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Peek 4 June 2010

Posted by marisacat in California / Pacific Coast, Divertissements, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

Burrowing owl siblings peek out from their nest at Green Tree Golf Club in Vacaville, California

Burrowing owl siblings peek out from their nest at Green Tree Golf Club in Vacaville, California [AP]

Pour s’amuser… after all it is Friday.

However bad your day is, he will be massively snarling traffic in two different parts of the country. On a Friday…

Politico’s Whiteboard:

KEEP ON TRUCKIN’: President Obama and Vice President Biden head to the K. Neal International truck dealership Friday morning for a tour of the facility that coincides with the release of the latest monthly employment numbers. Obama will comment on the jobs report after the tour.

AND – BACK TO THE SCENE: Obama travels in the afternoon to Louisiana, where he’ll meet with Adm. Thad Allen and local officials about the BP oil leak there, and tour communities affected by the disaster.


Balz has a pretty predictable piece up on how the administration feels the pressure of their fuck-ups. 

Please pass them the hankies.  And the spinach.

At the close:

Another Democratic strategist, who also spoke on the condition of anonymity to offer an analysis of White House operations, said Obama’s top advisers appear most focused on protecting his standing and his reelection prospects.

“At the end of the day, they tend to ‘half do’ on problems they believe aren’t directly about the president and/or 2012,” the strategist said.

“In short, they are ambivalent about dealing with these things and it gets them into trouble.”

That may very well fail.   Especially as over and over they miss the big things (what’s a little oil between friends?) and trip on live wires …

Good luck.


PS:    just saw this in the Mike Allen Playbook:

BUSINESS WEEK cover — ‘Engulfed’ — shows an unsmiling Obama being blotted out by an oil slick.



1. marisacat - 4 June 2010

UK Telegraph

Pro-Palestinian campaigners behind the latest seaborne attempt to break the blockade on the Hamas-controlled enclave said that they had lost all contact with the vessel.

The Free Gaza Movement said that it assumed Israel must have sabotaged systems on board the ship, whose passengers include a Nobel Peace Prize winner and a former UN assistant secretary-general.

As a result they plan to pull it back to port and pack it with celebrities and journalists, in a direct challenge to Israel. snip

2. marisacat - 4 June 2010

Well… so says CSM

‘Top cap’ on BP oil spill not tight enough as crude keeps spewing

Undersea video coverage Thursday night showed engineers lowering a ‘top cap’ over a severed riser pipe at the bottom of the Gulf to contain BP oil spill. The company hopes to contain 90 percent of the geyser.

marisacat - 4 June 2010

well… it might be doing something… they say.

3. diane - 4 June 2010

I hadn’t known that Robert Scheer’s columns were dropped from the San Francisco Chronicle for his criticism of Israel (though I can’t say that I’m surprised):

….The last time I wrote about Israel and Gaza, the San Francisco Chronicle suddenly decided to stop running my weekly column. No great hardship — I have other outlets — but I would be lying if I denied the apprehension I feel every time I dare write critically about Israel and brace myself for the charge that I am yet another “self-hating Jew.” A charge certain to be leveled against even Hedy Epstein, the 85-year-old Holocaust survivor who at last report was attempting to board yet another aid boat, the Rachel Corrie, named after a heroic American protester who was bulldozed to death by Israelis in 2003. ….

marisacat - 4 June 2010

significant jewish population here…

We are on Elie Wiesel’s cash collection tour, I think he comes here 3 x a year. At least.

4. marisacat - 4 June 2010

From a comment at Sky Truth (I put in the graph breaks)

In the ongoing wildlife response, as an example, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the “all-hands-on-deck” approach is not to ensure that as many animals injured by this catastrophe are rescued and that the killed are accounted for and an accurate assessment of damages is made.

Instead what we see is a monolithic efffort to portray the response in one particular manner, the ‘official’ Deepwater Horizon Response…

According to IBRRC personnel, the Unified Command (USCG/USFWS/BP) has ordered that no participating organizations post statistics of the response (live and dead animals recovered)on their own websites, etc, but rather direct their readers to the official response website…indicative and symptomatic of the intense control that industry works very hard to maintain.

diane - 4 June 2010


catnip - 4 June 2010

Pravda USA

marisacat - 4 June 2010

We are the new sovietischers! And proud of it!

Madman in the Marketplace - 4 June 2010

“we don’t do body counts”

I could post that almost everyday.

marisacat - 4 June 2010

We had to destroy the Gulf to save it for oil drilling.

