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Pace Pax Peace Pacem Paix 3 September 2010

Posted by marisacat in 2010 Mid Terms, 2012 Re Election, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Israel/AIPAC, Lie Down Fall Down Dems.

Construction work in the Jewish settlement of Maaleh Adumim near Jerusalem. Officially there is a building freeze in force until September 26th. However many settlers are not complying with the ban. [AP via der Spiegel]

Peace… I don’t see any around,  do you?

Peace in the Middle East? Not any century any time soon…

[T]he message is clear: After Hamas terrorists shot four Israelis near Hebron, the settlers no longer want to adhere to the 10-month construction stop that expires at the end of September. An army commander told the newspaper Maariv that the settlers threatened to “flood” the West Bank “with thousands of homes.” He said he was concerned that dozens of cement mixers would drive in at night to pour the walls and that there was nothing the military could do to stop it.

And why should they if they have the impression that the government doesn’t even support the moratorium? ….

Those 4 killings have been all thru the media for days and of course Bibi was happy to raise it yesterday as well… but over at Angry Arab I read of an Israeli court finding an officer not quilty of needlessly killing a 13 year old girl, in the Gaza…. even tho there was testimony from other mil that he was told, right then, she appeared lost and frightened and was no threat.

His commentary, he would have killed her all the same, had she been ”a 3 year old”.


Seems the Christchurch earth quake did more damage than thought at first reports…



1. ts - 3 September 2010
marisacat - 3 September 2010

oh that is a scream!

[G]ranastein claims the receivers are going to let Parliament House go on with shop as usual, but do you really think the boards of two banks based in Texas and Alabama aren’t going to have objections to a place that bills itself as “The Gayest Place On Earth” and has regular foam parties and events like “Bears’ Night Out?” I’m surprised they were open-minded enough to finance it in the first place. …

Reading that Orlando, or a good lot of it, began to go ”south” in the sense of a run down economy in the 90s…. obviously the East Coast of FL even with Disney (and decades of massive overbuilding) has been in trouble for a long time…

ts - 3 September 2010

It was the “Saturday Night Frank” picture that won me over.

marisacat - 3 September 2010

yeah that was great…

Frank. By now I wish he had wahsed out when the whole WH or congressional page with the ”commerce” in the basement was busted.

Instead we are stuck with Frank god knows how many decades later…

2. catnip - 3 September 2010

I have to wonder – with all of this fear-mongering about the Tea Party takeover of congress and the Repub party – if there’s a but of amnesia going on. We went through the same hysteria over the Christian right over social issues which, when it really came down to it, really didn’t get what it wanted out of Bushco. The Repubs like to use their extremists as tools to get them in power – just like the Dems like to use liberals. Then they throw them overboard.

marisacat - 3 September 2010

I think the Xtian right gets plenty, from both sides. They have a major seat at the table, always. As much as Israel, they control seats in congress, both sides, both parties…

AND there is always loose skin left hanging to take a whack at, so everybody gets to run on the Social Issues:

-Take back the country! (works in the same edition for both sides, no rewrite…),

-Oh mi god! the gheys are coming and will rape and educate your child!!! (and the reverse: WE the educated people know better!) and

-Women just abort babies – when they should cook clean and submit, then climb onto the birthing table and wait …. (deep down, both parties buy into that last one)


The Dems out here are already running against Carly on abortion… secondarily on “ghey marriage”… etc. And a big wallop of:

-She Off Shored JOBS! Only the Democrats will save you!!!! (what do you say?, they are not saving you? You are mistaken!)

catnip - 3 September 2010

Well, I mean the religious wingnuts haven’t gotten what they wanted in terms of constitutional amendments banning Teh Gayz from getting married (or even existing) or flat out denying women abortions. They get half-measures from the parties and think that if they keep pushing they’ll eventually get what they want – full stop. After decades of trying, that’s not working out all that well for them. Ironically, their only hope is the activist judges they claim to despise. But ignorant rulings don’t last forever and congress can change the laws anyway.

The tea partiers are collectively too fucking stupid to realize how they’re being used to push faux “economic populism” – unless they think the “populists” populate the mega-rich.

marisacat - 3 September 2010

the game is to shrink access, it eats away at abortion rights without alerting a mass of women, f they went directly at Roe, many more women would know what a mess it all is. … and by now that group is mostly women over 40 – 50. Th e ultimate goal, from several angles, is Birth Control.

