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‘Nuff said 10 November 2010

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Total fucking lunatics.

Lipless and then some.  Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson…. Cat Food Commissioners.




1. marisacat - 10 November 2010

7 ft wall goes up during the night, around the convention center where the G-20 is held.

LA Times

[I]t just sends the wrong message,” said Jang Sung-min, a former national legislator. “It reminds me of our country’s dark days of military dictatorship. It just doesn’t fit today’s South Korea.”

Security workers said they waited until 10 p.m. to erect the structure to reduce the inconvenience to adjacent residents and businesses. Critics counter that officials sought to keep it hidden amid all the feel-good pre-summit hoopla.

“It’s a barrier to keep South Korea outside the conference,” said Seoul G-20 spokeswoman Sohn Jie-ae. “It’s not something security people want to talk about — a necessary evil.”

The wall is actually one of three summit barriers erected here. There is also a “second line” green barbed-wire fence, as well as a “third line.”

Additional security includes anti-terrorism guard posts and a secret state-of-the-art system that one newspaper here said can “detect possible terrorist suspects who have even had plastic surgery to change their faces.”

Yeah right. Meanwhile we are still unclear on missile, contrail, bird, plane, Superman… or “?” — out here on our ‘streak to the sky’ of a couple days ago….

I call it our cute little terrorist missile from the far side of Catalina island. (what the hell, and who cares)

2. ms_xeno - 11 November 2010

[boggles at picture]

I’ll see you in my nightmares.


marisacat - 11 November 2010

I think Mr Bowles is kindly showing us all how to hold a cat food can.

catnip - 11 November 2010

Reminds me of the Kids in the Hall sketch: “I’m crushing your head.”

Madman in the Marketplace - 11 November 2010

I think he’s explaining the reason why he’s not popular with the ladies, and why he always got the ugly friend when Bill used him as a wingman at the bars in Little Rock.

marisacat - 11 November 2010

oh gawddd.. can you imagine trolling the bars in LR.

I wonder if Chapel Hill is marginally better (J Edwards)

colleen - 16 November 2010

I think he’s indicating the size of Alan Simpson’s penis while explaining why it doesn’t hurt all that much to be fucked by him. What a pity they don’t have Bruce Frickin Reed in the photo to round it out.

3. catnip - 11 November 2010

Congrats for the mention on Bowie’s site, lucid! K3wl, as the kids say. (Do they still say that? I’m so old…)

lucid - 11 November 2010

Thanks. Do I qualify as a kid? I still say it.

marisacat - 11 November 2010

kiss the kewl kitties too….


catnip - 11 November 2010

You do in my book.;)

Madman in the Marketplace - 11 November 2010

yes, very cool lucid.

4. marisacat - 11 November 2010

hmmm. Still shaking that big old finger, I see.

Obama Urges Patience on Deficit Commission’s Work


SEOUL – President Obama sent a stern reminder to lawmakers on Thursday to be open-minded about the work of a bipartisan deficit commission – a warning shot to Democrats, notably House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who have condemned the preliminary recommendations of the panel’s chairmen.


Mrs. Pelosi has called the plan “simply unacceptable.’’ Mr. Obama, in Seoul for the G-20 gathering of world leaders, said he would not comment until a final report is released, and urged others to hold their tongues. [OK… so maybe that is what Lipless No 2 is demonstrating ”how to”? —Mcat]

“Before anybody starts shooting down proposals, I think we need to listen, we need to gather up all the facts,’’ Mr. Obama said during a joint news conference with President Lee-Myung Bak of South Korea. “I think we have to be straight with the American people. If people are, in fact, concerned about spending, debt, deficits and the future of our country, then they’re going to need to be armed with the information about the kinds of choices that are going to be involved, and we can’t just engage in political rhetoric.” ….

Laugh laugh laugh.

catnip - 11 November 2010

Shorter Obama: Suck it!

marisacat - 11 November 2010

I’d add:

Shut it bitch.

And really if he wants to blame La Nan, he needs to blame himself. And the wif. And that Spanish beach too. The smoothly raked one… (and so much else.)

Madman in the Marketplace - 11 November 2010

“shut your pie holes, since you won’t be able to afford pie to shove into it once we’re done with you anyway.”

