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Lay about… 10 August 2010

Posted by marisacat in 2010 Mid Terms, 2012 Re Election, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

Cheetah mother with cub in the Masai Mara, Kenya

Cheetah mother with cub in the Masai Mara, Kenya    [stevebloom.com / BARCROFT MEDIA]

Why not, the mother and cub have the right idea… all the horrible events happen anyway…




1. marisacat - 10 August 2010

And of course they put up some pic, w/ quotes, of a classic Catholic Social Services Catholic House member. Rose de Lauro, but also a close bud of La Nan.

Crew of bitches is all I can say.

As they prepare to slash food stamps to pay for Medicaid and teachers’ salaries, House Democrats are facing up to a harsh reality: To save some social programs, they’ll have to sacrifice others.

“This is a bitter pill to swallow,” Connecticut Rep. Rosa DeLauro, chairwoman of the subcommittee that funds Agriculture Committee programs, said in a statement Monday. “As you can imagine, for me personally, it’s like ‘Sophie’s Choice.’” …

Do you luv the draaama she invokes? Literally taking food from babies.

Read more: LINK to Politico

I think there may be something to waht the R say about this, that th Dems took from Food Stamps to placate the UNIONS.


Madman in the Marketplace - 10 August 2010

can’t sacrifice the wars, or the growing police / incarceration complex … nope, none of that stuff.

marisacat - 10 August 2010

taking food from babies.

2. marisacat - 10 August 2010

omigod. We may have lost Ted Stevens (keywords, disgrace, Alaska). I gues his “Big Hulk” tie did not save him!!

lucid - 10 August 2010

The inventor of the intertubes!

marisacat - 10 August 2010

oh it is like the day that the skies claimed John Tower! (well it will be when we learn Stevens is SMOKE!)

th day brightened for me………… [snicker]


marisacat - 10 August 2010

Market Watch says he’s D E A D:

Former aide says Ted Stevens dead in crash: report

MarketWatch – Wallace Witkowski – ‎39 minutes ago

Ted Stevens was killed in a plane crash near Dillingham, Alaska, NBC affiliate KTUU reported Tuesday on its website, citing a former aide and family friend. …

ts - 11 August 2010

He will always be remembered

3. catnip - 10 August 2010
marisacat - 10 August 2010

He’s already clarifying.

Lipless out of alabama, as I htink of him.

marisacat - 10 August 2010

NOW Lipless is apologising. Send hankies.

lucid - 10 August 2010

Dirty Hippie reporting for duty. 🙂

4. marisacat - 10 August 2010

Rush just told me that Bernanke will have a announcement this afternoon.


hmm I must say Rush had a absolute field day today between still on Mother M and adding in Rangel. Whoop!

5. marisacat - 10 August 2010


So we should all, me included, stop fighting each other and arguing about our differences on certain policies, and instead work together to make sure everyone knows what is at stake because we’ve come too far to turn back now.


Madman in the Marketplace - 10 August 2010

in other words, shut up and nod, you dirty fucking commie hippies.

marisacat - 10 August 2010

Well.. not much to add to how the Obamas and the Obama-mites take care of digging mass graves. For themselves and their 2008 class of “Obama wavelets”, or whatever they call his brief coat tails

My other entertainment, which I have been loathe to admit to… but with Spain… aw hell. It doesn’t take much other than my poking around for a few mins every few days… but I am so enjoying the cat and mouse game that the Dems and media are playing with Obby and Obetta as to her campaigning, STUMPING as one article put it, for the November roster.

I’ve been watching i t for weeks, la Nan started the ball rolling weeks ago… and I think it might be one explanation for how ‘in your face’ Spain was. LOL she may have thought it would end the whine of We Want Michelle to come out and play! We do! We do!

Yeah right. Media renewed the reports today and even pulled in comments from Laura’s Chief of Staff about how Floti owe this to their party. And how Spain may be a little uncomfortable for her, but surely she is loved? And all Floti make mistakes… and nobody wants to live with the BLAME OF NOT HELPING! (no really they got all that out!)

and on and on and on and on.