5. diane - 4 June 2010

What about the Turkish charity’s alleged links to terrorists?
by Koray Caliskan on June 4, 2010

”The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has repeatedly argued that the Turkish Islamic Charity IHH that owned the ship Blue Marmara has been linked to various networks of terror. Many journalists reiterated the claim; at times referring to former French judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere’s statements about the links between IHH and Al Qaeda.

Previously, Judge Brugiere had reached erroneous judgements that attracted critique from both the left and right establishment of France, a position difficult to reach. In his controversial report that came out in 2006, he accused politicians in Burundi for acts of terror by consulting only two sources, who were established political enemies of the man the judge accused. Both Liberation and Le Figaro, the ideological poles that are hard to bring together, had joined forces to discredit the judge’s previous accusations of terror.

This time by consulting no source at all, Mr. Brugiere points a finger at another alleged source of terror, IHH. According to the former judge, now a professional politician who has ran for office with Sarkozy’s conservative coalition, the Islamic charity is linked to networks of terror. He is wrong, again. This time for three solid reasons:

First, IHH e.v has also been active in Germany, which ran a thorough investigation of all Islamic charity networks in Germany, including IHH. Despite great effort and careful research supported by Turkish government, no link to any organization that even ideologically supports forms of active resistance of any sort was found. The organization is pacifist, denying employment to any one who embraces even symbolic violence.

Second, IHH is closer to Saadet Party, the political enemy of the ruling AKP and a party closer to the ideology of Christian Democrats in Germany and other parts of Europe. ….

Third, the ultra-secular establishment of Turkey loathes any form of political Islamic organization, including IHH. ….


bolding mine.

6. diane - 4 June 2010

Israel | 43 years of occupation
Promised Land
news and opinion from Israel
June 4th, 2010

Flotilla dominating the protest as Palestinians and Israelis mark 43 years of Israeli control over the West Bank and Gaza. Plus, one clip Israel wants the world to see, and one it doesn’t

Palestinians and Israelis marked today 43 years of occupation in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The main rally today was near road 443, the Jerusalem-bound highway which goes through the West Bank and only a few Palestinians are allowed to travel on. Protesters wore T-shirts supporting the Gaza flotilla; the army used tear gas against them.

I was in Nebi Saleh, where the army arrested Ben Gurion University professor of Chemistry Eyal Nir (pictures below), and shot tear gas at protesters. Nir was taken into an army jeep for insulting a soldier.


The Palestinians of Nebi Saleh try to regain access to a tiny pond that was taken over by settlers from the nearby Halamish settlement. As usual, the weekly demonstration started with a march toward the pond, which was stopped on the village’s main street by the Army. Then came some stone-throwing by several of the Palestinians, to which the soldiers responded with tear gas.

One thing that is worth noting is that the soldiers in Nabi Saleh fire the tear gas directly at the protesters (as can be seen here), and not in an arch, like army orders’ demand. Earlier this week, in a small demonstration against the raid on the Mavi Marmara, an American named Emily Henochowicz was hit in her eye from such a shot.

Here is a video of Emily being shot. I don’t often post such graphic images, but this week the IDF used every clip they could put their hands on to portray the soldiers who took over the Mavi Marmara as victims, so I think we need to put some things in perspective (shooting at 1:10 min. h/t: The Lede).

Later in the afternoon some 300 Israelis gathered in Sheikh Jarrah for the weekly protest. A coalition of leftwing organizations is planning an anti-occupation march tomorrow in Tel Aviv, and there are rumors that rightwing activist will try to confront it.

read more [flotilla news and video]

bolding mine,

(trying again on this post, I think there may have been some html coding that caused problems the first time I tried to post it)

diane - 4 June 2010

(I recommend clicking this link to read/view the post in full, well worth it)

diane - 4 June 2010

very sorry, ….I really should have highlighted this:

” I was in Nebi Saleh, where the army arrested Ben Gurion University professor of Chemistry Eyal Nir (pictures below), and shot tear gas at protesters. Nir was taken into an army jeep for insulting a soldier.”

diane - 4 June 2010

and this:

” The main rally today was near road 443, the Jerusalem-bound highway which goes through the West Bank and only a few Palestinians are allowed to travel on. “

How many roads aren’t you allowed to travel on, with no proven crimes to your names , Joey Biden? ….. Obooyah?

