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Prayer 7 September 2010

Posted by marisacat in 2010 Mid Terms, 2012 Re Election, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

Wildlife enthusiast Jimmy Hoffman, 50,  scours the vegetation around his home in the Costa Brava, Spain, looking for praying mantises. After finding his subjects, Mr Hoffman can spend up to two hours waiting to get the perfect shot. He said: 'My favourite picture is of a mantis about to catch a butterfly. Unfortunately for the mantis the butterfly was too fast and managed to fly away before it could be caught. I got my picture at exactly the right moment and it was very special for me because I had waited a couple of hours for something interesting to happen. After that I decided to called the picture 'patience''

Wildlife enthusiast Jimmy Hoffman, 50, scours the vegetation around his home in the Costa Brava, Spain, looking for praying mantises. After finding his subjects, Mr Hoffman can spend up to two hours waiting to get the perfect shot. He said: “My favourite picture is of a mantis about to catch a butterfly. Unfortunately for the mantis the butterfly was too fast and managed to fly away before it could be caught. I got my picture at exactly the right moment and it was very special for me because I had waited a couple of hours for something interesting to happen. After that I decided to called the picture ‘patience'”     [Jimmy Hoffman/solent]

The next pic is of a praying mantis that mimics bark or twigs.  Loses a lot of colorful beauty of the stealth attack above… tho still a very exotic profile.




1. marisacat - 7 September 2010

Speaking of prayer (snare), Imam Rauf is up in the NYT:

[T]he wonderful outpouring of support for our right to build this community center from across the social, religious and political spectrum seriously undermines the ability of anti-American radicals to recruit young, impressionable Muslims by falsely claiming that America persecutes Muslims for their faith. These efforts by radicals at distortion endanger our national security and the personal security of Americans worldwide. This is why Americans must not back away from completion of this project. If we do, we cede the discourse and, essentially, our future to radicals on both sides. The paradigm of a clash between the West and the Muslim world will continue, as it has in recent decades at terrible cost. It is a paradigm we must shift. …

2. marisacat - 7 September 2010

Yum… a Chicagoan emails Ben Smith with an assessment of Rahm running for Mayor….

Who knows, I sure don’t.

[A]s they say here, “don’t send nobody nobody sent.” And who sent him? Barack? As if the president is going to get mixed up in Chicago politics – that’ll make him look good to the rest of the country. He has no (as they used to say here in an offensive way) Chinaman, that is, sponsor.

Let’s look at the constituencies:

African Americans. A huge block. What can Rahm offer them? He sure isn’t popular in that community.

Eastern Europeans: Poles, Lithuanians, Serbs, Croats, etc. First of all he’s a Jew. That’s a problem in those communities. And again, where is his organization? Who is going to knock on doors and hand out the palm cards?

Lakefront Liberals: Many feel (as I do) that a lot of Obama’s problems can be credited to Rahm’s bad strategy and worse tactics. Not too much love there.

There’s more…..

BooHooHooMan - 8 September 2010

Way ta go, Benjamin!

Spot on, the belief in the relevence of retail politics aside.

Fuck, with the grubs in Chicago?
I’d think Rahm’s a lock if that is his next move..

Where the ability to direct (or with-hold) $$$$ is concerned?? In that town? Shiyat.
He ain’t no Caroline Kennedy. LOL.

On the other hand, I dunno tho, it sounds like it might be that time again..
They looking for a new head at MPAA?
Time for new leadership at the RIAA? LOL.

Cue Mcat’s love-to-be-a-fly-on-the-wall take of Rahm convo’s , well, certainly following the bloodletting recriminations after these mid-terms.
I can only imagine La Nan and Rahmm goin at it:

Fuck You Rahm! Ya fuckin’ Fuck! –


BooHooHooMan - 8 September 2010

😆 Oh Benny , he’s SO THERE for Rahm.

