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The small people 16 June 2010

Posted by marisacat in Culture of Death, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Lie Down Fall Down Dems, The Battle for New Orleans, UK, WAR!.

Carl-Henric Svanberg in the center, Hayward to the left, WH atty gofer, golf ball finder on the right. AP photo.

uh I think Obby just wiped out whatever small breathing space the 100 mil for “rig workers” got him:

“He’s frustrated because he cares about the small people, and we care about the small people,” Svanberg said of Obama.

“I hear comments that sometimes large oil companies are greedy companies that don’t care. But that is not the case with BP. We care about the small people.”

Should have kept Karl-Henric away from the mics, much less coming out of a meeting speaking for pretzelbaby.. There is already blow back from on the street interviews down on the Gulf.

My own suspicion is that Ob and K-H did in fact commiserate over the troublesome small people.

There is also a report around that Karl-Henric was photographed with a small smile, as he exited the WH.  (Will try to find it.)

Things went well K-H?



1. ts - 16 June 2010

For some reason that quote from KH reminded me of the old Steve Martin piece on “Let’s Get Small”. Because the longer I get exposed to this bullshit the more I want to start doing serious drugs. Unfortunately, I think we’ve all gone down the rabbit hole on this one, or well, or whatever.

marisacat - 16 June 2010

agree.. I wish I drank. Could drink.

brinn - 16 June 2010

“The small people” — I’m thinking some people are about to get very BIG right quick over that remark.

The folks in the Gulf will stand up and kick ass, this I know. I hope somebody in Britain is standing up for the “small people” (i.e., retired working class pensioners) over there whose pensions are being decimated by the fall in BP stock, ’cause you can bet your ass that THEY are the ‘shareholders” that BP will be withholding payment from — it won’t be the execs, I can guarantee you that, not so it hurts anyway.


marisacat - 16 June 2010

That is true about Gulf residents… they won’t be lying down. Esp with Katrina still hot and heavy.

I read that Venice LA which took some of the first oil to land, is still only partially rebuilt from Katrina. Still has torn up and half wrecked streets…

2. marisacat - 16 June 2010

Ah well.

[A]ll by himself and speaking from behind what is often billed as the most powerful desk in the world on Tuesday night, the President of the United States imploded his Presidency. Finally, the only people who make any sense any more are those who said from the very beginning that this man would not stand and deliver. […]

The Dems sold 56+/however many million people on a small time fixer from Chicago. Who, imo, knew very little about America or Americans.


CSTAR - 16 June 2010

I think you should patent, copyright, copyleft or do something with those two last sentences. Buy some neon signs. I dunno.

marisacat - 16 June 2010

it really is what happened.

brinn - 16 June 2010

I second and third CSTAR’s remark!

Madman in the Marketplace - 16 June 2010

I get to say “told you so” often these days.

marisacat - 16 June 2010

He’s an empty box.

3. marisacat - 16 June 2010

I am going to enjoy what I think is a near daily drip drip on Meg Whitman… (tho I have no intention of voting for Jerry):

[D]oes California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman’s violent temper and bullying behavior run in the family? The billionaire ex-eBay CEO’s son was charged with felony battery for breaking a woman’s ankle after her friend said “Fuck you” and “Fuck your fraternity.” […]

Don’t laugh TOO hard.. that would be Griffith Rutherford Harsh V, her eldest.

The fifth. In a line. Perhaps it goes back to Alexander the Great? Caesar? Catherine the Great? Sun King? Any Louis anywhere?


Deadly stuff… and I am enjoying it!

BooHooHooMan - 16 June 2010

Well , the Patriarch, Griffin Rutherford Harsh Sr. was a
rather placid chap, known as “Hardly” Harsh behind his back by friends and family. Whichcould have pissed him off if he found out.
His son, Jr., known as “Semi” for occasional flair ups, sired GRH III, known as “Grrrr” for obvious escalating reasons..
And so forth, fourth and fifth actually, to the present mutant spawn.

BooHooHooMan - 16 June 2010

Gotta love it. Governor Harsh. Yeh that would sell well. LOL.
If the Donks had any stones they’d give her the full Rodham treatment.

marisacat - 16 June 2010

or the full palin.

BooHooHooMan - 17 June 2010

Well said. Yeh I guess they’re even up. Of course somebody still owes the Donks for what they did to Cynthia McKinney. Among a long list of others.

marisacat - 17 June 2010

oh that was DREADFUL. They undercut her, did nto reinstate her time served.. all sorts of things. Then they ran a deficient person (imo he was) against her. Somehow that dolt won.

4. marisacat - 16 June 2010

Catching Dickinson of the RS article on Al Jazeera… with the commentary that it is interesting to watch a “serial felon”, BP, having also just killed 11 peope, be in charge.

