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Miniature popcorn 17 August 2010

Posted by marisacat in 2010 Mid Terms, 2012 Re Election, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

Sasha lines up her swing as her mother lifts her fist up in triumph while the president shouts encouragement [AFP/Getty – Daily Mail]

Florida, a good place for golf balls to be orange.  And does anything scream ”whimper” like miniature golf?

Chalmers Johnson

[L]owering the Flag on the American Century

Thirty-five years from now, America’s official century of being top dog (1945-2045) will have come to an end; its time may, in fact, be running out right now. We are likely to begin to look ever more like a giant version of England at the end of its imperial run, as we come face-to-face with, if not necessarily to terms with, our aging infrastructure, declining international clout, and sagging economy. It may, for all we know, still be Hollywood’s century decades from now, and so we may still make waves on the cultural scene, just as Britain did in the 1960s with the Beatles and Twiggy. Tourists will undoubtedly still visit some of our natural wonders and perhaps a few of our less scruffy cities, partly because the dollar-exchange rate is likely to be in their favor.

If, however, we were to dismantle our empire of military bases and redirect our economy toward productive, instead of destructive, industries; if we maintained our volunteer armed forces primarily to defend our own shores (and perhaps to be used at the behest of the United Nations); if we began to invest in our infrastructure, education, health care, and savings, then we might have a chance to reinvent ourselves as a productive, normal nation. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening. [of course, doing that would be sane… and we are not sane… simple as that… – Mcat]  Peering into that foggy future, I simply can’t imagine the U.S. dismantling its empire voluntarily, which doesn’t mean that, like all sets of imperial garrisons, our bases won’t go someday.

Instead, I foresee the U.S. drifting along, much as the Obama administration seems to be drifting along in the war in Afghanistan. The common talk among economists today is that high unemployment may linger for another decade.  Add in low investment and depressed spending (except perhaps by the government) and I fear T.S. Eliot had it right when he wrote: “This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper.” 

I have always been a political analyst rather than an activist. That is one reason why I briefly became a consultant to the CIA’s top analytical branch, and why I now favor disbanding the Agency. Not only has the CIA lost its raison d’être by allowing its intelligence gathering to become politically tainted, but its clandestine operations have created a climate of impunity in which the U.S. can assassinate, torture, and imprison people at will worldwide.

Just as I lost interest in China when that country’s leadership headed so blindly down the wrong path during the Cultural Revolution, so I’m afraid I’m losing interest in continuing to analyze and dissect the prospects for the U.S. over the next few years.  ….   And I am filled with awe by men and women who are willing to risk their careers, incomes, freedom, and even lives to protest — such as the priests and nuns of SOA Watch, who regularly picket the School of the Americas and call attention to the presence of American military bases and misbehavior in South America.

I’m impressed as well with Pfc. Bradley Manning, if he is indeed the person responsible for potentially making public 92,000 secret documents about the war in Afghanistan. ….

My own role these past 20 years has been that of Cassandra, whom the gods gave the gift of foreseeing the future, but also cursed because no one believed her. I wish I could be more optimistic about what’s in store for the U.S.  Instead, there isn’t a day that our own guns of August don’t continue to haunt me.




1. marisacat - 17 August 2010

I admit, this gave me a fit of the giggles…

Imagine the verbiage… Fuck you, no fuck you! You do that I WILL fuck you…. well fuck me.. so what! fuck you!.

And so on:

August 17, 2010

Categories: White House.

Emanuel was reportedly iffy on mosque speech

The DN’s Ken Bazinet reports on something that has been bubbling for the past few days — that not all of the president’s advisers were in agreement about the mosque speech — and singles out chief of staff Rahm Emanuel as among the dissenters:

White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel has spent three days on the phone doing damage control with angry Democrats and urging them not to go public against the president, Democratic sources said.

Obama went ahead with the Ramadan dinner remarks even though his top political advisers had not reached a consensus on what he should do. Emanuel was one of the skeptics

Posted by Maggie Haberman 08:50 AM

Anything that whupsets them, fine with me.

