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Holy. And then some… 5 August 2010

Posted by marisacat in Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Viva La Revolucion!.

A Muslim family believe they have been blessed by a 'miracle' - after a divine message appeared in a salad tomato. Noreen Khan found the arabic letters for Allah spelt out in the veins of the tomato

A Muslim family believe they have been blessed by a ‘miracle’ – after a divine message appeared in a salad tomato. Noreen Khan of Park Lane found the Arabic letters for Allah spelt out in the veins of the tomato

Here a Jesus, there a Jesus, everyfuckinggodamwhere a Jesus.  Or an Allah…Jesus on the wall of the shower, in the paint drippings, seen in the the water stain on the stucco, on the burnt toast at the cafe, in the cloud formation over the trailer court… it’s not enough.  NOW someone named Khan has found the word Allah spelled out in a tomato slice.

Don’t we need a hundred representatives of the Holy Global Interfaith Community to band together and, after long scholarly investigation, decree if such a miracle, alluding to and no doubt coming directly to us from Allah, SHOULD BE PHOTOGRAPHED?

And, it needs to be mummified – then worshipped.  Brought out once a year in a diamond and gold reliquary….

Soon it will shed tears.  Then blood.




1. BooHooHooMan - 5 August 2010

Welp, that was quicker than a Dana Houle campaign gig.

Tony Robbins’ series pulled from NBC schedule

NEW YORK — Tony Robbins’ reality show has been pulled from NBC’s schedule after just two airings.

What was it? Like a week ago on HUFFPO they were touting his new Magnum Power Transformative Something or other Blibber Blabber to be featured there in conjuction with the show….

Reality in America! Canceled after Two Shows! LOL.
Run for President, dude. Anythings possible.

BooHooHooMan - 5 August 2010

The network says reruns of the game show “Minute to Win It” will claim the Tuesday-night slot vacated by “Breakthrough With Tony Robbins.”


On “Breakthrough,” inspirational speaker Robbins helped couples overcome tough challenges. The series had been originally scheduled for six episodes.

“Breakthrough”?? People wanna break the fuck OUT. 😆
Besides, this country isn’t big enough for TWO unprecedented inspirational speakers..

ms_xeno - 5 August 2010


Maybe Pailin needs a running mate.

marisacat - 5 August 2010

I think we should just be thankful.

What a strange short journey. He was on some morning show just alst week to tout the thing. I skipped partaking of his presence.


2. BooHooHooMan - 5 August 2010

Another putz confirmed to SCOTUS.
Madame Justice Kagan on a vote of 63-37.

3. BooHooHooMan - 5 August 2010

Congressional Puttz turned Prospective Senatorial Yutz
Paul “Down by 13” HODES and this belly laugh

We’re Making Them Nervous
by Congressman Paul Hodes

With DONATE bar, of course.

BooHooHooMan - 5 August 2010

Correction: NOT a Donate bar, a begging youtube vid
Vicuos Atttacks! Go to my Website!
Donate Now! Give Whatever You Can!
My God man, have some DIGNITY!

Okay. I’m out to find Satan in a shallot.

marisacat - 5 August 2010

Last I read, Hodes appeared to be in trouble….

4. CSTAR - 5 August 2010

Wouldn’t it be a lot easier for god to send each one of us a letter or have his own TV show? Why do we need all these cryptanalysts to decipher these messages? I suppose in Christian America, divine decryption could be an additional function of the state security apparatus.

marisacat - 5 August 2010

Anything wuld be easier…

My first thought was if Noreen Khan of Park Lane is related to Daisy Khan, wif of the imam with Cordoba Institute of Love and Healing aspirations.


5. catnip - 5 August 2010

I don’t eat tomatoes but what if I did and mistakenly ate Allah because I can’t read Arabic?

So many life dilemmas…

I’ll bet I ate the Virgin Mary on toast at least once too Jeebus on a bagel (literally). I’m going to hell.

marisacat - 5 August 2010

I don’t eat tomatoes but what if I did and mistakenly ate Allah because I can’t read Arabic?

