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Just a photo 6 July 2010

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, Culture of Death, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, The Battle for New Orleans.

Hong Kong: Protesters at the government headquarters after a pro-democracy march    [Tyrone Siu/Reuters]

Just a photo, tossed up to carry the hours of the day on its back…

Not up to much today, but I did notice that CBS, I think it was, on their Monday national evening news used a photo of a dead dolphin, and not the poor little one that died on the beach the other day.  Along with several photos of dead sea turtles.  And, almost sotto voce, commentary that ‘time is running out’ for the Gulf wildlife.

I guess you could say they took a tiny baby pinkie finger and grazed the air somewhere near, but not touching, the collective cheek of the USCG, NOAA, US gov and BP.

When of course what should happen is





1. marisacat - 6 July 2010

Have a laugh… if by chance you need one. Fortunately I don’t care what Moammar does… or does not do. Bt you know this will fry some peoples’ brains. Instant combustion…

Prolly why Gadhafi is doing it… 😉

2. marisacat - 6 July 2010

Ooops… I did not get back to the old thread intimely fashion to alert a new thread was up…

SO, here is a commnt from BHHM moved forward. 😳


From his perch over at Bloomberg, Hunt was humping Mikva in APRIL, all but teeing Mikvah up for the SCOTUS nod. Certainly laying the ‘turf in advance of the gopher (mole more like it ) that we’re gonna get.

Supreme Court Needs Politicians, Not Ideologues: Hunt

Hunt’s transparently shilling piece in April did the ole
Liberalish 2 Step: Hunt wrote of Mikva as “staunchly Pro Roe” but quoted Mikva (and backed him up with Apologist Al’s bogus Seal of Approval ) that Roe might be better left up to the States.

It really is a loathesome piece of work. I mean I can fight back the urge to vomit over the cheap boosterism , (one would puke 24/7 otherwise) –

Chicago Mentor

No one understands this better than Abner J. Mikva, whose combined political and judicial credentials are unsurpassed. He’s a former member of the Illinois legislature and U.S. Congress, was a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for 15 years, rising to chief judge, and later counsel to President Bill Clinton.

But it’s more than boosterism. And if mere Boosterism was their meager religion perhaps we could All Get Along™ and I could put up with Al /Donohue Kerry Teddy Hair Mold/ Hunt and his tres cliche IN ONE SENTENCE talk about in difficult times™ and fat cats™ and Middle America getting the shaft™. But it’s more Middle America GMAFB than that.
He’s a paid professional liar for DUALS in , Democratic Cons, thieves and reactionary killers, both , and all, engaged in the US / Israeli endeavor.

Back to smiling thieves and killers with an agenda, and, of course, the LYING:.

[Mikva] He’s been one of Obama’s mentors, though he’s not involved in this selection process.

“The issues that come before the Supreme Court often are more about policy than law,” Mikva says. “They are not black- letter issues; we need people who can weigh in on what the pluses and minus are on the people’s lives, what the consequences are.”

An ideal choice, Mikva believes, would be Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, with whom he clashed during the Clinton administration.

DUALS. Hunt and Mikva both.

‘Political Disaster’

“For all the good Roe has done it has been a political disaster,” says Mikva, who unabashedly supports abortion rights. “Nobody on that court was aware of the consequences; it was a policy decision that probably would have been made by many state legislatures.”

There are a plethora of issues facing the Supreme Court these days that have a decidedly political factor: voting rights and redistricting, campaign-finance laws, the legislative intent of Congress, gay rights, affirmative action and, of course, the recently enacted health-care overhaul. All these questions are as much societal and political as they are legal.

Always the political out , always some syrupy lament whether it is – sigh™ – for U.S. and Israeli Wars defending™ OUR™ Way of Life™. But the syrup runs hemorrhagic shock bloody for these Wars AND -sigh™- abortions that – sigh™- now politically™ see- sigh™- might be better secreted away to some™– sigh™- Geri Santoro’s resting place STATE ( “Moderate” CONNECTICUT in 1964 and now with the Insurance Scam pushing 50 years later)

And what piece by shits like Hunt wouldn’t be complete with out invoking Martin?

