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Spectacular fail *is* a reason to end it… 19 July 2010

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, Afghanistan War, Culture of Death, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Israel/AIPAC, Lie Down Fall Down Dems, WAR!.

The Boys back in May, 2009 at fav Ray’s Hell Burger in Arlington. (AP)

From the Fox News report:

The president has said he wants to keep his finger on the pulse of the regular guy, but traveling with his “Regular Joe” deputy in a massive motorcade is certainly not something your average Joe can do.

Nonetheless, the two waited patiently in the food line at the Arlington, Va burger joint amongst surprised customers and Obama even pulled out his own cash to pay for both his and the press’ food. He also tossed a 5-buck tip into the tip jar. [big guy big tip — Mcat]

When the food came, Obama ushered the press out, in what appeared to be his attempt to focus on solving the world’s ills with the veep from his perch on a stool at Ray’s.


Tho who knows what the real objective was in Afghanistan… another headline at The Guardian said there is a water shortage in Kabul. The bomber that made it to the market in Kabul, killing three yesterday, crossed thru the (don’t make me laugh too hard) “ring of steel”.

For years now it is said, all we hold (and we should drop it and flee) IS Kabul, for however long we can hold it.

The US military build-up in Kandahar is likely to further strengthen the hold of the Taliban over the vital southern Afghanistan city, a highly respected security organisation said today in a bleak report warning of record Taliban violence and rising civilian deaths across the country.

The report by the Afghanistan NGO Security Office, which monitors trends in violence on behalf of aid organisations, said Nato’s counter-insurgency strategy was not showing any signs of succeeding amid rising violence, the unchecked establishment of local militias and a huge increase in attacks on private development workers across the country.

It revealed that June marked a record for Taliban attacks – up 51% on the previous year to 1,319 operations.  snip

Marjah, which was utterly misrepresented in every way, from build up to assault, to the American people (those listening) failed. Kandahar shows every sign of failing (whatever that may be) and both are, in a new report assessing NATO and US Afghan war expeditions, compared to Helmand. Which failed.

[I]t was sceptical that the next stage of the operation, in and around Kandahar, would be any better. It said the operation was “very unlikely to be the ‘breaking point’ of the Taliban”.

“It seems more likely to go the way of Operation Moshtarak, in Helmand, with lots of public ballyhoo around the actions of the IMF while the Afghan ‘partners’ discreetly pursue their own, often countervailing, agendas.”

It added that the military buildup in Kandahar, which will see fighting take place in districts surrounding the city in the autumn, “will cause a significant rise in support for the armed opposition in Kandahar and, with that, make eventual Taliban ascendency feasible”.   snip

Here is an idea: Let the people have their own country…

However, I don’t see us giving up our long distance race wars and slave patrolling.  Seems to be our evil hobby.

It also raised concerns about the increasing use of local people to defend their own villages – a strategy that David Petraeus, the US commander of Nato forces in the country, is strongly in favour of expanding.

There were already cases of the so-called “militias” causing the same problems as the 1963 South Vietnamese Self Defence Corps, including partnering with insurgents to steal from the local population, the report said.

Could we stop killing people? Here and there? All the theres?




1. blackwatertown - 19 July 2010

Interesting comments on Afghanistan – worrying about Marjah – Kandahar parallels.
Good choice of pictures in your blog generally speaking.

marisacat - 19 July 2010

well… I can’t say I am “worrying”… more like terminal irritation.

brinn - 19 July 2010

OXOXO MCat — we’re all terminal, worried or not, some of us are just dying faster than others!


catnip - 19 July 2010

Well, that brightened my day! 😛

2. catnip - 19 July 2010

From the last thread re: nyceve. She used that title for her diary, “These are the facts, speaking out is not disloyal” because she has been repeatedly attacked by Obama worshipers for posting about facts/deficiencies in the so-called health insurance reform bill. She’s taken a beating. (Just look at the comments in that diary is you can load the page. It’s bloody insane. They will attack her no matter what she writes. They seem to think they’re descendants of Joe McCarthy.)

And when you have propagandists like blackwaterdog (of the gushing Obama is my teen idol photo diary genre) say it’s “almost a treason” to criticize Obama and going on about how liberals are racists, yes, there’s a certain pack of people over there who see any criticism of Obamalama’s polices as being “disloyal”. They’re quite fond of telling critics to go to RedState so they won’t harsh their little ObamaLuv buzz.

As far as nyceve’s work goes, I think (and I’ve told her in the comments) that she and slinkerwink made a huge mistake caving on single payer and the PO and giving in to this farce of a bill. The “pass it now, fix it later” (yeah, right) movement. I give her kudos for volunteering at and promoting free clinics though. It’s sad that those are even necessary.

catnip - 19 July 2010

Typical denial FAIL.

