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Welcome to BP Reality TV! 26 May 2010

Posted by marisacat in 2010 Mid Terms, 2012 Re Election, Culture of Death, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, The Battle for New Orleans, WAR!.

“We’ll take a decision within the course of today,” Hayward said.

more by Tony Hayward – 33 minutes ago – Washington Post

We’ll be your EmCee for months and months… stick with us, we promise a show!

Marvel as we try things never done before! Watch us ignore Obby!!

I find it interesting Obby, who looked peevish here last night, arranged a Friday drop in before the “Top Kill”, which may take 48 hours to be completed (either way!) is even tried.  Perhaps there were assurances and a higher measure for success than is indicated to us, mere taxpayers and peons.

Because Obby is not courageous nor, as I see it, all that much interested.

But we are all on tenterhooks!, especially the turtles, the oysters, the fish, the dolphins, the shellfish, the manatees, the pelicans, the terns… and let’s not forget those valiant folks (we are all just ”folks” now, “citizen” is forgotten) of the Gulf.

Meanwhile, I see a headline, Lisa Jackson, late of NJ that clean and pure place, is, in her capacity as EPA head, “praying”.

Well, we KNOW she is on her knees.  What she is actually doing……….

Can this all get more rank?  I doubt it.




1. marisacat - 26 May 2010

Geesh even Aravosis says the deal being brokered, which can still fail between House and Senate, is too big a compromise AND will do nothing in the short term about discharges.

Americablog http://www.americablog.com/ links to this at the Advocate for an analysis…

The word on the Hill is that, as of last weekend (i.e. before the new compromise), Levin had 14 of the 15 votes needed to pass a repeal measure in his committee. And with the potential abstention of one senator, 14 would have been enough. (That count continues to stand at 14 as of 7 p.m. Eastern Tuesday.)

Discussions around what that repeal measure would include were ongoing as Levin continued to lobby his colleagues. But a couple concessions designed to pacify Gates were being considered: allowing the Pentagon to complete its study before implementation proceeded and potentially requiring a stamp of approval (e.g. a certification letter) from military leadership and/or the president.

But by the time repeal advocates were invited to the White House on Monday morning to be briefed on a new compromise, a third concession had been added.

There would be no nondiscrimination mandate. In other words, even after the law is repealed, it will not be replaced at any point with a policy that explicitly states gays and lesbians are allowed to serve openly in the military.

It’s not clear exactly when or why that provision was added, but now that all three concessions are included in the compromise, in my eyes, it’s the most problematic. Some activists are understandably concerned that the first two concessions give the Pentagon virtually unfettered control over timing that could lead to a lot of foot-dragging. But at the very least, a nondiscrimination mandate would have guaranteed the outcome.

With the current proposal, we not only have no idea when we’ll arrive, we don’t even know what the destination is.

Some political pragmatists are arguing that sacrificing the mandate was a necessary evil on the way to getting the approval of Gates and, ultimately, the final votes needed to pass the measure in the Senate Armed Services Committee.

The bad news is, the votes may have already been on tap. And the really tragic news is, it’s increasingly unclear that the compromise has won over any new votes.

Apparently, the statement from Gates’s spokesperson — not even Gates himself — was so weak that fence-sitters like Brown and Webb weren’t persuaded to throw their weight behind the effort.

AND the “heckler” here in SF was one fo the co founders of GetEqual, the new group that arranged for the protests at the WH gate last month.

Obby friend to all, and useless as hell.

catnip - 26 May 2010

There would be no nondiscrimination mandate. In other words, even after the law is repealed, it will not be replaced at any point with a policy that explicitly states gays and lesbians are allowed to serve openly in the military.

Translation? Isn’t that the point of this repeal idea?

catnip - 26 May 2010

And didn’t he tell his supporters to “make him” live up to his campaign promises – which is exactly what that protester was doing? Bloody arrogance.

Just watch – either it won’t get out of committee or the senate will punt it and then Obamalama can say he tried. Sure – just as hard as he “tried” to get the PO.

marisacat - 26 May 2010

yup… moiv has always said the catch words for his administration will be ……………..


2. marisacat - 26 May 2010

Carville let his voice begin to break while he was on GMA, ABC this am. I think he is reaching a point he may say Obby doesn’t know / have any idea how to use the power of the Pretzelness.

I am not sold on the bathos, but whatever makes it hard for Obby, works for me!