(oopsy …well, the crimes part remains to be proven or not, doesn’t it? talkin …bout …younz, in DC …to clarify)

diane - 4 June 2010

swampus de rattus’ ?

is that the correct pluralization?

so sorry if it ain’t.

diane - 4 June 2010

gutless beasts?

diane - 4 June 2010

How could you? …

how could you, do what you are doing?

who …….are “you” ?

do you know?


7. marisacat - 4 June 2010


Panel of experts recommends continued use of oil dispersant

By The Associated Press
June 04, 2010, 2:09PM

BP PLC / The Associated

A federal panel of about 50 experts is recommending the continued use of chemical dispersants to break up the Gulf oil spill, despite its harm to plankton, larvae and fish.

Panel member Ron Tjeerdema said Friday the panelists decided that the animals harmed by the chemicals underwater had a better chance of rebounding quickly than birds and mammals on the shoreline.

Tjeerdema is chairman of the Department of Environmental Toxicology at the University of California, Davis.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration asked for the panel to be assembeld to provide the federal government and BP with guidance on whether the use of the controversial dispersants should be continued.

Officials have released nearly 1.8 million gallons of chemicals on and in the water since the April 20 blowout.

Full text, AP via Times-Picayune

diane - 4 June 2010

culture of death …and hatred………

8. diane - 4 June 2010

How Israeli propaganda shaped U.S. media coverage of the flotilla attack


But now that the passengers and journalists have been released from Israeli detention and are speaking out, a much different story is emerging. As I noted yesterday, numerous witnesses and journalists are describing Israeli acts of aggression, including the shooting of live ammunition, before the commandos landed. The New York Times blogger Robert Mackey today commendably compiles that evidence — I recommend it highly — and he writes: “now that the accounts of activists and journalists who were detained by Israel after the raid are starting to be heard, it is clear that their stories and that of the Israeli military do not match in many ways.” As Juan Cole says: “Many passengers have now confirmed that they were fired on even before the commandos had boots on the deck. Presumably it is this suppressive fire that killed or wounded some passengers and which provoked an angry reaction and an attack on the commandos.” ”

marisacat - 4 June 2010

autopsy has determined at least some head wounds are shot from above. They were shot as the commandos repelled down, or shot from the hellicopter..

diane - 4 June 2010

Is that what the autopsy for the young Turkish American man determined, do you know? I read he was shot in the forehead, though it didn’t say from what angle, and I’ve been imagining he was shot from above.

If so, what kind of monster shoots a teenager, let alone a defenseless adult, like that.

marisacat - 4 June 2010

I don’t know if that determination was made for him… But I am certain the Turkish press would be following his details…. he has a fther and brother there too…

9. diane - 4 June 2010

Please pass them the hankies. And the spinach.

But please don’t pass them any broccoli, or other Cruciferae Family member, there’s already a red alert on the DC methaneometer…….. jus ‘slightly’….out of balance, …..the shit is………..

diane - 4 June 2010

and most certainly,

those maggots are crawling all over those innocuous ‘taters’ …………..and raising a stench above all stenches.

10. catnip - 4 June 2010

Garden accomplished!

Now to plant some flowers tomorrow that I will most likely kill anyway…

diane - 4 June 2010

just don’t flood it or over fertilize, and you should be okay, particularly, never put cow shit on growing plants, though horse shit, can be kind of worked in a few inches away from the green.

catnip - 4 June 2010

I put well-rotted cow shit in the soil a few weeks ago before our last snowstorm and endless torrents of rain. I had to add something because it was freshly tilled in a grassy area and the underground water in these parts isn’t good so bare soil would have been a lousy growing medium. Too many sulfates or something. I also added peat moss. If anything grows, I’ll be happy. Of course, it’ll likely be hailed out in July. (deep breath) Just enjoy the process. Right?

diane - 4 June 2010

Cow shit should be allowed to ‘mellow’ before even planting seed. Though that doesn’t necessarily mean your seeds won’t sprout if you didn’t wait, so don’t throw in the towel, if you didn’t wait.

I should’ve added the horse shit should sit for awhile (at least until it’s no longer greenish colored), before it’s dug in.

Will be back with some more thoughts, for whatever they’re worth (though I will say, I’ve had some luck with growing from seed),

catnip - 4 June 2010

Well, I imagine it “mellowed” at the farm I got it from since they buy cows in the spring and then sell them off each fall (ergo – last year’s cow manure, I would guess – although I could check on that). It looked fairly composted and was easy to spread around. (no big lumps of fresh-looking poop!)

