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Countdown… 1 November 2010

Posted by marisacat in 2010 Mid Terms, 2012 Re Election, Culture of Death, DC Politics, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Lie Down Fall Down Dems, WAR!.

Men wearing masks of US President Barack Obama and a bodyguard take part in the Torovenado celebration in Masaya, Nicaragua. The Torovenado is a satirical  festival that ridicules social and political characters since the early years of the Spanish conquest

Men wearing masks of US President Barack Obama and a bodyguard take part in the Torovenado celebration in Masaya, Nicaragua. The Torovenado is a satirical festival that ridicules social and political characters since the early years of the Spanish conquest       [AP]

Oh the ambivalent reality of being surrounded by weapons… the creature at Obby’s right elbow is portraying a “bodyguard”.. but certainly appears curious.

For days now, Obby is taking a [political] beating for that extremely stupid remark referring to domestic political opponents as “enemies”.  It certainly appeared scripted to me…  Well, Ted [Sorensen] is dead so it wasn’t him.  Some other speechwriter wrote that tripe…

Fools.  Thieves.. and murderers.

We’re surrounded…

No matter what, a bright glow despite the many oncoming trains:

RENO, Nev. – If Harry Reid loses this election, it will be a crushing end to a storied political career. The majority leader of the United States Senate will have been defeated after four terms by an opponent he doesn’t respect or even take seriously.

He will be the victim, in his view, of an electorate gone mad, taken down in his prime after rising higher than anyone from his state ever has.  [considering the politicos are the minions of the bosses… I don’t think so………..  😉 ]

Is this the twilight of the majority leader? Reid certainly doesn’t think so. He refuses to acknowledge the possibility that he could lose on Tuesday and has refused to grow wistful or discouraged in his campaign’s final hours. “I’m very happy with the campaign and how we’re doing,” he said, grim-faced, pointing to early voting turnout breakdowns showing that more than 9,000 more Democrats than Republicans had cast pre-Election Day ballots across the state.

Time for Harry to go to his reward…. and his son, running a distant 3rd or 4th for governor of NV, has tried to run as Rory for NV or something similar, avoiding his last name.

Snicker.  Bet it all looked so different a couple of years ago… 😉



1. marisacat - 1 November 2010

oh yum.. a little more of that Politico article…

Asked how he could be so confident when polls have consistently shown his opponent ahead for weeks, Reid’s frayed nerves came to the surface.

“I’m not going to get into this poll stuff, OK?” he snapped, pale eyes flashing. “We’re satisfied where we are. We’re fine, OK? So I’m not going to get into polling with you. All you have to do is look at early voting.” ….

Honestly, I doubt Sharron Angle can be worse than Harry and his pink Everlasts was.

ts - 1 November 2010

Least he didn’t try to choke the reporter like he did Jack Gordon.

2. catnip - 1 November 2010

My spidey sense number is “52” – whatever that means!

marisacat - 1 November 2010

2 less than Clinton lost in 94. And I bet the wObby-ites would be almost happy. Less than Bill lost, no mandate, an opponent, or enemy! in house for ’12… etc.

catnip - 1 November 2010

I think the Obamalama fan club will be more than happy to go back to solely bitching about the Repubs. They must be damn tired of trying to defending the Dems’ lousy record. I’m sure it will be a relief (for those who don’t choose to commit hari kari. Poor Obama – so misunderstood!).

marisacat - 1 November 2010

OR… it means you have a telepathic relationship with Nate Silver. AND the NYT… (Maybe aka seltzer would help! Ginger ale and crackers?)

FiveThirtyEight, a polling website that predicted the outcome of the 2008 election almost precisely, forecast the House would end up split 232-Republican and 203-Democrat.

This would mean a net loss of 52 for the Democrats, close to the 54 lost by the party in 1994, two years into Bill Clinton’s presidency.

London Telegraph…. (they still use reporters… no telepathy, that they admit to!)

catnip - 1 November 2010

Wow. I don’t read Nate and I haven’t checked out the NYT for election stuff – besides that piece on the Cleveland rally – for a while now. Too much nuttiness to keep up with.

Nate doesn’t have that great of a track record though, does he?

catnip - 1 November 2010

I also think Harry Reid’s going to win. Not that he deserves to…

marisacat - 1 November 2010

I don’t know about his track record…. he so quickly became a fave rave of the Dems that I barely read him… a little when his blog was new(ish).

catnip - 1 November 2010

He seems like kind of a dark, lifeless character.