One of the great speeches Obama gave was at the start of the last presidential campaign, in Selma, Alabama, at Brown Chapel. It is captured in David Remnick’s brilliant new biography of Obama, “The Bridge.” The young candidate reminded civil-rights veterans that day that he was standing on the shoulders of those advocates and activists who went before him.

As the former law school professor, now president, weighs his choices for the Supreme Court vacancy, he would do well to think back on that speech. And to remember that some of those courageous pioneers at Selma stood on the shoulders of that 1954 Supreme Court decision made by a bunch of politicians.

I’m so sick of these shameless creeps.
Way past puke time.

marisacat - 6 July 2010

Well we won’t be having a pretzel from GA again any time soon. Nor Tejas.. (maybe).

NOR, seriously! Massachusetts… Images not just of the Dead Kennedys but Dukakis, Tsongas and……….. Kerry go by…..

Cali is always up for grabs, even as we and Illinois go down the tubes. Oh right!! Illinois. Who came from there?

Right, no pretzel anytime soon from there.

3. BooHooHooMan - 6 July 2010


Democratic campaign committees losing big Wall Street donors

Welp.™ There goes the cheapass poll peddling consultants. 😆

G’Day all.
BiBi is in DC today.
To meet with President Emanuel.
The Regional Managers meeting thing. Oh and with whatsisname.
Barry the Kringle Guy somebody.

marisacat - 6 July 2010

Bibi is a JAP. Fer shur.

mattes - 7 July 2010

I finally figured out what bebe is fighting for….the right to write and control the history.

He makes me shake. Like Cheney.

[In horror]

marisacat - 7 July 2010

why bother to pick one to shake over ? They are all in it together. Yes I realise Obby wanted Tzipi… who after all was only a state killer, member of 4 man teams dispatched to Europe. hell it was on the FP of the UK Independent two years ago.

So, Tzipi is better? She doesn’t wear Palestinian skin?

mattes - 7 July 2010

What choice does Obama have? Bebe has no soul at all.

Bebee reads his bible often….hey! since when does he call it a bible?? Did he convert and we all missed it.

marisacat - 7 July 2010

I know…. Little Obby, minor Chicago fixer, is never quilty. He is just presidential flotsam.

Baker and GHW caved and they were made of sterner stuff. Esp Baker.

mattes - 7 July 2010

Larry king too.

4. marisacat - 6 July 2010

Wow… bullshit a go go.

Biden to Mike Allen (they had a loosey goosey in Iraq before take off)

President Obama getting credit for smooth transition: “I think America wins. And that sounds corny. But I think America gets credit here in the region. And I think everybody deserves credit – everyone from George Bush to [President Obama] …. I think what Americans will recognize is that there aren’t body counts. .. that they got 95,000 people home. … [W]e’ll at least be able to point to it and say, ‘We told you what we were going to do, and we did it.’ And whether that means we should get any great credit or anything, that’s a different issue.”

Biden is reading (and we know because MA asked him) Malcolm Gladwell (The Outliers), Beinart’s “Liberal” drivel, something about how ONLY libs can win wars… and… Sebastian Junger’s ‘War”.

Of course Junger loves to refer to himself as “Left”. Oh I would pick something more organised and pro war for him…

5. marisacat - 6 July 2010

Nouriel Roubini is on CNBC right now, co-hosting Squawk Box, and we’ll update you as warranted with any notable quotes.

He hasn’t said anything about a double dip yet, but due to balance sheet constraints, he sees a slowdown in the US, Europe, Japan, and China. In other words: everywhere.

As for jobs, he believes the last two ugly months were not outliers, and show the real trend of the economy.

Read more: BI link

Roubini is wrong of course, because I just read in People mag that Biden said the Dems will do fine in Nov because by then, well you see … the US will be adding 100 – 200k in jobs. A MONTH.

“We’re going to continue to grow the economy. One month will not a determination make. We’re going to range — on average, by the time we get to Election Day — probably between 100,000 and 200,000 job creation a month. That’s not enough. But people are going to get the confidence that we at least have the ship moving in the right direction.”

And I double checked, he meant THIS November… 4 months.

ts - 6 July 2010

That’s all? Jeez, the economy needs to create 150,000 jobs a month just to employ new entrants to the labor force. I think they need to muzzle Biden pretty soon. Send him on a fact finding trip for 3-4 months. Course, we may get only 10% voter turnout because the people still employed can’t get the time off. I think that’s what they want.

marisacat - 6 July 2010

I read all the reporting at Politico on the Iraq trip… and it is, even by the measure of this administration (dumb fuck clucks on the loose) stunning.