Laying it on thick.

Madman in the Marketplace - 10 August 2010

we’re run by the inhabitants of a high school for half-wits.

6. marisacat - 10 August 2010

😆 … 🙄

Deputy White House Press Secretary Bill Burton said his boss, Robert Gibbs, answered “honestly” when he blasted liberal pundits in an interview published Tuesday, but Burton cautioned that “I don’t think that it should be read as anything more than that.” [aw chickie baby, that is quite enough! — Mcat]

Substituting for Gibbs at the daily press briefing, Burton acknowledged there is some “frustration” in the White House that activists on the left are criticizing President Barack Obama for not being liberal enough instead of giving credit for his accomplishments, including health care reform. Still, Burton said the administration will continue pushing its agenda even if liberals don’t give them credit. [they are gonna SUCK IT UP! 😆 — Mcat]

“Our focus today isn’t one article in a Hill publication,” he says. …

I am so buying champage for election day. (This is not an endorsement of Hillary, nor anyone else!)

Read more: LINK

catnip - 10 August 2010

re: Gibbs saying his comments were “inartful”:

Oh, he didn’t insult us artfully enough-asshat

It’s indicative of the attitude rife throughout this administration that people are thinking this way below the surface and it slips into their interviews.

I don’t care how artfully you insult me, start supporting the rhetoric you espoused to get elected or stop calling and emailing me for support.

President Obama is the best moderate Republican president in my lifetime. kasandra.us

by KS Rose on Tue Aug 10, 2010 at 10:02:37 AM MDT

Popcorn overdose tonite!

Oh – and the nouveau meme over at dkos to attack Obama critics is to label them “nihilists”. (It’s like they’re all in the same PoliSci class in high school. They learn a new word and all jump on it like it actually applies or something…) “Nihilist” – it’s the new “Naderite”.)

I see KO’s head is exploding. Special Comment time. Whatever – they’ll all vote D regardless…

marisacat - 10 August 2010

Line up and be inartfully slapped! Then line up again, and take the honest but still inartful slap….

(and this is not to push the abused spouse theme, which I very much dislike).

catnip - 10 August 2010
marisacat - 10 August 2010


Yeah, you know that Gibbs got a little boner when he spat, “They will be satisfied when we have Canadian health care and we’ve eliminated the Pentagon. That’s not reality.” “Oh,” he must have thought, “how Rahm will scratch me behind my ears and laugh as I lick my balls.” Such praise is rare these days. (Speaking as a relatively semi-pro leftist, Canadian health care? Sure. Eliminate the Pentagon? Not so much. Cut the Pentagon maybe to a square or a triangle? Sure.)


Gibbs also said, “I hear these people saying he’s like George Bush. Those people ought to be drug tested. I mean, it’s crazy.” You really wanna have this fight? ‘Cause when’s the last time you called the Tea Party delusional or “crazy.”

ts - 10 August 2010

Yes, you were just insulted by a man with no lips.

marisacat - 10 August 2010

Lipless out of Alabama….

AlanSmithee - 10 August 2010

The B-list pwogs are having a collective embolism! They’re like Tommy Wiseau in The Room.


7. marisacat - 10 August 2010

what next 😯

Via business insider:

We wonder what this is going to do to global wheat prices.

According to The New York Times, fears are growing in Russia that the wildfires ravaging the nation, killing the wheat crop, and causing Moscow to choke on smog may now be emitting radioactive smoke, as the fires burn remnant fallout material from Chernobyl.

The claims are being made most loudly by Greenpeace Russia — certainly a reason to discount them a bit — but it seems clear that the fires are burning in areas where radioactive matter is known to exist.

The response from Russia chief sanitary doctor is not wildly encouraging: “There is no need to sow panic… Everything is fine.”

8. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 August 2010
CSTAR - 10 August 2010

Right. Gotta put and end to that or all us males would end up marrying cats

9. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 August 2010

A Message to Those Praying for Christopher Hitchens

As for the few of you who wrote to Goldblog to say they were praying for Hitch’s death, I can say that he does not care one way or another what you do or think or pray, but on behalf of myself and the entire team here at The Atlantic, let me just say, Go fuck yourselves.

marisacat - 10 August 2010

not to detract from the article and interviews he has given on this… I have liked them.. but I saw a headlined quote of his last night that “I might not make it 5 years”.

uh… yeah. Kinda goes with the illness. His own special spoonful of cancer — and every body else’s

ts - 10 August 2010

Now Im praying for jeffrey goldberg to die of cancer.

NO! JUST KIDDING! Just joking folks, just like Robert Gibbs. What…? WHAT…?

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 August 2010

Not that it will matter, and not that it’s a huge surprise, but …

Elizabeth Warren Uncovered What the Govt. Did to ‘Rescue’ AIG, and It Ain’t Pretty

The five-member COP, chaired by Harvard professor Elizabeth Warren, has produced the most devastating and comprehensive account so far. Unanimously adopted by its bipartisan members, it provides alarming insights that should be fodder for the larger debate many citizens long to hear—why Washington rushed to forgive the very interests that produced this mess, while innocent others were made to suffer the consequences. The Congressional panel’s critique helps explain why bankers and their Washington allies do not want Elizabeth Warren to chair the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The report concludes that the Federal Reserve Board’s intimate relations with the leading powers of Wall Street—the same banks that benefited most from the government’s massive bailout—influenced its strategic decisions on AIG. The panel accuses the Fed and the Treasury Department of brushing aside alternative approaches that would have saved tens of billions in public funds by making these same banks “share the pain.”

Bailing out AIG effectively meant rescuing Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America and Merrill Lynch (as well as a dozens of European banks) from huge losses. Those financial institutions played the derivatives game with AIG, the esoteric practice of placing financial bets on future events. AIG lost its bets, which led to its collapse. But other gamblers—the counterparties in AIG’s derivative deals—were made whole on their bets, paid off 100 cents on the dollar. Taxpayers got stuck with the bill.

“The AIG rescue demonstrated that Treasury and the Federal Reserve would commit taxpayers to pay any price and bear any burden to prevent the collapse of America’s largest financial institutions,” the COP report said. This could have been avoided, the report argues, if the Fed had listened to disinterested advisers with a less parochial understanding of the public interest.

marisacat - 10 August 2010

Pretty clear why Geithner does not want her around. That cheap little nothing of a man.

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 August 2010

Chris Hedges: It’s Israeli Officials Who Are Terrorists

And so tonight, a night when some seek to name names and others seek to hide names, let me do some naming. Let me call things by their proper names. Let me cut through the jargon, the euphemisms we use to mask human suffering and war crimes. “Closures” mean heavily armed soldiers who ring Palestinian ghettos, deny those trapped inside food or basic amenities—including toys, razors, chocolate, fishing rods and musical instruments—and carry out a brutal policy of collective punishment, which is a crime under international law. “Disputed land” means land stolen from the Palestinians. “Clashes” mean, almost always, the killing or wounding of unarmed Palestinians, including children. “Jewish neighborhoods in the West Bank” mean fortress-like compounds that serve as military outposts in the campaign of ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. “Targeted assassinations” mean extrajudicial murder. “Air strikes on militant bomb-making posts” mean the dropping of huge iron fragmentation bombs from fighter jets on densely crowded neighborhoods that always leaves scores of dead and wounded, whose only contact with a bomb was the one manufactured in the United States and given to the Israeli Air Force as part of our complicity in the occupation. “The peace process” means the cynical, one-way route to the crushing of the Palestinians as a people.

marisacat - 10 August 2010

oh that was excellent……..

CSTAR - 10 August 2010

I agree.

marisacat - 10 August 2010

yes when I am a bit more awake will go read the whole of the Hedges….

12. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 August 2010
marisacat - 10 August 2010

So why does this matter? Because if the transgenic canola starts swapping genetic material with weed populations – something that is not unlikely – it could spread herbicide resistance to weeds. And that would leave farmers with no way to fight plant pests – and potentially massive crop failures as a result

I don’t htink we should worry, it is the hand of god. Or allah. Or yahweh.

ts - 10 August 2010

Man, this has been going on for years…And Monsanto has been suing the farmers accusing them of “stealing” when Monsanto’s crops jump the fence to a neighbors farm and cross pollinate everything. They go especially hard after the farmers who agitate for GMO free food.

