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Dark night… 20 August 2010

Posted by marisacat in 2010 Mid Terms, 2012 Re Election, Culture of Death, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Lie Down Fall Down Dems, WAR!.

Obama prays during a worship service, January 17   [AP via Politico]

Dark night of the Christ child on earth, man-child in the Promised Land… dark night of the soul…  expect another spate of stories about how gray his hair is, how pretzels suffer

He may be on Martha’s Vineyard but he’s suffering for your sins… certainly not for his of omission and commission.

And, one senses a band-aid speech coming….

White House spokesman Bill Burton suggested Thursday that the increase in people thinking the president is a Muslim could actually be the product of a vacuum — the public seeing less coverage of Obama practicing his faith.

“For most Americans, they’re not reading a lot in the news about what religion the president is,” Burton told reporters aboard Air Force One as Obama headed to Martha’s Vineyard for vacation. “What they’re focused on is, you know, what you guys are focused on, which is important issues like what’s happening in Iraq and Afghanistan, what’s going on in the economy, what are we doing to create jobs.”

They can try telling themselves that, but it won’t work…  I think the rather simple political observation around the past few days, hapless voters stating he is or might be Muslim is merely a punt, a way of stating they don’t like him, is correct.

And sure, people speak in forked tongues; who would know that better than the West Wing handlers and caretakers…

“The president is obviously a — is Christian. He prays every day. He communicates with his religious adviser every single day. There’s a group of pastors that he takes counsel from on a regular basis. And his faith is very important to him. But it’s not something that is a topic of conversation every single day,” Burton said.

Another White House official, Jen Psaki, sent reporters a statement calling Obama a “committed Christian”—a phrase his campaign rolled out two years ago when his faith became a subject of contention and Internet rumors.

Trot out that old political wisdom, when they are explaining this much, they are dying. 

I always make the leap when people claim they are “committed”, it just reeks of ill-considered intemperance.  Long sleeved shirts all around, please.  Tie them up tightly and cart the idiots off.


“President Obama has, I believe, referred to his religion less frequently than the two prior Democrats to hold that job — Southern Baptists Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, and certainly less than George W. Bush,” said Paul Begala, a Democratic consultant and former adviser to Clinton. Obama, he said, “is not a man who wears his faith on his sleeve, so maybe that’s part of what’s going on.” 

Oh he has referred to it plenty… ad nauseum.  They fashioned him as a Savior.  Our very own, to take home and keep, put under our pillow like a baby tooth to meditate upon, our Black Pulpiteer. 

An almost natural born son of Martin.

People forget but he dragged his personal, born-again religiosity along with his political campaign, early late and often. What worked in the small fish bowl of the SS of Chicago did not on the larger stage, however.

 Rev Wright was offered up, early and often, as his spiritual father. Trinity congregation as his true home.  His chosen father in his chosen place, one might say his father of audacity and hope, his spring board to the healing spirituality he would preach to us….  we were to take our lessons at his knee.

To match the book.

Didn’t quite work out tho did it?  Any wonder there is a festering, somewhat incoherent dislike of him? 

Hell, it may pulsate to full sucking chest wound by 2012…

Some analysts say the mistaken views about Obama aren’t shocking because the American public has long been susceptible to inaccurate views that are hard to dispel. In 2003, for example, close to 70 percent of Americans believed that Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein played a role in the Sept. 11 attacks, even though no proof of such a link has ever been found.

Oh this is an easy one, it’s because the worst, most awful, fluff-puffed, fact deprived fast food in the nation is our news business.  The whole of it, top to bottom, is nothing more than political arms of the various factions, business manipulated marionettes. 

AND, merely as afterthought – the cancerous maraschino cherry on top –  it is so mind numbingly mediocre.

The American people are on so many forms of crack cocaine…  We have blown out our minds… truly we have.

This did give me a laugh:

Begala said the White House should keeps its eye on issues most of concern to voters, like the economy, and not spend a lot of time fretting over inaccurate beliefs about the president.

“I don’t think Americans would care if he were a Druid, so long as we were creating jobs. It is still the economy, stupid,” Begala said.

I don’t think Obby and his handlers know from KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid.




1. marisacat - 20 August 2010

gah… and Good luck with this meme… both at TruthDig http://www.truthdig.com , I am just lifting from the email.

