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Knock knock 12 July 2010

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

Wouldn’t be my choice (read spin) for the Official WH Flickr page… but hey…

Image: The White House via Flickr

President Barack Obama knocks as he enters Larry Summers’ office in the West Wing of the White House, June 8, 2010. Summers is Director of the National Economic Council. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)




1. marisacat - 12 July 2010

No matter what, BP won’t respect us in the morning. But we WILL, via media and government, cover its ass. Over and over.


2. davidly - 12 July 2010

Nice that Summers has a door-slightly-ajar policy for the Rama.

marisacat - 12 July 2010

what a pair, eh?

Madman in the Marketplace - 12 July 2010

I think he WANTS Obama to catch him blowing a banker.

3. marisacat - 12 July 2010

well whoops… mass shooting (6 dead + wounded) at a solar and fiber optics manufacture in Albuquerque NM

Shot 5 dead and himself.

Now had it been 2 and himself, likely not too much coverage…

Madman in the Marketplace - 12 July 2010

on NPR the sheriff was quoting as having “counted wrong” … how do you count bodies wrong?

catnip - 12 July 2010

You went to school in Texas?

(Sorry, brinn!) 😉

brinn - 13 July 2010

You don’t have to apologize to me, catnip — I didn’t go to school here! I only wish my kids didn’t have to! 😦

marisacat - 12 July 2010

isn’t that amazing, I just woke up and noticed the new numbers when I went to check the news sites.

Yes how do you miscount dead bodies in a small environment..

4. catnip - 12 July 2010

Just had a wicked hail storm here. Damaged my garden and most of my flowers although I was able to rescue a few pots of flowers out in front before it hit. 😦

Damn hail. I knew this was going to happen. I might be able to salvage some potatoes and garlic. Not sure what else.

marisacat - 12 July 2010

oh no catnip! I am so sorry to hear that happened…

catnip - 12 July 2010

Thanks. 😦

5. catnip - 12 July 2010
brinn - 12 July 2010

Thanks for that one, catnip…as I always suspected!

brinn - 12 July 2010

Oh and sorry ’bout the hail damage — the weather will be kicking us hard in the ass, wherever we live, for the foreseeable future….

catnip - 12 July 2010

Thanks. Why does mother nature hate catnip??

It’s been so many years since I’ve had a veggie garden. 😦 Hail is always a risk in July here though.

6. ts - 12 July 2010

Not surprisingly, the IDF found that their assault and murder of nine flotilla members was completely justified.

catnip - 12 July 2010

No one could have foreseen the breech of the levies… Surprise!!

7. Madman in the Marketplace - 12 July 2010
8. Madman in the Marketplace - 12 July 2010

Dan Savage

This piece is a good example of something most straight people don’t seem to realize: the Christian haters have an anti-straight agenda too. They don’t just want to stop gay people from getting “so-called” married (or from “so-called” civil unionizing or from “so-called” joining the Army or from “so-called” holding a job). They also want to put a stop to abortion (and they now define contraception as abortion), hetero divorce, hetero pre-marital sex, and hetero “gentleman’s clubs,” porn, etc., and all other “violations of natural law” that threaten “our continued existence as a nation.”

And once they ban and/or stop all that, then America’s brides—at least the “so-called” straight ones—can go back to wearing “shining white” gowns at their weddings.

marisacat - 12 July 2010

it’s always interesting that people don’t “get” that it is all connected… AND connected to loss of a secular public space, appropriate government social safety net (“maybe the churches can help you”) AND to war.

9. catnip - 12 July 2010
Madman in the Marketplace - 12 July 2010

was it the hail?

catnip - 12 July 2010

No – 2 heart attacks and a broken back all before any hail hit.

catnip - 12 July 2010

Another horse down tonite during the chuckwagon races that had to be euthanized.

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 12 July 2010
11. marisacat - 13 July 2010

geesh… over night marijuana busts in SF, just hearing on the early am local TV all news channel.

Several busts.

What a waste… (of time and everything else).