13. BooHooHooMan - 11 August 2010

Welp.A year later and Houle’s guy didn’t win in Minnesota.
Seems they went with a former US Senator for the nom instead.
A shocker 🙄 Which is Lamont-able….LOL…as Houle is now commanding one of the all important Democratic Gubernatorial efforts ...in Kansas. Against Brownback.

{first few plucks of “Dueling Banjos” }
{ followed by “Papa Was A Rolling Stone”}

14. BooHooHooMan - 11 August 2010

Sound the Alarms!

OH-Gov: Clash of the Titanics: Strickland Stricken, 9 Points Down — It’s Triage Time

Wha -who- me? I got a Hot Pocket in the microwave.
The guy to call , of course, is Dana Houle. Fix ya right up. LOL.

15. marisacat - 11 August 2010

oh waaa. Find a pacifier for the online operatives. Stick it in the appropriate orifice.

Aravosis obliquely admits to unspecified ”dirty” work he and I guess Joe Sudbay did for Obby… that now that Lipless has done a fan dance… well Aravosis is shrieking.

And lambert tut tuts… but then he was in the trenches for Hillary…

So ya know.

I STILL say the god damned party pulled the two of them out to the street corner, under the light, and said, see? White woman, black man: We are giving you a choice.

the wealth of choice was … nothing.

The OTHER laugh (and it really is one!) is that lambert blames (I think) Obby for what is cyclical… he thinks Dkos was a place for Democrats till gee all the meanness got unleashed.

And of course, there are other minor stories, like Kos. IIRC from my view in the trenches, it was clear that the OFB came in waves, had shift changes, used the same talking points, and pushed the same conversion narratives. When the primaries began, DK was a community of Democrats. Soon, Kos as The Obama 527 Formerly Known as Daily Kos, and most any Hillary supporter who was tired of being smeared as a racist had left the site, and, often, the party (not a bad thing, of course). Was that “dirty work” that sincerely concerned Obama voters like Avarosis “gladly” did?

No it was a place of FUCKING OPERATIVES.

You know, like Gibbs on a minor scale.. and all who will get dirty with your pick…

BooHooHooMan - 11 August 2010

Oh God, they’re in for it now.
Dissing a 75 thousand dollar a year stylish gay man?

Not to worry, he’ll be making the most exquisitely veneered Beidermeier casework of the toiletpaper roll ticket before long…

Interesting stuff tho. Wait till they get creamed and money gets even tighter.

16. ts - 11 August 2010

Dave Rosenberg today…

….and there was a great op-ed piece on this yesterday, which we discussed last Friday — namely, the rapid decline in the employment-to-population ratio. This is a far more informative measure regarding labour market performance than the traditional unemployment rate, especially at a time when discouraged workers are withdrawing from the labour force at such an alarming clip.

The employment rate has declined now for three months in a row, back to where it was at the start of the year, and smartalecks who see this recovery as anything but disturbing don’t realize that this employment rate, at 58.4%, is down from 64.0% at the 2007 high. This was the largest drop in the post-war era and what it means is that the economy is 12 million jobs shy of being at full employment.

Instead of declaring an outright war on unemployment, we instead have a government bent on measures to boost spending on cars and homes that nobody really wants since, at the margin, all people want to do is boost their once-depleted savings rates and get out of debt; or at least a half dozen housing plans to help distressed mortgage borrowers. Or infrastructure spending that so far seems to have helped line the pockets of public sector union officials with no obvious payback in terms of job creation.

At least FDR paid people to work, even if it meant skyscrapers, bridges, monuments and national parks. They didn’t get paid do sit idle for 99 weeks so they can then drop out of the labour force and into oblivion (almost 45% of the unemployed have been so for more than 26 weeks — in no other recession in the past six decades did this share ever cross above 26%).