A bot! He’s a bot! Aha!

marisacat - 1 November 2010

The Republicans often favor this plump faced, boy faced little wunderkinds. The Dems def have too many of the Coons types…

UGH. On both counts.

I heard today that Rubio is US born, so they are attaching all sorts of high high … high hopes to him… and the wif is a former Dolphins cheerleader… Colombian born…

3. catnip - 1 November 2010
4. catnip - 1 November 2010

I think this reflects the mood of the average American voter.

marisacat - 1 November 2010

I remember that story and the pics…

Rasmussen had a piece in the WSJ, nto to mistake the election. It is against the Democrats and not FOR the Republicans.

Claire MacCaskill, who I cannot stand, but she was right, in 2008 she said the same thing. This is against the R and not for us, they don’t LOVE us. And they will turn us out, if they decide to.

I would guess there will b flipping of the house and senate for a cycle or two. Hell they may dislike Ob and his Baby Fat Hunter enough to turn them out.

Who knows.

5. marisacat - 1 November 2010


Say hello to Senator Rubio…

[B]ut Clinton’s intervention was only the culmination of a long, delicate, and occasionally testy string of stop-and-start talks that began months ago involving the Florida candidates, the former president, and political aides in the Obama White House, who sought Clinton’s intervention as long ago as early spring.

Back then, White House officials asked Bill Clinton’s camp if the former president would be willing to approach Meek about getting out of the Florida race as Crist, the Florida governor, was preparing to switch parties, two senior Democrats familiar with the conversation told POLITICO.



6. marisacat - 1 November 2010

whoops… 😳

London Independent not on board…

The crowd went wild when Michelle Obama swept into a high-school gymnasium in Las Vegas yesterday morning, with little Harry Reid trailing in her wake and a local Mariachi band, in full dress uniform, entertaining the crowd. But behind the flag waving and anthem-singing, and the sunny optimism of a typical American election rally, there was a palpable sense of unease.

Two years ago, at the height of Obamania, the First Lady was a sort of rock-star; with a following wind, she could fill an outdoor stadium. Today, her stock has fallen. A few hundred people did turn out to hear her speech, but there were swathes of seats left empty at the back, and plenty of standing room around the stage. Ticker tape was conspicuous by its absence.


It does quote a poli sci prof at UN/Las Vegas who says Harry squeaks it out……….

7. catnip - 1 November 2010

Breaking news: Jonathan Alter is still a twit.

Just watching the end of KO’s show where the two are talking about Jon Stewart’s attack on cable “news” show at his rally. What a pathetic display as they try to defend themselves (poorly).

8. Madman in the Marketplace - 1 November 2010

his prime?

Jeebus, that old fraud is way past anything remotely approaching a “prime”.

marisacat - 1 November 2010

yeah.. prime ws about 40 years ago.

9. BooHooHooMan - 1 November 2010

Rachel Maddow is in full Puppet Hump mode tonite,
She was all Humpty the Ob’s historic “healthcare” this, all Humpty the Ob’s historic “stimulus” that.

And of course the Wall Street “Reform” .

U.S. Seeks to Shield Goldman Secrets


Goldman Sachs Group Inc. has always closely guarded the secrets of its lucrative high-speed trading system. Now the securities firm is getting a help from an unusual source: federal prosecutors.

Federal prosecutors in Manhattan this week asked a federal district judge to seal the courtroom at the forthcoming trial of a former Goldman computer programmer accused of stealing the firm’s computer code. The move was a formal request to empty the courtroom of the general public when details of Goldman’s trade secrets are being discussed. The trial is set to start to late November.


Prosecutors also asked that any documents related to Goldman’s trading strategies remain under seal.
Such requests are common when proprietary corporate information could be exposed in a trial, lawyers say. This case is unusual in that it involves secrets about a potentially lucrative trading system, rather than, say, ingredients in a soda formula.

Sergey Aleynikov, 40 years old, was arrested by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents in Newark Liberty International Airport on July 3, 2009, and charged with the theft of computer code behind Goldman’s high-frequency trading platform. The programmer was indicted in February and has pleaded not guilty.