Witness the stem cell fight. It is a proxy for the entire mess, from BC, RU 486 to abortion… AND as they advance on bc, their sights for years have been on the case that gave married people, then single owmen.. the right to GET birth control, Griswold. It helped to frame privacy rights.

And privacy rights cut right across where a full frontal assualt across the decades is going on.

Most of the cases sent to the Kansas abortion dr (I cannot htink of his name) who was shot in the face n his church were referrels from a national board for genetic research and related issues (cannot remember the name) and they could not even issue a formal statement at his death. SILENCE. They desperately want to stay below the media bright lights.

Every body, too many of the everybodies, seem fine that there is one doctor who performs the type of abortions the dead dr did. ONE.

And now bit by bit, no insurance or hardly any is going to cover abortion, elective or otherwise. Obby gave away the store a few months ago…

On Tuesday an abortion clinic was firebombed in Madera CA… At eh same time, unpleasant mean signs got left at some mosqueria in Madera, it is called a hate crime… SIGNS…. oh such slobber and lvoe for how violated the mosque is, was. Almost near silence on the clinic, which was you know, firebombed, a Molotov cocktail was used… for now it is closed.

I equate the tea partiers with the likes of the Kos orange mutts, on the other side. Noisy… the cirtical loud mouths, etc…

I mean look at how Hamsher, others, playing the loyal, but not too loyal (cash under the table imo), noisy, ethical, take our country back (utter vomitus) slobber and bullshite… is so loved for her hard work to liberate the Democratic party from all the meanies. And the ”emptywheels”, her great works on the WIlson Plame utter bullshit, a contrived Democratic “story”, that filled months of ink and paper and blogs and weeping and whining …

hell lambert is all but a “access blog in waiting”, others like it… Talk Left another one.

Oh those meanie weenies. They stole votes at the Democratic Rules Commmitee meeting! GAVE them to Obby!!
Righ tin front of the Cspan cmaeras too! With Howard AND a grandson of FDR, right there!

When Hillayr would have SAVED us.

yeah right.

It is all paid for, both sides. IMO no difference.

catnip - 3 September 2010

I agree there’s no difference between the sides. (Naderite!) My point was that the parties won’t give into the extremists to the extent they’re lied into believing that they will every election cycle even though they throw out crumbs of assurance that they will. These tea partiers are just the latest distraction and another excuse to move America more to the right.

marisacat - 3 September 2010

My point was that the parties won’t give into the extremists to the extent they’re lied into believing that they will every election cycle even though they throw out crumbs of assurance that they will.

yes but that is just retail politics.

catnip - 3 September 2010

And I actually defend Hamsher, Cenk and Greenwald over at dkos (not that I agree with all of their opinions and I certainly don’t condone continued support of a morally bankrupt party like the Dems which they all push for in the end, regardless) because the game the Obamaites play over there is that those guys are soley responsible for “destroying” the Democratic party. They’re handy scapegoats. Obama is blameless. “The left” is just as guilty as the screaming tea partiers for the mess the country’s in, as far as the Loyalty Brigade is concerned.

catnip - 3 September 2010

Foreign policy extremism is another matter. You’re right that both parties are in on that game.

3. diane - 3 September 2010

Nepetia and BoHOo,

…got a kick out of the surfer video tidbits……….

Little GTO..was the unsolicited soundtrack I was hearing……………

..despite the potential sand in your face, not all that bad to really be a whale …as the true poets will adore you, ….Levithian …………….

(and,…well we don’t have to talk about what the rest of the MOFO’s (and we do mean their actual birth mothers (heading the long list of those they’ve fucked), heartbreakingly enough will do to ya…… it is Friday after all,….isn’t it?))


diane - 3 September 2010

…oopsy, missed an “end parenthesis” ….. what will the MS software do, missing an end para sign and all ….we could all die, come the 10Q or 10K,


(and,…well we don’t have to talk about what the rest of the MOFO’s (and we do mean their actual birth mothers (heading the long list of those they’ve fucked)), heartbreakingly enough will do to ya…… it is Friday after all,….isn’t it?))

diane - 3 September 2010

Whilst I’m slamming “High Tech’ ….I may as well throw this link out also:

Big Brother Inc. Implications of Google Getting No-Bid U.S. Spy Contract

(since I despise Google and all that it seems (to me) to stand for). Would prefer that the article weren’t so vaguely creepy weepy mamsy pamsy about: WE MUST HAVE SECURITY AND KILL EVERBODY WHO WANTS TO IMPART SOME WISDOM TO THE EQUATION …..but, …so be it …..can’t have everything (let alone, anything) ………………….