This seems a bit harsh to me. The key campaign attribute is sheer work ethic, and Emanuel clearly has that. And as a colleague notes: “He was a carpetbagger in his House district and still defeated all the locals, won over Daley, and never had primary trouble. He would be a familiar name, have more money than anyone else and, with a little love from Obama, might not get killed among African-Americans who might divide their vote between several candidates anyway.”

So it’s worth keeping in mind how little in electoral politics is sure, and how bitter a loss would be. Although you don’t get to be Rahm by living in fear of defeat.

What a Bar Mitzvah Boy…
Rahm prolly sent him 18 cents for the story.

catnip - 8 September 2010

Rahm prolly sent him 18 cents for the story.


One word: Oprah.

marisacat - 8 September 2010

I could see Rahm losing…

3. BooHooHooMan - 8 September 2010

Good day, all..

4. catnip - 8 September 2010

Bloomberg Defends Pastor’s Right to Burn Quran

Videoof the pastor interviewed by Anderson Cooper.

One religious extremist vs other religious extremists.

CSTAR - 8 September 2010

I’m sure the inquisition would have burned Koreans, if it could have found any.

marisacat - 9 September 2010

We live in strange times… I stumbled across some Catholic pundit rationalisng the Inquisition. Somehow “only” killing 300 persons (sounds low to me… what sort of records were kept I wonder) is … well, not so bad.

5. catnip - 8 September 2010
6. ts - 8 September 2010

Oh, FFS…

When Robert Gibbs coined the memorable put-down “professional left” — his reference to the liberal chattering class — he wasn’t speaking just for himself. Obama aides are mystified and irritated by how ungrateful the progressive base has been with its constant carping about Obama in the face of the most far-reaching legislative accomplishments since President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Hey, the adjective you’re looking for isn’t “far reaching”…

Madman in the Marketplace - 8 September 2010

wow, they’re so clueless … far-reaching for the wealthy, corps and upper-middle class, maybe. Shit, the USA Patriot Act was far reaching, just not in a … you know … a GOOD way.


7. ts - 8 September 2010

Oh this ought to be good: President to get personal on economy.

Cause if Obama has a strong point, it’s gettin all emotional on us.

Added Rendell: “Ironically, the best communicator I ever saw in a campaign has turned out to be not so good at getting out the message as president, he’s been thoroughly out-spun [on the stimulus] … The ‘I feel your pain’ message worked for Bill Clinton, so it’s good to see him doing it. At this point, there’s nothing to lose, so let it all roll.”

That’s right. Have him do FDR’s fear speech. What the heck. Bring him a cigarette holder and a wheelchair. Let it all roll.

marisacat - 8 September 2010

probably one of the many low points of the GE was when … think it was TIME… morphed the photo of FDR in his car with his cigarette holder, into Obby.

Hitting bottom.

brinn - 8 September 2010

“…emphasizing his own family’s hardships…”


“…Among the new rhetorical touchstones: A nod to his grandparents, who worked hard to put him through private school in Hawaii, and his mother, a single mom who was briefly forced to go on food stamps during his childhood. He also plans to invoke the struggles of Michelle Obama’s late father, Frasier Robinson, who supported his family on a modest salary as a Chicago water works employee despite years of failing health.”

That is NOT going to go over well! I already want to kick him in the throat. Lord, freaking baboons would do a better job of advising this guy!!

marisacat - 8 September 2010

I think it is proof, they have nothing to say. Scraping the bottom of the barrel.

And no I don’t think it will go over well. Too easy to remember Spain and beaches hand manicured for her.

Won’t work…

Madman in the Marketplace - 8 September 2010

yup, poor Grandma the bank VP worked her fingers BLOODY for dear little Barry.

8. marisacat - 8 September 2010

Don’t laugh TOO hard…. But I notice that Pax Americana is now down to “New American Moment”.

via Mike Allen email:

FOGGY BOTTOM MINDMELD: Watch for Secretary Clinton to give a strong, rousing, and uplifting speech (of the M*A*J*O*R variety), where she clearly lays out America’s foreign policy vision while showing how the last year and a half under President Obama has been a strong foundation for a New American Moment.

