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hmm 13 September 2010

Posted by marisacat in Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, UK.

Piper Louise Millington and Cardinal Keith O'Brien with the St. Ninian's Day tartan, designed by Scottish Tartans Museum director Matthew Newsome of North Carolina. It is a limited edition and has been specially created to mark the visit of Pope Benedict

Piper Louise Millington and Cardinal Keith O’Brien with the St. Ninian’s Day tartan, designed by Scottish Tartans Museum director Matthew Newsome of North Carolina. It is a limited edition and has been specially created to mark the visit of Pope Benedict     Picture: REUTERS


Somehow I get the impression this scene could dissolve, or elevate!, to be a rather strange porno.

May Benny trip and fall in his quest for Scotland and London… I notice he has mugs, T-shirts and other trash oops! 😳 memorabilia to hock…

A Catholic womens’ organisation took ads on the sides of buses to call for ordination of women, tho since it was declared a “serious crime” to ordain women, they are not allowed to discuss it. 

 The gays are running a protest called “Pope Nope“.

I’d have gone with DOPE.

Religion, so broadening.  Such a scam.



1. marisacat - 13 September 2010

Gee what a shock. Shocked. So shocked.

[A]t a minimum, the talk—combined with the billionaire’s ability to instantly plunge more money into advertising, mail and field operations than any major-party nominee (including the president) will likely be able to raise for 2012—makes him impossible to dismiss.

At the same time, Bloomberg has become something of a spokesman for swaths of elites who comprised President Obama’s base in 2008 but have become disenchanted with him—ranging from Wall Streeters enraged by the new financial reform bill to liberals who support the ground zero-area mosque. [Mosqueteers for Bloomie! — Mcat]

“Mike Bloomberg has become the political gold standard for governance, ethics and transparency. At a time when people have given up faith that government can do anything, Bloomberg has proven that government can actually work in the toughest city in America,” said an admiring Mark McKinnon, a former George W. Bush senior adviser who declined to work against Obama in 2008 ….

diane - 13 September 2010


….In his autobiography over a decade ago, “Bloomberg by Bloomberg,” the mayor listed the presidency and head of the World Bank as two of the three jobs he’d want (he currently holds the third one). ….

about sums him up for me, yet another psychopathically ‘ambitious’ boyo ……

so quaint that the media is telling unemployed, crime free, law abiding, fifty somes they likely won’t ever get a job again in their lifetimes ….yet implies it’s their duty to elect obscenely wealthy scoundrels, far older than them, to legislate the misery that their law abiding lives have become……………………..

marisacat - 13 September 2010

Very odd article… down, all the way at the bottom it says he may not run and even he thinks he has no real chance.

😆 … 🙄

2. diane - 13 September 2010

looks like the subtle fuschia in that tartan has been perfectly matched to Gänswein’s favorite sash….

3. marisacat - 13 September 2010

Catching MTP on the middle of the night re run. hard to believe Axelrod could be doing worse…

marisacat - 13 September 2010

Actually he did get worse before it was mercifully over…

BooHooHooMan - 13 September 2010

I only notice visuals when they are like whoa! awful, or when really funny like above.

Gad , the anxious hands, the choppy thumbpointy thing , and the really really sparse combover which itself is undergoing some continental drift…I dunno. Maybe a getup like the Cardinal above could help. With a little instruction, for instance, in the fine art of overhead sash waving, he could learn from the Cardinal above who has successfully distracted all from the after-hours recreational Mohawk he is sporting topside. LOL.

Anyways. The guy comes off as a death bag of skag.
They’re gonna have to do something. (Probably Not!)
I doubt I’m the only one who noticed Axel double clutched on David what’s his name’s question onwhether the econ recovery fluff before the election is, well, economic recovery fluff before the election.

BooHooHooMan - 13 September 2010

I noticed. LOL.

ts - 13 September 2010

Since I only see basic visuals before I say, “Oh, god. Political show. Change it.” I have noticed it too. He’s got a nervous demeanor now that makes me feel someone is holding a family member hostage just off camera and making him say what he’s saying.

marisacat - 13 September 2010

He’s a mess…

4. BooHooHooMan - 13 September 2010

Let’s parse this little blurb:

Bankers Agree To New Global Rules Designed To Prevent Future Financial Crisis

GREG KELLER | 09/12/10 06:05 PM | AP

BASEL, Switzerland — Banks will have to significantly increase their capital reserves

( Short Again!}

under rules endorsed Sunday by the world’s major central banks,

{This should be good!}

which are trying to prevent another financial collapse without impeding the fragile economic recovery.