Almost half of the ranks of the unemployed have been looking for a job fruitlessly for at least six months. Let’s get these people re-engaged in the labour market, get them re-tooled and retrained for the skill set that businesses need now and in the future. Give these folks a shovel from 8 to 12 and engineering courses from 1 to 5 in return for their jobless insurance check. It’s time to get creative and aggressive with minimal cost to the taxpayer. If we can win this fight against unemployment, it’s amazing what other positive things will fall into place, from housing demand to government revenues to consumer credit quality.

I agree with all but the last bit. I think IOZ had a good take on this – we really need more engineers? Job training is a fantasy when there are no jobs. We need spending to create revenue and profits, and then you get hiring. But you won’t get spending when people are insolvent and making no money.

Rather, I think it’s time to start writing big checks and forgiving peoples debt. You know, a bailout for Americans, rather than rich corporations. You can call it something cool, like “Recapitalizing America”.

marisacat - 11 August 2010

I agree with forgiving debt…. and it should have begun, imo with the ”cramdown” scheme, and thru the bankrutpcy courts for mortgages. A good place to forgive underwater debt….

But that nasty horrid bankruptcy act that congress voted in… argh. BTW Obby wanted to be a ”yes” vote on that, but an advisor warned him that was unwise going into a Dem primary. He was a yes on the Class Action vote, however.

Everything has been so little. Small measure. Or no helping of help at all.

As I see it.

there is also something i think given insufficient credit thru all this. My take on Obby, and of course many are involved in this, but my take on Obby is that he actively dislikes most groups of people. By active, I really do mean active.

I think he is a mean shit.

ts - 11 August 2010

Maybe we’ve just reached the apotheosis for both parties, their energy is solely focused on raising money and dividing the government pie, and actually running the government is secondary, actually something to be disdained.

Meanwhile, they’ve alienated all the voters who might actually give a shit, and are left with just their partisan base who is in line for the sinecures. A few of them fret because, you know, the people. However, those people are either waiting in the unemployment line or unable to get time off to vote, so qwitcherbitching and take a number.

marisacat - 11 August 2010

I haven’t bothered to look at volume of voting in the primaries yesterday…

I would never say he did nto turn several states in the GE, he certainly did, but the nation was growing desperate and many still believed that at least, as my mother used to say and invoke to end arguments at the dinner table, at least the Democrats move money around. At least. gah.

BUT if one picked apart some of the 2008 primaries there were interesting indications of already lagging interest, even among AA voters (Cali and Tejas, lower turn out than in 2004!)….. and Latino… Despite being a somewhat native son of Illinois he and Hillary split the Latino vote in Il right down the middle, 50/50…

A lot of people pay little attention and read and believe the headlines. What might tip things is millions of the unemployed and the “99ers” and those related to and helping those millions DID vote for him.

But imo there is no choice anyway. Hasn’t been for a long time. Maybe forever.

ts - 11 August 2010

Outside the trader joes there was a petition to “Repeal Obamacare”. Not sure how they were going to do that, but I signed it.

Madman in the Marketplace - 11 August 2010

the univision host is basically saying that hispanic voters are done with both of the parties.

marisacat - 11 August 2010

that was my take… but who knows what happens in November.

Anyone with faith in the political process, as convened by both parties, or the idea that Mother Hillary is the answer is a fucking fool.

17. BooHooHooMan - 11 August 2010

Welp, Rostenkowski has punched the fuck outski.
Maybe he can do lunch with Ted Stevens later on.
Cue additional solemn lying in the media.

marisacat - 11 August 2010

what about Torriceli? Traficante? Can’t they go too!?

The list is long…….

18. marisacat - 11 August 2010

I kind of drifted today… and after the initial fall, did not pay attention. I see it fell 260 today.

Good luck!

BooHooHooMan - 11 August 2010


Chaos in U.S. markets on trade deficit, global data

Despite strong earnings from large firms, Dow falls 265 points as trade deficit widens and Asia, Europe reports spur worries on global recovery.

CHAOS, but remain calm everyone. CONTROL Agents Maxwell Smart and “99” have been dispatched to the scene according to an Obama WH Spokesman, Robert “Lipless” somebody or other… LOL.
Might as well..