3. catnip - 26 May 2010

Cost for security for the G8 & G20 summits coming up in Canada: damn near $1 billion

Just imagine how many people that could house and feed…

The fuckers should just stay home and tele-conference.

marisacat - 26 May 2010

That does it! Anarchy is learly cheaper.

I am convinced these conflabs are little more than booty call, anyway.

marisacat - 26 May 2010

Well I can say that SF is totally snarled today and yesterday wth Ob in town…

Whta fucking mess. No flying over the city, except fr scheduled take off nd landing at SFO and OAK… the traffic on the GG BRidge is snarled, his helis await to take him ot the East Bay, where despite workers being told to stay home, he will address “the workers” getting a green facotry (Solarynda, think it is) ready to be up and working…

And so on.

About 30 or 40 motorcycle cops with his entrouage… hmm it might be 50… they just keep coming.

diane - 26 May 2010

I’m sure that $535 M DOE (Department of Energy) loan guarantee to Solyndra (apparently the first company to be offered one from DOE), was aided by the fact that management chose to swim with the sharks. If they have good intent, I sure hope it doesn’t end up with the classic Sly Con Valley outing of the original Engineers, as VC “Angels,” and Attorneys chum for more Sharks.

….The joint book-running managers of the proposed offering will be Goldman, Sachs & Co. and Morgan Stanley & Co. Incorporated….

…. Goldman, Sachs & Co. acted as exclusive financial advisor to Solyndra in connection with this loan guarantee application. ….

diane - 26 May 2010

….as VC “Angels,” and Attorneys chum for more Sharks.

And yes, generally, the very same Atturneys who the stunned Engineers hired to protect them.

diane - 26 May 2010

The San Jose Mercury (pre Dean Singleton), did an excellent series on those betrayals during the Fall of 1999 (plus or minus a year?).

diane - 26 May 2010

“heh” …..Sonsini had a day devoted to him, think I have a hardcopy floating around here somewhere, which I’ll be able to use as fuel, when only the handful are allowed to ward off the freeze (or heat, as the case may be).

marisacat - 26 May 2010

Is that Sonsini of Wilson, Sonsini?

diane - 26 May 2010

Is that Sonsini of Wilson, Sonsini?


(there’s a single yup floating on the tubes somewhere, which you can now delete when it shows up hon)

marisacat - 26 May 2010

found it floating in Spam… 😉

diane - 26 May 2010


marisacat - 26 May 2010

yeah I took note of that huge chunk fo money as well. I think the whole thing was, optically at least, a bad pick…. the place is **under construction**, looks like a prison… AND all the construction workers at the site were told to stay home iwthout pay.

He gave his speech to a select group of company dignitaries and officials. Etc.

There was a rumor, even the news channels were reporting it, that his heli would just hop over to the old NUMMI plant, it is almost right next to the Solyndra plant, but in the end he did not.

diane - 26 May 2010

He gave his speech to a select group of company dignitaries and officials. Etc.

Sounds like that invite only (I believe), incredibly expensive $Green Tech to do that Boxer held at Google about 6 months or so ago.

marisacat - 26 May 2010

They have all been like that… Dems grabbed onto ”Green” – and green washing – a few years ago, as a side show, then it got bigger. Al Gore would be the biggest piggyest poster boy for all that.

diane - 26 May 2010

Oh?…oh noesy! not OUR DEAR GOD AL
(can’t I pleeeease borrow some Huffy Post FONTs here for OUR DEAR GOD AL)


marisacat - 26 May 2010

He’s very blithe when asked about his own personal footprint. I just caught PBS happily showing him down at the Panetta Institute, a week ago, for a big Greeniw Conflab. he jsut says they buy carbon offsets.

AND he is EVEN MORE blithe when asked about being in partnership with a big local VC

and so on.

diane - 26 May 2010

Oh damn…where are my manners? …how could I forget the Hooover Institute ….cradled in between those two major arteries, as it is?????????????

Like the raspberry jam that holds the Vanilla (for the most part (on the surface veneer at least)) layers of the cake together, and sees to those DOD (Department of Defense) contributions.

And Al couldn’t help himself proclaiming to be a part of all that DOD inspired technology (while the rumor of a ‘stupid’ government was spread, and believed, High and Wide), ….he likely was.

diane - 26 May 2010

oopsers …..