{…a FragilEconrecov~ImpendingCollapso thang}

G’day all. Luck of the morning and all that.
May the road rise up to meet you and you not find a Catholic Cardinal with bagpiper roadside trying to flag you down. LOL.

5. CSTAR - 13 September 2010

Somehow I get the impression this scene could dissolve, or elevate!, to be a rather strange porno.

By Church standards, I think it would be tame and somewhat conventional.

6. ts - 13 September 2010

Banks’ Plans for Foreclosed Homes Will Drive Market

“We see the perfect storm brewing with rising supply and falling demand,” said Ivy Zelman, chief executive of research firm Zelman & Associates and one of the first to warn of trouble five years ago. She estimated that distressed sales could account for half of the market by year-end if traditional sales didn’t rebound.

From personal experience, we finally sold our house in Oregon, after the sixth price reduction to the minimum level necessary to not just walk away from it.

Foreclosures have become so ubiquitous it has made things even more difficult for equity sellers. You have to price below foreclosure level to move the house, even more so if there is any work that needs to be done. Banks will typically unload the house to asset managers who will put in the cash necessary to get the house into turnkey condition. Almost no buyers have enough cash for 20% down and then to put five figures into repairing the roof, driveway, even painting.

Evidence we’re still in a Depression – lots of liquidity for banks, but nobody else has any cash.

marisacat - 13 September 2010

Congratulations on selling the house…

Things still sit in the Bay Area for 6 mos or so and all go thru multiple reductions…

7. catnip - 13 September 2010

Blogger war!

Interview of Markos Moulitsas, Founder of DailyKos by Cenk Uygur

Cenk: All right Markos now you had a number of critics here, the American Prospect or at least a writer there, writer at the Atlantic and Matt Iglesias of Think Progress, uh writer at Daily Beast, all who are liberals or claim to be liberals, uh saying hey you know what this book is over the line. Iglesias said it was lying to the choir, and uh the American Prospect wrote that it was feeding into the same thing the right-wingers do calling our opponents terrorists, uh how do you respond to that?

Markos: Yeah, I call these people weenie liberals. These are people who are afraid to throw a punch and sort of make very stark, what we’re facing up against, I mean they think they’re making a you know the well reasoned argument with the flow charts with the embedded excel spreadsheets, will somehow uh get people to understand.

marisacat - 13 September 2010

well Markos is hardly articulate.

What are ”embedded excel spreadsheets”

catnip - 13 September 2010

Beats me. I thought it was more than a bit ironic for a guy who pushes polls on his site day after day (well, he did until his poll company was busted for fudging the facts anyway) to be blasting other geeks/nerds for using dry information that makes peoples’ eyes glaze over. It’s like watching a nerdy testosterone fight.

marisacat - 13 September 2010

You are a third rate pundit! Wait! No, I am!

Useless crowd anyway…. embedded excel spreadsheets or not.

Madman in the Marketplace - 13 September 2010

weenie liberals?!?!?

The man is a fucking genius with words.


8. marisacat - 13 September 2010

😆 AND People Mag is also reporting very low attendance this year at the Harkin Steak Fry… even Harkin says the passion is gone (but they don’t need it).

[Harkin] knows there were far fewer than that at his annual gathering. Organizers said about 1750 people paid, which is not even one-fifth of the size from some other years when presidential contenders headlined the event. Harkin acknowledged what he said is missing in the electorate.

He said, “We don’t need a lot of passion.”

Hey, I’d say THE ELECTORATE may be what is gone…

and from “44”:

Two Democratic congressmen from Virginia will be joining President Obama for his “backyard discussion” on the economy in Fairfax on Monday – but the two Democratic senators from the state won’t be there.

As Obama speaks with a family and talks with small-business owners, Sen. Mark Warner will be hosting a conference on exports with Commerce Secretary Gary Locke in Richmond. Warner’s office has been planning the conference “for weeks, if not months,” said Kevin Hall, a spokesman for Warner.