4. marisacat - 3 September 2010

FWIW moiv sent this tonight… it will be appealed to the US 5th district… and Tejas is in the same district. She expects it, the law that Jindahl signed, to sweep west to TX:

State suspends license of local abortion clinic

The Hope Medical Group for Women in Shreveport was ordered by the state Department of Health and Hospitals late this afternoon to immediately cease performing abortions.

The action came in response to an investigation of the facility that found violations which posed “significant health and safety risks to clients” a DHH news release stated.

The immediate suspension of the facility’s license came under legislation signed this year by Gov. Bobby Jindal that gives the DHH the authority to immediately suspend an abortion facility’s license in certain circumstances. ….

“When we see this level of egregious conduct at a facility, it is incumbent on us to take steps necessary to protect our residents,” said DHH Interim Secretary Anthony Keck ….

From moiv:

Unmitigated bullshit. This clinic has been administering both medium-level IV sedation and nitrous oxide for 30 years, and in yearly inspections, the state never has questioned its sedation protocols and procedures. But two weeks ago, a state inspector spent three days there, and after failing to find any deficiencies to cite them for, finally told the clinic manager that the clinic was “not qualified” to administer those types of sedation, so they would have to perform surgery without them – effective immediately – or close their doors.

The clinic sends its nurses every year to hospital courses to recertify them in administering and monitoring sedation, and of course the doctor is there, but none of them is “qualified.” When the clinic asked why dentists and their relatively untrained assistants could give those medications without a problem, the inspector said, “They don’t need a license to stay open.”

Anyway, the clinic immediately switched to using medications that could be given orally and or by IM injection. But this evening the state summarily suspended their license and shut them down anyway, with no recourse to administrative appeal provided for in the new law.

The “egregious conduct” the state actually objects to is that Louisiana has just been sued by this clinic and others, on the grounds that parts of its newly enacted antiabortion law are unconstitutional. The Center for Reproductive Rights is representing the LA clinics, so at least Hope Medical Group in Shreveport is well lawyered up.

I’ve always seen abortion as tied to everything. It’s tied to war (fodder) freedom for women, autonomy, everything. Privacy. Privacy of the family as a whole, medical freedom and rights… freedom FROM religion, the imposition of religion.

This whole hoopla over “partial birth abortion” is about .9 of the abortions carried out per year.

Or close to that. Cali soemtimes did some things right. We hve never kept statistics on numbers of abortions.

Must drive the religious idiots nutz.

catnip - 4 September 2010

The “egregious conduct” the state actually objects to is that Louisiana has just been sued by this clinic and others, on the grounds that parts of its newly enacted antiabortion law are unconstitutional.


marisacat - 4 September 2010

I think the jig, the game, was up when the Council of Bishops, the Catholics, had direct imput in the SC ruling on “pba”. There is religious language in the ruling.

Aside from wording that instructed mothers to bond with their babies in utero. We don’t force caged zoo animals to bond with their offspring. We cope iwth a very real, common aspect of life. Things don’t go perfectly in the real world.

As Democrats run all over the horizon assuring Democratic women voters that nothing will overturn Roe. Barry, who really IS a “mother fucker”, is blithely described as both “pro choice” and god help us, a “feminist”.

Over the years, Brown v Board of Education has simply ceased, for all intents and purposes, to exist. Specific public schools that 20 years ago were integrated, no longer are. The two cases that reached the SC 3 years ago, one arising in Louisville and one in Seattle (the North loves to propagandize that their hands are so clean in race) challenging the local schemes for school integration, was the last nail. But BvBofEd stands, it just has no effect, means nothing anymore.

BAR reported at the time that Black Leadership, those paragons of energy and hope, were not even discussing what to do, they were discussing ways to make “separate but equal” better than it used ot be.

catnip - 4 September 2010

god help us, a “feminist”.

But but but, “Lily Ledbetter!!” and “post-racial!!”

Crumbs. Some Dems are complaining that they got a “shit sandwich”. An entire sandwich would be an upgrade!

marisacat - 4 September 2010

And all Lily Ledbetter did was extend the time in bringing a case. But, Jesus, quel drahma.