I never could stand Biden but I heard last night he is another Vietnam deferment then, now a lousy war mongering chicken hawk. FIVE deferments. Right up there with Cheney….

They better bag, box and ship Biden somewhere. Tape hsi mouth.

mattes - 7 July 2010

>>>>>>>>> In other words: everywhere.<<

Invest in Israel. 😛

6. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 July 2010

BP Will Penalize Fishermen For Not Helping To Clean Up Their Toxic Mess.

Kindra Arnesen is the wife of a Gulf fisherman and she’s been kicking butt on exposing BP abuses. In this latest news, she’s discovered that BP is claiming is that if fishermen choose not to talk part in the oil spill cleanup, BP will consider that as potential income declined and deduct it from their claims.

marisacat - 6 July 2010

She is the one whose vids are disappearing all over, FOX, Australian 60 Minutes, PBS Lehrer and so on… DU and Susie Madrak (working outside her Dem party operative/consultant hat, for a minute) do have her vids and transcripts…

ALSO, I assume, without knowing, that KA is getting traction in some Gulf areas, there is a general, broad based, smack down of her going on at The Oil Drum. Lots of “wow she coulda been an activist and instead she is getting all messed up wtih conspiracy theories”.


marisacat - 6 July 2010

…and deduct it from their claims.

oh but…… isn’t the revered Mr Feinberg runnng that show?

Yeah right.

NOLA.com, The Times Picayune has a editorial up that the system of reimbursement is still a muddled mess. WIth BP saying one thing, Feinberg another and Obby staring off into space. So surprising!! for the gang that cannot shoot.

7. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 July 2010
8. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 July 2010
9. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 July 2010
marisacat - 6 July 2010

Well the die was cast when this was declared a national security issue… and now it is even tighter, more tightly under DHS… and the so excellent Janet Nap.

Both BP and the US gov are hiding behind the other’s skirts. And wig and make-up.

10. marisacat - 6 July 2010

uh oh.

The solar company (we is green! we is!) in Fremont Cali (over in the East Bay, high high high unemployment)… the one that Obby gave a half billion stumble money to…is hiring Vietnamese engineers… bringing them over, expenses paid, I guess a DC paid for bundle of H1B visas at the ready… and 400 cash USD a month.

Off to see if I can find a print media or blog report on this…

Madman in the Marketplace - 6 July 2010


good luck paying off those student loans kids …

marisacat - 6 July 2010

yeah… I could not find a story on that particular compnay, if the story is that specific and that dirty, AZ should go at it tooth and nail and name names……

but I found enough attys (read “visa chop shops”) that handle H1-B and other various visa types, for all sorts of low cost skilled jobs, engineering, nursing and so forth. Soft ware, programmers.

Saying they handle from India, Ukraine, Vietnam and so on….

Nothing new of course, but 400 USD a month would be a new low.

I had heard things like 20, 30, 40 K for the imported workers as opposed to higher salaries for native born… but I had never heard of 7K a year.

Well, til now.

Wave buh buy to the USA, such as it was.

Madman in the Marketplace - 6 July 2010

what I find most galling about management/owner types is how they will bleat on and on about how money has to be spent for “top talent” when it’s about THEIR pay packages, but everyone else is supposed to be grateful for non-living wages.

marisacat - 6 July 2010

oh I agree…

It is the whole scheme, top to bottom, that is wrong.

11. marisacat - 6 July 2010

“Spontaneous Hun”, I like it, it gave me a laugh…. other than that, it is a sad story of propaganda, the drought that was not there and the suspension, short of death, of a long swath of the Central Valley, the West Side.

At the end of June and an 18-month campaign, the Spontaneous Hun, our governor, and other legislative lackeys of the finance, insurance and real estate interests, announced they will now try to rally enough votes to remove the $11-billion water bond from the November ballot. This after heroic efforts of bribery and corruption to get the proposition on the ballot last year. But that was then – “the third year of the drought” – and this is now, with 150 per cent of normal snowpack melting in the Sierra.