The White House invited Warner to the chat in Fairfax on Friday, Hall said. [I get the impression the WH is throwing events together… little pre planning of any kind – Mcat]

Meanwhile, Sen. Jim Webb won’t be able to make it because of a “scheduling” conflict, said Will Jenkins, a spokesman for Webb.

catnip - 13 September 2010

Some pundit floated Warner’s name as Rahm’s replacement. At least he comes with a chocolate fountain, so there’s that.

marisacat - 13 September 2010

And kos would want an interview based on their long time chocolate infused friendship. With a view of lovely downtown Vegas.

catnip - 13 September 2010

“the chat”?

How lame.


I think he just likes to hear himself talk. If he showed up in my yard, I’d make him cut the lawn. (I suppose “that’s racist!…or something…)

marisacat - 13 September 2010

Ob is remarkably awkward in these events.

Even if I had nto been disposed against him he did an event here in SF during the primaries that just flipped me out, they arranged for him to meet with 4 young (think one may have been in her 30s) single mothers. Perfectly fine people, it was arranged at a community center in a couple of old Victorians in the Mission, 3 were non white, one white, and one brought a tiny baby who slept thru the entire thing in a front sling, against her mother’s body. They sat them at a small round table with a table cloth, near a fireplce, with Ob at the table with them.

It was OBVIOUS he hated it. His own mother was 18, he himself admits he is not even sure at what point his parents got married (in the damned book) he has had children…. Find a way, for a brief time to consider these people HUMAN… give it a whirl.

Don’t be a pol then. Just be a private hire fixer in Chicago. GO the fuck back.

I would never ever vote for Hillary, but she has that stuff aced. And she even got better at it, thru 2008.

catnip - 13 September 2010

He wasn’t sitting for this one, from the clip I saw. The “folks” sat in their lawn chairs and he paced and yapped like a professor giving a lecture. They probably kept their dog in the house so it wouldn’t hump his leg.

Oh, but his sleeves were rolled up! (Presidentin’ is hard werk.)

marisacat - 13 September 2010

he paced and yapped like a professor giving a lecture

I think if he has to do these things, be in proximity to people he just wholesale dislikes, he prefers to stand and move. Classroom, teacher, etc.

I have to say, he is much owrse at all of this than even I expected. And I expected him to go flat, deflate, etc… mainly because he is not very interested…

9. marisacat - 13 September 2010

Well… he’s def right on the institutions…

Chris Hedges in TruthDig

There are no longer any major institutions in American society, including the press, the educational system, the financial sector, labor unions, the arts, religious institutions and our dysfunctional political parties, which can be considered democratic.

The intent, design and function of these institutions, controlled by corporate money, are to bolster the hierarchical and anti-democratic power of the corporate state. These institutions, often mouthing liberal values, abet and perpetuate mounting inequality. They operate increasingly in secrecy. They ignore suffering or sacrifice human lives for profit. They control and manipulate all levers of power and mass communication. They have muzzled the voices and concerns of citizens. They use entertainment, celebrity gossip and emotionally laden public-relations lies to seduce us into believing in a Disneyworld fantasy of democracy. …

marisacat - 13 September 2010

from Page 2:

“People have institutionalized oppressive power in the form of surrender,” Nader said. “It is not that they like it. But what are you going to do about it? You make the best of it.

The system of control is staggeringly dictatorial. It breaks new ground and innovates in ways no one in human history has ever innovated. You start in American history where these corporations have influence. Then they have lobbyists. Then they run candidates. Then they put their appointments in top government positions.

Now, they are actually operating the government. Look at Halliburton and Blackwater. Yesterday someone in our office called the Office of Pipeline Safety apropos the San Bruno explosion in California. The press woman answered. The guy in our office saw on the screen that she had CTR next to her name. He said, ‘What is CTR?’ She said, ‘I am a contractor.’ He said, ‘This is the press office at the Department of Transportation. They contracted out the press office?’ ‘Yes,’ she said, ‘but that’s OK, I come to work here every day.’ ”

diane - 13 September 2010

This, really resonated with me:

…. If the hegemony of the corporate state is not soon broken we will descend into a technologically enhanced age of barbarism. ….

