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CRASH!!!! 5 September 2010

Posted by marisacat in 2010 Mid Terms, 2012 Re Election, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Lie Down Fall Down Dems.

A pair of crowned cranes earn the nickname 'heads and tails' as one turns its head away from the camera of Francisca Rivera-Casares at the Biopark Zoo, in Valencia, Spain

A pair of crowned cranes earn the nickname ‘heads and tails’ as one turns its head away from the camera of Francisca Rivera-Casares at the Biopark Zoo, in Valencia, Spain [Francisca Rivera-Casares / Solent]

I posted this at the end of the last thread, but Jesus, what else is Nouriel saying here…


[W]e have reached stall speed. Any shock at this point can tip you back into recession. With interbank spreads rising, you can get a vicious circle like 2008-2009,” he said, describing a self-feeding process as the real economy and the credit system hurt each other.

“There is a 40pc chance of double-dip recession in the US, and worse in Japan. Even if it is not technically a recession it will feel like it,” he added.

Hans-Werner Sinn, head of Germany’s IFO Institute, said the US would have to purge its debt excesses the hard way.

“The bitter truth is that there is no way out of this with monetary and fiscal policy. They will just have to see their living standards go down. I see a decade of difficulties for the US,” he said …

Read more: Link to BI

BI draws fom the Uk Telegraph

[D]r Roubini said US companies have plenty of cash but are boosting profits by a policy of “slash and burn” on labour costs.

“We’ve lost 8.4m jobs and if you include the loss of hours worked it is equivalent to another 3m.

We need to generate an extra 450,000 jobs every month for three years to get it back,” he said.

The US non-farm payrolls data released on Friday was better then expected but still showed a net loss of 54,000 jobs.

Dr Roubini said average public debt in the rich countries would rise to 120pc of GDP by 2015 in the rich countries, leaving no scope for a further fiscal stimulus. If they push their luck, they too risk the sort of bond crises seen in Southern Europe this year.

Woe is Wobby.

[I]n the US, the fiscal boost has faded, switching to tightening over coming months The lift from the inventory cycle is finished. Capex spending by companies has held up well, but this slowed sharply in July. Housing is already in a double dip. The last support for the US economy is consumption, barely growing at 1pc.

“All we did was kick the can down the road and stole demand from the future,” he said.     …




1. marisacat - 5 September 2010

Madman posted this link, Harry Shearer in HuffPo, at the tag end of the last thread:

President Obama Speaks to New Orleans From Planet Zarg

2. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 September 2010

Sestak Mends Fences With Suburban Philly Jews

Democrat Joe Sestak has often been criticized by conservatives for signing onto a letter to President Obama, in which lawmakers asked him to press Israel to ease its blockade of the Gaza Strip and allow more humanitarian aid during the most recent war there.

Even some Democrats in the Jewish community told he made a mistake and, we’re told, Sestak privately conceded he should have drafted his own, more carefully worded letter. Well, Sestak has now taken that sentiment public.

Earlier this week, the two-term congressman and candidate for Senate was talking to Jewish leaders during an Orthodox Union event. … [Sestak said] during the event that he regrets signing onto the so-called “Gaza 54″ letter and should have written his own. … [T]hat small concession might not seem like much. But it’s an important step if Sestak wants to keep a firm hold on the suburban Jewish constituency that Republican Pat Toomey is hoping to wrest away from the Democratic fold.

marisacat - 5 September 2010

LOL why bother to ever disagree.

maybe we should all get tattoos… “I support the right of the Jewish State of Israel to exist and to defend itself”.


3. ms_xeno - 5 September 2010

What ever happens in November is just dessert. (4.00 / 2)
Voting for Democrats in November and Obama in 2012 because they are better than dirt is only going to prolong the misery. Until they loot it all, they won’t stop; and we are obviously powerless to stop them. We win a fight. They retreat. and then they come back again and again and again until they inevitably get what they want. A choice between Edwards, Obama, and Clinton clearly speaks to that.