Which is just like the “argument” they had about whether or not Obama campaigned on the PO. That crew actually thought they could deny it by challenging what the definition of “campaigned on” meant. They’re worse than Bush’s 20 percenters. At least those wingnuts didn’t sit around and drool over pics of him and his family day in and day out.

marisacat - 19 July 2010

The campaign was the advertisement. They fell for it. Hard knocks trying to make it look good NOW.

marisacat - 19 July 2010

I am sure she has (taken harsh criticism), but for years and years she was a resident propagandist… I am nto saying she was paid or anything… just my opinion.

The place is idiotic…

Obama… a tattered band aid, by serving the PTB and faking it (and doing it badly) to the all too quiescent population…. Basically.

Supporting him was pretending the tattered band aid was real or useful or going to help.

The nyceves of th world helped make it all appear real.

catnip - 19 July 2010

Well, that’s the thing with the vast majority there: they bitch and moan but come November they’ll march in lockstep anyway.

Did you see this WaPo story?

A hidden world, growing beyond control

Not surprising.

marisacat - 19 July 2010

I’ve been reading some of the side commentary around about it… but not made to the wapo yet. Lotta “talk” about cutting the fat but staying safe. Geesh, as if being safe had anything to do with anything here…

And quelle shock with 16 intell services. Or probably 17 by now (late afernoon PST)… as it grows daily.

catnip - 19 July 2010

They have to justify that huge waste of money somehow. Fear works.

3. marisacat - 19 July 2010

Ugh.. I slept thru the middle of the day and now catching up…

Nothing is reassuring in the Gulf… and that hideous underwater part so needed to end. Just end.

Via The Oil Drum, Gibbs apparently has confrimed ti is “leaking at the top” and at a distance:

The White House says the well is leaking at the top and a seep is 2 miles away. Here is the link:


TOD includes a snip from a release issued today:

The press release that the Admiral also issued today expresses concern over the possibility of a sub-surface leak.

Work must continue to better understand the lower than expected pressure readings. This work centers on two plausible scenarios, depletion of oil from the reservoir and potential leakage caused by damage to the well bore or casing.

While we are pleased that no oil is currently being released into the Gulf of Mexico and want to take all appropriate action to keep it that way, it is important that all decisions are driven by the science. Ultimately, we must ensure no irreversible damage is done which could cause uncontrolled leakage from numerous points on the sea floor.

4. marisacat - 19 July 2010

Speaking of “helping Obama”… in recent years there has been a wonderful little documentary, The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill… and in a couple of posts I have used stills from it and other photog shots of the hundreds of parrots we have in the City…

It is a tender sweet little documentary…and at some point I let myself watch the last quarter, which I had always avoided… A happy ending for the Telegraph Hill dweller (he married the documentarian) who fed and watched ovr and protected the birds for years… and a less happy ending for a couple of his favorites…

Anyway, along the way, I looked up his present day blog… This is a person who suffered for years, he was homeless for more than 10 years, til he had a fortuitous landing in a tiny little old shack on the Hill and his avocation of the birds…

But at his blog he chastised people who did not accept Obama’s health care mess as not understanding how incremental it must be.

You know, they wanted TOO FUCKING MUCH, and all at once. THEY did not understand.

I nearly spit blood.

Meanwhile now in SF, as of 2007 it is ILLEGAL to feed the wild parrots.

I completely understand an effort to get birds to forage… but imo that is not what is happening.


All part of a whole, cutting people off from medical care, help, assitance, joy in life.

Of course it is illegal to feed the wild pigeons in SF too, has been for 20 years.

All part of a whole.

I am so sick to death of it…

5. marisacat - 19 July 2010

As for the Gulf… it seems 24 hours later, memos later, press releases later and what’s a little leak between friends? Partners even.

By the evening news, the push I detect is, everything is OK, tourists should come on back to the beaches.

Might as well laugh… 😆

6. ms_xeno - 19 July 2010

Sorry if this has been posted before:

Facebook’s Censorship.

Just one more reason to be glad that I never wanted in on that shit anyway.

marisacat - 19 July 2010

oh no that has not been posted …. (kiss the kitties!)

ms_xeno - 19 July 2010

They’re quiet now. Praise Sekhmet. 😀

(I had to borrow money from my Mom because poor Butterscotch needs to go to the vet. I’m sure she could say “no” to me, but not to the only “grandchildren” she’ll ever have. :p

Madman in the Marketplace - 19 July 2010

they’re only quiet now because they’re plotting something for when you least expect it.

marisacat - 19 July 2010

Always plotting. The cats conspire…

ms_xeno - 19 July 2010

As a unified front, they’d be deadly. We’d never again be able to eat a meal at home. 😀

marisacat - 19 July 2010

o dear, what is th matter with Butterscotch… ???