Immediately reminding me of

”New frontiers in social networking
August 30, 2010

The big news this week is the launch of a National Science Foundation-funded study [titled: Award Abstract #1058753 – EAGER: Brain-Mobile Interfaces: Exploratory Research into the Development of Networked NeuroPhones diane] aimed at “developing the NeuroPhone system, the first Brain-Mobile phone Interface (BMI) that enables neural signals from consumer-level wireless electroencephalography (EEG) headsets worn by people as they go about their everyday lives to be interfaced to mobile phones and combined with existing sensor streams on the phone (e.g., accelerometers, gyroscopes, GPS) to enable new forms of interaction, communications and human behavior modeling.”


diane - 13 September 2010

sorry, the italics should have ended at “….Development of Networked NeuroPhones”

diane - 13 September 2010

thank you honey!

marisacat - 13 September 2010

well that should be ok, esp if it can be structured to be right (as in, “We keep Kosher!”) with your chosen JesusAllahYahweh and the various rules. (thanks to Madman for the link)

What should REALLY scare people is that the muslim version (all things Islamic!) is used most, first by Pakistan a place so modern and forward it is a beacon! and second by the US. As we drown in xtian nuts and loons.

diane - 13 September 2010

Noticed the clamping down on search services when I tried to enter “Carr rape of young woman,” on what used to be my search engine of preference Clusty, which was recently bought by “conservatives,” and now named Yippy ……I still won’t use Google though now I generally skip between ixquick ….Bing, and Yippy, …depending on what I’m searching for; though I’ m fairly sure they all (certainly Google is at the forefront) have CIA, and Department of Defense Money mingled in there; ….. and, that I likely wouldn’t care much for their ‘founders.’ ………

I still haven’t seen any benefit accruing to us from our ability to find more data ….as our masters of power are always one step ahead in the techy game.

marisacat - 13 September 2010

for years I used Dog Pile, which someone in the library at the law firm turned me onto in the 90s… but the netnets were different then, far far less commerce online. Almost all searching is geared to commerce (Shopping!) or as the BP era showed, people and companies who pay to headline the search returns.

I DO think we get benefits, but it is unnecessarily narrowed and tightly managed.

Madman in the Marketplace - 13 September 2010

company stores are just around the corner, for ALL but the very rich.

10. marisacat - 13 September 2010

Oh yeah… I don’t think the mayor of San Bruno is going to survive a re-election… a resident said he got no information on his house from “the city” til his brother emailed a photo from the NYT, and he could find his house and see it was standing.

11. marisacat - 13 September 2010

this is novel.

[C]linton also blamed a lack of sleep as a factor in Democrats’ losing control of Congress in 1994.

“You can’t do this job well if you don’t have a pretty ferocious work ethic, but most of the major mistakes I’ve made in my life I’ve made when I was too tired to lift my arm above my shoulder,” he said, after the moderator asked about dealing with the pressures of public life. “So the trick is I had to go back and totally reorder my whole schedule when I realized one of the reasons we weren’t going to do well in congressional races in 1994 is I’d lost the ability to really connect with the American people, and I was so dog tired all the time.”

Same dog ate his homework years ago… is my guess.

Read more: Link to People Mag

Madman in the Marketplace - 13 September 2010


marisacat - 13 September 2010

Apparently he called out Rachel Maddow tho he chose nto to use her name, from the stage he shared today with Tony B…. the occasion of giving dear Tony a peace award.

Page 1 of the same article in which Bill declares he needed iron pills in 1994 – or something 🙄

Bill Clinton flashed irritation at MSNBC host Rachel Maddow and other liberals Monday for failing to appreciate the successes of his presidency.

“One of the leading television commentators on one of our liberal cable channels said I was the best Republican president the country ever produced, which would come [as] quite a surprise to the Republicans, half of whom still think I’m a closet communist,” Clinton said during an appearance with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

Clinton didn’t mention Maddow by name, but she made that comment on her March 31 show.

“What she meant by that was I didn’t necessarily follow their ‘conventional wisdom,’” he said. “I said, ‘What do you mean?!’”

Madman in the Marketplace - 13 September 2010

oh, it’s “professional left” 2.0!

They just can’t fathom the idea that the putative base of “their” party is sick of them moving constantly to the right.

ts - 13 September 2010

At least he tr-i-i-i-i-i-ed to lift his arm above his shoulder. That would have been an enduring accomplishment for that administration. What didn’t get rejected was repealed the day he left office – often by design.

ts - 13 September 2010

And this is what the Democrats refer to as “success”.

marisacat - 13 September 2010

when I was reading the article, I got a flash of the bitchy, and I would bet very very very bitchy, phone calls between Tony and Bill when Obby got tossed the Nobel (which by now of course he has dropped on his foot, repeatedly, LOL).

So funny!

12. marisacat - 13 September 2010


All profit, no risk, no loss, and of course no pesky regs… All agreed, pound the table and bellow.

