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Cracking heads… 27 June 2010

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, NORCOM, The Battle for New Orleans.

Protesters demonstrate during demonstrations

Protesters demonstrate in front of a line-up of riot police during demonstrations in Toronto Saturday, June 26, 2010, as the G20 Summit got underway.…    (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Oh yeah, so scary. Obviously it was not all sandals, drums and tutus… but come on Toronto.

I saw that the VP of Boeing was there cheering them on. “Them” being the boychicks and two chicklets (Merkel, Kirchener…did Gillard even go?) who ostensibly run the world. FOR the Boeing suits.

So, basically, we had the G-8 and G-20 conflab of waiters and waitresses, there, in a huddle to take orders.

Something they do just as well at home in the provided mansions.



I caught an extended caller last night on our local talk radio…  I admit I am no longer energetic enough to google up and plow thru reports on HB – – – -, the bill that has bounced back and forth between H and S, and has to do with extending Unemployment payments  to the long term unemployed (as it is characterised)…  Currently it sits tagged onto a mess of a bill.  I did read that Olympia Snowe (you know, horrors, a R… of course from the officially designated ”moderate” NE) has formally (by letter to Reid) suggested that Unemployment benefits be addressed in a stand alone bill.

However this caller, who HAS been tracking the bill said the current reality is NOT just that those at the full extension of Unemployment need it continued and are left bereft, but for now, unless you are inside the course of either the initial 26 weeks, or in the course of receiving benefits thru a program that extends it for 13 or 6 weeks, or any of the various other lengths… YOU ARE CUT OFF.

It is not just people who have exhausted the full (current) 99 weeks.

Absolutely horrifying.


Something worth hoping for… reading around, as Alex waxes and wanes in the Western Gulf, I see some commentary that if the oil drenched coastal areas can get rain, with no wind to drive the oil inland or deeper into the marshes, the effect MAY be a dilution, a flushing.

I’ll extend a little hope on that one.




1. BooHooHooMan - 28 June 2010

Byrd died.

marisacat - 28 June 2010

And Democrats go into semi full bore freak out, petrified that the R will all point a finger and scream, KKK!

Gah. Meanwhile, IMO, the Dems were desperate for him to die, lest he start in on The Wars again.

BooHooHooMan - 28 June 2010

Cue Historic Racial Deliverance Eulogy,
Obbie in the Ned Beatty role.


Anyways. I do think its gonna be heavy on the clippings vault prior to the Invasion of Iraq/ AfPak/ No Gettin Back from the Police State Jack.
Which, afterall, is> fitting , the guy was a pol, a huge FBI pork barrreler, and untouchable in his seat when the Dems ran their bogus Gonna End the War shtick. Sorry.

Bobby , you’re up. Start talkin. That kinda shit.
And I’m not talkin about Heaven….because Afterall, everyone knows that’s Leverage in a Senate Appropriations Bill.

marisacat - 28 June 2010

the guy was a pol, a huge FBI pork barrreler, and untouchable in his seat when the Dems ran their bogus Gonna End the War shtick

With the exception of his speeches on the floor about the war, I wish he was the only “pol”, “FBI pork barreler” etc.

Instead we have hundreds of them.

Of ourse the Democrats did not oppose the war. They did cute things like Boxer got to vote against it, as the presumed liberal of the two out here. DiFi in her High Police State Royal Duchy mode, got to vote for war.

Pelosi ocvered her ass, voting NO. San Francisco thinking it self liberal and anti war. Gah. Nt so much imo.

And so on. I am sick to death of them all.

2. BooHooHooMan - 28 June 2010

What a bullshit headline.

Israeli Flotilla Inquiry to Question Premier

The Premier? Oh! The PRIME MINISTER OF ISRAEL. Netanyahu.
Coulda been CHINA! Whew! Thanks New York Times!

Lets reboot.

Israel to Independently Investigate Israel.
Netanyahu : To Be Asked……. Questions.

Yeh ~ it just doesn’t work, does it?
Thank God there’s Always SOMEONE there with the herky jerky.

Pour example, and I mean just fuckin POUR it.

Kagan eludes GOP attacks

Anne Kornblut, everyone, thank you very much!
And get Annie a fresh set of panties:

Why her nomination has gone seamlessly for the White House and who deserves the credit.

And In **People Politico~
(**I LMAO how Mcat calls Politico the People Magazine of politics)

GOP plans attack on Kagan

Josh Gersten everyone, thank you very much.

Take your pick! Easy Peeezy! Or War! BOTH!
There is peace in that village we make war on on The Hill!
The truth prolly has to be in there somewhere! Or…not.

marisacat - 28 June 2010

Turkey has apparently blocked its airspace to Israeli military over flights. Of course the BBC tells it bit diffrently than the JPost.



BooHooHooMan - 28 June 2010

And I saw there is some herky jerky about our Ambiancer to Israel , Oren, and his “huge rift” comments reported there… are being backtracked dutifully here..