Motions filed this week by the government and the defense offer a window into arguments that will decide Mr. Aleynikov’s fate. Prosecutors are expected to argue that his actions could have harmed Goldman Sachs. A spokesman for the bank declined to comment.

BooHooHooMan - 1 November 2010

Can I have a after Goldman Secrets?

BooHooHooMan - 1 November 2010

LOL. a close “a”, close link that is.
LOL I typed it and it vanished.
Like Democratic Incumbents!!

BooHooHooMan - 1 November 2010

Thanks, mcat.

marisacat - 1 November 2010

WP snagged it to moderation.


marisacat - 1 November 2010

Chris Matthews was on radio here today and called it “Fin Reg”.

So insider you know.

BooHooHooMan - 1 November 2010

LOL. Ah Tweety.
Wherein Wall Street gives the FinGer to Fin Reg.

Welp. I got nothin, tonite. Which by NO MEANS will prevent me Pwognosticating on Historicerest Election version 2010.

Here’s what we know. Catnip has already declared the results. Which, at the moment of her “spidey sense” remarks, always send fear and panic into derivative markets worldwide. Nonetheless I slog on. Catnip says the Dems will hold 52 in the Sen. I’m inclined to “go big”, really double down and and Yes I Can my ass thru this clusterfuck, so I say the Dems will lose twice that much, 104 in the Senate. The Dems have it in em I think. Following the professional pollsters I can say unequivocally that I don’t know precisely how it will work out. LOL. BUT- if any Party can lose more seats than the sum total of ALL seats in a legislative body, I’d be willing to venture the Dems could do it this year. 😆

Okay – I think Manchin loses.
I think Murray loses.
I think Gianoulis loses. I think Reid loses.
All CW, so no news.

But I think Hodes rallies! No -Only kidding.
He gets blown out by 12. Ha!

My admittedly very thin extrapolation on Murray: I think Washington seems a lot like Jersey demographically. Almost the same voter reg advantage.57 D /37 R / and 9.3 unemployment. A Lot of gigundo global money in a very few hands with the unceremonious crewcut given to lesser mortals in the Professional Bubble Class.
With enough bona fide Left, (among the most vocal in the country) who see through the bullshit and are there to agitate those disaffected swing voters and Indies. A beautiful thing. So thats Washington to me from some very cheap seats here. Murray is reported to be in trouble because she IS.

West Va. …They luv em som GOP. The state Went Bush in 04, McCain in 08. They no likey the Obama. And after Byrd, there isn’t even the kind of cohesion that only barely held up while everyone was waiting around the last 10 years for Byrd to DIE.

So while the Dem state patronage hacks coming around at election time are getting – what else? – > the thumbs up for Manchin – Right Behind Ya™ ! … while polling for Raese was very strong of late. The R are putting huge street money in there and Rockefeller isn’t exactly thrilled with with Manchin His boy was put in as the placeholder and my read is they want to move Manchin , a lesser hack…out.

Now if I only had a clue…

10 percent unemployment. And people are people.
And peaople are piiiiiissssed off.

catnip - 1 November 2010

Catnip says the Dems will hold 52 in the Sen.

Nope! All I know is that my spidey senses said “52”. I don’t think that was about the senate.

marisacat - 1 November 2010


It could be 52 potholes between congress and the WH?


catnip - 1 November 2010

Well, since it’s not 42, I guess the meaning of life is right out.

marisacat - 1 November 2010

They say if the senate is a knife edge……… Joe Lieberman will change parties.

Would serve the Dems right.

BooHooHooMan - 1 November 2010

re: LieberSwitcher if Senate 50 /50.

I dunno. With Chuck waiting to be Leader?

He can run with the Tribal and Party loyalist bit in his re-elec bid in 012. And live to switch another day. Like right after the 012 returns come in .

marisacat - 1 November 2010

Well think of it as a Promo. Nyah! You might hold it by a seat, but we have Liebchen… and we always did! Nyah!

Then again, Liebchen might want to come out of the closet…. as if it matters. Luv how people miss how integral he is to the Dem party.

BooHooHooMan - 1 November 2010

LOL. That;s it?

You mean after climb Goose and Moose mountain all the guru says is ~” 52″

What a gyp! 😆 😉

catnip - 1 November 2010

You get what you pay for. 😉

marisacat - 1 November 2010


Will you plunk down cash (metaphorically speaking) that he wins?