EXCERPTS: “Solving foreign policy problems today requires us to think regionally and globally, to see the intersections and connections linking nations and regions and interests, and to bring people together as only America can. The world is counting on us. When old adversaries need an honest broker or fundamental freedoms need a champion, people turn to us. When the earth shakes or rivers overflow their banks, when pandemics rage or simmering tensions burst into violence, the world looks to us. I see it on the faces of the people I meet as I travel … not just the young people who dream about America’s promise of opportunity and equality, but also seasoned diplomats and political leaders. They see the principled commitment and can-do spirit that comes with American engagement. And they look to America not just to engage, but to lead. …

“Now, after years of war and uncertainty, people are wondering what the future holds, at home and abroad. So let me say it clearly: The United States can, must, and will lead in this new century. …

After more than a year and a half, we have begun to see the dividends of our strategy. We are advancing America’s interests and making progress on some of our most pressing challenges. Today we can say with confidence that this model of American leadership works, and that it offers our best hope in a dangerous world. [wow. what else to say… — Mcat] … America is up to the job. We will seize this new moment of opportunity – this new American Moment. We are a nation that has always believed we have the power to shape our own destiny, to cut a new and better path. This administration will do everything we can to exercise the best traditions of American leadership.”

cringe. I can so easily imagine that barking authoritarian style she adopts applied to the … well frankly fascism in so many of the lines.

ts - 8 September 2010

And yet it’s such empty-suit fascism. Lead? Where? Hope? For What? Opportunity? To do what, exactly? Works? How? Ad infinitum.

marisacat - 8 September 2010

Junk like this always reminds me of an interview I read once with an Austrian editor of one of the big presses there… because Arnold is from there, they cover him with some regularity. And the editor mentioned he talks a LOT about “leadership”, which translates to “Fuhrershaft”, a forbidden word since Hitler.

So……… when Arnold gets too bogged down in “leadership”, she just inserts language of his about taxes.

Oh I laaughed myself silly over that one.

SO perfect.

9. marisacat - 8 September 2010


September 08, 2010

Categories:Barack Obama.

Not quite like the old days

The Plain Dealer reports:

PARMA, Ohio — With less than an hour before President Obama’s scheduled speech, 75 seats remained empty in the recreation center at Cuyahoga Community College’s Western Campus.

So organizers went around campus and recruited more students to fill the seats. …

Posted by Ben Smith 03:11 PM

Madman in the Marketplace - 8 September 2010

empty seats for the empty suit.

BooHooHooMan - 8 September 2010

Yabut, the Cuyahoga Community College Western Campus is a big , big venue. Plus if the caf had those cute little yummy burgers and all.

LOL. Looks like they need to get him a crushed velvet tux from here on out.

marisacat - 8 September 2010

well in Germany during the election it took 3 bands and free beer.

They could try that in Ohio.

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 8 September 2010
marisacat - 8 September 2010

yeah but one is pretzel. Makes all the difference.

Someone should ask Obby if in a world all in a tizzy over a fucking book, if this sort of thing still matters.

Of course his real answer would be, just leave my bud Hnery Gates alone! Or face a Beer Summit!

11. BooHooHooMan - 8 September 2010

Jeezis, Dorothy, alright already,
There’s no place like home.
Snap out of it already:

Clicking into gear
by Jed Lewison
Wed Sep 08, 2010 at 05:40:05 PM PDT

On the heels of President Obama’s fiery Labor Day speech, here’s a couple of stories worth noting…

Good Lord.
The fucknuts are channeling Judy Garland now.
Oh they got it baaaad. To wit:

2010 may be tough, but we haven’t lost yet
by kos
Wed Sep 08, 2010 at 12:46:03 PM PDT

Rand Paul’s last celebrated Paulite moneybomb brought in about $260,000. The campaign of Democrat Jack Conway aimed to beat that number in their own effort yesterday. They did so, and comfortably so: over $300,000 was raised yesterday, and the money continues to pour in.