Oh damn…where are my manners? ….

was meant to be an after meditation on:

”…… a big local VC…”

yup, ….with Powell in the neighboring ‘cubicle’ …….

sorry for the confusion.

diane - 26 May 2010

…… a big local VC…

yup, ….with Powell in the neighboring ‘cubicle’ when they both need be physically ‘present’ ……..(no worries, here…please,…… they both bike or take the bus ! ….and Sonsini a neighboring, parallel, major artery away, …. off of the interstate mostly travelled by the made ‘folks,’ Interstate 280.

ts - 27 May 2010

I’ve never understood why protesters waste the time and energy going out there just to get arrested. Just do a head fake, say it’s gonna be the biggest thing since Seattle, then stay home and eat Cheetos.

4. catnip - 26 May 2010


Some liberal tweeps objecting to use of term “Obamacare” by contributor to my blog. No offense was intended by her, but we will change.
about 21 hours ago via UberTwitter

marisacat - 26 May 2010

So fwagile.

5. marisacat - 26 May 2010

Our version of NY 1 out here, a sort of SF 4…. says that ‘Top Kill” is now on hold.

Maybe it always was…….. who the hell knows.

6. BooHooHooMan - 26 May 2010

via HuffPo – who DIDN”T break out the HUGE FONT for the
(kidnapper/rapist priest w dungeon in …brazil.. squeek)


Seems to me, a failure of “Top Kill” – (the linguistic expectations alone) will fuck up BP’s stock like a tire iron to face and head….brutal.
Not that time won’t do the same.. So they’re gonna need to put a bow on this re-gift quick.

Oh BP is going to get ‘Obbie stepping in”, he’s theirs afterall, such a JOKE: They’ll still run things AND have their out in court over contributory negligence while Obbie gets to play dom in the media again for a time…As grousing Blue Dogs like Astrohole – Nelson – get to go all “Houston, We got a Treehugger”.

marisacat - 26 May 2010

“Houston, We got a Treehugger”.

well, that made me laugh…

I don’t see BP doing “Top Kill” today at all, tho …………. who knows.

I cheerfully admit I got a huge kcik out of Carville (yes Snake head!) on ABC this am… and our local ABC news is playing it at the 11 am check-in.

marisacat - 26 May 2010

ooops no, Business Insider says Top Kill has begun!

They have the live stream

BooHooHooMan - 26 May 2010

Top Kill has a Live Stream…
Let’s see folks, Blotter acid or sugar cubes tonight?

BooHooHooMan - 26 May 2010

Best I could do, BP of UK orig, Ob denuded politically arriving a bit late on the well dressed green… scene, just a bit of wordplay around Nelson and shillage on the spillage, a gratuitous metaphor apropos of nothing ….thus, congruent.

BooHooHooMan - 26 May 2010

LMAO — > the Nelson pic on HuffPo FP,

Labelled BILL NELSON – huge ..

Working the easel, pointer in hand ,the close up of Nelson in
” ‘splainin it to us” mode couldn’t be more creepy…

marisacat - 26 May 2010

wanna be astronaut.

catnip - 26 May 2010

I swear that man is an alien.

7. marisacat - 26 May 2010

Whew… Marcy! Think I have mentioned Marcy Winograd before, making her third run against Jane Harmon. Waxman has sent letters to the faithful in Santa Monica and the wider district that Harmon represents saying that Marcy, who is Jewish, is bad for Israel……

via BenSmith who links back to Goldberg

MW: I appreciate Henry Waxman, the fact that he pioneered generics, that he’s concerned about the environment. However, on foreign policy we have strong differences. I would hope that all of our lawmakers would pledge allegiance to this country as the country they represent.

JG: Are you saying Waxman isn’t loyal?

MW: I don’t know. That’s a question you have to ask him.

JG: Talk about Jane Harman’s motivations. Is she in the same camp?

MW: I think she is a strong Zionist. I think she also profits off of war. She has helped build the aerospace industry’s involvement in U.S. wars. She’s a big supporter of aerospace in its present incarnation. I talk a lot about expanding aerospace into green technology.

BooHooHooMan - 26 May 2010

Yes! The Donk! Standing up for the right Loyalty Oath!

Standard exceptionalist Identity politics clusterfuck aside, not bad Marcy… for a ..

marisacat - 26 May 2010

I don’t recall that Marcy has ever gone that far…. I don’t mean in private conversation or even remarks at some gathering during the primaries she has entered against Harmon… but like here, in an interview with Jeffrey Goldberg.

