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Day 32 13 June 2010

Posted by marisacat in 2010 Mid Terms, 2012 Re Election, Culture of Death, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, The Battle for New Orleans, WAR!.

Oil washes ashore at Grand Isle Louisiana from the sunken BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig — Soaked in oil, a seabird lies dead in the surf on Elmer’s Island, Louisiana, May 21, 2010. Oil began washing up on the beaches and marshes of Southern Louisiana after the explosion of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig a month ago. [UPI/A.J. Sisco]

well.. that was Day 32, May 21.  diane posted this UPI gallery.

I notice cute little references being slipped into reports, one notably in the Paper of Record, the NYT, that soon it will be better, the relief wells will do the job.

I posted this in the last thread, but the whole read is very sobering.  Unless of course some fool thinks that 2 months of what we have had somehow leads to a HAPPY CONCLUSION.

And I wish he would stop diagnosing the nation (we’ve been touched, touched!, we won’t be the same again!).  He’s not any good at it. His comments on congress are just hilarious. They too have suffered enormously, as has he! The weight, the greatest weight of all time, that they have borne! Is not to be borne without re-election!!

Not even he can believe that extruded scheisse. Or, maybe he does. Who the hell knows.




1. marisacat - 13 June 2010

Madman posted this at the end of the last thread:

There can be no transformative leader in a paralyzed government

The results of triangulation have been exactly what anyone with even the smallest degree of intelligence would expect. The presidency (and other facets of the government, especially the Supreme Court) have grown more conservative. A huge injection of corporate money into politics has also motivated presidents to act sympathetically toward Big Business, which tends to favor conservative ideas (deregulation) over classic liberal ideologies (like workers’ rights).

The idea of a transformative leader, who will ride down upon his steed from Mt. Olympus to sweep everyone — Maureen Dowd, Peggy Noonan, Matt Bai — off their feet, is pure fantasy. Real change cannot possibly come from The Leader because he stands atop the pyramid of the paralyzed government, and is merely the sum of the system’s broken parts.

The endless hours spent pouring over Obama’s demeanor, his past promises, and his “brilliant strategies” that are just rehashed bullshit from the Clinton era, (which by the way, totally didn’t work – unions are dying, corporations shipped jobs overseas, the minimum wage is stagnant, etc.) are a waste of valuable time. The Leader will never bring real change on his/her own. Even FDR needed a huge public mandate for the New Deal, which he got because people were starving and desperate. Without Martin Luther King Jr. and his supporters there would have been no civil rights movement.

diane - 13 June 2010

The Leader …[the only one allowed, by the ruling class, to be a leader …d.] merely the sum of the system’s broken parts.

sounds right to me.

2. marisacat - 13 June 2010

Oh I don’t know… a tad aggressive, wouldn’t you say?

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Notice that racism and criminal statements in Israel are always referred to only as “controversial.” “Civilians driving on the Trans-Israel Highway 6 on Friday could not ignore a sign posted on a bus driving on the road, which conveyed a controversial message to the commandos who took park in the interception of the Gaza-bound flotilla: “Shayetet 13, shame on you. Why did you kill so few?””

Posted by As’ad at 11:36 PM

Any medals awarded yet, I wonder?

diane - 13 June 2010

medals awarded, and ‘giggles’ galore ….sounds like ……, from the

real, WORLD CUP 2010 ……

matie - 13 June 2010

youtube removed the “We Con” video….gee wonder why.

3. marisacat - 13 June 2010

I cannot believe I am watching the Tony awards. Esp as I have a slew of DVDs here…

… and it is so bad, it is unbelievable. Myabe it is the car wreck aspect.

4. Heather-Rose Ryan - 13 June 2010

Oh, so THIS is why we’ve had a bug up our ass about Afghanistan:

U.S. Identifies Vast Riches of Minerals in Afghanistan

An internal Pentagon memo, for example, states that Afghanistan could become the “Saudi Arabia of lithium,” a key raw material in the manufacture of batteries for laptops and BlackBerrys.