For nearly two years, the California public has been submitted to a fear campaign suitable for herding rodents, managed by Burson-Marsteller in the pay of the most special of special interests in our corrupt, indebted, failing state. Every conceivable horror was trotted out in favor of the peripheral canal and the Sacramento and Stockton developers and construction companies that would build it: crumbling Delta levees would leave 23 million without fresh water; America would die of scurvy for lack of west side lettuce; humanity had lost its values preferring the salvation of some fish species over the starvation of up to 80,000 workers on the west side (psssst – the total population of the west side is nowhere near 80,000 and west side agriculture is the most highly mechanized agriculture on the face of the earth); there would be a huge drop in agricultural productivity (Fresno County reported a 4.5-percent drop – not much). …

12. marisacat - 7 July 2010

oh noes. Looking for the story (prolly have to drag myself to NYT or WP… ) but apparently WH is pulling Obby back… not HIS idea to sue AZ… no … it was Holder’s idea.

So…… let’s elect HOLDER. Or Hillary who announced the suit in a TV interview in ECUADOR.

OK: countdown. He won’t even run for re-elect.

marisacat - 7 July 2010

Yup.. wapo

The White House has said the decision to challenge Arizona’s immigration law was out of its hands, left completely up to Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. and the lawyers at the Justice Department.

But the implications of the suit filed Tuesday are potentially huge for President Obama and the Democratic Party as the election season begins in earnest later this summer. The federal lawsuit all but ensures a politically charged immigration debate will be in the spotlight in many crucial House and Senate contests. [well, it was going to be anyway… fwiw –Mcat]

Obama will be called upon frequently in the next several months to make the government’s case that the Arizona measure unlawfully preempts federal law. As he campaigns for Democrats at town hall meetings around the country, it will be Obama — not Holder — who will be at the center of the intense discussion. [did the WH not think of this? Guess not. Remember, Obby not too swift, thinking on his feet… –Mcat]

A senior Democratic strategist said Obama will probably seek to avoid directly defending the government’s suit, or attacking the Arizona law, which remains popular in most polls. Americans largely see the law as an effort to do something about illegal immigration in the wake of federal inaction.


And they weren’t lookin’ too strong as it was.

13. Madman in the Marketplace - 7 July 2010

fucking corporatist asshole …

Finance columnist explains capitalism to children: take things without paying, then sell them

I pushed the button to roll down the window and stuck my head out to set them straight.

“You must charge something for the lemonade,” I explained. “That’s the whole point of a lemonade stand. You figure out your costs — how much the lemonade costs, and the cups — and then you charge a little more than what it costs you, so you can make money. Then you can buy more stuff, and make more lemonade, and sell it and make more money…”

No wonder America is getting it all wrong when it comes to government, and taxes, and policy. We all act as if the “lemonade” or benefits we’re “giving away” is free.

14. Madman in the Marketplace - 7 July 2010
15. mattes - 7 July 2010

bib…i, on larry king….could not keep track of all the lies….

So….Israel is one of the greatest democracies in the world…..AND when every other country in the world is suffering financially….israel has one of the strongest economies in the world??? Well, that one I believe.

….and why is that????

The trillion dollar question.

marisacat - 7 July 2010

israel has one of the strongest economies in the world???

please, Israel is the GF… we pay her way. We help her wear all that clothing made from Palestinian skin.

mattes - 7 July 2010

oh..do you think Israel got sold any of those worthless securities? I mean, they have an Israeli on the board over at Goldman’s….and even Iceland bought them….they were such a good deal….

I hear Greece is now Israel’s best friend. hm. wonder how that happened?

BooHooHooMan - 7 July 2010

Who would do that to a GF? Especially when they fuck us so well.

My point in the wordplay mattes is that it’s not inconsistent..And that beauty BiBi , Liar that he is, is blowing smoke. They may be the Tops the tower of Pisa? Babel? LOL Whatev – top of the heap, but it’s still a heap. Things aren’t so rosy in Israel. Let me grab a link here. Back in a sec.

BooHooHooMan - 7 July 2010

Here. via Haaretz. “Dan Ben-David, a professor of economics at Tel Aviv University and executive director of the Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel “ “State of the Nation Report” LOL (Welp, somebody’s nabbed THAT tagline!

