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Requiem 11 October 2010

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements.

‘One of God’s pranks was to make Joan an overgrown schoolgirl and then give her a divine voice.” The grand lady who made that remark was Dame Edith Evans, and anyone who ever saw her on the stage will almost taste the Lady Bracknell tone of her voice. It was more than a witticism; it summed up to perfection the paradox of Joan Sutherland, who has died aged 83.

From the momentous evening of 17 February 1959, when the Covent Garden audience went almost as mad as Lucia di Lammermoor herself, Sutherland was to rank as one of the first ladies of international opera, yet she never behaved like a prima donna. As she would explain herself: “You couldn’t possibly be a prima donna in my family, because if you showed even a hint of temperament you’d have been packed off to bed without any supper.” And so throughout her career she would be found joking and laughing uproariously in her dressing-room only minutes after giving an overwhelming performance of some tragic operatic heroine. …

The sad thing is, I thought she was dead.  Possibly, when Pavarotti died a few years ago (2?, 3?) I somehow simply put them, both at once, in the sarcophagus.

Sutherland and her husband had been greatly impressed by the young Luciano Pavarotti and the two singers often performed together, on the stage and in the recording studio. For Sutherland’s last performance at Covent Garden, a guest appearance in Die Fledermaus in 1990, she was joined on stage by Pavarotti and Horne.

In almost all her recordings she was partnered, as conductor, by Bonynge, who prepared meticulously authentic editions of the works in hand. He often restored the original, higher pitch in these pieces, which bothered his wife not a bit; indeed she revelled in pyrotechnics while never making them an end in themselves.

All the snips are from the Guardian, just the first obit I stumbled upon…

Her tastes were wide-ranging, and she played an important part in a revival of interest in French opera, notably in neglected Massenet works such as Esclarmonde and Le Roi de Lahore. She delighted, too, in letting her mane of chestnut hair down to romp through The Merry Widow. If there was a disappointment in her life it was that Covent Garden did not share her enthusiasm for many of these exuberantly tuneful operas and operettas, so that she became an infrequent visitor to London in her later years.

I heard her many times here in San Francisco…. most particularly one night, in Esclarmonde.  The next day, the papers said she had gone past the key of F.   Left High C far behind, in her dust….  

I could not measure it, sitting there listening to her… but I knew we had flown out past Pluto.

Free range voice….  and what a voice.  It seemed to float forever…




1. marisacat - 11 October 2010

IOZ links to a You Tube of Sutherland, Lucrezia Borgia from 1972…

2. catnip - 11 October 2010

I wasn’t sure what to make of this when I read it since it was on the Daily Mail’s site: Obama has the book thrown at him: Moment a missile narrowly misses U.S. President’s head (and what’s with the naked man?)…but…‘Exuberant’ author aims for President, meets Secret Service.

According to Secret Service spokesperson, Ed Donovan, the person involved was an overzealous author who just wanted to toss his book into the president’s reading list.

The Constitution, no doubt.

3. catnip - 11 October 2010

Here’s a headline screaming for a comeback: Dick Cheney out of hospital, back on road

ts - 11 October 2010

That reminds me of the t-shirts that came out pretty much every election cycle after 88 or so. “Nixon: He’s tan, rested and ready.”

I expect he’s even more so now (rim shot).

4. Madman in the Marketplace - 11 October 2010
marisacat - 11 October 2010

There was a trial and today the [Greek] police officer was found guilty of murder.

There is an additional big fat problem in America… Black leadership in Oakland and Alameda county AND the god damned fucking black ministers (4 East Bay churches dance attendance on the Grant family, alone, as well as Black Muslim leadership, all the way to Farrakahn who came out and met with the family) sold out the citizens, black and white, frankly. All poor citizens stuck at the mercy of the cops.

Not that white leadership was going to do anything…

The Democrats shoved a mentally incompetent (not a slur, he is literally gone in the brain, takes his wife to work with him every day as unpaid aide, cannot function without her to run inteference) long time black congressional Dem into office in Oakland, 4 years ago… Mayor Dellums. He should be hauled off, hung by his thumbs and sent home to Mamma.

The trial badly needed:

1. Not to be moved out of the Bay Area… but it was a given, it would be moved. Black people, and in particular the family of Oscar Grant, seemed uninformed about the demographics of LA. Barely 9% black… one of the ways they got away with no blacks on the jury.

2. It desperately needed to be televised. The print reporting, uniformly, barely existed…

The only news entity bothering to actually, really and truly, report, daily and in detail on the trial, was KPFA radio.

Most black people have absolutely no fucking clue of the testimony that went down.

Which is all another crime.

Mehserle comes up for sentencing on Nov 5. I am not expecting much. Time served (so far about 6 or 7 months) and maybe a few months on top of that…

Madman in the Marketplace - 11 October 2010

I expect another round of PR about how poor Mehserle’s life was ruined …

marisacat - 11 October 2010

His father is otu there hanging banners and talking to reporters.

Mehserle’s lawyer wants a new trial. They found a case they say was not raised at the trial. A cop… maybe in Utah (iirc) who also shot and severely injured someone, saying he meant to grab his taser. His taser, like Mehserle’s, worn on the opposite side from the gun and so on…

By now it is all verbiage and who runs what play.

