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Day 53 10 June 2010

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, Culture of Death, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Lie Down Fall Down Dems, The Battle for New Orleans.

An oiled White Ibis, right, is seen with a clean bird at an unnamed island in Barataria Bay off the coast of Louisiana Tuesday, June 8, 2010. The bird was oiled by the Deepwater Horizon spill in the gulf of Mexico [AP]

As though they flew to us, right off an Eqyptian wall painting.


Plant triage, of a sort…  Or, how’s that time line of third year ”bounce back” working? 

Maybe LSU (which has significant BP funding, btw) can start some quick work ups on oil resistant icebergs.

I’d say not working:

[W]e have a spectrum of things that are all the way from very resistant to very vulnerable,” he said.

Scientists are hoping to locate oil-resistant clumps of vegetation that they could divide and then re-divide, until they have enough to begin replanting along the coast.

“We are going to visually and hand-select the plants that are still living and show some viability, when all of their peers have died,” Gaude said.

However, developing any vegetation resistant to the oil spill is still in its very early stages. It is a complicated process that could take years to develop.

“What the oil is going to do when it gets into these shallow marshes, it’s going to deplete the oxygen from the water, which will probably kill a lot of fish as well,” said Herdis Neil, owner of T-Beb Wetland Nursery in Montegut.

His business is part nursery, part science lab. Large pots are sit with grasses soaking in oil, that was pulled from the Gulf of Mexico spill. Neil has worked with the LSU AgCenter on past projects and is now working with a Gretna-based company to develop a compound, which could minimize the impact of oil by helping in the marshes process more oxygen.

“We’re going to lose the Louisiana coast,” Neil said. “We’re losing it to saltwater now and [the oil spill] is just going to make it happen a lot faster.”

Meanwhile, the LSU AgCenter is hoping to fully identify which vegetation appears to be the most oil-resistant by next spring.

I especially like the single comment to the article:

geno3124 said on June 9, 2010 at 6:34 PM

 How about inventing some oil resistant polititions




1. marisacat - 10 June 2010

Well… here is some twisted 😈 cheer…

remember there are idiots who bought BP at 50… because it would [cough choke strangle] “bounce back’.

Yesterday it hit 29, lowest point in 16 years and now there is open talk of BP going bankrupt.

BooHooHooMan - 10 June 2010

A damn fine job, men! I support it! 😆

And, wait till it takes down the AIG Enviro Catastro Insurance spinoff located down in the BVI? Bahamas? Caymans? Somewhere between Haiti and the land of glOB. Whose execs walked off with plum, license to print money accounts on “never gonna happen” disasters. A couple of EVPs at AIG got that cash cow, slapped a new name on it, you know something like The Rock HardOn Group .

Speaking of Haiti , the land of glOB and floundering hard-ons, good thing Clinton went down there, and Rendell, and, and..etc. Now that every jackass with a chartered jet and an entourage saved Haiti, they’re free to turn their charms on the gulf.

My neighbor? The Lib Dem BP stakeholder? He told one of the other neighborhood rounders that he’s shitting bricks right now. I’m hoping he comes back around so I can tell him to take some more oil in his diet, maybe pick some up at, well ~ {blink blink}
… one of the BP convenience stores

Heading out.

marisacat - 10 June 2010

tha gave me a laugh in between doing laundry…………. [gah]

Yes advise him to stock up on BP products, help a brother out. Hopefully he fills his car at a BP franchise? he should!!

Poor Haiti vanishingly small amounts of the millions of billions raised ever even went to them…. I read a couple of weeks ago that we were declaring an end to our military “help”. I sorta kinda doubt it.

We of the long long long occupations. Haiti, still forced to pay for their slave rebellions.

2. catnip - 10 June 2010

Scientists are hoping to locate oil-resistant clumps of vegetation


brinn - 10 June 2010

LOL! Brilliant, catnip, oh, if we could only make it so! They are EVERYthing resistant clumps of vegetation, no? 🙂

marisacat - 10 June 2010

Like Molly Ivins used to say of the Texas Leg… the IQ of mown grass. (or words close)

brinn - 10 June 2010

Exactly! I miss that woman.