It all becomes clear.

In 2004, American geologists, sent to Afghanistan as part of a broader reconstruction effort, stumbled across an intriguing series of old charts and data at the library of the Afghan Geological Survey in Kabul that hinted at major mineral deposits in the country.

Yeah, they “stumbled across” this stuff, accidentally, while they were doing some work establishing the American Empire. Ha ha.

marisacat - 14 June 2010

Just blithe spirits gamboling about the war zone. One of them fell down and Eureka! A major find of extensive mineral wealth!

who knew!!

catnip - 14 June 2010

Now, instead of pulling the troops out, they’ll just be enlisted as voluntary miners for the next decade or so.

Heather-Rose Ryan - 14 June 2010

I like the conceit that nobody involved with the Afghan Geologic Survey had managed to figure this out before the bearers of the light of civilization appeared in 2004.

The sad thing is that the vast majority of the population is going to believe this bullshit.

5. Alan - 14 June 2010

Hey there, Marisa…remember me? (On DKos years ago, you knew me as SlackerInc) Just happened across a couple comments of yours from a 2006 blog entry about Chuck Schumer. Even then, you were greeted in a “long time no see” way by another commenter, and you noted that you had been banned by DKos. So…what was that all about?

marisacat - 14 June 2010

I called out an operative. One who worked in Shumer’s NYC office. Seems operative boys are tender in their nether regions.

Alan - 15 June 2010

Huh, that’s quite a coincidence.

I had always liked Schumer until yesterday. I got super pissed off at though when I read that he had celebrated Blanche Lincoln’s victory over both Wall St. and the unions (and this led, indirectly, to that old blog entry). I didn’t think it was a good idea for labour to spend all that money primarying her, but at the same time it’s not even smart politics on Schumer’s part to diss labour that way. Their money and organising muscle will be sorely needed in November.

marisacat - 15 June 2010

Good luck to them all.

Alan - 15 June 2010

Good luck to whom all, exactly? Sorry, having trouble parsing your meaning here–seems a tad opaque.

marisacat - 15 June 2010

I was referring to any and all mentioned in your comment.

6. marisacat - 14 June 2010

Politico “44”:

[“W]e believe that Israel, like any other nation, should be allowed to undertake an investigation into events that involve its national security. Israel has a military justice system that meets international standards and is capable of conducting a serious and credible investigation, and the structure and terms of reference of Israel?s proposed independent public commission can meet the standard of a prompt, impartial, credible, and transparent investigation. But we will not prejudge the process or its outcome, and will await the conduct and findings of the investigation before drawing further conclusions.

From the Gibbs statement.

Madman in the Marketplace - 14 June 2010

after all, that’s how we cover up our crimes … don’t the Israeli’s deserve the same opportunity?

marisacat - 14 June 2010

Brothers in arms.

7. marisacat - 14 June 2010


Via Mike Allen Playbook

BREAKING OVERNIGHT — ADMINISTRATION ENCOURAGED by new BP letter, per a senior administration official:

‘After being directed by the administration to move more quickly, BP is now stepping up its efforts to contain the leaking oil. They have now outlined a path to contain more than 50,000 barrels of oil per day by the end of June, two weeks earlier than they originally suggested. Their revised plan also includes methods to achieve even greater redundancy beyond the month of June, to better allow for bad weather or unforeseen circumstances.’ Read BP’s letter

Neatly forgetting than less than a week ago Suttles promised (an Arpege moment!) the flow would be a “trickle” by the time Obby made his way back to the Gulf.

Where and why does the admin find reason to be “encouraged”.

BooHooHooMan - 14 June 2010

Nice to see the Admin leaks keep Mike Allen out of the bathhouses.
(Oh c’mon that’s funny.I mean, fuck, the last thing I’d wanna see is Mike Allen as one of the four dudes, as IOZ puts it,
watching from across the room.) LOL

marisacat - 14 June 2010

Yeah nobody has mentioned today that the ”promise” last week was the horrible live stream would show a “trickle” for the Foundling’s return to the Gulf.