🙄 … snicker 🙄

BooHooHooMan - 17 August 2010

The R in Nevada are skillfully dissecting Ob v Harry and demanding similar eh clarity(?) of Dem opponents in races around the country.
i.e., Ya With Obbie or not?
The classic Grand Ole Pivot off Dem pandering with the whipsaw to demotivate Dems and moderate Indies. Fish in a barrel at this point.
I still think the Rubinites want Harry out there all by his unterbussen lonesome, are banking on a thin Senate margin to hold for Schumer .

I’m sure Rahm’s discipline enforcing convo’s are a hoot as the critters all head for the lifeboats.

They had Bill C humping Sestak in PA a few days ago in Scrntn, Pennsylvania’s rough equivalent of Bakersfield . Followed yesterday with Bloomie callling in an endorsement for that Oh So Progressive from the Pentagon. Which all seems to be going over as well as dogshit pate and turd puffs.

LOL. Sestak has gone from even in the polls to dropping 7 in the last two weeks and is currently down 9. …OOPS. 😳

marisacat - 17 August 2010

I see Sestak came out for Mosqueria… should ensure the loss. Nothing could save him now…………. Not enough St Bernards carrying whiskey under their chins for that…

What can you do but laugh. the party is buying icebergs. Setting their compasses FOR the icebergs!

Looks that way!


BooHooHooMan - 17 August 2010

In Pa it won’t help him, because its irrelevant. People in PA are plum beat to shit after Rendell’s thieving run.
So they’re going to come out for another lecture on tolerance, another beer summit, another Historic Post Wright Race Speech in Philly ? Advantage any position OTHER than that.
And regarding Harry, the demographics are different in NV with half the population percentage who identify as Catholic (25% in NV v 50+ in PA) twice the Muslim population(2% NV v 1% PA population) a quarter who identify as Jewish (1% NV v @ 4% PA) and Gawd Bless Nevadans, 20 percent who don’t identify at all. So this move for Patsy Pushover to beat up on the Muslims diverges from the standard, always operative, Dem ethnic triangulation POV. The only thing I can figure is Reid must be desperate to hold onto his Mormon base ( an exceptionally American exceptionalist religion) 10 percent of the pop.

marisacat - 17 August 2010

Party of diversity and icebergs

marisacat - 17 August 2010

I think ultiomately what voters will hear, no matter the Muslim, Jewish populations, is that a lot of utter scheisse other than JobsJobsMoreJobs and then Jobs, is occupying the Dems.

I will be very surprised if Mosqueria even makes ti to fully fleshed out plans on paper. Anywhere… It smells to high heaven of

2. marisacat - 17 August 2010


Cali cities (several anyway) are voting in “crash tax”, you get in an accident in the city and you pay for rescue or extraction, etc.

It is just laughable… I had not heard of it, but apparently Sacramento is voting on it this evening. Oakland is considering it. At least three towns have voted it in.

Skip those towns… cancel the cnventions, don’t go into town for any reason.

Will look for a print report on this idiocy.

brinn - 17 August 2010

Nice. especially considering that anyone in a wreck already HAS paid for it, at least twice over….

What a brilliant fucking idea. Seems that the PTB really do want a tax rebellion.

marisacat - 17 August 2010

whether it is your fault or not too… Fault does not enter into it.

brinn - 17 August 2010

Oh, believe me I know. Through the idiocy of a driver turning left on red right in front of me in 2008, my Ford Explorer, paid in full, new brakes and which had at LEAST 3-4 more good years on it) was totaled. We got 5600$.

So very glad I paid all those insurance premiums.

marisacat - 17 August 2010

hmm poking around I see Huntington Beach has also voted it in. Just go to another beach town.

Sacramento council set to vote on ‘crash tax’ for nonresident drivers

Published: Monday, Aug. 16, 2010 – 12:00 am | Page 1B
Last Modified: Monday, Aug. 16, 2010 – 11:59 am

Sacramento is likely to join the growing list of California cities that place a “crash tax” on out-of-town drivers who get into wrecks inside city limits.

The City Council is scheduled to vote at its meeting Tuesday night on whether to enact fire cost-recovery fees on nonresident motorists who are at fault for crashes.