Here at Daily Kos, almost 1,300 of you responded and gave nearly $50,000 to Conway and the rest of our Orange to Blue roster this cycle. For a year in which excitement has been hard to generate, this was a moment 😆{Another “Moment”!} of big optimism.

There are more reasons to feel motivated to fight —

Rather than capitulate, Obama has decided to oppose the extension of tax cuts for the richest Americans.

Oh I thought he opposed it during the campaign? No?
Which is SUCH BULLSHIT as none of it will be passed before the election or EVER.

Its a much needed populist position for progressives who wanted Democrats to be Democrats in the run-up to this election.

Well he got that right. A POSITION.
But I don’t think I’ve ever seen this kid so desperate . The numbers and the narrative speaks for itself- tho I’ll pile on!

Almost 1300 people.
Nearly 50 Grand. Which explains alot:

Back to Kentucky, we still have a real race:

[Snip – Paul’s UP But it’s all OKAY!!,see, cuz- }

PPP will be going into the field in Kentucky in the next couple of days, and we’ll have fresh numbers for you early next week.

FRESH Numbers! Count on US and our Polling Partners! We’re getting NEW numbers!
And here he goes absolutely Walter Mitty, well, ordinarily known known as LYING:

‘Needless to say, we can win this.

And here’s the bottom line — despite what’s happening in Alaska and Delaware, there’s an uneasy truce (more like a cold war) between the old GOP establishment and the teabagging crowd. The establishment hates that the teabaggers have already cost them easy victories in Nevada, Kentucky, and Alaska, but they appreciate the activist energy, which they hope proves a net plus.

But if the GOP comes up short, and fails to take either chamber of Congress, it will be considered a crushing defeat for the bad guys. And then, that cold, simmering war will become an active one — with the GOP elders noting (rightly) that their candidates would’ve done away with Harry Reid and other Democrats, and the teabaggers arguing that Republicans failed because they weren’t conservative enough.

That’s a show that none of us should want to miss, and should provide plenty of motivation to GOTV this fall. Things are tough, but the game ain’t over yet. In fact, we’ve got plenty of time to fight and fight hard.

As always, giving to our Orange to Blue candidates is a great place to start. And then see what you can do for your local Democrats.

{But Please Dear God Send US the money FIRST. – bhhm 😆 }

This year, without exception, there’s a competitive race reasonably close to you.

{ The New York City Marathon? 😆 }

It never ceases to amaze me this guy has stayed afloat as long as he has…

BooHooHooMan - 8 September 2010

Shorter Markos:
The GOP could save us. 🙄

ts - 8 September 2010

But if the GOP comes up short, and fails to take either chamber of Congress, it will be considered a crushing defeat for the bad guys.

And they’ll just have to wait until 2012 to take the House, and probably the Presidency…get em all in one shot rather than in dribs and drabs.

They had a near supermajority and they did NOTHING except pass legislation nobody wanted (unless they tapped their heels real hard and wished they were back in Kansas). Then they whined and made excuses while everything melted down around them. What are they gonna do if they do survive with a couple seats to spare? Tide’s still going out real fast.

marisacat - 8 September 2010

Holding on to slim majorities, would be the worst of all worlds for the Democrats…

I really think they are desperate to lose the House. Demote La Nan prior to 2012, for one thing (as if it matters). ANd I never thought the Dems wanted to win the senate… I made jokes back when they did that they were literally peeing their pants.

12. marisacat - 8 September 2010

Don’t make me laugh TOO hard….

But but but Daisy said the purpose of her and her Imam and their center is to “heal” us.

But the Vatican and Jerusalem are so far along doing that already! Look around, see how “religion” has healed us!