(09-13) 19:43 PDT SAN FRANCISCO — State regulators will take their first look Tuesday at a proposal backed by Pacific Gas & Electric Co. that would require customers to pay all costs of catastrophic fires, such as last week’s gas line explosion in San Bruno, that exceed a utility’s insurance coverage.

It’s not clear whether the plan, if approved by the state Public Utilities Commission, would trigger a PG&E rate increase to help pay the utility’s cost from Thursday’s disaster. In a filing Monday with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the utility said it has $992 million in fire insurance and a $10 million deductible, and “believes that most of the costs related to the San Bruno event will be covered.”

Even if the company has enough insurance, however, the proposal would make rate hikes more likely if PG&E caused fires in the near future ….

Read more: SF Chronicle

Madman in the Marketplace - 13 September 2010

just hook up milking machines to the citizenry and be done with it.

BooHooHooMan - 13 September 2010

Really. Why don’t they just send notice that all utility lines are to me removed or otherwise terminated for security reasons, warranting said security surchage to customers bills which will continue with regular rate increases nonetheless.

Oh there are so many more things that are an invitation to riot in this fucked up country, but that surely could make the cut, you know, fit in somewhere on the domestic list…

marisacat - 13 September 2010

it is pretty amazing.

BooHooHooMan - 14 September 2010

And for any Obama fans out there titrated to a functional level on Haldol in the Land of Ob…Any word on the invesduhgatin’ of that Oil gougin’ Cheney? It’s only been….. how many years now?

How’s it workin’ out, folks?

Mmmmm More fried steak to go around this year. LOL. 😉

marisacat - 14 September 2010

ein Volk ein Foundling.

diane - 14 September 2010

Gee, that dovetails quite nicely with this:

”Action Line: Remodeler finds [PG&E ] SmartMeter interference with circuit breakers

By Dennis Rockstroh
Posted: 09/12/2010 04:08:39 PM PDT

Q One item you did not cover in your Sept. 7 SmartMeter article was interference with arc-fault circuit interrupters (AFCI).

This is a type of circuit breaker that code requires in new and remodel construction. Its job is to detect arcing, which has been shown to be a cause of fires.

Normal circuit breakers will not always break when arcing occurs. If arcing is detected by the AFCI, the breaker trips, stopping the potentially dangerous arc.


Finally, after severe frustration, I phoned PG&E for help on this matter. A crew came out and looked at the AFCI breaker for a few seconds. One went to the truck and came back with a conventional meter, a mechanically driven version, and swapped it for the SmartMeter that was installed some days before.

It took some prodding, but eventually one of the PG&E crew told me that they have been observing that AFCIs are sensitive to the meter’s radio transmissions.


marisacat - 14 September 2010

Apparnelty when they do the installation it can cut the power… and worse for people with newer very sensitive equipment in the home…

I have basic stuff that plugs in… so while I don’t have a smart meter yet, I am hoping for no interference.

diane - 14 September 2010

a Turn/SF Bay Guardian piece re Smart Meters in San Francisco.

diane - 14 September 2010

sorry, bad link for the Action Line piece.

This might work,

if not, I think it’s due to site registration issues.

marisacat - 14 September 2010

in new and remodel construction

Oh! So exciting! For certain, I am saved from this mess. 😆 This house had a lot of outlets and some new electrical added in 1955………. nothing neeeded since them. What a hoot.

13. Madman in the Marketplace - 13 September 2010

Sci-Fi Author’s Son Creates Wireless ISP To Give You 20Mbps Downloads For $40/Month

It’s a small company running in SF:

Sci-Fi author Rudy Rucker’s son’s one of the folks behind the cleverest wireless ISP serving San Francisco. He and his team have set up a system to provide customers with reliable 10-30Mbps download speeds for a mere $40 per month.


The company is still small: It has “about 100 antennas, each of which may serve one or many customers—an average of 5-10 per antenna”—but it certainly appears to be off to a good start. Of course, the downside of a company like MonkeyBrains is that it provides such great—and cheap—service because it’s sticking to a small area and focusing on those customers. This means that those of us who live outside of San Francisco are left hoping that someone will think to run a small WISP with a silly name in our areas too. [Information Week]

marisacat - 13 September 2010

anything tht undercuts the big monopolies makes me happy…

ts - 14 September 2010

Can they franchise? I’d start one in a heartbeat. Lotsa unemployed technical types down in the OC, and Cox Cable rapes people for a lousy 10Mbps.