19. catnip - 11 August 2010

Grayson: “People I know refer to him (Gibbs) as Bozo the Spokesperson.”


marisacat - 11 August 2010

Lipless! Lipless Bozo! Lipless Bozo Spokesperson!

Madman in the Marketplace - 11 August 2010

I think it’s Lambert at Corrente that calls him Ari Gibbs.

20. BooHooHooMan - 11 August 2010

Pentagon warns of ‘explosive’ leak

WikiLeaks may disclose material that may be “more sensitive” than previous leak, officials say.

You betcha.

BooHooHooMan - 11 August 2010

WaPo has already changed its Front Page lede on this from
“Pentagon warns of ‘explosive’ leak ”
“Pentagon Wary of new leaks”

So servile. Like this regurgia today from stenographer Joel Greenberg of IDF propaganda on the Gaza Flotilla massacre.

Israeli: Flotilla resistance stronger than expected

Why today? Who knows. Gotta keep the alloted pixels or column inches I suppose.

I’m out.

marisacat - 11 August 2010

This could be the methane gas bubble originally predicted for the Gulf…

One never knows!

21. BooHooHooMan - 11 August 2010

Blago might be “fuckin golden” ™ , man.

Blagojevich jurors suggest they may be deadlocked

CHICAGO — Jurors in the corruption trial of former Gov. Rod Blagojevich have sent a note to the judge suggesting they may be deadlocked on some counts.

The note read in court on Wednesday says the jury is asking for guidance if they can’t reach a unanimous decision on “any given count.” They say they’ve made “a reasonable attempt” and did so without rancor.

This could be a popcorn moment too with Charlie and Maxine..
“We only want what the White Man gets.– OFF “.

marisacat - 11 August 2010

This could be Blago’s “You like me, you really like me!”, moment….

22. marisacat - 11 August 2010


At Wednesday’s briefing, Gibbs said he didn’t speak with Obama about the matter and did not make any apology calls to anyone who might have been offended. Asked if he’d slipped up in his interview with The Hill, Gibbs playfully opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. …

Read more: Link to People Politico

catnip - 11 August 2010

This would be burning up Ezra Klein’s Journolist if it was still around. Feeling punked yet, suckers?

Madman in the Marketplace - 11 August 2010

they really do think shitting on their base is a winning strategy. Bennett in CO made some “where else do they have to go” statements after winning the primary last night, and made it abundantly clear that the holy “independents” are the only people who matter.

Of course, enough of the “professional left” keep turning up and voting for these fuckers, and donating, and volunteering … so I guess they have no right to bitch now.

catnip - 11 August 2010

That’s just it. Ellsberg on Larry King Live stills rings in my head. After rightfully pointing out the horrendous human and civil rights abuses of ObamaCo he said he’d still vote for him. WTF is wrong with this picture?

marisacat - 11 August 2010

Gah. Ellsberg is such a cipher. Hs actual work for th government, prior to the long shopping about and final publication of the Pentagon Papers, was that of a very cold theoretician.

I have no fucking clue what he really believes. None.

marisacat - 11 August 2010

Rush today played audio of Bennet. One fo the worst public speakers i have ever heard. Amazingly bad.

Madman in the Marketplace - 11 August 2010

isn’t he horrible? He sounded like a middling school principle promising to continue the serving of shitty school lunches.

marisacat - 11 August 2010

it was kind of stunning. He makes Christie in NJ sound very exciiting. Lordy.

marisacat - 11 August 2010

Hannity made an observation today that he thought it was scripted. To counter being labeled “socialist” all the time, to try to appeal to center, Lib, Ind and whatever else dregs are around for the asking.

I would agree to the script, the reasoning… more obscure to me…

One thing is for certain, Gibbs made sure the story kept getting reported. And reported. And reported. And essentially he kept expanding on it…

catnip - 11 August 2010

The reasoning is that the WH is full of WATBs running scared of the right-wing at every possible turn.

23. marisacat - 11 August 2010



……………….. 😯

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