Joe Conason on the President’s Stand

“Courage and Lower Manhattan” — Nothing tests a president like standing up against a wave of fear and prejudice, even at potentially great cost to his own party and prospects.

hmm I am scared to look… are they NOW going to try to say he is Lyndon? You know, he suffered to bring the little black children into the light, at the cost of the South, for a generation?

Something like this is prbably being cooked up:

Obby strained the bounds of love, and convention!, to love the Islamic play alongs, pay-to-play-ers like Daisy and her Imam (they played well with Karen Hughes too, at the State Dept on these funded, ‘get to know how beloved Islam is’ in the US… ) and his party will now suffer?

But a greater good was done! (Thy will be done… )

I call it DOA.


Eugene Robinson on Obama’s Achievements

“Change Accomplished” — This is a radical break from journalistic convention, I realize, but today I’d like to give credit where it’s due—specifically, to President Obama. Quiet as it’s kept, he’s on a genuine winning streak.

hmmm impossible to add to that one.

ts - 20 August 2010

What the fuck is he talking about?

marisacat - 20 August 2010

who? Conason or Eugene Robinson?

Both just doing apparatchik work, spewing out the dying themes and band-aids. Filing space…

Gotta a big ass mess to CYA tho…

…………… 🙄

ts - 21 August 2010

Eugene Robinson…on a winning streak…41 percent approval rating…gonna get hammered in November…

But I suppose it could be said about Conason too…handled it well?

I can’t figure out whether they’re programmed hackbots or Gibbs was right and they’re all on drugs.

marisacat - 21 August 2010

Both are hacks, imo… I am reading a lot of tortured pieces, untalented political writers working hard to gild the excrement.

It’s not working…

2. marisacat - 20 August 2010

sstand back, avoid the spittle splatter… messaging is hard:

DID NBC CREATE “V-I DAY?” – Administration officials seemed to think so as they watched the footage of correspondent Richard Engel riding into Kuwait on a Stryker and lawmakers started issuing statements about the end of combat.

“Richard, I understand your reporting of this at this hour tonight constitutes the official Pentagon announcement,” Brian Williams said to Engel. “Yes, it is,” Engel responded.

A Wikipedia entry on the Iraq War says, for now, that the war ended Aug. 19, 2010.

NOT SO FAST — “I think people were surprised that this was labeled as the Pentagon’s official announcement when in fact that’s not what this was at all,” one senior defense official told Morning Defense, noting that Obama will be marking the event at the end of the month. “No one is saying that this is the end of everything, this is the end of a major phase.”

David Bloom’s passing in 2003 naturally made a big impact on NBC employees, and Engel’s use of “the Bloom Mobile” elevated the moment on television. “We thought NBC’s coverage is understandable and quite excellent,” said the official.

“Bloom mobile”?

If only we could feel shame.

ts - 20 August 2010

Shame or projectile vomiting.

Wait, that’s ME projectile vomiting.

3. marisacat - 20 August 2010

He prayed with them…. I am going with PREYED… One, first up is Kibyjon Campbell, who married Jenna Bush… and whose Houston area mega church website used to advocate for Gay Cures – til in the GE gays found the site and bombarded him. Then it was swiped….

“He is a Christian by choice, a devout Christian,” said Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell of Windsor Village United Methodist Church in Houston.

BTW Kirbyjon used to be a bond trader. (see, it is all just “sellin’ the folks what they want”)

Next up, Joel Hunter… this one a white mega preyer from Florida iirc… and lest he be outdone, why pretzel was his personal pastor in a phone call:

Hunter described the president’s call to him earlier this summer when he learned that Hunter’s granddaughter had brain cancer.

“He said, ‘Remember now, the Lord’s with you,’ ” Hunter recalled. “He became my pastor for just a conversation. It was very genuine, very personal and very much at his initiative. It’s one of those glimpses no one else is able to see, and if they were it wouldn’t even be a question” of his faith. …

Read more: McClatchy

Gee willikers.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton said that Obama was Christian and prayed every day but “the president’s top priority here isn’t making sure that Americans know what a devout Christian he is, it’s making sure that we’re getting the economy on track and we’re creating jobs in this country.”

But messaging is hard, not our fault we don’t seem to be getting the message.

4. marisacat - 20 August 2010

Wonder what the next diversion is…

August 20, 2010


Collapse of the validators

Time’s Kate Pickert posts a longer document that was boiled down into the Herndon Alliance’s health care presentation that I obtained yesterday, and notices one further shift: The trusted groups on whom the Admnistration relied to sell its message have, instead, seen their own credibility badly damaged:

Voters are skeptical of outside validators like the AARP who some see as an insurance company, and some suspect that doctors might be out to make money which undermines perceptions of their objectivity. Voters wonder what the self-interest of any validator is.