The Reaganites, religous right, evangelicals, neocons, teabaggers really don’t give a damn about the Republican Party. They reinvent themselves and keep on “winning”. They want what they want, and they are quite prepared to let the devil take the hindmost whether they are Republicans or Democrats.

The left, oth, continues to support and pursue a disguised loyalty pledge of “more and better Democrats” – despite all of the losses and having nothing to show for it except a repeated suggestion from the party establishment to go fuck ourselves. The “left” really needs to learn a lesson or two from the crazy right, and they better do it quickly. More of the same is not acceptable; and if we can’t drag these so called Democrats across the finish line, then I say “let go of the rope”. Let them fall on their asses and get it over with. For once I’d like to deserve the blame they heap on me. It will finally mean we have some power. No, I am not happy that we have to go for the ride; but I don’t see any other way. Liberals = 0 Teabaggers = 5 We vote for them, send them money, and all we get is ignored or blamed for their failures.

I really don’t know how I will vote in November, or if I will even vote. I’m pretty fed up. If I can’t effect change, then I might as well just wait for them to blow themselves up or for liberals to grow a spine. I can’t say it enough. If we can’t hurt them, we have no influence. We are just a lot of pie fights and cheerleaders squabbling all over the front page of dailykos.
by: dkmich @ Sun Sep 05, 2010 at 05:19:42 AM CDT
[ Parent ]


Wow. It’s almost like they might really mean it this time, but I’m not sure I believe it. :p

marisacat - 5 September 2010

yeah I will wait for that mystical Tuesday in November, see how the herding goes…

4. diane - 5 September 2010

………Come on with your come on……

James Brown,

Peel back the flesh ….and it is all pink ………………….

me…….and, ……..I believe, …….human beans with good intent…

how creepy is that fact ….that good intent came to be pre-emptive bombing [under shrub]

even worse that space in time, was fed,…..was fed………..by …… [Clinton et al before him]

ya’ll answer that question ….or, ……………………….not………

5. diane - 5 September 2010

perhaps preceeding a comment of mine, which proceeds this comment:

and I love, loved, James Brown’s dirty underwear ……………………..still dooooooooooooooooooooooooo

……turnips …….

you fockers, …fuckers, of the nurturing “female” energy …..

6. diane - 5 September 2010

shout out ninth ward

7. diane - 5 September 2010

dont let me go unquestioneded/tormented but realize this I have absolutely nothing to do with the ghastly legisation that’s curently being passed …despte having been inited..to that PARTY …on numerous occasions, that does not make me someone you should confide in please don’t……I can bareoly stand myself having ridiculed people for their spelling when I’m at the point wher I can barely spell things correctly, …myself….

cut out the lights…an’ call the law……..

8. diane - 5 September 2010

wake up O, …… or forever hold your piece, (you a clownin with that “peace” lie of that ugly pie …..or druggggggged……………..)

9. diane - 5 September 2010

heh…..say I can’t …and ….say…I will …..kindness will, …..yeah, …..it will…….rule……….the………..day………..

10. diane - 5 September 2010

[It is pretty confusing…….and isn’t it a fact, that most of us ……want to end the day in kindness, despite the facty that all us feel so bereft, at the end of that day?………….what does it all it alll mean …….”farewel to Tarwarthie …..do I have my spelling right, ………………..and what does that really matter, …..in the schweme of things}

diane - 5 September 2010

so vey (very) through with it all, and to remind, ….don’t put any stock in me……folllow that , this will be continued theme because, there is such a thing as kindness …the story has not been fully told yet ….a large part of it has to do with remembering the events which preceded “your” birth, never forget that sweetheart…….