12. lucid - 13 July 2010

Out of curiosity, has anyone bothered to listen to the Mel Gibson tapes? They kinda remind me of one Jason Melrath…

marisacat - 13 July 2010

hmm heard the longer cuts being played on media… but I have not gone to Radar to listen…

He seethes with hatred, I’d say that much.

Did he leave any group out? Women, Blacks, Browns.. Illegals. hmm maybe he did not hit Asians…

Mel should shut up and pray I guess [snicker]

lucid - 13 July 2010

I was thinking more of the constant repetition of ‘cunt-whore’… But yeah as a whole, yikes!

marisacat - 13 July 2010

ohh yeah he was really hot for that combination of words… I reemmber there was some word Melrath added to cunt… but I forget what it was…

less than charming fellows, deep issues… 😆

Madman in the Marketplace - 13 July 2010
marisacat - 13 July 2010

I nominate a Baldwin brother to join in…………

😆 … :mrgreen: …. 🙄 ….

catnip - 13 July 2010


Not Stephen though. He’s Christian!

marisacat - 13 July 2010

R, dry drunk (they say), Xtian (they say).

Gee who does that sound like?

catnip - 13 July 2010

I can think of more than a few famous assholes.

marisacat - 13 July 2010

snicker snax!!

13. marisacat - 13 July 2010

Nooooo …. Obviously we were not born under a brightly lit bulb. Gah:

California state parks and the NAACP have a terrible idea: spend $100 million to buy Michael Jackson’s famous Neverland ranch, according to SacBee:

A resolution is in the works to order state parks officials to study converting the roughly 2,600-acre property into a state park. The state NAACP is backing the idea, and a lawmaker has signaled he is on board to carry the legislation.

“I think Michael’s history is world history and I think it would become the No. 1 attraction for the state parks if we could pull it off,” said state NAACP President Alice Huffman, who also serves on the state Parks Commission.

Spectacularly bad timing…

14. Madman in the Marketplace - 13 July 2010

boy, this is just TOO funny:

Harry Reid on President Obama: ‘He Doesn’t Like Confrontation,’ Isn’t ‘Tough Enough’ On Repubs

“On a few occasions, I think he should have been more firm with those on the other side of the aisle,” Reid explained. “He is a person who doesn’t like confrontation. He’s a peacemaker. And sometimes I think you have to be a little more forceful. And sometimes I don’t think he is enough with the Republicans.”


marisacat - 13 July 2010

So Obby and Gibbs and the rest of the whiners can now bitch about Reid AND FOX News?

Ad this to Gibbs glibly stating a good chance to the lose the House (they hope! just my opinion!) to th Republicans and the week can only go UP!


Madman in the Marketplace - 13 July 2010

they really are funny.

15. Madman in the Marketplace - 13 July 2010

Anthony Bourdain’s tribute to Harvey Pekar:

A few days ago, the city of Cleveland lost a truly great and important man. And I’m not talking about LeBron James. A hundred years from now, few–other than a few sports nerds–will remember him as much more than statistics on a long ago basketball court.

They will, however, remember Harvey Pekar, whose life and works will surely remain an enduring reference point of late 20th and early 21st century cultural history. Like those other giants of their eras, Twain, Whitman, Dos Passos, Kerouac, Kesey, the times he lived in cannot adequately be remembered without him.

It is true enough to say that he was the “poet laureate of Cleveland” or to describe his American Splendor as “Homeric”, but those descriptives are still inadequate. He was the perfect man for his times, straddling…everything: the underground comic revolution of the 60’s, the creation and transformation of the graphic novel, independent film, television, music (the classic jazz he championed relentlessly throughout his life).

He was famed as a “curmudgeon”, a “crank” and a “misanthrope” yet found beauty and heroism where few others even bothered to look. In a post-ironic and post-Seinfeldian universe he was the last romantic–his work sincere, heartfelt, alternately dead serious and wryly affectionate. The last man standing to wonder out loud, “what happened here?”