She summarizes:

What’s significant here is that the Democrats’ messaging strategy on health care so far has been basically a waste of time and there’s a sizable effort underway among advocacy groups to salvage that effort, change strategies and possibly win over some more voters between now and the November mid-terms.

Posted by Ben Smith 09:34 AM

Changing strategies, IOW, moving from one fail to the next, right before a critical mid term.

Mabe he should stay on the Vineyard. Not come back.

5. Madman in the Marketplace - 20 August 2010

I have a question about this “choice” thing … are they saying some people AREN’T xtians by choice, or that he was something else and chose to change?

I’m sorry, if you’re talking to a spiritual advisor EVERY DAY, you’re a fucking NUT. Or a child. Or a dangerous zealot. Or clergy.

marisacat - 20 August 2010

Mysteries of the Universe….

Interfaith clergy are assembled in the meeting room, ready willing and able to confuse you further…

🙄 … 😆

ts - 20 August 2010

Or Nancy Reagan.

6. Madman in the Marketplace - 20 August 2010

I also don’t understand why they worry about that segment of the country that thinks he’s Obama bin Laden … those are likely people who are predisposed to not support his faux liberal ass.

Typical fucking donk … go whining after people on the right while constantly taking a shit in the faces of people to the left who want to support the so-called “liberal” party.

marisacat - 20 August 2010

Well… as Begala said, try to work on the big issues… and stop “fretting”.

Of course, in there sotto voce was, work on the big issues, IF YOU CAN, if you know how.


7. Madman in the Marketplace - 20 August 2010

RFLMAO … there is an anti-mosque guy on MSNBC wearing a hard hat with a flag pattern on it, promoting something called the “hard hat pledge”.

Gawd this country is just awash with stupid people.

marisacat - 20 August 2010

….staking his claim to a spot in the stupid field.

Madman in the Marketplace - 20 August 2010

pimping his website “blue collar corner” and some BS boycott, told a story about the weeping mother of a firefighter while the evil dirty imam and his slutty wife “celebrated” only steps away.

I was waiting for a juggler to come out next.

marisacat - 20 August 2010

Carnies, all…

LOL Imam is in the UAE (or is it Bahrain, so hard to keep the moving ball in sight!), on his State Dept mission to preach how loved he is in th US.

I so hope where ever he is, he has satellite on…

ts - 20 August 2010

I’m sorry, but when I heard “hard hat pledge” I was thinking: “Y-M-C-A”.

marisacat - 20 August 2010

one of the funniest things in all this was when some R winger pundit threatened to establish a gay bar next to the Mosqueria…

Made me laugh, at the idiocy all around…

BooHooHooMan - 20 August 2010

Well Howard was onto something, you must admit. 😉
I mean why can’t a compromise be reached considering the space?
Like a Mosque Synagogue Cathedral Bath-house Union Hall Shooting Range University Club Floating Craps Game Creation Museum Porno Shop Meth Lab? With a snack bar and liquor license. Problem solved.

marisacat - 20 August 2010

Mosque Synagogue Cathedral Bath-house Union Hall Shooting Range University Club Floating Craps Game Creation Museum Porno Shop Meth Lab

I LIKE that! My vote is sold to whoever wants it! – for the bathhouse and craps game and whatever comes along with………

😆 …

diane - 20 August 2010

Well hon, I think ya might jus be on the right path about that “meth,” though I’m talkin about methadrone. After all, ex drug tzar (among other less flattering tags) General McCaffrey was right on board with it, hooking up with this gent, the King of Methadrone. The two patriots likely healed millions of teen ‘scum’ in PA, who saiz you can’t make a bazillion while a do goodin.


(weiners indeed)

8. marisacat - 20 August 2010

hmm Maybe.. can we NOT talk? It gets murky when Wolfson who works for Bloomie (he’s a Dep Mayor iirc) and was a Clintonite for years, starts ‘splainin’ for Obby.

Can we have ONE Explainer in Chief?

Thanks in advance.

9. catnip - 20 August 2010

My latest: Disgust

marisacat - 20 August 2010

Very interesting:

KING: Daniel, do you understand why Mr. Gibbs, representing the president, is so upset?