3. catnip - 10 June 2010

SC: the gift that keeps on giving…

Clyburn says S.C. Dem Senate candidate is a ‘plant,’ calls for probe

The man nominated as Democrats’ candidate for Senate in South Carolina might have been a “plant,” a high-ranking Democrat suggested Thursday.

House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) called on the U.S. attorney’s office in South Carolina to investigate the circumstances that led to Alvin Greene winning the Democratic Senate primary in his state earlier this week.

“There were some real shenanigans going on in the South Carolina primary,” Clyburn said during an appearance on the liberal Bill Press radio show. “I don’t know if he was a Republican plant; he was someone’s plant.”


* S.C. Dems ask candidate to withdraw after felony charge

The third-ranking House Democrat said he found it strange that Greene, a relative unknown prior to Tuesday, was able to produce the money to register and run for Senate despite being unemployed.

Greene allegedly tried to pay the registation [sic] fee in cash, and Clyburn said he wondered whether an outside party might have funded both the fee and Greene’s campaign, in violation of federal campaign finance laws.

ZOMG! Cash??

Yeah – no – it’s not about “cash”.

The South Carolina Democratic Party called on Greene on Wednesday to drop out of the race after The Associated Press reported that the candidate is facing felony charges for having allegedly displayed pornographic images to a college student.

Moral of the story: If he ain’t pure, he ain’t a Dem (obviously!).

marisacat - 10 June 2010

Clyburn = operative elected to office.

So wish he would jsut pass from the scene.

They sure are vexed by this one guy…

4. diane - 10 June 2010

Louisiana shrimper arrested protesting oil killing

June 10, 3:49 PMHuman Rights ExaminerDeborah Dupre’

Tired of being dumped on

Fourth-generation shrimper from the Gulf of Mexico has been arrested for pouring fake oil on herself and charged with unlawful conduct at a Senate Energy Committee. Today, she urges the public to contact Senator Lisa Murkowski’s office to insist that BP pay for their act in the Gulf.

Diane Wilson, co-founder of CODE PINK has written today stating, “I was protesting Senator Lisa Murkowski’s refusal to make BP pay for the disaster that is devastating shrimping communities across the Gulf Coast.

Democracy Now! Reports that Wilson said, “”We are tired of the bailouts, and we are tired of being dumped on in the Gulf. I’m a commercial fisherma’am from the Gulf Of Mexico, and we’re tired of being dumped on!”

“Just imagine this: BP can get away with pouring millions of gallons of oil in our seas and I get arrested for dumping a half-gallon of oil on myself in protest! This is just outrageous.”

Wilson is asking the public to join her in calling Senator Murkowski and ask her to:

1. Lift the liability cap so that BP is legally responsible to pay for its mess, making sure NO other oil company, including BP, can get away with this kind of disaster

2. Call for charges against me to be dropped

Wilson states, ”

We also have another beef with Senator Murkowski — she wants to gut the Clean Air Act as well! She has sponsored an amendment that will be voted on today (S.J. Res 26) to take away the EPA’s authority to regulate green house gases. As someone who has been fighting corporate polluters for decades, I’m hopping mad at this Senator Murkowski from Alaska and hope you’re fired up too!

“And for all of you out there who know that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are a result of our country’s gross obsession with oil (and that Congress is about to shamefully pass more tax dollars for war this week) — BP sold $2.2 billion in oil to the Pentagon last year, making it No. 1 among all the oil companies in sales to the military. Mad as hell yet?

“Please contact Senator Murkowski’s office and tell her to stop protecting BP and instead protect the fishermen, the coastal residents and the wildlife!

“You can call her too at the DC office (202)-224-6665 and give her hell.”

Wilson has provided the following call-in script:

“Hi, my name is _______ and I am from _______. Senator Lisa Murkowski wants to keep oil companies’ liability cap at a pitiful $75 million. This is outrageous. How dare she side with BP over the American people who have been so devastated by this manmade disaster? I also think the charges against the Texas shrimper Diane Wilson should be dropped. And by the way, we want clean air! Tell your friends to call, too.