5. Madman in the Marketplace - 11 October 2010
6. catnip - 11 October 2010

Haha. The UAE has kicked Canada’s military out and refused to let our defence minister land there today. Heckuva job, Cons.

marisacat - 11 October 2010

Maybe Obby can call and smooth it over.

catnip - 11 October 2010

Even Obamalama won’t be able to turn Camp Mirage into anything more than, well, Camp Mirage.

marisacat - 11 October 2010

Maybe they can air lift in Snobby. Anything to help!


he’s free!

7. Madman in the Marketplace - 11 October 2010

Maddow interviews the Roeder trial DA, talks about the trial. Also talked about the news that a Federal Grand Jury is officially examining the assassination of Dr. Tiller.

marisacat - 11 October 2010

oh thanks for that!

marisacat - 11 October 2010

I ahd trouble with that site, so fished around… for a transcript:

When he was pulled over and arrested after the shooting, he had the phone number of a senior staffer at the anti-abortion group operation rescue in his car.

00:31:10 He had visited in prison dozens of times another anti-abortion extremist named shelley shannon, a woman who in ç 1993 had shot dr.

00:31:19 Tiller in both arms.

00:31:21 Scott roeder was convicted in january of this year and in april he was sentenced to life in prison.

00:31:27 There was never really any question that he committed the crime.

00:31:29 But late on friday night, there was a shock of a new development in this story.

00:31:35 “The rachel maddow show” staff e-mail tree lit up in the middle of our show friday night as we learned, behind the scenes, about news coming down from kansas.

00:31:42 News coming down from kansas that a federal grand jury was investigating whether, in fact, scott roeder acted alone or whether this assassination was not the action of just one kook, but rather the manifestation of a broader conspiracy.

00:31:56 In a year when radical anti-abortion policy positions are held by more candidates for high office than any other election we know of in u.s.

00:32:03 History, the prospect of a conspiracy case in the latest murder of an abortion provider has the potential to put abortion rights and anti-abortion extremism right back into the center of american politics.

00:32:17 attorney y y who prosecuted scott roeder for the murder of dr. george tiller.

00:32:20 Please stay with us.

8. catnip - 11 October 2010
9. catnip - 11 October 2010

Just caught this on your news feed —>>

# Obama accuses Republicans of peddling “snake oil” 11 October 2010

CORAL GABLES, Florida (Reuters) – President Barack Obama accused Republicans on Monday of peddling “snake oil” in their campaigns to gain power in Congress on November 2 and urged Democrats to get motivated about the elections.


Self-awareness is officially dead.

10. marisacat - 12 October 2010

hmm I could care less what Paladino says about whom (unless Cuomo turns into some peach wearing glass slippers, there is no choice in that wretched race)… but the Dems sure are all in a lather over it. I almost think they shopped around til they found him in Gimbel’s basement.

More interesting is what surfaced during the day Sunday…

[O]n Monday, Mr. Paladino said that the two speeches he had made in Brooklyn on Sunday were prepared by someone else, and that he had stricken out some ideas with which he did not agree. In the interview, Mr. Levin said he had written one of the speeches and contributed to the second, in which Mr. Paladino warned against brainwashing children into accepting homosexuality.

“I did not write the second speech,” Mr. Levin said. “However, I did have some input into it — and I stand ready to defend the content of it.”

Bet that happens with bth sides of the rotted political bed, more than one would think… go in to chat up some group, before a vote and some chump in charge of delivering the votes writes the script.

BooHooHooMan - 12 October 2010

go in to chat up some group, before a vote and some chump in charge of delivering the votes writes the script.

When doing advance back in the day for cardboard candidates, I was always fond of slipping in the old “confiscation of ALL private property”
and “STRONG SUPPORT FOR” an erstwhile “Town Square Nudity Development Act”.

Yeh, my guys usually lost by 30 if I really wanted to get home early. LOL.

11. BooHooHooMan - 12 October 2010
BooHooHooMan - 12 October 2010

Well that’s a WP first for me,
wherein I say so little so efficiently.
(The latest in Clenis News below.)

marisacat - 12 October 2010


12. BooHooHooMan - 12 October 2010

Recommended Diaries

Rand Paul Ensures Defeat By Attacking Bill Clinton On Lewinsky.
by TomP

Defend The Clenis! At all costs!

Ah the stock pitch – yeh so much has changed –
at the Big Orange Pump n Dumpers.
Bill’s got plenty of splooge left!
Catch him on the rise!

Why just as soon as he rescues Blanche, he…ETC.

I also see down in West Virginny, Gov. Joe “Play’d A Little Football” Manchin is about to
get the presumptuous Fratboy for Homecoming King slapdown on his purported “lock” to inherit Byrd’s seat.

And then Liebershnitzel will switch again,
and Voilà! _ There you have it:
Exploding Orange Marshmallow Flambé.

marisacat - 12 October 2010

I think Bill is back on his pain meds. He looks vaguer and vaguer. And I don’t mean to say he is in pain, either… 😆


13. marisacat - 12 October 2010


Apparently Nancy is declaring Custer’s Last Stand… for women. From a lawn somewhere.

This has been a HORRIBLE congress for women and children. Forget her dire predictions, it already happened.

Someone drag her off stage.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has sent out a fundraising plea, warning that female Democratic House members could face a wipeout in the midterm elections.

Pelosi said Monday that Republican gains will decimate progress made for women’s equality in this Congress, on issues like health care reform and a fair pay law. She cautioned that a decrease in the number of women in Congress would be a setback for female leadership that would go down in history. …

Catch that? HISTORIC. One interpretation of “going down in history”…


Read more: People Mag

14. marisacat - 12 October 2010



…………….. 🙄

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