You would be ruminating on Allah.

catnip - 5 August 2010

Are you calling me a cow? 😆

marisacat - 5 August 2010

Oh Noes… (really not, but if yu were you would be Holy Cow …. 🙄 …. )

catnip - 5 August 2010


marisacat - 5 August 2010

once more with moooo-ance…

ms_xeno - 5 August 2010

[slaps this thread with a smoked fish. or a side of pastrami]

Madman in the Marketplace - 5 August 2010

Allah would be fine, as long as you swallowed.

marisacat - 5 August 2010

oh that made me laugh… Allah sent his cheque in as well… and he loves us. He loves us back… (now who does that remind of…….. hmmm)

Serial lying…


6. catnip - 5 August 2010
marisacat - 5 August 2010

Our Highest of the High Holies.

What a mess has been made of 9/11.

Madman in the Marketplace - 5 August 2010

no, holy shit is what would happen if you ate the tomato.

7. brinn - 5 August 2010

Can I change species?? Please?! Anything a bit more evolved will do — though at this sad point in human history, that could be just about ANYthing….

One thing I will say for that tomato, it looks tasty! hope everyone is well/fine and/or any other pablum that you prefer!

marisacat - 5 August 2010

How are you brinn?

The JesusAllahTomato.

Can I change species?? Please?! Anything a bit more evolved will do — though at this sad point in human history, that could be just about ANYthing….

I’m thinking maybe the whale species would take me in. Or one of the Great Apes.


lucid - 5 August 2010

I’d rather be a dolphin.

marisacat - 5 August 2010

Pink dolphin!

brinn - 6 August 2010

My answer is nearly always a “dolphin with wings” when my kids ask…sometimes, I say “cockroach”.
Thanks for asking Mcat, at this point my answer will have to be: “fine” because my hands hurt to type much more and I still have papers to grade before tonight’s deadline…


Madman in the Marketplace - 5 August 2010

hi brinn!

brinn - 6 August 2010

Hi Madman! When are we going to visit Mcat? 😉 At this point, waiting for my kid to invent the transporter he’s always talking about sounds like the only way in hell I’ll ever get there…

How’s you!?

Madman in the Marketplace - 6 August 2010

I’m good, also wishing someone would invent a transporter.

ms_xeno - 5 August 2010

fresh tomato pablum = gazpacho?

Sign me up!!


brinn - 6 August 2010

ooooo, MsX — gazpacho! I need to make some! It is so miserably hot and humid, and I haven’t had any in a loooong time!


ms_xeno - 6 August 2010


mr_xeno is growing tomatoes this year, but he got a late start. Don’t think I can wait that long. Maybe to the farmer’s market tomorrow…??…

Peppers and parsley also look great. I expect big things in a month or so if the slugs don’t show up first. :p

8. marisacat - 5 August 2010

Christina Romer has resigned……..

9. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 August 2010

re: the tomato …

… religion is a mental illness. ’nuff said.

ms_xeno - 5 August 2010

What if your religion worships Josephine Baker?

Madman in the Marketplace - 5 August 2010

oh, if only there were religions that sane.

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 August 2010

via Boing Boing: Captured: America in Color from 1939-1943

These images, by photographers of the Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information, are some of the only color photographs taken of the effects of the Depression on America’s rural and small town populations. The photographs are the property of the Library of Congress and were included in a 2006 exhibit Bound for Glory: America in Color.

11. ms_xeno - 5 August 2010
marisacat - 5 August 2010

Perfect title!

12. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 August 2010

Hitchens: In whatever kind of a “race” life may be, I have very abruptly become a finalist.

The notorious stage theory of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, whereby one progresses from denial to rage through bargaining to depression and the eventual bliss of “acceptance,” hasn’t so far had much application in my case. In one way, I suppose, I have been “in denial” for some time, knowingly burning the candle at both ends and finding that it often gives a lovely light. But for precisely that reason, I can’t see myself smiting my brow with shock or hear myself whining about how it’s all so unfair: I have been taunting the Reaper into taking a free scythe in my direction and have now succumbed to something so predictable and banal that it bores even me.

marisacat - 5 August 2010

hmm that was a nice piece… I wonder if he will make it. Seems it has spread quite a bit…….

Madman in the Marketplace - 5 August 2010

that’s a nasty, nasty cancer …

… good description of sitting in that horrible treatment room, with the poison in the bags.

marisacat - 5 August 2010

I liked th way he tied moving into illness as a transit occurance. Crossing borders, new identificaton, and so on.