Anyway… I am up to Season 3 of Mad Men and just having a sort of MM festival this weekend, all 4 discs of S 3…


5. marisacat - 4 September 2010

Mike Allen has a use, snagged from his Politico email:

AFP: “Protestors in [Dublin] Ireland pelt Blair at first book signing.”

marisacat - 4 September 2010

Daily Mail:

Tony Blair pelted with eggs and shoes as anti-war protester attempts citizen’s arrest during publicity trail for controversial memoir

By Neil Michael

Last updated at 7:58 PM on 4th September 2010

Comments (206)

Shoes and eggs were pelted at Tony Blair in Dublin today as he attended his first public signing of his controversial memoir.

The missiles, which were thrown by anti-war protesters, did not hit the former prime minister as he arrived at a bookshop in Dublin.

Activists clashed with Gardai as they tried to push down a security barrier outside the Eason store on O’Connell Street. …

Read more: Daily Mail

catnip - 4 September 2010

That’s a waste of perfectly good eggs. Now if they’d been recalled American eggs, that would be different.

6. marisacat - 4 September 2010

hmm a lot of blood in the water… via Mike Allen


Fire or be fired!:

“In last week’s prime-time address, … the president sat behind a massive and capaciously empty desk, looking somehow smaller than he ever has — a man physically reduced by sinking polls, a lousy economy and the prospect that his party might lose control of Congress.

Behold something we never thought we’d see with Obama: The Incredible Shrinking Presidency. This is an amazing and, to me, somewhat frightening turn of events. The folks who ran a very smart presidential campaign in 2008 have left the defining of the Obama presidency to … people on the edge of insanity. [“people on the edge of insanity” … ??? I wonder just who he means? — Mcat] … It is clear by now that Obama has allowed others to define him. For this, Obama needs to blame Obama. … Like a picture hung in the sun, he fades over time. … Go back to Obama’s recent Oval Office speech. It was only his second and so great importance was attached to it. He should have had something momentous to say. In fact, he had almost nothing so say — no news to make or report. … The president needs a staff to tell him not to give an Oval Office address unless he has something worthy of the Oval Office to say. … In other words, the president needs to fire some key people. Either that, or the way things are going the American people are going to fire him.”

7. marisacat - 4 September 2010

😆 … 👿

–“Meet the Press”: Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC); former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe; roundtable with CNBC’s Erin Burnett, Cook Political Report’s Charlie Cook, Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne and National Review’s Rich Lowry

–“This Week”: Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair; roundtable with ABC’s George Will, New York Times columnists Tom Friedman and Paul Krugman and the Washington Post’s Mary Jordan

–“Face the Nation”: Former Chair of the Council of Economic Advisors Laura Tyson, Moody’s Analytics Chief Economist Mark Zandi and New York Times’ Gretchen Mogenson; roundtable with CBS’ Nancy Cordes and Politico’s Jim VandeHei

–“Fox News Sunday”: Sen. John McCain (R-AZ); DNC Chairman and former Gov. Tim Kaine (D-VA); roundtable with the Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes, NPR’s Mara Liasson, Fox News’ Chris Stirewalt and NPR’s Juan Williams

–CNN’s “State of the Union”: AFL-CIO President Richard Traumka and National Small Business Association President Todd McCracken; roundtable with National Journal’s Ron Fournier, Time Michael Duffy and the New York Times’ Elisabeth Bumiller

–C-SPAN: “Newsmakers”: (10am ET / 6pm ET Sunday): U.S. Coast Guard Commandant Admiral Robert Papp, questioned by the Baton Rouge Advocate’s Gerard Shields and Defense News’ Christopher Cavas … “The Communicators” (6:30pm ET Saturday): Showtime Networks Chairman & CEO Matthew Blank and Sony Pictures Technologies President Chris Cookson … “Q&A” (8pm ET & 11pm ET Sunday): Financial Analyst Meredith Whitney.

Madman in the Marketplace - 4 September 2010

this week looks painfull

8. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 September 2010


The Rev. Jesse Jackson came to Detroit last weekend pushing green jobs for the U.S. economy. On Monday, the Cadillac Escalade carrying him around the city was stolen and stripped. Does building replacement $1000 rims count as “green jobs?”