Well, snicker…

5. catnip - 16 June 2010

I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. You just know that he gave up something to get that escrow money.

“small people”? All hail the oligarchy!

marisacat - 16 June 2010

Snicker. The boys at Clusterstock murmur that let’s hope Hayward doesn’t say something stupid tomorrow. Or hey, tonight is free… He could start tonight…

BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg is clearly in a no-win situation. Nonetheless, Gulf residents are angry after the Swede referred to them as small people, as in “We care about the small people.”

The AP quotes several furious residents, including Justin Taffinder: “We’re not small people. We’re human beings. They’re no greater than us. We don’t bow down to them. We don’t pray to them.”

A BP spokesman resorted to the ESL excuse to explain the chairman’s comments: snipwhippy!

I get the feeling that Obby’s Jesus slobber did not work either.

Read more: BP tries to justify Chairman

catnip - 16 June 2010
marisacat - 16 June 2010

I guess Sully could fellate harder, but difficult to see just how that could be done.

Oh please, most areas don’t even bother with the blessing of the fleet, one did it this year for the first time in 30+ years figuring, “can’t hurt”.

Hell in San francisco we bless the fleet AND the household pets (once it was only dogs, but that raised a hue and cry), anything to get a warm body NEAR a church.

6. catnip - 16 June 2010


BP shares fell early in the day but its American Depository Receipts rose by as much as 5.1 per cent to $33.00 after the meeting. The price of BP’s credit default swaps, a form of protection against default on its bonds, rose during the day to a record high but fell after the agreement with the US administration to 545 basis points, giving a cost of $545,000 per year to insure $10m of BP’s bonds over five years.

Haven’t those things been outlawed yet? (Oh, silly me.)

7. marisacat - 16 June 2010

hmm Business Insider put up the full size photo of that oil laden, red wave of Gulf water I used .. yesterday it was I guess.

The AP photo was taken on Orange Beach AL… even as Orange Beach is putting out travel and PR vids trying to minimise the oil.

Won’t be working too well, is my thought.

8. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 June 2010
9. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 June 2010
marisacat - 16 June 2010

And with that, Mother Teresa’s soul can finally be at peace.

And we are all so relieved. I can go make a toasted cheese samwich with a light heart.

Shouldn’t the good works (inevitably there are some, the motherhouses are in very poor neighborhoods…) done by her very very very poor global sisterhood be enough for her?

Madman in the Marketplace - 16 June 2010

I thought it was a good match.

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 June 2010

Sen. Feinstein:

“The question comes, how long do you continue before people just don’t want to go back to work at all?”

marisacat - 16 June 2010

well.. you know, short word rhymes with Rich. And she is both.

What fucking bith. They should take out “dead peasant” insurance on all of us.

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 June 2010
12. marisacat - 16 June 2010

LOL… sure has worked out that way, hasn’t it?

Winding up a historic trial over same-sex marriage in California, the lawyer for Proposition 8’s sponsors told a federal judge Wednesday that

allowing only men and women to wed promotes responsible sex and child-rearing, and ultimately ensures the future of humanity. snipsnap

13. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 June 2010

Class war: Criminalizing poverty

David Walker, a lackey of billionaire and Social Security pirate, Pete Peterson, openly pined for the days of debtors’ prison, which is actually already a reality in six states.

WALKER: You know, the fact of the matter is we have to change how we do things. We are on an imprudent and unsustainable path in a number of ways. You talk about debtors’ prisons, we used to have debtors’ prisons, now bankruptcy is no taint! Bankruptcy is an exit strategy! Our society and our culture has changed. We need to get back to the opportunity, we need to move away from entitlement, we need to provide reasonable risk but we need to hold people accountable when they do imprudent things. It’s pretty fundamental.

Right! We need to hold people accountable. Er, poor people – not the rich people, who sold them the shit mortgages, and gave them credit cards with astronomical interest rates. Those people are entrepeneurs and can go free.

marisacat - 16 June 2010

we need to move away from entitlement

Wel… I’d agree with that, but nt in the way he means it… 😆

14. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 June 2010

Is Blackwater’s Erik Prince Moving to the United Arab Emirates?

Sources close to Blackwater and its secretive owner Erik Prince claim that the embattled head of the world’s most infamous mercenary firm is planning to move to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Middle Eastern nation, a major hub for the US war industry, has no extradition treaty with the United States. In April, five of Prince’s top deputies were hit with a fifteen-count indictment by a federal grand jury on conspiracy, weapons and obstruction of justice charges. Among those indicted were Prince’s longtime number-two man, former Blackwater president Gary Jackson, former vice presidents William Matthews and Ana Bundy and Prince’s former legal counsel Andrew Howell.