5. marisacat - 11 November 2010


Sirota got his rocks off. Seems very similar to Krugman. Pops off… periodically, sometimes, often, highly emotionally…. but pops right back on.

So old, so tired. So done.

BooHooHooMan - 12 November 2010

The Hippies Lost, Mr Sirota! The Hippies Lost!

6. marisacat - 11 November 2010

What a stupid day…

November 11, 2010

Categories: Fox News Channel.

ADL blasts Beck

Foxman talks to The Jewish Week about Glenn Beck’s Soros theorizing:

For a political commentator or entertainer to have the audacity to say, there’s a Jewish boy sending Jews to death camps, that’s horrific. It’s totally off limits and over the top.”

Beck’s comments “were either out of total ignorance or total insensitivity,” he said.

Posted by Ben Smith 11:13 AM

Let’s see…. I have Abe Foxman in the palm of one hand… Glenn Beck in the other hand. What to do??? What to do????

Smash my hands together and crush both.

Some solutions are simple. If bloody and a bit messy.


7. diane - 11 November 2010

Lipless and then some. Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson….

just goes to show how fucking big tapeworms can get, will never forget as a child, the time my cat puked up a hideously leenggggthy one.

diane - 11 November 2010

And then, there is, …the PIN WORM ….likely camaflogued as overflowing with concern for all the peeps …..every bit as deadly as the tape worm …………….jeesh ..life has become a true quagmire…

diane - 11 November 2010

hmmmm …come to think of it…the asshole may as well be measuring worm length…. could care less about educating us on how to hold our dinner plates …he is fascinated by his lipless ‘kissing’ cousins and preparing for a dissertation and white paper on maggots and their relatives.

8. ts - 11 November 2010

Bowles reminds me of this:


(warning: some nsfw links there)

9. Madman in the Marketplace - 11 November 2010
catnip - 11 November 2010

I am enlightened.

Now, if they can figure out why the landlord’s cat likes to grab the water dishes with his paw, drag them across the floor (and rugs) and dump them out frequently – that would be helpful. I believe they call that “Little Furry Shit Disturber Syndrome”.

marisacat - 11 November 2010

I guess that cat cannot be left with unnattended water.

Maybe introduce him to a POOL. No dragging that baby across the floor!

catnip - 12 November 2010

😆 That would work.

marisacat - 12 November 2010

I t sure would be fun.. like watching cats try to catch a spot light from a flashlight…


ms_xeno - 12 November 2010


Butterscotch the Evil LOVES to fling water out of the bowl and all over the damn floor. She also prefers to drink dirty water, rather than clean.


Madman in the Marketplace - 13 November 2010

“Butterscotch the Evil” sounds funny, like “Fluffy the Destroyer”.


ms_xeno - 13 November 2010

Yes, that’s the idea.

Of course, Sid is just “THE Sid.” Like when I buddy of mine years back named his cat “THE Balrog” after a Tolkien monster or whatever.

Incidentally, The Sid got on the counter last Sunday and ate a 5″ piece of string that had been wrapped around a roast beef while it was cooking. So we rushed the little shit to the emergency vet and $1800!!! later, he’s fine.

But I’m gonna’ be pretty fucking sick when I get my next credit card bill, let me tell you…


marisacat - 13 November 2010

my old dentist stopped serving her cats bottled water when she saw them… yeah you know, imbibing in the powder room.

ms_xeno - 13 November 2010

This is why the lid is always down in our bathroom unless a human being is in there. [sigh]

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 11 November 2010

Wordless Video for Haiti: How To Make Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) in camps, to combat cholera

Dr. Jan Gurley (shown at left) has been going to Haiti since the earthquake, and is there now. She and friends made a video that shows you how to make Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) in the sheet camps, using salt, sugar, and bottlecaps to measure. 4 caps sugar, 1 cap salt, 500ml clean water = life. Direct link to video here. Doc Gurley hopes the video will go viral, aid workers have smart phones that can show videos & many Haitians have video-enabled cell phones.

11. ts - 11 November 2010

As I expected, the first thing after losing the election, they cave on the Bush tax cuts.


marisacat - 11 November 2010

They tied themselves into knots when they foolishly said that 200,000 dollars – or close to it… (and always a lot of confusion over was that gross or net or what… just a mess!) but they killed themselves when they broadcast a number.

