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So… 8 November 2010

Posted by marisacat in 2010 Mid Terms, 2012 Re Election, Culture of Death, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Lie Down Fall Down Dems, Total fucking lunatics.

Workers lift the head of a giant statue of Jesus Christ onto its body in Swiebodzin, western Poland. A statue of Jesus Christ that its builders say will be the largest in the world is rising from a Polish <ul>cabbage field</ul> <p> and local officials hope it will become a beacon for tourists

Workers lift the head of a giant statue of Jesus Christ onto its body in Swiebodzin, western Poland. A statue of Jesus Christ that its builders say will be the largest in the world is rising from a Polish cabbage field and local officials hope it will become a beacon for tourists     [REUTERS]

 … is this the ultimate cabbage patch doll?  Or what?

In a not unrelated matter, Frank Rich on current events… For once I agree with him… wretched political reporter, liberal head patter, op/ed crafter he may be.

AFTER his “shellacking,” President Obama had to do something. But who had the bright idea of scheduling his visit to India for right after this election? The Democrats’ failure to create jobs was at the heart of the shellacking. Nothing says “outsourcing” to the American public more succinctly than India. But the White House didn’t figure this out until the eve of Obama’s Friday departure, when it hastily rebranded his trip as a jobs mission.

Perhaps the president should visit one of the Indian call centers policing Americans’ credit-card debts to feel our pain. 

There’s an idea…. but I read it is why he is not daring to go near Bangalore, possibly the best known of the outsourcing centers.

Water over the crumbling bridge:

Optics matter. If Washington is tumbling into a political crisis as the recovery continues to lag, maybe the president shouldn’t get out of Dodge. If the White House couldn’t fill a 13,000-seat arena in blue Cleveland the weekend before the midterms, maybe it shouldn’t have sent the president there. If an administration charged with confronting a Great Recession knew that its nominee for secretary of the Treasury serially cut corners on his taxes, maybe it should have considered other options. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. Well, here we are.   …

The one enjoyable thing is….  the Dems are mad enough, directionless enough that gossip, knives, loud whispers, truths and untruths are going to abound.

For years.  Roll that tub of popcorn over……………

And, along the way, two years of a long, passive-aggressive, whiney-as-all-hell Good-Bye from The Foundling.

I don’t care about all those ”sage” commentators cautioning how long two years is in politics… he’s finished. 

I cannot see how he makes it.

May they all claw each other to death.  Or bite.  Their choice.



1. Jack Crow - 8 November 2010

Would yo be amenable to them punching each other in the face? It lacks the glamor of claws, but it’s quicker and more efficient. And ye gods know how the Dems have come to love efficiency…

marisacat - 8 November 2010


Their choice… what ever hurts more, I usually say.

2. BooHooHooMan - 9 November 2010

Don’t worry. I talked to Fr. O’Rourke and just put all our money into Trump Jesus Mahal Poland.

marisacat - 9 November 2010

Oh very funny… plastic gilt and all.


BooHooHooMan - 9 November 2010

Wait till they get the huge plasma Prophesy screen between Jeezisinski’s hand’s blasting out

Of course the whole COME TO POLAND, STAY AWHILE proposal didn’t go over so well.

marisacat - 9 November 2010

I hear the spa does Miracle Colon Cleansing.


😆 … 🙄

BooHooHooMan - 9 November 2010

We keep this up, we got ourselves a lounge act.
All we’ll need is security to keep a tight lookout for Bill Donohue at the door.

Nothin like a determined pantless Donohue bursting in to the cabaret straightjacketed, doing the whole pantyleg shuffle all Stations-of- the-Cross-like, the precious Miracle Cabbage Enema Roué tube quite visible and leaking ya know…. to get the improv going. 😆

marisacat - 9 November 2010

Brought to you by the good docs at St Jude!

BooHooHooMan - 9 November 2010

A crushed velvet tux for me, a sequined dress for you. Or vice versa. Whatever works! 😆

3. BooHooHooMan - 9 November 2010

I don’t care about all those ”sage” commentators cautioning how long two years is in politics… he’s finished.

I cannot see how he makes it.

Give him time.

😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆
😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆
😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

4. catnip - 9 November 2010

George W. Bush’s pro-life stance solidified when he was a teenager in Texas — after his mother suffered a devastating miscarriage and showed him the fetus in a jar, the former president said in an extraordinary interview that airs tonight.

“She said to her teenage kid, ‘Here’s the fetus,’ “

How completely fucked up is that?

