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Saturday 14 August 2010

Posted by marisacat in 2010 Mid Terms, 2012 Re Election, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

Territorial nesting gannets fight for space on Bass Rock, Firth of Forth, Scotland

Territorial nesting gannets fight for space on Bass Rock, Firth of Forth, Scotland     [HARRY EGGENS / SOLENT]

So…last night I watched the first 3 episodes, one of which was the pilot, for Mad Men… I thought it was stunningly good.  Especially by the last of the three, entitled Marriage of Figaro, when the series seemed to glide into its own space… for anyone who has watched it, the episode where the blonde wife sees a shrink, Draper and Rachel Minkes kiss on the roof top with the caged German Shepards, the little birthday party for the Draper daughter takes place.

Intead of returning the disc, I am watching the episodes over again with the various voice commentary… 2 more discs come in this afternoon…

As I watched it, because of the obviously preliminary references to taking on the advertising account of Richard Nixon in his 1960 run, I was placing the events around 1958…. however, it was pointed out in a commentary that a calendar is shown (in the OB-GYN office) indicating March 13, 1960.

Thru the episodes I kept seeing things that would make me think, Oh when people see THAT, they will think:  things have changed.

A lot has changed… it has.  But people are still so trapped.  So very trapped.

Much much longer political campaigns tho… in fact they never, ever end.




1. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 August 2010

It really is a wonderful series.

marisacat - 14 August 2010

I was thnking this am, as we are absoutely deluged with Meg Whitman ads, who was governor of cali in 1960. Can’t believe it took me several seconds to remember it was Edmund G “Pat” Brown. I even remember one of his campaigns… probably the second one in ’63…

Jerry Brown’s father.

Plus ca change.

There was an interesting tidbit in the wiki bio for Pat Brown…

After high school, Brown skipped college and instead worked in his father’s cigar store while studying law at a local night school. He graduated from San Francisco Law School in 1927. He took some University of California extension courses, but acquired his broad knowledge through reading widely.

we’ve certain rigidified things… moving right along. AND Pat made a name for himself when he finally won the election for San Francisco DA (in 43, serving for 7 years)… by running after bookies and illegal abortion providers.

Plus ca change…

Madman in the Marketplace - 14 August 2010

recycled sewage

marisacat - 14 August 2010

oh and coming any minute, Nixon Cox.

After that George P, who is a native speaker, bi lingual, English Spanish. I remember when a Dkos Dem operative, a Southern White Slug who haunted threads, a shit named James Bradford III in Americus Georgia as “gong” niftily unearthed, screamed at me that George P would never have a chance with a last name of ‘Bush”

Get real.

Buckle up. [so fucking glad I do not care anymore]

catnip - 14 August 2010

I agree. I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve watched most of it online (and re-watched it on teevee) so I haven’t seen it with the voice commentary. That would be interesting.

marisacat - 14 August 2010

😆 two more discs of MM coming today… and a foreign thriller, for a break from 1960

wu ming - 14 August 2010

it really is. the way that they show these characters moving through time, reacting to the cages they’re trapped in and the ground disappearing beneath their feet, is fascinating. there’s going to be an epic battle between betty and her daughter sally when the late 60s start to heat up and sally hits adolescence.

nice to see the early 60s reintroduced to the collective historical memory. they way they told us growing up, it was ten years of 1967-69, to the point where the pictures of the berkeley free speech movement always seemed weird to me because of all the suits and ties.

marisacat - 14 August 2010

hi wu.. how are you?

wu ming - 14 August 2010

buried in writing while frenetically packing for the move back home at the end of the month. mired simultaneously in premature nostalgia for the place i’m about to leave, and homesickness for the place i’m going. eating mounds of lychees and mangoes, and pining for peaches and decent tomatoes. oh, and wondering how i’m going to get the GD diss done with the UC jacking fees up every time i turn around.

so a mixed bag, but at least i’ll be smelling pacific fog and central valley dust before too long, and wondering at the sensation of sweat evaporating for the first time in a year.

marisacat - 14 August 2010

Plenty of fog here, coolest foggiest summer in memory…. it got a bit much even for I, a fog and rain person….

But a nice change from the last three or so years of excessive, weeks’ long, heat waves… and all around summer heat.

Welcome back and good luck with the dissertation…


Madman in the Marketplace - 14 August 2010

I’ve never had a fresh lychee, only the canned ones. I don’t know if I’ve ever even seen one.

I hope your move is smooth and painless.

wu ming - 14 August 2010

oh my god, they’re incredible. they don’t keep at all, though, you have to eat the whole bunch within about a day or two before they either dry out or go moldy.

rambutans are even crazier looking, but they don’t grow here.

Madman in the Marketplace - 14 August 2010

I’ve never even heard of a rambutan.

wu ming - 15 August 2010


it looks like sort of like a hairy lychee. taste is similar, grows in tropical climates, vs. lychees which are subtropical.

2. Jay Taber - 14 August 2010

Things have changed culturally. Heck, even the GOP in our county welcomes gays and lesbians.

Politically, though, our choices haven’t improved. I mean, a white warmonger or a black warmonger; some choice.

marisacat - 14 August 2010

a white warmonger or a black warmonger


[btw your comment was held in mod as it was an initial comment… WP has flakey filters, but it shouldn’t happen again… ]

3. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 August 2010

Good thing Barry and the Chubby Hater have time to do a tourism commercial for the State of FL.

marisacat - 14 August 2010

I hope someone is running around iwth a hand made sign:

Go Away :: Send Money

Madman in the Marketplace - 14 August 2010

just go away.

marisacat - 14 August 2010

Go Away and Shut Up …

works for me…

4. marisacat - 14 August 2010

oh snick snax… I read one of the pundits, not even sure which side who said that in a few days, after the Mosqueria commetns spin thru the weekend, Obby would be sitting down for an “exclusive” interview to “clarify”..