Boycott BP Day June 19

Wilson is urging participation with “thousands across the United States for the Boycott BP International Day of Action on June 19. You can find and create actions in your area here.

“It’s time we all take action. I’m just a shrimper with a high school degree, a pile of kids and a broken-down truck. If I can stand up and make waves, so can you.”


diane - 10 June 2010

oopsy, had intended to highlight Murkowski’s number:

“You can call her too at the DC office (202)-224-6665 and give her hell.”

marisacat - 10 June 2010

They may have arrested her as Diane Wilson has a long time history of protest.

But then they arrested a man for wading in the water in LA last week.

The ptb are nervous and itchy. Good, I hope it gets worse for them.

diane - 10 June 2010

it’ll be interesting to see the November election results, I hope all of the fuckers are having nightmares, they should be.

marisacat - 10 June 2010

… no idea… BUT pro business groups that forked out cash for Miz Blanche in ARK, are pulling out. They were motivated / activated by Labor support for Halter. They won’t be with her in the next stretch.


There will def be some kind of R wave.. how big… I have no idea. If it is bigger than the ’94, which was 53 or 54 iirc… well, Poor Obby. I guess.

Plus he jsut seems asleep… or saying dumb things. Again and again, I think he wants out.

5. marisacat - 10 June 2010


– Gibbs continued citing BP’s corporate governance structure to explain why President Obama hasn’t spoken with CEO Tony Hayward. Reporters pointed out that Obama has met with numerous CEOs since taking office and asked whether corporate governance was a factor in those meetings. “I don’t know what the structure was,” Gibbs strained.

From Politico “44”

6. marisacat - 10 June 2010

hmmm On the Eve of Destruction, the music comes to mind.

The Oil Drum via Business Insider, on hurricane past effects on the Gulf rigs and inland refineries, Dennis, Katrina, Rita…

I had read that BP’s Thunder Horse was in trouble in one of the big hurricanes. The photo (the article has photos and graphs) shows it was nearly knocked completely over.

The Oil Drum auhor also argues that it is possible Top Kill was stopped too soon, that it had the ability to shut the nightmare down.

We are in for not only the mess but endless argument over the horrible mess.

7. marisacat - 10 June 2010

I’ll bet her range of interests is narrow

[Kagan’s] was not the right path to president of Harvard University, a job Kagan very much wanted, suggests a person who participated in the candidate interviews.

“When the people on the search committee met with her, they were quite struck by how narrow her range of interests were,” says this person, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a confidential deliberation that ended with the installation of historian Drew Gilpin Faust as Harvard’s first female president in February 2007.

“You wanted to find people with curiosity about a range of issues and thought about the university. But there were a lot . . . who thought she was quite parochial.”

Too narrow to be president of Harvard, but just right to be a SC justice nominated by Ob.

Aren’t we lucky!?

Madman in the Marketplace - 10 June 2010

that sounds like an accurate description of that whole bunch … the very very middling of the middlebrow.

marisacat - 10 June 2010

It does seem that way doesn’t it?

8. marisacat - 10 June 2010

ohhh feel the surge of power! feel it!!!

ABC News’ Jake Tapper and Sunlen Miller report:

President Obama has formally requested a meeting with Carl-Henric Svanberg, Chairman of the Board of BP, and any other “appropriate officials” from BP next Wednesday, June 16th at the White House.

The request was made by Admiral Thad Allen, National Incident Commander, in a letter sent directly to Carl-Henric Svanberg today.

Allen says that “time is of the essence” in resolving the issues in the Gulf, as they ensure that all individuals and communities impacted by the spill are made whole.

“I request that you and any appropriate officials from BP meet with senior Administration officials on Wednesday, June 16, 23010 to discuss these timely issues,” Allen writes, “President Obama will participate in a portion of the meeting.”

The meeting, if accepted by BP, would be the first time that President Obama has met, or talked directly, with BP executives since the April 20th oil rig explosion in the Gulf

Heather-Rose Ryan - 10 June 2010

“Time is of the essence”? I wonder how long it would have taken to make this request if they weren’t in a big hurry.

catnip - 10 June 2010

I believe that translates into “pip pip” in British.

catnip - 10 June 2010

“President Obama will participate in a portion of the meeting.”