I didn’t watch the interview. The man is an unapologetic, dimwitted, sociopathic war criminal who should be in jail – not on a bloody book tour.

marisacat - 9 November 2010

I accidentally caught that… I was gliding along, channel surfing and stopped to watch the interview. And was blessed to catch that particular story. I stayed about 15 minutes…

BooHooHooMan - 9 November 2010

Anybody see Matthews last night with Joan Walsh and utter kook Ron Christie?

catnip - 9 November 2010

I did. Christie made an absolute ass of himself. It must be a small, small intemellectual world for people who think like that.

BooHooHooMan - 9 November 2010

Anybody see Matthews last night with Joan Walsh and utter kook, Ron Christe? Jeezis. 😯
Utter kook.

Which didn’t stop Matthew’s giving him the little heckuva guy blowjob in sendoff at segment’s end.

And earlier, 😯 Tweety had the Democratic Congressman who representing the White Collar Criminals Looting the University Of Pittsburgh and Surrounding Region, ah, District eh, Jason Altmire. A fully formed Murtha turd, elevated from UPMC’s lobby shop, still warm after all the 2010 droppings and ploppings…

Old scores getting settled and all that, remem La Nan skipped outright thief John for Leader,
thus enter stage right ass-for-rent Altmire REALLY bashing La Nan.
With Matthew’s facilitation of course.

What a fucking mess.
Which has nothing to do with the Donks.
Just a total fucking mess.

marisacat - 9 November 2010

Did Altmire at least lose?

I remember in either 06 or 08 he was a Murtha Foundling… and iirc basically a lobbyist for UPenn Hospitals… or whatever they are called. He was Veepessa for Gov Liaison or some similar slur…

May they all fall.

BooHooHooMan - 9 November 2010

NO! Buchanan got knocked out in the Primaries by a Pro Life nutter – soooo by design – GOP help out there for Altmire – as did preceding GOP seatholder Melissa Hart magically entered not a factor land during the primaries…

The GOP is running the same managed cash and outrage account with their nuts that the Dems are…

Long and short, Altmire is a kept man.
And can easily defect in 2012, I imagine with the same talking points yackety yak he was yacking on Yackball last night:

about how the Democratic Party no longer represents® his.. yada yada yada… VALUES ®.

marisacat - 9 November 2010

Be interesting to see what Manchin does… it does sound as tho the R are making a hard play for him. And some payback for Jeffords I imagine…


BooHooHooMan - 9 November 2010

Gad. Manchin. One thing I know is this.
Senator “Played A Little Football” “Do a Little Hunting” Manchin better plan on re-carpetting every other day the way Dana Houle is going to be begging for a job.

Now that, ya know, the late breaking word is Dana’s campaign management didn’t work out so well for the Donk in the KANSAS Governor’s race.

dropout - 9 November 2010


Revisionist - 10 November 2010

While I wouldnt put that past Babs Bush, I cant imagine in the 1960s they just handed moms the fetuses in jars.

marisacat - 10 November 2010

well… I caught the Bush segment on that, with Lauer. My read on it, she miscarried at home. She asked him to drive her to the hospital… and either then or later showed him the remains in the jar.

Also they were never “nobodies” in Midland (think that is where they planted themselves in tejas)… I could certainly see her being given the remains at the hospital, if she miscarried there…

Maybe they can get together with the Santorums.. who took a family picture, living children and all, with muther holding the miscarried fetus. Or maybe it was a still birth.

I try to forget winger gore, frankly.

5. catnip - 9 November 2010

Mega Jeebus looks pretty damn Caucasian.

marisacat - 9 November 2010

They need to paint the hair blond.

Spruce it up…

6. BooHooHooMan - 9 November 2010

Seriously tho, credit where credit is due.

Under Campaign Manager Dana Houle’s leadership ,

Dem candidate Tim Holland only lost to Brownback

82 – 17

Oh Good Lord. I guess Houle’s gambit to come out for Cow Hunting didn’t work.

I mean really, WTF? Who loses BY 65?

And on that happy note, I’m out for the day..

marisacat - 9 November 2010

Under Campaign Manager Dana Houle’s leadership ,

Dem candidate Tim Holland only lost to Brownback

82 – 17

Maybe Dana wins for most historic loss on most historic Loser Day since ’48?

Well we knew the man would succeed. …. or some gutter version of that, phonetically speaking.