No waiting! Put on the 3-D glasses and view the spectacle…

He’s already “clarifying” to CNN. Just know that he is “not commenting on the wisdom of the project…”.

Is that clear?

😆 IF only baby fat hunter and middle manager would go away.

marisacat - 14 August 2010

Politico has a report up on the “narrowing” of the message.

Good luck!

I suggst a bevy of courtiers, maybe small monkeys in velveteen suits, be employed to strew dog shit and bananas in front of Obby as he walks. Lest he ever miss a day of stepping in it.

It’s all about religion, that much is certain:

“I was not commenting and I will not comment on the wisdom of making the decision to put a mosque there,” Obama continued. “I was commenting very specifically on the right people have that dates back to our founding. That’s what our country is about. And I think it’s very important as difficult as some of these issues are that we stay focused on who we are as a people and what our values are all about.”

But his comments Friday night were widely interpreted as an endorsement of plans to build a mosque a few blocks away from where nearly 3,000 Americans perished at the hands of Islamic terrorists on 9/11 – an interpretation the White House hadn’t disputed, up until Obama’s comments in Florida.

That was Saturday…

catnip - 14 August 2010

Like nailing jello to the wall.

marisacat - 14 August 2010

Rainbow striped jello. Neon too…

marisacat - 14 August 2010

Almost unbelievable. He has now refined the clarification.

They so need to go away.

5. marisacat - 14 August 2010

If only someone would stop us.

This from the NYT is basically a quasi-update on the secret, so they say – it surely is mostly classified, global war on insurgents… emphasis on Yemen.

It quotes al Awlaki, the American muslim cleric we want to kill, as saying Obby seems to want to be the pretzel that get us stuck in Yemen.

6. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 August 2010

Abbey Lincoln has passed away. She was 80.

Madman in the Marketplace - 14 August 2010
marisacat - 14 August 2010

oh thanks for posting that…

Madman in the Marketplace - 14 August 2010


ms_xeno - 15 August 2010

She was one of my favorites, one of the best songwriters jazz has ever had, I think.

Thanks. I’ve updated my blog accordingly. There’ll be a ceasefire on snark for a week. 😉

7. marisacat - 14 August 2010


Obama answered it within hours of his arrival in Panama City Beach, when he took his daughter Sasha, 9, out for a dip to prove to the nation’s skeptics that the Gulf of Mexico is safe and clean despite the millions of gallons of oil that flowed into it over the past four months.

It’s exactly the image Florida officials wanted. Except the president and his daughter were not swimming in the Gulf. They swam in Saint Andrew Bay, water off of Alligator Point near the restaurant where they ate lunch. The Gulf was closed to swimming in that area because of riptide.

Unfortunately for the reporters traveling with the president, the White House took control of the photograph of the outing.

A staff photographer snapped the image and the White House released it online, while photographers with the news agencies traveling with the president were holed up inside a banquet room in the hotel.

What is he doing? Hiding the crutches…

Read more: Politico…

catnip - 14 August 2010

I saw a clip of him earlier telling reporters he didn’t want them taking another pic of him swimming with his shirt off because it landed on magazine covers. Sure. Right. Ego cleanup in aisle 4.

marisacat - 15 August 2010

many papers simply ran the orchestrated bare torso from Hawai’i as well as new pic.

who could keep up with the fragile shifting mess

8. badri - 14 August 2010

had a chance to sea her perform live . long time ago . she was amazing .
i do not know how do you guys keep up with clarification of clarification of clarification …
i am missing SF FOG and comfortable temps . after 5 yrs there it has been torture to face and survive Texas summer of 100F plus temps and approaching 110 F heat indexes .

marisacat - 14 August 2010

we’ve had the coolest foggiest summer in years….

9. catnip - 14 August 2010

Hahaha…check out this pic. It looks like he’s going bowling.

ts - 15 August 2010

Looks to me like he’s shooting smack.

catnip - 15 August 2010


10. marisacat - 14 August 2010



Obama: Backing Muslims’ right to build NYC mosque is not an endorsement — Washington Post

11. marisacat - 15 August 2010

Laura d’Andrea Tyson is on TW pushing that the only crisis in unemployment is with under educated. With college ed., it is only 4.5%

Oh sweetie. What bullshit.

ts - 15 August 2010

While that is a correct statistic, it is the annual average for 2009. Plus, the annual average for 2008 was 2.6%. Plus, this is based on the official rate, and not the broader measures which are undoubtedly higher. Plus, the rate with a bachelor’s degree is actually 5.2%, it’s those with higher degrees that bring this number down to 4.5%.

Across the board, the number of unemployed in all educational categories is up 80-100% from 2008 to 2009.

Here’s the table she’s referring to.

marisacat - 15 August 2010

her figure may be printed and officially accepted, but it is NOT a truth.

My line about her, as she was the “official GF” – at least in the 90s and maybe longer – to Bill, is he should have been satisfied and not dragged us all thru Monica. She was married, a natural barrier to the media, older, not likely to talk like Monica, etc.


12. paine - 15 August 2010

Plus ca change

but what is lost never comes back

marisacat - 15 August 2010

so tru

13. marisacat - 15 August 2010



……………………… 😯

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