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About to have a bad day… 29 July 2010

Posted by marisacat in 2010 Mid Terms, 2012 Re Election, DC Politics, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Lie Down Fall Down Dems, U.S. House.

Rep. Charles Rangel, who is charged with ethics violations, speaks to reporters from the Adam Clayton Powell State Office Building on W 125th St. in Harlem, New York, NY. [Giancarli for News]

From the People mag report being floated tonight on Charlie Rangel, pol extraordinaire from Harlem…

Rangel famously wrote in his autobiography, “I haven’t had a bad day since” the Korean War, but the ethics trial might change that sentiment.

In the email in box tonight from Eastern Seabord Little Birdie…

I think Charlie is out tommorrow…The parents of a CR staffer, AA, suddenly packed up and left their NJ shore home  …  heading with haste back to DC… literally broke camp and all but shuttered the beach house removing two of the 3 Benzes. .  Longtime DC AA’s , Daddy was in Fed procurement, Grandaddy in Wilders entourage..

Methinks they got the call  for stage backdrop at Charlies wake…

They own multiple multiple multiple homes DC NJ VA Fla. with matching Benz’s at each joint…On a GS 12 level salary. Their 20 something babykins literally of works right outside Cholly’s inner office door.

Please Charlie, take your crew with you…

I laughed especially hard at what is apparently a criminal organisation being rattled… as one of the themes being pounded on our local talk radio, tightly tied to the Dem machine in town, is that we cannot stand for the Mexican Mafia, the drug cartels moving into the USA!! USA!!,  the land of cheerleaders and pom poms!, because, yes sirree, we cleaned all of that up, our own mob problems… and we cannot stand for invading criminal element mobs.

We cleaned it up?  We did?  Where?  When?

Aside from BOTH political parties are gangs, thieving and dealing gangs… money laundering (even Jay Cost, well to the Right of me, at RCP says both parties are money launderers)… BUT + ALSO, we have made sure successive waves of immigrant gangs have joined our home grown gangs. 

I cannot even begin to count the ethnic gangs in Cali.  Where to begin.  Aside from the Whites.


Oh yes, right, how could I forget:    Good Bye Charlie R. 

Hat door hit you hurry, etc.

Of course the running, endless joke is that one of the contenders to fill his seat is Adam Clayton Powell the third, or fourth or fifteenth.

Legacy circus.




1. marisacat - 29 July 2010

Catch the propaganda… this via the Mike Allen early morning email from People mag/Politico…. but it is all over.

GAME CHANGE — TIME’s Michael Grunwald, who’s on the speed-dial of all enviro flacks, nevertheless writes from Port Fourchon, La., that Rush was right about the BP spill — it’s an environmental nothingburger:

“[I]t does not seem to be inflicting severe environmental damage. ‘The impacts have been much, much less than everyone feared,’ says geochemist Jacqueline Michel, a federal contractor who is coordinating shoreline assessments in Louisiana. … Anti-oil politicians, anti-Obama politicians and underfunded green groups all have obvious incentives to accentuate the negative in the Gulf.

So did the media, because disasters drive ratings and sell magazines; those oil-soaked pelicans you keep seeing on TV (and the cover of TIME) were a lot more compelling than the healthy pelicans I saw roosting on some protective boom in Bay Jimmy.” http://bit.ly/9jTDtA

Why have pipelines? Just let the wondrous, life giving oil flow downhill to the refineries.

If BP spread a half bllion (they admitted to that much) to varioius professors and scientists and related depts at Gulf state universities, they certainly found ways to fund and enrich media groups…

2. ms_xeno - 29 July 2010

Doing some catching up on my old haunts today, since I took the day off work. Enjoyed this:

…There is much to be learned about the issues and concerns being raised by the tea party without taking the emotion as the same as the substantive concerns. Quality of life issues are becoming more important in the political arena. And political parties would do better to address them. San Francisco is a sanctuary city that has displaced its African-American population. Violence continues to plague the Bay Area and ethnic conflicts are increasingly seen as the cause. Just recently the Asian community made a visible presence at the Board of Superviors about the assaults on their elderly. Public schools in the city have experienced “white flight” due to their dysfunctionality…

— Martin Zehr at California Greening

(I really need to figure out how to set up a blogroll one of these days.)

marisacat - 29 July 2010

well.. that is kind of garbled…

ms_xeno - 29 July 2010

Sorry. Maybe it only made sense to me because I’m only on my first cup of coffee.