BooHooHooMan - 9 November 2010


I really do have to go, but hmm, let’s see , Trauma call in an hour or fuckin with Houle a little more?
Houle it is! Of course, he can always fall back on
SENATOR Hodes, tho. {SNERK} 😆

7. marisacat - 9 November 2010

From IOZ comments.. at least I got an itinerant laugh out of it………….


stephanie g said

I am bitterly disappointed in Obama. I was led to believe he was a radical crack smoking communist Muslim who would prey upon white women while orchestrating the downfall of America. Instead, we got this human cure for insomia, this stuttering Wendy’s manager who says “folks” more than Bush ever did. How the fuck did that happen? I demand accountability.

I just wish we would hurry up and bomb Iran. Nothing else interesting is happening and this ridiculous foreplay has been going on for 3 or 4 years by now. I can’t take it anymore, baby. Let’s do it!

12:43 PM

Professor Coldheart said

stuttering Wendy’s manager


12:45 PM

catnip - 9 November 2010

who says “folks” more than Bush ever did.

So, it’s not just me then.

marisacat - 9 November 2010

I did love her little rant comment… excellent!

8. marisacat - 9 November 2010

ObRama in Indonesia….

“The fact that you would choose to recognize my mother in this way speaks to the bonds she forged over many years with the people of this magnificent country,” he said.

“She believed we all share common aspirations: to live in dignity and security, to get an education, to provide for our families, to give our children a better future, to leave the world better than we found it.”.

And he is doing all of that… Right? Right?

Well he did it for HIS FAMILY. But as I see it no others, but for Wall St., Insurance Big Fat Cats, his personal cadre of shits, faith sellers and “healers”, and all the lobbyists his administration consorts with.

9. marisacat - 9 November 2010

Waht a shock.. Bush lying about details of Katrina… and Louisiana.. and Oprah eating it up.

On and on it goes… where it ends… why, it ends in another god damned fucking elecshun.

10. marisacat - 9 November 2010

hmm The tiny twit known as Markos tells us, in the CSM no less (tho it is an empty rag for years…) that the Democrats will POUNCE in 2012, they WILL turn out… and Boehner will fail.


[link fixed]

catnip - 9 November 2010

Dead link.

Of course L’OrangeMan and Turtle will fail. In the end though, how much is that going to matter?

BooHooHooMan - 10 November 2010

Markos and tales of Dems pouncing in 2012.
Not everyone agrees!

Democrats’ Losses Could Grow in 2012
It doesn’t take a crystal ball to understand that the short-term trends look dismal for Dems.

Of course, I’ll side with anybody charitably waiving crystal ball entrance requisites..

As I totally missed that Specter’s time was up. Frankly I never thought we’d be relieved of him. But to peddle that scheisse Markos was peddling:
Specter as New Pwog Dem riding in to rescue of the EFCA.
But Specter? as Pwog? as Dem?
As either of them doing ANYTHING for Labor?

And by that I don’t mean the Bosses and their goons. In the year of Our Loaf 2010?

I didn’t miss much.

Which reminds me to plug Arthur Silber’s latest.. “Lies Are All You Know”.

marisacat - 10 November 2010

One of the funnier things this year was Specter and how he was so lost in the R script he just kept saying the same things as a Democrat. It was hilarious!

23 Democrats are up for re election in the senate in 2012. A LOT MORE than this year.

11. marisacat - 10 November 2010

oh hello.

Just catching a snippet on the radio… the Surgeon General saying that new designs for cigarette packs might include pictures of people dead from smoking. Or diseased lungs

I say make it fashionably ghoulish. By now I’d smoke, if I could.

Wonder fi that is what she, the S-G, expected to be doing when she left REAL community health care providing in poor rural Southern communities.

lucid - 10 November 2010

They’ll likely be going ahead with the outdoor ban in NY for beachs, parks and ‘public spaces’ [whatever that means]…

marisacat - 10 November 2010

I think the proposed images of mothers blowing smoke in babies faces undid me. Along with all the rest.

We already have the outdoor ban here… just about anywhere…

I went and looked up cigarettes online, which I used to do to check prices (not Indian reservation outlets) and I seethere have been court moves against mail order cigarettes… aside from the Feds for two decades now making moves on reservation property against on site sellers.

All I really want to know about the “missile” launched off Cali… Does this mean we are seceding? And if so, how soon?

I so want to leave. Just leave. Somewhere less martial. Less punitive. Less horrid.

diane - 10 November 2010

I so want to leave. Just leave. Somewhere less martial. Less punitive. Less horrid.

you are not alone honey.