ELLSBERG: Well, he’s very upset in part because he’s working for a president who has indicted more people now for leaks than all previous presidents put together. And two of those people — Thomas Drake and Shamai Leibowitz — have been indicted for acts that were undertaken under Bush, which George W. Bush administration chose not to indict.

see it further includes the quotes from Ellsberg that he bellied up to the bar for Obby… and WILL AGAIN, cheerleading pompoms shaking or not.

There will be months to come of ”lie down fall down cream puff” Dems doing that…

A collapsed souffle of a political party… (I like that better than Obby’s car/shit ditch!/keys tired metaphore)

ts - 20 August 2010

My latest is just flat out heaving. At least I’m in sympathy with my wife, who has a more hormonal reason to be.

catnip - 20 August 2010

It’s a Dry Heave Wave.

10. catnip - 20 August 2010
11. marisacat - 20 August 2010


NY Archbishop Timonthy Dolan is praying for compromise on the Mosqueria…. and he has offered his help to mediate.

At least one report, at The Gothamist, is saying, this mess does not need another player… [snicker]

We may be hitting bottom… but how could anyone tell?

catnip - 20 August 2010

Did you see Howard Dean’s comments about “compromising” on the Muslim center site? What exactly does “race-baiting” have to do with it? Which “race” are Muslims again?

marisacat - 20 August 2010

oh yeah he popped up with that .. I guess yesterday… but i have not kept up with HIS clarifications… I think the official Dem party line is that Reid can oppose it, but Dean may not ask for a compromise. I thought Dean was esp inchoherent on this.

I don’t care where they build the, or a, Mosqueria (and NYC RE deals being what they are, this may never be built, easily, for reasons totally unconnected to the hoopla)… but I got interested in this as Daisy Khan was on TV and I took a dislike to her… and then found the Imam’s own writings at HuffPo… which I did not care for.

And I am so fucking tired of religious and their DEMANDS I could die.

12. diane - 20 August 2010

Born closer to Pittsburgh or Philadelphia area, BoHoohooman? ……

Knew there was something familiar there, …… I was tweeked,….., in a wonderful way, …when you gave me some thumbs up on peeder’s short lived venue, …..and loved that … The Thrill is Gone ….. note …………………..towards the end of that ‘day’ ……………

All I can say, for a certainty, is that PA was a hell of an experience…China White, et al ……………

(Pardon me if I don’t respond, … if you respond; ….the internet/the technology obsession fucks with my head in a manner I really can’t deal with ….except in very small doses…guess I’m a weakling, …… so be it.
And huge hugs out to you Marisa, ……………and hugs out to Miss Devore, …… loved the Dickey Blum slam!.

marisacat - 20 August 2010

hi dear

How are you?

diane - 20 August 2010

I’m anguished, how about you honey?


marisacat - 20 August 2010

hanging in there…

diane - 20 August 2010

smartmeter installed yet? some way too late commentary in the Murky about allowed interference with other digital appliances …..

some of those applicances rather vital (in today’s enforced tekky world) and pricey to replace (as is being suggested by those with the utility licenses (sp?….fuckin BRITS)…………………)

marisacat - 20 August 2010

smartmeter installed yet

.. don’t think so…

diane - 20 August 2010

The ones installed where I live include the words: SmartMeter on them, they were installed by Wellington, out of Pittsburgh, Pennnsylvania …(haven’t tried recently, but when I first tried to search the connections with Wellington’s VIPS, came against a brick wall, though did discern that Wellington did a lot of Prison USA contracting) … I was lucky enough to be on the premises, and tell the young man, likely just trying to survive, and certainly not realizing the implications of it all, being that young, and black, making (and perhaps never to be made again) $24 an hour (under O n all) ……

diane - 20 August 2010

…perhaps significant also….the contract between PG&E and Wellington (soon it may be contracts between Google and whomever, since Google silently aquired a license quicker than a snake’s smile in the winter of 2009-10) was Wellington’s largest contract ever ….. must pump up the employment figure for the O admin, although with all the meter readers soon to be layed off, it was one huge victory for the bots ….one huge attack against the human beans …………………………………..

marisacat - 20 August 2010

I’d have to go downstairs to check, so won’t be bothering (there is a small lock box they access for a back door on the street to get to the meter)… I will ask my neighbor if he knows..

diane - 20 August 2010

just to clarify:

….and pricey to replace (as is being suggested by those with the utility licenses …..