They are saying the runs, BB and even Whitman are down to the wire here, but I don’t think so.

LOL Or I am wrong and it is Hello Senator Fiorina!!

I have read that Murray is just too disliked. The schtick is just not working anymore…

BooHooHooMan - 1 November 2010

Oh I said I wouldn’t wager.. but Toomey?
I got a fiver for that. He wins as does Corbett for Gov. Both reinforcing each other.
Sestak and Poodle miss their chance.

catnip - 1 November 2010

Sestak is a phony. Even if he won, he wouldn’t last long.

marisacat - 1 November 2010

terrible campaigner too… whcih is so common for the Dems. Bennet, Coons, Sestak…… others……

BooHooHooMan - 1 November 2010

Manchin and Murray losing aren’t the CW, but that’s where I’d place the drops. (As if I know) And with my double clutching while typing kicking in, it’s time to lay out some hope…

I frankly hope the Dems are destroyed for their war mongering and acquiescence to torture. Just destroyed for their corporate crime cushioning, their craven support of the prison industrial complex, their safety net dismantling CON.

I hope they are swept aside. They’ll never be any sane opposition with these shits in the way.

ms_xeno - 1 November 2010

Murray’s local radio ad was all about TEH VETS!!! She cares sooooo much about TEH VETS!!

If you cared so much, you’d stop creating more and more of them, you smug asshole.

Also, it’s nice to get the message that only shooting people I don’t know in a country I know nothing about at taxpayer expense gives me the level of virtue I need to get a hand up from Uncle Sam. TEH VETS!!!11 Save them!!

And fuck the rest of us. >:

marisacat - 1 November 2010

They are doing that down here too… all about Vets, the Children, and so on.

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 1 November 2010
marisacat - 1 November 2010

Just think of it, chipmunk cheeks in Delaware is running becasue God told her to…. Of course Coons is running because he thinks he is chosen, in some way, too.

Obby declares that “god is in the mix” when asked about SS Marriage. I just think if he and Snob want a three way with Jesus, they should do it and STFU.

Hell, who cares who wins.

ms_xeno - 1 November 2010

I think I could gladly go to my final damnation so long as most of the Stranger/Mercury hipster “progressives” have to go first.

So much of what drives me straight up the wall about this region of the country is contained in that rag and its faithful readers/posters.

11. marisacat - 1 November 2010

OK! The SF Giants won the world series…

Partay in the City and the burgs tonight.

Madman in the Marketplace - 1 November 2010

good, does that mean Fox will bring back Fringe this Thursday? I’m going through Walter withdrawal.

marisacat - 1 November 2010

I think so…… blow out in the City tonight, it may be an all night party in front of City Hall… and the local Fox affiliate is covering it LIVE!!!!!!!!

Big parade on Wednesday… and it should be all over but for street cleanup by Thursday. For now everything in town is lit up Orange….

(the partay is going… cars streaming all over town, honking………. I’d hate to see the bridge tonight. Either one…)

marisacat - 1 November 2010

Right now FOX is covering that the T Shirt and Sweatshirt print shops are going all night!!!!!!!! They are in one in So City!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The rpinters are indeed going!!!!!!!!!!!


12. marisacat - 1 November 2010

In other news… Charlie Sheen files for divorce.

No one is surprised…………………..

catnip - 1 November 2010

Don’t you have to be conscious to file for divorce?

marisacat - 1 November 2010

oh verrry good one!

13. Madman in the Marketplace - 1 November 2010

Take THAT, probably incoming Republican scumbag governor:

Just days before an election that could decide the fate of a planned high-speed rail line, state and federal administrators quietly signed a deal to commit the state to spending all $810 million of the federal stimulus cash allocated to the Milwaukee-to-Madison route, transportation officials confirmed Monday.

The unannounced weekend agreement frees outgoing Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle’s administration to sign contracts for much if not all of the work. That could hamstring efforts by Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker and his fellow Republicans to kill the project and spend the money on something else if they take control of the governor’s office and either or both chambers of the state Legislature and Congress on Tuesday.

Walker, the GOP candidate for governor, blasted the deal, saying, “This is just raw political power at its worst. This is why the Doyle administration is corrupt and unwilling to listen to taxpayers.”