14. Madman in the Marketplace - 13 September 2010

Looking at the photo, I suspect the man in the dress is singing ‘waive your tartan in air, and party like you just don’t care!”

BooHooHooMan - 14 September 2010

LOL. One thing the Catholics really are good at is incrementally inculcating folks into the whole freaky deaky foam party thing. LOL.
I mean, as a kid you get past the priest and nun get-ups – shocking enough – when it’s explained to you that, you know, Jimmy, it’s kinda like Santa, and, like the Easter Bunny, Alvie. To each his own, and all. And then there’s the iconography of The Guy, you know, who is nailed to a cross, cast in palster or easy to clean plastic, hanging everywhere from the club vestibule, so to speak, to the bar and lounge with sacrificial altar
Solemmetellya, once ya get THAT far, by the time you see the raving queen cardinal traipsing by with bagpiper in tow… LOL.

About the only thing worth hanging onto is the phrase

And, I see the nephew raping Cardinal in Belgium is now.. in hiding… to reflect,
to re- pardon the term, ~ assess

BooHooHooMan - 14 September 2010

(NOT to confuse the Church of St. Snufffilm with a good ole rave)

marisacat - 14 September 2010

I saw too… the response from the Church to Belgium is…………. they are opening a center for the abused.

So they can all be found in one place? Easy pickings? (that was my dark and cynical thought)


I get the impression the poor victims were thinking there was a bare chance of an apology. Or a public hanging …

No. such. luck.

15. ts - 14 September 2010

From today’s “Breakfast with Dave”

According to a report from Moody’s Analytics, when wealthier Americans get tax cuts they save the extra money, rather than spending it. The authors of the report found that spending by couples earning more than 210k, tend to be influenced by “business-cycle issues than …tax cut issues”. The research suggests that allowing Bush tax cuts for the rich to expire will not have an effect on aggregate consumer spending.

16. catnip - 14 September 2010

New Obamalama book for kids – which he wrote.

Speaking of books, there should be a Bob Woodward book about Obamalama coming out this fall. That should make for a couple of weeks worth of distractions.

marisacat - 14 September 2010

I noticed after all the bleating Ob and SNob have done about commercialising the kids, he slapped them on the front of the book. AND the WH dog, too.

17. catnip - 14 September 2010
18. catnip - 14 September 2010

Nelson: ‘It Would Be Very Hard For Me To Support’ Allowing Tax Cuts For The Rich To Expire

Ben Nelson (D-NE), the most conservative of the Senate’s 59 Democrats, became the first in his party to say he might side with Republicans on the Bush tax cuts, suggesting he might filibuster a tax bill that allowed tax cuts for the rich to expire.


What can Obama bribe Nelson with this time?

ts - 14 September 2010

Why do you have to write a bill that allows them to expire?

catnip - 14 September 2010

Good point.

ts - 14 September 2010

It sounds like what he really means is that if the 2011 budget bill doesn’t contain an explicit extension of the cuts, he will filibuster.

19. catnip - 14 September 2010

Liberal despair: Age of irrationality

I find it interesting that some people – like Packer and Sullivan – seem to think this “age of irrationality” is a new phenomenon and not one that has gone on for millenia.

catnip - 14 September 2010

Heh. I see Digby coined a new nickname for Obama from Packer’s slobberation: VORI.

This is why Obama seems less and less able to speak to and for our times. He’s the voice of reason incarnate, and maybe he’s too sane to be heard in either Jalalabad or Georgia. An epigraph for our times appears in Jonathan Franzen’s new novel “Freedom”: “The personality susceptible to the dream of limitless freedom is a personality also prone, should the dream ever sour, to misanthropy and rage.”

So desperate to see Obama as their saviour.


Yes, let’s all pretend that Obama is the Voice Of Reason Incarnate and that the problem is that those who believe in freedom are prone to puerile tantrums when they don’t get their way while ignoring the fact that the VORI promised shallow, pie-in-the-sky, post-partisan utopia, with ponies and unicorns for everyone, and his followers are now disillusioned and apathetic because it was utter bullshit. Different side of the same coin, I’m afraid.