Jackson came to Detroit as part of UAW President Bob King’s “Jobs, Justice and Peace” march on Sunday, which drew about 5,000 people to a combination protest and Democratic Party spirit parade.

marisacat - 4 September 2010

5,000 people?

hoo boy. The day has passed. What was that Rahm said about the UAW….

catnip - 4 September 2010

That he wanted to meet them nekkid in the shower?

marisacat - 4 September 2010

LOL.. well he said Fuck UAW, or some version.. which goes well with nekkid in the shower.

I guess……………… :mrgreen:

9. catnip - 4 September 2010

30 False Fronts Won Contracts for Blackwater

The C.I.A.’s continuing relationship with the company, which recently was awarded a $100 million contract to provide security at agency bases in Afghanistan, has drawn harsh criticism from some members of Congress, who argue that the company’s tarnished record should preclude it from such work. At least two of the Blackwater-affiliated companies, XPG and Greystone, obtained secret contracts from the agency, according to interviews with a half dozen former Blackwater officials.

After awarding Blackwater the new security contract in June, the C.I.A. director, Leon E. Panetta, publicly defended the decision, saying Blackwater had “cleaned up its act.”

Sure, just like BP cleaned up its act after the hundreds of violations it had.

Drill, baby, drill. Kill, baby, kill. It’s all part of the same game.

10. catnip - 4 September 2010
marisacat - 4 September 2010

the children’s table:

Look: early on the administration had a political theory: it would win bipartisan legislative victories, and each success would make Republicans who voted no feel left out, so that they would vote for the next initiative, and so on. (By the way, read that article and weep: “The massive resistance Republicans posed to Clinton in 1993 is impossible to imagine today.” They really believed that.)

How pathetic.

I noticed Krugolla has a typo in the first graf… he has “we” when he truly does mean “me”.


ts - 5 September 2010

He’s got a couple typos in that one. Maybe the tears washed away some of the ink.

marisacat - 5 September 2010

Rahm is climbing the walls if he is listening to PK on This Week. Very tough language used about Obby…

11. marisacat - 5 September 2010

I slept thru wahtever part of TW Blair was on, but nothing to see, Bomb bomb bomb Iran. They’ll eventually love us for it.

Blair: Force should be option with Iran

Former British Prime Minister Tony Bair says that if he were a leader in public office today, he would “take the risk” on using force against Iran to prevent the regime from developing or acquiring nuclear weapons.

In an interview aired Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,”Blair said that the risk of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons is too great to rule out the use of force. [we should lock these people up for paranoid hallucination, seeing mushrooms where none exist — Mcat]

“All I know is, if I were a decision maker, I wouldn’t take the risk,” Blair said. “I’m not taking any option off the table.”

Blair said that former Vice President Dick Cheney was “absolutely hard line” on the need to use force to combat extremism in Iraq, Iran, and Syria. But he said that Cheney’s vision to make the world “anew” is not possible with only the use of force.

“It’s possible over time with the right combination of hard and soft power, I think, to get to the point where nations that did regard us as threats become allies,” Blair said

12. marisacat - 5 September 2010

I almost cannot believe it… they only have the Library of Congress at their fingertips — and any archivist, much less the very best at the government itself, and any historian of the period they wish to employ as consultant…

I am even wondering if just flipping open a Bartlett’s would have saved them…

Madman in the Marketplace - 5 September 2010

NPR had a interesting interview with a historian about how phrases get recycled like that. He claimed that MLK paraphrased Parker:

BLOCK: Well, you have brought in a part of the 1853 sermon by Theodore Parker, the abolitionist minister. Can you read the part that Dr. King then used and made it his own?

Prof. CARSON: I do not pretend to understand the moral universe. The arc is a long one. My eye reaches but little ways. I cannot calculate the curve and complete the figure by experience of sight. I can divine it by conscience. And from what I see I am sure it bends toward justice.

As you can see, the Parker quote is not as concise as what King made it in his own speech, and often, that is the case. When people use quotes from others, they paraphrase, and sometimes, they make it better. Sometimes they make it less effective.

BLOCK: Now, many times in his speeches, Dr. King did attribute sources of quotes. He would mention Thomas Carlyle or William Cullen Bryant. Did he also mention Theodore Parker by name?

Prof. CARSON: I don’t recall him mentioning him by name. He may well have. Often what happens is the first time they use a quote, the do cite it. The second time, it’s probably someone once said. And then the last time, it’s as I’ve said previously. So it goes through a process in which the person kind of incorporates that into their own oratory.

And as King became more famous, the fact that he said it became more important than the fact that somebody might have said it many years before.