11. catnip - 6 September 2010

Via El Politico:

Seeking to bolster the sluggish economy, President Barack Obama will use a Labor Day appearance in Milwaukee today to announce a new infrastructure plan designed to expand and renew the nation’s roads, railways and runways. A White House official tells POLITICO: “The president will work with Congress to enact a new up-front investment in our nation’s infrastructure – an investment that would help jump-start additional job creation, while also laying the foundation for future growth. This initial investment would fund improvements in the nation’s surface transportation, as well as our airports and air traffic control system.” The measures include the “establishment of an Infrastructure Bank to leverage federal dollars, and focus on investments of national and regional significance that often fall through the cracks in the current siloed transportation programs,” and “the integration of high-speed rail on an equal footing into the surface transportation program.”

An Infrastructure Bank? WTF?

catnip - 6 September 2010

$50 billion = chump change. Yet another Obama band-aid which he probably won’t get anyway.

marisacat - 6 September 2010

….couple of days ago it was said to be 100 billion, which is also too small.

Millions dying as he shrinks away in office.

I guess they may not get those jobs as Mr and Mrs International Black People.

marisacat - 6 September 2010

From the MIke Allen email…. what a fucking mess that will come to….. N O T H I N G… and is desperately needed. So little money… it will just be stolen in many cases…

I hope they are run out of town. I’m for heads on pikes along the roadways into DC. That, or Guillotines in Lafayette Park.

INFRASTRUCTURE DEETS — At 3:10 p.m. ET today, Obama is to deliver remarks on the economy at Milwaukee Laborfest, in Henry Maier Festival Park. The White House says he will ask Congress for $50 billion to kick off a new infrastructure plan designed to expand and renew the nation’s roads, railways and runways. The goals, per the White House: “Rebuild 150,000 miles of roads – renewing our commitment to the backbone of our transportation system … Construct and maintain 4,000 miles of rail – enough to go coast-to-coast … Rehabilitate or reconstruct 150 miles of runway – while putting in place a NextGen system that will reduce travel time and delays.”

The measures include the “establishment of an Infrastructure Bank to leverage federal dollars, and focus on investments of national and regional significance that often fall through the cracks in the current siloed transportation programs,” and “the integration of high-speed rail on an equal footing into the surface transportation program.”

From a White House fwing and Expanding America’s Roads, Railways, and Runways”: act sheet, “Rene“To jumpstart job creation, this long-run policy front-loads – through a $50 billion up-front investment – a significant share of the new infrastructure resources. As with other long-run policies, the Administration is committed to working with Congress to fully pay for the plan. … The President proposes to pair this with a long-term framework to reform and expand our nation’s investment in transportation infrastructure.”

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel has been pushing an infrastructure plan in West Wing meetings for weeks. But with the November midterms looming, officials were having trouble finding a way for the effects to be felt immediately. Full fact sheet http://bit.ly/9EOFvV

catnip - 6 September 2010

roads, railways and runways.

Planes, trains and automobiles. Maybe Steve Martin can head up that wild and crazy infrastructure bank.

12. catnip - 6 September 2010

I ate some most excellent huge carrots from my garden yesterday. They actually have taste (gasp!). What a difference.

marisacat - 6 September 2010

how wonderful….

BTW, corrente has a piece up on canning… I was too sleepy to read it last night, but will today and will post the link…

catnip - 6 September 2010


I’ll probably just blanch the carrots and freeze them. Not much into canning. I do like making jam though. Might get some Saskatoons and rhubarb from a u-pick place close to here. I’ll see how ambitious I’m feeling.

ms_xeno - 6 September 2010

We got our first pepper yesterday. A bell, called purple, but darker than eggplant, really.

Threw it on the grill with some olive oil. It was fabulous.

marisacat - 6 September 2010

kiss the kitties!