And a number that is too low, too.

They really are screwballs… whether on purpose or not.

12. BooHooHooMan - 12 November 2010


VoteVets founder Jon Soltz called up to return to Iraq

by Joan McCarter
Thu Nov 11, 2010 at 07:36:04 PM PST

And I shit you not,
the vaunted Ms. McSupportDaTroops parting words:

Best of luck, Jon!

Jon Soltz, chairman and cofounder of VoteVets.org and vocal Iraq War critic is going back to Iraq.

marisacat - 12 November 2010

wow…. VoteVets was (is) such a shill organisation. hell they all are.

13. BooHooHooMan - 12 November 2010

The Shanghai Composite dropped 5.6% this morning.

God I love it. After the so called smart money here pumped the Dow and plowed deeper into Chinese Equities. Oops!

Nice pushback, Beijing! Well Played!

And they’re shutting down further property buys by foreign entities. Which should put a little damper in the pampers of our connivers in the process of foisting real property holders on whoever the next sucker is in line…

Again well played, Beijing! Well played!

marisacat - 12 November 2010

And they’re shutting down further property buys by foreign entities.

Oh vry interesting. Unlike us, but then we don’t seem to care who owns us….

14. marisacat - 12 November 2010


Before i read this I saw snips from the presser… it looked like he was literally dying on his feet. What a fucking mess.

Maybe mammma never told him there’d be days like this.

[T]he president complained several times during his news conference about the U.S. media’s coverage of the G-20 summit. He pushed back at the suggestion that he’s weaker on the world stage because of the midterm elections and argued that his fellow leaders are no tougher on him than they were a year ago when he was new to the scene and his poll numbers were high.

“I remember our first G-20, you guys writing the exact same stories you’re writing now. Don’t you remember that, Sheryl?” Obama snapped at the New York Times’ Sheryl Stolberg.

Asked by CBS’s Chip Reid what complaints heard from other leaders during the summit, Obama shot back: “What about compliments?”

He appeared thin-skinned about the characterizations of his time at the summit, grumbling that nobody wrote about leaders setting the stage for financial regulatory reform at the last G-20 summit because it “wasn’t real sexy” and criticizing reporters’ “search for drama.” ….

People MagPolitico

catnip - 12 November 2010

He seems to be suffering from “Low T”.

(When men are grouchy, they give it a groovy, hip-hop name. When women are, they’re just bitches. C’est la vie.)

marisacat - 12 November 2010

Low T… meaning what… ? The testosterone took a dip? (in the pool the cat is trying to drag?)

Madman in the Marketplace - 13 November 2010

yup, the newest manufactured “illness” for them to sell a “cure” to “treat” …

marisacat - 13 November 2010

watch for “T Pumpin'” special nutrients and vitamins. Etc.



ts - 14 November 2010

It will be endorsed by “The Situation”

ts - 12 November 2010

Maybe cause Michelle has them in a safe deposit box and he gets them back when there are no more obese kids?

15. catnip - 12 November 2010

This is National Pain Awareness Week. I’ve been in so much fucking pain that I didn’t even notice.

dropout - 12 November 2010

Have you read the latest info on Vit. D?

B-12 Levels?

Iron levels?

catnip - 12 November 2010

My B-12 is low (130 this week). I give myself injections. I take Vit D for my various bone problems. My iron is good, afaik. I just need to be knocked out for a week or so. That would be a nice break.

dropout - 12 November 2010

I started taking 5000mg of B-12 and 25 mg of iron, plus 2000 of D and it’s helped some. Especially the B-12.

….the ever balancing act of controlling chronic pain.

I am starting a new hobby to occupy my mind. Designing and building cat condos for Barn Cats or feral cat colonies…crazy!

Yes, I’m CRAZY.

marisacat - 13 November 2010

Drop out

did you see the NYT article of a couple (or three or four) months ago on CATPATIOS

Oh it was hysterical… and wonderul…

[and very sorry this lanquished in Mod for hours, it catches everybody, including me, from time to time tho it should not… and I had major computer problems from 11 am on Friday…. gah… so was not online]

dropout - 14 November 2010

Just googled Catpatios. What a riot!