BLOCK: You know, Professor Carson, there is an interesting footnote here. We’re talking about Theodore Parker, and there’s another speech from him in 1850 that included these words: a government of all the people, by all the people, for all the people, which of course became part of the Gettysburg Address. And those words are also woven into President Obama’s Oval Office rug that we were talking about yesterday. So Theodore Parker has lineage to not one but two of the five quotes on that rug.

Prof. CARSON: That’s right. And these are probably two of the most familiar quotes for King and then for Lincoln. So it shows how significant he was as an intellectual force, and it’s interesting that his name is almost forgotten today. But clearly, through his writings and through his speeches and sermons, he influenced lots of people.

BLOCK: Professor Carson, thanks for helping us give Theodore Parker his due today.

Prof. CARSON: Thank you.

marisacat - 5 September 2010

I’ve read previously about connections of lines in the Gettysburg address to a speech given earlier by a minister… but had not heard it about Martin…. tho DM pointed out that Obby claims long standing love for the Martin quote… and thatMartin was open about attribution of source.

It’s nto a big deal – ideas and lines get recycled all the time – EXCEPT these fckers hold themselves out as TEACHERS. By now they have instructed us on everything. From race to veggies.

I am so tired of the lecturing.

Madman in the Marketplace - 5 September 2010

I think the most tiresome thing about them is that they’re so LAZY, they assume that no one is going to check up on what they’re doing, and then shrug when someone does.

marisacat - 5 September 2010

All they really had to do was note the original author of the lines in whatever press release they blasted the earth with. Include a short bio and background on Parker as the original inspiration, historical references making the connection…

That would have done it, and left the more famous names on the rug as fine.

13. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 September 2010

link via Balloon Juice: A Chaplain and an Atheist Go to War

Lt. Moran takes the Bible at its word, rejects the evolution of species and believes the Earth to be 6,000 years old. He carries a large Bible with him into the combat zone, while RP2 Chute totes writings of Richard Dawkins, the evolutionary biologist and fierce critic of the notion that God designed the universe.

Philip Chute was raised a devout Baptist in Nova Scotia and moved to Greenville, S.C., as a teen. His avid reading of the Bible, however, weakened his belief that fact lay behind faith. Soon he was a “full-blown atheist,” he says.

He “wasted” a few years after graduating from high school, then joined the Navy. As a Canadian citizen at that time, he found the interesting career fields were closed to him, including his top choice of nuclear-submarine technician. (He became a U.S. citizen in 2009.)

Religious programs specialist sounded better than cook. He rose to the rank of RP2, the equivalent of an Army sergeant, and worked with three other chaplains before he was paired with Lt. Moran late last year.

Soon after they were assigned to work together, they had the inevitable discussion about RP2 Chute’s beliefs.

At first the chaplain got the sense RP2 Chute was agnostic. “I can work with that,” Lt. Moran recalls thinking.

But a few days later RP2 Chute dropped the A bomb: He was an atheist.

Appalled, Lt. Moran contacted his fellow chaplains. He says he was simply seeking counsel about whether atheists can really be chaplain’s assistants. RP2 Chute is convinced Lt. Moran was trying to trade him in for a believer.

RP2 Chute was senior among Lt. Moran’s possible assistants. More importantly, he already had two combat tours under his belt, while Lt. Moran hadn’t yet seen a bullet fly. In the end, Lt. Moran says, he chose experience over faith.

“We’re here for security,” says RP2 Chute. “We’re not junior chaplains.”

Of course, it’s no surprise the the Chaplain is a fucking moron:

It was a spot that made the Marines nervous.

“Hey, sir, don’t get out of the vehicle until I lay down a sniper screen,” Gunnery Sgt. Mark Shawhan, an agnostic with a suspicion of organized religion, instructed Chaplain Moran before the patrol. “That’s where he’s been getting us, and when you cross the bridge—RUN.”

Lt. Moran wasn’t troubled. “I believe the Lord is going to protect us,” he said. But he wondered aloud whether to finish his Meal, Ready-to-Eat packaged lunch before heading to the armored vehicle.

Gunny Shawhan shook his head in disbelief.

When their turn came, the chaplain and his assistant bolted across the bridge and pivoted into a cornfield, where the minister stood upright. RP2 Chute shouted at Lt. Moran to get down. “Take a knee,” he yelled.

The patrol zigzagged through fields and waded through ditches, the only sounds the rustling of corn leaves, the muted crackle of a radio and the distant thup-thup of a helicopter flying sentry above.