BooHooHooMan - 26 May 2010

Agreed. And it all is more teapot than tempest …As any of these candidates..who, if seated, do pledge oaths…required and ritual…of office, of allegiance, defenders of Constitution, etc..
And she is no Avigdor whose oaths are floated as mandated for citizens. I see the whole wretched game as this kind of invocation.
Followed by cutting the MIC and Israel their checks.

But Marcy is another waffler

JG: What special interests is she {Harmon} in the pocket of?

MW: Wall Street, weapons manufacturers, Israel. Not Israel, but AIPAC, because it’s not necessarily the same.

JG: Did you support the original invasion?

MW: I had deep misgivings about it because it didn’t address the root causes of the problem.

JG: What are the root causes?

MW: Most of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia and were angry at the proliferation of U.S. bases and forces in Saudi Arabia, so I think there’s a great degree of pushback over the presence of U.S. troops all over the world. We have bases in three-quarters of the countries of the world. Rather than being an occupier, we should reassess our role and become a global partner.

Aside from the quick finger point to the Saudis , she offers “deep misgivings” about an invasion – psst Marcy – necessarily involving “troop presence” – when she defines the problem as such. A waffler. And her asterisk on Israel / AIPAC is laughable.
Then of course, there’s the whole Pwog / Donk duality.

You people done ruined me. 😉
I went from hawking Gore /Lieberman ……to this. 😆

marisacat - 26 May 2010

I’ve said before she always caves… I do note she seems more open to going farther. I am guessing the Waxman letter pissed her off in some way.

Well 14 of the 19 were Saudis.. and S Arabia gets all kinds of freebies and passes from America. it gets odiferous and old.

Most idfiotic thing to invade Afghanistan, to rerubble the rubble under the guise of 9/11…


so on…



catnip - 26 May 2010

I would hope that all of our lawmakers would pledge allegiance to this country as the country they represent.

I’ll save that one for the next time she posts at dkos.

marisacat - 26 May 2010

yeah I have no interest in loyalty oaths, but i am sick to fucking death of duals… not just dual US Israel… I was just reminded of it all again when the fucking right wing Catholic Polish pretzel died in that plane. So many people living here in SF and the Bay Area, Catholic Poles, flew home to vote for him, then right back here, to live.

then they all wept for the cameras when he died in the crashed plane.

lucid - 26 May 2010

Sound like my new neighborhood… Even the kids are native Polish speakers…

BooHooHooMan - 26 May 2010

All I can say is it’s a good thing the Irish never went all
bongbong and gunrunny for the old sod. 😉

marisacat - 26 May 2010

well now we have the wilted Celtic Tiger for all the effort$$$ Irish Americans (indiividually adn using the government as a front) put in there…

we build such crafty illusions. here there everywhere.

BooHooHooMan - 26 May 2010

I just want Grandma’s money back.

marisacat - 26 May 2010

I’d settle for getting Grannie back……….

Heather-Rose Ryan - 27 May 2010

I worked with people in Phila and NYC who were regular contributors to the IRA. St Paddy’s day was such a big deal to them – they’d congregate with all the political marchers, get stinking drunk, etc.

I hate the English too, but sending money to terrorists to blow people up in a place you don’t set foot in is a bit much.

marisacat - 27 May 2010

oh San Francisco was a support city during the troubles, battles.. etc. No question. From the churches to the bars.

Never could stand St Patty’s Day… just too awful.

diane - 26 May 2010

I have to say that if I lived in her district, I might vote for Marcy, if not just to put Jane out of office.

HR1955, actually, was the “Treason” so many politicians are using as their psychopathic reason to destroy citizens with, in my book………

marisacat - 26 May 2010

She came closer this year in the vote count at the Cal Democratic convention than ever before, iirc what I read, John Burton (the embodiment of sleeze) used some procedural motion ot knock her out. I think they felt a chill wind.

Madman in the Marketplace - 26 May 2010

that’s the only way to do it, keep coming back for more, and even then it’s pretty unlikely. Good on her for trying, I guess. Frankly, that party would rather destroy itself than reform.

marisacat - 26 May 2010

Yeah I am not saying it is anything other than fruitless… plus over the years, very evident at least some of these slow cavers, do it for the attention.