>^. .^<

ms_xeno - 6 September 2010

I don’t think The Sid would turn down a grilled pepper, though he prefers strips of bacon, usually stolen off somebody’s plate when they’re not paying attention. 😆

(This is the same cat who has sampled, at various times, beer foam, uncooked tofu, and his own cat litter. Yikes.)

marisacat - 6 September 2010

Baby loved scrambled eggs…. and a bit of buttered toast too…

catnip - 6 September 2010

That sounds great. I’ve never grown peppers. Maybe next year…

ms_xeno - 6 September 2010

Yeah, I suggested them to mr_xeno because we both love them, and most of our neighbors who bring us garden stuff don’t grow them. That way, we’ll have something to trade that they ain’t got already.

Three varieties: one purple, one red, one orange, all booming. Turns out the spot he picked was perfect! 8)

13. marisacat - 6 September 2010

hmmm The New Yorker has a piece up on the house The Family keeps in DC that congressmen live at…

I am about a quarter way thru it… but it is written by Peter Boyer, a big time Catholic the New Yorker used a few years ago to get the wimmens on board with Casey of PA… so…………….. wew shall see…

In May, I travelled to Arlington, Virginia, where I met Doug Coe. The setting was a Revolutionary War-era mansion called the Cedars, which, since 1978, has served as the Fellowship’s home base. The house sits on seven acres, which rise to the high point of the Potomac palisade, near the Key Bridge, and is secluded by thick woodlands. The Cedars is used as a place for prayer meetings and meals (served by volunteers, as at the C Street house), and as a refuge for friends of the group. It was where William Aramony, the former director of United Way, went when he learned that he was about to be indicted as a swindler, and where Lee Atwater, the Republican political operative, retreated when he learned that he had a brain tumor. Michael Jackson and his family stayed at the Cedars when he came to Washington for a 9/11 memorial concert.

Read more Link to the article

14. marisacat - 6 September 2010

I see La Tony is cancelling a big book signing in Central London, based on the protests in Dublin.


catnip - 6 September 2010

He and dubya should do a dual book tour. Might as well make it easier on the protesters. That’s the least they can do.

15. marisacat - 6 September 2010

fwiw… here is the link to corrente… I was not advocating canning as such (LOL I’d hardly be in that group!) but becasue his threads on food and vegetble gardening are always interesting.

Several good (well, interesting!) tomato recipes, if anyone planted tomatos…

Like this…

I have a nice recipe for sun-cooked

By Card-carrying_B… on Fri, 09/03/2010 – 8:03pm

fresh tomato sauce with large chunks of fresh tomatoes, large chunks of brie, chopped garlic, shreds of basil, cup of olive oil, black pepper to taste, and a smattering of parmesan cheese.

Set it out in the sun. Three hours.

Et voila.

16. marisacat - 6 September 2010

Snagged at SMBIVA, who in turn snagged from a Gawker thread:

Commenter ‘rdewey’ comments at Gawker re: These Damn’ Kids Today Just Not Into The Donkeycratic Thing These Days:

It was a fad. It was “cool” to vote for Obama. Kids had no idea what “change” meant. They have no idea what Obama has done to their future. Just like all the grandkids that went down to Florida to get their grandparents to vote for Obama, how do ya like him now, grannie?

To which I replied:

I suspect that future Presidential historians will think of Obama as the fixed-gear bicycle of American politics.

All this and more, boys’n’girls, at
Young Voters Not Feeling the Democratic Vibe Much Anymore

But, seriously, man… I was just now thinking about it. He totally fits: Kickball, Cupcakes, Dive Bars, Fixed-Gear Bicycles, Obama.

ms_xeno appears in the thread at SMBIVA, as well.

Mike F. is inspirational. I totally need a bumper sticker now that says “They can have my cupcakes when they pry them from my cold, dead fingers!”

I suppose it would help if I had a car, too. :/

Posted by ms_xeno | September 4, 2010 1:44 PM

marisacat - 6 September 2010

hahahah.. somebody described Obama as

The dullest bucket of neo liberal flopsweat in existence”.

That does seem accurate… 😉

ms_xeno - 6 September 2010


mr_xeno did represent a guy a couple of years back whose wife runs a small specialty bakery from their rental home. She caters stuff to order.