I wish, I really do, I could offer you a thought so very much better than that hopelessness ….

diane - 10 November 2010

that being said,

chin up sweetness!

…We’d rather die on our feet …

than keep livin on our knees….

James Brown

catnip - 10 November 2010

We have very cheery-looking warning images on our smokes.

marisacat - 10 November 2010

oh thanks for that.. I see in comments hey are in Belgium as well… Austrailia too.

Wonder why we waited!!

And I noticed one person said there is a preference fo rthe limp cigarette one, what a hoot.

12. marisacat - 10 November 2010

I wonder who let Nancy do this… probably no stopping her.

Good luck girlie.

13. Revisionist - 10 November 2010

I am predicting the official demise of DK (and similar blawgs)

We know they lose eyeballs in off years. And thats when all the navel gazing and “imploding” happens.

But this time around they face something they have never faced before! There is essectially no presidental primary. Sure there will probably be a Gravel or Kucinich but we know O is the nominee.

Because they have focused on elections and fundraising rather than issues, what can they do to keep eyeballs for nearly 2 years?

Short of an exiting senate primary challenge there is nothing to stop the ratings decline.

We all know Kos vanishes in odd years since he has no poll numbers to wax on about. I also cant imagine he has stolen another idea for another book and “taking back” the party has been an abject failure.

Also take into account that more and more of the sheep have woken up and arent buying OFA bullshit anymore – lol. some people are starting satellite blogs know because they dont think the DK is clapping hard enuf.

So I also predict that DK will be Kosless by 2012. MAMZ will cash in his chips and try his hand at consulting again. or something. His lack of personality prevents him from being a pundit.

DK is a Virgin Megastore peddling its CDs when the public has moved on to Itunes.

marisacat - 10 November 2010

I think they are down to a few thousand. Or a thousand. Not that he ever had the numbers he claimed.

I would predict imminent demise had Harry lost in NV. I’ve long thought it is a Harry, leadership funded misinformation outlet.

Sad to say, lots of lunatic Democrats left. Highly partisan, screaming…. and defending Slobster to the end.


catnip - 10 November 2010

He has some sort of dkos v.4 in the works. Plus, they can bitch about the Repubs – which is much easier (and more unifying) than bitching about the Dems. So, that’ll keep them busy.

BooHooHooMan - 10 November 2010

He has some sort of dkos v.4 …

ForMeToo dkos v.4 POOP ON.


I thought they’d implode a couple years ago.
I hadn’t factored in the P.T. Barnum effect…

But since their fortunes are tied to the DP …
they might coming up a little short, be a bit of the peeved, a little shrill, what have you,
somewhat smelly in the Mr. McLoadyPants…:lol:

14. catnip - 10 November 2010

Mmmm…cat food (and maybe some government cheese, if you’re lucky).

catnip - 10 November 2010

Spin, baby, spin.

The plan would reduce projected Social Security benefits to most retirees in later decades — low-income people would get higher benefits — and slowly raise the retirement age for full benefits to 69 from 67, with a “hardship exemption” for people who physically cannot work past 62. And it would subject higher levels of income to payroll taxes, to ensure Social Security’s solvency for the next 75 years.

But the plan would not count any savings from Social Security toward meeting the overall deficit-reduction goal set by Mr. Obama, reflecting the chairmen’s sensitivity to liberal critics who have complained that Social Security should be fixed only for its own sake, not to balance the nation’s books.

marisacat - 10 November 2010

he won’t be winning.


catnip - 10 November 2010

Funny speculation on the second page of that article: Will Obama veer to the center?

Does the moon shine in Miami?

(Not a helluva lot of veering involved there. Just a little pirouette.)

marisacat - 10 November 2010

I think he is making the Right pretty damned happy…

where he has failed, I do think he was supposed to keep the so called left liberal more smitten and happy.

But Black Man Fails After Whites So Kindly Elevated Him (etc.) is a narrative that works for the Right, and works very well.

So, it’s all good.

15. BooHooHooMan - 10 November 2010

Fuckin Canadian Geese Motherfuckers movin in to mess with my man..

Rahm Emanuel nearly egged

Oh I got a laugh out of it not so much for the tightly cropped vid
(I’m so cynical I think it could be a stunt: RhamBo earning his street cred in the barrio etc)

I chuckled more at his small draw.
No one is really there.
My man seems to laying an egg at this point.

The REAL laugh in Politico is their linkthru to a story in the Trib –

The egg toss was the cap on an interesting day for Emanuel. Wednesday began with the Chicago Tribune breaking a story that the man who refused to move out of Emanuel’s North Side home is now mulling a mayoral bid as well.