8. BooHooHooMan - 26 May 2010

‘Millions’ of Frogs Force Closure of Highway in Greece

Coming up –
Goldman Sachs to unveil Apocalypse Futures in trading portfolio..

9. catnip - 26 May 2010

Obamalama’s fundraising speech:

“No one is more upset than me.” (about the BP spill)

“People weren’t paying attention to me when I said change is hard.”

Now, who does that sound like…?

“It’s hard werk.”

“No one suffers more than the president and I.” (Iraq war)


And, of course, Obamalama was so “upset” that he went on to crack a few jokes…

Again, sound familiar?

10. catnip - 26 May 2010

Senate Republicans Seek Special Prosecutor for Sestak Job Claim


Sestak admitted he was offered a job by the admin but wouldn’t say what it was.

11. catnip - 26 May 2010

mcat – since you mentioned storing bottled water…I thought this would interest you:

“My understanding is that heterotrophic plate count [bacterial level] is not pathogenic and does not pose a health risk,” Elizabeth Griswold told CBC News.

She said bottled water is tested within 24 hours of the bottling process and the bacterial count is always below the 500 cfu/ml standard set in the United States.

But Goss pointed out bottled water does not contain chlorine, so bacteria in the water when it’s bottled can reproduce later.

“If they’re sitting around for a long time, it can build up fairly quickly,” he said.

marisacat - 26 May 2010

oh yes You have to replace it roughly every year…. which I do try to do, use it up somehow or other and buy new….

12. marisacat - 26 May 2010

Ha hahahahah… Yesterday the Obama-ites said that shutting the Solyndra plant to the construction workers was the idea of Solyndra… but the construction site manager – a company – says it was a Secret Service decision.


GOOD LUCK, with the riser in the Gulf too.

13. Madman in the Marketplace - 26 May 2010

which may take 48 hours to be completed

Hmmmm, so it will be finished late Friday afternoon on a holiday weekend … interesting timing.

marisacat - 26 May 2010

the day Obby is doing a wheels down, on his way to Chicago………………………….

like everything else, it feels managed to death.

14. lucid - 26 May 2010

The kitties are hot… fortunately, my brother is coming to town this weekend with his car and is willing to cart me to Home Depot to get an AC and other various and sundries…

marisacat - 26 May 2010

oh kitties hate being hot…… one of the few things you can do for them is wash their toe pads with cool water…

Or in fact bathe them… they can cool off in a sudsy bath then walk around and air dry…

catnip - 26 May 2010

Kitty baths are fun – if they cooperate.

In the forecast here: possible snow on Friday.


And no, I haven’t actually planted my garden yet.

diane - 26 May 2010

I lucked out on a petite sweetness, that while she doesn’t trust anyone, and is able to mimic a doberman at a barely discernable, low, low volume, rumbling grrrrrrrrrrrrrr, …….loves that water bath…….

you’d likely love her, Marisa………


marisacat - 26 May 2010

oh she sounds wonderful! Is she a mix of some sort?

diane - 26 May 2010

well, …. Missy thing never said, hon ( ;0) ) if I had to guess, I might say some siamese, a whole lot of feral regality …and a sweet reminder of childhood kitties I loved thoroughly, even hummed to, to entice from out from under that porch, and avoid being scratched the shit out of,….. black and white she is, ……. on the surface…… with that wonderful, almost hairless thang goin on, about the ears, where she, of course, adores being scritched,………

at her core, undescribable …….


marisacat - 27 May 2010

oh I thought you meant she was a dog… I see she is a cat…….. 😉

diane - 27 May 2010

well, not sure what she considers herself anymore, though, in appearance, she looks exactly like a beautiful, petite, harmless cat (who delights, and is none too shy in, ….. in rubbing up against legs, and particularly, feeetsies),…..despite the Freddy Kruger claws, ….. which she has quite the talent with ……

I have to beg people to admire her from a distance, ….while she’s never bit anyone, she packs a rather mean claw.