I was going to buy some of this stuff instead of peat moss but couldn’t afford it for the amount of space I have to cover. I didn’t know there was an environmental issue with peat bog harvesting until I saw that stuff in the garden store.

catnip - 4 June 2010

Interesting discussion in the comments here.

I picked up mushroom manure from a local mushroom plant one year. I think a truckload was $5 – self-load. Maybe next year again…but it’s back-breaking having to shovel all of that. My landlord got the cow shit for me from his brother’s farm.

diane - 4 June 2010

If the ground you’re planting in is in a rural area, where the topsoil hasn’t been removed (usually for development purposes), and has not been heavily planted for some time, particularly if it’s been totally fallow, with leaves, etc, allowed to sit, you may not have to add much in the way of fertilizer, or other amendments, to the soil for plants that do well in your area.

Dependent on the area, the soil generally leans towards being more alkaline or acid, in varying degrees. Since acid loving blueberries are so commonly grown in Canada, Oregon, and Washington, all of which have generally acidy soils, your soil may lean towards acidity, in which case, you may not need to spend the money adding peat moss type, acidy ‘amendments’ to grow plants that do well in your area.

Outside of sun and water, plants generally need Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K) (if you buy store bought ‘complete’ fertilizers, those nutrient percentages will generally be listed on the container, in that order, N, P, then K), with nitrogen being predominant for plants that require a more acid soil, these can generally be provided by a good compost, and organic fertilizers.

Some animal fertilizers are stronger than others, even when somewhat aged, and should generally be worked into the soil first and allowed to mellow for at least a week, or two, such as (in descending order of strength) cow, chicken and fish fertilizers (not sure how strong goat shit is, though I’m sure it’s a decent fetilizer).

Many flowering plants, and most vegetables/fruit, need at least noon to late afternoon (western exposure) sun to blossom well and fruit.

If you’re planting seed and not sure whether it’s too early or not, you can cut a plastic container in half and push the end with the lid (leave the lid off, for air) into the ground over the planted seed, creating a mini conservatory, which will also ward off snails, etc.. When the weather is okay, and the seedling is grown enough to take off the lid, take it off when as the sun is setting, so it can acclimate easier.

Some plants, won’t do well, no matter how well you look after them, in the climate and soil particular to your area.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz catnip? catnip? wake up …sorry, I got carried away………..

catnip - 4 June 2010


The local greenhouse lady told me I need to add potassium for the soil around here so I’ll get some fertilizer with that.

Don’t need mini-conservatories because I don’t have snails. Not sure if there are slugs but I can put something out to catch them if there are.

The garden is full sun.

The area was lawn so there’s no buildup of leaves etc. It’s going to be a bitch to keep clean but I just couldn’t be bothered to lay down newspaper or landscaping fabric so I’ll deal with that.

I’ve used sheep manure in the city before for flowers and they did okay.

I appreciate all of your knowledge! I spend a lot of time asking the greenhouse people questions too so that helps. I should have been better prepared but this area is new to me and I was anxious to finally get stuff planted because of the short growing season so I’ll see how it does. Will post some pics as things start coming up.

marisacat - 4 June 2010

I’ll be interested to know what works for slugs… thankfully I don’t get them anymore (and i don’t know why not, just pathetically grateful!) but short of coating everything in copper sheeting… only collecting them and throwing them away worked.

catnip - 4 June 2010

I’ve never had a problem with them but I’ve read that you can attract them with beer in a container.

marisacat - 4 June 2010

did not work for me…………….. I never had the heart to pour salt on them, it was less awful for me to collect them into a plastic baggie and throw out…

diane - 4 June 2010

would love to assist, but, like you never had the heart to kill em, though I did set out a container of beer once, which hopefully they were to drunk to realize was goin on, cuz it worked, maybe you used the wrong beer?

diane - 4 June 2010

Sounds like it’ll end up fine! If you start a compost pile, banana peels are good for the potassium.

catnip - 4 June 2010

I;d like to get a compost bin. That’s on my list.

diane - 4 June 2010

actually, you can do it just piling it, and ‘turning’ it occasionally, though a bin can ease the process.

catnip - 4 June 2010

I won’t put cow shit in the flowers though. I picked up some good soil for my planters today. Handy to have a local, rural, home-business type greenhouse about a mile away as the crow flies.

catnip - 4 June 2010

Of course, now I’m broke and will be eating Kraft dinner for the rest of the month… 😉

11. marisacat - 4 June 2010

BTW, amazingly, according to CBS news the pelican whose picture I used back in Airborne No More, was picked up and will be cleaned and released in Florida.

