSTAR - 25 May 2010

Obama administration sides with vatican According to document obtained by France Presse, administration argues that vatican officials have immunity.

Couldn’t we just kill two birds with one stone and shove the whole crew, pedophiles, pope, cardinals as part of the “topkill”?

marisacat - 25 May 2010

How awful! Because a few weeks ago, it looked the opposite.


The link failed, if you have the URL I will fix it

diane - 25 May 2010


(oh fuck…………………)

Madman in the Marketplace - 25 May 2010

always, always that bunch will side with insiders and the status quo.

CSTAR - 25 May 2010
marisacat - 25 May 2010

oh thanks for that!!

diane - 25 May 2010

I think (it’s noted at bottom as an AFP article) this might be the same/or similar article in English?

CSTAR - 25 May 2010

Yeah, same article. Thanks.

diane - 25 May 2010

you’re welcome.

17. diane - 25 May 2010

…I just don’t think Toyota is the biggest baddie in this…..

I’m sure they probably aren’t the biggest baddie in it …. that wasn’t what I was thinking.

18. diane - 25 May 2010

Suicides roil factory in China

….so far, nothing and nobody have been able to stop the suicides at Foxconn Technology Group, which manufactures Apple’s iPhones as well as Dell and Hewlett-Packard components in Shenzhen in southern China…..

19. marisacat - 25 May 2010

Gulf well was shouting’ warnings for hours before BP rig explosion

McClatchy Newspapers

WASHINGTON — The crew of the Deepwater Horizon had a number of warning signs extending over five hours that conditions were worsening deep underwater before the oilrig exploded in the Gulf on April 20, BP’s own investigators told a House inquiry into the cause of the deadly accident.

Details of BP’s internal investigation provide fresh information about the extent of failures on the ill-fated rig, but the oil company’s inquiry skirts the central question: why were those warnings ignored.

The apparent complacency of the BP crew comes as the Obama administration wrestles with the scope of possible new regulations on deepwater drilling and as a White House ordered inquiry is poised to release its findings on the explosion and spill.

20. diane - 25 May 2010

Introducing, The Big Lemon Satan:

New GOP Website Seeks the Right Ideas

21. catnip - 25 May 2010

Obama to send extra troops to bolster US-Mexico border

President Barack Obama will seek $500m (£350m) in new funding and deploy up to 1,200 extra troops to help secure the US-Mexico border, US officials say.

Just line them up side by side and make a fence out of them.

22. catnip - 25 May 2010

I think somebody here already commented about this, but…

The US has authorised a sweeping expansion of covert military operations in the Middle East and Africa, aimed at destroying terrorist networks in the region, and preparing the ground ahead of any presidential decision to attack Iran.

According yesterday’s The New York Times, a directive, called the Joint Unconventional Warfare Task Force Execute Order, was signed on 30 September by General David Petraeus, head of Central Command and in charge of US military operations in the Middle East, Afghanistan and the Horn of Africa.

Note the acronym: JUWTFEO.

CSTAR - 25 May 2010

Is that after the junk shot?

23. marisacat - 25 May 2010

It’s going to be televised:

[L]ive video of the leak has been available online for the past few days, and BP said Tuesday that it will continue throughout the planned ‘top kill’ procedure. An Obama administration official, speaking on condition of anonymity to disclose private discussions, said BP agreed to keep the public video feed only under pressure from the administration.

Earlier in the day, Rep. Edward J. Markey, D-Mass., said he had learned that BP had planned to turn off the video feed during the top kill and complained that the blackout would “obscure a vital moment in this disaster.”

Bob Bea, an engineering professor at the University of California at Berkeley, said the procedure carries a high risk of failure because of the velocity at which the oil may be spewing.

If some of the higher estimates of 3 million to 4 million gallons a day are correct, “it’s going to spit everything back in your face,” Bea told The Associated Press. He estimated that anything above 1.6 million gallons a day would be too much for a top kill to work. snip

Read more: Business Insider link

ugh oh shit on that last tidbit there… esp if some scientists are right and it is more than the 1.6 gallons a day.

marisacat - 25 May 2010

I see McDermott of Washington is telling Obby to “Get Moving on the oil spill”.

Is that anything like Mother Michelle’s “Let’s Move!” campaign?

diane - 26 May 2010

Would that be same as the “Urban Kiddies Go you chicken fat go, We Need Lean Bodies for our Endless War,” campaign?

diane - 25 May 2010

attempting to tune in now, here, which notes:

Please be aware, this is a live stream and may freeze or be unavailable from time to time.

Throughout the extended top kill procedure – which may take up to two days to complete – very significant changes in the appearance of the flows at the seabed may be expected. These will not provide a reliable indicator of the overall progress, or success or failure, of the top kill operation as a whole. BP will report on the progress of the operation as appropriate and on its outcome when complete.

I guess it’s the right URL, I now have a collection of mostly worthless ones.

I will say that something is on that screen, for all I know, it could be a mini bot in the dirty desk aquarium of a BP Executive in 2005.

diane - 26 May 2010

How odd, I just took some screen picks of the BP live stream because it’s currently posting a time stamp w/assorted data, MSV Skandi Neptune… .. SubSea 7and ……Hero 14: Coil Tubing OPS …., and the video portion, doesn’t register on the msword.doc screen pics, instead, the live video shows through …..

Anyway, there’s some action with data now, at 5:02 Central Time…

marisacat - 26 May 2010

I was getting the version with all of that yesterday too…

diane - 26 May 2010

Adding to a comment, I made a few moments ago, that hasn’t posted yet (regarding a time stamp and screen pics), there’s been a 1-2 minute time delay on the video (comparing with a cellphone), certainly enough to time to shut the video down if something goes wild.

diane - 26 May 2010

oh, and now Hero 14 is noted as Plume Monitoring ….

diane - 26 May 2010

The time stamp now, at 5:32 AM CT is 7 minutes behind…oh wait a new timestamp (two minutes behind, and what, I guess, is a plume from a pipe showing, the surrounding water being a clear, turquoise blue

24. marisacat - 26 May 2010

Listening to speeches from Obby and Barbara, alst night… it is all the R fault, what is happening in the Gulf.

No Democrat would ever let them drill in the Gulf.. we are for Green! We are!

He told a DADT heckler to go buy a ticket and protest at the event of someone who does nto support his issue. Interesting he did not use pelosi’s line of a few days before the squiggle about a “deal”, she said “DADT gone by Xmas”.

Really? Wanna see! Is ti soup yet? Are we there yet?

Washed clean they are…

And all but sainted.

25. marisacat - 26 May 2010



………………….. 😯

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