Anyways. a decent read..

Israeli economic growth: How it went wrong
The State of the Nation report on Israeli society, economics and policy is in places an alarming read, and not just because of what it reveals about the extent of poverty, economic inequality and Israel’s abysmal education system.
By Nathan Lipson


Very poor turnout in DC yesterday 300 people. Sweltering heat tho. Of organized groups, a tacit no arrest agreement developed around the low turnout ….Squat for media coverage , some photags, more spooks with cameras than journo’s , tho AP got a hold of some footage..A.N.S.W.E.R had the most people, then the Anti Zionist Orthodox Rabbis. Then everywhere Medea everywhere but it becomes necessarily fractal. Corporate Utility Protests Amalgamated or something… a….PROBLEM.

Fainting couches ready for those I’ve only met in WebSpace.
The Rebbes are really decent peeps, if you ask me. IMO,the way- too- overdressed- for- summer Neturei Karta 😀 are Very VERY good parlaying with younger Zionist leaning yet open minded college kids. If people Medea and my age range haven’t figured it out by now , forget it.. Just my opinion. They can and are willing to do political damage.

Now. Their theological underpinnings aside, ( God deigned the Diaspora, ) they are really on BiBi’s ass over the brutality and have this other beef over grave excavations to plow ahead with building projects. Something anybody can understand. I dunno what to think long term given the long sordid history of co-opted resistance movements in the US. Part of the problem with umbrella orgs. But as near as I can tell they seem to have legitimate conscientious objections. Politically tho , no doubt about it, they present a challenge to the IDF Orthodoxy Orthodoxy.

One other thing: They AIN”T WORKIN FOR OBAMA And THE DP.

I’m wiped. I’m out.

marisacat - 8 July 2010

There has been polling in recent years that indicates young Jews have nothing near what previous generations had for this intense, $elf $acrificing (Cash for Israel!!! Cash for Jews who must flee to Israel!!! Cash! Cash for Elie Wiesel! Cash to hunt old dead Naxis!!!! Etc!!) love of Israel, nor the frantic promotion of All Things Jewish.

Which of course has Israel nervous as all hell.

Not enough people are tired of endless war but more and more are. Aside from the suicidal cost. Not that that will stop the murdering USA!!!USA!!!ers and the murdering IDF/Israelis/Global-Jews-for-War-Forever crews..

If only the jig were up.

mattes - 8 July 2010

As with all cycles, the outcome is inevitable.

And I agree, the greatest danger to Zionism is the awaking of young jews, especially the young jewish intellectuals not afraid of their own…..history repeats.

mattes - 8 July 2010

testie…don’t think my comments are imbedding correctly.

marisacat - 8 July 2010

it may be that the thread is worn out and replies no longer go where they should… sorry about that… … 😳

Will get a new thread up… I kind of drifted today…

16. mattes - 7 July 2010

Obama gifted them an extra 40 million this year, and delivered new sancious on Iran….the Jewish Congress has spoken {for Palestians state}, and “people” are looking at all the american non-profits that don’t pay taxes….but manage to send millions to support the settlers and land thief…I think Obama has been giving the go head. Might be wrong.

17. marisacat - 8 July 2010

Pick up sticks… child’s play on the sidewalks. It just looks like “nabbing terrists”.

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:

Reports: Three Suspected al-Qaida Members Arrested in Norway Bombing Plot Linked to Targets in New York and England.

BooHooHooMan - 8 July 2010

{Summer Blockbuster Trailer voice}

Just when you thought you were safe.
The Ancient Viking / al Qaeda threat is BACK.
(Oh. and WITH SHARKS.) 😯 (And inchoate romantic sub plot)

Rather formulaic, but hey:
An overwhelmed American POTUS stares at the Radar Screen in the Situation Room where the Viking / Al Qaeda bearing wooden ship is traxked as it rows across the Atlantic towards the OIL SPILL. Oooo! This goes on for a month and a half with the row row raw da boat they’re getting getting closer / drama thing. .
What’d’ya want from me – it’s a very looooong movie. So we’ll skip to the end.