Tho Tapper did do a segment on ABC of ‘what they said’ vs ‘what is’. I did not catch it all, tho…

8. catnip - 14 June 2010
marisacat - 14 June 2010

Too liberal for my shirt!…

Makes as much sense as anything…

catnip - 14 June 2010

I’m too sexy for a poll, too sexy for a poll, so sexy.

9. Heather-Rose Ryan - 14 June 2010


BP engineer called doomed rig a ‘nightmare well’

Later that day, another official recognized the risks of proceeding with insufficient centralizers but commented: “who cares, it’s done, end of story, will probably be fine.”

These people aren’t only callous and incompetent, they’re really really really REALLY STUPID to put stuff like that in an email.

marisacat - 14 June 2010

that is a very interesting report… thanks for posting that… Also if BP ignored the best advice of Halliburton on the cement and of Schlumberger, as the report seems to indicate… I say the noose tightens on BP

10. marisacat - 14 June 2010

The Florida Keys are trying to self organise ahead of the oil and finding they are up agaisnt BP. And the CG and in some cases their own city officials (they discovered a closed and secret meeting between those groups).


[U]ncertainty is another complicating factor. Locals want to start preparing now, even though it’s unclear how much oil will arrive and in what form – sheen, plume, tar ball or all three. And BP and the Coast Guard won’t start really organizing, or funding, a response yet. “The general feeling is that BP has been reluctant to support advanced preparation,” says Laura Fox, owner of Danger Charters in Key West. “The Coast Guard’s big party line is that until oil is imminent – within 72 hours – nothing is going to be done. That’s not enough time to protect the 180 miles or more of shoreline that we have in the Keys.” [no wonder every one and the coast is getting fucking screwed -Mcat]

The generic cleanup plans that existed before the spill will have to be reimagined as well. “The contingency plan we have with the Coast Guard is for the event of a tanker spill,” says Rice [Patrick Rice, dean of marine science and technology at Florida Keys Community College].

“I asked [the Coast Guard] directly, ‘Do you have a contingency plan for oil at depth?’ They don’t.”

Rice is pushing his own solution that might help protect the most sensitive reefs and mangrove plants from oil beneath the surface: curtains of air bubbles from perforated air hoses laid on the seabed. “It would at least deflect the smaller tar balls and push the oil up the surface,” he says.

How receptive would the Unified Command be to trying out a clever hack like this from a local scientist? How much help would they accept from the captains who know the backcountry currents and channels best? If oil comes to the Keys, residents warn, BP had better be ready to work with them.

“I just talked with BP yesterday,” says Rice. “I told them flat out, ‘If you come down here and start doing what you’ve done in Louisiana, you’re going to have a revolt. They’ll shut down U.S. 1. You won’t be able to bring any of your contractors in or out.’ “

Key West’s isolation may not protect it from the coming oil, but perhaps its independent streak will.

I would love to see a shut down of US 1

Madman in the Marketplace - 14 June 2010

seriously, what can they do w/ oil dispersed at depth?

marisacat - 14 June 2010

I don’t know.

Heather-Rose Ryan - 14 June 2010

Oil wants to come to the surface, and so does air, so it makes sense that air bubbles could be used to “steer” oil upwards. Why not give it a shot? Anything is worth a try at this point.

BP is focusing all their resources and ingenuity on asscovering and nothing on solving the actual immediate problem.

marisacat - 14 June 2010

I agree… sometimes it pays to listen.

I certainly admit that over and over, masses of people are offering up quasi solutions that have been discarded or discredited over the years… If BP and the CG and the government really wanted to help, it would be not be hard to ensure that articles covering the most frequently offered solutions appear in the mass media.

But they don’t.

THis guy at least has an idea.