It’s all such shit, after Mullen’s hastily convened and unannounced war counseling visit, seems like it’s back to a crapshoot whether we aid them attacking Iran.


Mullen last visited Israel some two months ago, when he said at a press conference that an attack against Iran would be a last resort.

During his brief visit on Sunday, Mullen was to meet with the heads of the military intelligence and planning units. The meeting was to focus on the preparation by both Israel and the U.S. for the possibility of a nuclear capable Iran.


The IDF views Mullen as someone who is capable of effectively presenting Israel’s stance in Washington.

{Snip Israel Shill Shniiippy}

Crazy Fuckers. Who knows what they’re up to?
And not like Obama, The Serial Disaster™ President matters in the least, other than needing some type of rally around hit…

Welp, G’Day and all that, I’m heading out to do the foraging thing.

marisacat - 28 June 2010

hmm Oren is iirc the Israeli Amb TO the US… Tho he is US born and a dual. And a shit. Got his big shine from being the Communications guy for Israel over Gaza war. And a sick shit… too.

He bitched and moaned as when he spke here at UC – Irvine the students protested and a Muslim student group filed some official opposition to his speaking. He claimed the students were working o deligitimise the State of Israel.

But what happened is the Muslim Student group got forcibly disbanded by the school.

BooHooHooMan - 28 June 2010

Yes . brain dead moment here.
Oren who grew up in New Jersey, now is their guy …..to US.
I think!

Which frees up the day slot for the spook WE have in the job, Cunningham. And of course there’s Mitchell and Hillary just in case BiBi can’t get Rahm on the shoe phone. LOL.. But “Tectonic Rift” says Oren.

marisacat - 28 June 2010

i only knew as during gaza war he piissed me off so i looked him up and followed him a bit… plus he has been on kgo ti whiiiine.

3. marisacat - 28 June 2010

Speaking of wars and sick to death… via Mike Allen Playbook:


“President Obama declined to assign an end-date for U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan …

‘I believe we’ll need to provide assistance to Afghanistan for a long time to come,’ Obama said at a news conference following the conclusion of the G-20 summit. …

Obama chastised what he dubbed a current ‘obsession’ over a timetable for withdrawing U.S. troops. ‘My focus right now is how do we make sure what we’re doing there is successful,’ he said. ‘By next year we will begin a transition.’

Tied and nailed on the gibbet of everlasting promise of SUCCESS. In Vietnam.. as here.

4. marisacat - 28 June 2010

Prolly their single cautionary, ethical (appearing) move. BP did not invest the retirement fund in itself…

Other than that, everybody who did and [stupidly] held on, is out 55%.

5. marisacat - 28 June 2010

Well… I think this was a given. Hardly surprising.

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:

Supreme Court Extends Gun Rights Nationwide, Casting Doubt on Local Gun Control Laws [10:10 a.m. ET]

For more on this and other breaking news go to ABCNews.com

6. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 June 2010

Excellent G20 coverage from Torontoist

Grouping of links to lots of coverage.

marisacat - 28 June 2010

an accounting at Counterpunch by a local, a professor at a university in Toronto, indicated that, as the cops where he was were absolutely silent, he is not even sure they are Canadian. Possibly like the World Cup, wehre UK police were in J’burg as well, the G 20 brought in police. There were mounted police where he was, but also a several man deep phalanx of cops, on the ground… who were silent.

I would not be surprised. At all…

marisacat - 28 June 2010

Here it is:

[I] saw my cousin Russ as we walked onto the main south lawn at the front of the building. He was coming out and he said it was boring and that nothing had happened. We didn’t pay the police much heed. The line of police was several men thick, and many more were in serried ranks behind. I don’t watch TV, but maybe you’ve seen the new generation of thick, absolutely impenetrable body armour these men wear. They sweat profusely and have little sucking tubes with liquid, which makes them seem cuddly and vulnerable, like vast suckling babes. They were eerily quiet always. For two weeks before this, police had been moving through the city making lots of military noises with voice commands and whistles to intimidate protestants before they even thought of protesting. But during everything I am about to relate, these police remained absolutely silent. Very spooky. There were just a few hundred protesters—far fewer than I’d been with yesterday.


Now that we understood the pattern—police attack without warning, we were able to stay and protest for our right to stay peacefully in our neighborhood as our people have for two centuries. Until July I am still a professor at the university. This is surely my land, perhaps less surely my campus, but these are my people and this is my family. Who are these outside agitators coming into our space? Do we even know if these are Canadian troops? Are they police or troops? They might be from any of the G20 countries. […]

Madman in the Marketplace - 28 June 2010

scary report

7. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 June 2010
8. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 June 2010
9. marisacat - 28 June 2010

oh wow… I just heard that the SC will let sit the lower court ruling that the Vatican CAN B SUED IN THE US….

they declined to take up the Vatican appeal.

Yahooooo! Works for me. A good day at the SC (Daley lost, I have no problem with that one)

10. marisacat - 29 June 2010



…………………… 😈 … 👿

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