Cats do have a way of getting us to work for them. Just went out and bought some hay. Guess that is the best interior material to work with.

marisacat - 14 November 2010

I thought it was a hoot! Loved it…

If you take pictures of what you build, or a working model or whatever, please link to it here…

Fantastic idea… 😉

catnip - 13 November 2010

That sounds like a great hobby. Cats deserve their own palaces (and they know it). 🙂

I think it’s great that you’re building them for the wild ones. That’s a nice luxury.

I just gave away a bunch of old pillows, blankets and towels to a lady who shelters animals yesterday. Softness for the critters: the more, the better.

ts - 12 November 2010

Bill Clinton must be in fake empathy overload mode.

ms_xeno - 13 November 2010

Bill Clinton loves the Common Man™ and The Common Man™ loves Bill Clinton! I read it on one of them other blogs, so I KNOW it must be twuuuuue!

ms_xeno - 13 November 2010

Awww… 😦

16. marisacat - 12 November 2010

Hope springs eternal. Or stupid. One or the other. or… eternally stupid.

Obama denies his global footprint has shrunk

AFP – Stephen Collinson – ‎1 hour ago‎

SEOUL — US President Barack Obama insisted on Friday that he now had more clout on the world stage — not less — dismissing comments that a mid-term election rout at home had shaved his power abroad. ….

17. diane - 12 November 2010

’Rest In Peace,’ Dee Dee …., Oakland, California.

(I’m quite sure if all the Police guilty of domestic abuse (let alone abuse of anyone they can get away with it on) were murdered, and then replenished with new hires, much of the dismal employment figures would at least temporarily sky rocket.)

diane - 12 November 2010

(sorry, I fucked up the link, corrected: link)

diane - 12 November 2010

…if all the Police guilty of domestic abuse (let alone abuse of anyone they can get away with it on) were murdered, and then replenished ….

…let alone all of the Elite, and their politician asstoungers, guilty of, not only domestic abuse; but, hideous crimes against humanity.

diane - 12 November 2010

(That was just (I believe) a statement of fact.

I don’t condone MURDER, and I really hope, I never will.)

marisacat - 13 November 2010

The names of the two cops finally came out, one a 3 year veteran and one a 4 year veteran (if veteran is the right word)… but not a lot of details.

Betts, OPD chief, seemed a bit less ballsy than he has been… so I wonder.

diane - 13 November 2010

Betts, OPD chief, seemed a bit less ballsy than he has been…

good thing for him tulle stands up to moisture so well (though actually, not sure about that urine moisture), or he’d probably look even more of a mess, it is not every day that DC will send out the message, to those surrounding 17 plus counties (along with all of those acronymed forces of the deep unaccountable “black” hole funded, ….(and one has to wonder how much all that helicopter fuel costs in a “bankrupt” state.)), that enforcements are demanded by the big worm devoured dog, or is it son of the big worm devoured dog…distant cousin of the big worm devoured dog?

…oopsy, no callin on your mama, or sister, now… “mama” has died (in a Tony Perkins moment)…didn’t you realize that, as the blood and sweat stained your oh so spotless, military gloves, you gutless slimey fuckers?

18. marisacat - 13 November 2010

aargh… 5:07 am Pacific Saturday…

Just back online after being off from 11 am or so Friday.

I don’t know what it was…. kept getting a busy (or so Netzero told me) when trying all three local access numbers…

Over and over again…. I began to hope it might be at their end, as their general instructions for that problem did not seem to indicate it was at my end (unless I had “noise” on the line…. ) and it seemed they hd no other San Francisco numbers to offer.

Anyway, at least for the moment, I am finally back on, after trying every couple of hours.

But I alos don’t know if I have a really good stable connection either… so will leave this thread up… and for the moment not struggle to put a new one up.

Gah. The joys of inefficient modernism.

wish me luck…


diane - 13 November 2010

very frightening when our major avenues of communication are fuzzily cut off …..

I wish you all luck to eternity sweetness, and then some.

catnip - 13 November 2010

Absolutely. Silence isn’t always golden.