the, mostly, monoply “utility” PG&E (soon to be Google? ……what does Google mean? ….in what language?) had the mow the “suckers” over power to imply/demand that those with appliances being interfered with due to the smartgrid/stimulus/bottech movement needed to replace those appliances, despite the fact, that the ‘suckers,’ had just recently purchased them …..heh, trying to keep up with the progressive, on top of it all, profound, ‘forward moving,’ indestructible, techy thang………………….



diane - 20 August 2010

had the mow the “suckers” over power to imply/demand that those with appliances being interfered with due to the smartgrid/stimulus/bottech movement needed to replace those appliances

despite the fact that they were a huge powerhouses in implying those appliances and gadgets (including the android and iphone) were neccessary (sp? …..fug it…..) to be a relevant mortgage/rent paying human being.

diane - 20 August 2010

HEH,……heh ….howz thingz goin over there at Foxconn …with the cutsie/hideous plastcized baubles…and twinkly sparkly ‘adornments’ for the lovely blue black hair, the owners of which, are likely, to soon commit suicide ?

marisacat - 20 August 2010

I don’t know, probably going about as well as suicides among the chronically unemployed who are beyond access to UI, here.

diane - 20 August 2010

I don’t know, probably going about as well as suicides among the chronically unemployed who are beyond access to UI, here.

you sure have that right honey …

the “homeland” is filled with the same ‘underling’ pain as China, et al’s underlings are

diane - 20 August 2010

All I can say, for a certainty, is that PA was a hell of an experience…China White, et al ……………

…as is, Golden Showers, Cali …..

talk about a fuckin beast………………

diane - 20 August 2010

The Dickey Blum slam link: Of pluties and politicians.

BooHooHooMan - 20 August 2010

Born closer to Pittsburgh or Philadelphia area, BoHoohooman?
Was hard to tell, di. The doctor, Mom, and Dad were
smoking Pall Malls in the delivery room.
😉 Then they pressed me into the circus, livin’ here and there. It was a Catholic circus. I started out as a creche model ( stand in goat alternating Christmas) then into the Finance/ Entertainment Division as a monkey impersonater at Church Fairs, Bingo Nights, etc.
You know, the normal stuff.
And then there were the classes, of course. I took allllll the classes as an ass fuckee-in- training, we all did, but fortunately switched to football before the practicum. Where one could continue to study as an ass-fuckee-in training.

Put it this way, di, I was a Stillers fan. But we all go through changes in life, no? Especially given the march of Progress.
Mostly the march. tho.

diane - 20 August 2010

..would be too funny if we went to highschool together hon! ….and not quite familiar with the catholic path, my great grandma was xcomunicated, FOCKERS!, hence I was spared from the knuckle raps, and that patent leather shoe reflection thang, only to be abused by the equally hateful noncatholics ……because we didn’t go to church and I physically appeared to be semite …orrrrrr, alternatively ….., because I wasn’t the semite I initially appeared to be ………..

ya jus can’t win in this focker! and of course, nowhere along the way on the HOMELAND, ‘High “Christian” Path,’ is Matthew 6 ever brought up.

13. ts - 20 August 2010

I really think that Obama is going to be our first President to commit suicide in office. No other human being has looked so uncomfortable assuming the highest office. He’s more like an addict that can’t quit. When his second (first) term ends, I almost think he’s going to execute himself on live TV, because there’s really nothing else left for him. No higher office to attain to…He isn’t seeming to enjoy it anyway. Why continue?

marisacat - 20 August 2010

I honestly think he is saved by his ego… and the knowledge of all they sold out FOR in the course of the election… pay-offs delayed.

And those payoffs are likely the reason he often mentioned, for a few months there, that he’d be OK being a one termer.

I DO think his backers expected in house help that was better at schmoozing the hapless voters. He is really remarkably bad at it… even worse than I expected… and I figured he would fall flat.

So much hot air, it all had to collapse.

catnip - 20 August 2010

There’s always Ban Ki Moon’s job – “King of the World!”

BooHooHooMan - 20 August 2010

Guy’s a gym rat. Not on ‘roids. SO.
As a people. uh. . peopling this heyah Nation : We’re Just not that lucky.
😆 BUT –
IF his poll numbers keep sliding\\\\….. 💡

In tough times, I draw strength from my own personal creed
When the going get’s tough, the hapless sots like myself can always appreciate how much more fucked up it can get. 😉

14. marisacat - 20 August 2010

hmm seems Mike Allen indicated the administration is reaching a deal on SS (just as Obby is out on the street saying the R are scaremongering on SS, go figure)….

corrente has a long post up about it

I have to gather what few brains i have left, before i read it.