His continuing compulsion to wonder what’s wrong with everybody else was both source of entertainment and the only position of conscience a man could take.

After all, Cleveland, the city he lived in and loved, had, he reminded us, lost half it’s population since the 1950s. A place whose great buildings and bridges and factories had once exemplified 20th century optimism needed its Harvey Pekar.

“What went wrong here?” is an unpopular question with the type of city fathers and civic boosters for whom convention centers and pedestrian malls are the answers to all society’s ills but Harvey captured and chronicled every day what was–and will always be–beautiful about Cleveland: the still majestic gorgeousness of what once was–the uniquely quirky charm of what remains, the delightfully offbeat attitude of those who struggle to go on in a city they love and would never dream of leaving.

What a two minute overview might depict as a dying, post-industrial town, Harvey celebrated as a living, breathing, richly textured society.

marisacat - 13 July 2010

I was just reading the tribute at Dennis Perrin to Pekar

Madman in the Marketplace - 13 July 2010

Thanks for that link.

When I was caring for a dear friend going through chemo, I found Harvey’s “Our Cancer Year” to be weirdly comforting. It made the horrors of dealing with the poisons and indifferent factory medicine and watching a loved one suffer the treatments seem a little less alien, a little more real and survivable.

marisacat - 13 July 2010

it’s been a few years… but the woman who played the character ”Pat” on snl did a great movie/vid of her brother’s illness cancer and then her own dx… it was called Ha!

I loved emma thompson’s “Wit”, too….

Madman in the Marketplace - 13 July 2010

I need to watch those sometime.

marisacat - 13 July 2010

oh I laughed a lot at “HA!”… it was a hoot. She is a scream on her religious parents…

“Wit” is a lot more serious…

ts - 14 July 2010

Julia Sweeney – she had a one woman show about it too, I think.

16. marisacat - 13 July 2010

ugh I see BP is going to wait af ew days before.. oh I don’t know what, tightening the latest biggest (1) condom.

Anything to end this. Which will never end. Not in my life time…

[A] series of methodical, preliminary steps were completed before progress stalled. Engineers spent hours on a seismic survey, creating a map of the rock under the sea floor to spot potential dangers, like gas pockets. It also provides a baseline to compare with later surveys during and after the test to see if the pressure on the well is causing underground problems.

An unstable area around the wellbore could create bigger problems if the leak continued elsewhere in the well after the cap valves were shut, experts said.

“It’s an incredibly big concern,” said Don Van Nieuwenhuise, director of Professional Geoscience Programs at the University of Houston. “They need to get a scan of where things are, that way when they do pressure testing, they know to look out for ruptures or changes.”

It was unclear whether there was something in the results of the mapping that prompted officials to delay. Earlier, BP Vice President Kent Wells said he hadn’t heard what the results were, but he felt “comfortable that they were good.”

The Oil Drum ha been saying that right now, the pressure they find is a big indicator… if low, big trouble unseen problems with the riser…, if higher then things are better, no leaks from the riser. (that is lame as my understanding is lame… 😆 )

marisacat - 13 July 2010

Gee. I should let AP do it for me!

Experts said stopping the oil too quickly could blow the cap off or further damage the well.

Scientists will be looking for high pressure readings of 8,000 to 9,000 pounds per square inch. Anything lower than 6,000 might indicate previously unidentified leaks in the well.

“What we can’t tell is the current condition of the wellbore below the seafloor,” Allen said. “That is the purpose of the well integrity test.”

If the cap cannot handle the pressure, or leaks are found, BP will have to reopen the valves and let some of the oil out. In that case, BP is ready to collect the crude by piping it to as many as four vessels on the surface

17. Madman in the Marketplace - 13 July 2010

So, those plot on that History Channel show is completely unbelievable.

I think the worst offender here is the History Channel and all their programs on the so-called “World War II”.