The photos around the past 2, 3 days of mud trapped birds were taken by a photog, Charlie Riedel of AP…

diane - 4 June 2010

thank you for that, made my evening!

Madman in the Marketplace - 4 June 2010

oh, that’s good.

the topic of those pictures came up at work today and one of my coworkers, a nice lefty woman who volunteers for a lot of stuff, burst into tears.

marisacat - 4 June 2010

CBS was at great pains tonight to say that there is active bird collection and
‘their man in the gulf” called in the coordinates for three struggling pelicans on the water, mired in oil…. got an email response and that 2 were collected.

THEN I saw why… the protests in NO are using the Riedel (and others too) photos of mired and dying pelicans at their protests… Blown up and attached to sticks… some of the most dramatic pictures riding up at the top, over their protest signs. It was VERY effective. Visually anyway.

Then again, oil was spotted very early am on Pensacola beach and hours and hours went by iwth no clean up…. volunteers yes, but no crews.

What a struggle stretches out for years.

Madman in the Marketplace - 4 June 2010

I think it was on Maddow last night that someone said they’re worried that someone will get a picture like that of a dead/dying porpoise or turtle covered in oil, using cops to chase off people with cameras from the shore.

marisacat - 4 June 2010

this will go on long enough that it will happen…

There are already stories that BP is hiding evidence of the dead turtles, more than just the one by ones that washed up very quickly at Pas Christiane back at the beginining… hiding photos of dolphins too. I am sure Manatees as well… dugongs… and so on.

12. marisacat - 4 June 2010

oh god… Brooksie… “a bad ambiance” even with the capping of the monster.

bad ambiance.

Do these men line up at the urinals just the same as other men?

Who are these dipshits?

13. catnip - 4 June 2010

Just learned how to drive the riding mower. I am Outdoor Woman!

marisacat - 4 June 2010

Take photos … capture the moment!!

catnip - 4 June 2010

I don’t think I can click and drive at the same time but I’ll try. 🙂

diane - 4 June 2010

careful now….

you just reminded me of using a manual (“reel”) mower down a steep slope, it was fricken hilarious, and I laughed my ass off as I ended up in a heap, with the rascal mower about 30 feet beyond me, after I slipped …whooopsey, fool! ….though I was pretty pleased that my feet were still there ………….

marisacat - 4 June 2010

oh I thought maybe your landlord would oblige!


catnip - 4 June 2010

It’s flat land here, thankfully. The most fun I had was on the acreage I lived on before when I got to drive a really old Massey Ferguson tractor to clear the snow from the long driveway. Yup. Those were the days.

catnip - 4 June 2010

I’ll think about it. 😉

Madman in the Marketplace - 4 June 2010

of course, now you need to soup it up!

catnip - 4 June 2010

lol… I don’t quite have a death wish.

14. marisacat - 4 June 2010

Poor Helen… Now she has The Weekly Standard and Fox News after her…

Madman in the Marketplace - 4 June 2010

screw them, she’s right.

marisacat - 4 June 2010

They themselves actively considered Uganda…

diane - 4 June 2010

she’s sure correct as to who should leave, if someone should leave ..

15. marisacat - 4 June 2010

Business Insider boychicks’ take on why the markets tanked today………………..

catnip - 4 June 2010

There’s still virtually no private sector job creation. By all accounts, the jobs recovery seems to have plateaued.

That’s what I heard CNN’s Ali Velshi (sp?) talking about today – only 41,000 private sector jobs. The rest were gov’t (census etc.) A big nosedive from last month. Looks like next month’s numbers will be even worse, right? With all of the people newly unemployed in the gulf area?

Madman in the Marketplace - 4 June 2010

jobs is jobs, at this fucking point.

16. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 June 2010
17. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 June 2010

Just … wow [link fixed – Mcat]

“We Are The World” viral parody from Israelis who support military’s stance on flotilla fiasco

The Awl points to this “We Are The World” internet video parody from Jerusalem Post columnist Caroline Glick and friends who support the Israeli government’s stance on the flotilla fiasco. Even setting politics aside, it is to squirm.

