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uh… no. 21 July 2010

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Lie Down Fall Down Dems.

Thousands of Chinese people gather a swimming pool to cool off from the summer heat in Suining, southwest China's Sichuan province

Thousands of Chinese people gather a swimming pool to cool off from the summer heat in Suining, southwest China’s Sichuan province     [AFP/GETTY]


In the spirit of that picture, showing how not to spend your summer vaca, Al Gore has two more massage therapists piping up.  One in BH and one in Tokyo.

I’d say the National Enquirer needs for this story to prove out… just to keep their leg up.

Al, however… seems to be toast.  An object of laughter…

Don’t laugh too hard tho, save some!   The John Edwards story is moving to the movie screen, based on the book by the former aide.  Sorkin of The West Wing is doing it.

And what does that say?  From President Bartlett, cosily played by an actor who played the Kennedys (an awful lot, he did), to now, the ambulance chasing (he was, the Dems worked to hide it) Southern Lothario.

Snicker snax…




1. marisacat - 21 July 2010

WH is lost in the weeds.

They can’t decide if they congratulated themsleves for moving so fast on the Sherrod story and avoiding a media blood bath (or so they thought!) ….

One source, who is unhappy with the administration’s handling of the incident, paraphrased Messina’s remarks: “We could have waited all day – we could have had a media circus – but we took decisive action and it’s a good example of how to respond in this atmosphere.”

or, if they just back slapped each other for fine ”procedure”:

But two other senior officials present at the meeting, who responded to a call to the White House press office, said the gist of Messina’s words had been conveyed to POLITICO inaccurately, and that Messina — a top political operative and senior manager — was merely speaking in his capacity as Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and “cheerleader” to boost staffers’ morale.

Messina was merely praising the White House staff for “communicating well, sharing well, basically rising to the occasion” on the Sherrod story, one official said. “It was an institutional or procedural point.”

BUT under no circumstances did they do the firing. No sireee. No no no no no…

Messina could not have been praising a White House decision to fire Sharron, the source said, because the decision was made by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.

Man… they are LOST. With no island vaca in the deal.

ts - 21 July 2010

The standards are so low now, that any situation that doesn’t spiral into a BP-style gusher of clusterfuck is a reason to order a pitcher of mai-tais.

marisacat - 21 July 2010

The white boys behind him are none too smart and hsi smile wore down sometime ago. Too many seat losses in Nov and it will be like the whale and that sailboat that is pictured all over today…

2. CF Oxtrot - 21 July 2010

For the 30-some years since I hit puberty, “massage therapy” has been a euphemism for a carnal pleasure.

Why would anyone be surprised that Al Gore buys whores and moreover, why would any “massage therapist” working for Al Gore think she is anything but the 21st century version of a free-agent courtesan?

I guess there are still people out there who thought Al Gore principled and honorable. And I’m sure there are people who think “massage therapists” serving powerful men and women are something other than whores.

But still… the naivete… it’s almost shocking.

marisacat - 21 July 2010

Timely divorce….

ts - 21 July 2010

I’m thinking at least one of these situations confronted Tipper during their time together, and it was just one of the many reasons for their “growing apart”. I reread the article announcing their separation which takes pains to say “there was no affair”. Groping multiple massage therapists really doesn’t amount to an affair, I guess.

BooHooHooMan - 21 July 2010

Welp. Carnal Pleasure (shockingly!) is itself a euphemism.
Now if you’re talking about s.e.x, is it shocking that a
market whore like Gore is…shall we say, in the market?
Not unless he attempts it without a crane and a waiver of liability.
Which is , pardon the expression, the rub here. The naivete is with the horny ole’ free and fair market guys, dumb as hell, in one way or another riding bareback in the belief of the sanctity of contracts.
Na i’n’t THAT Rich?

Promise not to tell?
Can’t this be off the record? Between you and me?

Where money power and advantages are involved? HaHa.
If any of these exploding whales were actually fun to be with, well then, they might actually have a little more fun and a lot less hassle.
Not to mention the cost.
Afterall, Who the fuck can afford manufactured goods anymore? LOL
Fuck, whatever happened to a little ingenuity , some fresh fruit, and the 3 dollar can of whip creme?