15. lucid - 26 May 2010

Being on the first floor, the floor actually stays cool… just the air [and it’s cooler in here than outside].

lucid - 26 May 2010

my socks are off too just to get the cool from the floor…

marisacat - 26 May 2010

Do you have a ceiling light wehre you could install a ceiling fan? I find those very helpful.. standing fans too… Little clip on fans as well.

lucid - 26 May 2010

yeah… renter… already dumped too much money into previous landlords property…

marisacat - 26 May 2010

oh I understand that… I did nto think ceiling fans were a big investment tho…

16. lucid - 26 May 2010

btw… amid the turmoil, I’m recording the first album by my new project, The Sometime Boys. It’s a mix of piedmont blues, americana, nick drake and jazz pop. All acoustic, except for one guitar solo [on a jazz box]. Very excited. I think this is some of the best stuff I’ve done.

marisacat - 26 May 2010

oh I look forward to it!

catnip - 26 May 2010

Me too – sounds interesting.

17. catnip - 26 May 2010

Holy crap – heat wave in Pakistan. One place was 53C.

I think you can cook an egg in your navel when it’s that hot.

marisacat - 26 May 2010

soap bars melt.

catnip - 26 May 2010

How about drones?

18. BooHooHooMan - 26 May 2010

No Matter! The whole Winograd Harman Waxman Triangle!
Every Pwogwessive Democratic Jew in the Blogosphere is in this diary!

Major P. R. blowout at White House. Should Emanuel go?

LOL. ( Noting Obbie adrift with BP)

And this , if true, and while it lasts , is DELISH. Just DELISH.

Rahm Emanuel is currently in Israel (0+ / 0-)

for his son’s Bar Mitzvah. He is also doing some lobbying of the Israeli government while he is there.

by charliehall2 on Wed May 26, 2010 at 08:34:17 PM PDT

Which IS TRUE!
Oh Snicker Snax Lord of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob!

Rahm Emanuel here for son’s bar mitzva
05/23/2010 05:25

White House Chief of Staff likely to meet Netanyahu, Peres.

Rahm’s there ALL WEEK.. And the Bar Mitzvah?
Haaretz reports talk of doin it at The WESTERN WALL.

Although the visit has been defined as “private,” Israeli media reported Sunday that Emmanuel, the adviser closest to President Barack Obama, was due to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Shimon Peres, and Defence Minister Ehud Barak.

The bar mitzvah ceremony will be held later this week in Jerusalem, but it was unclear Sunday whether it would take place at the Western Wall, a remnant of the Biblical Temple which is Judaism’s holiest prayer site in use.

So – LMAO – don’t blame RAHM for OB’s fucked up Political Bungling!
😆 😆 😆

marisacat - 26 May 2010

why are people whupset? Or is this the “Israelis fed Rahm shellfish” story?

Gah… so I hafta to go read the diary?

I need pain meds. (for the diary)

Western wall… well when Superman went to the WW there was a contingent of what can only be called State Thugs clearing the way for him (and his wheelchair and wif and son). Think what they will do for Rahm, son of a Terrist Freedom Fighter for the State of Israel.


BooHooHooMan - 26 May 2010

Different bickering, but Google clued , I missed that, the Ben Smith.. on the shellfish…the gush reiterated by Benny boy from from the restaurant is copious…

The restaurant’s staff said afterwards that the family tasted everything: fish seviche, calamari, selected fish from the sea, salads and hamburgers. “Rahm Emanuel is the most cordial man who ever visited this restaurant,” chef Tal Cohen said of his guest. “I have prepared hundreds of events in Israel and in the United States, and I have never met a man of his status who never stopped smiling, said thank you a thousand times for every portion that he ate, agreed to be photographed and smiled at every flash of the camera.”

….and the comments there are quite amusing as well…


Those thugs at AIPAC will never change. Have a great trip with your son who will be coming back as a man, this is a proud moment for any father.
Posted By: LMAO | May 25, 2010 at 10:22 AM

tho another guy called out Ben on (and with)..the homoeroticism..

Gee, Ben, it sounds like you are unhappy you weren’t there to kiss him when he came out of the water. Get off your knees, Ben, it is unbecomming.
Posted By: Seatalker | May 25, 2010 at 12:56 PM

Why not? What the hell- we are so stuck anyways.

BooHooHooMan - 26 May 2010

At least the Congress Critters can get a nice quiet shower on
the Hill thru next week without worrying about Rahm’s naked ass goin all
cock swashbuckley on them. 😆

19. marisacat - 26 May 2010

What a relief! Some real tangible support for the Pretzel:

Kerry backs president on handling of Gulf spill – Boston Globe

What to order first? Funeral lillies or masses of popcorn?

20. marisacat - 26 May 2010



………………… 8)

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