Took me a year to face that Baby was my last cat, one reason is I simply could not afford vet bills anymore. Baby had a couple big-ish ones earlier this decade and it made me skittish

ms_xeno - 19 July 2010

For a wild-ish creature (both parents were feral) she has such delicate, princess-y skin. She stresses (because of The Sid’s bullying this time) and pulls on her own fur, and then her poor skin gets all red and scabby.

At least I know this time it’s not fleas setting her off. I’m making enough temping to keep on top of that.

Yeah, I know about the bills. 😦 One of the guys who recently fled the temp enclave (got a better offer) said right before he left that one of his cats got into the neighbors’ garage and drank some spilled poison: herbicide or some such. TWO GRAND worth of vet bills later, the cat mostly got better. Ouch.)

marisacat - 19 July 2010

ugh I had one cat that pulled out her own fur on her lower belly… the vet said middle aged stress… maybe oo much time alone. I did work full time, but I was home a lot… gah.

I cannot remember the treatment anymore, but thankfully one go, and whatever it was worked…

Around 2002 Baby got a series of repeat upper tract infections… god it added up…. and I never felt she was really adequately diagnosed either… we went thru round after round of antibiotic dosings… and as I could nto dose her myself (none of my tricks worked, none) I paid a vet tech to come here every day and dose her…

Fortunately she motorcycled the block and half to the house, parked in the drive here and then hopped on back with a parking spot at the vet. I also told her come at any point in the 10 hour work day that worked for her…

It NEVER would have worked otherwise…

Plus Baby hated the vet – ANY vet, being at the vet, going to the vet, everything but being let out of the carrier when back home… but did like the one vet tech.

Lordy. I was overwhelmed to put it mildly…

hug and kiss for Butterscotch… and for ”momma” (an the one who loaned the money!, too). What a struggle.

ms_xeno - 19 July 2010

Now I’m trying to remember if you’ve ever posted any pics of Baby.

Thanks, but I’m guessing the poor little beast just needs a cortisone shot plus maybe some vitamin supplement drops. That’s always worked before. Plus she’s slugging The Sid back when he acts up, which she didn’t used to do. So that’s a good sign.

My Mom’s cat cracks me up. She’s a little gray and white tux cat. So laid back that my Mom just leaves a bag of catfood sitting next to the pantry on the floor. The cat pays no attention to it; just patiently waits until the appointed time for my Mom to dish out the chow.

In our house, an open bag of cat food left unattended would swiftly create a super-race of cats who looked like furry beanbag chairs. 😀

marisacat - 19 July 2010

oh cortisone shot, yes I think that was it… and there were supplements iwth her food… I also took her in for a couple of baths, with a medicinal treatment for the skin, to soothe it and reduce the scabbing and dryness.

It DID work in one go.

Thanks b e to jesus. And a thousand mummified Egytpian cats…

No I never posted pics of Baby… at this point I would have to ask a friend to scan old pics I have of her…


brinn - 20 July 2010

I just posted it on FB.

7. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 July 2010
ms_xeno - 19 July 2010

So what’s the deal with Corrente, anyway? Are they tolerant of 3rd Party advocates, or is it strictly a thing where they’ll all vent so as to better grit their teeth and vote Dem in a few months tra la la?

Madman in the Marketplace - 19 July 2010

I vaguely remember them linking to some third party runs in various places, but I’m getting old and senile so who knows?

marisacat - 19 July 2010

it seems to be a mixed bag… a diversity of contributors…. several seem really done with the Dems… there DO seem to b a couple that will trod on back… One poster has jsut put up a snip from a post at anotehr site saying jsut that, but the corrente person takes strong issue with falling back in with the Dems.

I REALLY like the gardening posts that ”lambert” puts up… in addtiion ot the politics…

marisacat - 19 July 2010

well Obby looked pretty out of his element this morning in the Rose Garden with three unemployed persons, as he pounded the issue… Awkwardly pounded it…

The Ds, through procedural chicanery in the budgeting process, have already made more help for the unemployed in 2011 impossible (absent stuff like, say, ending a war or two).

Over and over he and Mother Michelle just look like they are not interested. BORED, in fact.

8. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 July 2010
marisacat - 19 July 2010

… and Dodd is fit for what? Be a good day when he retires to the million dollar Irish “cottage”.

Madman in the Marketplace - 19 July 2010

he can’t leave fast enough. Not that it matters.

marisacat - 19 July 2010

Yes all the damage has been done…

I read somewehre today that althought Obey claimed to be bone tired (yada yada etc blurg bleh snort) when he said he would retire, he had paid for polling that ran to 30K, coming in just 8 days before he said “outta here, good luck! Don’t call don’t write!”.

And so on.

9. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 July 2010
10. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 July 2010
marisacat - 19 July 2010

Some element of the opposing gay marriage is running a different but very dumb ad out here… all about support your own marriage… Marriage s it is and was meant to be, etc.

It falls flat. They need Meg Whitman’s ad company which is going gangbusters against Jerry Brown. I think we are gonna get Gov Whitman. Lately of Atherton… one of our richest enclaves..

ms_xeno - 19 July 2010

The racist comments in that SLOG link don’t do anyone any favors.

Of course, lately there’s been a bunch of posts on BAR where the regular posters talk ominously of gays robbing them of their “manhood” and such. So… I guess everything old really is new again.


Madman in the Marketplace - 19 July 2010

this country does seem to be a tangled ball of hate, aimed in every direction.

ms_xeno - 19 July 2010


I should stress that the comments I saw over there were strictly in reaction to the regular columnists. The columnists themselves didn’t write these comments.

marisacat - 19 July 2010

Threads a Go Go….. 😯

Reminds me to check BAR, haven’t been there in about three weeks or so…

ms_xeno - 19 July 2010

I’m always happy to read/hear Dixon when I have time.

And honestly, I don’t care that the commenters don’t trust my White self. I wouldn’t trust it either, if I were them. But it makes my blood curdle a little that some of these guys seriously believe that being queer is some kind of White-borne illness. Hey, Whites wield a lot of power in this world, but I don’t think that I have the power to turn an entire society queer, or even one person queer. WTF…

[sigh] I really should be in bed now.

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 July 2010

Another Senate Charade

In Washington, of course, it’s another story. Finance/Credit companies spent well over $30 million in lobbying in each of the last two years. If you take a look at contributions to Banking Committee members, you always find Finance and Credit companies at or near the top of the list. The credit card companies’ dominance of congress was never more apparent than in the Bankruptcy Bill back in 2005, which essentially made it impossible for people with credit card debt to file for bankruptcy to keep their houses.

So when something like this Sanders thing comes up, the outcome is usually pretty predictable. The measure got beat pretty soundly, but the Colorado delegation provided a comic asterisk to the defeat. Both of the state’s Democratic Senators, Michael Bennet and Mark Udall, initially voted “no.” But right before the vote, i.e. once it became clear that the bill had no chance of passing, they both switched sides and joined 31 other Senators in voting “yes.”

Right after it happened, Bennet was accused of changing his vote so that he could seem like he was for the measure, even though he had no intention of voting “yes” if the bill had any chance of passing.

A spokesman for Bennet’s Democratic primary challenger, Andrew Romanoff, says it appears Bennet changed his vote after it was clear the cap proposal would die, so he could tell constituents he voted “yes” for consumer protection.

“The general public has no idea what goes on in the name of political self-preservation,” said Romanoff spokesman Roy Teicher. “This is why people hate Washington, and this video makes their case swiftly.”

12. catnip - 19 July 2010


Have you tried Bach’s Rescue Remedy? That helps to calm some cats.

ms_xeno - 19 July 2010

Is it like Feliway? The vet recommended that, but I couldn’t afford both it AND the flea remedy.

catnip - 19 July 2010

I’m not familiar with Feliway. Googled it and see that it’s synthetic pheromone which might work too.

Here’s some info about Bach’s. A little bottle (you only use a few drops at a time) cost me about $12 at a health food store. No guarantees but it might help.

I thought she didn’t have fleas (?)

catnip - 19 July 2010



Feline facial pheromone is a hypothetical pheromone used by cats to mark places, objects, and persons as familiar by rubbing their face on surfaces. It is currently not known if there actually exists a “feline facial pheromone” and what its chemical structure is.

A preparation that misleadingly claims to contain or to mimic the feline facial pheromone is commercially available under the name Feliway.[1] However, this product simply contains Valeriana officinalis essential oil as the active ingredient, mixed with common fatty acids as fixative. [2] Valeriana officinalis is known for its behavioural effects on cats, similar to Nepeta (catnip).

ms_xeno - 19 July 2010

She doesn’t have them because I blew a bundle on flea remedy. Gave in and bought it on eVILbay, because it was cheaper than any local source.

Thanks. I’ll check out the link, c. 🙂

marisacat - 19 July 2010

Baby was nearly lethaly allergic to fleas, but i found if I kept up with the Frontline, it handled it… and I did find a cheaper source for it than the vet… Once somehow a flea did gt to her, and she tore, literally, at her neck… A cortison shot helped that…

SO Hopefully Butterscotch will get some all around relief from a cortison shot…

catnip - 19 July 2010

Poor kitties. I could use a cortisone shot too…

Picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

ms_xeno - 20 July 2010

[roll on snare drum]

😀 😀 😀

13. catnip - 19 July 2010

Another win for the oligarchy: Conrad Black granted bail

14. marisacat - 20 July 2010



……………………… 8)

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