But the ptb don’t even wnat to expend a few thousand toward the Keys’ work in early preparation. I esp loved the story of a crew of 13 women {knives in their teeth!) kayaking into the mangroves and clearing out refuse and whatever else, in preparation for simplified oil cleaning.

Heather-Rose Ryan - 14 June 2010

Wow, where’d you see that story?

When I was growing up, during the Cold War, there were a lot of these “American ingenuity”/”individuals fighting against an overpowering threat” stories in the media – in Readers’ Digest etc. – but now, the predominant theme in such news/infotainment stories is crippling fear and powerlessness. I guess our system has become the evil empire and needs to control us through fear.

The movie “The Russians Are Coming” keeps popping up in my consciousness while reading about these people defending themselves against the spill and the BP powers-that-be – wasn’t there a scene at the end in which an international crisis is averted when the sub is escorted away by a flotilla of American fishing boats and pleasure craft? Power to the People!

marisacat - 14 June 2010

It was in the TIME mag story on the Keys, linked up a few comments…… if they kayaked in as it said, I suspect it’s true.

Heather-Rose Ryan - 14 June 2010

OK thanks, I missed those links.

Heather-Rose Ryan - 14 June 2010

People’s revolt! Bring it on!!! Long overdue. I hope that the ghost of Hemingway protects these Key West folks and guides them to do what’s right because of the principle of the thing.

11. catnip - 14 June 2010

Is Obama on crack?

I just saw a clip of him on KO saying the beaches would be the easiest thing to clean up and that they’ll basically be back to normal in a couple of years.


(Reuters) – A lack of oxygen and nutrients below the surface of beaches in Alaska’s Prince William Sound is slowing the dissipation of oil remaining from the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill, U.S. researchers said on Sunday.

The team conducted field studies over the past three summers using geologic information and hydraulics to try to determine why patches of oil linger on the beaches 20 years after the worst oil spill in U.S. history.

marisacat - 14 June 2010

In some areas of LA where it obviously hit first, it is 8 and 9 inches deep… with more to come. Not sheen, not oil, but thick gooey batter. That then dries in the sun.

I’d say maybe with repeated cleanings and long term attention you can get something “presentable” but…

I noticed he also delcared gulf fish and shrimp OK to eat. WIth around 40% of the Gulf closed to fishing.

I thought he looked like an idiot… and I see more and more articles pushing the brilliant as a light bulb lighting up idea that maybe he is not so smart. He and his crew are utterly deaf to politics on the hoof.

I think the Democratic party’s long roll out of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner has failed.

catnip - 14 June 2010

I can’t find his beach quotes in any of the news stories I’ve read so far. Good little WH stenographers – the lot of them. Oh – but they noted that Obama said his seafood lunch was “delicious”.

marisacat - 14 June 2010

I thought I caught his beach quotes on CBS… I know i heard it somewhere before here…

catnip - 14 June 2010

Like I said, I saw the clips on MSNBC but I can’t find them in any written story.

Madman in the Marketplace - 14 June 2010

I heard them on NPR coming home, too.

Heather-Rose Ryan - 14 June 2010

The accepted term for the “batter”, I’ve gathered from news reports, is “mousse”. Elegant, wouldn’t you say? I wonder what kind of wine would go with it.

marisacat - 14 June 2010

… some barely chilled red, perhaps. A soft mouthy white… Or a froth of champagne.

I had been making jokes that Obby would soon say something about Louisiana Vinaigrette… but Mousse a la Gulf… there we have it.

12. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 June 2010
13. marisacat - 14 June 2010

AIPAC… of course anything qualifies as a “important step forward”. Just like beaches get cleaned by snapping fingers and twirling around… etc.

[W]e welcome the Obama administration’s support for the Israeli commission investigating the flotilla incident, which clearly meets the call of the Security Council for a prompt, impartial, credible and transparent investigation.

The White House recognized Israel’s decision to investigate itself as an “important step forward” and expressed its respect for the Israeli judicial system.

AIPAC calls on the Obama administration to act decisively at the United Nations and other international forums to block any action – including alternative investigations supported by the Secretary General – which would isolate Israel.