One commenter called the DNC offices in DC – and got silencio on the line when he gave his one minute spiel on his disgust over this (he stayed on SS)… then said he would send in a copy of his re registration when he goes Ind.

Like they care.

15. marisacat - 20 August 2010

jeebus.. where to begin, Feinberg has issued a new multi-page guideline… people have to refile with him… and from the guidelines a lot of business people may be out of luck claiming lossses related to fall off of business due to Oil Spill.

Hell even that shitty drop in the ObNothings made may affect claims from NE FL. As in, clearly as of a certain date, beaches and hotels were available for tourism.

Feinberg is also on a tour tomorrow, to … do whatever. I think he should be hit with rotted fish… and oil.

link to a Google assemblage of reporting

16. diane - 20 August 2010

quite the nice trick in Cali (one of the most economically powerful, “defense” (HEH) concentrated locations on earth), the Rebublicans run the finance tax and accounting departments of the publicly traded companies, while the Demcorats write the laws to enable them, currently using “Green Technology” to appease youngsters, and some die hard ‘hippies’ who don’t, and shouldn’t be expected to, have a clue what is really going on if they’re one of the 30% who have to visit the library to cattch up on the web).


and now we cut, to putty faced Sir Paul making creepy comments about Michelle as she giggles…why not she’s now a topper!

fuck all those beneath her in her moment of gowned glory

marisacat - 20 August 2010

well.. why would the system in Cali be any less rigged than eslewhere?

diane - 20 August 2010

because of the temperate weather and geographric location, ocean, mountains, desert, poverty ridden neighboring country with populace looking to survive, all in one state, all sorts of economical advantages and ‘defense’ concerns there, plus a place to vacation without freezing or burning up, and an abundance of tasty imiigrant food from all over the map.

marisacat - 20 August 2010

so we should be less rigged? due to mountains and all the rest?


diane - 20 August 2010

oopsy …what an asshole I am….

I was answering why it would be more rigged, and you were asking why it would be less rigged …..

no excuse for me I should have taken more time in reading your words, and then, responding ….

to make sure I wasn’t making an ass of myself.

love ya hon!


marisacat - 20 August 2010

OK now it makes sense…


diane - 20 August 2010

sorry for the confusion honey, too many swigs ….



17. catnip - 20 August 2010
marisacat - 20 August 2010

a little overcast up your way?

catnip - 21 August 2010

Smoke gets in your eyes.

marisacat - 21 August 2010

we’re in the middle of big federal seizures here, comes with every harvest season, but seems stepped up this year, esp as last winter there were a lot of raids of small medical MJ growers… which is tiny by regulation, 24 or less individiual plants.


catnip - 21 August 2010

24 plants? What a waste of time and resources.

Saw a clip this am about the smoke from BC’s fires reaching as far as New England. Pretty nasty.

marisacat - 21 August 2010

well no it worked at least in the past… and most growers licensed just for Med MJ were single mothers… with sales to the outlets they worked with…

No reason to raid them tho, it is a small contained business, regulated with various licenses and restrictions by district… and at least from reports in the Humboldt and Mendocino areas, arrests were made, which are usually not done when raiding the big known growers, they just seize product. Now… if it is an unknown or Mexican grow location, then they DO arrest.

It feels stepped up this past year.

I pay attention as growing/selling MJ has gone on here all my life… and it’s interesting to watch it morph. Never was my drug tho, the odor is just awful for me to be around… Small growers, at least here, will be really shut out in the atmosphere that is coming.


18. catnip - 21 August 2010

Here we go…Julian Assange accused of rape.

Let the smear campaign begin.

catnip - 21 August 2010
marisacat - 21 August 2010

I had just been reading reports, what little info there is, on the charges… would LOVE to know the back story

catnip - 21 August 2010

He’s lucky this didn’t happen in the US where the gov’t prosecutors would have dragged it out and milked the PR for all it was worth to discredit him.

marisacat - 21 August 2010

well it’s a simple fact that Assange can’t even try to come to the US, he would be detained right off the bat…. and maybe he best hang tight with Iceland for a while, and give a wide berth to Sweden at least until whatever led to this dies down… tho that is where he has his nominal reporting job. Tho I am sure he can file from whereever.