Flotilla Choir presents: We Con the World (YouTube, via The Awl)

marisacat - 4 June 2010

is that the right link? It is an Mcat comment link, to your comment linking BP Spill Plan

Madman in the Marketplace - 4 June 2010
18. catnip - 4 June 2010
diane - 4 June 2010

The link has been updated to:

Activists deny Israel navy boarded Gaza bound aid ship ‘Rachel Corrie’
Spokesman for Cyprus-based Free Gaza group says IDF ships have intercepted the aid ship and have not boarded it, contrary to an earlier Twitter report.

The Israeli navy intercepted and was shadowing an Irish-owned aid ship bound for Gaza on Saturday, but a spokeswoman for the activists aboard said an earlier report that troops were aboard the vessel was wrong.

They have not been boarded. They are being followed,” said Greta Berlin of the Free Gaza movement, who added that contact with those aboard the Rachel Corrie was intermittent. The group had based its earlier statement about a boarding on an unconfirmed report from an Israeli radio station, Berlin said.

Al Jazeera television quoted a journalist aboard the vessel saying: “We can see some Israeli ships a little away from us.

“They are following us. There has been no contact.”

An Israeli military spokeswoman said she had no information.
The clarification came after conflicting reports emerged early on Saturday morning over whether Israel had boarded a Gaza-bound aid ship, which by the early hours was just a few dozen miles from the blockaded Gaza strip.

The Cyprus-based Free Gaza group used micro-blogging website Twitter to announce that troops from three three Israeli naval boats, which had been tailing the ship, had boarded peacefully at 5:50 A.M. Israel time, with no struggle or injuries.

The Reuters news agency also reported that the ship had been siezed – but later said that activists on board had denied having any direct contact with the Israeli navy, claiming at around at 6:30 A.M that they were still being shadowed.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said she had no information. Israel had said it would not let the ship through.


19. catnip - 4 June 2010
20. catnip - 4 June 2010

Dateline’s special is on here now.

marisacat - 4 June 2010

I did not realise it was on the Gulf, I turned it on…

catnip - 4 June 2010

Hmmm…lost the satellite feed when Browner was being interviewed.

marisacat - 4 June 2010

she said what she has ben sayng for days. We were on thsi from Day One. Then, utter faith that with two relief wells this will end. But then, IF we need it BP will be forced to drill a third.

She looks and acts wiped out. And she is Point Woman!! 😳

21. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 June 2010

Prescott, Arizona mural altered to lighten children’s skin tone

This mural is painted on the side of an elementary school in Prescott, Arizona. Recently completed, it features the faces of children who attend the school, but not everyone is pleased with the outcome.

Prescott City Councilman Steve Blair, who also has a daily radio show on Fox News-owned radio station KYCA-1490-AM wants the mural taken down completely. He claims it depicts an agenda, an indoctrination of public school children. Somehow I do not think this has much to do with indoctrination nor do I think he really cares much about public schools. Especially public schools with brown children in them.

Instead of removing it, the school principal asked the artists to lighten the faces of the children in the picture. This request follows harassment of those same artists by drive-by wingers flinging racial epithets at them while they were painting it. Welcome to Arizona.

Lighten the skin tone on the faces of the children in the picture, because we cannot have brown children representing the children of Prescott.

Madman in the Marketplace - 4 June 2010

from a Wonkette piece about it:

Remember where you were, when you could still laugh about teabaggers and racists and Arizonans, because funny time is almost over. If the unemployment keeps up — one in five adult white males has no job and will never have a job again — and people keep walking away from their stucco heaps they can’t afford and the states and cities and counties and towns keep passing their aggressive racist laws to rile up the trash even more, shit’s going to very soon become very bad, and whether it’s the National Guard having wars in the Sunbelt Exurbs against armies of crazy old white people who are finally using their hundreds of millions of guns, or whole Latino neighborhoods burned to the ground the way the Klan used to burn down black neighborhoods a century ago, we are in for a long dark night and no light-colored paint is going to fix that. [AZCentral via Wonkette operative AZW88]

marisacat - 4 June 2010

I think it has already started… and now millions out of work on the Gulf….

I never saw some great racial healing, of any kind, due to come our way by electing Obby. It seemed tailor made to make things worse, or start the hideous pus running from the suppurating wounds…

I hear that Paul McCartney in his great knowledge of the US and its people, made some smarmy remark about how at least now the pretzel is one who knows what a library is.

I am so sick and tired of what passes for the opposition (don’t make me laugh too hard, now) to the most malevolent forces in the country.

22. marisacat - 4 June 2010



…………………… 😯

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