The fact that the VORI and all of his worshipers among the intellectual elite fail to acknowledge (or even notice) the radicalism of his opponents is just as much of a problem as the radicalism itself. They have enabled it all along the way. In fact, I would have to say that it’s also a form of “epistemic closure” at this point. Anyone who is writing about the unreasoned radicalism of the right wing as if it just manifested itself out of nowhere has at least been in denial for well over a decade and a half.

ts - 14 September 2010

It was utter bullshit, but I will vote for that bullshit, because people yelling empty slogans scare me.

catnip - 14 September 2010

The VORI will save them! This time, for sure.

marisacat - 14 September 2010

That, or a reasonable facsimile is spreading… I am gathering it will be the word du jour when Obby loses face and ass cover (presumably) in the mid terms. The stupid dumb electorate is too dumb and stupid to appreciate Obby, who is their last possible savior – til the next one is all packaged up!

Packer at The New Yorker has pecked it out to order (I had read that one, gah never could stand packer. Plate of badly mashed potatoes…. AND Sully has a post that is being linked to, I have skipped that one, cannot read him anymore).

Now that La Digs has picked it up, I m guessing IOZ is out with his “shoot down the epistles of the LibDems” guns.

ts - 14 September 2010

Lipless prefers “crazy” to “stupid”, but no doubt both words will be bandied about endlessly by the DLC. It is pre-emptive CYI.

In most countries, the leadership of a party that loses seats (not to mention the majority), is expected to fall on their sword and resign to the backwaters, never to be heard from again. Only with the Democrats in the US does losing elections appear to be a job requirement. They can ratchet up the consulting fees another notch to win things back, I guess.

marisacat - 14 September 2010

Primed for a comeback! All the dumb and stupids have to do is get to know the ogres! We’ll be back! You’ll see!

Pull the string in the back of the Dems and they mindlessly mumble the above.

marisacat - 14 September 2010

Plus their problem is that the arbiter, the turning point, the Ruler by which all is measured, etc., of this is the vote for Obby.

What a mess. Ob is just one more fixture of the collapse.

20. catnip - 14 September 2010
21. ts - 14 September 2010

Krugman’s Daily Desperation

So, let’s see: letting the high-end tax cuts expire on schedule is good economics; picking a fight with Republicans over the issue appears, from all the polls, to be very good politics — and that’s despite what has so far been an incredibly lame effort to explain the issues.

Besides, Democrats should be inclined to take risks in any case: if nothing shakes up the game, they lose the House and possibly the Senate, if they shake things up, they might hold on.

And yet, it’s still not clear whether they’ll force a vote on a middle-class-only tax break?

You really have to wonder about these people.

I do Paul. I really do.

marisacat - 14 September 2010

I actually wasted an email on that man, back when he joined the Op/Ed page at the NYT. Mainly becuase he had specialised in the boom and bust system we live under.

But he just seems for years now either in ‘go along get along’ mode or some emotional whirligig, wind up toy …..


22. marisacat - 14 September 2010

hmm almost 50% of the vote counted in Del and O’Donnell holdng a 10 pt lead over Castle.


marisacat - 14 September 2010

she won, by over 7 pt.

Madman in the Marketplace - 14 September 2010

oh, too funny

marisacat - 14 September 2010

yes… and while I did not watch the earliest counting, she led from the start of when I did…, at around 37% counted… never broke her several pt lead.

Madman in the Marketplace - 14 September 2010

the next few years will be really something if some of these nuts make it in … like Coburn & the others weren’t bad enough.

Bet the donks are underestimating her chances, too.

marisacat - 14 September 2010

ugh Coburn. And Carson fought hard against him… he (Carson) never would quite say, but I got the impression elements inside the D party cut agaisnt him. One tip, he utterly withdrew from politics following that loss.

And the Orange whack jobs helped elevate Coburn, declaring him “better” than Carson. Those threads were uglee.

It really was not true, at all.

Madman in the Marketplace - 14 September 2010

so many stupid things helped along by people who vote “strategically”.

catnip - 14 September 2010

One thing these tea partiers are teaching Dems is that third-party threats are real and that they could have had challengers from independent/third parties on the left.

Dem Uber Alles just isn’t cutting it anymore.

23. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 September 2010

The Deadly Corruption of Clinical Trials

I don’t even know what to excerpt … very sad, frightening story.

24. marisacat - 14 September 2010

Maloney far outstripping Saujani

and whil Rangel will win, the split vote amongst the several running against him is more than he got.


25. marisacat - 14 September 2010



…………….. 😯

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