We did score a couple of freebies as thanks when the case was over. They were terrific.

17. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 September 2010

Free Gregory Koger

Gregory Koger is an ex-con and a revolutionary communist…and none of that should matter in the slightest. He’s also a person who was beat up, handcuffed, maced, arrested, and now faces the prospect of a three year jail sentence for the crime of holding up his iPhone to take pictures of police harrassment. Koger is the young man who was documenting Sunsara Taylor’s protest of the behavior of the Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago (which, by the way, ought to change their name to drop the first word), and who, oddly, was manhandled and arrested for taking videos of the event, while Taylor herself, who was doing all the talking, got away relatively unhassled.

Koger has now been convicted of trespassing, and will be sentenced on Wednesday. The whole thing has been Kafkaesque — it’s the most hysterical, overblown response to a guy taking a picture of a public event that I’ve ever heard of, and it’s a slap against everyone’s personal freedoms.

marisacat - 6 September 2010

Someone needs to help him…

EVEN that creep Instapundit keeps a running series of links going to the crush of laws and harrassing people, arresting people for filming cops and protest and so on.

18. marisacat - 6 September 2010

From the New Yorker piece on the Family/Felloship ….

Gah… everybody in DC should get “I am a Jesus Freak” tatooed on their forehead.

He also says there is a prayer group aligned with The Family in Tokyo, started at the behest of Al Gore.

If international dignitaries view the Prayer Breakfast as a reliable means of unofficial access, some Presidents—most notably, Bill Clinton—have been more accommodating than others. “Bill and Hillary got it,” says Doug Burleigh, who is Coe’s son-in-law, and a key figure in the Fellowship. “They came early, they’d meet with the groups early and do a photo op with ’em, hug ’em. They got what this was about.” George W. Bush, on the other hand, made it clear to Coe and the others from the start that he’d show up at the Prayer Breakfast but not to expect much more. “George came late, and left early—he did every year,” Burleigh says. “Now, I appreciate his honesty. He told Doug, ‘You know, this isn’t my thing.’ ”After Bush’s first, perfunctory appearance, Clinton telephoned Coe to console him. “He didn’t badmouth Bush, he gave it the best spin,” Burleigh recalls. “He said, ‘Hey, Bush’ll get it. He doesn’t understand what this thing’s about.’ ”

Read more Link to the NY

19. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 September 2010

Obama is listing in his speech in Milwaukee all of the New Deal and post-New Deal programs that he’s either letting wither on the vine or secretly working to gut, and the crowd is clapping for it.

So tired of the scam, and tired of people falling for it.

catnip - 6 September 2010

Can he yell any LOUDER?

marisacat - 6 September 2010

Hopefully Milwaukee doesn’t get the hours of gridlock that Los Angeles got for his recent vist…

catnip - 6 September 2010

He’s in full-on campaign mode. Yeah. Been there, done that. It’s what happens after the campaigns that counts and people have now realized what that’s all about with him.

catnip - 6 September 2010

So, Russ Feingold might be in a battle for his seat I hear…

marisacat - 6 September 2010

If I read right, he passed on being with Obby today…………. off to his yearly Labor Day appearnce in his home town…

catnip - 6 September 2010

Probably a smart move.

ms_xeno - 6 September 2010

Somebody should be passing out those giant foam hands like we see at sporting events. Only with the middle finger permanently extended.

I’d skim five bucks off my comic book budget to buy one to point at ol’ Russ and the rest of these wankers and tossers.

marisacat - 6 September 2010

it’s true, they should all fall.

Fall down go boom, to be precise.

Madman in the Marketplace - 6 September 2010

They say that every six years … I frankly have given up trying to figure out what’s really going on. The Rep. running against him is a nut, and has already been shown up in a couple of lies.

Anyway, fwiw, here’s the polling.

20. marisacat - 6 September 2010



………………….. 😯

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