But Cari Anne Renlund, executive assistant to state Transportation Secretary Frank Busalacchi, insisted the timing wasn’t driven by the election. She said the Doyle administration was following its original plan for the project to create construction jobs as soon as possible.

“We are merely trying to get the money obligated so the work can begin,” said Renlund, the No. 3 official at the state Department of Transportation. “These are stimulus dollars. The goal of it was to get people working.”

Renlund said state and federal staffers worked out the deal over the weekend because they were busy with other duties and that was the only time they could get together. She said the agreement was not publicly announced because it had just been reached, but it could be announced later. Officials responded to questions Monday after the Journal Sentinel learned of the deal.

Olivia Alair, spokeswoman for the U.S. Department of Transportation, said Federal Railroad Administrator Joe Szabo signed the deal because “the Wisconsin Department of Transportation recently completed all of the steps necessary in order for their grant agreement to be finalized, including their stakeholder agreements with Canadian Pacific Railway and the Wisconsin Southern Railroad. This is a major step forward in advancing the national high-speed rail program, which will connect the country, spur economic development and bring manufacturing jobs to the U.S.”

marisacat - 1 November 2010

Tell th Dems to stick to their story and hold tight!!!

Madman in the Marketplace - 1 November 2010

I’ll be happy if they just manage to sneak through this one thing … and the local streetcar.

marisacat - 1 November 2010

Welll it seems they may have managed this, at least.

Madman in the Marketplace - 1 November 2010

we’ll see!

14. BooHooHooMan - 1 November 2010

And before I go, I now want to predict that the Giants will win the World Series and Charlie Sheen is getting a divorce. And,
as a bonus,
“52”. 😆 😉 ‘Night all.

catnip - 1 November 2010


catnip - 1 November 2010

And I saw some geese headed your way. Mwahahahaha…

catnip - 1 November 2010

Standard disclaimer: “I am not a witch.”

marisacat - 1 November 2010

They will just run into the 30,000 ft high brick wall we built.

catnip - 1 November 2010

lol…that was quick. I missed the news about that little job creation program.

marisacat - 1 November 2010

We’ve never trusted you.



15. Madman in the Marketplace - 1 November 2010

omg, this headline is SO funny:

House Forecast: G.O.P. Plus 54-55 Seats; Significantly Larger or Smaller Gains Possible

THIS could happen, but then again THAT could happen, then of course there is always UP, but then again DOWN and et cetera.

The brave world of polling …

catnip - 1 November 2010

There you go. When I say “52”, I mean “52”. Whatever that means!

marisacat - 1 November 2010

The sun could come up. But then again…………………….

And then……………… but then……………..

It all reminds me of the Zogby brother, the one who ONLY does polling …not the gadfly on cables all the time… the other one (as both do polling).

In 2004 he would declare Bush set to win… OR Kerry, depending on what group he was addressing. They know they are charlatans…

Madman in the Marketplace - 1 November 2010

people will believe bullshit social “science” like polling but they won’t believe climate change or evolution.

marisacat - 1 November 2010

well I am convinced that very dispassionate polling, conducted over time, adjusting as new information reveals or signals… can indicate some things. About it. And since there is none of that around…

It’s like medical diagnosis. A very rude and malformed game.

16. marisacat - 1 November 2010

😆 … 🙄

I think they decided a hot toddy was preferable (via People Mag’s “44”).

CHILLY RECEPTION: A few minutes after Michelle Obama began speaking at a late-evening rally in Philadelphia, a steady stream of supporters began to leave, apparently bothered by the temperature in the 40s.

Still, those who stayed reacted warmly to the first lady’s appeal to be patient with her husband’s agenda.

‎”I do think that many of us came into this expecting all the change we wanted all at once,” Obama told the crowd, many of whom waited up to two hours outside to see her. “This is the hard part of change. We’re experiencing it. but I want you to remember, this is exactly what Barack told us. He told us that change is hard.” [hmmm think he said the oceans would stop rising, the poor would disappear, the sick would heal… and we would praise him for all eternity! — Mcat]

Polls open in Philadelphia at 7 a.m. — Emily Schultheis.

marisacat - 1 November 2010

hmm Apparently it happened in Chaka Fattah’s district…

Who knows. Good Luck!

17. marisacat - 2 November 2010



…………… 8)

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