During a pause to allow the minesweepers to check for booby-traps on the path ahead, the chaplain, wearing his prescription eyeglasses instead of anti-shrapnel goggles, sat down on the bank of an irrigation ditch, dropped his backpack on the ground and snapped a few pictures. RP2 Chute grimaced when he noticed. Insurgents have seeded the entire town with powerful explosives, and Marines step in the exact footprints of the man ahead to minimize the risk.


The chaplain tried to lead the men in a rousing rendition of the Battle Hymn of the Republic, but forgot the words after “Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord,” and had to resort to “lala-lala” to fill in the blanks.

But the men sang Amazing Grace enthusiastically and thanked the chaplain warmly for providing a few minutes of relief.

“Everybody made their deal with God before they came,” said Lance Cpl. Justin Blaschke, a 21-year-old non-denominational Christian from Woodsboro, Texas.

RP2 Chute looked on, his impassiveness masking his disdain for talk of angels. “It’s frustrating to listen to him tell people things I know not to be true, but I know it’s not my place to get involved when people come to him for help,” he said later.

There are times, however, when RP2 Chute feels he has to intervene and looses his own ample arsenal of biblical references, dredged up from his Baptist boyhood and doubting teenage years.

In August, the pair visited India Co. in dug-in positions on a ridge line overlooking the Helmand River. The company commander asked the chaplain to visit every foxhole. Lt. Moran did so, spending four hours in the mortar pit, fielding the Marines’ questions about the End Times.

The chaplain was struck both by RP2 Chute’s command of the Book of Revelation, and his refusal to take it seriously. “He’s familiar with the Christian doctrine, but he chooses not to believe it,” says the chaplain, a slender-faced, soft-spoken man with a fringe of gray in his black hair. “That’s what I find puzzling.”

I saw an interview w/ Penn Jillette once. The interviewer asked what book Penn would recommend to someone interested in atheism, and he replied, “the Bible”.

On a visit to Kilo Co., a Marine asked for a biblical ruling on tattoos. Lt. Moran said the Book of Leviticus bans them. RP2 Chute disagreed. Leviticus, he said, says people shouldn’t get tattoos to mourn the dead.

marisacat - 5 September 2010

hmm I think Lt Moran has failed at evangelism. Wasn’t it his DUTY to bring Chute to Gawd.

Madman in the Marketplace - 5 September 2010

yup, and abject failure all around.

14. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 September 2010
15. marisacat - 5 September 2010

Poor Wobby:


We have reached stall speed. Any shock at this point can tip you back into recession. With interbank spreads rising, you can get a vicious circle like 2008-2009,” he said, describing a self-feeding process as the real economy and the credit system hurt each other.

“There is a 40pc chance of double-dip recession in the US, and worse in Japan. Even if it is not technically a recession it will feel like it,” he added.

Hans-Werner Sinn, head of Germany’s IFO Institute, said the US would have to purge its debt excesses the hard way.

“The bitter truth is that there is no way out of this with monetary and fiscal policy. They will just have to see their living standards go down. I see a decade of difficulties for the US,” he said …

Read more: Link to BI

BI draws fom the Uk Telegraph

Dr Roubini said US companies have plenty of cash but are boosting profits by a policy of “slash and burn” on labour costs. “We’ve lost 8.4m jobs and if you include the loss of hours worked it is equivalent to another 3m. We need to generate an extra 450,000 jobs every month for three years to get it back,” he said.

The US non-farm payrolls data released on Friday was better then expected but still showed a net loss of 54,000 jobs.

Dr Roubini said average public debt in the rich countries would rise to 120pc of GDP by 2015 in the rich countries, leaving no scope for a further fiscal stimulus. If they push their luck, they too risk the sort of bond crises seen in Southern Europe this year.

Woe is Wobby.

marisacat - 5 September 2010

ugh. Thi is the close of the Telegraph article:

In the US, the fiscal boost has faded, switching to tightening over coming months The lift from the inventory cycle is finished. Capex spending by companies has held up well, but this slowed sharply in July. Housing is already in a double dip. The last support for the US economy is consumption, barely growing at 1pc.

“All we did was kick the can down the road and stole demand from the future,” he said.

16. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 September 2010
marisacat - 5 September 2010

Madman, moving this link forward… 😉

17. marisacat - 5 September 2010



……………………. 😯 … 8)

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