Let’s start with the bad guys. Battalions of stormtroopers dressed in all black, check. Secret police, check. Determination to brutally kill everyone who doesn’t look like them, check. Leader with a tiny villain mustache and a tendency to go into apopleptic rage when he doesn’t get his way, check. All this from a country that was ordinary, believable, and dare I say it sometimes even sympathetic in previous seasons.

I wouldn’t even mind the lack of originality if they weren’t so heavy-handed about it. Apparently we’re supposed to believe that in the middle of the war the Germans attacked their allies the Russians, starting an unwinnable conflict on two fronts, just to show how sneaky and untrustworthy they could be? And that they diverted all their resources to use in making ever bigger and scarier death camps, even in the middle of a huge war? Real people just aren’t that evil. And that’s not even counting the part where as soon as the plot requires it, they instantly forget about all the racism nonsense and become best buddies with the definitely non-Aryan Japanese.

Not that the good guys are much better. Their leader, Churchill, appeared in a grand total of one episode before, where he was a bumbling general who suffered an embarrassing defeat to the Ottomans of all people in the Battle of Gallipoli. Now, all of a sudden, he’s not only Prime Minister, he’s not only a brilliant military commander, he’s not only the greatest orator of the twentieth century who can convince the British to keep going against all odds, he’s also a natural wit who is able to pull out hilarious one-liners practically on demand. I know he’s supposed to be the hero, but it’s not realistic unless you keep the guy at least vaguely human.

So it’s pretty standard “shining amazing good guys who can do no wrong” versus “evil legions of darkness bent on torture and genocide” stuff, totally ignoring the nuances and realities of politics. The actual strategy of the war is barely any better. Just to give one example, in the Battle of the Bulge, a vastly larger force of Germans surround a small Allied battalion and demand they surrender or be killed. The Allied general sends back a single-word reply: “Nuts!”. The Germans attack, and, miraculously, the tiny Allied force holds them off long enough for reinforcements to arrive and turn the tide of battle. Whoever wrote this episode obviously had never been within a thousand miles of an actual military.

Probably the worst part was the ending. The British/German story arc gets boring, so they tie it up quickly, have the villain kill himself (on Walpurgisnacht of all days, not exactly subtle) and then totally switch gears to a battle between the Americans and the Japanese in the Pacific. Pretty much the same dichotomy – the Japanese kill, torture, perform medical experiments on prisoners, and frickin’ play football with the heads of murdered children, and the Americans are led by a kindly old man in a wheelchair.


CSTAR - 13 July 2010

I don’t have cable, so the only time I see this stuff is when I turn the TV on in a hotel room. Inevitably, the same thing: Grainy black and white images with stock images of tanks flashing across the screen, the mustached guy “in apopleptic rage”, bombs dropping on railway yards, explosions. I then the turn the TV off or maybe I’ll watch the trailing five minutes of some episode of Lewd and Disorder. It doesn’t make any sense anyway.

marisacat - 13 July 2010

Too often at least one if not two of the 5 or so PBS channels is running something war related now… Mostly historic stuff, puff your chest out stuff… Greatest hoohoo..

AND the mil is running ads on PBS as well, at least here they are… it all morphs together.

18. marisacat - 13 July 2010

hmmfrom The Oil Drum:

[new] nepeta on July 13, 2010 – 9:01pm

Here’s the text, this time from CNN:

“The oil giant had expected the tests — to check pressure in the well and determine if it can be sealed once and for all — to get under way Tuesday afternoon.

But late Tuesday night, BP announced that additional analysis of the well testing procedure was needed. The move following a meeting with Energy Secretary Steven Chu and his team of advisers.

A source informed about BP operations told CNN’s John King that, “There were some potential complications that might cause a delay — some bad, some in the better to be safe than sorry category.”

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catnip - 13 July 2010

Shouldn’t that read “Nobel-prize winning Energy Secretary Steven Chu”?

19. marisacat - 14 July 2010

hmm Watching the military parade down the Champs Elysees iN paris… for Bastille day.

And it is pouring…coming down in sheets at times…

20. marisacat - 14 July 2010



………………………… 8)

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