The fees would range from $435 for a basic response to $2,275 for crashes involving hazardous waste leaks, driver extrication and helicopter transports. Drivers could also be charged hourly rates for fire equipment use.

City officials say the fees would pump an estimated $1 million a year into the Fire Department budget. Budget cuts in the department have led to two fire rigs being shut down on a rotating basis.

Several cities in Northern California, including Loomis, Roseville and Stockton, charge accident fees to “at-fault” out-of-town drivers, according to a Sacramento city staff report. …

IN the meantime they have put off the vote til mid September… LOL

In the balance is the mayor, a Dem, who previous to being mayor embezzled from his own foundation, some shit game called ST HOPE (he capitalised it)…. the party had to sashay around the get it wiped clean, it was causing all Federal money to be with held from the city with him, and his record of embezzling FEDERAL funds, as mayor.


Mayor Kevin Johnson said he supports the proposal.

“This is a creative way to keep our service levels at the highest possible level,” he said.

Yes thanks for weighing in………..

Read more: LINK to Sac Bee

Madman in the Marketplace - 17 August 2010

this country really should just stop calling itself civilized. We’ll be back to the days when there are competing gangs of firefighters and building owners will have to pay up before they’ll put out your fire.

marisacat - 17 August 2010

I could see that coming.

3. marisacat - 17 August 2010


Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:

Ex-Ill. Gov. Rod Blagojevich Guilty of False Statements to FBI; Jury Deadlocked on 23 Other Counts [5:30 p.m. ET]


Guilty on one count. I think they locked them in a room, got out the bullwhips and said, bring one home for the pretzel. He’s GOT to be guilty of something!

marisacat - 17 August 2010

hmm I wonder how Patrick Fitzgerald feels. Whumped, likely. Remember him?

Jan Crawford tonight on CBS said if the feds retry on the 23 counts the jury hung on, she thinks Blago is going to win.

What a shock. For the Feds anyway.

4. Madman in the Marketplace - 17 August 2010

so I’m afraid I’m losing interest in continuing to analyze and dissect the prospects for the U.S. over the next few years

Right there with you, Dr. Johnson.

marisacat - 17 August 2010

well.. he also summed it up.

5. Madman in the Marketplace - 17 August 2010

Roger Waters and David Gilmore perform at a benefit for Palestinian children.

A new song (new to me anyway) and an acoustic version of “Wish You Were Here” and “Comfortably Numb”.

brinn - 17 August 2010

You know what bugs the shit out of me about this?? A bunch of people yakking like they’re listening to a garage band out of Seattle, when for 20 years Waters and Gilmore wouldn’t be in the same county at the same time….

Madman in the Marketplace - 17 August 2010

I found the crowd really annoying too. A bunch of insiders, most likely.

When I was working in NYC I used to go to invite only performances, release parties, showcases, and it used to bug the shit out of me how the majority of people there would be schmoozing and gabbing instead of enjoying what were often really awesome performances.

I’d always think “there are thousands of people who would KILL to be here, shut the fuck up!”

brinn - 17 August 2010


been there, tried not to beat the fuck out people, that.

Hey, MitM — I hear some time in December of January, it’s supposed to drop down below 90 around here — wanna come visit?

Madman in the Marketplace - 17 August 2010

What a nice invitation. Unfortunately, that’s like the worst time of the year for me to go anywhere, between work and family stuff.

brinn - 18 August 2010

How’s about March, then, it’s still not quite ass-hot by then!? Maybe for the first time in 13 years, I’ll actually go to SouthbySouthwest! 😉

Madman in the Marketplace - 18 August 2010

maybe … we’ll have to see how my job is going.

6. Madman in the Marketplace - 17 August 2010

Cyberwar Against Wikileaks? Good Luck With That

Even while the order was in effect, WikiLeaks lived on: supporters and free speech advocates distributed the internet IP address of the site, so it could be reached directly. Mirrors of the site were unaffected by the court order, and a copy of the entire WikiLeaks archive of leaked documents circulated freely on the Pirate Bay.