I noticed in his comment he said the reporting vehicle on this, Expressen, is a tabloid in Sweden

19. marisacat - 21 August 2010


–“Meet the Press”: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY); former Rep. Dick Armey (R-TX) and Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D-MI); roundtable with gubernatorial candidate and former Rep. Rick Lazio (R-NY), the Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, the Wall Street Journal’s Paul Gigot and BBC’s Katty Kay

–“This Week”: Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai; lead Organizer of Islamic Center and Mosque near Ground Zero, Daisy Khan, and Manhattan Jewish Community Center’s Rabbi Joy Levitt; roundtable with ABC’s George Will, former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich, PBS’ Judy Woodruff and Bloomberg’s Al Hunt

–“Face the Nation”: Commander of U.S. forces in Iraq General Ray Odierno; Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and author Greg Mortenson; plus Katie Couric’s interview with Commander of U.S. Forces in Afghanistan General David Petraeus

–“Fox News Sunday”: Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D-IL); roundtable with the Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes, Fortune’s Nina Easton, former Romney Press Secretary Kevin Madden and NPR’s Juan Williams; “Power Player of the Week”: FNC correspondent and Breast Cancer survivor Jennifer Griffin

–CNN’s “State of the Union”: Commander of U.S. Forces in Iraq General Ray Odierno; former U.S Ambassador to Iraq and Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad; former Commander, U.S. Central Command Adm William Fallon (Ret.) and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Richard Myers (Ret.); former DNC Chairman and former Gov. Howard Dean (D-VT)

–C-SPAN: “Newsmakers”: (10am ET / 6pm ET): Rep. Edward Markey (D-MA), questioned by CQ’s Geof Koss and Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold. … “The Communicators” (6:30pm ET Saturday): Greater New Orleans Community Data Center Deputy Director Denice Ross, UC-Irvine Professor Elizabeth Losh and ProBono.net LawHelp Interactive Project Coordinator Kate Bladow … “Q&A” (8pm ET & 11pm ET Sunday): The Weekly Standard’s Literary Editor Philip Terzian.

20. marisacat - 21 August 2010

oh right! no fake religiosity anywhere near this pretzel.. nope none. None in sight, none at all.

“The president’s spiritual life, his Christian walk, is something that is important to him not for communications reasons or political reasons,” DuBois said. “We’re not going to shift course in any way on the basis of a short-term event.”

Hunter said the White House is wise to avoid being dragged into an artificial religiosity that would not suit the president.

“The worst thing you can do is overreact to this and get all religious publicly,” he said.

But he added that the president should think about ways in which he can appropriately convey the depth of his faith to the portion of the public that wants to hear it.

“He needs to, in the course of normal conversation, and when it’s relevant to the conversation, be a little more transparent about his very active engagement in his own spiritual formation,” Hunter said. “You don’t publicize them artificially. But he can be more transparent about what really is his spiritual life.”

catnip - 21 August 2010

“He needs to, in the course of normal conversation, and when it’s relevant to the conversation, be a little more transparent about his very active engagement in his own spiritual formation,”

Yeah. No, he doesn’t.

marisacat - 21 August 2010

Another speech.

Everything he says lately is just clunkier than ever. That small greasy spot he slid on in the GE is long over.

catnip - 21 August 2010

Maybe he should start wearing a Jeebus cross on his lapel.

21. catnip - 21 August 2010

Deep-fried butter. Yes, really.

marisacat - 21 August 2010

They have that at various state fairs and whatever else, down here too… or at least TeeVee tells me that…

catnip - 21 August 2010

My arteries clog just thinking about it.

catnip - 21 August 2010

Although I have to admit that I did try chicken-fried steak when I was in Dallas just out of curiosity. And grits…mmmm…grits. I found instant grits in Atlanta but I’ve never seen them up here.

catnip - 21 August 2010

And I made a pilgrimage to World of Coke (Carbonated Syrup Mecca) when I was in Atlanta too. Good times…

marisacat - 21 August 2010

my favorite food is bisquits and gravy…

the problem with most of the fried foods across the South, is that some commercial supplier rollled out a hideous ”batter” about 25 years ago. something derived from concrete… harder and harder to find a decent light (I don’t mean some diet batter) batter made by a home-style cook…

And the concrete batter was willy nilly applied to all surfaces… it used to be there were different batters for different foods.

Gah… they can kill anything.

22. marisacat - 21 August 2010



……………………… 😯

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