Madman in the Marketplace - 21 July 2010

I just wonder if he called them “Darling Nikki” as they jerked him off. It would complete a circle (jerk) on a long fraudulent career. I also think all of this serves Tipper right.

3. ts - 21 July 2010

If MAD tv was still on the air, I bet we’d get one hell of a sendup of this. SNL won’t touch it (pun intended), at least not without heavy surgical gloves.

4. catnip - 21 July 2010

From the last thread:

“Archdiocese Pulls Confessional From eBay, Can’t Be Used As Bar”

There’s an estate west of Calgary that has a beautiful peach-coloured altar just off the main entrance that serves as the bar. It’s quite the site. (No picture of the bar at that site but the contrast between that huge altar and the modern decor and black marble floors was really stunning.) I was out there more than a few times. Quite the place but I definitely would have added a pool. 🙂

5. Rose - 21 July 2010

I’ve got no love for Al Gore, but massage therapist doesn’t necessarily equal hooker. I’ve got friends who do massage and body work at places like Kripalu and they do NOT offer happy endings. Most of the people who graduate from massage schools actually don’t do prostitution.

marisacat - 21 July 2010

I think it depends where the massage therapist works… and what the job actually entails. The name/title got appropriated….

Certainly plenty of massage therapists in fact do just that, therapeutic massage work.

ms_xeno - 21 July 2010

No, no. We’re all “whores” once we’re alone somewhere with some dude, Rose.

And RL “whores” deserve to be molested and raped anyway. Y’know, it’s like a rebate after the john shells out for the initial “service,” I guess.

Didn’t you get the memo?

6. catnip - 21 July 2010

Wow. That’s a pic of how not to relax!

marisacat - 21 July 2010

I think it makes it to “icky”.

7. marisacat - 21 July 2010

Of course Marion Frances Berry is made of tougher stuff than Obama….

A former chairwoman for the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights slammed the Obama administration on Wednesday for caving in to conservative news outlets in the Shirley Sherrod case.

Mary Frances Berry, who was appointed by President Jimmy Carter and led the commission during the Clinton administration, accused the Obama administration of overreacting by firing Sherrod, who left the USDA after video of her comments at an NAACP dinner — remarks later shown to be distorted — surfaced.

“We now know for sure that the Obama administration fears Fox and right-wing media more than making sure they have the facts,” she said in POLITICO’s Arena. “We can also see clearly why, though an African-American president is a symbolic boon to blacks, he is unwilling to focus on the joblessness which disproportionately affects African-Americans. To do so risks being labeled racist.” …

Hey it would be OK if he just got around to joblessness, at all levels.

Black white, non-white, city, inner, suburb, rural… etc.

Read more: People


8. catnip - 21 July 2010

Brrreaking: Vilscak is going to apologize to Sherrod and they’ll talk about what happens with her job.

(WH press brieifing.)

marisacat - 21 July 2010

S l o w l y he U-Turned….

Madman in the Marketplace - 21 July 2010

apparently now she’s been offered another position.

I hope she very publicly tells them to shove it up their tight puckered asses.

marisacat - 21 July 2010

it must b polling really badly for them… Gibbs worked to suck up to her from the press room… Vilsack at his briefing – falling on his sword… Tapper telling Gibbs she is watching the briefing…

Just catching the CBS evening news and catching up…

Madman in the Marketplace - 21 July 2010

they’ve made it painfully clear that they’ll fight for nothing and no one.

marisacat - 21 July 2010

.. and that they are scared to death of FOX News and related / similar orgs.

They did not even take a day to figure it out.

Madman in the Marketplace - 21 July 2010

worse, they didn’t even give her a chance to speak for herself. Not even the human decency to have a meeting first, look her in the eye.

I don’t understand why anybody gives these people a vote or a dime.

marisacat - 21 July 2010

It is a classic story, all the parts and pieces there. And I loved how basic the elderly white farmers were…

Using a line from Last Exit to Brooklyn, I’d say God took a Fleet enema on Obby.