What? Breakfast?

marisacat - 10 June 2010

I think he is the greeter.

Hey he had Bo with hm today when he met the Families. Maybe he will do that again!

9. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 June 2010

Rolling Stone: The Spill, The Scandal and the President

As BP was cutting corners aboard the rig, the Obama administration was plotting the greatest expansion of offshore drilling in half a century. In 2008, as prices at the pump neared $5 a gallon, President Bush had lifted an executive moratorium on offshore drilling outside the Gulf that had been implemented by his father following the Exxon Valdez. On the campaign trail, Obama had stressed that offshore drilling “will not make a real dent in current gas prices or meet the long-term challenge of energy independence.” But once in office, he bowed to the politics of “drill, baby, drill.” Hoping to use oil as a bargaining chip to win votes for climate legislation in Congress, Obama unveiled an aggressive push for new offshore drilling in the Arctic, the Southeastern seaboard and new waters in the Gulf, closer to Florida than ever before. In doing so, he ignored his administration’s top experts on ocean science, who warned that the offshore plan dramatically understated the risks of an oil spill and petitioned Salazar to exempt the Arctic from drilling until more scientific studies could be conducted.

Undeterred, Obama and Salazar appeared together at Andrews Air Force Base on March 31st to introduce the plan. The stagecraft was pure Rove in its technicolor militaristic patriotism. The president’s podium was set up in front of the cockpit of an F-18, flanked by a massive American flag. “We are not here to do what is easy,” Salazar declared. “We are here to do what is right.” He insisted that his reforms at MMS were working: “We are making decisions based on sound information and sound science.” The president, for his part, praised Salazar as “one of the finest secretaries of Interior we’ve ever had” and stressed that his administration had studied the drilling plan for more than a year. “This is not a decision that I’ve made lightly,” he said. Two days later, he issued an even more sweeping assurance. “It turns out, by the way, that oil rigs today generally don’t cause spills,” the president said. “They are technologically very advanced.”

Eighteen days later, on the eve of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, the Deepwater Horizon rig went off like a bomb.

marisacat - 10 June 2010

… sent by God (Nancy told us)

10. Heather-Rose Ryan - 10 June 2010

I like Thad Allen’s title: “National Incident Commander”. However I think “Master of Disaster” is a better way of putting it.

11. matie - 10 June 2010


Karmafish stops pretending, joins far right (4.00 / 1)
from Diane at http://wildwildleft.com/showCo

Mike Lumish aka Karmafish, has officially left the Left and joined the Right, where he belongs.
He is using his real name there, but his moniker site links to his “joining the right” essay – on David Horowitz’s neo-con blog, no less.
Good riddance. Your faux-left support of wing-nut neo-con perverts in Israel shows that with wing-nut neo-con perverts you belong.

He destroyed one [myleftwing], and tried hard to infect other blogs with his full-court press into wingnuttery and racism. … so now in failing, had to run home.


For attractive lips, speak words of kindness, For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people, For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry. — A-Hep


by: fairleft @ Thu Jun 10, 2010 at 14:51:40 PM CDT


Karmafish debones himself, you mean (4.00 / 1)
because he’s been saying the same things for years, just not as carelessly.


by: Laura @ Thu Jun 10, 2010 at 15:18:42 PM CDT
[ Parent ]


MLW WWL (0.00 / 0)
IS there a difference between MLW and WWL


by: Stu Piddy @ Thu Jun 10, 2010 at 17:35:03 PM CDT
[ Parent ]


WWL is a normal left wing site. IMHO (4.00 / 2)
In contrast, MLW was guilted into being anti-Palestinian by Karmafish and others. But it’s also generally excessively pro-Obama and ‘wish we could get back on DKos’ish.
WWL seems more active than MLW.

MLW boss ‘hates’ WWL boss and vice versa. Or wtf.