The message I got was that you don’t have to love the Tea Party to believe that, yeah, a lot of its true believers are getting screwed along with the rest of us. Stopped clocks being right twice a day, and all that.

marisacat - 29 July 2010

oh no I meant it is a garbled version, on the part of the author, on what is happening here…. I fell back to sleep and did nto click thru… (will go there now, I am interested to see if he or she includes Oscar Grant)

I agree with the sentiment that the Tea Partiers are not the only ones upset or upset at the very things they mention most…

you don’t have to love the Tea Party to believe that, yeah, a lot of its true believers are getting screwed along with the rest of us.

marisacat - 29 July 2010

Here, the author gets there (I am just a few grafs in)

Marginalizing people and ridiculing them allows public officials from ever addressing what people are trying to say and projects the Dem-Repug conflict as if it had real substance in the policy arena.

3. catnip - 29 July 2010
4. ts - 29 July 2010

Got this out of david rosenbergs daily missive…

Actually, this goes to something we saw yesterday – in the op-ed column of the WSJ by two Democrats, no less – “Our Divisive President”. Indeed, the politics are getting interesting ahead of the November mid-term elections. A new Reuters poll pegs President Obama’s approval rating at 48%, down 2 percentage points from June.

And according to something we saw in the National Post, since 1962, the party of a president with a sub-50% rating goes on to lose 41 seats in the House in the mid-term elections and all the GoP need to reclaim a majority here is 39. In 2008, the Dems took 55% of the vote in Congress but now they have just 44% support to 46% for the Republicans. Gridlock awaits.

marisacat - 29 July 2010

Gridlock awaits.

And possibly the Clinton era subpoena game. Burton, holding the seat that Waxman holds now (and Burton greatly expanded the power of that committee seat that over sees government, Waxman got his nose rapped early – by la Nan – and has never exercised the power) issued 170+ subpoenas in CHRISTMAS CARD GATE.


5. catnip - 29 July 2010

Obamalama on The View: “This is the second time I’ve been on.”

They corrected him: this is his third time. Whoops. hehe

marisacat - 29 July 2010

but he loves them. what is math between love buddies.

catnip - 29 July 2010

He totally punted Joy’s question about the WH’s poor messaging. “It’s your job.”

Yeah – no it isn’t.

marisacat - 29 July 2010

Whiner. Waaaaaaaaaaa Momma you did not raise me right!

catnip - 29 July 2010

And now, after condemning Wikileaks for endangering national security (cough cough), he’s saying that the info in those leaks proves he was right about his criticisms of the AfPak war during his campaign. Speak out of both sides of your mouth much?

When a politician is that long-winded (filibustering the interview), you know he’s dancing as fast as he can.

marisacat - 29 July 2010

his numbers with wimmens must be really bad………

marisacat - 29 July 2010

Really glib… I don’t think I can watch it.. (comes at 10 am here)….

via Ben Smith:

President Obama talked about the Shirley Sherrod affair and race with the women of “The View:”

What I do think happened in that situation is that a 24/7 media cycle that’s always looking for controversy and oftentimes doesn’t get to the facts first generated a phony controversy. A lot of people overreacted, including people in my administration. And part of the lesson that I want everybody to draw is let’s not assume the worst of other people but let’s assume the best. Let’s make sure we get the facts straight before we act. And when it comes to race, let’s acknowledge that, of course, there’s still tensions out there. There’s still inequalities out there. There’s still discrimination out there. But we’ve made progress, and if each of us take it upon ourselves to treat people with fairness and be able to stand in somebody else’s shoes and see through their eyes and relate to where they’re coming from, that we can make more progress. And when you look at the next generation — when I talk to Malia and Sasha’s friends, they have healthier attitudes around these issues than our generation does. And we have healthier attitudes than previous generations do. That’s the progress we want to keep making.