Bet he laughed when he did it too.

marisacat - 21 July 2010


But even while lavishing plaudits and apologies on the 62-year-old Sherrod, administration officials fiercely countered Sherrod’s claim that a Vilsack aide told her the West Wing ordered her firing out of fear the video would anger whites.

Read more: LINK to People mag… snicker!

marisacat - 21 July 2010

V-slack is claiming that her email WENT ASTRAY. And was not found til proverbial shit hit fan.

And he is cabinet whoo whoo for Ag? And loses the flying shit? And the emails…

It can get funnier… and I think it spiced up the Sunday morning yawns……

9. Madman in the Marketplace - 21 July 2010

Matthew Simmons: “We’ve Now Killed The Gulf Of Mexico”

Simmons says the leak is much bigger than the cameras show thanks to a big gushing hole around ten miles from the sunken rig:

“What we don’t know anything about is the open hole which is caused by the drill bit when it tossed the blow-out preventer way out of the hole…and 120,000 minimum of toxic poison has now covered the floor of the Gulf of Mexico. So what they’re talking about is the biggest environmental cover-up ever. And they knew that that well, that riser, would finally deplete. And then they could say it’s over. And unfortunately, we now have killed the Gulf of Mexico.”

Madman in the Marketplace - 21 July 2010

the whole clip is pretty chilling.

Lucid - 21 July 2010

I love the folks in the comment thread saying ‘he’s a loon, he predicted we’d hit peak oil by now’… Ah, yeah, we did a couple of years ago idiot. Why do you think we’re drilling holes a mile deep beneath the ocean to get oil…

Madman in the Marketplace - 21 July 2010

we’re drilling because we’re the technological masters of the universe, Gawd told us to do as we will with His creation and because nothing could possibly go wrong as profits go up …

If you weren’t a commie dirty hippie you’d understand this.


10. catnip - 21 July 2010

I see KO’s head is exploding again.

catnip - 21 July 2010

Here’s his special comment. I tuned out when he was blaring it on the teevee. Reading it should be easier on the brain (slightly).

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 21 July 2010

I just realized who Vilsack brings to mind … a middling K-Mart manager who fires some hapless assistant manager based on one customer complaint.

The email thing makes me laugh too … I bet emails from Con Agra and ADM lobbyists NEVER go astray.

marisacat - 21 July 2010

I bet emails from Con Agra and ADM lobbyists NEVER go astray.

oh they go to the REAL email….

Madman in the Marketplace - 21 July 2010

no doubt

ts - 21 July 2010

Don’t even think they need e-mail. They just happened to be in the area with a bag full of money and thought they’d drop by and see how you’re doing.

marisacat - 21 July 2010

right! that would be it, the old front stoop drop by…………..


12. catnip - 21 July 2010

Finally watched KO’s special comment. “Let Obama be Obama”, he said, blaming Obama’s weaknesses on the influence of his staff. I’ll have to write my own little special comment about that tomorrow. Obama IS being Obama, Olbermann. That’s the problem. And “fired up” was a campaign slogan. You actually thought that was his agenda?

marisacat - 21 July 2010

Keith… what to say.

catnip - 21 July 2010

He knows his audience. He can’s slam Obama without letting him off at the same time. Although I’m sure he actually believes that the REAL Obama is somehow being repressed by the Evil Rahm. In that case, who’s the actual president?

marisacat - 21 July 2010

Although I’m sure he actually believes that the REAL Obama is somehow being repressed by the Evil Rahm

Big fat snicker. Keith obviously agrees with pastor Wright, poor Obby’s just a lucky black being run, and kept cosseted, by the jews.

And of course the Democratic and liberal push back on Wright, the hack clothed in SS Chicago pseudo papal robes, was that he “said what Martin said”.

Don’t make me laugh too hard.

It all circles around.

13. catnip - 21 July 2010
14. ms_xeno - 21 July 2010

Here’s that promised bit article:

ZOMFG!!11 If you don’t vote Obama, the terrorists KKK wins! Bawwwwww!!11


Yeah, whatever. Aren’t they already running the USDA? Might as well make it official, right?

marisacat - 21 July 2010


15. marisacat - 21 July 2010




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