19. marisacat - 13 November 2010



–NBC’s “Meet the Press”: White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod; Sen. John McCain (R-AZ); roundtable with former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-GA), DLC Chairman and former Rep. Harold Ford Jr. (D-TN); Vanity Fair’s Bethany McLean

–ABC’s “The Week”: Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC); Sen. Kent Conrad (D-ND) and Honeywell International CEO David Cote; roundtable with ABC’s George Will, New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus and the Brookings Institution’s Robert Kagan

–CBS’s “Face the Nation”: Sen.-elect Rand Paul (R-KY); Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY)

–“Fox News Sunday”: White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod; Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC); roundtable with Fox News’ Brit Hume, NPR’s Mara Liasson, the Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol and Fox News’ Juan Williams; “Power Player of the Week”: Actor / Activist Jeff Bridges (child hunger)

–CNN’s “State of the Union”: Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) and Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA); House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-SC); Rep. Heath Shuler (D-NC); roundtable with former Obama White House Communications Director Anita Dunn and former Rep. Tom Davis (R-VA) (substitute anchor: Joe Johns)

–C-SPAN: “The Communicators” (SAT 6:30pm ET): Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs, questioned by Telecommunications Reports’ Paul Kirby … “Newsmakers” (SUN 10am ET / 6pm ET): Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR), GOP Majority Transition Team Chairman, questioned by AP’s Julie Hirschfield Davis and POLITICO’s Jake “Fast Break” Sherman … “Q&A” (SUN 8pm ET / 11pm ET): Author Bethany McLean (“All the Devils are Here: The Hidden History of the Financial Crisis”)

–Univision’s “Al Punto”: Rep. Raul Grivalja (D-AZ); Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA); Rep. David Rivera (R-FL); U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Carlos Pascual; Spanish dancer/choreographer Joaquin Cortes; roundtable with El Tiempo’s Ana Jaramillo and Diario Las Americas Alejandro Aguirre

20. Madman in the Marketplace - 13 November 2010
21. Madman in the Marketplace - 13 November 2010
22. Madman in the Marketplace - 13 November 2010

If Horatio Alger Had a Trust Fund, by Gen. JC Christian, patriot:

The presidential memoir serves an important function in our society. It provides a former president with an opportunity to shape how we will be viewed by history.

They aren’t easy books to write. Facts create roadblocks that the ex-president must overcome. Most attempt to do so by twisting and tearing at the facts until an acceptable truth emerges. My president, Our Glorious Leader George W. Bush, boldly took another approach. He tortured the facts until they confessed to their treachery. Then, He summarily executed them with a Hellfire-C missile launched from a Predator drone.

And the results are breathtaking. I stood up and cheered when I read His claim that waterboarding isn’t torture because He paid His lawyers to say it isn’t. That’s chutzpah, my friends. It’s a zen kind of chutzpah, one that is only achieved when self delusion and a supreme lack of self-awareness come into perfect balance.

I was also very moved by His recounting of His childhood encounter with the Bush family fetus jar. It was very vividly written. I can almost see Barbara Bush standing there in her blue gown, arms outstretched as she presents the fetus jar to young W. “Hold him, W,” she screeches, her pearls rattling angrily, “kiss your little dead fetus brother; kiss him now, you little mistake!”

Now that’s parenthood. It’s no wonder He became what He is today.

It does not matter if the story is true or not. No one cares that it’s more likely that Barbara caught young George drinking from the family fetus jar. The story works either way, because it’s about respect for life or the alcohol that preserves the traces of it. And that’s the key to understanding President Bush. He respects life so much, He eagerly takes it from those he deems undeserving.

marisacat - 13 November 2010

Yes the fetus story… Martha Raddatz and Jackie Calmes were just getting into a really (well almost, let’s be real) good back and forth on that story, when Gwen Ifill cut it off.

gah…. But Raddatz did manage to get in that W mentioned in the telling he had just gotten his license… and she looked it up, at that time you could get a driver’s license in Tejas at 14….

This whole “respect” for life is just such a fucking crock.

23. marisacat - 14 November 2010

hmm tons of attacks across Afghanistan I see… checking in with the Noooz in between massive doses of Dexter.

24. marisacat - 14 November 2010



……………….. 8)

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