Spoiler Alert: Just when it looks really, really I MEAN REALLY BAD the POTUS finally DEPLOYS the Navy’s Top Secret KICK ASS MERMAID who Was(unbeknownst to the Public) in on the Oil Disaster thing – (given all the COOL SHIT the Prezdent does without anybody knowin’) So yeh, she WAS on the Oil thing ,see, ( BUT Which she HAS to get back to BTW) . It is SHE who (cue Phil Collins Against All Odds™) It is SHE who is given “the mission” to “deal with” the Vikings / Slash ‘ Qaeda. AND ..etc. KICK ASS etc.


18. marisacat - 8 July 2010

hmm I guess it is an invasion… more than a few “advisors”, certainly… 45 warships of varous sorts, 7000 marines (did we finally find a beach, a littoral for them to land on?)

We WILL be stopping the drugs in CR. Gambling tooo I would imagine.

So, is this Obby seeing Reagan on Granada and raising him?

catnip - 8 July 2010

46 ships and 7,000 marines? Maybe it’s just me but that kind of seems like a bit of an overreaction…

mattes - 8 July 2010

Couldn’t we use them somehow in the gulf?

Or is this all staging for something big?

catnip - 8 July 2010

Maybe they’re planning to surround Mexico or Chavez is in their sites… (?!)

That really is overkill. Something’s up.

Madman in the Marketplace - 8 July 2010

how can you say that … don’tcha know that the democratically elected leader of Venezuela is a Stalinist dictator?!?!

You need to watch more Fox and CNN, my commie friend.


BooHooHooMan - 8 July 2010

Just a few days ago, Hugo Nationalized 11 oil rigs owned by Helmerich & Payne an Okie firm And they and the rest of the OilCo’s are going apeshit about it. Seems like a staging operation to me.

Who knows what our overlords are up too. Petraeus talking victory in AfPakIraq. Barry just sucked BiBi dry. Hillary still selling Iran. McCain, interestingly in a gotta be bullshit way, trotted out to sat Israel would NOT be attacking Iran. Open talk of us invading Mexico going on for how long now? Talk about a bad trip, sheesh..

marisacat - 8 July 2010

I’ll move this to the new thread…

19. mattes - 8 July 2010


That seems out of the blue?

20. marisacat - 8 July 2010

wow… a federal judge in Boston declares the ban on gay marriage in DOMA is UNCONSTITUTIONAL…

and we have a verdict in the killing of an unarmed black man by a BART cop, in Oakland New Years morning a year and a half ago……. they will announce at 4 pm…

Madman in the Marketplace - 8 July 2010

John Cole on the verdict:

Mehserle got four years, maximum. Did the jury watched the damned video:

Four years for casually pulling your gun and murdering someone. It’s good to be a gangsta.

*** Update ***

Pretty much:

Mehserle will do less time for shooting & killing Oscar Grant than Plaxico Burress is doing for shooting himself in the leg…

marisacat - 8 July 2010

I thought the Plaxico sentencing was horrible…

Well I can see Mehserle serving less than 4, that would be full application of the minimum for each, for Involuntary Manslaughter which can be probation, or 2 – 4 – 6… the verdict came down with a guilty on “gun enhancement”, which also carries 2 – 4 – 6, depending.

Basically, this is the “advancement”… 50 years ago, no arrest no trial, 25 years ago, if even brought to trial, NG.

This is what we have.

Madman in the Marketplace - 8 July 2010

“progress” by inches

marisacat - 8 July 2010

well, by facade.

At this point Mehserle could come out of this, go for a JD become an atty and defend cops thru his career.

21. catnip - 8 July 2010

Spidey senses about LeBron James (like I know anything about him!): he stays in Cleveland.

catnip - 8 July 2010


Good thing I didn’t bet on that. 🙂

Can everybody and their dog please stop talking about him now??

marisacat - 8 July 2010

Maybe if you call Paul the Octopus he can give you lessons in clairvoyance. …. :mrgreen:

22. Madman in the Marketplace - 8 July 2010
marisacat - 8 July 2010

so is this Hopey Chewey?


Thanks for the laugh…

23. Madman in the Marketplace - 8 July 2010

A good summation on Barry’s economy speech today: … we’re all Hoovercrats now.

24. Madman in the Marketplace - 8 July 2010
25. marisacat - 8 July 2010

new post… well just a photo and a thread.. 😉


……………………………………….. 😯

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