Madman in the Marketplace - 5 August 2010

he really can be a wonderful writer.

13. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 August 2010
14. marisacat - 6 August 2010

Don’t worry, it all …is just the same in the end? Something like that.

[T]hat sort of finessed financing is harder in the case of larger domestic bills like the fiscal aid package. As awkward as the food stamp cuts are, Democrats argue that the benefit reductions won’t hit home still for years, while tens of thousands of teachers could lose their jobs next month.

In the case of the child nutrition bill, Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.), who chairs the Senate Agriculture panel, told POLITICO that in today’s political climate, the SNAP dollars would have been siphoned off by some other panel if she hadn’t acted first.

We were going to lose those dollars anyway,” Lincoln said. “You saw the teachers grab for it. The point being is that at least these dollars are going to feed children just like SNAP dollars would. I certainly think it’s much more practical, if we’re going to rededicate those dollars rededicate them to what they were intended to do.” …snip…

hmm. well the word that occurs to me is Bitch… And she is not alone. Boxer was on local radio here yesterday, so happy to say when confronted about the “cost” of the state aid package, “we paid for it”.

Read more: People Politico

15. marisacat - 6 August 2010

well for some reason the phrase “roasting chestnuts” comes to mind. As in, they deserve to have their chestnuts roasted… the party of Blue Dogs Bitches and Bastards.

BFF, Best Felon Friend?

What a crew…

[A]t a fundraiser here for Giannoulias’s campaign, Obama offered an endorsement that doubled as a defense of the candidate’s moral fiber. As Giannoulias, the Illinois state treasurer, struggles to overcome questions about his tenure at his family’s failed bank, Obama declared: “Alexi’s my friend. I know his character. I know how much he loves this country. I know how committed he is to public service for all the right reasons.”

“You can trust him. You can count on him,” Obama insisted, with Giannoulias seated behind him on stage at Chicago’s Palmer House Hilton.

It was a valiant effort to help Giannoulias move past the ethics questions that have dogged his campaign.

National Republicans have tagged the Democrat a “mob banker” because of loans the Giannoulias family-owned Broadway Bank gave out to felons.

Days before the trip for Giannoulias, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce launched an ad campaign urging voters to “look at his record of economic failure: Giannoulias was an executive at Broadway Bank, which was driven into the ground and taken over by the feds.”

While Illinois’s strong Democratic lean makes Giannoulias a viable candidate in the general election against Republican Rep. Mark Kirk, there’s little question that the White House would have preferred to have Obama wrapping his arm around a different kind of candidate. …snipwhippy…

Aw… well, we don’t always get what we wish for and we do pick our friends. Live with it… maybe this is even a moment for a ghastly phrase: SUCK IT UP!

:mrgreen: … 🙄

Read more: People mag

16. marisacat - 6 August 2010

OK Noam. Whatev.

NC: Again, we should remember exactly what happened. The activism against the Vietnam War was late ’60s.

There’s no event in the world going on now that comes even close to what the U.S. was doing in Indochina then, and part of the reason is that the public won’t allow it.

Public opposition to the Iraq war was way beyond what it was to Vietnam at any comparable stage. Just think back to when there were 150,000 American troops in Vietnam and there was nothing going on—nobody was talking about withdraw, nobody. There’s a higher level of consciousness now and it’s a constraint on policymakers, undoubtedly. Take, say, what’s going on in Iraq. The Maliki government is doing stuff that the Bush administration just doesn’t like. The Diem government was doing stuff the Kennedy administration didn’t like, so they organized a coup and threw him out. Can’t do that now. They can’t even contemplate it. Maybe they’ll think about assassinations, but they can’t contemplate a military coup that will put things back on track to what Congress wants. In ’63 it wasn’t even a question—they just did it.…snippywhippy…

No we jsut have a shitty POC pretzel, fronting for white power, same as ever, who openly boasts of targetted killing, of US citizens even.

THAT surely is advancement. High enlightenment.

SO wish I drank.

[ it’s a Mr Fish interview with NC from June 2008, in Truth Dig. ]

17. marisacat - 6 August 2010



………………………….. 8) … :mrgreen: …. 😯

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