September 08, 2010


Rauf claims he’ll threaten national security if he moves mosque

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is half-way through his interview on CNN, and just said, ‘”This issue has become, now, a national security issue….if we don’t do this right anger will explode in the Muslim world.”

He said it could end up blowing up larger than the Danish cartoon showing a dagger through the Koran several years ago.

Earlier, he said, “Our national security now hinges on how we negotiate this, how we speak about this and what we do.” ….

😆 so now it is “Build or Die”?

Madman in the Marketplace - 8 September 2010

fuck all the god botherers …

marisacat - 8 September 2010

I cannot put it into words how entertained I have been lately….

I knew somebody had burned Korans before, but when moiv mentioned Flip Benham, I googled and he’s been doing it for years!

He must feel so left out (tho I see he is joining in on 9/11 burning, this year).

But now we are all whupset, from Petraeus to Hilarious, to Obby Wobby to Holder (who really has time on his hands)… to Benny in Rome. To many interfaiths, all agog to join in with slobber

AND now Rauf is (imo) threatening us with what were, again in my opinion, paid for crowds following the cartoons in Sweden. 😳 DENMARK

BULLSHIT. Piles of it.

Rauf is nothing but a war enabler. Our own cute airborne advertisement for how nice we are to the muslims.

More bullshit.

13. marisacat - 8 September 2010

I am listening to 2 hours on KGO radio (it started at 8 PM and will go til 10) of Obama meltdown (he is not leading!, what is he waiting for! waaaa, Where is the guy I voted for!! waaa waaaa), replete with Obama voters calling to slobber.

The best was ‘but he’s just caught in “governing while black”‘, and “they don’t love him!”.

There is not enough popcorn in the world.

14. catnip - 8 September 2010

Happy b-day to me. 🙂

I survived another year. So, there’s that.

Saw “The American” with George Clooney. (Okay on a scale of “okay to fantastic”). It’s been so long since I’ve been out to a movie that I had no idea they sell booze and burgers at the concession stands. I obviously need to get out more.

marisacat - 8 September 2010

Happy Birthday catnip! (and many more!)

catnip - 8 September 2010

Merci! (I even had cheesecake.) w00t, as they say.

Madman in the Marketplace - 8 September 2010

Happy birthday! How does it feel to finally be 25?


catnip - 8 September 2010

25? If only I could remember that far back. 😉

Madman in the Marketplace - 8 September 2010

you can’t remember it b/c it hasn’t HAPPENED yet!


happy birthday, however many.

catnip - 8 September 2010

Oh yeah. Okay. Ummm…


15. marisacat - 8 September 2010


They CANNOT wake up. Cannot.

In which Corrente apologizes for being prematurely correct

Wed, 09/08/2010 – 1:33pm — lambert

Brad Reed writes at Crooks & Liars:

* Now would be as good a time as any to issue a mea culpa to Lambert and the folks at Corrente, who are much smarter than I am: You were right about Obama! I was wrong. I stupidly voted for neo-liberalism in the Democratic primary when what we really needed was populism. The difference is, I think Edwards was the only one who actually might have delivered in that regard. Hillary would have been neo-liberalism with a better health care plan.

Gah, Loons, all of them.

There’s 48 comments, with more i am sure to irritate (quite the clutch of Clintonites hanging around there)

catnip - 8 September 2010

“Fired up! Ready to go!” has been replaced with “meh” (pound head on desk).

marisacat - 8 September 2010

oh it has been a hoot!

And now there is an hour (it has stretched into two) about the 9th cir ruling the other day on the viability of law suits from those we snatched and put in third party countries for torture… LOL.. that Obby is scamming for more executive power to build on what Bush got (of course and only fools thought it would be different).

THIS of course comes from a host who is rabidly pro Israel, pro war (beneath the subterfuge) SF Jew who was heavily for………….. Hillary! (who else!?)

LOL.. what a hoot.. and the callers defending Obby, so entertaining.

16. marisacat - 9 September 2010



…………………. 😯

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