The U.S. government has other, less legal, options, of course – the “cyber” capabilities Thiessen alludes to. The Pentagon probably has the ability to launch distributed denial-of-service attacks against WikiLeaks’ public-facing servers. If it doesn’t, the Army could rent a formidable botnet from Russian hackers for less than the cost of a Humvee.

But that wouldn’t do much good either. WikiLeaks wrote its own insurance policy two weeks ago, when it posted a 1.4 GB file called insurance.aes256.

The file’s contents are encrypted, so there’s no way to know what’s in it. But, as we’ve previously reported, it’s more than 19 times the size of the Afghan war log – large enough to contain the entire Afghan database, as well as the other, larger classified databases said to be in WikiLeaks’ possession. Accused Army leaker Bradley Manning claimed to have provided WikiLeaks with a log of events in the Iraq war containing 500,000 entries from 2004 through 2009, as well as a database of 260,000 State Department cables to and from diplomatic posts around the globe.

Whatever the insurance file contains, Assange – appearing via Skype on a panel at the Frontline Club – reminded everyone Thursday that he could make it public at any time. “All we have to do is release the password to that material and it’s instantly available,” he said.

WikiLeaks is encouraging supporters to download the insurance file through the BitTorrent site The Pirate Bay. “Keep it safe,” reads a message greeting visitors to the WikiLeaks chat room. After two weeks, the insurance file is doubtless in the hands of thousands, if not tens of thousands, of netizens already.

7. brinn - 17 August 2010

I may completely fuck up whatever karma I have coming, but this felt good and I wanted to share:

Me on FB: just found an abandoned duffel back behind her back gate…a guy’s whole life on his back. Knife, meds, a folder with birth certificate and records of trying to get workers’ comp, unemployment, a canteen, toothbrush, and a very soggy copy of 2001: A Space Odyssey….Dear Jason: I’m washing your clothes.
2 hours ago
Amy Kavalewitz, Mike Cadden and Donald Minson like this.
Ellen Flaherty Put a note on your gate that you’ll give everything back if he wants it!
2 hours ago · LikeUnlike ·
Cat JustCat It’s been there for weeks, the kids tell me, and from the looks of the mildew (we haven’t had rain since last month), they’re right….I just hope the guy’s ok….I’ll put it all back out there tomorrow….
2 hours ago · LikeUnlike ·
Cat JustCat FB has redeemed itself…I just found his sister!
2 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 2 peopleLoading… ·
Ellen Flaherty SWEET! You’re a good person, Cat. 🙂
2 hours ago · LikeUnlike ·
Cat JustCat I have my moments! 😉

Thanks, Ellen.
about an hour ago · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading… ·
Ellen Flaherty You betcha! I truly respect you for doing this random act of kindness!
about an hour ago · LikeUnlike ·
Cat JustCat Jason is ok!! I may be meeting with his mom this weekend and I can get all of his stuff back to him! Yippie! If only mildew came out of paper as easily as it comes out of clothes!
about an hour ago · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading… ·
Ellen Flaherty Wow, that’s amazing! I’m curious as to the circumstances behind his “life in a bag” and why it was left near your gate, but it’s none of my beeswax. Glad to hear the guy is alright!
about an hour ago · LikeUnlike ·
Cat JustCat None of mine either….don’t care, really. Like I wrote to his sister, all I could think of when I saw all of it was: “”Somebody out there loves this boy, and I need to find them!” Luckily, he has a last name like mine…heh. If he was born Jason Smith, this may not have been so easy!
about an hour ago · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading… ·
Cara Craig Nice work and thoughtfulness Cat. Now I’m thinking hmm I really want to read that book …don’t think I have.:)
about an hour ago · LikeUnlike ·
Ellen Flaherty I love happy endings!!
about an hour ago · LikeUnlike ·
Amy Kavalewitz Thank you so much for finding my brother’s bag!! And then finding me on Facebook! He truly needs some good news and this will make him so happy. You are good people Cat!!!
about an hour ago · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading… ·
Cat JustCat Thanks, Amy! Right back at ya!
about an hour ago · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading… ·
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marisacat - 17 August 2010

oh that was a nice story! I’m glad a little luck came his way.