For attractive lips, speak words of kindness, For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people, For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry. — A-Hep


by: fairleft @ Thu Jun 10, 2010 at 18:13:56 PM CDT
[ Parent ]


Not Much… (0.00 / 0)
I was tossed from WWL for supporting Francis L. Holland. Because the Blog Queen there is basically trailer trash. I have bashed the Blog Queen at MLW so much for supporting the likes of “KKKarmafish that I should be banned by now.
These people are just smart enough to screw a few bloggers around. Israel is far more neocon than Jewish. And they deliberately subvert blogs. It’s become a horrible disease.

There are real problems in the world. We don’t have time to debate the “right to exist” for a police state that has absolutely no rational REASON to exist.

Why am I not surprised that KKKarmafish turns out to be a neocon? Really???


by: blues @ Thu Jun 10, 2010 at 18:16:36 PM CDT
[ Parent ]


marisacat - 10 June 2010

hmmmm I remember him (and some of the rest as well)… so is he now Lumishfish? that would seem to suit him.

matie - 10 June 2010

lol…oh god. Either way he smells.

catnip - 10 June 2010

Serial Block Wrecker!


catnip - 10 June 2010

Ooops…that would be “Blog”.

Although I’m sure he’s also wrecked a few blocks along the way… 🙂

catnip - 10 June 2010

I can’t get those links to work.

Was he banned from the Big Orange Apologium?

marisacat - 10 June 2010

it looks like it picked up those shortened ways of displaying links that some blogs use… mayb go the main page of the site and check around.

like :


catnip - 10 June 2010

I think I’ll pass. Looks like a carbon copy of MLW – so much extraneous crap to wade through.

Not surprised about karmafish. The guy was an ass.

catnip - 10 June 2010

He’s quite the piece of work:

Found the Newsreal blog link

And, yet, here I am.

The reason for this is actually very simple and straightforward. The Left has betrayed the Jews. Yikes! Those may be stark terms, but there is simply no two ways about it. The Left is absolutely up to its proverbial neck in anti-Zionism and Israel Hatred. For years I was a member of Daily Kos, otherwise known as the Great Orange Satan, and the more I saw of the “progressive” base of the Democratic party the more horrified I became. Day after day after day, participants on the Left blogs kick the holy crap out of the Jewish state and demonize and demean anyone who comes to its defense. They make apologies for suicide bombers and rocket attacks against innocent Israeli civilians and large numbers of them are entirely opposed to Jewish self-determination and self-defense.

They want to see the Jewish people on our collective knees and they do so… get this… in the name of “human rights.” For two-thousand years Jews have gotten their asses kicked in one country after another. Pogroms. Expulsions. Persecutions. All culminating in that romping good time that we had in Europe in the middle of the twentieth century, and these people believe that as a matter of human rights the Jewish state should not even exist?

What a bunch of cards.

The truth of the matter, of course, is that they do not honestly care about human rights. If they cared about human rights they would care about the human rights of people who do not happen to live in Ramallah or Gaza City. They don’t.

It goes on…blah blah blah…

matie - 11 June 2010

Always the charmer…

marisacat - 10 June 2010

a lot of the same people as MLW, it looked like… and some new not so interesting posters. And iirc D*an* G spewed a lot of whatshername’s (forget the MLW woman’s anme) poison for her or with her.

12. catnip - 10 June 2010

The Headline du Jour winner:

Goat spears Rep. Weiner, draws blood

13. catnip - 10 June 2010
BooHooHooMan - 11 June 2010

Israeli Jewish U-boat to sink it.

14. diane - 11 June 2010

BP oil spill estimates double – US government figures show twice as much oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico than earlier estimations suggested

Helen Pidd and agencies
guardian.co.uk, Friday 11 June 2010 09.38 BST

The oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico is even worse than previously thought, with twice as much oil spewing into the ocean than earlier estimations suggested, figures show.

Latest estimates from scientists studying the disaster for the US government suggest 160-380 million litres (42-100 million US gallons) of oil have already entered the Gulf. Most experts believe there is more oil gushing into the sea in an hour than officials originally said was spilling in an entire day.

Read More

15. DIY « Marisacat - 11 June 2010

[…] Madman linked to this Rolling Stone article on the Gulf Oil [spill mess gusher volcano] in the last thread… and I am just getting there.. It is long, several pages… […]

16. marisacat - 11 June 2010



……………………… 8)

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