The Blackwater/Erik Prince saga took yet another dramatic turn last week, when Prince abruptly announced that he was putting his company up for sale.

While Prince has not personally been charged with any crimes, federal investigators and several Congressional committees clearly have his company and inner circle in their sights. The Nation learned of Prince’s alleged plans to move to the UAE from three separate sources. One Blackwater source told The Nation that Prince intends to sell his company quickly, saying the “sale is going to be a fast move within a couple of months.”

marisacat - 16 June 2010

oh so interesting…

In April, five of Prince’s top deputies were hit with a fifteen-count indictment by a federal grand jury on conspiracy, weapons and obstruction of justice charges

Madman in the Marketplace - 16 June 2010

funny, NO coverage of that.

15. marisacat - 16 June 2010

It’s all too much… so I’ve got The Graduate and The world of Henry Orient

Heather-Rose Ryan - 17 June 2010

I LOVED “Henry Orient” as a kid. My childhood antics in NYC were much the same as those two girls’. Haven’t seen it in centuries.

One of the girls, Merrie Spaeth, is a big Republican media advisor.

marisacat - 17 June 2010

Yes I read taht about Speath, she owns Speath Cmmunications apprently and worked promoting SBVfT stuff.

Yes I watched it last night, again… I enjoyed it. And such sweet little views of Manhattan.

16. marisacat - 16 June 2010

oh… I declare the final demise of PBS in San Francisco.

For 5 hours, 3 of the 5 channels in the Bay Area, the 3 in SF, are all showing the same thing.

No one has noticed. No one apparently in the studio, nor outside the studio.

Send Lillies.

17. marisacat - 16 June 2010

A beautiful 8 lb baby boy! The blushing parents are said to b very very happy.

Comment and reply at Business Insider:

temptemp on Jun 16, 11:24 PM said:

I think this may become like the tobacco settlement where the feds become the erstwhile partner of the evil company they are penalizing. The feds as tobacco partners don’t really want smoking to cease because of the tax revenue. And in the world of oil production the feds will be on the side of enabling bp revenue for their eternal slush fund.

Also, its kind of hard to figure out who to root for. A greedy short sited government or a huge ‘green’ corporation that has maneuvered to promote cap and tax because it thinks this will give them advantage over some of the smaller competitors.

The best possible outcome is maybe the world citizens that are so enamored with the anointed one will get hit in their pension pocket hard enough to awaken from their stupor.

Maybe drilling companies will figure out that there is a real risk that demands design and execution excellence beyond whatever minimum effort is required to meet the irrelevant regulatory nuisance.

Maybe the media will see this is actually worse than Katrina.

I feel badly for the people of the gulf region who have been hit so hard by the initial disaster and by the ongoing incompetence of both the government and bp. Power is an addiction. Oil is a necessary energy source.

good luck everybody


BobDobbs on Jun 16, 11:47 PM said: @temptemp:

I think you are spot on.


Do you you remember how Hillary Clinton’s brother Hugh Rodham made a killing in the settlement?

Which lawyer pals of Barry-O will pull down the mother lode from this one?

Read more: Link to Business Insider

marisacat - 16 June 2010

And this from the LA Times:

[I]n the end, according to retired University of Alaska professor Rick Steiner, the studies were of little help in fixing Prince William Sound: No restoration decisions per se have been made based on the findings. And we didn’t even find out how much oil spilled from the Exxon Valdez.

The oft-quoted figure of 11 million gallons is probably about a third of the total, but definitive follow-up studies were never completed.

Nor did we get answers for the greatest lingering mystery of the oil spill. Before the Exxon Valdez hit Bligh Reef, Prince William Sound had huge spring herring runs — massive balls of spawning fish. Afterward, the fish developed lesions and other defects. Their numbers crashed in 1994 and have never recovered. Fishermen lost an important part of their livelihood, and the ecosystem is undersupplied with a forage fish critical to the food web, but because scientists didn’t study the ecosystem holistically after the spill, the tens of millions of dollars spent researching herring have yielded only guesses as to why.

And Exxon gets away with claiming it wasn’t to blame.

A big part of the problem in the Alaska situation is that business and government have a desire not to know, and especially not to tell. Some of the same institutions responsible for the damage and the cleanup also fund the science that can expose their culpability and lack of effectiveness. -snip-

And this…

[A]nother problem is the abuse of science in the service of public relations. In studying the Alaska disaster, the government and Exxon became locked in a war of research, producing dueling studies and accusations of misconduct. The Chronicle of Higher Education found that although all the researchers involved were from reputable institutions, their results correlated mainly with who was paying the bills. ….

18. marisacat - 17 June 2010



…………………….. 👿

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