brinn - 18 August 2010

Yeah, me too — it would’ve been something that haunted me..what happened to him? So whatever else I profoundly dislike about FB, at least for yesterday, I was glad I had an account!

marisacat - 18 August 2010

it was a great story.. I’ll be interested to hear after you meet the mother…

ts - 17 August 2010

That was awesome! I can probably cruise two or three days on that story before my spirits are crushed again. Very badly needed.

brinn - 18 August 2010

That’s how I feel about it too!! I was grinning ear to ear last night, and his mom called me this morning — she’s coming to town on Saturday and is going to pick up his stuff…I’ll be riding it into next week before I go back to being my usual cynical self! 😉

Madman in the Marketplace - 17 August 2010

oh, so nice to read something positive.

8. Madman in the Marketplace - 17 August 2010
CSTAR - 18 August 2010

What I found so odious is the infestation of religious righteousness in this american military barbarism.

9. Madman in the Marketplace - 17 August 2010

Daily Show clip: Mosque-Erade

John Oliver says Muslims are allowed to put a mosque near Ground Zero, just like Catholics can build a church next to a playground.

marisacat - 17 August 2010

LOL Catholics arrive with their own playground. And school… and nursery… and birthing hospitals… and so on.

Full service screw!

CSTAR - 18 August 2010

Right, The Church provides the capital infrastucture, But the locals need to supply the raw material so to speak.

marisacat - 18 August 2010

yup parents keep forking over their children, for ritual sexual abuse… and, at the least, emotional abuse.

I had the most gentle of versions, here in SF at the Convent… not tied to the diocese in any way, Mother House in Rome at the top of the Spanish Steps – an order that answered to the Pope (like Maciel and and a few others!), no religion at home, mother clearly a non believer, father lapsed Catholic… and when I was finally in a fully secular school at sophomore year… what an amazing relief. I’ve never forgotten the realisation a few months in, the difference. Just being rid of them, all of them.

CSTAR - 18 August 2010

My lot was an all male school run by Jesuits, mostly spanish and mostly for children of the bourgeosie. However, the Latin American Jesuits were, politically at least, radical. I know that some of these later left the Church to engage in politics.

What a relief when I went to UC Berkeley as an undergraduate.

marisacat - 18 August 2010

yes there were very liberal elements at the Convent, surprisingly… that is where I heard, very clearly, that if hungry to take food is not stealing. No one on earth should be hungry… AND that all, people, animals, streams, trees, stones, wind, etc, had a soul. I grabbed that one and ran with it.

Of course they ALSO had priests come speak to us, who were working in Vietnam in the late 50s and early 60s … some who were iwth the infamous Father Dooley, who lived a thoroughly ”dissolute” life in Vietnam (not that I care!) while being a Catholic mainstay in Vietnam and, basically, operative for the US war… the priests would push for “freedom” for Vietnam.

Free to be Catholic.

And so on…

10. marisacat - 18 August 2010

Maybe La Nan could appear with the Flea Circus. In her next incarnation….

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday said she supports an investigation of groups opposing the building of a mosque near ground zero in New York.

Pelosi told San Francisco’s KCBS radio that “there is no question there is a concerted effort to make this a political issue by some.” …

Read more: Politico

catnip - 18 August 2010

An investigation is on the table? But Dog forbid she investigate the Bushco torturers…

marisacat - 18 August 2010

I saw one political writer say, Uh… Nancy, Hello Dear?, it’s pretty much out in the open! No worries! No one is shrinking from opposing, or leading the opposition publicly….

11. marisacat - 18 August 2010

“Liberal” San Francisco local talk show is pushing Iran War, the 9 o’clock hour has John Bolton on, a personal friend of the morning host. (It got puhed last night too)

Pushing hard, hard hard. We MUST support Israel and her survival.

I am at least entertained by the near hysteria in the voice of the host, when callers take issue…

12. catnip - 18 August 2010

AP Poll: Obama at new low for handling economy

But when the Dems lose seats in November, it’ll be the fault of the DFHs who weren’t sufficiently demuring. Count on it.

13. marisacat - 18 August 2010



……………. 🙄

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