6. marisacat - 29 July 2010

Dennis Perrin on Empire, Obby, Wikileaks, Afghanistan… and so on.

Madman in the Marketplace - 29 July 2010

thanks for the link

7. CSTAR - 29 July 2010

I just got this email

Here’s the chance of a lifetime: Have dinner – and get your photo taken – with President Obama!

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and this evening is no exception. On August 9, you and a friend could be in Dallas, meeting President Obama. You’ll even get your photo taken together. Just imagine how good that will look sitting on your desk.

Talk about proxenetism…

marisacat - 29 July 2010

hmm why do I htink they will be discounting the tix……………….. something they even did in Los Angeles, almost a year ago.

Makes you wonder what is coming.

catnip - 29 July 2010

Just imagine how good that will look sitting on your desk.



brinn - 30 July 2010

Oh, YAY! Dallas, that bastion of liberal thought and home to people with dark(er) skin….

No friend would I be if i took anyone I know there…..

8. catnip - 29 July 2010

Rangel charges no big deal

1. apartment leases – I can only say that I’ve had some limited experience with rentals in New York, and I can only say from that limited experience I don’t know anybody who didn’t abuse or take advantage of those laws in some fashion or another. If Mother Theresa had to rent an apartment in New York I suspect she’d have to bend the rules in one way or another.

Rangel = Mother Theresa

So there you have it.

marisacat - 29 July 2010


9. catnip - 29 July 2010

Citigroup to pay $75 million to settle SEC charges

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Citigroup Inc (C.N) will pay $75 million to settle charges that it failed to disclose to investors $40 billion in subprime exposure in 2007, the Securities and Exchange Commission said on Thursday.

The SEC also charged a Citigroup executive and a former chief financial officer with contributing to misleading statements about the bank’s subprime exposure. The pair agreed to pay a total of $180,000 to settle the charges.

[insert pic of head banging against computer here]

marisacat - 29 July 2010

pin money. Less than………

10. marisacat - 29 July 2010

The AZ immigration case is already headed for the 9th Cir. which sits in SF… Brewer filed an appeal this afternoon.

11. catnip - 29 July 2010

Wait a minute…did I miss something?

On WikiLeaks scandal, hacker says he didn’t want to be a ‘coward’

(CNN) — A California hacker said he doesn’t regret going to federal officials to show them alleged confessions an Army private made about leaking more than 90,000 documents that reveal secret information about U.S. war strategy.

Adrian Lamo spoke to CNN from the Sacramento Public Library, where he was trying to get away from reporters and a throng of people who, he said, are angry with him. He says he has received death threats in person and on his Facebook page and Twitter messages from people who feel like he betrayed Pfc. Bradley Manning.

I thought the latest was that Wikileaks didn’t know the identity of the leaker of the war logs. Manning was busted over that video Wikileaks publicized, afaik. Now they’re pinning the war logs leak on him too?

marisacat - 29 July 2010

yeah the supposed narratives seem to be crashing…

12. lucid - 29 July 2010

More links from the Neil Young show.

Fun stuff…

marisacat - 29 July 2010

thanks for posting that lucid…

13. lucid - 30 July 2010

LOL, was bored and logged into the MSOC site tonight [is she even involved with it anymore?] I looked at my last comments and it pulled up this thread.

Holy Christ… why.did.I.ever.carry.on.conversations….

marisacat - 30 July 2010

HA! I tried to think of her name the other day and could not. I COULD remember the hijinks …. 😈 …. however.

marisacat - 30 July 2010

p*rrho was such. a. fucking. putz. I had forgotten he existed.

He was loaded with all the little tricks of the blogger creeps… LIKE not linking to things being written about. An Armando specialty.