Yes let’s all rise up and work very very hard that Israel not be ISOLATED.

14. catnip - 14 June 2010

More proof that partisanship kills brain cells – kossacks defending NC’s Etheridge who assaulted a guy on camera and then later apologized. But, no – IOKIYAD.

marisacat - 14 June 2010

You have to wonder just how stupid the party is… they leapt to defend him… AND early reports carefully omitted his party.

Heather-Rose Ryan - 14 June 2010

God, how can you read this stuff, catnip – I tried and couldn’t get through more than a few exchanges. It’s so damned depressing – such time and energy devoted to ridiculous mindless bickering. And it goes on hour after hour, day after day, month after month, etc.

Actually, a pretty good description of Hell.

catnip - 14 June 2010

It reinforces my belief that there are a lot of people out there who have a very narrow grasp of reality.

15. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 June 2010

from an interview w/ Bruce Sterling, a science fiction writer whose books I’ve enjoyed:

What do you see as some of the more valuable aspects of urbanization and some of the more dangerous?

Well, the “valuable” aspect, or at least the interesting one, is that bigger towns are getting much more “urban-informatic” lately.There’s a lot of innovation in the urban fabric these days. Cities also seem to have political energy in an era when nations are getting weaker every day. For instance, the UK is a creaking financial wreck while Boris Johnson’s London is a freak scene.

The obviously dangerous aspect of modern cities is urban organized crime, narcoterror, low-intensity warfare, war in urban terrain, favela shoot-’em-ups, whatever faddish name the trouble has this year. Baghdad, Mogadishu, Grozny.

But I’d also like to point out that large financial centers in certain cities around the planet are certainly going to kill millions of us by destroying our social safety networks in the name of their imaginary financial efficiency. You’re a thousand times more likely to die because of what some urban banker did in 2008 than from what some Afghan-based terrorist did in 2001. Financiers live in small, panicky urban cloisters, severely detached from the rest of mankind. They are living today in rich-guy ghetto cults. They are truly dangerous to our well-being, and they are getting worse and more extremist, not better and more reasonable. You’re not gonna realize this havoc till you see your elderly Mom coughing in an emergency ward, but she’s going there for a reason.


The infrastructure always ends up shaping people more than they think it will. Modern big city people tend to think and act like big-city people anywhere. A big-city New York guy sleeping in bus stations is as poor as his brother, some Deep South sharecropper. But the social chasm between those two people is immense.

marisacat - 14 June 2010

Financiers live in small, panicky urban cloisters, severely detached from the rest of mankind. They are living today in rich-guy ghetto cults.

That is the truth… the most frantic conspiracists, conspiracy mongers, panics and fears with little basis or a self-made basis (which is worse!) are the extreme wealthy.

Madman in the Marketplace - 14 June 2010

yup …

16. matie - 14 June 2010

This is what can happen if you protest peacefully against Israel in America:

Madman in the Marketplace - 14 June 2010

I am in awe of that woman.

catnip - 14 June 2010

pwned – as the kids say.

BooHooHooMan - 14 June 2010

Wasn’t that great?
AND IF if the billions we send to Israel isn’t bad enough,
7 million a day as noted by that fine citizen,
thanks to the shills for Israel running the DoJ,
{Lanny Breuer served coffee by figurehead Holder,}
WE CONTINUE TO PAY for those FBI knocks meant as political disruption, intimidation, and recruiting for the same ….here.

I loved how she turned and asked the FBI man and woman THEIR political views, that as taxpayers and a matter of human decency they might be interested in JOINING THE PROTESTS.

BooHooHooMan - 14 June 2010

* the taxpayer point is most effective .
Afterall, We, the Lumpen, disordered in this most imperfect Union,
LOVE money. Which is why the books are so effectively cooked on “aid” to Israel. So intrinsically enmeshed with Oil Baronies and Banksterism, we’re fighting the NeoCons wars for it.