Businessman Rob Halpin, who began renting Emanuel’s house when the former congressman left to serve in the White House, was pictured in the Tribune irreverently smoking a cigar and told a columnist that he believes he would make a “good mayor.”

“This was not my idea,” Halpin said. “I’m outside the mainstream. I’m not a professional politician. I was approached by some businessmen who asked if I would be interested in running for mayor. And they explained to me why they thought I’d be a good candidate and a good mayor.”


Which too could be a put up job, RahmBo as victim of sleaze. Pretty easy to dismiss that, especially the latter… Seems like the only thing “comin’ home” in Chicago is RahmBo’s backstabbing prickery.

marisacat - 10 November 2010

BTW, Madman sent me this…

I say, let them all bite each other to death. Twice over…

Chicago Trib story

WASHINGTON — Two Illinois congressmen have paid their wives hundreds of thousands of dollars out of their campaign funds in the last decade, according to records filed with the Federal Election Commission.

The campaign to re-elect Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. has given wife Sandi Jackson’s company at least $315,000 for her work. Rep. Bobby Rush’s campaign has paid his wife, Carolyn Rush, more than $240,000 to serve as a consultant.

Two other Chicago-area congressmen, Danny Davis and Luis Gutierrez, have given their wives smaller amounts for doing campaign work. The four lawmakers, all Democrats, were re-elected last week. …

There was some slither out and about last week, in a crush back (I think this is being leaked from the WH) against Gutierrez…. that when interviewed by the Feds (and people forget, they interviewed Foundling too, in the late days of, iirc, the primaries, but maybe it was GE time, it blurs) in 2008 admitted he sought a special deal from REZKO when buying a condo in a Resko development.

Ooops.. nto the story he has been telling publicly.

May they all fall. Now or later.

BooHooHooMan - 10 November 2010

And compare that to Hitler’s wife.

BooHooHooMan - 10 November 2010

How fucked up is it when Hitler’s wife made off with LESS than the Chi Town maidens?

That is so wrong, I know.)

Madman in the Marketplace - 10 November 2010

hope, change … she looks the other way when he diddles the office manager etc.

16. BooHooHooMan - 10 November 2010


My man seems to *BE* laying an egg at this point

Like my typing. 🙄

17. BooHooHooMan - 10 November 2010
marisacat - 10 November 2010

These sites really are tightly linked to leadership.

No question.

Can you imagine the ground campaigns, the ads the rehtoric if she stays as Leader. (not that I care!, Bring it on, up and over!)

ts - 10 November 2010

The thing is, it’s exactly this type of diary that goes up right before the big cave.

marisacat - 10 November 2010

Oh you mean Nancy?

Yeah dark winds blow against her… thump thump thump!

The Democrats are screwed either way, keep her, lose her.

Someone… in India I think, (I read it at Tappers Political Punch, other wise I would never have heard of it) rose at a dinner or honoraria or some thing.. and greeted him as a “fellow Kenyan”.

If only it all would end.

marisacat - 10 November 2010

oh puh leeeeez.

Reward good behavior, and sign our petition supporting Nancy Pelosi as Democratic Minority Leader. Over 31,000 Kossacks have signed so far.

18. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 November 2010
marisacat - 10 November 2010

And there is no one to stop us.

No one.

lucid - 10 November 2010

But, but Wobbly!

19. dropout - 10 November 2010

Some things never change:

Hospital paid millions for illegal kidneys

South Africa’s largest hospital group has admitted it received millions of dollars for illegal kidney transplant operations performed at one of its facilities.

More than 100 illegal kidney transplant operations were performed at the hospital between 2001 and 2003.

Poor donors, most of whom were Brazilian, were recruited and paid thousands of dollars to have a kidney removed.

Among the donors were children, while most of the recipients were wealthy Israelis.


marisacat - 10 November 2010

Talk about tourism surgery…


20. lucid - 10 November 2010

BTW all… this week in lucid… The revival of my Ziggy Stardust show from 2005 on Halloween just got press on Bowie’s official site and The Sometime Boys album I released in October is now available for download and purchase – for way cheap.

Sorry to be an advertisement… I’m just kind of happy about all of this, all things considered…

marisacat - 10 November 2010

oh feel free lucid… and congratulations:

The revival of my Ziggy Stardust show from 2005 on Halloween just got press on Bowie’s official site

21. marisacat - 10 November 2010



🙄 … >^..^<

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