They spawned each other. What a crew of shits.

Then again Parker decided to hate me for opposing Obby.

They all want people to fall in line.


Checks still coming in?

lucid - 30 July 2010

They all were… What baffles my mind is why I chose to spend many hours a day talking to them in the mid 00’s… Was I that desperate? 😉 well…maybe so… just sad all around.

marisacat - 30 July 2010

well it was not possible to determine at first blush what a closed, airless, thug retail politics an environment it was… and how it constantly fueled itself on party hand-out$, third party hand out$, etc.

It fizzled pretty fast however.

14. marisacat - 30 July 2010


Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen in WSJ on Obby. Hilarious. But I wonder what direction Obby will take from it, it was Doug Schoen who did a WSJ piece in 2008 saying Ob better be putting that flag pin on… yes siree… and within a week, Ob did and has never taken it off.

I also heard Schoen tell a story on himself, in the early days that Swift Boat Vets rose up, he was on FOX with Hannity, off camera he told Hannity that SBVfT were nothing and would fade. 😆 … 🙄 ….

Hannity got his finger out and punched it into Schoen’s chest telling him: You watch, I will drive this thing.

15. marisacat - 30 July 2010

It can – and does – get more stupid as time goes by.

July 29, 2010

Categories:Barack Obama.


In his “View” sit-down President Obama mentioned that he has never heard of “Snooki” — the perma-tanned girl on MTV’s “Jersey Shore.”

The evidence contradicts.

He called her out by name, at the May 2, 2010, White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner (although “The Daily Show” guys helped him write the speech):

The following individuals shall be excluded from the indoor tanning tax within this bill: Snooki, J-WOWW, the Situation and House Minority Leader John Boehner.

Posted by Glenn Thrush 12:25 PM

ts - 30 July 2010

He is paid to give speeches with robotic fervor, not to pay attention to what he is saying.

marisacat - 30 July 2010


16. brinn - 30 July 2010

Phillis Schlafly can kiss my ass! All welfare goes to single moms?! Really, Phil? Well, how’s about this:

I’ll take a one-time payment equal to one bankster’s “yearly bonus” that was paid for with MY tax money –yeah, I work and pay taxes — all told, about 30% when you include sales – just a one-time motherfucking payment of a few mil. My kids and I will never bother you again. Oh, and did I mention you can kiss my ass?!

After a year of hearing how lazy, unskilled and worthless I am because I draw unemployment benefits (nevermind that I’ve been working 2 part-time jobs the ENTIRE time, so sometimes I get a whole 50 bucks every 2 weeks) this just fucking pisses me off to NO END. Well, ok it will end, but damn I just looove to shove a pitchfork into her worthless, heartless, clueless maw…

Ah, feel better now! 8)

Happy Friday, my dears!

marisacat - 30 July 2010

oh that was a good rant!

You win… 😉

brinn - 30 July 2010

Thanks, Marisa, but it’s all about how you play the game…and “win”? Nope, not yet…

marisacat - 30 July 2010

you win the rant! (that is what I meant)


brinn - 30 July 2010

heh. I’d win the pitchfork in her maw too…..but I’ve got kids to think about!

17. marisacat - 30 July 2010



……………………….. 8)

18. catnip - 30 July 2010

lol…some poor dkos schmuck titled their diary, “Anthony Weiner for President” because he smacked down the Repubs in the house over the issue of health care for 9/11 workers. The Obama Cheerleading Brigade went ballistic because they (of course) thought the diarist meant Weiner should challenge Obamalama The Greatest One Evah!! in 2012.

Pie was flung, 1,000+ comments piled up, and the diarist changed the title to, “Anthony Weiner for moderately influential place in government.”

Little clammyc wrote a can’t we all just get along? diary, as usual. More pie is flinging as we speak. Run, duck and cover!

This weekly pie fight brought to you by Orville Redenbacher’s new “Crazed Democrats in Heat” flavour. Sure to be a bestseller.

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