God of Stuff forbid people get clued to the costs in terms of the War footing, the banking, the Big Brother Security State. Not that it make a difference wrt to deciderrrrs. They can print money, hand out more ride tickets. For a time. But there is so little recognition just how devalued our Way of Strife is anymore. Good luck governing it, tho.

Keep those kiddies in the gated communities, too. And make sure you allot housing for the shaved head security types who’ll need to be sleeping in the bedroom and lounging poolside when you want to screw. And make sure THEY’RE happy – always –
that they don’t ever want to venture out to a farm with the family on a day off, say, maybe to pick strawberries when neither they nor the strawberries can get past the checkpoints anymore….

undercoveragain - 15 June 2010

There will not be enough gated communities to hold all these crooks.

17. marisacat - 14 June 2010

Duke has had a research vessel down there, on a 10 day mission thru tomorrow… to test for methane gas…which, caveat: based on BP numbers, is 40% of the “spill”.

Truly we are blessed.

18. catnip - 14 June 2010

I’ll bet BP is negotiating with the WH to reduce its criminal liability in exchange for setting up that escrow account. That’s how Obama deals- compromise by giving away the farm and then believe you’re working from a position of strength. Oh – and then tell everybody you had to do it because you’re Looking Forward™.

marisacat - 14 June 2010

Yeah something like that is going on. And BP I think really wants to pay out their dividend… it is a high one, no wonder pensioners and others invest in BP. What a pyramid game!

Business Insider reported the other day that Brit stakeholder are cutting back on BP but US stakeholders have greatly upped their stake. A couple of hedge funds sunk quite a bit into BP…

Too rich for my weak brain.

catnip - 14 June 2010

From the article I linked to in the comment below:

Executives were also alarmed by the White House’s insistence last week that BP must pay the wages of rig workers laid off by other firms because of the six-month moratorium on deepwater drilling in the gulf.

I hadn’t heard about that and I don’t think that’s a legally viable request. They seem to be grasping at straws trying to make it look like they’re getting tough.

marisacat - 15 June 2010

When Ob brought that up, I thouht it was an easy thing for BP to refuse to do.

undercoveragain - 15 June 2010

Obama, always spliting the baby.

19. catnip - 14 June 2010
BooHooHooMan - 15 June 2010

Double murder, eh?
So they’re going to merely shoot him?
AND with so many methods…em…. Available?
Why, Bless little Utah’s Big Weirdo Ranch Heart.
I’m surprised they don’t shoot him AND give him a lethal injection.
I mean, ~ To Save Jobs™.

‘course, the gratuitous shot on The Magic Underpants State, and the admiring nod due on Maher’s latest… is more appropos of Obbie,
who is whining on (this time) (again now with the whining) –
about cuts in Public Sector jobs in the States.

Yep, Good Luck Governing It.

BooHooHooMan - 15 June 2010

. For Gawd of Getting One’s Final Reward’s sake!
Think of the contractual Physicians in the Prison Industrial Complex!
The abomination of state killing ~by other means~ must stop!

Pretty much covers it all, I think.

20. catnip - 14 June 2010

Soem blowback:

Obama today risked the wrath of families of 9/11 victims by comparing the gulf spill to the 2001 terrorist attacks, as pressure intensified on the White House to show greater urgency over the crisis.

Ahead of a trip to Louisiana and a televised address to the nation tomorrow, Obama said the spill, the worst environmental disaster in US history, would, like the 2001 terror plots, continue to influence the country for decades to come. Some people who lost relatives in the 9/11 attacks rejected the comparison. “I think he’s off-base,” said Jim Riches, a former New York fire department deputy chief, whose son died at the World Trade Centre. “These were 9/11 murders … not something caused by people trying to make money.”

Heather-Rose Ryan - 14 June 2010

All this garbage is about “people trying to make money”. Why else would the terrorists pick a target with the name “World Trade Center”?

21. marisacat - 15 June 2010



………………….. 😯

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